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2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/7/6-7 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:31189 Activity:very high
7/7     Given that Southwest is consistently 50% cheaper than United and
        JetBlue, why would anyone wanna fly the more expensive airlines?
        \_ Several years back, I used a friend's voucher to fly OAK>MDW
           (ie., Chicago). What was otherwise a 4-hr. flight/no stops
           took 8 hr./3 stops! Never again.
           \_ This was just a shitty flight to take. I flew SW non-stop to
              Saint Louis for 1/3 the price of the next most expensive
              fare. If you want 15 stops to save money the experience will
              suck on any airline. SW does offer non-stop to many places.
        \_ I go with whatever priceline coughs up, based on price.  I fly
           for consistently way less than *any* one airline could provide
           to really expensive destinations.
        \_ Because the last time I checked, they weren't that much
           cheaper and I got treated like a cow with their FCFS seating.
        \_ Because I hate having to squabble for a good seat.
        \_ First come first served sux as a seating system. Esp. if you
           have an extra carry on or you connection is a bit late.
           \_ As compared to the other airlines, where they seat you
              according to how many miles you fly with them?
              \_ yeah mileage perks are great if you actually fly much.
                 and if not, the minor points don't really matter so much
                 to your quality of life.
              \_ If you check in early enough, you can always get a
                 decent seat. I usually arrive at least 30 mins before
                 checkin is supposed to start and I've never had a
                 problem getting a good seat.
        \_ One time I ended up being the last person boarding a Southwest
           flight because I made a mistake of arriving only one hour before the
           flight and passing through security people took a very long time
           (this was shortly after 9/11). The only seat that was still available
           in the whole plane was next to some fat guy who was so big, he
           could have used two seats. Needless to say, this flight was
           really uncomfortable..
           flight because I made a mistake of arriving only one hour before
           the flight and passing through security people took a very long
           time (this was shortly after 9/11). The only seat that was still
           available in the whole plane was next to some fat guy who was so
           big, he could have used two seats. Needless to say, this flight
           was really uncomfortable.
           \_ That someone had to sit next to the fat person is the fault of
              no one but the fat person (or agruably the airline for not
              forcing him to buy 2 tickets).  That you were the person sat
              next to the fat person was a result of something arguably under
              your control (arriving late).
              \_ Choices, choices... fat person, crying child, smelly person,
                 evangelist, or someother odious habited person... It happens.
                 \_ This could have happened no matter which airline. In
                    fact, being able to choose who you sit next to is an
                    advantage in Southwest's favor.
                    \_ Southwest has a much lower class of traveller than
                       reserved airlines.
                       \_ Yes, because it's CHEAPER! Sigh. If you want the
                          cheap flight full of hot skinny floozies, take the
                          SWA Friday evening flight out of LA to Vegas.
                          Otherwise, whining is pointless.
        \_ By the way, I have noticed that if you purchase the ticket well
           in advance (say two to four weeks before the flight), AmericaWest
           tickets are almost always cheaper AND you get to choose your
        \_ Because... SWA doesn't go everywhere. Someone else is paying and/or
           you want to get the miles from the airline. SWA may not have a
           convenient schedule. Feel more comfortable with brand name. etc.
        \_ Flying out of Oakland is a hassle.
           \_ Not of you're living near Oakland (like Berkeley). It takes
              longger to get to SFO, even with SFO Bart extension.
              \_ Sure, if you live in Berkeley. I live in San Francisco,
                 near a BART station. I can get to SFO in 20 minutes.
                 Oakland takes 1 hr+ and involves dealing with the Air
                 BART shuttle, which is kind of a pain. Once on Thanksgiving,
                 the line was so long I waited almost an hour for it.
                 But I still fly SWA when I have the time and I want
                 to save money.
                 \_ oh really?  24th and Mission to SFO is 24 minutes on
                    BART, and that doesn't count your time getting to BART,
                    or having to take the monorail on the other side unless
                    you're flying international (which you're not if you're
                    flying SWA).
                 \_ Which is why SFO was trying so hard to attract the
                    low-fare Virgin-brand airline.
                    \_ The last time I flew into Oakland, I arrived just
                       after midnight... just after AirBart stopped running.
                       Even though bart trains themselves run past one in
                       the morning these days.  I hate AirBart.
           \_ Interesting. I always found Oakland to be most convenient,
              whether I am going to SF, East Bay, or even Sonoma/Napa. SFO
              sucks and San Jose is too far.
           \_ Oakland is GREAT. I say that because I fly LAX<->OAK and
              relative to LAX, OAK is really fast, efficient, easy to get
              around, cheaper parking, smaller terminals, etc. LAX is
              impossible. Long lines, expensive parking, crowded, hard
              to get around, etc. LAX sucks.
        \_ Oakland is great but flying into LAX sucks. JetBlue flies into
           LongBeach and is often cheaper than SWA. You also get your own TV
           and biscotti.
        \_ w/ mileage status i found LAX easier than OAK on united since
           there were plenty of express lines and self-checkin counters
           in LAX terminal 6 and relatively fdirect taxi access.
        \_ JetBlue is awesome, especially when you're flying between coasts
           and get a direct flight for about the same as what SWA would
           charge you for a 1-2 stop flight. Having (free) TV on the plane is
           a good way to pass the time.
2019/04/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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