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2004/7/6 [Politics/Foreign] UID:31171 Activity:high
7/6     The BBC shows us a little of that Colin Powell shake:
        (Real Player, requires sound, work safe)
        \_ He's a better man on his worst day than you on your best.
           \_ He really is, probably more than all of us.  So?
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:31172 Activity:high
6/7     He reaches to the bottom of the barrel, scrapes, fishes, panders,
        Kerry selects Edwards as running mate.
        \_ I really didn't expect that.
           \_ I did.  Anything else would have been stupid.
        \_ Well, it could've been worse... and it could've been a lot better.
           \_ Curious, who do you think would have been better?
              \_ John McCain!
                 \_ Yeah right.  He didn't want it.  It would be political
                    suicide for him.
                 \_ I love how quickly GOP spin makes its way onto the motd.
        \_ Where's DrudgeGuy so we can mock him?
           \_ Mock away.  I'm here.  I posted insider speculation which was
              properly labeled as speculation.  There is nothing to mock.
        \_ People who think Edwards is scum:  Is there any reason other than
           that he was a personal injury lawyer?
           \_ It's not even that.  Repeat after me.  He's a deh moh craat.
           \_ He made his millions convincing juries that Cerebral Palsy can be
              caused by the OB.  It's schmucks like him that have been
              principle contributors to the mess of current health care
              insurance. -hates trial lawyers
              \_ Oh yeah. And pharma's massive direct ad campaigns have
                 nothing at all to do with it. Do the math. The lawsuits and
                 associated insurance costs are higher but they are a red
                 herring. Have you gotten through an evening of TV lately w.o
                 at least three ads for
              \_ Cf.
                 The first comment draws on CDC and CP Foundation to support
                 the idea that malpractice _can_ lead to CP.  As said there,
                 ambulance-chaser he may be, but quoting junk science he's not.
                 \_ Thanks for this link.  I still think Edwards is a slimeball
                    but I'll look into the CP issue more. -hates trial lawyers
              \_ OB/GYN?
              \_ Lawyers don't make things bad.  They don't make things good.
                 A good lawyer represents their client as well as they can.  If
                 the law is 'flawed' and they take advantage of that for their
                 client's benefit successfully then they are a good lawyer who
                 does their job right.
2004/7/6 [Transportation/Bicycle, Computer/Networking] UID:31173 Activity:very high
6/7     Is there anything out there that does the same thing as yahoo
        directions only for bike routes?
        \_ Not that I've ever seen.  Many cities have some kind of bike map
           online.  Adventure Cycling Association makes bike maps for their
           distance routes.  But in general, it's hard to find bike routes
           unless you know them already, or ask a local bike shop.  -tom
           \_ well, it sure would be awsome if someone were to set this up.
              it seems to me that it wouldnt be very hard as long as you make
              it easy for random users to upload routes and veryify the quality
              of existing routes.  now if only we could find some super-geek
              who's really into cycling, good with computers, has free time...
              \_ I've always wanted some kind of database of routes that would
                 just pick some place for me to go if I wanted to go for, say
                 a 3-hour ride.  The tricky part would be returning results
                 that were relevant to the rider's strength level and climbing
        \_ I just got back from London. While there, I picked up a bikers map
           that had different colors showing the biker friendliness of certain
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:31174 Activity:very high
7/6     Bush down by 14 points in California in latest poll:
        \_ holy sheepshit, batman!!! in other news, bush to win texas, loose
           new york...
           \_ Hey!  Don't interrupt while we're mocking landslide guy!
           \_ why does everyone misspell 'lose'?
              \_ When you get to lose with your spelling your words loose
              \_ When you get to lose with your spelling you're words loose
                 \_ OW OW OW!
        \_ Burn motherfucker -- burn.
        \_ He lost last time, he'll lose again.  So?
        \_ I predict Nader will win California in a landslide!
           \_ With Camejo on the ticket, you're sure to be right.
              Campaign for Nader, but vote for Kerry.
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:31175 Activity:insanely high
7/6     Bush lied!  (NYT)
        \_ I think this says that the CIA lied, or at least did not
           do their job properly.
