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2021/07/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/8/26-11/21 [Politics/Domestic/California, Consumer/Camera] UID:54733 Activity:nil
8/26    "Pastafarian student allowed to wear pasta strainer on head for
        driver's license photo" (
           With photos.
2021/07/27 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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11/25   California, model for The Nation:
        \_ 'And maybe the transaction would have proceeded faster if Mr.
           Boehner's office hadn't, according to the D.C. exchange, put its
           agent - who was calling to help finish the enrollment - on hold for
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2010/4/2-15 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53768 Activity:nil
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        photo of buildings at night. Does anyone know where I could
        find such a poster, or a similar one, or even what the name of
        such a photo/poster might be? Thanks in advance.
2010/4/2-14 [Consumer/Camera] UID:53767 Activity:nil
04/02   Anybody know of a program that can generate a big picture collage from
        a lot of smaller pictures?   I'm not looking for a regular photo
        collage maker that just puts the pictures in tiles one after another.
        The big picture being generated can be something like a company
        logo and the small pictures can be company employees photos.  I've
        seen those in annual reports but I don't know how they're generated.
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The Daily Caller 7 hours ago A student at Texas Tech University appears to be the first American to have his driver's license photo taken -- and to successfully obtain a driver's license -- while wearing a pasta strainer on his head. Castillo told DMV officials that the silver, metal pasta strainer is a religious symbol for him, and they bought it. "Once she allowed me to put the pasta strainer on my head, I took the biggest, cheesiest smile I probably ever took," he reminisced to the Lubbock CBS affiliate. Its proponents seek to illustrate their belief that government should avoid promoting any single religion. A guy named Bobby Henderson concocted it (along with the Spaghetti Monster, the belief that pirates are gods and much else) while he was fighting against the inclusion of intelligent design in Kansas public schools. "It was created as a form of satire, but it shouldn't be taken in a sense that discriminates or disassociates other religions, and it should be looked at as a political symbol for the separation between church and state," Castillo explained. As KLBK notes, Castillo isn't the first person in the United States to try such antics. "I've heard of the stories happening in New Jersey, you know, the guy getting arrested for attempting to do the same thing that I was doing, so when I walked in there I had to mentally prepare myself to probably gather bond or something to get out of jail," he told the CBS affiliate. The Texas Tech student added that he was surprised that he succeeded in Lubbock because of its reputation as a bastion for conservatism. Castillo also expressed his hope that he isn't seen as "poking fun at religious head-wear in other peoples' faiths." Instead, he said, he hopes his action "opens the doors for new-age religion" and "celebrates in a sense that we are a melting pot of a country." It's not clear if Castillo will actually be able to keep and use a driver's license in which he wears a pasta strainer on his head. On the one hand, KLBK notes that Castillo had wrangled for a month with the Texas Department of Public Safety (which handles driver's licenses) before he actually showed up for his photo wearing a colander. On the other hand, the station indicated that the Department's attorneys are assessing the legality of Castillo's license and will contact him "to rectify the situation." According to a report compiled by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Texas law prohibits "obvious disguises for the purpose of concealing identity or headwear that is not for religious purposes" in driver's license photographs. Please enter a valid email address To Please enter valid email addresses, separated by commas Maximum 200 character limit exceeded Don't see your Facebook contacts? Import them Please enter a message Pastafarian student allowed to wear pasta strainer on head for driver's license photo Pastafarian student allowed to wear pasta strainer on head for driver's license photo A student at Texas Tech University appears to be the first American to have his driver's license photo taken -- and to successfully obtain a driver's license -- while wearing a pasta strainer on his head. Pastafarian student allowed to wear pasta strainer on head for driver's license photo A student at Texas Tech University appears to be the first American to have his driver's license photo taken -- and to successfully obtain a driver's license -- while wearing a pasta strainer on his head. Miley Cyrus, Gaga vie for attention at MTV's VMAs NEW YORK (AP) -- Mile Cyrus made Lady Gaga look surprisingly tame as the pop stars opened the MTV Video Music Awards. Top-10 Credit Cards for Excellent Credit For people with excellent credit. Compare exclusive offers side-by-side and apply online for the card that is right for you. Report: Snowden reached out to Russia back in HK MOSCOW (AP) -- NSA leaker Edward Snowden spent two days in the Russian Consulate in Hong Kong directly before flying to Moscow on what turned out to be an abortive attempt to reach asylum in Latin America, the respected newspaper Kommersant reported Monday, citing unidentified sources in Snowden's... What Israelis Are Flocking to Snatch Up Could Be a Clue "Our finger must always be on the pulse. Ours is a responsible finger and if necessary, it will also be on the trigger." Maybe ATLANTA (AP) -- Coca-Cola keeps the recipe for its 127-year-old soda inside an imposing steel vault that's bathed in red security lights. Several cameras monitor the area to make sure the fizzy formula stays a secret. Chicago stands watch as kids return to school CHICAGO (AP) -- Busy, unfamiliar streets were made a bit friendlier Monday, the first day of school in Chicago, thanks to hundreds of newly hired safety guards. But some parents expressed doubt the effort would protect their children, who now must cross gang boundaries to get to their new classrooms... Tesla outselling Porsche, Range Rover in California The company dubbed the Apple Mac of the car world has officially conquered California, America's most important and trend-defining car-buying state, and now it has its sights firmly set on doing the same on the other side of the Atlantic with the opening of its first European production plant. Syria chemical evidence fades as UN team under fire By Anthony Deutsch AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - As UN weapons inspectors came under fire in Syria on Monday, the evidence of an apparent large-scale chemical weapons attack they are seeking is already fading from the scene. The longer it takes the 20-member team to get to the spot where rockets carrying... Exclusive: United Tech, Pentagon in $1 billion-plus deal for F-35 engines By Andrea Shalal-Esa WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp, has reached an agreement in principle with the Pentagon on a contract to build 39 engines for a sixth batch of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, three sources familiar with the deal said on Monday. Same-sex pairs shake up tango championship in Argentina The sexy, sensual world of tango is experiencing a shake-up, as same-sex couples compete for the first time in the world championships in Argentina, where the dance was born. Kaepernick, 49ers' defense strong in 34-14 win SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Aside from a handful of boneheaded penalties Jim Harbaugh will most certainly address this week, the San Francisco 49ers looked rather familiar in Week 3 of the preseason. The 10 Step 'I Just Got Fired' Action Plan America is slowly, and I mean slowly, climbing back from soul-crushing unemployment. As the recovery lurches forward, however, there are still many people losing jobs. It's a frightening experience, but one that doesn't have to end badly. Here are 10 steps you can take to get back to work as... New entrant in obesity drug race targets body, not the mind By Esha Dey (Reuters) - Imagine a weight-loss drug that not only helps you shed a few pounds, but does so without asking you to diet or exercise. In an industry dogged by safety concerns, a private US company is betting on a new approach to deliver just such a treatment that could end up being... Warhol snap shots (15 photos) Never-before-seen photographs of celebrities captured in informal moments by the artist Andy Warhol are to be sold. The American pop artist used photography as a medium of art towards the end of his career and had a tendency to snap spontaneous moments. Spurs 'have more than one offer for Bale' Tottenham have received offers from more than one club for Real Madrid target Gareth Bale, according to reports on Monday. Trump calls NY attorney general a 'political hack' ALBANY, NY (AP) -- Donald Trump on Monday defended his Trump University as a booming success for student entrepreneurs and blasted New York's attorney general, who called it a scam. Adultery website focuses on Hong Kong marriages The founder of a dating service promoting adultery is setting his sights on China's cheating hearts after a controversial launch in Hong Kong.
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