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2020/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/10/29-11/3 [Finance/CC, Finance/Investment] UID:53483 Activity:kinda low
10/29   Hey troll that said that 2 CS profs should make $1M/yr...
        Most CS Profs make around $120K. Now it's your turn to talk about how
        if you're not wasting your money on fancy dinners and investing it all,
        you'd make over $1M on real estate and stock market investments.
        \_ Go back and reread and apologize. 1/4 != 1
           Did you get past fractions?
           PS Our family income is usually less than that and our combined net
              worth is $1M+.
           \_ Your family income is less than $120K and your net worth is
              over $1M? I'd say that's pretty atypical.
              \_ No our family income is less than $1/4M. Usually. We had
                 two great years overall, but great in this case was 300k
                 And yes, my kids will be one of those lucky ones. Bastards.
           \_ "Two college profeesors are either millionaires
              or really bad with their money." Do you include home values and
              retirement funds when calling someone a millionaire?
              \_ Of course, why wouldn't you?
                 "... calling someone a millionaire..." heh
                 \_ I don't call people "millionaires" because it is a stupid
                    \_ Spoken like a true Trustafarian. Ever worked an honest
                       day in your entire life? I am always amused when rich
                       people attempt to deny that they lead lives of
                       privilege. Be proud of your lucky sperm!
                       \_ I work with a woman who is married to an older
                          man. They make maybe $300K/year between them.
                          He bought his house around 1980 and it is now
                          paid for. It's in a marginal area, but it is worth
                          about $1M because of all the upgrades they have
                          done to it. They live a frugal lifestyle with
                          only a few extravagances. They just bought their
                          first new car ever 3 years ago after sharing
                          a clunker that broke down all the time for a
                          decade. They still only have one car (a Nissan)
                          between them so they have to carpool. What
                          cracks me up is when they talk about 'the rich
                          people' moving into their neighborhood as in
                          'the rich people who moved in next door have a
                          Corvette'. They have no debt, a paid for house,
                          and a high income. I keep telling them: "You
                          guys *ARE* the rich people" and they don't see
                          it that way. It drives me nuts.
                          \_ You have pretty much described my wife. We
                             have $100k in savings, $200k in bonds, $300k
                             in our retirement accounts and a $1M house that
                             is about halfway paid off and she still insists
                             on clipping coupons and taking the bus. It kind
                             of cracks me up.
                             \_ listen to your wife, and stay together.
                                my mother is someone who pays credit card
                                with another credit card. i think she is
                                as typical of an American as it gets, and
                                that's just pathetic.
                                \_ Yeah, I would rather have a thrifty wife
                                   than the other kind as I am pretty thrifty
                                   myself, but it occasionally is annoying.
                                   \_ how is it annoying than spending like
                                      a typical white woman?
                                      \_ I don't understand your question.
                                         Can you reword it please?
                                         \_ You suck, FIE DOLLAH!
                                      \_ I don't know about him, but for
                                         me it's annoying when, say, my
                                         coworker has to ask for a ride
                                         because her husband has the car
                                         or it's in the shop. Get a freaking
                                         1992 Corolla to have as a second car
                                         already. Thriftiness is good, but
                                         there's a point where it impacts
                                         your life unnecessarily. That's
                                         when it turns stupid. I don't
                                         want to be one of those old men
                                         who rummages through trash cans and
                                         wears the same pair of pants every
                                         day even though he has $10M in
                                         the bank. You can be too cheap.
                                         \_ Maintaining two cars is
                                            wasteful; asking for a ride
                                            in those cases where one is
                                            needed is simply allocating
                                            resources more efficiently.  -tom
                                            \_ No, what it is is cheap. No
                                               one said to buy a brand new
                                               SUV, but with that kind of money
                                               it's ridiculous to drive around
                                               in an old broken down car for a
                                               decade that you share with
                                               your husband. It was so bad
                                               that they were afraid to drive
                                               far from home for fear of
                                               breaking down. That impacted
                                               their lifestyle in favor of
                                               saving a few bucks. There
                                               are a lot of things we do
                                               that are wasteful. I'm sure
                                               I can identify plenty of
                                               waste in your life if given
                                               the chance. Life is not
                                               about allocating resources
                                               efficiently. That's death,
                                               which is very efficient.
                                               \_ Life is certainly not about
                                                  collecting as much stuff as
                                                  you can, either, and it's
                                                  not about having all the
                                                  stuff you could ever need
                                                  to remain independent in
                                                  all situations.  You know,
                                                  some people would rather
                                                  occasionally ask for a ride
                                                  than to have the hassle
                                                  and expense of owning a
                                                  car they don't really need.
                                                  \_ why can't you all just agree
                                                     that earth is overpopulated
                                                     and that your deaths would
                                                     all contribute to a better
                                                     well beings of everyone
                                                     else? DIE MOTHER FUCKERS!
                                         \_ The most recent hilarity is when
                                            we took a flight to LA and my wife
                                            refused to take a $5 cab fare to
                                            BART and insisted on Muni, which of
                                            course did not arrive. So we carried
                                            four bags, a stroller and two kids
                                            a mile to the BART station. Stuff
                                            like that. Of course, we are too
                                            cheap to own a car.
                \_ Sometimes it is limited to liquid assets. That is the
                   definition that, say, many banks use to identify high
                   net worth individuals. "Total assets excluding primary
                   residence" is another, which allows illiquid assets
                   but discounts your home.
                   \_ Yeah banks are only interested in identifying potential
                      customers, so they only want to know how much they can
                      get fees from.
              \_ "millionaire" describes one's net worth, not one's annual
                 earned income.  -- !PP
        \_ Partha Banjeree doesn't show up on this list. I guess LBL is part
           of DoE and not UC.
           \_ psb's salary is classified information
              \_ The fact that psb's salary is classified is classified.
2020/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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           \_ what is it suppose to be?
                 Google Sr. Software Engineer in Sunnyvale averages $193k in total pay,
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