           \_ shit rolls downhill.
2004/7/6 [Computer/SW/Graphics, Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:31176 Activity:insanely high
7/6     Matrix Ultimate Collection:
        \_ The ultimate collection would be to rewrite parts 2 & 3 into
           something watchable.
           \_ True that.
           \_ And more computer graphics to replace Keanu Reeves.
              \_ You mean Keanu isn't CGI?
                 \_ They got an actor to play the boring bits.
                    People are cheaper than computer time.
2004/7/6 [ERROR, uid:31177, category id '18005#1.84375' has no name! , ] UID:31177 Activity:high
7/6     Murdoch owned New York Post pulls a "Dewey Defeats Truman"
        \_ Nice!
        \_ Score another "victory" for the Right Wing Slime Machine.
           \_ We're keeping score?  Does every Blair article count as a point?
        \_ There's a brief (but not gloating) mention of this in the NYTimes.
2004/7/6-7 [Transportation/PublicTransit] UID:31178 Activity:high
7/6     Does any app exist that maintains a window onscreen with, say, the next
        three train departure times for, say, BART? -- ulysses
        \_ Probably an RSS feed somewhere?
        \_ nextbus for muni, don't think it exists for BART
           \_ Yeah. I was specifically thinking of NextBus and I was wondering
              whether there was something for BART. Bummer. -- ulysses
2004/7/6-7 [Computer/SW] UID:31179 Activity:nil
7/6     If I file small claims against Holiday Inn, do I need to fill out
        SC-103, Fictitious Business Name Declaration? Or that is for Holiday
        Inn to fill out? Thanks.
        \_ While I haven't seen SC-103, a ficticious business name declaration
           is generally for when you are starting a business.
        \_ After 6 month of filing and Holiday Inn applying for appeals, the
           week before the final court day, a representative from Holiday Inn
           called me and issued a company apology, the full credit back, as
           well as 1 free Holiday Inn night good for 1 year. I sued because I
           requested for non-smoking room only and when I got there, they still
           gave me the only room they had-- smoking room. The small claims
           sues because I have severe asthma and due to medical conditions
           I could not get a smoking room. The Holiday Inn person said he
           was very sorry, understands the medical condition, and persuaded
           me to drop the lawsuit. I dropped it, but I still think they're
           dickheads. I bet that had it not been for the ADA disability act
           or something, the lawsuit would have proceeded.
2004/7/6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:31180 Activity:moderate
7/6     Bush lied!  (NYT)
        \_ I think this says that the CIA lied, or at least did not
           do their job properly.
           \_ shit rolls downhill.
              \_ I think Bush is responsible for what most of the Executive
                 Branch does, but the CIA is a peculiar institution.
                 Especially since Tenant was a Clinton appointee, I am
                 willing to give Bush a pass on this one. -Bush basher
                 \_ Bush is toast anyway, so it doesn't matter.  Maybe we
                    should all start speculating on who we want in the
                    kerry cabinet.
                    \_ Madeleine Albright as Sec. of State and Colin Powell
                       as Sec. of Defense.  Possibly John McCain as Energy.
                       Maybe Ralph Nader.  Howard Dean's Net monkeys as the
                       FCC.  Hilary as Attorney General! Ok, I'm getting silly
2004/7/6-7 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:31181 Activity:insanely high
7/6     Any ideas from you folks about how to reverse the decline in
        Engineering education and work in the US?  It seems as though
        this trend isn't changing, and meanwhile interest in Engineering
        by Chinese students just continues to soar.  How long before we
        fall permanently behind?
        \_ I think you have to start young.  They guys I played with building
           legos when we were in preschool are all engineers now.
        \_ Don't worry, we still control the money.
        \_ Engi-what? Can't we just ask God to build us a bridge?
           \_ Dude!  Faith-based architecture, and Evangelical Christian Feng
              Shui!  This would make an excellent Star Trek novel.
