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2012/9/14-11/7 [Consumer/Camera, Consumer/CellPhone] UID:54477 Activity:nil 53%like:54476
9/12    iPhone 4S has new features like 8MP rear camera and Siri, and iPhone 5
        has 1.2MP front camera, 4" display, and 4G LTE.  My 17-month-old
        Android phone has 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 4.2" display,
        voice search, voice-to-text that supports English, Cantonese,
        Mandarin, Japanese plus other languages/dialects that I don't speak,
        4G LTE, and voice-guided navigation, all built-in.  I don't get what
        the hype is about iPhones.
        \_ p.s. two more features on my 17-month-old Android phone:
           simultaneous voice and data over cellular network on Verizon, video
           calling over 4G LTE (not built-in though -- I had to download
           Skype).  --- OP
           \_ p.p.s. one more: 3-D photo-realistic maps during voice-guided
              navigation.  --- OP
              navigation.  I think I should start a web site called
              <DEAD><DEAD>  --- OP
           \_ (10/18) one more: VoIP over Wi-Fi, which even iPhone 5 doesn't
               support.  --- OP
        \_ imo, iOS is better than Android, but I agree with you that the
           recent iPhone hype doesn't make too much sense.  Personally, I
           was very happy with my original iPhone, which remains perfectly
           useable even today.  The iPhone 3GS was a nice incremental upgrade
           b/c it added 3G support and additional security features.  But I
           don't see the point of the iPhone 4 and newer - they just seem
           like more of the same.  Must be getting old...
        \_ Microsoft Zune had MORE stuff and it was cheaper! Radio, recorder,
           calendar, etc. Why did shitty iPod that only did one thing
           win at the end?
        \_ The public values elegance and good design >> feature set alone.
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