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2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/4/6-7 [Computer, Computer/SW/Security] UID:13039 Activity:nil
4/6     I just conducted a minor transaction with a cool guy who recently
        started his own business.  He's got a web page, but virtually no Google
        presence.  Can I buy adwords for his site if I don't run it?  Are there
        other means I can help him out in this area?
        \_ what business?
           \_ machine shop; he rethreaded a bolt hole on my intake manifold.
              His main business is removing broken off pieces of bolts and
              screws, which is specific enough that he gets nationwide business
              (hence the google thing seems helpful).
              \_ that's awsome!  too bad he doesn't list rates at all on the
                 site, though.  it would be nice to have a ballpark idea of
                 what he charges before calling.
                 \_ I paid him $20 for the thread insert and cleaning up the
                    other hole; he also polished the mating surface.  It's a
                    lot more to have him do it on the actual car, of course;
                    I removed this part.
                    \_ Do you have a well-known web presence?  Consider
                       putting a mention on your web page or blog.  Better
                       yet, if you're a well known blogger, get your friends
                       to link to your entry.
                       \_ A well known blog?  Only among the small group of
                          other 'bloggers' in the 'bloggosphere'.
                          \_ That's blogosphere.  And the blog echo chamber is
                             very good at pushing up google rankings.
2019/05/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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After a few choice words and maybe some busted knuckles you storm off to the local hardware store. So you begin to tell him your situation and he tells you No Problem. I can sell you a couple of drills and an EZ-Out and the bolt will come right out. First, you must center punch the bolt so that the drill goes through the center of the bolt. Next you drill with a small drill then stage to a bigger size drill then you hammer the EZ-Out in and unscrew the broken piece of bolt out, its a piece of cake. You go home with all of this knowledge and all the confidences in the world. You do just as the salesman stated, center punch, small drill, larger drill, hammer the EZ-Out in and just before the bolt fragment is to twist out of the hole; You have just found out that EZ-outs dont always live up to their name. Now you get your drill out and attempt to drill out the broken EZ-Out. Surprise, you find out that the EZ-Out is as hard as glass and all your drill wants to do is just glance off of it. Frustrated and not knowing what to do next you go back to the salesman at the hardware store to tell him your problem. He says no problem, I will sell you some more drills so you can drill the EZ-out out. Most salesmen have no idea how to remove hard items such as EZ-outs, taps or drills. Over the years I think that I have seen just about every attempt to remove broken items there is. People try to drill out pencil-sized bolts with large size drills and when their attempt is finished the hole size is sometimes as big as your thumb. They sometimes break off rat-tailed files, drills, taps, ez-outs and sometime a combination of all of these in the same hole. Since 1975 I have been performing this type of service for customers throughout the United States, and overseas with the removal of broken items from almost every type of part you can think of. If you have ever broken something off and needed this type of service there is a possibility that I have spoken to you in the past. In my business, I provide the same quality and service just as I have in the past for customers needing electronic disintegration. The machine that I use to perform this magic is an electron drill. Investing a great deal of time and patience in this process can protect the integrity and life of a part. The unique thing about this service is broken items are removed without damage to the surrounding metal. Broken items such as bolts, EZ-Outs, taps, drills, reamers, dowel pins, roll pins, punches, files, ball bearings, etc. Can be removed from aluminum engine blocks, cylinder heads, cams, carburetors, pistons, gears, and a variety of other machined parts. I have successfully performed this service for some of the biggest names in the high performance products and aerospace industries.