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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/7/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38490 Activity:very high
7/8     Michelle Wie poll. "a" if you're Asian, "w" if White, "b" if Black,
        "h" if Hispanic, "." for anonymous, so on and so forth:
        She's cute: waww
        She's not cute: aw
        She's looks like an ugly Asian Amazonian woman: a
        She's 6-feet tall and will smash in your face with a 5-iron: a
        She's ok: waaw
        ok, WouldKHooBfEC: w
        \_ isn't this == "not cute"?
           \_ I don't think so.  It means she's attractive, just not
              REALLY attractive.
              \_ I believe the term you're looking for is ``I wouldn't kick
                 her/him/it out of bed for crackers.'' -dans
                 \_ I think its "...out of bed for EATTING crackers."
                 \_ I thought this implied fairly hot.
                    \_ No, just not repulsive enough to turn down if the
                       opportunity presented itself.
                       \_ Repulsive enough? I'd rather do myself than any
                          degree of repulsive chick. Unless, perhaps, it was
                           only her personality that was repulsive...
                       \_ Look, it depends on how annoyed you get over crumbs
                          in the bed, but it obviously means "hotter than
                          a girl you wouldn't have sex with just cause she
                          annoyed you".  Wie is attractive enough to sleep
                          with, but she *would* get kicked out of bed for
                          eating crackers. Now, if the chick is REALLY hot you
                          can append "even if crackers was the family dog". -phuqm
              \_ Isn't that what "cute" means: "attractive, just not
                 REALLY attractive"?
                 \_ Apparently 3 people disagree.
              \_ Either she's cute or not, how hard is that?
                 \_ it's impossible because English doesn't work like that.
                    there is a middle ground which is not covered by either
                    statment unless you qualify it.
        She's 15 you perv: w
        \_ 15 with a fully-developed chest:
           \_ pedophile!
           \_ how do you know it won't develop more?
           \_ If she were my daughter you'd have to contend with my
              fully-developed boot up your ass.
           \_ What the hell's on her forehead?
2005/7/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38444 Activity:moderate
7/6     After doing some research on hotels and B&B and I finally decided to
        call this Tudor-styled 3-bdrm B&B mansion. From there, somehow,
        I had a 20 min chit-chat with the owner on where I'm from, what
        I'm doing, etc. She's German and said would cook a hearty meal for
        my gf and I (which she kept refering as "my wife"). She somehow
        convinced me to book a room. Now I'm a bit worried. Am I expected
        to entertain them with my lifestory or something at the dining table
        for many hours?
        \_ I personally think you're a freak. Have you ever *been* to a
           B&B before?
           \_ No. Tell us about your experience.
              \_ No one is going to hunt you down and make you do anything.
                 It's probably polite to make conversation during meals,
                 but if you just explain that you and your gf would like
                 some time alone they'll get that. It's okay to interact
                 with people, even if just to tell them you want to be
                 left alone. Plenty of honeymooners and the like go to
                 B&Bs and just want to keep to themselves. It shouldn't
                 be anything new and rude to the owners.
2005/7/6-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38438 Activity:kinda low
7/6     Dear motd. My married friend listens to his wife all the time. She
        controls the entire family finances. She inspects every single bit
        of credit card and bank transactions, and questions him. He wants to
        change his job, but his wife forbids him. She tells him to clean up
        the bathroom, throw out trash, and take a bath with the baby, and he
        does it. He has to drive his [yuck] INLAWS a few times a week, and
        dines with them every other day. The way I see it is that he is more
        like a slave to his wife, children, and mortgage. However, he
        disagrees and tells me that he's happy. Here's a question for you
        married men. Is this normal, and can you possibly be happy with that
        kind of totalitarian lifestyle?
        \_ How old is your friend and his wife?  This sounds like people far
           to immature to handle marriage.
           too immature to handle marriage.
        \_ Don't know if it's normal.  It sure isn't necessary.  I've been
           married for 5 years, and we have totally seperate finances and no
           one tells anyone what to do.  We trust eachother, but joining
           finances always just seemed like a waste of time.  If one of us
           wants to give the other money for some reason, the giver will write
           a check.  Your friend's shitty life has nothing to do with
           fundamental problems in the institution of marriage.