        \_ China is still far behind.  Name one decent Chinese high-tech
           company.  Dell is gaining on Legend in China itself.  Cisco
           will slaughter Huawei (how many even heard about Huawei?).
           \_ I was thinking more in terms of the future and the educational
              system, rather than simply in terms of companies.  Engineers
              have to come from somewhere, you don't just pick them off the
              Engineer tree.
              \_ Actually, we have been picking them off the Engineer
                 trees, trees from all over the world, while US
                 produces relatively fewer engineers, they tend to
                 be fairly good ones.
           \_ This is due to a lack of money, not lack of talent.
              \_ Talent is just one of many things.  Lots of countries
                 have talented engineers including Russia and many
                 European countries, but we are still very much ahead
                 of all of them.
                 of all of them.  Why?  Because the best opportunities
                 are in the US, so their best engineers all come here.
                 \_ Again, like I said, money.
                    \_ money is part of it, but also the entrepreneurial
                       spirit, openness, diversity, corporate culture,
                       creative environment, etc.
                       \_ Good point. All these can be learned, to some
                          degree (and Chinese are very good at learning)
                          except money. It will take a while.
                          \_ not sure if it's easy to learn.  the japanese
                             failed to learn it after all these years, and
                             neither did the europeans.  it's kind of like
                             dell.  everyone knows what makes it
                             successful, but they just can't successfully
                             copy its model.  it could be especially
                             difficult for china given its current
                             political structure.  maybe the EU can do
                             it eventually.
                             \_ Here's a NYTimes Magazine article regarding
                                China with regard to this very topic.  Insert
                                obligatory whining about NYTimes if you wish.
                                \_ I have no doubt China is a juggernaut in
                                   manufacturing, but can it take the next
                                   step up and create its own world-class
                                   companies.  For example, the article
                                   argues that manufacturers now supplying
                                   say Motorola is now selling their own
                                   phones.  Sure.  But can they sell well
                                   outside China's borders?  We have two
                                   business models here.  First is a Chinese
                                   company doing everything, second is a
                                   US company doing the branding, marketing,
                                   design and distribution, and the Chinese
                                   partner doing the manufacturing.  So
                                   far the second model is the better one,
                                   and I am not convinced it's going to
                                   change soon.  Taiwanese companies like Acer
                                   have tried to break into the US market
                                   with their own brand but ended in failure.
                                   Korean companies like Samsung have had
                                   more success, and of course the Japanese
                                   too.  Haven't seen much from China so far.
                                   \_ That's because, unlike Japan who changed
                                      the implication of "made in japan" from
                                      bad to good, stuff made in China hard-
                                      core sucks.
                                      \_ That's partly true.  Even though many
                                         of your nokia, motorola cell phones,
                                      \_ That's partly true.  Even though
                                         China makes many of your nokia,
                                         motorola cell phones,
                                         dell computers, etc.,  they
                                         still need the quality control set
                                         up by your world-class companies
                                         doing the manufacturing there.
                                         But even the Japanese are finding
                                         it necessary to shift production
                                         to China to stay competitive.
                                         Like I said, Chinese manufacturing
                                         coupled with western/japanese
                                         research, design, marketing,
                                         branding and distribution seems to
                                         be the most competitive model at this
                                         \_ obviously you know what are you
                                            talking about.  I want to add that
                                            don't discredit Chinese brand
                                            completely yet.  It takes years
                                            if not decades of effort to build
                                            up brand (which implies R&D and
                                            quality control), and Chinese
                                            company has one small advantage
                                            over all its Asian tiger: huge
                                            domestic market.  People may think
                                            Huawei is just a Cisco knock-off,
                                            but if your memory last long enough
                                            you might remember that Japan was
                                            doing the exact same thing in the
                                            past.  Then, there is a company
                                            called TCL, which pumps out
                                            40 million cell phones a year yet
                                            no one really hearrd of them before
                                            With their shear size, they slowly
                                            start to gain advantages in
                                            component price, etc, and soon or
                                            later they will have enough spare
                                            cash to try to establish its own
                                            \_ Wow.  Eye find it totally
                                               easy two respect you're
                                               arguments.  Keep thee rebukes
                                            \_ While market size of China is
                                               big, unlike Japan and South
                                               Korea at a similar stage of
                                               development, due to WTO,
                                               China's market is more
                                               open to foreign companies and
                                               competition, making it tougher
                                               to nurture domestic brands.
