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2005/5/31-6/2 [Uncategorized] UID:37893 Activity:nil
5/31    For Pynchon fans, this month's Bookforum has an article describing
        the publication of GR from the perspective of the publisher, Viking,
        as well as appreciations by assorted contemporary authors.
                                                        - ciyer
2005/5/31-6/1 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/India, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:37894 Activity:moderate
        Who has more credibility, Amnesty International or Cheney? Also do
        you believe in Cheney's prediction that fighting would be over
        before the next administration?
        \_ Yeah A.I. is totally right. Comparing abuses of prisoners
           in Cuba to the Soviet Gulags where 16 million died.
           \_ False argumentation.  Cheney:  "our abuses aren't so bad, and
              we've done a bunch of good things, and human rights violators
              are entirely bad, so because we're not quite that bad, we're
              not human rights violators."  Righteous indignation, indeed.  As
              for gulags, it's a poorly chosen figure of speech.  Just like
              "concentration camps"--invented by the British, remember?  -John
              \_ but  we just have queer makeover camps
        \_ AI has it right -- the bar is much higher for the U.S. (a little
           abuse goes a long way), so the comparison is fair.
           Cheney may be viewed as being more arrogant than combative,
           Cheney may be viewed as being more arrogant more than combative,
           and is also practicing defining reality.
           \_ I wish you could grow up in a 3rd world country to see
              what a little goes a long way really means.
              \_ This is awesome. That the US is not as bad as a 3rd country
                 is hardly a defence. Are there any other 1st world
              \_ This is awesome. That the US is not as bad as a 3rd world
                 country is hardly a defence. Are there any other 1st world
                 countries that hold people indefinitely without a trial
                 and torture them for information?
              \_ There is a hell of a lot of torture that goes on in
                 American prisions, too, mostly in the form of prisoner
                 on prisoner rape. This oftens leads to HIV, too. The
                 authorities could stop this, but choose not to.
                 authorities could stop this, but choose not too.
           \_ "That's not the way the world really works anymore. We're an
               empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."
        \_ "our abuses aren't so bad" -- what kind of talk is that from
           the "leader of the free world".  Sounds kinda like this guy:
        General "Buck" Turgidson: Mr. President, I'm not saying we wouldn't
        get our hair mussed. But I do say no more than ten to twenty million
        killed, tops. Uh, depending on the breaks.
2005/5/31-6/1 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37895 Activity:nil
        "Media coverage of Vietnam was a rare exception in the history of
        combat coverage by the American media. Never before had the press
        been granted such access to the war zone. And never again would
        they. That war served as a lesson to the government and a pinnacle
        of freedom for the media"
        \_ I think that's because the US wasn't technically at war, unlike,
           say, during WWII.
           \_ that is technality.  I personally find it alarming to allow
              President to initiate an arm conflict in a massive scale without
              declaration of war.
2005/5/31-8/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:37896 Activity:low
5/31    /csua/tmp is full!  Clean yer shit!
        \_ Either clean up yer shit, or I will clean it up for you and impose
           nasty and unfair quotas upon you all!  Muahahahah.  - jvarga
           \_ how about just deleting everything that's not world-readable?
        \_ Please delete /csua/tmp/dailyshow, or I will report it to campus
           authorities as a copyright violation enabled by the CSUA.
           \- just run "find /csua/tmp -mtime +60 -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf"
           \_ i wish kai's motd would tell me who mr anonymous
              is. - danh
                \_ let's petition to politburo to change it to track every
                   single poster. I'm sick and tired of libertarian motd,
                   it's a chaos. Let's change it to totalitarian motd.
                   \_ ooh yeah, the first thing I think of when I look at
                      online forums which people are required to post
                      non-anonymously is "totalitarian."  Like those
                      slashdot nazis.
                      Of course, to be truly "free" we should just
                      make all the users on soda have the same UID, and
                      the market will enforce security for your files.  -tom
           \- just run "find /csua/tmp -mtime +60 -print0 | xargs -0 rm"
              that's what "tmp" means.
           \_ Interesting.  This got deleted and doesn't show up in kais motd.
              Hey kchang!  What else are you censoring?
              \_ Do you mean intellidiff or kais motd?  Kais motd seems to
                 be updated so infrequently that it's almost useless on
                 fine grain stuff.
