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2007/6/20-24 [Uncategorized] UID:47018 Activity:nil
6/20    Poll on where guys/girls like the cum to be (face, mouth, etc):,_where_do_you_MOST_like_to_cum%3F__Girls,_where.htm
        \_ Who wrote the survey?  Isn't it obvious that it makes more sense to
           split the question into two?
2007/6/20-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47019 Activity:nil
        Cup O' Cum (no image, so SFW)
        \_ Your descriptions makes me think 'not safe for work'
        \_ My wife got stomach ache every time after she swallowed my cum.  So
           now she doesn't do it anymore.
           \_ And you believed her?
        \_ (no images, but content may be NSFW)
2007/6/20-24 [Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:47020 Activity:nil
6/20    OJ Simpson exploratory creative writing book
        "IF I DID IT" book leaked online
        \_ Can't be arsed myself, but would someone here please read it and
           report back on how closely it matches how the prosecution says it
           \_ no.
2007/6/20-24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:47021 Activity:nil
6/20    I need a php page that lists a bunch of files in a directory
        for easy downloading.  no i can't alter my apache options
        and accomplish it that way.  any suggestion?
        \_ write maybe 10 lines of PHP?
        \_ What a jerk!
        \_ I was hoping someone had written it already
2007/6/20-24 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Travel] UID:47022 Activity:kinda low
6/20    I am on travel for work in Santa Clara from LA. I haven't actually
        spent time down here (as opposed to Berkeley/SF) in about 12 years.
        I have some questions and observations:
        1. Why do people drive so slow here? The freeway is wide open and
           people still go 65 in general.
           \_ It's the cultural thing.  In other countries, you can get
              onto a freeway and take your sweet time to get to the cruising
              speed in 20 seconds and no one is going to complain.
           \_ On average people in LA drive a lot longer per commute than
              people in N Cal. LA is much bigger with much more suburbs and
              the highways are much more congested, so people tend to drive
              in a way that minimized their time in traffic (as fast as
              possible). Secondly LA has a Hummer/SUV/49er/I-love-foot-ball/my
              bling bling is bigger/better/faster than you culture and people
              have a tendency to drive a bit above speed limit (80-85 over the
              70mph limit) vs. N Cal where they're driving at the speed limit.
              In the end, time is money, and people will do what they can to
              save time.
              \_ Like none of this is true in the bay area?  Riiiiiight.
           \_ Sometimes a Prius ends up in the fast lane.
           \_ Probably because it's not rush hour, and those that need to rush
              to work usually drive during rush hour.
           \_ I moved recently from SF to LA. I think it's more that people
              in LA drive so fast and aggressively and have no patience.
              This is the West Coast - we're all supposed to be laid back
              I thought.
              \_ Maybe, but if the lanes are open then why not go 80-85?
                 \_ If your average commute is only 15-25min a day (typical
                    Bay Area commute), the time savings between 65 and 85 is
                    minimal (with local traffic dominating your commute time).
                    So people just don't rush the way they do in LA. On the
                    other hand if you live in shitty suburbs like Riverside,
                    Azusa, Ontario, and the rest of the Inland Empire where
                    you need to spend 2-4 hours a day on shitty highways like
                    605 210 110 5 101 405 while you inhale dirty LA smog, then
                    yes, there is a lot more incentive to buy a nice comfy
                    luxurious car and try to go 80-85 when it is possible to
                    do so.
                    \_ They *do* go 85 here.  Which freeways have you been
                       driving where they drive slower when there's open
                       \_ 101 and 280 so far.
                        \_ People driving slow on 280?  Damn last time
                           I was on 280 I was driving 85 and I was
                           the slowest car on the road.
                           \_ Dunno what to tell you. I have yet to be
                              passed by anyone the entire time I have
                              been here on any road.
                              \_ and I'm sure you have a large penis
                                 \_ Not that I drive crazy fast. Everyone
                                    else is just stuck at the speed limit.
                                    Unheard of.
                 \_ Lots of cops.
                 \_ People here have a higher interest in perserving their
                 \_ Just because somebody *can* do something, it doesn't mean
                    they will or should do it. I'm finding the mentality of LA
                    drivers annoying.
                 \_ I have no idea where you're all getting the idea that LA
                    drivers are one iota different than SF Bay Area drivers.
           \_ oh, I dont know, maybe it has something to do with the SPEED
              \_ What's that? It's annoying. Today everyone was doing 40
                 on the expressway. I looked at the sign. Yep. 40 was the
                 speed limit. WTF is wrong with people here? Does going
                 45 scare you?
