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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/5/31-6/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:37908 Activity:kinda low
        I'm looking for volunteers to update MOTD WIKI, someone to update
        definitions like Ding!, ilyased, squish, etc. If you're interested
        please email me and I'll give you an account. Thanks.   -kchang
        \_ Stupid question.  How exactly does one email you?
           finger: kchang: no such user
           \_ /csua/bin/finger kchang
           \_ my name, at soda. If I don't respond it probably went to
              /dev/null thanks to spamassassin, in which case just
              post your login. Thanks.                          -kchang
        \_ oh, and you can ADD words too with the account.
           \_ I propose the first volunteer create a list of previously
              squished users to the Wiki, along with details on why the user
              was squished
              \_ Dear Anonymous Fuckhead Coward,
                 Every person of substance I have ever met has made mistakes
                 in his/her past.  Some of these mistakes were minor, some
                 were spectacular, ranging from outright stupid to
                 inconsiderate to just plain evil.  I count these individuals
                 as people of substance in part because they learned from
                 their past mistakes.  But more importantly, they now spend
                 their time engaging in interesting pursuits and creating
                 useful and beautiful works.  I often wonder if the current
                 state of affairs persists in spite of those past mistakes or
                 because of them.  So, other than trying to punish people for
                 sins of yesteryear, what have you been up to lately? -dans
                 sins of yesteryear, what have you been up to lately? -Dubya
                 \_ Actually I think it would be entertaining to read about
                    the history of squishage. I for one would like to be
                    remembered as the h0zer who is foolish enough to try
                    to bring down the entire EECS network by fingering it
                    once a second.                                  -kchang
                    \_ That was only a near squish.
                    \_ Tried to?  I _did_ bring down the network with a
                       simple program that does while true fork().  Why
                       would you want to be remembered as a h0zer?
                    \_ I can see how you would not want to be remembered for
                    \_ I can see how you would to not want to be remembered for
                       the actual time you got squished.
                    \_ apparently EECS does not like your 'finger', haha -troll
             \_ tien, can you beat this h0zer?
                \_ Uh, I guess not.  -tien
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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9/26    I remember there was web version of the motd with search function
        (originally due to kchang ?).  The last time I used it it was hosted
        on the csua website but I can't remember its url (onset of dementia?)
        now. Can somebody plz post it, tnx.
           \_ for some reason I couldn't log in since Sept and the archiver
2012/9/5-11/7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54472 Activity:nil
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        \_ /etc/motd.public is not getting copied into /etc/motd for a while.
           \_ Now it works and no one knows why. Strange. -ausman
2012/2/6-3/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54301 Activity:nil
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        "The requested URL /~myname/ was not found on this server."
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        \_ Ausman is mostly right. LDAP went down due to an expired cert and
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2012/2/24-3/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:54313 Activity:nil
2/24    What newsreader should I use on soda?
        \_ USENIX? You serious? Everyone switched to RSS.
           \_ I think you mean usenet not usenix.  usenet was generally much
              better than blogs / rss (cf. comp.lang.c, comp.lang.perl,
              the usenet oracle, alt.* with digg, slashdot, etc.)
  is the best
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So me documents shake the universe to its very core, sending out shockwaves across the galaxies that will resonate forever. Some documents irrevoca bly change the perceptions of their readers, replacing closely-held worl dviews with dangerous and exciting new vistas. Failing that, some docume nts at least are worth the paper or magnetic media that encode their exi stence, thanks to the usefulness of their content. So, you've logged onto wall just in time to hear that yermom's philb iff is fubar, and so you never got the elevatorP, and SPARKY'S is a no g o Rather than saying, "What the hell?" Now you too can learn the secret language of the compu ter science geeks. This encyclopedia explains the culture and history be hind the hidden terminology of the CSUA. By spending mere minutes a day, you too can become a member of the CSUA clique, able to spout vahmifqy and think about the brain at a minute's notice. Join the club now (secre t decoder ring and replica Luna, Luna sign not included. T ranslation from the original hexadecimal by Phillip "Edward" Nunez. Thanks to Shannon Appelcline and Er ic van Bezooijene Additional thanks to Partha Banerjee, Jon Blow, Van A Boughner, David Bushong, Nevin Cheung, David Chia, Alan Coopersmith,Pau l Dubois, Tom Holub, Ed James, Donald Kubasak, Ahm Lee, Mike "No Relatio n" Lee, Julie S Lin, Scott MacFiggen, Peter Mardahl, Mel Nicholson,Davi d Paschich, David Petrou, Kurt Pires, Aaron Smith, John Salomon, Gary Ts e, Rand Wacker, Nick Weaver, and Yermom. On motd, people tend to post anonymously and o ne way to indicate your identity is to use an alias, or to write "-op". Also, look at "-pp" ( 2005-05-31 18:40:18 ) * -pp - Previous Poster. On motd, people who don't want to post their n ames would use "-pp" instead of signing their names. Also look at "-op" ( 2005-05-31 18:39:23 ) * 343 Soda Hall - current CSUA office, located behind the outer Soda Ha ll Security Barrier. Although slightly smaller than the old combined 238/238A Evans office, 343 Soda Hall is much holier for actually being within the Temple of Computers that is Soda Hall. And there's cooler crap in 343 Soda Hall than there ever was in 238E. It should be noted that the outer Soda Hall Security Barrier is much less fascist than the old Evans Hall Security Barrier. Undergrads are required to jump through fewer hoops in order to get card keys, and they usually aren't flaming. A secret entrance, currently covered by an obligatory bookcase, leads into the playroom of HKN. When the time is right, the CSUA Bat Squad will make an assault upon HKN, and it will be ours! Almost never used for breakfast, as 5am-1pm is prime computer-geek sleeping time. foodP is a specific predicate which is used to note whether a user is interested in eating or not. Some versions of foodP allow for more complex recording of hunger, such as "satiated", "hungry", "starving", and "weak." You must train harder if you hope to defeat the Manchurians." Fu is often either strong or weak, as in, "Grasshopper, you may not snatch this pebble out of my hand, for your fu is too weak. The origin of the word hosers is unknown, though many stories each claim to be the gospel. Another states it comes from hosier, which is a really old term meaning something about cutting other people's ears off. A third story claims that it comes from old Crays being "hosed" when their coolant hoses were accidently removed. Whatever the origin, hosers hose, and geeks battle against them. Word started to come in use around 2003-2004 when someone forged ilyas' name on motd, which triggered a motd ilyasing war. Also means to selectively delete entries in motd, without regard to ordering. Also, remote soda walling service, us ing the same account The lwall account allows users to wall on soda without the trouble of actually logging on to the machine. It was of greater importance in Apollo 3500 days when logging on to soda with a real shell was an ordeal in itself. Originally created to allow simple wallings of elevatorP from the web, it has since been co-opted by those unfortunate persons who have been banished from soda. Forum for broadcasting short but important messages to users. There is a file called /etc/motd on UNIX machines that is typically seen by all users when they log in. In the early days of soda, some administrator had a bright idea and typed "chmod 777 /etc/motd." This allowed all users to modify the message of the day. Soon users were posting their own announcements and on occasion holding conversations through the motd. Wars have been fought over motd length, particular in the days of 2400 baud. Years ago the motd was divided into public and private sections so that official system postings could be free of these issues. The public motd remains to this day a source of debate, discussion, and humor. Included is a portion of a typical motd: 2/14 Help free us from danh. Supporters should come to the general meeting and vote with him for danh's choice for the new VP. And do you remember when Cyndi Lauper made the stunning career move of joining the World Wrestling Federation? I don't know anyone who bought her new album last year though. YOU can come to the General Meeting on THURSDAY and vote with danh for his choice for the NEW VP! The OCF was formed in 1989, as a successor to the UCF, on the strength of a donation of workstations from Apollo Computers. These twenty or so workstations were used to form a truly public-access cluster in the WEB, minus one Apollo 4500 which became soda mark one. The machines in the OCF have traditionally been named after disasters: volcano, maelstrom, typhoon, headcrash, and flaming-sheep being a few examples. The organization has had a rocky history, with eviction from the WEB threatened many times. Eventually it was forced to move to Barrows Hall, where it now resides. Throughout history, the OCF and the CSUA have had interweaving histories. General Managers and Site Managers of the OCF have held office in the CSUA. CSUA members have used skills learned there to help administer the OCF and vice-versa. Much of the history and culture listed in this document is just as applicable to the OCF as it is to the Computer Science Undergraduate Association. Let it be known that, in the era of Glasnost, the Ex-comm of the CSUA was renamed by the will of the people! That is how the Ex-comm was become the politbyuro, or politburo in the weak tongue of the American demons! Also, the name of the computer s cience building at Berkeley. The building of a separate building just for computer science was first discussed back in the late eighties, long before the present building became a reality. Certain students were privy to those early meetings, and so they learned the sacred word: that Soda Hall would be the name of this new building, in honor of the elixir that is lifeblood to the computer science programmer. Unsuspecting network administrators granted the application, unaware of the repercussions it would have. edu, owns the distinction of being the only machine named for a campus building that is controlled by undergraduates. Soda is the center of the CSUA culture, home to the infamous motd and the even more infamous wall. Though soda was named for a computer science building that was not then built, CSUA Vice Presidents have since attempted to arrange thematic clusters of machines around it. The earliest suggestion was that all CSUA machines should be named after halves of mixed drinks. So, scotch appeared, then rum, coke, and a variety of others. Other VPs have extended the theme to include all edibles, such as hamburger and french-fries. One notable suggestion in the early days of machine expansion was that each machine in the cluster of CSUA machines should only be thematically connected to the last one. Thus, the first machines would have been: soda, scotch, tape, worm, and hole. An effective psychological tool to piss off your enemies while you watch them pour their hearts out responding to you. generates a lot of commotion and is considered by many as a troll. From KAIS 37834, "One definition of a troll is an information amplfier. The better the troll, the higher ...
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