              \_ Not very bright are you? The FAQ specifically says Kais Motd
                 fetches randomly, every 1-2 hours. In addition, there is no
                 connection between Kais Motd and 24HourDiff. 24HourDiff
                                    \_ So you throw the information away?  Your
                                       FAQ says nothing about them being
                                       separate.  Rather stupid implementation
                                        \_ What's your IP? Let me implement
                                           a special feature for you but I
                                           need your IP. Email me     -kchang
                                           \_ This sounds like the
                                              features I keep getting in
                                              the mail from Microsoft.
                 fetches at a much finer grain detail, and just because it
                 gets updated doesn't mean it'll show up on Kais Motd. I've
                 said this before and I'll say it again. Go read the FAQ,
                 it has implementation details. Dweeb.          -kchang
              \_ Agreed.
              \_ because its stupid.  because it makes people do cron jobs
                 like 'find /csua/tmp -user `whoami` | xargs -0 touch'
                 Lesson learned, I store stuff off of soda...
                 \_ Thank you.
              \_ What if I have a file named "Hello /". Notice the space
                 and the forward slash. Would that get parsed as
                 "\rm -rf Hello /" ?
                 \_ Dunno, but I just tried to test this and it seems that
                    "/" is not allowed in a filename. I couldn't do it no
                    matter how I escaped it.
                    \_ '/' is one of the few characters file and directory names
                       are absolutely forbidden to contain in UNIX filesystems.
                       You wont be abel to create a filename containing it
                       short of going outside the filesystem and directly
                       changing characters on the disk.
                    \_ '/' is one of the few characters file and directory
                       names are absolutely forbidden to contain in UNIX
                       filesystems. You wont be abel to create a filename
                                                \_ Can I be cain?
                       containing it short of going outside the filesystem
                       and directly changing characters on the disk.
                 \_ There are some issues with auto-deletion, but this is not
                    one of them.  It can be done safely but it takes some
                    caution.  (I don't really agree it's the right approach
                    for /csua/tmp).  -tom
                 \_ man find and look at the -delete option.  It's a safe way
                    to avoid the issue you're raising. -dans
        \_ how about du -sk /csua/tmp/* | sort -n
           and then wipe out the top 20 offenders?
           \_ using space in /csua/tmp doesn't make you an "offender."  -tom
           \_ Or until 50% is free.
2005/5/31-6/2 [Uncategorized] UID:37897 Activity:nil
5/31    Anyone else get this spam?
        Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
        Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
        That which brings the highest happiness!!
        \_ Yeah, a long time ago.
        \_ It's a hare krishna chant.  They're trying to brainwash you.  -John
        \_ GOURANGA!! -gta fan
2005/5/31-6/2 [Uncategorized] UID:37898 Activity:nil
5/31    How do you write a rejection letter? "Company X, thank you for
        the offer, but I've decided to take on a different
        opportunity, blabla....." How do I say it nicely?
        \_ Sounds like you are doing fine there.
2005/5/31-6/2 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:37899 Activity:nil
5/31    Yearbook picture of boy voted "most whipped" features boy wearing
        Angry editorial (includes picture)
        \_ did you mean to post the same URL twice?
        \_ Those same people probably have no problem seeing Jet Li wearing a
           leash held by Morgan Freeman.
        \_ That girlfriend looks like Jenna Bush.  Ah, it's all Dubya's fault!
        \_ "School officials will use stickers to cover the offending photo.
            They want the 240 students who already received their books to
            return them for alteration." -bwwwwaaaaaahahahha.
        \_ I wish I had a girlfriend in high school.
           \_ If she's underaged then it's not legal.
2005/5/31-6/1 [Recreation/Celebrity/ParisHilton] UID:37900 Activity:high
5/31    I hate to say this but Paris Hilton's mom is HOT. She is so much
        classier and better looking than Paris. She's a MILF. *DROOOOL*
           Why does this woman look suspiciously like the MILF in the American
           Pie movies?
           \_ she looks like Zsa Zsa Gabor to me
        \_ Is there anyone less classy than Paris Hilton? I think even
           Anna Nicole Smith is classier.
           \_ I'm sure you can find someone less classy.  That doesn't change
              the fact that she's rich white trash.