                                               The thing about free trade is
                                               that it tends to strengthens
                                               existing competitive advan-
                                               tages, and makes it harder
                                               to develop new competitive
        \_ Allow the return of competition to the public schools.
           \_ cf Battle Royale!
           \_ What on earth are you talking about?  Something competing
              with the public schools?  People in the schools competing
              with each other?  How will either of those get Americans
              interested in Engineering again?
              \_ Being graded on merit and not worrying about social issues
                 force students to excel.   That's waned significantly in
                 recent years.
                 \_ Worrying about social issues?  Excuse me?  I think your
                    assertion is lacking in both clarity and evidence.
                    Of course this is the motd, so go for it!  Anyway, I think
                    the below poster is a little closer to the core issue
                    than you.
                    \_ Life skills, multiculturalism, don't make anyone feel
                       bad, screen the Michael Moore movie at the NEA
                       convention.  That kind of crap.
        \_ The Dilbert experience, outsourcing, and long hours of solitary
           staring at computer screens probably isn't that appealing to many
           staring at computer screens probably aren't that appealing to many
           Americans without the get-rich-quick carrot to lead them on.
           Probably there are more opportunities in other fields here in
           America than there are in China or India, so an engineering job
           doesn't seem as desirable here.
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/Gay, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:31182 Activity:very high
7/6     Old news, but interesting
        Sources: Cheney curses senator over Halliburton criticism
        \_ This was already discussed on the motd and there's nothing new.
           Perhaps you should read the motd archives.
           \_ What was the conclusion from sodans?
                 \_ Why the hell do we need some UCLA guy archiving the
                    Berkeley csua motd??? :)
                    \_ It's better than some Stanford guy, hehe...
                 \_ Looks like the curse word was debated for exactly
                    one entry before the whole thing turned into an off
                    topic pissing match about Al Qaida and Iraq.  So it
                    would still seem worthy of discussion.
        \_ Cursing is only bad when Democrats do it.
           \_ Ah, go fuck yourself. -a Demo
        \_ Best take on the whole thing was Jon Stewart's: "This shows that
           Cheney is coming out in support of gay marriage."
2004/7/6-7 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:31183 Activity:very high
7/6     What CD/DVD burning software do you use?
        \_ sheesh, this is the 10th time this has been posted this year.
          \_ scrolled through last 2 days of archive. Is there a text search
             interface I can use via CVS?
           \_ I hate searching, someone please just repost the whole
              \_ Translation: "I'm lazy and I want someone else to do my
                 research for me."
           \_ the archive doesn't keep ppl from posting the same stuff about
              Michael Moore over and over again
        \_ Nero 6 on Win2k/XP, Toast 6 on MacOS X
           \_ How well does Toast 6 do the whole DVD rip-and-burn?
                \_ I guess its okay, but I prefer to use a PC for ripping.
                   DVDDecrypter + DVDShrink + Nero 6 produce much better
                   results (playable on hacked XBox!) than Toast 6.
        \_ Related question, what software do I need to burn a copy
           of a DVD, but change the region code?
                \_ I use DVDDecrypter to rip the DVD, strip the copy
                   protection and the region code and then I burn the
                   result. Most of the time it works fine. On some
                   R2 PAL dvd's I need to reauthor the dvd as R1 in
                   order to get the colors to show up properly.
                   \_ What software do you use to burn a DVD movie into
                      2 DVDs loselessly? Free software?
                        \_ I've never done this because it is a pita
                           to get working properly. Some players crap
                           out if they get to the end of d1 and can't
                           find the next chapter. In order to fix that
                           you need to futz with the ifo files and stuff
                           which is just too painful. DVDShrink is good
                           enough for the likes of me.