        \_ Assuming you're not a troll, /any/ relationship which has compulsion
           is in serious trouble.
        \_ some people like being whipped.
        \_ are you the same guy from a couple weeks ago complaining that you
           never got to hang out with your guy friend anymore?
           \_ yes that's me. His wife tells him who he can get to hang out
              with. Everytime I call, she would answer, and lately it's
              more and more like an inquisition or a friendship interview
              from her. She seems like a controlling freak, and he seems
              like a brainwashed spineless octopus.                     -op
              \_ gee, if you're going to ask for advice from the motd, at the
                 very fucking least don't stomp over people's replies to your
                 own damn post.
                 \_ I'm sorry, I'm just trying to be anonymous in case he
                    checks the web motd
                    \_ You don't think he'll recognize his story?
              \_ Sounds like you're a jealous friend.  Get over it.  Your
                 account of his life is hardly unbiased.
        \_ Maybe his wife is so very hot that he's willing to put up with all
           this shit and still be happy.  Seriously, I've been going through
           similar shit, and if my wife were hot enough I'd still be happy too.
           Now I'm still putting up with it, but I'm just not happy.
           \_ Looks fade and even great sex gets stale. This guy is in a
              lot of trouble. It's normal for a husband to be a slave to
              his wife/kids/mortgage. It's not normal when one's wife
              decides where you are going to work and what you are going
              to do. I wonder if the wife works in this instance or if
              she's just a housewife.
              \_ It's not insane to ask hubbie to have a job lined
                 up that doesn't require moving before quitting.
                 My buddy's wife convinced him to talk to a headhunter, where
                 he ended up with much higher-paying job with much lower hours
                 at a more well known company and much closer to home.
                 \_ It's insane when his "wife forbids him" from getting
                    another job. It's his life, too. Sure, there are
                    circumstances where one's wife might not want one to
                    take that job in Alaska, but "forbids" sounds
                    take that job in Idaho, but "forbids" sounds
                    unhealthy. Granted, the OP is probably not unbiased
                    and maybe doesn't know the whole story.
                    \_ Yeah, I think op is biased.  Remember the story you
                       read here has been through 2 filters.  Him and his
                       friend.  Sometimes people over state things to
                       increase effect, etc.
                    \_ Yeah, "biased" means "forbid" might actually be "don't
                       quit if you don't have something lined up, you dumb
                       web designer!"
                       quit if you don't have something lined up in this
                       \_ Sure, but not necessarily.
                          \_ That's what "might" means.
                             \_ No shit. However, the composition of your
                                sentence makes it seem likely. It could
                                just as easily be "might not".
                                \_ The context of the discussion is that "might
                                   not" had already been put forth, and that
                                   "might" was newly introduced -- not that
                                   "might" was more likely (this is left up to
                                   the reader).
                                   I don't blame you:  Many CS people have
                                   contextual problems.
        \_ Dude, he says he's happy. Believe and leave him alone. Lend an
           ear if and when you can, but stop trying to mess with his life.
           \_ He's concerned for his friend.  Maybe it's selfishness, maybe
              it's justified.  But to watch a friend who feels trapped without
              saying anything is to not be a friend.
              \_ have you ever seen shallow hal?
                 \_ Saving Silverman is a better example. And Amanda Peet is
              \_ What are you going to do?  Break up his marriage?
                 \_ Did I say that?  Did he say that?  God you people are too
                    stupid to live.
        \_ It's called FAMILY responsibilities.
           \- OP: while your friend probably has problems, based what your
              description says about you, you have some problems yourself.
              You should seek professional help.
              \_ maybe if he just got a girlfriend, he wouldn't have to
                 obsess about how his friend doesn't have time for him anymore.
                 \- M-x psychonanalize-motd
                    well look at details like this: it's one thing to say
                    the wife makes him to all the household chores while she
                    does none but "take a bath with the baby" [instead of
                    "give the baby a bath"]? or to say he is the slave of not
                    just his wife but also his children? This is even more
                    clear in his posting of 6/30. I think it is kind of an
                    interesting subject-object reversal. OP: instead of
                    listing specific things your friend does, why dont you
                    take a stab at stating in simple language what you
                    think is wrong ... dont use meaningless words like
                    "totalitarian" and "enslavement". Are you an Asian?
