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2022/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/10/24-11/3 [Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:53466 Activity:kinda low
10/24   How well do you see color? I got 8, how about you?
        \_ 7
           \_ what monitor did you use?
              \_ LCD on thinkpad x32, under not so great lighting conditions.
        \_ I scored 101, which seems impossible. Then again, I didn't
           waste a lot of time to get it "just right". If the colors
           were in the same general hue I just left "as is". My gf scored
           \_ impossible because you're perfect but got an imperfect score?
              \_ Impossible because I certainly lined the hues up reasonably
                 well and yet everyone on here is scoring single digits. I
                 wouldn't say that I should necessarily score as well,
                 because I didn't give enough of a crap to pore over each
                 tile compared to the tile next to it, but I did sort the
                 tiles according to hue and shade (light pinks,dark
                 \_ I guess that's why you got a worse score?
                 tiles according to hue and shade (light pinks, dark
                 purples,etc.). I find it odd that we are scoring over 50 when
                 everyone else here is scoring 10 or lower. How does the
                 scoring work? How much time did you spend to get it
                 "just right"? I did the test in about 6 minutes (2 minutes
                 per row) on my Mac laptop. How much time did you spend?
                 \_ I spent 10 minutes and got 8, my gf spent maybe
                    8 minutes and got 12. Why do you say "impossible"?
                    Do you think you are a god given perfect person?
                    \_ Impossible that we would *both* score so low when
                       everyone else is scoring so high. Maybe I should
                       have said "Improbable".
                 \_ I got an 8 and I spent about 10 minutes on it total.
                    Since your g/f got a similar score, maybe it is your
                    \_ Maybe, or the lighting conditions. I am still curious
                       how this is scored. What does each point correlate
                       to? If I reverse two tiles but they are in the
                       correct slots how is that scored differently from
                       having them in the wrong slots? If you start with
                       a perfect layout and move the tile at the far right
                       into the middle then how is your score affected
                       versus reversing the middle two tiles? In both cases
                       you are 99% correct in arranging the tiles in order
                       but I imagine the former scores worse. I suspect some
                       flaw in the scoring algorithm to be honest.
                       FWIW, I just retook the test and timed myself. I took
                       6 minutes 19 seconds and scored a "3" this time on my
                       monitor at work. WTF?!? I call shenanigans.
                       \_ Since something like 10 people took it and had no
                          problem, the issue is probably not related to the
                          test itself.
                          \_ It very well could be. 10 is not a large sample
                             size. Maybe the scoring is not very fluid.
                             The distributions we are seeing tend to
                             suggest that: no scores in the 20s for instance.
                             What separates a "3" from an "8"? How wrong
                             do you have to be to score a "100" versus a
                             "3"? To me that seems extremely wrong. Even
                             if the monitor was not accurate I was matching
                             inaccurate colors against each other. I can
                             think of lots of reasons internal to the test
                             why I'd witness this, including that the site
                             was effed up for a period of time.
                             \_ you're an idiot, and you don't even know why.
                             \_ dude it's a color vision test, not a job
                                placement or dating site test. Chill out!
                                Take it 5 times, average it out, and let
                                it be as is. These people who created the
                                site are PhDs who studied color their whole
                                lives to make products that aide people in
                                the graphics and arts department, do you
                                think they have an agenda by tweaking the
                                tests to be inconsistent and meaningless?
                                Peace out man. Peace out.
           \_ monitor matters a lot too. What monitor did you use?
           \_ Are you colorblind perhaps?
              \_ Not at all.
                 \_ How do you know this? Have you been tested?
                    \_ I know because two of my coworkers are colorblind
                       and they often rely on me to distinguish colors:
                       particularly green from yellow. They have never screwed
                       something up by relying on my color judgement, so I
                       know I am not colorblind.
                       \_ that may be so, but are you color-perfect? would
                          you get pissed as well if you found out you don't
                          have a perfect pitch? Seriously, a large percentage
                          of the wannabe singers out there think they have
                          a perfect pitch when they don't even have good
                          relative pitch.
