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2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/12/15-16 [Reference/History, Reference/History/WW2] UID:11463 Activity:nil
12/15   I don't understand the Trojan war. After the Greeks fought for 10
        years to rescue the pretty Helen of Troy, wouldn't she have already
        turned into a 30 year old hag making the Trojan Horse victory in vain?
        \_ Homeric allegory is lost on some people.
        \_ C'mon, it's principle of the thing.  Think of it like M$ stealing
           your code and you finally wrangling a paltry settlement out of
           them a decade later....
        \_ They were fighting for Agamemnon's honor as the king of the Greeks.
           Also, the looting and taking of all the other women.
        \_ you're forgetting about the Trojans' WMD.
           \_ women of mass destruction?
                    \- heh. --psb
              \_ if yer trojan springs a leak
        \_ I don't understand what's the big deal about the Iliad.  It bored
           me to tears.
              \- do you think this says more about you or the iliad?
                 Xalepa ta kala.
                 For discussion on the original question:
                 ~psb/MOTD/Iliad.commentarii          --psb
                  \_ Did you write this while in a cafe?
                     \- yes. why? were you watching me? --psb
                 \_ Did you mean: Xalapa ta kala  --obGoogle
                    \_ There is no one way to transliterate Greek into English
                       characters. "Chalepa ta kala" seems the most common.
                 \_ I like simple books like Old Man and Sea or Of Mice and
                    Men.  Being very old, I can see why Iliad is important, but
                    it is very boring and repetitive, and the whole plot line
                    could be summed up in half a page.  Granted, it's like a
                    poem, but a few hundred pages of repetitions?  Ugh!
           \_ If you think the Iliad is boring you should try a more modern
              adaptation: Ulysses.  Heh.  Let us know what you think.
              \_ I heard that's a very boring book too.  I remember Economist
                 saying that some think the author is just a con-artist with
                 a very large vocabulary.
                 \_ I read the Economist for all my ancient poetry and book
                    reviews.  Good plan.  I also make all my best meals from
                    their recipe section.
                    \_ A cauliflower is a cauliflower no matter how you cook
           \_ for u then:
                \_ well I think it's gonna be a lame movie. They're frigging
                   fighting for a 30 year old hag. They could've spent 10
                   years doing something more constructive.
                   \_ funny thing for a 30 year old virgin to be saying...
              \_ Cool.  I would like to see the movie since I like "historical"
                 movies.  But that doesn't change my opinion of Iliad, whose
                 plot is just a small subplot of the whole Troy endeavor.
2022/06/30 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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