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2003/5/5 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:28329 Activity:nil
5/4     "We went to war just to boost the white male ego"
2003/5/5-6 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28330 Activity:low
5/5     Does Netcraft use a particular port to get uptime information?
        \_ rtffaq
2003/5/5-6 [Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:28331 Activity:nil
5/5     Has anyone noticed problems with getting parts through customs
        which were ordered from France or Germany?
        -waiting for parts
        \_ they're on the 'helping the terrorists' list.
2003/5/5-6 [Computer/Networking] UID:28332 Activity:moderate
5/4     Apparently IDSG (the folks who sysadmins machines in Cory Hall) have
        set it up so that any machine that uses DHCP will have its
        /etc/resolv.conf file updated everytime its DHCP lease is renewed.
        Problem is, the /etc/resolv.conf lacks the 'Berkeley.EDU' in its
        search path (it only has 'EECS.Berkeley.EDU') and this causes name
        resolution intra-Berkeley to break. What is the best way to remedy
        this (sans emailing a request IDSG)? Thx!
        \_ why would you not email a request to IDSG?  -tom
           \_ because that would require the most minimal form of social
              interaction via email.  ;-)  -!op
              \_ but there are helpful and friendly sysadmins like tom
                 on the other end.
           \_ because mail gets answered by ever-so friendly people like
              vadim kogan and mark kraitchman.
        \_ man 5 dhclient.conf
        \_ this doesn't help windows clients
           \_ then fucking learn to type faster.  damn.
2003/5/5-6 [Health/Disease/General] UID:28333 Activity:low
5/5     One way to boost enrollment of underrepresented minorities:
        Cal bans summer school students from SARS countries
        \_ what makes you think that this will open the floodgates
           of underrepresented minorities? anyone can apply for the
           summer session (unless they've changed admissions recently).
2003/5/5-6 [Academia/UCLA, Academia/OtherSchools] UID:28334 Activity:very high
5/5     What are the rankings of the UC schools? I know that UCB=1 and
        UCSC=last, but what about the UCs in between?
        \_ Generally UCB=1, UCLA=2, UCSD=3, the rest suck.
           For some things UCSD > UCLA.
                \_ can you be more specific?
                   \_ CS theory for example.
                   \_ CS Networking (Protocols/Routing/Switching)
                      \_ I don't know... UCLA is very buff at CS networking.
           \_ Hmm, I hadn't heard that UCSF sucks.
              \_ UCSF isn't a general university.  UCSF is great, of course.
              \_ UCSF is the #1 med school in the nation. They
                 have a pretty good Law School as well.
                 \_ First, the law school isn't at UCSF, it is UC Hastings!
                    UCSF only does biomedical disciplines (and only graduate).
                    Second, they are never ranked #1 overall for med-school,
                    Harvard, Mayo, and JHU are often, and usually ahead of
                    them.  And anybody who cares about overall rankings instead
                    of discipline based is most likely going to the wrong
        \_ Heh. Then you're already starting from behind. UCSC!=last and
           never has been, except for its fledgling eng program.
        \_ since when is UCSC last? I thought UCI or UCR was last.
           \_ UCR is solidly in last in terms of difficulty to gain
              admittance. --dim
           \_ I thougt UCSB the party school is last.
        \_ Ranked by what? Hot chix? Reputation? Glaucoma sufferers?
        \_ It depends on the program, really.  UCSB is mostly pretty weak,
           but their physics program ranks very highly, for example.  -tom
           \_ As a physicist, I know about them kicking ass in physics,
              particularly high energy theory and condensed matter
              experiment.  I would have guessed that their EE would have
              to be first rate, given the massive army of 3-5 semiconductor
              people there.
        \_ All this stuff about best schools and just about every one of you
           babbles about academics as if it matters.  If you're not in a PhD
           program it doesn't matter.  If you are you already know the best
           schools for your field.  It's all about the hottest chicks.  The
           rest is bullshit.
           \_ If anything, the overall school reputation matters _less_ for
              a PhD student, not more.  I can see how hiring BS/BA people can
              be influenced a little by school prestige, but for a PhD grad
              looking for a job, it's all about their research really.
              I school prestige is something low self-esteem people care about,
              kind of like they care about their sports team performance.
2003/5/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:28335 Activity:high
5/5     What do you do when your co-worker/cubiclemate eats stinky ethnic
        food in the cubicle and you can smell it but you're too nice to
        say anything about it because his wife cooked it and it drives you
        crazy cuz he eats it every day?
        \_ if you can find other people who are bothered, talk to the
           office manager and get him to post a "please eat stinky
           food in the kitchen" policy.
                \_ isn't "stinky" in the nose of the beholder? A lot of
                   ppl hate wasabi but I love it.
                   \_ wasabi's smell is very short range, even for very
                      strong fresh wasabi.
            \_ problem is the other people are of the same/similar ethnicity
               and I'm the only white guy. Now what?
                \_ stop being such a stupid whiny fuck and get used to it.
                   \_ yeah just suffer with your cube mate's smelly shitty
                      stomach turning food.  it's the white man's burden!
                \_ If you catch yellow fever you'll learn to love those
        \_ smelly cheese.  lots.  limberger, tilton.
           \_ Durian, Chinese fried rotten tofu.  Both are my favories but I
              know enought to not bring them to my workplace.
              \_ hmm... stinky tofu!  I love stinky tofu.  I actually love the
                 smell.  :-)  Taiwanese stinky tofu tastes better than the
                 mainland variety though.
