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2009/5/20-25 [Uncategorized] UID:53017 Activity:nil
        Photos from U.S. Marine Corps Officer Selection Station (Berkeley)
2009/5/20-25 [Uncategorized] UID:53018 Activity:nil
5/20    Woman gives birth to twins fathered by two different men
        \_ Fraternal twins, obviously.  Kinda a party girl, eh?
        \_ And she's kind of ugly too. These guys must be desperate.
           \_ URL?
              \_ She's in the video.
           \_ I wonder if it was a threesome.
           \_ The Greek gods/goddess are more promiscuous than Americans in
              the 1960s.
2009/5/20-25 [Uncategorized] UID:53019 Activity:nil
5/20    Vimeo >> YouTube
        \_ youporn >> youtube
           \_ xhamster > youporn
2009/5/20-26 [Uncategorized] UID:53020 Activity:nil
5/20    I remember when I said gitmo would never close.  And that was called
        "a nice bit of wingnuttery".  Any thoughts now?
        \_ It will close.
        \_ Patience, young wingnut.
        \_ If nothing else, all the detainees will die of old age and it
           will certainly close then right? When does the 99 year lease
           with Cuba expire?
        \_ "we've made some hasty decisions" -- White House
        \_ and we are critizing Iran for jailing a journalist.  I love this.
2009/5/20-25 [Reference/Religion] UID:53021 Activity:kinda low
5/18    Thousands beaten, raped in Irish Catholic reform schools: (
        It's not just the US.  So much for Catholicism.
        \_ God will forgive them.
           \_ Yeah, and God will let them in to Heaven as long as they show
              regret.  So much for Catholicism.
        \_ The good news is that the Catholic church is kicking out father
           Cutie for the much worse sin of having consensual sex with an
           adult woman.
           \_ What?  So priests raping children is OK, but a priest having
              consensual sex with an adult woman is unforgivable?  Is that
              Satan I hear laughing?
              \_ This is just a Catholic thing, AFAIK. Most Jews and Christian
                 permit priests to marry and I think it's not a coincidence
                 that they don't have these molestation problems near as
                 much as the Catholic Church does.
                 \_ Christians generally call their "holy men" ministers,
                    and Jews call theirs Rabbis.  Is there any mainline
                    religion other than the Catholic Church which uses
                   \_ Not sure what your point is here, but yes. For example,
                      Eastern Orthodox and Episcopalian. In fact, the
                      Vatican has allowed Episcopalian priests to convert
                      even after they have married.
                 \_ How would allowing heterosexual marriage reduce
                    molestation of boys by priests?
                    \_ Are you really that dense?
                       \_ You meant "tense"?
              \_ Priests raping *male* children is okay, but priests having
                 consensual sex with female adults is not okay.  You get it
                 \_ if only they castrate priests, none of this would be
                    an issues in the first place.
2009/5/20-26 [Reference/BayArea] UID:53022 Activity:moderate
5/20    So SF passed 1B but not 1A.  I can only conclude that at least 5% of SF
        are idiots.
        \_ where can I find statistics of yay/nays broken down into
           different counties and cities?
        \_ I guess they could be saying "I don't want A, but if A passes
           I'd rather A+B than just A."
        \_ Why are people so sloppy? 1B did not pass. SF did not pass 1B.
           \_ SF county voted Yes on 1B, but No on 1A. I think 2nd !op's
              interpretation is correct.
           \_ SF country voed Yes on 1B overall, but No on 1A. I think 2nd !op's
              assessment is correct.
              \_ Yes, this is correct. Voting on 1B != Passing 1B. Sloppy.
                 \_ Except that 1B did pass in SF. Not sure what you are
                    alluding to. In SF, 1B passed and 1A failed.
                    \_ Your an idiot [sic]. 1B does not apply in SF bc it did
                       pass, in SF or in CA. A majority of SF voters voted to
                       pass 1B, but it did not pass. Yes, this is semantics.
                    \_ You are arguing semantics.
                       \_ *I* am not arguing semantics. The person who said
                          "Voting on 1B != Passing 1B" is.
                          \_ *I* am not arguing, the *other* guy is!
        \_ This was true statewide, you know. Voters statewide voted for
           1B by a 3.4% margin over 1B.
           1B by a 3.4% margin over 1A.
           \_ Yes: 37.4%
              No: 62.6%
              \_ Is this the 1A results or the 1B results?
2009/5/20 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53023 Activity:nil
5/20    Captain Camera Log
        09.05.09: bought Interslice's camera seal and repair kit, aka
                Jon Goodman.
        09.05.14: received repair kit. Started working on a Nikon FE2.

                Got rid of vulcanite goo gunk that deteriorated in the past
                few decades. Removed FE2's focusing screen, did a major
                clean-up. View finder is now all nice and bright. Added 3mm
                mirror damper, re-sealed the light box.
        09.05.17: started working on the Pentax K-1000. The view finder is
                dirty with deteriated rubber seals. Awaiting for the
                right tool to open up the speed dial.
        09.05.18: lost bid on a bunch of cheap rangefinder cameras
        09.05.19: lost bid on the expensive Leica M3 with original
                box and receipt and paperwork (posted previously on motd)
        09.05.20: received an Olympus OM-10. Focusing screen needs replacement
                as the previous owner abused it with a strong solvent. Got
                a new replacement from eBay. Awaiting for the replacement
                so that a new mirror damper can be installed.
        09.05.20: continue bidding on more broken cameras so that I can
                repair them and resell at a profit
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