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2013/1/16-2/19 [Academia/StanfUrd] UID:54581 Activity:nil
1/16    UC is pathetic. No wonder Stanfurd and Coursera rule:
2013/1/16-2/17 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:54582 Activity:nil
1/16    Fred Wilson says you should focus on the cash value of your
        options, not the percentages:
        \_ Or at least, so says a VC trying increase his profit margin...
        \_ A VC wants to keep as much of the stock for themselves (and give
           as little to employees as possible).  That maximizes their return.
           The VCs also control the valuation process.  When he says your
           option grant should be based on the valuation, do you think he's
           saying that because he has the best interests of the rank and file
           engineers at heart?  His suggestion also means that your equity
           and your salary will be proportional.  One of the biggest
           bargaining points in startup salary negotiations is trading off
           salary versus options (I'm not saying one direction or the other
           is a good idea, just that it's an example of reality conflicting
           with this guy's suggestion)
        \_ If "you" is a founder then yes:
           "Giving out equity in terms of points is very expensive"
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