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2008/9/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:51216 Activity:nil
9/18    FYI, today we have a no naked shorts across all equities rule, and also
        a coordinated global cash injection.
2008/9/18-19 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:51217 Activity:low
9/18    My  7 year old Dell laptop is slowly  decending into its death throws.
        I am seriously considering an Mac laptop; but am having a hard time deaa\
        ling with the price. Curious to find out  if people really think that
        the extra $$ upfront was a good investment. a 2K macbook pro with
        standard config can buy a high end dell laptop
        \_ I have both a MacBook Pro (and before that a PowerBook) and a
           Dell Latitude. I love Apple laptops. The only other laptop
           I might consider are the ultra lightweight Acer Netbook style
           laptops. The Dell is clunky and feature poor. It's also nice to
           be able to run both MacOS (I like UNIX-style command line) and
           Windows XP (using VMWare).
        \_ Have you considered a MacBook? It is much cheaper than the MBP
           and almost as good for most things.  The only thing I dislike
           about my MB is the integrated graphics.  In all other aspects,
           it is the best and most reliable laptop I have ever owned.
2008/9/18-19 [Transportation/Car] UID:51218 Activity:low
9/18    Credit default swap is a 70 TRILLION dollar business?   really?
        holy crap.
        \_ well, after they're offset, maybe it's a trillion ... or more
           \_ hi.   what do you mean offset?
              \_ A bought insurance from I1 on C going to 0 from 100.
              \_ A bought insurance from I1 on C going to 0.
                 B bought insurance from I2 on C doubling in price.
                 As long as I1 and I2 can always pay off the insurance, then
                 the net swaps are 0.
2008/9/18-19 [Transportation/Car] UID:51219 Activity:nil
9/18    Daily Show economist here.  Is it true AIG tried to clear up its
        problems by lending itself money?
        \_ AIG has an exciting financial investments division.
           AIG also has a boring life insurance division.
           AIG life insurance has lots of capital because insurance is
           AIG financial investments, because CDS is not regulated as insurance
           even though it is, is a large hole in the AIG ship.
           AIG life lends to the AIG ship to support the ship.
2008/9/18 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51220 Activity:nil 60%like:51226
9/18    Fuming motd liberal here.  I'd like to quote some of Palin's interview
        with Sean Hannity from last night:
        "I think that’s significant, but even more significant is the role
         that the lobbyists play in an issue like this also. And in that
         cronyism — it’s symptomatic of the grade of problem that we see
         right now in Washington and that is just that acceptance of the
         status quo, the politics as usual, the cronyism that has been allowed
         to be accepted and then it leads us to a position like we are today
         with so much collapse on Wall Street."
        I'd like to point out her RESPONSE HAS NO CONTENT AT ALL.  HOLY
        JESUS we are so screwed.
2008/9/18-19 [Uncategorized] UID:51221 Activity:nil
9/18    A question.  Is it really all Phil Gramm's fault?  If I see him
        walking around, should I trip him?
2008/9/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:51222 Activity:nil
9/18    Bush says socialism is good:
        \_ Oh, so Bush has been a Democrat all along, and so the current
           mess is due to Democrats.  Awesome doublethink!
        \_ Which is why so many people have left the R party.
2008/9/18-19 [Finance/Investment, Computer/Rants] UID:51223 Activity:kinda low
9/18    Easy advice 2.  If you have PIMCO, please consult a professional
        financial advisor about whether to move ALL of that PIMCO money into
        cash or a mostly Treasury-backed bond fund (note to avoid agency paper,
        MBS, and swaps with major banks, ESPECIALLY investment banks).
        I got my wife to sell all her PIMCO today; I originally said to sell
        after the FNM/FRE bailout.
        Also read today's latest PIMCO news and how Bill Gross is feeling.
        Yes, a lot of institutional funds (including pension/retirement) have
        \_ There are a lot of different Pimco funds, what are you talking
           about? All of them?
           \_ the ones with lots of MBS and agency paper.  Total Return is one.
              \_ I see your point, though this stuff looks like it is
                 backed by the US government at this point. How is it
                 different than a T-Bill?
2008/9/18-19 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:51224 Activity:nil
9/18    "12-year-old Revolutionizes the Solar Cell"
        \_ Good for him, but 99% of the time these stories are way
           blown out of proportion.  I suspect it's cool, but not as
           earth shattering as the story makes it out to be.
2008/9/18-19 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:51225 Activity:nil
9/18    Is McCain going to start calling his Spanish Fly Freedom Fly?
2008/9/18-19 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:51226 Activity:nil 60%like:51220
9/18    I'd like to quote out of context from last night's Palin/Hannity
        "I think that’s significant, but even more significant is the role
         that the lobbyists play in an issue like this also. And in that
         cronyism — it’s symptomatic of the grade of problem that we see right
         now in Washington and that is just that acceptance of the status quo,
         the politics as usual, the cronyism that has been allowed to be
         accepted and then it leads us to a position like we are today with so
         much collapse on Wall Street."