                    \_ Heh. psb imploring the use of 'simple language.'--ilyas
        \_ Are you gay?
        \_ You have way too much time to think about your friend's problems.  Maybe
           you can help him out by doing some of his chores.
           \_ OP might be a straight woman.
        \_ You have way too much time to think about your friend's problems.
           Maybe you can help him out by doing some of his chores.
        \_ If you think he has it bad now, just wait till she gets him into
           divorce ct on some bogus claim. Then the true pain starts, the
           eternal fires of hell will be a welcome change after he endures
           the living nightmare that she will turn his life into.
           The reason she is driving you away is that you might be able to
           give him the advice he needs to put his life in order (think
           irrevocable trust) before she plunges in the knife.
           \_ W00t!  Welcome back to the motd, BDG! -BDG #1 fan
2005/7/6-7 [Uncategorized/Profanity, Recreation/Dating] UID:38435 Activity:nil
7/6     oral sex instructions
        \_ Even better - the "ass fuck conspiracy":
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/7/1-2 [Science, Recreation/Dating] UID:38394 Activity:kinda low
7/1     Luther Vandross, RIP
        \_ (
2005/6/30 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:38380 Activity:very high
6/30    Every time there's white women bashing on motd, no one comes forward
        to defend them. Take the example responses from "My wife is a
        naturalized..." and "many [blonds] are shallow or bitchy". Isn't
        this racism, and why isn't anyone pointing it out or defending
        white women? If you're a white male who has a preference for
        Asian women that's understandable, but don't you think your
        sister(s) and mom deserve to be defended? I'm baffled.
        \_ you're not baffled, you're just stupid.  -tom
           \_ Why can't he be both?
        \_ A lot of women are shallow or bitchy. Happy now? (What does
           "shallow" even mean really? If they're not constantly gazing off
           into space pondering life's mysteries, and falling in love with
           you when you try chatting with them at the mall, I guess they're
           \_ Shallow women are the best kind much of the time, anyway.
              Hot, dumb, and shallow is a great combination unless you
              are choosing a wife.
           \_ "Shallow" means she's not deep enough to accomodate the full
              length of my cock.
           \_ [ deleted cause it offended my ... oh so sensitive sensibilities ]
              \_ Go fuck yourself.  The whole thread is idiotic, but I find
                 censorship to be far more offensive than anything written here.
2005/6/29-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38351 Activity:kinda low
6/30    A really good friend of mine got married 2 years ago. I was his
        best man. At first, we still contacted each other, but gradually,
        he got busier with his wife and more and more involved with his
        wife's [retiring] parents' business. His wife's parents also live
        with them every weekend. I mean it is cool and all, but I find
        him to be a lot more flaky than ever. It was getting harder and
        harder to reach him because he was always busy doing something
        outside of work, for his wife's parents' properties like
        receiving/cashing rent from tenants, fixing up pipes, calling
        for electricans, etc. Last year he also had a baby, and according
        to him he doesn't even see the baby 4 out of 7 days because he's
        so busy, so he leaves the baby with his wife's parents on week days.
        This year I have an extremely difficult time just to say helo to
        him. I can't even get past the phone-- his wife ALWAYS picks up the
        phone, and we'd have to go through 1/2 hour of small talk before
        I can reach him. Even his wife knows more about what I've been
        doing in the past few months than him because of this. And just 3
        weeks ago I left his wife a message but he just never responded.
        I wrote him an email and a week later he gave me this lame excuse
        that his SIM card broke and lost my number so he couldn't call back.
        I gave him my phone # via email but he never responded or call back.
        All I wanted was to say hi to him and see what he has been up to
        in the past few months without hearing it from his wife. It's like,
        after you get married, you're better than everyone else because
        you're too in love or something so you don't have to talk to
        anyone else. Is this common with married people?