              \_ So, let me get this straight, not to put words into your
                 mouth or anything, but (assuming you're an even remotely
                 heterosexual male) if PH showed up at your door in a tiny
                 satin basque and said "oh, [your name here] you manly stud,
                 take me now", you wouldn't at least consider it?  -John
        \_ Hot?  She looks so ordinary.  I saw many moms that were way hotter
           than her at the Oakland Zoo this past Sunday, with ample bosoms and
           slim waists and stuff.
           \_ that may be true but they're probably not as well dressed and
              well mannered as Mrs. Hilton. Also, most likely, they don't
              have a chauffer and a house full of butlers and maids. I'll go
              for Mrs. Hilton over pretty bimbos in the zoo any time. The
              question is, will she go for people like us? No.
2005/5/31-6/1 [Science/Space] UID:37901 Activity:insanely high
5/31    \_ Um.  The central claim that life cannot arise by a blind process is
           falsifiable.  If Darwinists succeed in creating a plausible (or
           better yet, reproducible) story for life's creation that will
           falsify the claim.  The argument that something that doesn't make
           experimentally falsifiable claims is not science is extremely weak.
           It's certainly true, but many things that aren't science make
           falsifiable claims.  -- ilyas
           \_ Is it really ilyas?  I mean, it may be theoretically, but not
              practically.  I maintain my assertion that ID has not produced
              any prediction that can be tested.  Since you've not produced a
              definition of what "life" constitutes, your "falsifiable"
              prediction can't actually be tested (though you seem to believe
              that RNA alone isn't "life").  -emarkp
              \_ I don't really understand.  If someone creates a bacterium
                 in a tube using a 'mechanical process' that would falsify
                 the claim in a practical way that seems reasonable to me.
                 I am not prepared to address the complex question of what
                 life is, but for the purposes of this discussion we can take
                 'alive' to mean 'a working reproductive cell, a bacterium.'
                 The latter is certainly a subset of the former.
                 What do you mean by falsifiable, then?  By the way, these kinds
                 of negative falsifiable claims are very common in AI.
                 For instance 'a computer program will never beat a human
                 world chess champion.' -- ilyas
                 \_ Modern bacteria are themselves the product of billions of
                    years of evolution. I don't think it's reasonable to expect
                    to put some stuff in a tube, shake it around etc., and get
                    bacteria. I personally think it's quite likely that life is
                    very highly improbable. In any event, just a couple hundred
                    years ago people still believed in spontaneous generation.
                    In general I find it absurd when people's response to
                    something they don't understand is invoking the
                    supernatural. It doesn't answer the underlying question
                    anyway; if evolution is a problem because it doesn't fully
                    explain the first bacteria, then ID is a problem because it
                    doesn't explain the intelligence.
                    \_ [nevermind]
                    \_ This is begging the question.  If the bacteria are too
                       complex to be produced directly, produce an intermediate
                       step, and then construct a story for how you get a
                       sequence of intermediate steps that would produce,
                       over time, and in a completely mechanical way, a working
                       bacterium.  There is currently no such story, but if
                       such a story were created (by logical argument, computer
                       simulation, whatever) then that would falsify the ID
                       claim.  This is difficult, but not impractical (serious
                       scientists are working on this very problem).  I still
                       don't really understand your objections.  Also, for the
                       47th time, I am not defending ID as either a credible
                       scientific movement nor an alternative to darwinian
                       biology. -- ilyas
                       \_ Wrong, as usual.  A line of reasoning doesn't
                          falsify ID; just because you can come up with a
                          way that something could have happened doesn't mean
                          that it happened that way.  -tom
                          \_ You seem to be confusing 'cannot' with 'did not.'
                             It's certainly possible to falsify 'cannot.'  It
                             may be possible to falsify 'did not.' -- ilyas
                          \_ Correct, but it still puts paid to ID's basic
                             tenet that 'x must have happened because of y
                             because x is so complex that it couldn't have
                             happened any other way.'  By creating a plausible
                             line of reasoning (in this case, how a bacterium
                             could evolve naturally) you debunk 'y' as a root
                             cause.  Remember "any sufficiently advanced
                             science is indistinguishable from magic"?  Once
                             you empirically explain a phaenomenon, you place
                             it into the realm of science and completely
                             remove all the superstitious voodoo crap.  -John
                          \_ that sounds like something a LIBERAL would say!
                       \_ So, we can't reconcile quantum mechanics with GR.
                          Does that mean they're both false?
