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2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/7/17-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53155 Activity:high
        "How to spot a woman of low character"
        \_ Ok that girl in Tramp Stamp is (*@&#($*@(#$*& HOT HOT HOT
           I don't care if she is of low character. HOT HOT HOT.
           \_ Trashy Coutur 4tw.
        \_ This is mostly stupid and misognynistic, by a guy who admits
           he will never marry. There is a thread of wisdom in here, but it
           is lost in the general hatred of women.
           \_ it is the Wisdom of a Berkeley PHD.
         \_ technically paolo its the wisdom of a UC Davis phd.  I'm not
         \_ technically its the wisdom of a UC Davis phd.  I'm not
            really sure what the point of all that was.
        \_ Wow, misogny is so edgy and cool!
        \_ Interesting. I think some of his characterizations are dead wrong
           and others 100% correct, but I don't sense misogyny here. There
           is some maybe in the comments, but not the original article.
           For instance, the present of tattoos (or not) is not misogynistic.
           I think it's a good way to spot men of low character, too.
           \_ If you don't sense misogyny you misogyny detector is seriously
              broken.  This isn't even an edge case dude.
           \_ So is she hot or not?
              She's (@&#(@$# AMAZINGLY HOT.
              \_ what is it you like, the bleached hair, the fake tits, or
                 the sluttiness?
                 \_ 1) hair-- not proven 2) maybe they're fake, who cares
                    3) oh yeah, I love that. I don't know any hetero who does not
                    like that.
                    3) oh yeah, I love that. I don't know any hetero who does
                       not like that.
                    \_ 1) Look at the eyebrows, 2) sane people, 3) speak for
                       \_ I'll still take this skank over any EECS girl in Soda
                          \_ For a one night stand, hell yes. For a
                             relationship, not really. My brother has a
                             lot of tattoos and piercings and for a while
                             he lived with me. During that time he brought
                             home or dated all manner of women of questionable
                             character. They were pleasant to look at, but
                             they had issues and were all kinds of crazy. I
                             would pass on that drama. Fake tits, tattoos,
                             and overly slutty dress are all big warning flags.
                             \_ I see, interesting. Tell us about the drama!
                                Do you have pictures of these sluts?
                                \_ Do you like being texted 500 times in an
                                   8 hour period? Girls threatening to kill
                                   themselves and making you rush to their
                                   place to make sure they didn't do it
                                   even though the relationship is "over"?
                                   Girls smashing your car windshield? Openly
                                   gathering phone numbers from men at the bar
                                   where you both arrived together? Taking
                                   \_ I know a brunette like this.
                                   their tops off in public (this sounds
                                   nice in theory but it can be rather
                                   embarrassing). Stealing money and
                                   \_ this actually sounds REALLY REALLY COOL.
                                      Then again I never had the pleasure...
                                   electronics from you while you are in
                                   the shower after a shag? Just lots of
                                   stupid shit. I was envious when he
                                   brought them home (once there were two
                                   Hooters waitresses who came out of his
                                   room with only towels on) but I was
                                   \_ HELL YEAH I'M JEALOUS OF YOUR BROTHER.
                                      (*&@#($*#@ stud!!! How do I become more
                                      like him? PS. you sound more like a loser
                                      who can't seem to get any.
                                      \_ That's because I don't date women of
                                         low character, but then I don't
                                         have to deal with the hassles
                                         either. If you want to date such
                                         women look for tattoos, fake
                                         tits, slutty dress like high platform
                                         shoes and tops with no bra. They'll be
                                         into you if you drink a lot, buy them
                                         drugs, do exciting activities like
                                         dirt bike, and look the other way
                                         when they hook up with their
                                         ex-bf after a night of drinking.
                                         You can look forward to hot sex,
                                         drama, diseases like hepatitis
                                         and/or mononucleosis, and possibly an
                                         occasional night in jail. Those women
                                         seem to love bad boys who are sweet at
                                         times (like when her puppy is sick)
                                         and at other times tell them
                                         their tits are too small when they
                                         have a 34Ds.
                                         have 34Ds.
                                         \_ I'd love to try women of low
                                            character but they have no interests
                                            in nerdy overweight sysadm like me.
                                            P.S. sluts make me horny     -op
                                   mostly glad when they left and he would
                                   be the first to say he is sick of that
                                   shit and wants to find a nice girl to
                                   marry and have kids with. I hope he does.
                                   She probably won't have fake tits or tattoos.
         \_ dude's a loon.  His premise in his first paragraph is that
            "We live in such a degenerate time that being a prostitute
            is seen as an "empowering" thing for women" ... which is true
            for only a tiny fraction of SF liberals.  He needs to move out
            of berkeley.  Or maybe not; I think a lot of zany people like
            living in berkeley because it gives them license to rail against
            something they disagree with.