        NO CONTENT AT ALL.  I have not read any economist or Treasury figure
        blame 'cronyism' or 'politics as usual' for our economic meltdown.
        I guess I really must be out of mainstream America if this crap works.
        I am a little in awe and in shock at how shallow our future President
2008/9/18-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51227 Activity:nil
9/18    I just heard a good point.  Sarah Palin isn't so bad.  She's
        energized the Republican base, but jesus christ Democrats are
        almost as equally energized, waking up in a cold sweat in the morning
        and thinking OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?????????????
        \_ Sarah Palin isn't so bad?  I don't think I trust your "good points".
2008/9/18-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51228 Activity:nil
9/18    Obama's lies.  How can you trust anything Obama says?
        \_ Sorry, this isn't even the same as the crap McCain/Palin are
           pulling.  It is an ugly attack ad.  And ugly attack ads are sad.
           But it isn't anywhere nearly as mendacious as McCain has been.
           Oh and I'm sorry, the Republican party can't try to run away
           from the fact that it's media presence is extremely xenophobic
           and anti-Mexican.  Nor does it help that McCain reverses himself
           on these issues regularly.
           \_ Sorry, but you'll have to try harder to justify this one.
              Do you really think this is the sort of thing we need in the
              White House?  Misleading distortions and pandering to the fears
              of immigrants but representing himself completely differently
              depending on what group of people he addresses?
              \_ So you don't think the Republican party has been aggessivly
                 anti-Mexican when it helps their cause?  Really?  From that
                 same blog post: "McCain has changed his rhetoric and his
                 emphasis when discussing immigration after almost losing
                 the GOP presidential nomination because of it."  A nice way
                 of saying that McCain will say anything that sounds good.
                 \_ Do you think McCain has been?  He's been the most
                    aggressive supporter of amnesty in the Senate.
                    \_ And yet he is now pandering to the Republican base
                       because his old views aren't popular.  That's what
                       "changed his rhetoric" means.  Just like the old
                       McCain was anti religious fundementalism but the
                       new McCain is happy to jump into bed with creeps
                       like Hagee.  Pandering to the base does make you
                       responsible for what that base says.
                       \_ McCain has said since the public outcry that we have
                          to secure the border before immigration reform can be
                          readdressed.  How is this pandering to "the base"?
                          80% of the country agrees with this.
                          \_ Where did you pull that number from?
2008/9/18-23 [Health, Recreation/Food] UID:51229 Activity:nil
9/18    Does anyone find Domino's Pizza commercial offensive? There's
        this pencil looking rapper dude that looks like a condom on a
        dick, and he speaks ghetto and has really realy ghetto
        offensive rapper dick gesters:
        \_ "Pasta Dude! Pasta Dude!" He's saying his name. Mind you,
           it's still way the hell past dumb. More here:
  (Mo'Kelly Report)
           \_ I'm still thinking prostitute even though he mumbled
              pasta dude. I think it's intentional.
        \_ Thanks, this really cracked me up. It does look like the Mom
           whacked it right when it started jacking off or something.
           \_ Exactly. This is really ghetto and offensive. A dildo
              raps and jacks off in front of the kids. I really really
              find this commercial disgusting.          -op
              \_ Sorry, op, not seeing annything but dumb here.
2008/9/18-23 [Finance/Investment] UID:51230 Activity:kinda low
9/18    Here's your pop.  This may last from 1 to x days/months.  Please
        consult a professional financial advisor.
        (I personally would sell ~15% of whatever I wanted to end up being safe
        on tomorrow's peak, and more later if the market continued up.  This
        RTC plan is going to levitate the market again for an undetermined
        amount of time *if* it gets implemented.  if it gets held up ...)
        \_ When will be the peak tomorrow?
           \_ Today was +3.86% in DJIA.  Expect up to +4%, then look for
              resistance on upward movement.  Largest volume occurs in the last
              1-2 hours, so you could wait for that too.
              Then again, remember I said we can shitnap at any time, starting
           \_ Today was +3.86% in DJIA.  Expect +0 to +4%, then look for
              resistance on upward movement.  Finally, largest volume occurs
              in the last 1-2 hours, so you could wait for that too.
              Then again, remember I said we can shitnap at anytime, starting
              My personal opinion based on what I know and not based on
              technical analysis is "the dislocation is going to happen
              sooner than people think".  What this means is I would be out
              16% tomorrow on a +2% pop and 16% every other day there is a
              +2% pop from my last sale price, six times, until I am 100% safe.
              That is, if I wanted 80% safe I would be moving 16% of that
              80% on each move.  And my 20% whatever the hell I wanted to do
              with it.  fyi if you do the math this means I would be completely
              done with my 80% safety portfolio at DJIA 12,388.  I hope you
              will get the chance to liquidate 66% (4 moves out of 6).
