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2022/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/1/29-31 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:12012 Activity:moderate
1/29    "Lost in Translation"  was it really that good?  Nominated for best
        picture.  I haven't seen it yet. Will our fabulous motd movie critic
        give us a review?  Thanks.
        \_ I thought it blew chunks, but I was in the minority I guess.
           Scarlett Johansenn (sp?) is just not that good an actress, and as
           much as I love Bill Murray he had scarcely anything to do.  This
           is besides the fact that it recycles yet again some really tired
           cliches about Japan.  However, the Academy Awards picks this year
           are on the whole amazingly good (3 nominations for City of God!!!).
           In fact I'd be surprised if most Americans had a chance to see
           most of the nominated movies.
           \_ Seabiscuit? ... SEABISCUIT?!
              \_ "on the whole"...of course they had to nominate some crap,
                 but notice that Harvey Weinstein Oscar Bait (tm) like Cold
                 Mountain mostly got snubbed.  Hey usually the Oscars are
                 100% Seabiscuit-like, so I was impressed.
                 \_ Seabiscuit is one of the best movies I have seen in
                    the past few years and deserves to win. The "crap"
                    that was nominated was ROTK (and its predecessors).
                    \_ I agree with you, in part.  LOTR sucked monkey nuts.
                       Sea Biscuit is not fit to clean stables with.
                       \_ I think soda has got to be one of the only
                          places where you will find people that dislike
                          the LoTR movies.  Odd, that.
                          \_ It's not necessarily "dislike."  It's just that
                             there are so many better choices.
                             \_ I liked them all, but they are not worthy
                                of an Oscar. If they are then Raiders of
                                the Lost Ark should've swept the Oscars, baby!
                       \_ Just when you thought the trolls were safely stowed
                          in the movie....
        \_ Good?  Yes.  Best Picture?  No.
        \_ I thought it was interestingly ambiguous, but not wholly
           satisfying.  -tom
        \_ Good.  Not great.  IMO, Academy voters voted this in because
           Bill Murray's character said "I want to eat healthier ... eat
           Japanese food", and all the fatties agreed.
        \_ I thoroughly enjoyed it, but then I did live in Japan for six
           years, which probably explains why the rest of the audience didn't
           laugh as hard as I did.  Best Picture?  I don't know about that...
           Bill Murray does the sad clown very well. --erikred
        \_ For a relaxing time, make it Suntory Time.
           \_ Have any Sodans tried Suntory Whiskey?  How is it?
              \_ Overpriced and mediocre. Many salary-men drink it watered
                 down (mizu-wari), which is even worse.
        \_ Do you like the feeling of alienation?
        \_ review in comic form:
        \_ I think it is amusing that all the whities that have been to
           Japan say that it is a good study of Japanese culture, while
           the Japanese claim that it is racist.
           \_ Funny I haven't heard that from my own pool of whities. All of
              those I know who have been to Japan including myself say it's
              a great film for the experience of being in metro Japan - that's
              different from being a "good study of Japanese culture".
           \_ Funny, I've heard P.C. white people saying it's racist, and
              Japanese people saying they didn't find anything offensive.
           \_ My Japanese wife thought it was hilarious. Neither of us think
              it's a good study of Japanese culture. It's a good study of
              what it's like to be jet-lagged and culture-shocked in Tokyo.
              It's not racist-- the gag is that Bill Murray is confused and
              tired, not that the Japanese are weird. --erikred
                \_ Dude.  Sorry.  They are weird.  Nice, terribly civilized,
                   very polite, cultured, but fucking weird.  -John
                   \_ Actually, the culture is majorly fucked up, and
                      the "weirdness" is the natural result of that.
                   \_ This coming from the man who lives in Switzerland?
                      I think we're back to the pot-kettle relationship.
                      ...nothing against Switzerland, mind you, I'm just
                      saying....  --erikred
                \_ A brief look at, say, Japanese cartoons makes me think,
                   wow, Japan is the weirdest country ever. I mean, there's
                   some seriously bizarre stuff. Then I think, well, we in
                   America watch a cartoon starring a sponge wearing pants,
                   and I think pot, kettle, black.
                   \_ While I agree with you in principle, I hafta say; I've
                      never seen DVDADO tentacle porn featuring underage
                      virginal school girls in any popular american animation.
                      The Japanese certainly seem to have some strange...err...
                      never seen DVDADO tentacle porn on underage virginal
                      school girls in any popular american animation.  The
                      Japanese certainly seem to have some strange...err...
                      \_ Hi Eli!  What is it with you and tentacle porn?
                            \_ Mmmm...Tentacle porn...
                      Japanese certainly seem to have some strange...err...
                      \_ Hi Eli!  What is it with you and tentacle porn?
                         \_ I SO did not post that.  I don't like tentacle
                            porn.  What are you talking about, Mr. Anonymous
                            Troll? --lye
                            \_ Mmmm...Tentacle porn...
                      \_ Hehe, and this is the trap: all you get from Japan
                         is the weird tentacle fetish stuff, so you assume
                         that that's all they watch. All they get from the
                         US is cop dramas about solving your problems with
                         guns, so they assume that we're obssessed with guns
                         and violence. If you can't see the communication
                         gap, you're not looking hard enough. --erikred
                         \_ Except the Japanese would be right.
              \_ RACIST!
        \_ I thought it was fantastic.  But i think everyone would agree
           that it's worth seeing.  If you're in the mood for a movie and
           you're willing to spend the $9, then go see this film.  It is
           better than 90% of the crap that's out there.  90%, not 99%.
2022/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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