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2009/8/3-13 [Computer/Companies/Google, Computer/SW/Security] UID:53230 Activity:high
8/1     Yahoo to get 88% of the ad revenue in team up with m$.  Y!m$,
        \_ I thought Jerry Yang would never sell!
           \_ He's gone, replaced by some broad.
        \_ 88% of pittance is still pittance, I don't know how people
          think there is money in click through ads.  Who clicks on them?
          \_ do some math please and come back
          \_ so my question is, are you one of these "know everything about
             everything without researching it"  guys?  Because FYI, Google
             / AOL partnership made $678M in ad revenue last year.  GOOG
             reported $5.54B 2008 Q4 alone.  Most of that is click ads!
             Are you saying 88% x 678M = 596M is a "pittance" ?  And that is
             using the AOL numbers, not Yahoo/Microsoft numbers.
          \_ It doesn't matter who clicks on them it's like the stock
             market, people think other people click on them so they
             value the ad space.
             \_ So one good paper, story, journal can end all this?
          \_ Who watches television or radio ads? One of the things advertisers
             \_ My Parents.  Your Parents.  Your Grand Parents, your neighbors
                who didn't go to Cal.  Your waiter, the guy delivering your mail
                the guy you buy your groceries from, the guy your parents and
                grandparents buy your groceries from.  As for radio, do any
                of your parents drive?  I know it is gauche to admit to drive in
                Blue Belt Bay Area but in the next county over like vacaville
                there are alot of car radios.
                \_ You totally missed the point. The fact is that advertisers
                   only have a very limited way of telling who is listening
                   to their ads and what the effect is on buying behavior.
                   They can get much better real statistics online, which
                   they love.
                   \_ Is click fraud a problem?  Can infact advertising spots
                      inflate their 'standings' by bots?
                      \_ Are these all rhetorical questions?
                         \_ no; how is the problem being addressed?  It looks
                            to me that the same people paying out and taking in
                            revenue can work the system for fraud.  And since
                            they hold all the logs who would know?
                            \_ All the big advertisers use third party
                               verification services, they don't rely on what
                               the website says is their ads delivered. There
                               is an ongoing war about click fraud, this
                               doesn't mean online advertising is dead, there
                               is bank fraud and perhaps more to the point,
                               things like Nielsen rating gaming as well.
  "According to critics, this complex relationship may create a conflict of
   interest. For instance, Google loses money to undetected click fraud when
   it pays out to the publisher, but it makes more money when it collects fees
   from the advertiser. Because of the spread between what Google collects and
   what Google pays out, click fraud directly and invisibly profits Google."
   \_ Right, so that's why all the newspapers are dying and Google is the
      fastest growing big company in the world and advertisings are starting
      to throw big bucks to online media. Because it all doesn't work. And
      all they really need to do is listen to you to wisen up.
      \_ "Property values only keep going up, they'll NEVER come DOWN."
         \_ Post your real name so I can taunt you in two years.
            Are you GOOG short @ $100/share guy?
            \_ I tihnk he's trying to say that if you buy into a bubble you're
               just as guilty of the Pass-The-Buck mentality as the countrywide
               guys and the mkt mgr funds who invented Toxic Asset Technology.
               \_ What bubble? The Internet Bubble? In 2009???
      really like about online ads is the fact that they get real metrics.
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