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2009/12/1-8 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:53552 Activity:nil
12/1    Is it just my imagination or flight attendants in China are younger
        and more attractive than the cougars I see in US domestic airlines?
        \_ you're a pathetic loser.
        \_ Of course this is not your imagination.  Try flying on Singapore
           Airlines and JAL and ANA.  The female flight attendants look even
           better on average.  In some countries it is still okay to
           discriminate against look or weight in order to provide a better
           experience to the customers.
           \_ discrimination KICKS ASS! Let's revert back to 1950s.
           \_ discrimination against fat, ugly, old bitches... KICKS ASS!
              Let's revert back to 1950s.
           \_ maybe JAL and ANA have more pathetic loser customers.
              \_ supply and demand. survival of the fittest airline.
                 this is common in most countries outside of the US.
                 why is this hard to accept?
                 \_ I would definitely prefer to fly an airline that had
                    the stewardesses give blowjobs to first class passengers.
                    Why can't the Free Market provide me with that?
                    \_ (SFW)
                       \_ the 60s was a good era to fuck
                          \_ pathetic_loserP = #t
2009/12/1-8 [Uncategorized] UID:53553 Activity:nil
12/1    Seattle cop killer was killed:
        Too bad he was able to roam the streets and kill four officers before
        this, thanks to Mick Huckabee.
2009/12/1-8 [Uncategorized] UID:53554 Activity:nil
12/1    How much does a Junior Sys Admin make these days?
        Do you have to pay a lot more to get someone part time than to get
        someone full time? (you know, per hour)
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