                   \_ If converting from PAL to NTSC, you probably will need
                      to completely re-encode the DVD.  Most NTSC DVD players
                      can't handle PAL discs (and you may also need a TV that
                      supports PAL).  Going in the other direction doesn't
                      have this problem, because most PAL DVD players and TVs
                      are multi-standard.
        \_ cdrecord
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:31184 Activity:high
7/6     Poll: Chelsea or Jenna?
        \_ Sorry, not into plumper.
          \_ Depends on your objectve, no? One of the two is clearly a better
             choice for liquoring up.
        \_ if the goal is sex, then definitely the latter
        \_ Chelsea looks like Bill *shudder*
              WATSON AND CRICK NOW!!!!1!!!!
              \_ On a purely aesthetic basis, Jenna got better genes.
                 \_ It's jeans, not genes, stupid. -dubya
                 \_ What, you like dating simians?
                    \_ w00t!
        \_ Can someone post a link of pics of Jenna, I have no idea who she is.
        \_ A three way with both of them at the same time!
           \_ Chelsea on the left, Jenna on the right...
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/California/Arnold] UID:31185 Activity:high
7/6     Richard Riordan was supposed to be teh nice guy?!?!?!1!! (sfgate article)
        \_ Arnuhld sez: "We must always focus on encouraging and supporting
           children. I've known Dick Riordan for a long time, and I know
              \_ Well, Arnold knows better than anyone what it's like to be
                 accused of improper sexual behavior.
           that he would never knowingly or intentionally upset a child."
           So either she was asking for it, or that was the pills talking.
           \_ Huh?  Arnold is gospel now?
              \_ Well, Arnold knows better than anyone what it's like to be
                 accused of improper sexual behavior.
        \_ anyone have link to the vidoe?  Is any channel playing it?  This
           may be the first time I have heard of a "caught joking" incident
           where i'm *not* thinking that people just need to get a sense of
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:31186 Activity:high
7/6     Remember when Limbaugh called her "The White House dog"?
        \_ Hmm, she's pretty, but I call photoshop on that particular
           photo.  Not to mention heavy makeup.
        \_ Now see here. I was ready for some serious g-on-g photos with
           Wonkette and somebody and all you have is some Chelsea headshot?
           That's what I get for not following Rush, I s'pose.
        \_ Wow, it's kinda like one of those 80's teen movies.  Is she the
           most popular girl in school now?
2004/7/6 [Uncategorized] UID:31187 Activity:nil
7/6     hello ok thx
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:31188 Activity:nil 70%like:31191
7/6     Hell froze over.  Nigeria arrests 500 scammers.,5744,9988337^29677,00.html
        \_ in other news, Nigeria's GDP fell to zero
           \_ GDP = 110B USD
                 DOLLARS ($110,000,000,000.00)
           \_ You may wish to know that you lack clue.
2004/7/6-7 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:31189 Activity:very high
7/7     Given that Southwest is consistently 50% cheaper than United and
        JetBlue, why would anyone wanna fly the more expensive airlines?
        \_ Several years back, I used a friend's voucher to fly OAK>MDW
           (ie., Chicago). What was otherwise a 4-hr. flight/no stops
           took 8 hr./3 stops! Never again.
           \_ This was just a shitty flight to take. I flew SW non-stop to
              Saint Louis for 1/3 the price of the next most expensive
              fare. If you want 15 stops to save money the experience will
              suck on any airline. SW does offer non-stop to many places.
        \_ I go with whatever priceline coughs up, based on price.  I fly
           for consistently way less than *any* one airline could provide
           to really expensive destinations.
        \_ Because the last time I checked, they weren't that much
           cheaper and I got treated like a cow with their FCFS seating.
        \_ Because I hate having to squabble for a good seat.
        \_ First come first served sux as a seating system. Esp. if you
           have an extra carry on or you connection is a bit late.
           \_ As compared to the other airlines, where they seat you
              according to how many miles you fly with them?
              \_ yeah mileage perks are great if you actually fly much.
                 and if not, the minor points don't really matter so much
                 to your quality of life.
