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2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/10/14 [Reference/Religion] UID:40084 Activity:high
10/14   Question for MOTD Lawyers [not related to CSUA stuff]:
        Say I were to start a legal [so not legally obscene] ass p0rn
        site. Clearly, I would not be allowed to say "brought to you
        by IBM". However, could I say, "this site endorsed by The
        Catholic Church"? What about just "The Church" or "by Rome"?
        If not allowed, who has standing to sue me? Anybody who is
        offended? Any Catholic? Any Church bishop or higher? What about
        "this site endorsed by Protestants" or "by Hindu priests".
        Let's rule out any kind of parody or political point/art type
        \_ What does Rome have to do with the Church's authority?
           And, btw, if you're trying to make a joke with it, try
           to be funny.
        \_ 2 sec answer (assuming you are serious, which you prob.
           1. "The Catholic Church" - sounds like misrep and defmation
              to me, and they might even be able to show NY Times
              malice. The Church itself would have to sue.
           2. "The Church" - this is harder b/c there are so many
              churches who claim to be "The Church." Best is if
              you find a "church" that backs you up or you make your
              own church, say "The Church of Pr0n."
           3. "Rome" - the municipality may have standing in fed.
              ct to sue you for misrep and defamation. Note that
              the Vatican, a separate city, may not have standing.
           4. "Protestants" - Find two protestants who will give
              endorsements and you should be okay.
           5. "Hindu Priests" - same as protestants. Though it
              will be harder to find hindu priests who will support
              you. Personally I'd change it to hindus and find two
              hindus to support you and you should be okay. BTW,
              we hindus think that everyone is a hindu regardless
              of how you classify yourself, so all you need is one
              person other than yourself. Furthermore, there is no
              authoritative version of hinduism so if you adopt the
              view that everyone is a hindu regardless of their
              professed religion, there isn't a good argument against
           \_ Can you say "brought to you by IBM" if you're on IBM hardware?
              I imagine you can say "brought to you on IBM hardware", and
              that's almost as good for the unwashed masses.
              \_ Actually, in order to use their name (IBM), you
                 will likely need their permission.
                 \_ What about "this site runs on an IBM Pornserver model 69"
                    or something like that?  -John
                    \_ If it is on the main page and is prominently
                       featured, I think they have a false light
                       claim and probably some sort of misappropri-
                       ation claim. If just have it on some other
                       page and its not really that prominent, you
                       are probably okay.
2019/01/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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