                       \_ You made the claim that ID had falsifiable
                          predictions. -emarkp
                       \_ Well, so ID is not verifiable but the claim is
                          falsifiable. How many other scientific realms
                          work like this? I'm not aware of any. It does not
                          seem to fall under the realm of the scientific
                          method. It's just an assertion... even if people
                          figure out a chain of events leading to replicating
                          pre-rna/rna/proteins etc. then ID can still claim
                          this stuff was "designed" to happen.
                          \_ I am not sure what you mean by 'verifiable,' but
                             no empirical theory can be definitely concluded to
                             be true, including relativity, evolution, etc.
                             This is why falsifiability is important -- a theory
                             is deemed stronger if it can withstand repeated
                             attempts to falsify its claims.  Evolution itself
                             had to be modified multiple times in the face of
                             legidimate (partial) falsifications.  To repeat
                             myself yet again, I am not defending ID as a
                             scientific movement.  In response to your last
                             sentence, I think the main ID claim as I understand
                             it has some 'teeth,' and Darwinists would be wise
                             to neither ignore nor attempt to discredit its
                             source. -- ilyas
                             \_ They can't be definitely concluded true but
                                they can be experimentally verified, e.g.
                                relativity predicts X we test for X, natural
                                selection being induced, etc. ID differs in
                                this respect. That main claim about life
                                being unable to arise without intelligent
                                design seems a different sort of beast. Not
                                the sort of thing one could really teach in
                                any substantive fashion, other than merely
                                mentioning it as a belief. It just says that
                                until we have "hard" verifiable theory about
                                exactly how cells arose, then we have to
                                talk about the "theory" that this was
                                impossible. I dunno, I'll go ahead and ignore.
                                \_ See below.  I think the difference is in
                                   degree, not kind.  Claims about the origin
                                   of life are more akin to cosmology or string
                                   theory claims -- falsifiable, but requiring
                                   immense resources for appropriate experiments
                                   to be conducted.  This does not invalidate
                                   the claims, it just shows how important they
                                   are. -- ilyas
                 \_ ^ what he said.  I suspect you know what I mean by
                    "falsifiable" -- a truth claim that can be proven false by
                    a test.  However, just because a hypothetical truth
                    statement can be falsified it doesn't mean it's useful or
                    seriously admissible.  When ID can suggest an experiement
                    that doesn't take an infinite amount of time to attempt to
                    falsify (defining terms and initial conditions, etc.) then
                    it should be addressed.  Not before. -emarkp
                 \_ Another thought: if the claim is that life can't arise by
                    chance, I don't see how creating a 'living organism' in the
                    lab would disprove that.  It would have to arise by chance,
                    wouldn't it? -emarkp
                    \_ That's a little obtuse, sorry.  Miller's experiment was
                       famous precisely because he created laboratory conditions
                       which reasonably duplicated conditions that could have
                       arisen by chance during early Earth's history. -- ilyas
                       \_ yeah, I'm sure the inability to create life by random
                          chance in a laboratory has great relevance to
                          whether it was possible to create life by random
                          chance on a sphere with a surface area of 200 million
                          square miles.  Tell us about the stars, ilyas.  -tom
                          \_ Tom, you are a dumbass.  I said that IF someone
                             succeeds in doing task X in a lab (or by computer
                             simulation), that it would falsify claim Y.  I
                             never implied that ANYTHING follows if task X
                             cannot be done.  That's all you. -- ilyas
                             \_ Right, and since we can't prove that the stars
                                aren't sentient, they might be.  Go tilt
                                at windmills because they might be giants. -tom
                                \_ Nice red herring.  Do you even know what
                                   falsifiability means? -- ilyas
                                   \_ No, but I know that arguing with ID
                                      people is exactly like arguing with
                                      you; any time you try to pin them down,
                                      they claim they meant something else.
                                      \_ Well, tom, if you knew what
                                         falsifiability meant, you would see
                                         that during the 2 threads now I haven't
                                         changed any conventional definitions
                                         to suit my rhetorical aims as you seem
                                         to imply.  By the way, that's two
                                         red herrings in one thread.
                                         Impressive. -- ilyas
                                         \- The Open MOTD and its Enemies.
