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2019/06/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/5/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:28335 Activity:high
5/5     What do you do when your co-worker/cubiclemate eats stinky ethnic
        food in the cubicle and you can smell it but you're too nice to
        say anything about it because his wife cooked it and it drives you
        crazy cuz he eats it every day?
        \_ if you can find other people who are bothered, talk to the
           office manager and get him to post a "please eat stinky
           food in the kitchen" policy.
                \_ isn't "stinky" in the nose of the beholder? A lot of
                   ppl hate wasabi but I love it.
                   \_ wasabi's smell is very short range, even for very
                      strong fresh wasabi.
            \_ problem is the other people are of the same/similar ethnicity
               and I'm the only white guy. Now what?
                \_ stop being such a stupid whiny fuck and get used to it.
                   \_ yeah just suffer with your cube mate's smelly shitty
                      stomach turning food.  it's the white man's burden!
                \_ If you catch yellow fever you'll learn to love those
        \_ smelly cheese.  lots.  limberger, tilton.
           \_ Durian, Chinese fried rotten tofu.  Both are my favories but I
              know enought to not bring them to my workplace.
              \_ hmm... stinky tofu!  I love stinky tofu.  I actually love the
                 smell.  :-)  Taiwanese stinky tofu tastes better than the
                 mainland variety though.
        \_ try growing up... if it really bothers you that much, go eat
           your lunch in the cafeteria or wherever at the same time... or
           go work in a conference room for a bit or something.
           \_ there's nothing in anyone's employment contract that says they
              have to "grow up" or that it is in *any* way immature to have
              to sit next to someone who brings a lunch that can be smelled
              10 cubes away.  in *this* country it is offensive to be smelly
              or have anything on or near you that others can smell.  Except
              in Berkeley of course, but I mean in this country.
              \_ if only you could convince my French co-workers of
        \_ Lysol or scented air freshener. Spray it, leave for five minutes,
           and then come back. Keep this up and the smell of it or the food
           will drive one of you into retreat.
        \_ I fart in self defence. Smelly farts will cover up almost
           anything and probably offend his nose more than yours.
        \_ try stealing the guys girlfriend as payback... she's probably
           a h07 azn ch!c
           \_ What if she starts eating stinky tofu at your place?
                \_ Whitey cures all that.
        \_ Bring your own smelly food and compete.  Put your bare feet or
           smelly socks up in between you when he's eating his slop.
2019/06/26 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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