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2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2002/12/23-24 [Finance/Banking, Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26893 Activity:insanely high
12/23   What's the best way to destroy CDRs?  The best practical way?
        \_ Sissors.
        \_ Toss it out the window while driving along on the freeway.
           There's no way any one will look there.
                \_ The feds can and will stop traffic to recover
                   the cds. Best way is the next post if you are
                   currently being watched. If not go for either
                   the commerical grinders or scissors. BTW, the
                   best soln. to the problem of destroying cdrs
                   is to encrypt the cdrs and keep the private
                   key on easy to destroy magnetic media (or
                   equivalent). If the feds come for you just
                   trash the private key (make sure its suitably
                   long that they can't brute force it within
                   what most judges would consider required for
                \_ Depends on how small the pieces are and whether
                   all of the pieces that contain the info you want
                   are available. A good practice is to cut the cds
                   into several (8 or so) pieces and to stick some
                   a "speedy trial"). This way, they will never
                   be able to recover the data, and without the
                   data there can be no conviction.
        \_ Steel trash can, well-ventilated area, lighter fluid.
        \_ the coating with the data is some kind of polymer.  find the
           right solvent, and dissolve it.
                \_ HCl ought to do the trick
           \_ these two solutions almsot certainly have environmental
              and health consequences.  -tom
                \_ kill the elves! - sarumon
              \_ bah! environment, health... you liberal treehugger!
        \_ Last time I checked, the polymer contains Cyanide, not something
           you really want to dissolve and allow the fluid go anywhere, no
           do you really want to burn it and inhale the gas.
        \_ Scissors. [spelling corrected --motd spelling nazi]
           \_ you can still extract data from cut CDs right?
                \_ Depends on how small the pieces are and the number
                   of the pieces that are required to reassemble
                   incriminating info. A good practice is to cut the
                   cds into several (8 or so) pieces and to stick some
                   of the pieces in the trash, then in recycle and
                   then ditch some at work and others at the mall.
                   This makes it really hard for anyone to get at
                   the data while making it pretty easy for you to
                   dispose of it. Note that this strategy isn't
                   going to work against the feds.
                        \_ why? because they search all those places
                           or something?
                           \_ the OP could be under suveillance *right*
                              *now* with the feds pouncing on every ounce
                              of waste he produces, whether at work, at
                              home, mid-car drive, or anywhere else.
        \_ Sander.
        \_ Microwave.
                \_ Note this can option can have adverse health
        \_ place upside down on parking lot, pirouette.
        \_ paint the cover with AOL logo.
        \_ There are commercial grinders available that will batch-destroy
           a large set of CDs reliably.
           \- is this is same person involved in the post-browse cleanup?
              are you involved in child p0rn or something? --psb
              \_ completely new OP
2019/01/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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