        2. What is that nasty smell? I thought it was my hotel, but I figured
           out it's the air. Is it the Bay? It smells like warm, stale,
           salty air. If it's the Bay, then why doesn't say, Marin smell
           like this? Is there some sort of plant nearby? I can't stand it.
           \_ Millions of unshowered people.
              \_ No, seriously. There is a foul stench in the air. Surely
                 I am not the only one to notice this.
                 \_ Where? There are garbage dumps, salt ponds, and a couple
                    sewage facilities along the bay. Some parts of Milpitas
                    smell really bad.
              \_ salt flats, they can smell really nasty if you're downwind of
           \_ It is pretty amusing that someone from the Inland Empire is
              complaining about Bay Area air quality.
              \_ 1. I'm not from the IE.
                 2. Nowhere in LA smells bad like this unless there's
                    some sort of industry nearby. It permeates everything.
        3. Where is everyone? With about 100 Fortune 1000 companies nearby,
           I expected to see a lot of hustle and bustle in the mornings.
           It's like a ghost town. This is true for Mountain View, San
           Jose, and so on. Not just Santa Clara. Lots of massive office
           parks and not a person to be seen. Even the highways are
           relatively empty.
           \_ Everyone got laid off in 2001.  Anyone who didn't now does the
              work of 4 people.
           \_ Which freeway were you on? There are tons of people on 85.
              101 also clogs up beginning in the afternoon. There are tons
              of people at certain hotspots... like Valley Fair/Santana Row
              or Mtn View Castro St. There are a lot of dumpy areas that
              nobody wants to hang around in.
           \_ You should be used to this, coming from LA. Everyone gets
              in their cars, drives to their destination, which is behind
              a wall or smokey glass, then drives to their next destination.
              There is no public space. If you want to see people, go to
              the mall. This is just like LA, btw, except for the beach.
              Welcome to the suburbs, where you don't have to interact
              with anyone who is not exactly like you!
        4. One more: Why does Live105 play almost exactly the same music
           they did 12 years ago? I've listened to a few hours' worth at
           various times of day and it's not that the music is bad, but
           I'd say that only about 1/8 songs is actually newer than 5
           years old. The DJs are hideous, BTW.
           \_ Does LA have good radio stations? They have always been
              shit and always play the same limited genres ad nauseum.
              \_ No, LA has bad radio statons except for KKJZ. However,
                 they do play music from year 2006 and 2007. I appreciate
                 LA radio a lot more now.
                 \_ BTW, today's big ticket giveaways were Bob Saget
                    and NASCAR. On Live105. That is very scary.
                    \_ Bob Saget is actually pretty hilarious when he's not on
                       some family show like AFV or Full House. His bit in
                       The Aristocrats was the best.
                       \_ Yeah, yeah. He's foul-mouthed. How about tickets
                           to, I dunno, a show?
           \_ Live 105 is owned by CBS, thus is incapable of innovation.  -tom
           \_ Zombies.  They took over the radio stations years ago but no one
2007/6/20-24 [Uncategorized] UID:47023 Activity:nil
6/20    here is geeky wholesome content work safe for everyone and
        interesting and not involving ejaculating over huge titted
        tall Dutch girls with great calves from walking around supporting
        all of that weight in their chest, plus they don't drive
        so they get more exercise
2007/6/20-24 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:47024 Activity:very high
6/20    Clint Eastwood's twin Iwo Jima movies triggered island name change.
        \_ Of course, the proper romanji is "ioutou" or "ioujima."  Can't
           they get anything right?
        \_ more like they are reverting it to original name, and Iwo Jima
           was just a mistaken name brought about in WWII that stuck.
        \_ I find it intersting that with all the fuss over the Iraq war losses
           they are about just over half what the US lost just in the battle
           of Iwo Jima.
           \_ I find it interesting that you confuse an asymentrical war
              of choice entered on false principles and no exit strategy
              with a provoked war involving several major powers.
              \_ Exit strategy?  War has only one exit strategy: kill the
                 enemy until they stop fighting back.
           \_ yeah, and those 200K dead Iraqis are just a rounding error.
              \_ what we see reported daily is the 3000-odd US deaths. If the
                 Iraqi casualties are reported, its usualy an afterthought.
                 \_ if we are doing this right, US casualties is about
                    20,000.  Consider that we only got less than 120,000
                    troops, US casualty rate is a bit high.
              \_ We don't count Germans and Japanese when we talk about WWII
                 losses, either.
