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2002/12/23 [Uncategorized] UID:26888 Activity:high
12/22   How find date for New Year's?
        \_ C'mon, you don't even get to see the outside of the cookie jar for
           a *weak* troll like this.  You'll welcome to work on it and try
           again later.
           \_ You'll? You mean: Your welcome to work on it...
        \_ If you want to troll like a fob, at least start your question
           properly ("How to")
        \_ January 1
2002/12/23 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:26889 Activity:low
12/22   I need a recommendation for GUI word processor and SpreadSheet
        applications to run on a LinuxLaptop that only has 40MB ram and
        a slow Pentium CPU? Is Abiword good?  OpenOffice requires a bit
        more hardware that this machine has.
        \_ Dos 5.0, MS Word 4.x, Lotus123 or any other SS from that time.
           It'll run faster than your linux system and get the job done.
        \_ Applixware (or SO 3.x or 4.x)
2002/12/23 [Politics/Domestic/911, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:26890 Activity:insanely high
11/22   Homeland Security:
        \_ Wow.  this made me feel physically ill.
                \_ How ill did 9/11 make you feel?  -ax
                   \_ 9/11 has nothing to do with this.  This is incompetence
                      in the highest degree.  Airport security is a sham at
                        \_ Airport security is about "feeling" same and
                           "appearing" safe. Its not about being safe.
                           The problem is that most people prefer the
                           perception of security to actual security.
                           \_ and terrorism is about "appearing" unsafe.
                              even after 9/11 it's much safer to fly than
                              to drive.  more americans have died from cars
                              than all the wars in american history, yet
                              cars are percieved as normal and people
                              will refiuse to fly for the slight risk of
                              something happening.  the fundamental problem
                              is that people are fucking idiots.
                   \_ 9/11 was repulsive, but this is equally repulsive.
                      If the response to terrrorism is to nullify the bill
                      of rights then the country we live in is no longer
                      America. "They that can give up essential liberty to
                      purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither
                      liberty or safety."
                        \_ Where does it say in the constitution you are
                           guaranteed the right to air travel without search?
                           Plus, comparing this to 9/11 is saying breast
                           groping is equal to 3000 deaths.  I've had
                           by chest groped, I don't think they are equal.-ax
                                \_ This single incident is representative
                                   of the thousands of similar occurences
                                   in airports nationwide that go unreported.
                                   Each violation of the rights of the
                                   individual by the state is fundamentally
                                   wrong. If you think that the appropriate
                                   response to 9/11 is to forgo the rights of
                                   the individual (as enumerated in the BoR)
                                   and let the state do whatever it wants to
                                   the citizens then you don't understand the
                                   essence the American Experiment.
                           \_  " The right of the people to be secure in their
                                 persons, houses, papers, and effects, against
                                 unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not
                                 be violated." It says it right there.
                                \_ You agreed to be searched when you
                                voluntarily entered the airport to fly.
                                You could have not flown and then you
                                wouldn't have been searched.  That sounds
                                reasonable to me.  -ax
                                \_ what was that someone saying about people
                                   being fucking idiots?
                           \_ It is not at all saying they're the same.
                              But you tell a mother that endangering her
                              baby's health is worth the "increased security"
                              this purportedly provides and she'll smack your
                              ass, and rightly so. --scotsman
                           \_ Choosing to fly while pregnant is a big risk,
                              if you really cared about your baby, you wouldn't
                              fly while pregnant.  My wife isn't.  -ax
                \_ you're letting someone immigrate out of
                   your wife's womb?  shock!  dismay!
                              \_ While I agree with this, some people don't
                                 have a choice and in America one has a
                                 reasonable expectation to be secure in one's
                                 person and property against search (Amd. IV)
                                 \_ The Fourth Amendment was already shredded
                                    during the "war on drugs." How many times
                                    do you think this and far worse indignities
                                    were perpetrated on poor people in America
                                    in the last 30 years? The only difference
                                    this time is that a middle class reporter's
                                    wife is getting groped. The chickens have
                                    indeed come home to roost.
                                    \_ I don't support the war on drugs. But
                                       I once had hope that we could recover
                                       from it and restore the constitution
                                       without bloodshed. Now it seems the
                                       only way to take back America is in
                                       the way the way of the founding fathers.
        \_ Zero Tolerance, baby. Love it or leave it.
           \_ I love America. In America such things should not happen.
        \_ Have you guys heard of martial law?  When you are at war,
           your rights get modified.  That is a sacrifice every American
           is expected to make for the good of the country.  Guess what,
           if we win the war, you get your rights back.  If we lose, you
           don't.  -ax
           \_ Wow. You really, actually believe the Bushies intend to give you
              your rights back if they "win". That's just...I mean, I don't
              even think Ann Coulter or one of them would make that claim.
