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2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/1/30-3/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54594 Activity:nil
1/30    "Want to have more sex? Men, stop helping with the chores" (
        F*CK!  I've been doing this all wrong!
        \_ There is a Cantonese saying: "Don't feed your woman to a full
           stomach until she turns 70."  It's the same idea -- if you treat
           your woman too well, she won't behave.
        \_ More like: Some women have a high tolerance for shit. If you
           have one of those, then great. If you don't then starting to
           act like an ass is not going to get you laid more often.
        \_ Correlation does not imply causation. More likely, macho
           men in traditional roles have sex more often. It is not
           likely that this says much about educated California
        \_ I help with the chores and I get laid about twice as often
           as average according to this article. So I must be doing
           someting right.
2022/07/02 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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That famous phrase from Clare Booth Luce apparently applies to married men, according to a new study that finds men who help with the housework tend to have less sex. You can find a PDF copy of the study at the bottom of Brines' UW page. For instance, twice as much time is spent on "female" chores (34 hours) each week than on tasks more typically considered "male" (17 hours). Couples who participated in the study, most of whom split some of the "female" chores, reported having about five "sexual encounters" each month on average. But in those homes where the man stuck to his 17 hours of dude duties, the couples had 16 more sexual encounters per month. Do the math: The female in the relationship is taking on 68 more hours of housework per month than the male is in exchange for about two sexual encounters. "If the activity is coded as masculine or feminine and it expresses ideas about what makes the opposite sex interesting, attractive, alluring, mysterious, that seems to be related to sexual activity and possibly sexual desire," Brines tells the Star. The data was based on information taken from 4,500 couples polled as part of the US National Survey of Families and Households, conducted between 1992 and 1994. More recent studies on married couples and sexuality roughly match up in terms of the number of sexual encounters. A 2005 study by the National Opinion Research Center found that married couples have sex on average about 66 times per year, slightly more than once per week. Interestingly, the survey's director, Tom Smith, points out that despite all the humorous anecdotes suggesting otherwise, married couples have sex more frequently than their single counterparts. But with all of the changes in gender roles, and presumably gender equality, over the past two decades, does the UW study's information still hold up? there was a lot of change in the division of household labor in the '70s," Brines tells the Star. "But the pace of change started to slow down in the '80s, and by the mid-1990s it kind of remained stuck and you're pretty much at the same point." Better sex life linked to division of housework : US study Reuters NEW YORK (Reuters) - Couples wanting to improve their sex lives may want to look at how they divide ... com Releases Findings From Its Study of the Dating Habits of Senior Citizens PRWeb Study finds that majority of singles age 55+ do not want to marry a second timeMiami Beach, Florida ... Survey Shows Having Sex Too Early Could Damage Your Chances of Love PRWeb Having sex early on in a relationship leads to less satisfaction further down the line, according ... According to recent research, Sex is the Driving Force behind 90% of Men's Activities - Le Male Yoga in New York City Adds Classes to Help Men Improve their Sex Life PRWeb A growing body of research shows that yoga is good for sex and Le Male Yoga in New York City adds ... com Survey Shows Consumer Habits, Expectations and Spending by Gender PRWeb Most consumers plan to spend more or at least the same this year than they did last Valentine's Day. Males, females arrested over alleged "horrific" sex assault of BC boy: RCMP AP PRINCE GEORGE, BC - A male youth remains in a northern BC hospital and six people, including ... Bel Marra Health Reports on a New Study: The Benefits of Male and Female Sex Hormones are Now Being Explored by Scientists PRWeb Bel Marra Health, well known for offering high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional ... University of Toronto student group to host epic student sex club adventure' The Daily Caller With incurable gonorrhea now on North American shores, according to CBS News, and more than 14 million ... Married Money: Steps to Managing Your Combined Finances US News When you are single, you get to make your own decisions about how you want to manage bill payments, ... Tips for the Football Widow: Can't Beat them Try Joining them Suggest Dr. Bonnie Weil PRWeb Couples should keep in mind that sex is the best if there's a positive all-around experience so be ... Darrell o 1 hr 36 mins ago So let me get this straight, don't help with any unmanly things around the house and get rewarded with licky sticky? First I'm going to check and make sure the heat still works in the camper out back, then I'll give it a try! BC o 1 hr 48 mins ago I have taped the article in plain view on the fridge. The wife is doing the dishes while I'm watching the hockey game tonight, and then I will demand sex.
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