2022/06/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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misogyny How to spot a woman of low character America in the 21st century is a funny place. We, as a nation, have managed to internalize an astounding amount of "information" which is completely false. People are so afraid of offending others, they have lost the ability to tell the truth about anything. It's madness, really, that anything I write below would be considered controversial. No civilized man or woman in all of human history leading up to the present moment would see my statements as anything but completely obvious, yet what I am about to say is controversial enough I don't dare publish it under my real name. Scientists realize that the universe has precious few invariants. Most things we know about reality are probabilistic in nature. We know that letting kids play in traffic is a bad idea, even though many will survive the experience. I'm not interested in exceptions to rules, as these are not useful for thinking about the world. I'm interested in using probability theory to understand the world. I'll point out again that it is quite insane I have to make this proviso about how to think about the world, but modern people seem to all believe the postmodern (or perhaps simply juvenile) idea that any exception disproves a rule. Modern people who believe anti-rational lunacy like this are incapable of rational thought. Transport a modern bozo with a PhD in sociology who believes the exception disproves the rule to 1600, and he wouldn't be able to think up Newton's laws of motion, and would probably be against such "over generalizations." being a prostitute is seen as an "empowering" thing for women, rather than a soul destroying hobby for evil people. I really don't have much against women of low character either; their prevalence in modern society is convenient for people like me. But pretending like there is no such thing as a woman of low character strikes me as insanity. Women of low character are people, for the purposes of this essay, who one should not ever be at the mercy of. Men who get married are at a woman's mercy the way divorce laws presently work, so consider this as advice on who not to shack up with. Women of low character are capricious creatures who act according to their emotional whims of the moment. This characteristic might make them fun for a laugh, but attempting to build a life on such foul timber is a recipe for disaster. You shouldn't let your brother or son marry a woman like this. All this should be completely obvious, but somehow it isn't, so people like me are forced to state the obvious. Here are some characteristics of women you should be wary of (or seek out, depending on your habits); if she has more than one or two, she is suitable for a barroom toilet shag and other such merriment, but do be careful: * Women who hate their daddies. They're obvious, they're everywhere in our age of divorce, and they're almost all absolute poison. It doesn't matter if their fathers are complete disasters who have earned the contempt of all of humanity. If she don't like her dad, she's going to take it out on you eventually. Whether they hate their parents or not, women from broken homes have a broken idea of how relationships are supposed to work. Some might fight their way out of it with a good deal of self insight. I used to make allowance for such women due to social fashion. Any woman who would mutilate her own body will have no respect for yours. If she'll stick painful inanimate objects into herself, causing a lifetime of ugliness for some nebulous fashion reason, she'll very likely do other things you find unpleasant, such as sucking a big bag of dicks as an "empowerment" exercise, or raising a brood of criminals. How people can find this confusing is utterly beyond me: just because it is mainstream doesn't mean it isn't really fucked up. Your grandfather would laugh at you for shacking up with a tattooed woman. Especially one with a tattoo that points at her vagina, "this end up!" "In case anyone was confused as to where her lady bits are, a helpful arrow" * Women who consider themselves contradictory. Search for the word "contradictory" or "contradictions" -you'll find a zillion of these. Personally, I put women who describe themselves as bisexuals in this category. Whether or not they actually are, if they see themselves that way, they probably ain't fully cooked yet. Women who smoke and take drugs are pretty much the same as women who get tattoos. People considered women who smoke cigarettes fucked up and likely to be sluts back when they first came out. The only difference is, there are more of them now, thanks to relentless marketing. Most female lawyers are about as feminine as my Uncle Earl. Women who run marathons, play softball or compete in UFC fights: not feminine. Fun, maybe, but not feminine, and probably internally fucked up in all kinds of glorious ways. I mean, this should be obvious: but if you're looking for a woman, make sure she actually is one. Otherwise, you may as well skip the Crocodile Dundee check and bend over for the soap. Most modern American women are pretty slutty, so imposing some kind of body count cutoff will reduce the available population to approximately zero. But there is something especially fucked up about females who revel in their sluttiness. In particular, if a woman you just met talks dirty to you in an attempt to gauge your reactions, she's a nutter. Serial correlation is a fundamental forecasting technique that works in everything from finance to chaos theory: use it in your personal life. Women who idolize or spend a lot of time with gay men generally want to be gay men. I guess this is OK if you're a closet case, but if you're not, you may be in for trouble in the future. Either it's their fault out right, or it's their fault for picking a dirt ball over a decent man. whatever: you're making excuses and thinking with your dick. they couldn't even get the dude to stick around long enough to get married. Personally I have only boned one or two of these, and I made sure to flush the tabasco sauce loaded condom down the toilet afterwords. Now that I'm more of a grownup, and I realized that babies turn their coochies inside out anyway, I just avoid them. A little chunky is OK, and they may not even be able to help that to a certain extent. When you start getting to "as big as a professional wrestler," there is something seriously wrong with the brain sending signals to hand and mouth. Chances are good you'll have more problems with such a creature than outrageous food bills. This shouldn't even be necessary to say, as no sane man would fuck a woman who significantly outweighs them, but there seems to be a "kiss a frog find a princess" theory at work out there. "Imagine the single minded dedication it took this woman to turn herself into this incredible lard monster! Now imagine her putting that same strength of will towards ruining your life as badly as she ruined hers!" Should be self explanatory, but if you don't get it: see, "hates daddy." If someone abandons all the sensible principles of their youth, why wouldn't they also abandon other ones, like, "thou shall not commit adultery" and, once the divorce proceedings kick in, "thou shall not steal?" Again, this should be obvious, but somehow people think we mustn't be judgmental about other people's choices. I am very judgmental about people's choices, and I think the world would be a better place if more people were. "While she might assert my Western heteronormative worldview has contempt for her chosen profession, this isn't so: I like whores. I merely advise most men to not shack up with a woman who wears a change belt." The idea of being alone is so scary to such a woman, she'll take whatever dong is at hand to give her a sense of self. Very few people acquire mountains of debt by working hard and saving money. link) I strongly suspect anyone who goes to Burning Man will have a couple of these under their belt already. But yes: gentlemen: I advise that you don't marry a woman who goes to Burning Man I almost slipped and said, "well, maybe if she only went once and never went back," but then I caught...