                 \_ colorblindness is not a matter of yes or no, it's a
                    matter of degree. It's not a "yes I can see all colors"
                    or "no I can only see black/white." It's a question of
                    how well you are equipped to see. We've established
                    that you're not colorblind, but also you're not
                    color-perfect either. If your work isn't in the arts,
                    don't sweat it buddy. You know, I felt bad that I didn't
                    have perfect pitch but that didn't stop me from learning
                    music theory and playing in the orchestra. There were
                    musicians who were simply equipped with amazing ears
                    and it's clear that god simply didn't bless me with
                    the gift of music, but I still have fun now and then.
                    So no worries, and peace out!
        \_ 8 using a Dell Ultrasharp
           \_ I'm the same guy but I got a 0 (perfect score) using a Mac
              24" LED monitor. The Mac monitor is waaaaay better looking
              and more pleasant to use than the cheaply built Dell.
              It also doesn't hurt your eyes as much. This convinced me
              to get a Mac LED monitor even though it costs 2X as much.
        \_ 11 on a crappy Toshiba laptop
        \_ 8 on a 24" Dell LCD. In my mid-40s.
           \_ why does your age matter, do your eyes lose color
              sensitivity as you age?
             \_ http://www.visionaware.org/how_does_vision_change_as_i_get_older
        \_ 7 on an aluminum iMac (LED) 24".  -tom
           \_ and your age?
              \_ 41.
        \_ scored a perfect on a Dell 24" in the dark
2022/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2009/8/23-9/1 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:53299 Activity:low
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         \_ Yeah, that 2 year old computer is nothing compared to one
            today.  (Also, check out that blazing fast core 2 solo 1.4!)
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Just as the body changes with age, our eyes undergo changes, too. Some of these vision changes can be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery; Many of these changes are normal, and are not caused by disease or illness. They can, however, cause problems by interfering with a wide range of everyday activities. Vision Changes in the Aging Eye The most common age-related vision changes and their effects on everyday activities can include the following: glare Increased sensitivity to glare Being able to see clearly when exposed to reflected light or bright sunlight -- especially outdoors on a sunny day or in a hallway with highly polished floors -- requires filtered lenses or other adaptations to control glare and to see the environment clearly lighting requirement Increased lighting requirements Most older adults require three to four times more light than they did previously to perform certain types of everyday activities. Seeing clearly enough to read, write, sew, or perform home repairs usually requires a brighter, more focused light in addition to reading glasses or bifocals. light adjustment More time required to adjust to bright light and/or darkness Adjusting to changes in light levels between bright and dark areas -- such as leaving a dim building lobby and walking outside into bright sunlight or moving out of a dimly lit restaurant into daylight -- can take two to three times longer than it used to. no contrast illustration Reduced contrast sensitivity In the photo at left, it is difficult to see the white lamp and white bedding against the white wall and white table. Seeing an object clearly against a background of the same color becomes more difficult and requires stronger contrast to make it stand out. depth perception Decreased ability to judge depth perception Difficulties judging distances accurately -- the height of a step or curb, or the depth of a bathtub, for example -- requires close attention to safety cues such as color, contrast, and lighting. Shadows and shadow patterns may be incorrectly interpreted as drop-offs or obstacles. focus problem Decreased ability to focus close up As the eye muscles that control the switching of focus from far to near begin to lose flexibility, it becomes more difficult to focus on things close up. Reading a newspaper, writing, or sewing usually require reading glasses to accommodate this change in focus. color discrimination Decreased color sensitivity Telling certain colors apart becomes more difficult when matching clothing or playing card games. In particular, it is often difficult to distinguish navy blue from brown or black, blue from green or purple; glare Glare is often the primary problem, caused either by changes in the lens of the eye or by dry eyes. Sometimes tinted and anti-glare lenses can minimize this effect. The use of artificial tears and further treatment for dry eyes can be prescribed by your eye doctor. poor lighting in dark area This can be caused by changes in our photoreceptor cells, which are the rods and cones that are found in the retina. The rods are responsible for seeing in the dark, and the cones help us see in brighter light. As we grow older, these cells can take longer to adjust. At dusk, our eyes have difficulty determining which cells should be dominant. Aging can increase the time it takes for the eyes to make the adjustment. All of us experience good days and bad days, in terms of our general health. However, if you experience vision changes that are new, unusual, or cause pain, contact your eye doctor immediately.