                 \_ WWII was not an asymmetrical war.  -tom
                    \_ Well, it sort of was -- The USSR suffered something like
                       9 million military casualties and 16 million civilian
                       casualties, but the were on our side.
                       \_ Asymmetric warfare refers to the power of the actors,
                          not the number of civilian casualites.  -tom
                          \_ USSR utilized asymmetric warfare tricks in
                             territories conquered by the Germans by using
                          \_ You think the 'actors' were equally powered?  Yes,
                             that is why Polish troops charged German tanks on
                             horses with lances.  Read a book some time.
                             \_ If Germany was so much more powerful than the Soviet
                                Union, why did they lose the war?
                             \_ If Germany was so much more powerful than the
                                Soviet Union, why did they lose the war?
                                \_ Hitler was a bad general, the Germans were
                                   fighting on multiple fronts, the US had
                                   a huge industrial base and was effectively
                                   immune from attack, the Russians destroyed
                                   everything as they retreated, the Russians
                                   were able to use&build industrial capacity
                                   in the far east well out of German range
                                   and ship weapons, etc to the front on
                                   trains.  Is that enough reasons?
                             \_ They did no such thing.  This was a "ha ha
                                stupid Polacks" propaganda story in Germany
                                after the 18th Uhlans demolished a German
                                infantry concentration at Krojarty.  They
                                retreated when German tanks moved up.  Read a
                                book some time.  -John
                                \_ Sounds like you got that from the unsourced
                                   wikipedia article.  Got a URL?
                                   \_ Actually, no.  There was a good
                                      description with sources on one of the
                                      military history boards I read  If you
                                      are interested, contact me and I will dig
                                      it up when I have a moment.  -John
                                \_ Ahem: "This article does not cite any
                                   references or sources.  Please help improve
                                   this article by adding citations to
                                   reliable sources. (help, get involved!)
                                   Any material not supported by sources may
                                   be challenged and removed at any time.
                                   This article has been tagged since March
                                   2007."  This article is no better than me
                                   writing my own article saying it was
                                   Martians on magic brooms who followed their
                                   noble leader, Elvis, a Great Warrior from
                                   the future, into battle to defeat the
                                   \_ OK, where's your reference for
                                      the Polish charging tanks with
                        \_ Lots of reasons.  My theory is the Germans
                           eventually fell to the power of the Russian
                           Human Wave Attack, and the industrial output
                           of the United States was able to prop up and fuel
                           the Russians so they could concentrate on more
                           important things like flinging themselves into
                           battle with the Germans.  Thanks, Russian people!
                           You rule.  The Brits helped a little, the French
                           were too dazed from WW1, and I dunno what Italy
                           was doing but trying to pave Ethiopia.
                                \_ Watch some History Channel. More powerful
                                   does not always win. See American War for
                           \_ Lots of people seem to underestimate USSR's
                              industrial output, as did Hitler. USSR got
                              a lot of US stuff but even at the war's start
                              they had a huge number of tanks for example.
                              \_ T-34!!!
                           \_ US industry and fuel helped, but not as much as
                              the Americans would like to believe.  Personally,
                              I think the biggest turning point in the war was
                              when the Soviet leadership decided to actually
                              fight, move everything beyond the Urals, etc.
                              Western non-involvement would have pushed
                              the storming of Berlin off by a year or two.
                              Germany was fighting a hopeless war in the East.
                              A modern industrialized nation in the 21st
                              century can't seem to be able to pacify a country
                              many times smaller than USSR.  What hope did
                              Germany have?  Especially after they started
                              shooting civilians, and antagonized the native
                              population even more (!?) than Stalin himself.
                               -- ilyas
                              \_ If they had ignored Stalingrad and gone after
                                 Moscow, and not been diverted to Greece
                                 earlier in the year, I think they could have
                                 broken the Soviet government. They didn't
                                 want to occupy all of it anyway, just annex
                                 a big chunk of lebensraum. Still kind of a
                                 long shot. And Germany losing the air war
                                 in the west was critical.
                                 I think small groups of people today have
                                 better ways of terrorism than was
                                 available in the 40's. Iraq is also a
                                 limited case: the US does not take ruthless
                                 measures against the population. Hitler
                                 could have forcefully expelled huge numbers
                                 of people to alleviate these kinds of
                                 problems. Finland etc. would have managed
                                 their own zones as well.
                                 Also, I don't think the Russians were as
                                 suicidally zealous as Islamic militants.
