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2010/11/15-2011/1/13 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Immigration] UID:53992 Activity:nil
11/15   "CA Supreme Court ...... ruled that illegal immigrants are entitled to
        the same tuition breaks offered to in-state high school students to
        attend public colleges and universities."
        Not only do illigal immigrants enjoy the same benefits as citizens
        (not to mention legal immigrants), they can actually enjoy more
        benefits than some citizens.
        \_ Classic variable mislabeling error: you're confusing
           "citizens of the United States who reside in California" with
           "citizens of the United States," and failing to distinguish
           between "illegal immigrants who reside in California" and
           "illegal immigrants." Also, you're confusing "citizen" and
           "resident," as in "benefits of being a citizen of the United
           States" versus "benefits of being a resident of California."
           Of course, you could have avoided this confusion entirely by
           simply writing, "Achtung! Papers, please!"
           \_ I guess no UC funding comes from the Federal Government, right?
              -- OP
              \_ the clue is weak in this one
2010/11/15-2011/1/13 [Science/Space] UID:53993 Activity:nil
11/15   "Scientists propose one-way trips to Mars"
        \_ CSUA/OCF guy gwh has been a big proponent of the one-way trip to
           Mars for years.  -tom
        \_ I think it is suiciadal.  One glitch and you life is down to the
           tens of minutes of reserve oxygen with any kinds of physical supply
           six months away.
           \_ Everybody dies. Not everybody lives.
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