                \_ Ok, no one gives up any rights, and the terrorists keep
                crashing planes into our buildings until the government
                collapses, and the terrorists now rule the U.S.  Do you
                think you have a bill of rights then?  People just assume
                the US lives forever.  Did you ever think it might get
                killed off someday?  -ax
           \_ This is the same excuse that we heard during the "war on drugs."
              This war is the same: defined so that it is unwinnable, thereby
              justifying a permanent state of emergency.
           \_ I asked this once before and people called me a pedant or
              whatever, but I'll ask it again.  Did Congress actually
              declare war on something?  Or can we be under martial law
              just because the President calls a police action a "war"?
        \_ One last question, for those of you unwilling to yield any of
           your rights under any cirumstance, are you willing to serve
           your country in the armed forces in a time of dire need?  -ax
           \_ I would bet there are very very few people who are "unwilling
              to yield any of [their] rights under any circumstances."  You're
              polarizing the discussion, thus undermining your point.  I
              personally think that all politics has been distilling down to
              exactly this distinction: for what are you willing to sacrifice
              which liberties.
              Also, I would be willing to serve in homeland defense, but
              not in an armed forces dedicated to economic protection on
              foreign soil for the sake of a few very powerful people.
        \_ Polarizing the argument is the point.  My point is that the
        majority of people commenting don't care enough about this
        country to make ANY sacrifice for it.  Your constitutional rights
        are guaranteed by the ability of the US government and military
        to maintain the soverignty of our nation,
        not by simply stating them in a motd.  The constitution would be
        meaningless if instead of bearing arms against foreign enemies,
        our founding fathers sat around debating endlessly against those
        taking action because it might infringe on their "rights".  -ax
        \_ exactly how is a pregnant white woman from L.A. a "foreign
           enemy"?  -tom
                \_ She might have had exploding breasts!!  -ax  :)
        \_ There's plenty of criticism here.  What's the solution?
           Do nothing?  For those who are so quick to poke holes in
           the current strategy, what's yours?  -ax
           \_ Kick the shit out of our enemies so they are afraid of us
              again.  Nothing is served, or stopped, by fucking up our
           \_ I don't see any problem which is solved by lying on police
              reports in order to be able to arrest American citizens and
              threaten them with felonies for no real reason.  The question
              is not how to "solve" the terrorism problem, the question is,
              what real purpose is served by such gestapo tactics?  -tom
2002/12/23-24 [Recreation/Media] UID:26891 Activity:very high
12/22   LOTR2: Enjoyed the movie but I was getting tired of the insane
        number of closeups, especially in combats, where all I could see was
        a blur with associated sword noises.  It would've been nice to actually
        _see_ the battle(s).  The rest was very well done IMO.  A-.
        \_ you probably wish you could click on alternate angles huh?
           You probably want to be able to zoom in and zoom out, just
           like a video game.
           \_ only because it was all blurred out closeups and i couldn't see
           \_ mostly.  Faramir was portrayd wrong, but other than that,
              a damned thing most of the time.  was that thing where he can
              'hear' the orcs tromping around a full day ahead of him really
              in the books?  and is gandalf really "300 men's lives old"?
                \_ Yes, and yes.
                   \_ Where does it say how old Gandalf is? -geordan
                      \_ The Istari arrived in Middle earth around year 1000
                         of the Third Age. This info is buried somewhere
                         in ROTK but I don't remember where it was. --aaron
                         \_ The arrival of Istari has nothing to do with
                            Gandalf's actual age, as he is older than Arda.
                            The line in the movie actually says something about
                            'wandering Middle Earth for 300 men's lives',
                            which might make sense given aaron's info (and
                            you don't count using Numenorean men). -- ilyas
                            \_ has anyone read the Silmarillion?
                               just wondering.
                               \_ I did. -- ilyas
                               \_ I actually enjoyed it.  One of the two
                                  people worldwide who did. -geordan
                                  \_ yeah, not many people liked it.
                                     I bet that book could shed light
                                     on middle earth history.
                                     \_ gee, you think that a book about
                                        middle earth history could shed light
                                        on middle earth history?  what will
                                        they think of next?
                                        \_ does the Silmarillion mention
                                           \_ Why yes.  Yes it does.
                                     \_ If you get past or skip the beginning
                                        "valaquenta" the rest is quite readable.
        \_ so... it was like LOTR1?
           \_ mostly.  Faramir was portrayed wrong, but other than that,
              it was great.