              \_ If you check in early enough, you can always get a
                 decent seat. I usually arrive at least 30 mins before
                 checkin is supposed to start and I've never had a
                 problem getting a good seat.
        \_ One time I ended up being the last person boarding a Southwest
           flight because I made a mistake of arriving only one hour before the
           flight and passing through security people took a very long time
           (this was shortly after 9/11). The only seat that was still available
           in the whole plane was next to some fat guy who was so big, he
           could have used two seats. Needless to say, this flight was
           really uncomfortable..
           flight because I made a mistake of arriving only one hour before
           the flight and passing through security people took a very long
           time (this was shortly after 9/11). The only seat that was still
           available in the whole plane was next to some fat guy who was so
           big, he could have used two seats. Needless to say, this flight
           was really uncomfortable.
           \_ That someone had to sit next to the fat person is the fault of
              no one but the fat person (or agruably the airline for not
              forcing him to buy 2 tickets).  That you were the person sat
              next to the fat person was a result of something arguably under
              your control (arriving late).
              \_ Choices, choices... fat person, crying child, smelly person,
                 evangelist, or someother odious habited person... It happens.
                 \_ This could have happened no matter which airline. In
                    fact, being able to choose who you sit next to is an
                    advantage in Southwest's favor.
                    \_ Southwest has a much lower class of traveller than
                       reserved airlines.
                       \_ Yes, because it's CHEAPER! Sigh. If you want the
                          cheap flight full of hot skinny floozies, take the
                          SWA Friday evening flight out of LA to Vegas.
                          Otherwise, whining is pointless.
        \_ By the way, I have noticed that if you purchase the ticket well
           in advance (say two to four weeks before the flight), AmericaWest
           tickets are almost always cheaper AND you get to choose your
        \_ Because... SWA doesn't go everywhere. Someone else is paying and/or
           you want to get the miles from the airline. SWA may not have a
           convenient schedule. Feel more comfortable with brand name. etc.
        \_ Flying out of Oakland is a hassle.
           \_ Not of you're living near Oakland (like Berkeley). It takes
              longger to get to SFO, even with SFO Bart extension.
              \_ Sure, if you live in Berkeley. I live in San Francisco,
                 near a BART station. I can get to SFO in 20 minutes.
                 Oakland takes 1 hr+ and involves dealing with the Air
                 BART shuttle, which is kind of a pain. Once on Thanksgiving,
                 the line was so long I waited almost an hour for it.
                 But I still fly SWA when I have the time and I want
                 to save money.
                 \_ oh really?  24th and Mission to SFO is 24 minutes on
                    BART, and that doesn't count your time getting to BART,
                    or having to take the monorail on the other side unless
                    you're flying international (which you're not if you're
                    flying SWA).
                 \_ Which is why SFO was trying so hard to attract the
                    low-fare Virgin-brand airline.
                    \_ The last time I flew into Oakland, I arrived just
                       after midnight... just after AirBart stopped running.
                       Even though bart trains themselves run past one in
                       the morning these days.  I hate AirBart.
           \_ Interesting. I always found Oakland to be most convenient,
              whether I am going to SF, East Bay, or even Sonoma/Napa. SFO
              sucks and San Jose is too far.
           \_ Oakland is GREAT. I say that because I fly LAX<->OAK and
              relative to LAX, OAK is really fast, efficient, easy to get
              around, cheaper parking, smaller terminals, etc. LAX is
              impossible. Long lines, expensive parking, crowded, hard
              to get around, etc. LAX sucks.
        \_ Oakland is great but flying into LAX sucks. JetBlue flies into
           LongBeach and is often cheaper than SWA. You also get your own TV
           and biscotti.
        \_ w/ mileage status i found LAX easier than OAK on united since
           there were plenty of express lines and self-checkin counters
           in LAX terminal 6 and relatively fdirect taxi access.
        \_ JetBlue is awesome, especially when you're flying between coasts
           and get a direct flight for about the same as what SWA would
           charge you for a 1-2 stop flight. Having (free) TV on the plane is
           a good way to pass the time.