                                 \_ So there you have it. The Greeks won
                                    WW II by beating back the Italians. It is
                                    pretty much what the Greeks have always
                                    claimed. Glad to see someone
                                    acknowledge it! --dim (Greek)
                                    \_ As a Greek I implore you to not claim
                                       yourself as a Greek, ever, again.
                                       The last thing we need is a dim-
                                       witted guy who claims to be a Greek
                                 \_ Napoleon took Moscow.  So what?  You can't
                                    win a war against Russia really, if Russia
                                    still has the will to fight.  Germany
                                    simply had no way to control the sheer
                                    territory involved.  Even in the
                                    occupied parts of Russia, there were
                                    huge parts where German soldiers simply
                                    dared not go. -- ilyas
                                   \_ Hmm. They "won" in WW1, sort of. They
                                      had a good chance at defeating the
                                      main military forces, if they acted
                                      fast enough. Controlling the actual
                                      land wouldn't be important except for
                                      supply lines...
                                      Look what happened to millions of
                                      Germans after the war, and what was
                                      happening to Poland, and most of the
                                      Palestinians. It's not like Iraq
                                      where you can't tell who's who and
                                      anybody might blow you up with a bomb
                                      made out of consumer electronics.
                                      \_ Germans got favorable terms vs.
                                         Russia in WW1 because Lenin thought
                                         it was prudent to get out of the war
                                         to consolidate power.  The leadership
                                         didn't have the will to fight since
                                         they had bigger fish to try -- it
                                         took a quite extraordinary period
                                         of history for Germany to walk
                                         of history for a country to walk
                                         away from a 'land war in Asia'.
                                         Russia did employ 'terrorist
                                         methods' extensively vs the Germans
                                         in WWII.  It was a very effective
                                         tactic due to the differences in
                                         technology, manpower, and land
                                         sizes involved. -- ilyas
                                         sizes involved.  Additional food
                                         for thought: I heard that the two
                                         worst winters on record in Russia
                                         happened in 1812 and 1943.  -- ilyas
        \_ I wish there was a HD version of the history channel.  I think
           the bbc has 'THE WORLD AT WAR'?  maybe i'll go buy it.  love
           the war.  love the MAIL CALL.  I heard the mail call say
           that our b52 bombings convinced the north vietnamese to sue
           for peace.... i think it was actually a secret message from
           Mao that did that.  I'm too apathetic to write them a letter
           and complain.
2007/6/20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47025 Activity:nil 66%like:47029
2007/6/20-24 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:47026 Activity:moderate
6/20    Rancho Cucamonga is a total dump.
        \_ Riverside is a total dump.
        \_ Pomona is a total dump.
        \_ Upland & Indio. Total dump. Drove there on the way back to LA.
           It's just like Mexico, except it's in California, and people
           speak English... kind of.
        \_ San Bernadino is a total dump.
        \_ Chino is a total dump. I am so not kidding. Fuck Chino. Place
           where all the super dumb asses live.
        \_ Ontario is a total dump.
        \_ Gilroy is a total dump.
        \_ At least it doesn't smell like unwashed <girl parts>.
        \_ Inland Empire is a wasteland of meth addicts and gangbangers.
           \_ This is funny and true at the same time. Inland Empire blows.
              It's like the worst part of Phoenix, but much bigger. The closer
              you get to Inland Empire the dumber you get.
        \_ Reseda is a total dump.
           \_ Interesting, and what about the rest of San Fernando?
           \_ It's a long day, living in Reseda.  There's a freeway
              running through the yard.
              \_ We are all in some way or another going to Reseda some day,
                 to die.
        \_ Southern California in general is dumpy.
           \_ Downtown San Diego is really starting to bloom. The rest of it,
              well, yes, your point is valid.
        \_ IN SUMMARY Southern California, with the exception of a few
           spots where really wealthy people can afford to live in, is
           a total dump.
           \_ This is true for Northern California, too. What's your
              point? "All the areas that are not nice are not nice?"
2007/6/20-24 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:47027 Activity:nil
6/12    Sicko:  funny stuff.  watch it.  learn French.
        move to France before you get old.
        \_ Well, sure if you want to die in the next heat wave.
           \_ At least they saved the salmon.
2007/6/20-24 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:47028 Activity:nil
6/21 (
        Heroic scientist challenges liberal scientific Establishment on global
        warming - drudgereport readers one step ahead!
        \_ Hi troll.
2007/6/20-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:47029 Activity:nil 66%like:47025
6/20    Nerdstock:
2019/09/15 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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