        \_ I'm the op. Let me add that she controls all of his
           actions, from who he gets to hang out with to who he can talk
           to on the phone. I get especially annoyed when she sits by him
           whenever we talk so that she can hear what he's talking about and
           butt in our private conversation. She controls the entire family
           budget and has the final say on every purchase. He has a high
           paying job but hates it. Early this year he reached a new low in
           his career but his wife somehow convinced him that he should
           be safe and stick to it to pay for the house they could barely
           afford, and for the sake of his new kid. The thing I can never
           forget, is that his wife refused to let him have any bachelor's
           party. I may as well add at this point that while he's a liberal,
           she's one of the most stubborn Bush supporters and he would not
           bring up any political discussion at the dinner table because he
           may end up sleeping on the couch that night. The weirdest thing
           is that he actually tells me that he enjoys his wife giving him
           directions. I've never heard "Yes dear" so willingly, and so
           frequently from a big grown man, without any objection or
           opinions. He used to be outgoing and outspoken, and now I don't
           know who he is. I no longer consider him a friend. Life goes on -op
           \_ I think the phenomenon of some guys getting completely pwn3d
              by their significant other is fairly common. They're so grateful
              for the nookie or whatever.
        \_ yes. - married & isolated.
           \_ Is this what you highly desire or just a consequence of
              being married? Do you or your wife want to know or share
              every bit of privacy you used to have? How do you feel?
              \_ more like, this is just what happens... life gets busy.
                 I can't imagine how much worse it would get w/a baby.
        \_ Dude, people drift apart.  It happens.  -John
        \_ You can't expect a married man to have the free time any more,
           especially when he has a baby/kid.  - a married man with baby
        \_ My wife went back to Japan for a month last summer to help out
           her parents. I was amazed at how much socializing time I suddenly
           had. After she came back, I was amazed at how little I missed
           having socializing time. Time is indeed relative. Your best bet
           is to keep making the effort and just remember that he has a lot
           more on his schedule these days. --erikred
           \_ My wife and I are now working on maintaining one social dinner
              a week with friends. Just doing that has required ridiculous
              effort and forward-planning and we don't even have a kid. Well,
              might not. We haven't checked in a couple weeks. -- ulysses
        \_ I remember reading an article where it says that men tend to
           stop socializing and keeping and making new friends after
           getting married, and becomes more and more isolated, whereas
           it isn't true for women.  So married men tend to have fewer and
           fewer people whom they can talk to and confide in as they
           get older.  The article thinks it's unhealthy.
           \_ If I were the bdg I'd say something to the effect that the
              article says marriage is bad for men, PERIOD.
           \_ Did the article take into account online friends?
           \_ I think this is pretty true for me.  My wife stays home to
              take care of the baby, and I go sit in front of a computer
              all day.  Having a baby actually encourages one to get out
              of the house because the baby likes to go out, and friends
              can entertain and help watch the kid. Computers are
              isolating, and when I get home, she wants together time.
              So, yeah, I don't really socialize anymore.
           \_ But they say married men live longer than single men.
              \_ perhaps the comparison is with married women and
                 with married men at their earlier pre-marital stage of life.
                 basically the gist of the article is that for men, most
                 of their closest friends were made before they got married,
                 then there is a sharp dropoff.  it wasn't comparing
                 married and unmarried men.
              \_ You missed the second half of the sentence: "...... but
                 married men are a lot more willing to die."  Google for it.
        \_ Wow, I just posted a long and thoughtful answer but some dickwad
           deleted it. Thanks asshole.
           \- what exactly are you complaining about? your friend becoming
              a ball-less bitch to his in-laws? the wife having some ulter-
              ior motives? your friend changing preferences in how to spend
              his time? it sure seems weird to "complain" the wife enjoys
              speaking to you on the phone. based on the language you use
              above, you seem to have some issues. i have close friends
              i hardly see any more (due to kids, wife etc) but when we do
              the depth of the friendship is still there. the only thing that
              has caused tension is my radicalization due to Greater BUSHCOs
              cockroach like activities. oh and he may have an inkling that
              i dont like his wife (she wont make small talk. she spends all
              her time making petty complaints or braggings about how
              wonderful and cool her life is).
2005/6/25-27 [Reference/Religion, Recreation/Dating] UID:38296 Activity:nil
6/24    Hmm, even Christians over there are doing "honor killing".