2004/7/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31190 Activity:high
7/7     Hey, someone, /var is FULL.
        \_ hey, someone, CSUA HD is 95% full and the stingy alumnis are not
        \_ hey, someone, CSUA HD is 95% full and the stingy Jews are not
        \_ hey, someone, CSUA HD is 95% full and the stingy alums are not
           donating anything
           \_ Hey, set up the Payapal account (or something like it) and I'll
              happily chip in $50-$100.
              \_ Ditto.   -mice
              \_ We'll third that. -elizp & fab
              \_ That's a good idea, let me talk to politburo.  -jrleek
                \_ I offered months ago to donate cash for disk and pointed
                   out alums have always sent in $$$ when asked.  Just
                   figure out what you want to use it for, how much you need,
                   post an announcement of the donation drive, and it will
                   come in.
           \_ Can we mail/drop off checks payable to the csua?
              \- if you are looking for a disk, i may have one/some laying
                 around. what do you need?
2004/7/6 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:31191 Activity:nil 70%like:31188
7/6     Hell froze over.  Nigeria arrests 500 scammers. (
        \_ in other news, Nigeria's GDP fell to zero
           \_ GDP = 110B USD
                DOLLARS ($110,000,000,000.00)
           \_ You may wish to know that you lack clue.
                \_ you may wish to know that you lack a sense of humor -phuqm
                   \_ The lord God maintains a sense of humor so that I don't
                      have to.
2004/7/6-7 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:31192 Activity:kinda low
7/6     Any reason why IBMJava2-JAVACOMM is no longer on
        \_ It was removed.
2004/7/6-7 [Politics/Domestic] UID:31193 Activity:nil
7/6     Anyone have any ideas why there is a note from the White House in the
        office?  It is addressed to Philip Nunez (not Phillip) and begins, "We
        join your friends and family in congratulating you on reaching this
        important milestone in your life."  How did such a note come to be
        \_ HAHAHA... someone must have sent in the "I'm 100, I want a note from
           the President" thing.
2004/7/6-7 [Consumer/Audio] UID:31194 Activity:insanely high
7/6     What do you use for archive your music? 320kbps mp3?
        loseless ape/flac? If you answer 128kbps mp3, don't bother
        reply. ;)
        \_ I use WinLame with the Standard setting, even though the author
           says Ogg Vorbis is superior.
        \_ Archive!?  My CDs _are_ the archive.  For listening, I use
           -q6 Ogg Vorbis.
        \_ lame --alt-preset standard
                \_ lame --alt-preset standard -b 192
        \_ Stuff that isn't super important to me: 128 kbps AAC. Stuff that
           is: the raw audio (AIFF). Though there is a new Apple lossless
           codec, which I haven't yet tried out.
        \_ 192kbps mp3. Reasonable quality w/ reasonable file sizes.
        \_ 192kbps mp3. Reasonable quality w/ reasonable file sizes. I
           rip using the iTunes encoder. People tell me I should switch
           to using LAME but I'm too lazy to rip with one pgm and then
           have to add all the meta data using iTunes.
           \_ is lame supposed to be better quality than itunes or is it faster?
              ive heard that both codecs are really good.
           \_ is lame supposed to be better quality than itunes or is it
              faster? ive heard that both codecs are really good.
                \_ LAME is supposed to be faster and better quality.
        \_ Just grab another copy off the net.  It isn't like you paid for
           any of it the first time.  Why do you need a second archive?
2004/7/6-7 [ERROR, uid:31195, category id '18005#9.19625' has no name! , ] UID:31195 Activity:high
7/6     So what was that about Rush never making anything up?
        \_ Yeah.  Have to say that was pretty funny though.  -lib
        \_ Um, it says 'EIB photo montage' at the bottom of the photo.
           But who cares about that, bringing up this photo as Limbaugh's
           style of lie is a Michael Moore style of half-truth (Yes the
           photo is fake, but let's not mention it's freely admitted to be
           \_ On the story page, yes, but on the main page, no. Tell me your
              average ditto-head bothered to find out the photo's a montage.
2019/01/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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