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2008/12/15-29 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:52248 Activity:nil
12/15   Anyone have opinions on media streamers that connect to your tv and
        let you play all those bittorrented movies?  I'm getting sick of
        my xbox refusing to play every other video.
        \_ My current solution is an old pc with a cheap video card, using
           Synergy on my laptop.  This plus every episode of MST3K has provided
           much entertainment.
        \_ the leet hacker types use mythtv.
         \_ The goal is to have a dedicated box.  A full computer is such
            a waste of electricy, and if I want it to be quiet it costs far
            too much.
2008/12/15-28 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:52249 Activity:nil
12/15   You've got to be kidding me.
        \_ She's "an attorney, editor, writer and member of the New York
           and Washington, D.C. bar associations" according to wikipedia.
           How is she any less qualified than anyone else?
2008/12/15-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Web] UID:52250 Activity:nil
12/15   who really is
        \_ "This is the homepage of Marc Liyanage."
           \_ isn't that the php maintainer?
           \_ known terrorist
        \_ just compile your php already, paolo
2008/12/15 [Computer/Companies/Ebay] UID:52251 Activity:moderate
12/14   Got really screwed by this eBay buyer (says he'll pay, then
        waits, then says he'll pay by check, then makes up a story,
        then at the end says you're rude and doesn't want to pay
        anymore). eBay refuses to do anything about it. WTF? What
        is the best way to get back at this guy?
        \_ That's hardly "really screwed."  You still have the item, right.
           Fucking suck it up and sell it to someone else.
        \_ Hack into the EBay computers to get his IP address, then impersonate
           a police officer to get his ISP to give up his home address. Then
           go to his house and fill a paper bag full of dog poop, put it on
           his doorstep, light it on fire and ring the doorbell. This is
           hilarious, as he will come out and try and stomp out the fire.
           \_ That IS pretty funny. So what do I need to do as step 1
              e.g. how do I hack into eBay?
              \_ You expect me to explain everything to you???
        \_ ebay won't do anything?  What do you expect them to do?  When this
           happened to me ebay refunded me the listing fee and the guy got
           bad feedback.
           \_ Starting September 2008 sellers can no longer leave bad
              feedbacks to buyers. Presumably, there are a LOT more
              bad sellers than bad buyers.
           \_ oh noes, bad feedback! Whatever will he do?!!
              \_ Again, what are you expecting ebay to do?  Charge the guy
                 with fraud?  Castrate him?  What?
2008/12/15-28 [Finance/Investment] UID:52252 Activity:nil
12/14   Short-term pop possibility: FDRY is being bought by Brocade.
        Deal is priced at $16.50 (cash, not tied to BRCD's stock price).
        FDRY is currently trading at $15.70; shareholder vote is on
        Wednesday 12/17.  FDRY shareholders will gladly take the deal;
        the only risk is that financing for the deal falls through,
        but it looks solid to me.  Quick 5%.  -tom
        \_ Will look into it, but there's not much room for arbitrage
           at this point. When would the deal close?
           \_ Supposed to close by 12/31.  There will also be a special
              dividend to shareholders from sale of auctionable securities.
              ($50 million is about 30 cents/share).
              Looks like pretty easy money to me.  -tom
              \_ Update: Auction rate securities sold, proceeds 24.9 cents
                 per share to be paid as dividends on the sale.  -tom
        \_ this doesn't sound like tom. -tom #1 fan
           \_ Why not?  I am on record as holding FDRY.  -tom
              \_ I didn't think of you as someone who believed that
                 individual investors can effectively act as arbitrageurs.
                 \_ As a general rule, that's true, but I think this market
                    is pretty broken, which leaves some opportunities out
                    there.  If the deal fails, FDRY will tank, so you're taking
                    on some risk.  If the deal succeeds, the math is pretty
                    obvious.  -tom
                    P.S.: Just bought some at 15.50 in my play account.
                    \_ Update: Merger approved, deal expected to close
                       tomorrow, stock at 16.66.  Too late to get in now.
                       Brocade might be interesting as a long-term play,
                       if you think adding Foundry improves their business.
                       \_ Good trade. Congrats! That's almost 10% if you
                          include the dividend. You selling now?
                          \_ I'll just wait for the deal to close, they'll
                             be paying out cash.  -tom
2008/12/15-28 [Uncategorized] UID:52253 Activity:nil
12/15   Fitch says Alt-A RMBS losses far exceed estimates for "moderate
        stress" scenario from earlier this year -- rapid increase in 60+-day
        delinquencies despite delays in foreclosures (I would think delaying
        foreclosures would eventually ramp 60+-day delinquencies to a series of
        steady states)
2008/12/15-29 [Computer/Networking] UID:52254 Activity:kinda low
12/15   ausman, maybe this can help form your views on net neutrality:
        if you're bored, skip down to the iFilm example.
