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2020/11/23 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2010/8/10-9/7 [Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53919 Activity:nil
        Google Wave No More. The people who worked on it were pretty smart.
        They wrote up a super awesome OKR with extremely low bar as a measure
        of success, exceeded everyone's expectations by going above those
        bars, and got big fat bonuses and promotions as a result of their
        planning. Brilliant.
        \_ How big a bonus are we talking about here? Did they get a founder's
        \_ GOOG has a lot of smart people. Wake me when they do anything of
           note outside of their search engine service/Ad Sense.
           \_ I assume you are not including buying up notable services like
              grand central -> google voice.
              \_ Buying a product shows some business acumen, but not much
                 engineering acumen.
                 \_ Buying a product, improving it and integrating it into
                    your suite requires possibly more engineering acumen than
                    building it yourself.  Google does this all the time,
                    with Google Docs being the best example.  -tom
                    \_ No, because if it was harder to integrate than
                       build they wouldn't have spent money buying it. The
                       idea is that it saved money to buy it rather than
                       build it (if they even had the idea to begin with).
                       This is a good business strategy that companies like
                       Cisco use, but it's kind of sad that Google can't
                       originate and develop ideas on their own given the
                       engineering talent they seem to have. There is something
                       dysfunctional there. Maybe it's management. Maybe it's
                       culture. Maybe they are already too big, fat, and lazy.
                       I leave speculation as an exercise to the reader.
                       \_ Companies routinely underestimate the difficulty in
                          integrating software components from different
                          development trees; anyone who's used an "integrated
                          suite" like LANDesk or Oracle Communications Suite
                          can attest.  Cisco has a lot of engineering talent,
                          too.  Maybe the dysfunctional thing is you.  -tom
                       \_ It is harder by far to maintain someone elses code
                          base than to write it yourself.*  And harder to
                          frankenstien together systems that are working,
                          reliable and secure from seperate components,  To
                          put it like this, companies pay top dollars to
                          coders and sysadmins for integration, not for
                          DIY cowboy setups.
                          * imagine also if all you have is an existing
                          binary and some sparse docs on how it works, or
                          an existing company system setup where all the
                          admins who have set it up have long gone
                          \_ Does this mean I should cover my short now?
                             - short GOOG at $100 guy
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Google is officially pulling the plug on Google Wave, the "email killer" that was supposed to revolutionize the way people communicated online. Launched just over a year ago, Google Wave let people exchange messages and media, and collaboratively edit documents. In the weeks leading up to its (private beta) launch, the product got a huge amount of hype. But when people actually got their hands on Wave, they were mostly just baffled, and the product fell flat. Google says it "learned a lot" from Wave, and, to be fair, some of its most-hyped features have already been ported over to other products. Multiple users can now edit the text of a single document simultaneously in Google Docs, for instance. Google will keep the Wave site live through the end of the year, but it is done developing it. is a multinational Internet search technologies corporation. Google hosts and develops numerous Internet-based services and products, and generates profit primarily from advertising. Add that to the ever growing list of things that GOOG throws up against the wall just to see what sticks! GOOG stock is still 40% lower than ALL TIME HIGH of $710 per share! Wave is about the protocol and as the article tells this has already been put in other applications like Google Apps, which makes much more sense then creating a new application for doing the same things another way. What people want is using the same applications they use today (like Gmail, Google Apps, even Outlook) but have a richer interaction which the Wave protocol can provide. Good example is Novell Pulse, which has the Wave protocol build as an -option- to communicate with other Wave enabled systems. The real-time multi-user apps supported by wave have a great future. We have a Google Wave travel-planner called "Travel WithMe", and people love the real-time experience. Sensing that wave might not be going places, we've put it on facebook now as well, but still with Google Wave's realtime features. Aug 5, 1:21 PM said: Google is all about five things: Search Ads Apps Android Video All the rest is window dressing. If they do not figure this out they risk serious erosion to their Search franchise. Aug 6, 9:59 AM said: I am not a 'tech blogger' but I was enthusiastic about Wave and still think it had many good points. Some that were ported into other projects as stated in this article. When I showed it to people they often just stared and did not know what to do next.... Aug 8, 3:15 PM said: Tim has lowered the Street's expectations of AOL to such a degree that, at this point, a "less bad" quarter (eg, lower sub losses on a percentage basis on the access front) will be spun by this optimistic, not fact-driven market into an AOL win!