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2013/1/25-2/19 [Recreation/Computer] UID:54587 Activity:nil
1/25    Seymour Cray's UCB Lecture on the Cray-1:
        \_ this is VERY BORING. Why should we care? UCB is dead.
2013/1/25-2/19 [Finance/Investment] UID:54588 Activity:nil
1/25    Is there a site that tells you the % of people shorting
        on a particular stock? I'm trying to see if I can gauge
        "confidence level", that sort of thing.
           I'm not sure how to read this, I'm guessing the higher
           "days to cover" the more short activities there are?
        \_ days to cover means how many days it'll take to cover assuming
           the volume of the given day. it's a ratio of number of
           shorts on that day divided by the volume that day.
           the higher the number the more interest there are on
           shorting. high means not confident about the stock.
2013/1/25-2/19 [Reference/Military] UID:54589 Activity:nil
1/25    "Cupertino Middle School on Lockdown Following Report of Man With Gun" (
        Thank you NRA, again.
        \_ You're stretching on blaming the NRA for this one.  A student
           reports a phoney gun threat, and it's the NRA's fault because...
           why, exactly?  They've fought efforts to ban pretend guns?  Help
           me out, here.
           \_ Good that it turns out to be false alarm.  The fact that it was
              made up wasn't known when I initially posted the URL two hours
              ago.  -- OP
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