        \_ jim: consider the case of a private electrical utility:
           do you believe in "current neurality"? i agree if say GOOG
           were to put in a giant server complex creating a sudden local
           demand shock the utility could not have planned on, perhaps
           they should talk and work something out ... it's unfair to
           make the rest of the area pay the consequences of the shortfall
           or to obligate the utility to give google whatever they demand.
           but that's a different case than saying we're going to turn the
           power on and off a couple of times a day to google's data center
           unless they sign up for out "premium current delivery service".
           i personally think this is a case of alllowing price discrimination
           and a shakedown and not a case of an unfair damand shock which comes
           and a shakedown and not a case of an unfair demand shock which comes
           out of nowhere. as i said before in the motd [that comment may have
           been deleted], classical supply side price discrimination allows
           the producer to suck up consumer surplus and convert it into
           \_ Yeah, like I have said, I haven't entirely worked out all the
              issues, which are actually pretty complicated. I wonder if most
              NN supporters are mostly just ignorant about how the Internet
              NN supporters are just ignorant about how the Internet
              works and have therefore decided to take a simplistic "every
              packet is sacred" approach. There is already quite a bit of
              pricing discrimination going on in the Net, try connecting from
              an Internet cafe in Cairo if you don't believe me. Why is it
              okay to drop packets because of a congested router (often a
              deliberately congested router, so as to reduce bandwidth costs)
              deliberately congested router, so as to limit bandwidth costs)
              but not okay to do traffic shaping? And do they really think that
              it is immoral to blackhole known spammers and botnets? Maybe
              we just need to switch from a 95% of peak load model of charging
              for net bandwidth, to a total bits delivered charge. If you want
              to talk about "unfair" is it fair to make the majority of
              Internet users have to pay to build out the infrastructure for
              the small minority that runs bittorrent?
              \- if bittorrent were the problem they were trying to solve, te
                 solution wouldnt be shakedown the people with deep pockets.
                 \_ This is true, the "right" solution from my perspective,
                    is to charge people for the bits they use, instead of
                    trying to strongarm the service providers.
           Even Google wants its own pipes now.
           \_ That article is shit.  Google wants caching servers like
              Akamai.  -tom
           \_ That article is being strongly disputed by most of the
              people it talks about.
              \_ So it is okay for GOOG to build out a private, proprietary
                 network from their content distribution location to a Tier
                 One NAP and then sign an agreement for them to get dedicated
                 network connectivity there, which speeds up their content
                 delivery to end users, but it is *not* okay for them to
                 pay for a Tier One ISP to just carry the bits faster from
                 end to end? Is that what you are suggesting?
                 \_ You're begging the question.  -tom
                    \_ What do you think that "caching servers like Akamai"
                       entails? How would you describe their CDN network?
                       \_ I certainly wouldn't describe it as having its
                          own pipes.  -tom
                          \_ Certainly some of the CDNs do. Limelight does.
                             Maybe Akamai does not.
                    \_ How about if GOOG then expanded that network all the
                       way to your house and offered you 100% free GOOGnet
                       connectivity, but only with their content on it? Should
                       that be legal?
                       \_ What if you could use Monopoly money to pay for it,
                          wouldn't that be cool?  -tom
                          \_ And then if after you started using your GOOGnet
                             connection, paid for by monopoly money, what if
                             GOOG started carrying other traffic on it, for
                             free, but not as fast as the GOOG stuff. Would
                             it still be cool? Just questions...
                             \_ If anyone who wanted to could install last
                                mile cable that would be fine, however
                                in the real world that's just not feasable,
                                and that's why like net neutrality is so
                                \_ Perhaps you didn't know about GOOG's offer
                                   to provide municipal free wireless to the
                                   entire City of San Francisco.
                                   \_ "Anyone who wanted" is key.  Wireless
                                      bandwidth is very limited.
                                     \_ And the offer wasn't fulfilled --oj
  \_ Yes, I am aware of this, but it shows that the idea is more than just
     a hypothetical. It is possible that this will happen sooner or later.
                             \_ Not all hypotheticals are worth considering.
                                \_ Yes, but what if they were?
2008/12/15-28 [Uncategorized] UID:52255 Activity:nil
12/15   "U.S. anti-kidnap expert kidnapped in Mexico"
        What an insult to the US.
2008/12/15-28 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:52256 Activity:nil
12/15   "Serious flaw in Internet Explorer not fixed yet (AP)" (
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