              You can modify to suit your tastes, but the generail idea is:
              - You believe this will be a temporary uptrend
              - You have a disciplined plan to re-allocate
              - You don't swing in and out of trades
              - You're not putting MORE money into stocks other than in the
                speculative side of your portfolio
              - You have some model of where you will re-enter markets again,
                like the 50DMA/200DMA +1% cross that I mentioned
              All of the above is worth what you paid for it:  Please consult
              a professional financial advisor.
              \_ My financial advisor says to not try and time the market.
2008/9/18-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51231 Activity:nil
9/18    I can't imagine a black person voting for McCain/Palin.  I just
        \_ So you're racist?
        \_ For whom is Powell going to vote?
           \_ Nader
           \_ Obama
2008/9/18-23 [Uncategorized] UID:51232 Activity:nil
9/18    listening to NPR all day really makes me grumpy
2008/9/18-23 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:51233 Activity:moderate
9/18    What an energy expert!
        Christ, has she been taking lessons from Miss Teen S. Carolina?
        \_ Keep laughing. It's not WHAT you say but HOW you say it.
           Keep laughing. You're going to regret it.
           \_ If it's how you say it Palin has a serious problem.
              \_ No, she talks stupid enough that stupid people can understand her
                 and think she's smart. Doesn't matter if she's smart.
                 You don't get it cuz yer smart.
                 \_ DING DING DING. I'm a liberal and I completely understand
                    how the campaign works. My people over complicates
                    and over-interprets everything as if most people actually
                    care about issues. It's never 100% issues!!! Combine it
                    with the way you look. The confidence you have. The way
                    you talk and relate to average blue collar workers.  I
                    mean just observe Reagan who can relate well to everyone.
                    If my people want to appeal to the other 1/2 of the brain,
                    they need to start picking candidates who are smart enough
                    to look good and use carefully chosen dumbed down
                    languages. My people are excellent at numbers and issues
                    and if they can emulate the other 1/2 with good looks
                    and carefully chosen, dumbed down languages, we'd have
                    a recipe for success. Unfortunately, the Barak Obama
                    campaign architect isn't getting it, using the same
                    'ol ineffective methods as John Kerry that only appeal
                    to New Englanders and latte sipping yuppies.
                    \_ I see you didn't watch the clip.
                    \_ How is Obama up by five in the polls then?
                       \_ Five is hardly statistical victory. Besides
                          Dems have had a history of better poll results
                          but worst actual outcomes. Dems are young and
                          love to participate in polls but don't vote
                          because they have to work. Reps are older and
                          hate to participate in polls but they actually
                          have more time to vote.
                          \_ Oh, it is going down to the wire again, no doubt
                             about that. I think the superior Obama ground
                             game will give them the election this time, but
                             it still could go either way.
                             \_ How is it "superior"? It's superior in
                                the eyes of D's and a total farce in the
                                eyes of R's.
                                \_ There are something like 10X as many
                                   Democratic volunteers than Republican
                                   volunteers this time around. Even right
                                   wing sites like newsmax are noticing:
                                   You'll see.
                                   \_ Oh man, I hope you're right, because
                                      I've lost all hopes after 2000 and
                                      2008 seeing how lame our candidates
                                      have been and how blind voters were.
                                      I hope you're right.      -pp, Dem
                                         I already gave $4600, so I am tapped
                                         out, but I am going to Las Vegas to
                                         campaign for the week before the
                                         \_ Wow I donated $50. You're probably
                                            100x richer than 90% of the Dem
                                            voters and only 1/10000 as wealthy
                                            as elite R voters
                                         \_ Hahaha. How many hours of work does
                                            that 4600 represent? Where do you
                                            think it went? Actually I find this
                                            sad. There are a lot of charity
                                            type things you could have spent
                                            that on.
                                            \_ How much did you give to charity
                                               this year? I think getting the
                                               crooks out of the White House is
                                               the best gift I could give my
                                               community. It was more than a
                                               week's pay but less than two
                                                \_ and if he wins you're
                                                   gonna pay more! LOL
                                                   \_ So in other words, you
                                                      don't give any money to
                                                      charity and only look out
                                                      for yourself. But you have
                                                      to problem giving the rest
                                                      no problem giving the rest
                                                      of us "advice" on how to
                                                      spend our money and time.
                                                      I think America has had
                                                      enough of that kind of
                                                      selfish cynicism, no
                                                      \_ Hello liberal! Wanna
                                                         hold hands and sing
                                                         kumbaya & smoke weed?
                                                         \_ Hello, GOP stooge!
                                                            Two of those are
                                                            legal now because
                                                            of libs; 3rd
                                                            coming soon.
2008/9/18-23 [Politics/Domestic] UID:51234 Activity:nil
9/18    San Francisco style socialist liberals coming to LA parking
        spot near you to try to convince you that driving is bad and
        planting trees is good. Expect a lot of angry LA drivers and
        critical mass liberals shouting at each other:
2019/06/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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