                       \_ I'm familiar with Miller's experiment.  However, his
                          experiment wasn't chance and any ID supporter could
                          argue that point.  Or simply move the bar up and say
                          that amino acids aren't sufficient. -emarkp
                          \_ Yes of course.  Miller's experiment does not
                             falsify the 'cannot' claim.
                             \_ Then what can? -emarkp
                                \_ I already said, either:
                                   (a) an experiment like Miller's (perhaps on
                                   a much larger scale)
                                   that results in a reproducible cell from
                                   components that are reasonable to assume
                                   to exist.  Or:
                                   (b) An accurate computer simulation of the
                                   underlying chemistry, meant to accelerate
                                   the time, if that's what's needed.
                                   At this point scientists haven't even
                                   been able to produce a story in English,
                                   let alone in forms (a) or (b).  Whether (a)
                                   or (b) will convince ID people I don't know,
                                   but it will convince _me_. -- ilyas
                                   \_ (a) may not be possible.
                                      (b) why should we trust a computer
                                      simulation?  If our model is incorrect,
                                      it won't predict anything accurately.
                                      Also, simulating a large system of
                                      organic molecules interacting is probably
                                      impossible. -emarkp
                                      \_ I was giving the general form of the
                                         answer I would find acceptable.
                                         Obviously one can quibble about
                                         various details of the experiment and
                                         simulation (and people do, and
                                         should!)  But those are details.  The
                                         important thing, to me, is that I can
                                         see an experiment that _would_ falsify
                                         the claim.  It may be too large, too
                                         impractical an experiment, but it is
                                         still an experiment.  String theory is
                                         only falsifiable in an extremely
                                         expensive way (you need a really BIG
                                         accelerator), and while it receives
                                         some criticisms for it, it is not
                                         dismissed outright.  The underlying
                                         nature of reality is an important and
                                         complex problem, as is the origin of
                                         life.  It's not unreasonable that a
                                         falsifiable experiment should be very
                                         expensive or difficult to conduct.  If
                                         not, we may have been done by now!
                                         -- ilyas
                                         \_ String theory is a great example of
                                            something comparable to ID.  It has
                                            no way to test it experimentally.
                                            Hopefully the attempt to create
                                            tiny black holes will test it, but
                                            even that is kind of iffy.
                                            I'd be satisfied if advocates of an
                                            abiogenesis theory from chance
                                            simply said "this is a guess, that
                                            we may never be able to prove."
                                            Evolution on the other hand is a
                                            different story. -emarkp
                                            [oh, and please format 80 cols]
        \_ wtf are you guys talking about.  All you need is to 100% prove any
           supernatural phenomenon, and you go light years ahead in terms of
           making people believe God / aliens created us.
           \_ This is probably never going to happen for much the same reasons
              that AI doesn't get credit for its successes.  Once people figure
              out how to program a computer to do task X thought previously
              to require intelligence, people quickly give up their intuitions
              that task X _does_ require intelligence.  Similarly, if someone
              reproduces a 'supernatural' phenomenon in a lab, physicists will
              get on the case, and things will cease to be supernatural before
              long.  I think it's mostly a matter of point of view than anything
              else.  I think even in the realm of scientifically understood
              phenomena, the Universe is a magical place. -- ilyas
              phenomena, the Universe is a magical place.  In a vaguely related
              piece of news, someone solved checkers. -- ilyas
              \_ shrug, all you need to show me is that you can part seas just
                 by willing it, feed 5,000 people to satiety with five loaves
                 of bread and two fish and come out with 12 baskets of
                 leftovers, or walk on water.
                 \_ Sufficiently advanced technology, etc.
                    \_ I am led to believe that this had occurred without
                       "sufficiently advanced technology, etc."
                        \_ Valis, Erich von Daniken, etc.  :-)  -John
2005/5/31-6/2 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37902 Activity:nil
5/31    Woodward and Bernstein confirm that W. Mark Felt was "Deep Throat."
        See washington post.
        \_ Linda Lovelace is turning over in her grave!
           \_ She didn't die.  In fact, she was born again.
           \_ Which came first?
              \_ I don't think LL ever came for real.
        \_ "On several occasions he confided to me, 'I'm the guy they used to
           call "Deep Throat,"' ... [Felt] still has qualms about his actions,
           but he also knows that historic events compelled him to behave as
           he did: standing up to an executive branch intent on obstructing
           his agency's pursuit of the truth. ...