2005/6/23-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38268 Activity:low
6/23    Torquemada Gonzalez had his fun at Gitmo, now he is coming
        after your porn:
        \_ FWIW, I think this was John "I covered Lady Justice's Titties"
           Ashcroft's doing.
           \_ He might not have bothered if it weren't the case that so many
              photogrophers liked to snap pics of him with the titties in the
              \_ Possible, but it's still unbelievably stupid.
        \_ Yeehaw! gotta love those priorities.
           \_ But, won't you think of the children?  That said, they're all
              fronts for the terrorists anyway.  Tell me again, why do you
              hate America?  -John
        \_ It gets weirder ... this also applies to personal pictures ... which
           means you can no longer have a picture of your dick with your hand
           on it on a website, for example.
           \_ First they came for the bestiality people, and I didn't speak up
              because I didn't fuck donkeys. Then they came for Janet Jackson
              and her tit, and I didn't speak up because I'm not really into
              her. Then they came for the pictures of my hand on my dick,
              and no one was left to speak up.
           \_ It is actually even more annoying than that. Not only can they
           \_ It is actually even more annoying than that. Not only can
              come after you, they can come after say, Yahoo if you put
              a picture like that up as your personal photo. I think this
              is going to kill services like snapfish.
                \_ I doubt it.  Some judge will put a stop to this.
              is going to kill services like shutterfly.
                   \_ One just did in fact, at least until Sep 7, when
                      they injunction expires.
2005/6/20-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38207 Activity:nil
6/20    Does anyone know of any open source odds/spreads software? Too many
        times at work engineers are trying to place bets on how many days
        the project will slip, which features will get cut, whether or not
        someone is going to get laid, or dump someone, etc. Stupid things that
        may be "proprietary" so a third party gambling site won't do...
2005/6/19-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38196 Activity:nil
6/19    Is this Lila?
        \_ I like how she says she weighs less than 486 pounds.
           \_ That's the "person being sought" line
           \_     ___     Hi I'm Snuggy!  I'm cute, cuddly, and very friendly!
                {~._.~}  /
                _( Y )_
        \_ Which stalker wants to know?
        \_ yes
        \_ It was just "Whoah, the personal add on SFGate looks like
           Lila.  Weird."
           \- The give away is "Ethnicity: 50% Caucasian, 50% Butter".
        \_ Um, why are you looking at personal ads, nweaver?
           \_ It was on the friggin FRONT PAGE of (chron
           \_ Why wouldn't nweaver be looking at personal ads?
                \_ Because he should be partying with us instead, duh!
              \_ Because he has a gf
2005/6/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38178 Activity:nil
6/17    What's your favorite hobby?  (no ref to sex, please)
        \_ Yermom.
        \_ Yermom jokes.
        \_ \"sex"
        \_ &sex
2005/6/9-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38063 Activity:nil
6/9     This needs to be posted outside the office: (Nerds are better
        \_ Ha-ha.
           "And they're pretty faithful people, because they're certainly
           grateful for anything they have."
2005/6/9-12 [Recreation/Dating, Health] UID:38053 Activity:low
6/9     Labia plastic surgery enhancement is getting more popular:
        Now, can someone please tell me what a good looking and bad
        looking vagina looks like? I simply have NO CLUE.    -loser virgin
        \_ I looked up the surgeon the guy mentions in the article, and
           he has before and after pictures of all of his many proceedures
           I don't get it either.
        \_ Good looking - waxed and/or trimmed.  Bad looking - hairy.  What
           plastic surgery is needed for, I have no idea.
           \_ Think meat curtains, roast beef, etc.
              \_ Yucks.  Just concentrate on the boobs or turn off the light.
                 Or pretend that you prefer anal and take the back road
                 \_ The trick is finding a girl that is down with that
           \_ Badly packed kebab!  -John
        \_ At least it's not as big of cheating as hymen reconstruction.
