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2008/2/12-14 [Transportation/Car] UID:49125 Activity:nil
2/12    "Man's '91 pickup passes the 1M-mile mark"
        What's the big deal?  Wasn't there a Volvo that reached 2M-mile mark
        on its original engine?
        \_ People like round numbers.
2008/2/12-14 [Reference/Religion] UID:49126 Activity:high
2/12    I don't understand the whole Trinity / Holy Ghost / Father
        Son thing (ok i figured out the Son is Jesus).  please
        explain?  - bad Christian
        \_ It's all about the Divine Nature (think Source, Course, Flow)
        God as the Father is the Source of the Divine Eternal Life
        Jesus is the Course to obtain this Divine Eternal Life after
        man sinned and got banned from the Tree of Life from Garden of Eden
        The Holy Spirit is now the Life Giving Spirit which is the
        experiential flow one obtains by taking in the Divine Eternal Life
        by receiving Christ. They are all the same entity just they only way
        by receiving Christ. They are all the same entity just the only way
        to approach taking in the Divine Life. God, Jesus, and the Holy
        Spirit are all the same being.
        \_ I just like how God impregnated his daughter and gave birth to
          \_ What is a creator who just exists by his lonesome going to do?
        All He can do is create. So He creates man, dispenses His divine life
        into man so man can become the same in life and nature as He is
        so that God can find a suitable counterpart to spend the rest of
        eternity with. So man receives the Holy Spirit, it transforms mankind
        into God kind. So Mary conceived a child of the Holy Spirit.
        It's a miracle because she was still a virgin even though she got
        \_ it's the Divine Mystery, you're not supposed to understand it.
           (That's religious code for "Bullshit")  -tom
           \_ Your answer may be correct, but it's not what I was looking
        \- look in the "catholic encyclopedia" ... although what you read
           may be incomprehensible because of all the jargon. --psb
           \_ FYI, the Catholic Encyclopedia is an excellent source for
              heresies and controversies, if you're willing to read between
              the lines. --erikred
        \_ The Bible refers to each person individually, and says they are
           "one". The Nicene Creed invented the Greek word "homoousios" (same
           substance) to describe the relationship between the persons (three
           persons, one substance).  It gets more complicated from there. The
           basic idea is "Three persons, one God."  Note: the idea that the
           three persons are different forms of God (like ice, water, steam) is
           a heresy, called "modalism". I AM ... -emarkp
           a heresy, called "modalism".  -emarkp
           \_ Ping: Does God or the Holy Spirit have the power to shoot
              laser beams?  This is a serious question.
           \_ must...resist... trolling emarkp into explaining Mormon
              GOD MAN meme found in ancient Egyptian scroll John
              Smith bought from gypsies...
           \_ I heard Eternal Progression is a heresy.  -- ilyas
              \_ Oh, I reject the Nicene creed out of hand.  (And the Council
                 of Chalcedon is a joke.)  I was answering the question based
                 on what traditional Christianity teaches.  I find the history
                 of the Christian Church fascinating. I didn't go into the
                 whole "filioque" clause which divides the Western and Orthodox
                 traditions either. -emarkp
                 \_ Rejecting the Nicene Creed is pretty much rejecting
                    Christianity, which is one of the reasons why us Christians
                    don't consider Mormons to be Christian.
                    \_ The Orthodox churches rejected the filioque clause, so
                       have a different creed, yet are still Christian. Other
                       \_ I'm Orthodox and a lot of us would consider
                          "other churches" to also be heretical.
                       groups reject other ecumenical councils and are still
                       Christian.  You want to start a "Mormons aren't
                       Christians" thread, go ahead, but this one was about
                       what the Trinity is.  I posted a summary as to how
                       traditional Christians understand the Trinity. -emarkp
                       \_ So Mormons are "untraditional Christians"?
                          That's an understatement.
                          \_ We believe in Christ, but do not adhere to many of
                             the traditions of Christianity, yes. -emarkp
        \_ It's just a mostly-arbitrary doctrine. The father is the normal
           God from the old testament. The Holy Ghost is, essentially,
           everything else. They look at specific bible passages that talk
           about the holy spirit and that's what it is. There's nothing else
           to understand.
           \_ See!  That is the answer I was looking for.  tom you are an
              atheist meanie who will never make it past Terrestial
              \_ Don't confuse atheist with anti-theist.
              \_ I may betray my New Jersey heritage when I say "I'd rather
                 laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints."  -tom
2008/2/12-14 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:49127 Activity:nil
2/12    Anyone from Peru here?  Was race ever a factor in Fujimori's rise and
        his demise?  Thx.
        \_ When I saw him speak at Zellerbach back in '92 or so, he said
           his fellow Peruvians called him "El Chino." He also apologized
           for not speaking Japanese, and he lapsed into Spanish
           (translated) toward the end of his speech. Not sure how this
           relates to your question, but thought I'd share. --erikred
2008/2/12-14 [Recreation/Pets] UID:49128 Activity:low
2/12    GWB wins the presidency and the fucking Beagle is #1 dog in the
        Westminster Dog Show. What has the world come to?
        \_ Why do you hate beagles?
           \_ They're loud and bark a lot in my neighbor's backyard
              all day long and it's really annoying the hell out of
              everyone. Apparently, they're also stupid and are listed
              at the bottom of dog intelligence:
              Just go to the The Most Difficult to Train section. Beagles
              were bred to sniff for fox/rabbits for hunters, and their
              awsome sense of smell and independence and loud bark to
              alert for preys were extremely useful in the old days.
              However, their loud bark and independence is a liability
              in the modern world.
              \_ shut up, kchang.
2008/2/12-14 [Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:49129 Activity:nil
2/12    Obama wins the primary!
2008/2/12-14 [Uncategorized] UID:49130 Activity:kinda low
2/12    Miss America is HOT HOT HOT.
        \_ Isn't that the point?
        \_ Not as hot as the Miss World 2007 First Runner-up:
           \_ Not really, she looks brown to me.
        \_ If you look at the high res pictures, not nearly as hot.
           But not too shabby anyway.
           \_ Anyone on soda would be happy if she just said "Hello" to him.
              Be honest here.
              \_ I dunno, I work with Natali DelConte, who I personally
                 think is way hotter.
                 \_ I'm sure she's all over you, right?
                    \_ Umm, no. But I am happy when she says "Hello" to me,
                       so I guess I am just like the rest of the soda geeks.
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