           Felt, having long harbored the ambivalent emotions of pride and
           self-reproach, has lived for more than 30 years in a prison of his
           own making, a prison built upon his strong moral principles and his
           unwavering loyalty to country and cause. But now, buoyed by his
           family's revelations and support, he need feel imprisoned no
        \_ I'm waiting for a Deep Throat equivalent for GWB. Let's pray for it.
           \_ Deep Fist is actually our own Tom Holub! You heard it here first!
              \_ And he failed to change GWB's Regime of Incompetency.
                 Homeland Security begins with regime change, at our homeland.
           \_ Not going to happen. Loyalty to GWB is paramount to those in
              a position close enough to affect the administration. The
              American public has accepted that the current admin engaged in
              Operation Iraqi Freedom with less than solid proof. Mr Bush's
              Splendid Little War will fall through the same cracks as Reagan's
              Iran-Contra dealings. History will judge in another 50 years.
              \_ Actually, a majority of Americans still thinks that Saddam
                 had WMDs.
                 \_ They also can't find Canada on a map, can't tell you when
                    WWII happened, can't identify when Jesus lived to within
                    a hundred years, and can't solve a quadratic equation.
                    My mom teaches college freshman, and started giving them
                    a quiz sometimes to see if these things you hear about
                    Americans' ignorance are true.  They are.
                 \_ And most still think SH had terrorist ties. GWB has
                    reached teflon levels with this.
2005/5/31-6/2 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37903 Activity:nil
5/31    Mad about suicide bombing?  Attack a KFC!
        \_ Blame the West first!
        \_ Two frozen in the freezer. So do terrorists give you a choice now?
           Either get blown to pieces or frozen to death?
2005/5/31-6/5 [Uncategorized] UID:37904 Activity:nil
5/31    How do I do anonymous FTP to from another
        machine?  Thanks.
        \_ This may be related:
2005/5/31-6/2 [Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:37905 Activity:nil
5/31    I've noticed weird things in the past few months where Fox News
        does a 180 and writes unpatriotic op-ed. Why is this happening?,2933,157960,00.html,2933,157948,00.html
        The first one says US has a long history of bad judgements
        (war) and the second one criticizes US and its citizens.
        \_ Reverse psychology
        \_ They can see which way the wind is blowing and are trying
           to get ahead of it.
2005/5/31-6/2 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:37906 Activity:nil
5/31    Has anyone seen the new Honda Civic commercial where they put a
        crash dummy outside of the car and then use the Civic to drive
        into that dummy? Then they say something to the effect "We don't
        just care about the people inside, we also care about the people
        \_ Honda's campaign called "Safety for Everyone".  ACE body structure,
           side airbags, stability control, etc... making these standard on
           their latest releases (and any future models).
           \_ Interesting. According to Court TV, automobile is the best
              murder weapon because you have a much better chance at getting
              involuntary manslaughter (rather than first degree) and
              minimal jail time. This move from Honda would turn away would
              be car murderers to other manufacturers, like Hummer.  -troller
2005/5/31-6/2 [Recreation/Media] UID:37907 Activity:moderate
5/31    No Sith Reviews yet?
        \_ I hear there's this thing called the Internet now.
        \_ Sith? What are Sith? You spoiled the fucking movie now, asshole!
           \_ Sith is a plural word?? Thanks a lot buddy.
        \_ It didn't suck and is worth seeing.
           \_ You are a cruel son-of-a-bitch. -dans
                \_ why? !pp
                   \_ My take on it is that I don't get the 2.5 hours of my
                      life back.  This runs counter to pp's assessment.
                      Fortunately I saw it on Google's dime so at least I
                      didn't pay to suffer. -dans
                      \_ how many hours yave you spent on this stupid flame
                         war?  Are you under the impression that you'll get
                         those hours of your life back?
                         \_ Roughly 45 minutes.  But unlike Episode III, the
                            flamewar amuses me, and, thus, is a worthwhile use
                            of my time. -dans
                        \_ I feel sorry for you and your kind. Admit it now
                           that you wouldn't have been happy with anything
                           Lucas put out. You guys are always so overly
                           critical, and it's very annoying.
