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2013/1/30-3/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54594 Activity:nil
1/30    "Want to have more sex? Men, stop helping with the chores" (
        F*CK!  I've been doing this all wrong!
        \_ There is a Cantonese saying: "Don't feed your woman to a full
           stomach until she turns 70."  It's the same idea -- if you treat
           your woman too well, she won't behave.
        \_ More like: Some women have a high tolerance for shit. If you
           have one of those, then great. If you don't then starting to
           act like an ass is not going to get you laid more often.
        \_ Correlation does not imply causation. More likely, macho
           men in traditional roles have sex more often. It is not
           likely that this says much about educated California
        \_ I help with the chores and I get laid about twice as often
           as average according to this article. So I must be doing
           someting right.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:2013:January:30 Wednesday <Tuesday>