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2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/6/2-4 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:43264 Activity:low
6/2     I own a 1999 Taurus. I would like to replace the OEM in-dash
        cassette deck with a CD player that won't cost more than say $120 and
        which will have a "detacheable face". How likely is my car to be broken
        into if I do it?
        \_ The likelihood of your fancy shmancy CD player getting stolen
           10-15 years ago would be the same as those expensive fancy shmancy
           spinner wheels getting stolen today, you know, those wheels on
           SUVs and big trucks you see a lot of in Southern Cal, apparently
           as a status symbol in certain parts of S Cal. To rephrase what
           I just said, the chance of your CD player getting stolen today
           is as good as hi-tech Bose Dolbe cassette players 15 years ago.
           CD players are so common, thieves don't care about them anymore.
           Now if you're planning to get those expensive spinner wheels,
           lower your suspension so that you can scrape the curb and
           impress gangstah teenager girls, or add super electric forced
           air intake, or add a bigger pipe that increases 5 HP and
           100 decible, then yeah, chances are your insurance will triple
           and your car will very likely get stolen. CD player? Who cares.
           \_ evidence?
        \_ Not much. I did the exact same thing (although my cassette deck
           was only $80!) for the same reason, and my car hasn't been
           broken into once yet.  Knock on wood.
           \_ I am looking for one that preferably works with CDRs and computer
              audio formats which adds $20 or so to the price compared to
              plain-Jane models from the same vendor.
                \_ Oh, oops. I didn't see you wanted a CD player too. Mine is
                   just a cassette deck.
        \_ It's not a big deal now like it was 15 years ago. No one will care.
                \_ Well it made a big difference when I bought one with my car.
        \_ Until recently I had a 97 Taurus.  It had a tape but also had a 6
           slot CD.  I don't remember the details but I thought the CD came
           standard on the car.  Did you get some special stripped down job?
           \_ I have the cassette player which also has the controls for
              the CD changer in the trunk. However, I guess the CD changer
              was an option and it didn't come with my car. Those Taurus
              CD changers can be bought on ebay for $50 but I am worried
              they won't play CDR disks and MP3 files which is what I want
              to do.
        \_ Itrip?  Easier than lugging a bunch of CDs around... -John
2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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