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2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/10/4 [Computer/SW/Unix, Computer/SW/Security] UID:33892 Activity:moderate
10/4    Hey, jvarga. What the heck is bonnie and why is it sucking up
        all of soda's resources. And why are you running sshd?

7803 jvarga         56   0  5544K  1816K RUN      1:38  4.49%  4.49% sshd
58395 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:27  3.56%  3.56% bonnie
58396 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:27  3.52%  3.52% bonnie
58393 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:27  3.37%  3.37% bonnie
58391 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:26  3.32%  3.32% bonnie
58397 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:28  3.27%  3.27% bonnie
58394 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:27  3.27%  3.27% bonnie
58398 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:27  3.12%  3.12% bonnie
58399 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:27  3.12%  3.12% bonnie
58392 jvarga         -6   0   884K   448K nfsaio   3:25  3.03%  3.03% bonnie
        \_ An sshd process is started as the user whenever you log in with ssh.
        \_ Stress testing nfs for soda upgrades.  I'll nice my processes a bit
           more to keep the load from interfering.
           \_ What are you testing?  Dont be absurd. Re: nicing ... you
              are certainly giving signs of not knowing what you are doing.
              \_ And those signs would be???  Nicing processes will cause them
                 to be much lower in the priority queue than other processes,
                 like sendmail, and make life for you better.  Nicing has
                 absolutly nothing to do with testing NFS.
              \_ What a lamer.  I wouldn't be surprised if jvarga isn't
                 a l33t u|\|1X H4X@r.  But he's doing a pretty good job,
                 and a whole lot more than you are.  If you have something
                 constructive to say, go ahead, otherwise, shut your pie
                 \_ You dont know who I am.  By anybody's measure I've
                    done far more for the CSUA than jvarga.  root@soda/
                    politburo has been quite unresponsive to requests and
                    has made a number of boneheaded decisions like the
                    "kchang finger denial of service" thing.
                    \_ he was evil when I met him in 97 and deserves a
                       permanent squishage. The decision was anything but
                       boneheaded.                              -former polit
                    \_ So, by "by anybody's measure", you mean "anybody who
                       hasn't been around to actually see how much work he's
                       \_ How about a list of things?
                    \_ Said the anonymous loser.
                    \_ Anonymous Loser, just like you? If I signed, then
                       I'd be dismissed as a bitter alumnus.
                    \_ Like I said, lamer.  We've got this thing in English,
                       indeed most languages.  It's called present tense.
                       indeed most languages, it's called present tense.
                       Used for such words as "doing", and "sitting." Maybe
                       you should google for it.
        \_ bonnie is a file system stress-testing benchmark.  It *should* be
           heavily I/O bound. Bearing that in mind, what's renicing it supposed
           to accomplish?
           \_ It should be I/O bound, and it is.  Renicing the processes will
              ensure that they don't consume CPU when others want it.  It has
              nothing to do with the I/O bound nature.
           \_ Not to mention running a benchmark on a system with a lot
              of baseline use.  "Stress testing for soda upgrade" ... yeah
              \_ Actualy, yes, stress testing for a soda upgrade.  Those bonnie
                 processes are hammering on an NFS mounted partition.
2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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