              \_ Was he really?  He never took the ring from Frodo.  He took
                 Frodo for Gondor, not for himself, and immediately sent him to
                 to Faramir, and sets up the conflict between him and his father
                 in RoTK better IMO.  I didn't like it at first, but I like it
                 better now. -emarkp
                 his father--not to keep for himself.  It gave more screen time
                     \- the father isbeing played by marlon brando! --psb
                 to Faramir, and sets up the conflict between him and his
                 father in RoTK better IMO.  I didn't like it at first, but I
                 like it better now. -emarkp [ reformatted - formatd ]
              \_ This really annoyed me.  Faramir is supposed to show the
                 antithesis to Boromir.  He is supposed to show more hope that
                 man will not necessarily screw things up (more hope along
                 with Aragon).  He is supposed to understand Frodo's plight
                 and pain more than the rest.  I thought this was a grevious
                 mistake.  The Entmoot also happened differently, but I can
                 forgive that due to time constraints.  Overall, however, I
                 thought they did a good job.  Moving the end of the second
                 book also annoyed me, not as good of a cliffhanger as the
                 book was.
                 \_ Agreed on the Faramir issue.  The movie basically
                    ruined the entire point of Faramir's character, and I
                    can't see how this modification would help the
                    relationship that develops in RotK.  It is unforgivable
                    in my opinion. -geordan
                    \_ See it a second time, although I agree in principle,
                       the movie hung together better on review. They had
                       to move the ending because ROTK is actually pretty
                       short, so they needed to push Shelob to ROTK. --aaron
                       \_ ok, i agree about shelob, but why take a detour
                          to gondor?  what's the point?  sam's monolog didn't
                          add, and making faramir unwise was just crazy. if
                          they wanted to save time, why add the gondor thing?
                          \_ To add spice and screen time to the trip to
                             Mordor. With Faramir, to show the corruptive
                             power of the Ring vs. humans. With Sam, to make
                             the later Shelob incident and his reasons for
                             sticking with Frodo more credible.
                             \_ But the point of Faramir is that he is one
                                of the last glimmers of nobility and honor
                                among Men.  I think Peter Jackson was too
                                heavy-handed with his theme that the Entire
                                Race of Men (save for Aragorn) Sucks.
                                Even Theoden, who was supposed to have been
                                brought back to his original, nobler
                                stature by Gandalf, comes off as a pompous
                                ass at times, and a coward in others (in
                                the movie it is Aragorn, not Theoden, who
                                asks to ride out of Helm's Deep as a final
                                charge).  -geordan
                                \_ I think you're taking it too personally.
      There are Noble Men in 3T, but Faramir needs to look bad in those
      scenes to extend Frodo and Sam's screen time/storyline. Theoden was
      to make Aragon the big hero with the big payoff in the last movie.
      It's only 10 hours of movie. You can't put in that much nuance and
      still keep people awake and watching. Especially non-Tolkien fans.
                 \_ I agree. I also think they screwed up in making Gimli
                    into a comic-relief doofus. His axe needed to be bigger.
        \_ two towers pretty good.  gollum/smeagol good.  faramir
           bad.  GIANT ORC BATTLES good.  slimy wormtongue good.
           gandalf is jesus christ... eh.  hot hobbit on hobbit
           action good.
                    \_ The axe is fine. You've been looking at too many
                       fantasy drawings/painting/miniatures. And someone has
                       to be a comic relief in the film.
                    \_ it's horrible that they gave Gimli's line about the
                       defense of Helm's Deep to Theoden.  -tom
                       \_ Which line is that?
                         \_ In the book, Gimli is raphsodizing about Helm's
                            Deep (he's a dwarf, it's a cave) and says
                            "Give my people a year and we could make this
                            a fortress that armies would break upon like
                            water."  In the movie, Theoden says a modified
                            version of the line, which makes no sense.  -tom
                            \_ And it has the effect of making Theoden look
                               reckless, arrogant, and unwise, furthering
                               the Entire Race of Men Sucks theme. -geordan
        \_ Liv tyler still looks asian-ish to me.  I think the long beautiful
           black hair really throws me off track here.  I love women with
           long beautiful black hair.  :-)
                \_ You've got Yellow Fever(tm)!
           \_ get a fucking life
           \_ hey, are you the guy who decided to "break up" with liv tyler
              because she's a smoking airhead?
                              \- i think <DEAD><DEAD> would
                                 be a good name for a csua computer --psb
             \_ Get it right. It's smoking-slut-bitch.
                \_ Someone hasn't gotten a blowjob in a while.
                   \_ he's a sodan.  you're being obvious and redundant.
                \_ to each his own.  i like the way smoking is juxtaposed
                   to air.
                   \_ Good point. Smoking airhead it is...