                           \_ Yah, I don't see what the big deal is.  Ep3
                              was a flawed film with a lot of problems, but
                              nonetheless I still found it to be very
                              entertaining.  That IS the point of going to a
                              film for the vast majority of us....    -mice
                              \_ Actually it has nothing to do with Lucas, or
                                 Star Wars.  The movie sucked.  It was over
                                 two hours of bad dialogue, overly long fight
                                 scenes in need of an editor.  I was not
                                 entertained.  Incidentally, I thought the
                                 whole Lord of the Rings trilogy was basically
                                 an unwatchable hack job too.  But, really, I
                                 can't do anywhere near the justice to how bad
                                 Episodes 1-3 were as this New Yorker article
                                 \_ Maybe you should stop going to movies.
                                 \_ There was recently a list published
                                    somewhere of "100 top films of all time."
                                    It's nowhere near perfect or complete, but
                                    has some good, solid and artistically
                                    worthy works.  I recommend having a look
                                    at some of them.  Remember, a movie does
                                    not have to be "good" to be entertaining,
                                    and THERE'S NOTHING FUCKING WRONG WITH
                                    OVERLY LONG FIGHT SCENES AND BAD DIALOGUE.
                                    What are you, a communist?  -John
                                    \_ I can't actually tell if you're being
                                       sarcastic or not, but, by definition,
                                       there's something wrong with overly
                                       long fight scenes and bad dialogue.  As
                                       the term would suggest, overly long
                                       fight scenes are, well, overly long.
                                       And bad dialogue is, well, bad. -dans
                                       \_ You're obviously the kind of person
                                          who's never come home from work to
                                          play Doom 2 with the automatic
                                          double-barrelled shotgun unlimited
                                          ammo cheat.  You wouldn't understand
                                          the aethereal qualities inherent in
                                          truly bad dialogue and overly long
                                          fight scenes.  I sentence you to
                                          watch Errol Flynn movies.  -John
                                          \_ Oh, how wrong you are...
                                             a) I think Errol Flynn rules
                                             b) I'm more partial to the
                                                chainsaw cheat
                                             c) Sorry fanboy, Episode 3, while
                                                better than 1 and 2, was still
                                                that bad.  I mean, for
                                                chrissakes, Jar-Jar lives!
                                             \_ Who you calling fanboy, you
                                                commie bastard?!  I am simply
                                                commenting on the necessity
                                                of bad dialogue and overly
                                                long fight scenes.  And I kind
                                                of liked Ep2.  In that case I
                                                sentence you to Plan 9 from
                                                Outer Space, where the bad
                                                dialogue almost-but-not-quite
                                                makes up for lack of overly
                                                long fight scenes.  -John
                                                \_ Hold on a second.  John,
                                                   the European socialist is
                                                   accusing me of being a
                                                   commie.  That's rich. -dans
                                                   \_ Um.  He lives in Helvetia.
                                                      He's no socialist.  Heck,
                                                      I want to move there.
                                                        -- ilyas
                                                      \_ Yes, but despite your
                                                         intelligence, you are
                                                         completely and utterly
                                                         irrational, and
Obviously you haven't seen the girls who run around ->   detached from
here on a hot summer day.  ilyas is displaying      ->   reality.  So I really
pretty sound judgment, if you ask me.               ->   don't consider your
                                                         opinion to be a
                                                         useful gauge of,
                                                         well, anything. -dans
\_ Please.  Moving half-way around the world for         opinion to be a
   pretty girls?  There are lots of hot chicks           useful gauge of, well,
   right here in SF.  Variety too. -dans                 anything. -dans
                                                   \_ Dans, meet heil cherman
                                                      chohn guy.  You probably
                                                      pirated that movie, you
                                                      damn Hollywood-hating
                                                      long hair.  What would
                                                      Bud Day say?  -John
                                 \_ Well, I will readily admit that it felt
                                    like they got the guy on the set with
                                    plumber's ass to write all the romantic
                                    dialogue.  Thank god most of that was over
                                    within the first twenty minutes.  I don't
                                    think I'd have been able to sit through
                                    the film if it had gone on.    -mice
                                \_ Maybe you should stop going to movies.
                                   \_ Why?  Because I have standards?  I
                                      thought Fight Club and Requiem for a
                                      Dream were fantastic.  Spiderman 2 was
                                      no magnum opus, but I enjoyed it quite a
                                      bit.  Hell, I liked Hitchhikers'. -dans
                                      \_ Implying that anyone disagreeing
                                         with you has no standards?  That's
                                         just damn silly.