        \_ try growing up... if it really bothers you that much, go eat
           your lunch in the cafeteria or wherever at the same time... or
           go work in a conference room for a bit or something.
           \_ there's nothing in anyone's employment contract that says they
              have to "grow up" or that it is in *any* way immature to have
              to sit next to someone who brings a lunch that can be smelled
              10 cubes away.  in *this* country it is offensive to be smelly
              or have anything on or near you that others can smell.  Except
              in Berkeley of course, but I mean in this country.
              \_ if only you could convince my French co-workers of
        \_ Lysol or scented air freshener. Spray it, leave for five minutes,
           and then come back. Keep this up and the smell of it or the food
           will drive one of you into retreat.
        \_ I fart in self defence. Smelly farts will cover up almost
           anything and probably offend his nose more than yours.
        \_ try stealing the guys girlfriend as payback... she's probably
           a h07 azn ch!c
           \_ What if she starts eating stinky tofu at your place?
                \_ Whitey cures all that.
        \_ Bring your own smelly food and compete.  Put your bare feet or
           smelly socks up in between you when he's eating his slop.
2003/5/5-6 [Finance/Banking] UID:28336 Activity:high
5/5     Anyone here gotten a loan through E*Trade Bank or similar? Would you
        recommend it? --dim
        \_ No but my loan officier has been able to always offer me a rate
           lower than both what E*Trade and Eloan offer.
           \_ Which bank or mortgage company? Mine can't beat it. I asked.
              \_ ComUnity Lending then it was resold to countrywide.
        \_ I did Eloan.  They were extremely unprofessional and tried to
           screw me in small ways.  The rate was good though.
           \_ screw you how?  just by being incompetent and slow or by really
              trying to screw you in a malicious way?
              \_ the most galling: eloan wanted me to pay my property tax
                 monthly into an escrow account at some pathetic interest
                 rate.  this requirement was not disclosed to me at all.  i
                 only found out by reading the loan papers on the day i was
                 supposed to sign.  another example.  eloan advertises no
                 fees on the loans, but they force you to use their absurdly
                 expensive appraisal service.
2003/5/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:28337 Activity:kinda low
5/5     Too many f***ing spams from my usernet posting on csua. is there
        a way to hide my email address? I can change it but csua adds
        a damn X-mail address to my post. thanks.
        \_ create a free email account you use to post to usernet.
           \_ but I need to post from csua account... thx.
              \_ help yourself. rtfm for your news client. if there's no way
                 to turn it off, hack the source or switch news clients.
2003/5/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:28338 Activity:low
5/5     Is there anything on soda that can decompress .lzh files?  Thanks.
        \_ /usr/local/bin/lha
           \_ Thanks!
2003/5/5-6 [Uncategorized] UID:28339 Activity:low
5/5     I just fired my toll-free long distance company because the
        connection constantly gets dropped.  I would appreciate
        recommendations for inexpensive but reliable long distance.
        \_ I just signed up with PowerNet Global (qwest is their provider).
           I found them on yahoo using their long distance calculator:
        \_ Did you at least give them two week's notice and severance?
2003/5/5-6 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:28340 Activity:high
5/5     Given a file, what is the best way to see all lines AFTER (and
        including) a keyword?
        \_ sed -n '/keyword/,$p' file
        \_ agrep?
        \_ perl -ne 'if ($p) {print;} elsif (/keyword/) {$p=1;print;}' file
           \_ thanks.  When do you use perl, sed, awk, egrep?
              \_ I only use grep if I'm looking for individual lines.  For
                 anything more complicated, I use Perl.  YMMV
           \_ perl -ne '$p=1 if (/keyword/); print if ($p);' file
        \_ awk 'BEGIN {p=0;} /keyword/ {p=1;} p==1 {print;}' file
           \- use sed when doing matches on a single line and simple
              opertions like delete. use pl for mutiple line matches.
              use awk rather than sed if you have to do flow control.
              grep is not a comparable tool. use emacs when you are
              making things up as you are going along. --psb
2003/5/5-6 [Recreation/Food] UID:28341 Activity:high
5/5     Dear Mr. Ethnic Food Hater, have you even considered the possibility
        that maybe YOUR food (hamburger, pizza, KFC) smells offensive to
        people of other culture, and perhaps you're just yet another
        by-product of the imperialistic, oppressive, and opinionated
        Euro-Anglo Saxon culture?
        \_ I dunno... I usually can't smell the burger my coworker in the next
           cube always has, yet I can smell curry from down the aisle. -!OP
           \_ and you don't realize how stupid you sound...
              \_ I don't agree.  In what way does the above sound stupid?
                 I'm neither the OP or the one you replied to.  I simply
                 disagree with your knee jerkism.
           \_ with the exception of microwave popcorn, white man food is
              generally odor free except in massive quantities.
              We don't eat soybean that smells like shit, for example.
              \_ Not true, I can smell McDonald's greasy fries from 50m.
                 Anything with lots of garlic smells pretty strongly
                 too (pepperoni, etc). And I am a white guy.
                 \_ there is no garlic in pepperoni
        \_ You forgot "hegemon" and "colonialist" and how can you discuss any
           race related topic without calling someone "RACIST!"?  C'mon, get
           with the program!  If you're going PC, you should go all the way!
        \_ And protorapist, penile-centricism.   Shut up before we
           bomb your country.
        \_ no fucking eating at the office then.
2018/12/11 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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