2002/12/23-25 [Consumer/Camera] UID:26892 Activity:high 50%like:25913
12/23   Are there SLR digital cameras?
        \_ Not Really.  Yes, there are SLRs, but they are not true
           "35mm" SLRs.  The CCD is not the same size as the film
           (24mm X 36mm), as result, the lens  you have will not
           be the same effective focal length nor apature.
           a 50mm f/1.4 will become something like 70mm f/2.3
                        -- photo geek still waiting
                           \- there are now 35mm SLR but they are $$$.
                              and the essence of an "SLR" isn't the
                              35mm part, who while the caveat is reasonable
                              "not really" overstates things. in fact there
                              are even larger format digitals take a look
                              at bhphoto. --psb
                                \_ well, for me, the important aspect of
                                   SLRis being able to use dozen lenses
                                   I already have.
                                   \_ then you are limited by the brand
                                      of lenses you currently have.
        \_ Yes.
        \_ yes.  you can add regular lenses to them.  They cost at least
           $2000 without the lense.
        \_ D30s (3mp) are available on ebay for ~1200.
           \_ would you trust buying anything from ebay over $1000?
              \_ Sure.  Know the seller.  Most are camera shops with a
                 virtual presence via Ebay.
              \_ I bought a $2K laptop over eBay... no problems.
        \_ Olympus makes one for about a G. Not that I would ever buy Olympus..
2002/12/23-24 [Finance/Banking, Transportation/Car, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:26893 Activity:insanely high
12/23   What's the best way to destroy CDRs?  The best practical way?
        \_ Sissors.
        \_ Toss it out the window while driving along on the freeway.
           There's no way any one will look there.
                \_ The feds can and will stop traffic to recover
                   the cds. Best way is the next post if you are
                   currently being watched. If not go for either
                   the commerical grinders or scissors. BTW, the
                   best soln. to the problem of destroying cdrs
                   is to encrypt the cdrs and keep the private
                   key on easy to destroy magnetic media (or
                   equivalent). If the feds come for you just
                   trash the private key (make sure its suitably
                   long that they can't brute force it within
                   what most judges would consider required for
                \_ Depends on how small the pieces are and whether
                   all of the pieces that contain the info you want
                   are available. A good practice is to cut the cds
                   into several (8 or so) pieces and to stick some
                   a "speedy trial"). This way, they will never
                   be able to recover the data, and without the
                   data there can be no conviction.
        \_ Steel trash can, well-ventilated area, lighter fluid.
        \_ the coating with the data is some kind of polymer.  find the
           right solvent, and dissolve it.
                \_ HCl ought to do the trick
           \_ these two solutions almsot certainly have environmental
              and health consequences.  -tom
                \_ kill the elves! - sarumon
              \_ bah! environment, health... you liberal treehugger!
        \_ Last time I checked, the polymer contains Cyanide, not something
           you really want to dissolve and allow the fluid go anywhere, no
           do you really want to burn it and inhale the gas.
        \_ Scissors. [spelling corrected --motd spelling nazi]
           \_ you can still extract data from cut CDs right?
                \_ Depends on how small the pieces are and the number
                   of the pieces that are required to reassemble
                   incriminating info. A good practice is to cut the
                   cds into several (8 or so) pieces and to stick some
                   of the pieces in the trash, then in recycle and
                   then ditch some at work and others at the mall.
                   This makes it really hard for anyone to get at
                   the data while making it pretty easy for you to
                   dispose of it. Note that this strategy isn't
                   going to work against the feds.
                        \_ why? because they search all those places
                           or something?
                           \_ the OP could be under suveillance *right*
                              *now* with the feds pouncing on every ounce
                              of waste he produces, whether at work, at
                              home, mid-car drive, or anywhere else.
        \_ Sander.
        \_ Microwave.
                \_ Note this can option can have adverse health
        \_ place upside down on parking lot, pirouette.
        \_ paint the cover with AOL logo.
        \_ There are commercial grinders available that will batch-destroy
           a large set of CDs reliably.
           \- is this is same person involved in the post-browse cleanup?
              are you involved in child p0rn or something? --psb
              \_ completely new OP
2002/12/23 [Computer/HW/Drives, Computer/SW] UID:26894 Activity:nil
12/23   It seems that my "virtual" colo doesn't have an fstab or an mtab.
        (not surprising i guess, since i don't really have my own physical
        hard drive).  Anyone know of a way for me to install "quota"
        functionality without being able to change my fstab?  Do you think
        I would break shit if i removed mtab (currently a link to /proc/mounts)
        and replaced it with a plain text file exactly the same but with a
        txt file containing the same info except with the quota tag too?
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