                                         \_ I was not the one that suggested I
                                            stop going to movies. -dans
                                \_ I wasn't impressed with that review. He's
                                   clearly impressed with his own wit. But I
                                   \_ And you clearly are not a regular reader
                                      of the New Yorker -dans
                                   frankly think he misses the point. He's
                                   going off on rambles about the movie's
                                   philosophy and "vulgarity". And character
                                   names, for chrissake. I mean, whatever.
                                   None of this stuff is new.
                                   By the way, I recommend that you all go
                                   and watch the animated "Clone Wars Vol. 1"
                                   which helps explain a couple things and
                                   really just has a lot of cool action and
                                   minimum bad dialogue. A DVD rip is out
                                   there on bittorrent if you want to stiff
                                   Lucas and all the various production and
                                   distribution staff out of their $15 like
                                   I did. I haven't seen any of Vol. 2.
                                   As for Sith, and LOTR for that matter,
                                   I actually was more upset with some of
                                   the LOTR aspects. Sith entertained me
                                   more. Yes there are instances of laughably
                                   bad dialogue and acting but overall the
                                   sheer grandiosity of the thing was well
                                   worth the price of admission. Assuming
                                   you like such fluff in general.
                                   \_ I saw Clone Wars Vol 1 and 2 and it
                                      made me excited to watch Episode III.
                                      I was disappointed by epIII. They
                                      Should have made the Clone Wars into
                                      a real movie and skipped this movie.
                                      \_ If they were gonna skip movies,
                                         they should've skipped EP2 and
                                         EP1 (in that order).  If you're
                                         gonna skip EP3, you might as well
                                         skip the whole prequel trilogy.
                                         (Not a bad idea, actually...)
2005/5/31-6/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:37908 Activity:kinda low
        I'm looking for volunteers to update MOTD WIKI, someone to update
        definitions like Ding!, ilyased, squish, etc. If you're interested
        please email me and I'll give you an account. Thanks.   -kchang
        \_ Stupid question.  How exactly does one email you?
           finger: kchang: no such user
           \_ /csua/bin/finger kchang
           \_ my name, at soda. If I don't respond it probably went to
              /dev/null thanks to spamassassin, in which case just
              post your login. Thanks.                          -kchang
        \_ oh, and you can ADD words too with the account.
           \_ I propose the first volunteer create a list of previously
              squished users to the Wiki, along with details on why the user
              was squished
              \_ Dear Anonymous Fuckhead Coward,
                 Every person of substance I have ever met has made mistakes
                 in his/her past.  Some of these mistakes were minor, some
                 were spectacular, ranging from outright stupid to
                 inconsiderate to just plain evil.  I count these individuals
                 as people of substance in part because they learned from
                 their past mistakes.  But more importantly, they now spend
                 their time engaging in interesting pursuits and creating
                 useful and beautiful works.  I often wonder if the current
                 state of affairs persists in spite of those past mistakes or
                 because of them.  So, other than trying to punish people for
                 sins of yesteryear, what have you been up to lately? -dans
                 sins of yesteryear, what have you been up to lately? -Dubya
                 \_ Actually I think it would be entertaining to read about
                    the history of squishage. I for one would like to be
                    remembered as the h0zer who is foolish enough to try
                    to bring down the entire EECS network by fingering it
                    once a second.                                  -kchang
                    \_ That was only a near squish.
                    \_ Tried to?  I _did_ bring down the network with a
                       simple program that does while true fork().  Why
                       would you want to be remembered as a h0zer?
                    \_ I can see how you would not want to be remembered for
                    \_ I can see how you would to not want to be remembered for
                       the actual time you got squished.
                    \_ apparently EECS does not like your 'finger', haha -troll
             \_ tien, can you beat this h0zer?
                \_ Uh, I guess not.  -tien
2005/5/31 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:37909 Activity:nil
5/31    "Respectable" Terrorists"
        (W. Mark Felt aka "Deep Throat" sounds like a stand up guy!)   -jblack
        \_ [ip address replaced for the thousanth time, and for the thousanth
            time, fuck you.]
         \_ If it bothers you that much, just nuke his stuff until he
            complies or until you get shouted down.  He's probably just
            trying to piss you off, you know.
        \_ Fuck you jblack. Go back to your Red Neck Virginia state.
2019/08/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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