           \_ "cheating"?  If someone's not happy with themselves, shouldn't
              they be free to do something about it?  As for what leads people
              to want hymen reconstruction, that's pretty fucked up in
              itself, admittedly.  -John
              \_ Sometimes doing something about it is worse than leaving it
                 alone.  -tom
                 \_ I never claimed otherwise.  So?  -John
              \_ If the purpose is to feel happy with themselves, yeah they
                 should be free to do so.  But if the purpose is to present
                 themselves as virgins when they are not, that's lying to
                 their partners.  Some may say they should be free to lie,
                 \_ Yes, they should, as long as it does not break any laws
                    (perjury, whatever.)  When the law says to throw rocks
                    at a woman who's not a virgin when married, well... -John
2005/6/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38029 Activity:moderate
6/7     Other than Miami Vice for men and Flashdance for women, what
        are things you can go as to an 80s Party?  Low effort is better,
        so not Michael Jackson.
        \_ Hello.  Christian Zombie Vampires?  Duh.
        \_ MacGyver, Face or Murdock (aka Lt. Barkley) from the A-Team
           \_ Is there anything distinctive about their dress?
              \_ Murdock always wore a baseball cap, a bomber jacket
                 and converse high tops.
                 MacGyver and Face dressed pretty normally - you said
                 low effort.
                 You could for Mr. T who always wore overalls and gold
                 Another possibility - McFly from Back To the Future.
        \_ Gordon Gecko
           \_ Is a punk rocker 80s?  Torn black t-shirt, ripped jeans,
           \_ Hi Paolo!
        \_ Is a punk rocker 80s?  Torn black t-shirt, ripped jeans, boots?
                \_ heavy-metal ... think GnR, Iron Maiden, etc.
        \_ Just buy a skinny tie and you are all set.
        \_ Big-suit David Byrne (Stop Making Sense)
           Madonna if she's got the bust for it (Like a Virgin)
        \_ not low effort, but fun: teenage mutant ninja turtle
        \_ You could get a blue sheet and a white cloth marker and go as
           the C-64 bootup screen.
        \_ Just make sure you have huge piles of blow.
        \_ Billy Idol
        \_ Air Jodans, ripped stone washed jeans and a leather jacket.
        \_ Air Jodans, ripped stone washed jeans and a leather bomber jacket.
        \_ Michael Douglass, greedy wallstreet businessman
           \_ see Gordon Gecko above.
        \_ Reagan, Thatcher, or Gorby
        \_ No one mentioned Boy George or Cindy Lauper!
        \_ Greased back hair, pastel polo shirt with collar turned up,
           acid washed jeans, loafers, gay aviator shades.  -John
2005/6/7-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:38026 Activity:moderate
6/7     RIP Anne Bancroft
        Bless you, Mrs. Robinson
        \_ Poll, oldest SO you've ever slept with:
           21: .
           40: .
           Yermom: .
           N/A: .
           \_ Poll, biggest age difference of SO you've ever slept with: ('+'
              for older than you and '-' for younger than you):
              -2: .
              +21: .
              -15: .
              +14: .
              +/-0: .
           \_ Poll (for men), biggest age difference of women you've ever
              wanted to sleep with:
              +~10: .
        \_ Here is her listing on IMDB:
2005/6/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:37943 Activity:kinda low
6/2     When women drive, evil thrives.
        \_ The Saudis are half right.  Now if they could just ban men from
           driving cars also, they'd be on to something.
           \_ Then they'll have more oil to export.  Good for us, good for
        \_ Actually they're on to something. Men are more likely to get into
           an accident, but they also drive twice as far. Mile for mile, women
           are 2X more likely to get into an accident. I can attribute this to
           the fact that every time I see someone driving recklessly, it is
           a female driver talking on the cell phone while doing make-up. I
           also have observations on drivers over 80 years old and immigrant
           drivers, but I'll save them later.
           \_ WTF do you mean by "immigrant"? Asian backwoods folks? Or Russians?
           \_ BS. Where do you get these figures? If driving longer, does
              that mean highway (safer) miles? Most accidents happen near the
              home and in city/local driving...doesnt mean shit.
              \_ BS? Endorsed by Jesus.
                     \_ This site is just amazing... Wow.  No really, wow.
                           Haha!  There are some real gems on that site.
                           I especially love the claim that hybrids are more
                           susceptible to disease.  Or, heck, the claim that
                           the Celto-Saxons (?) are the true Israelites.
                           Man, I can just go on and on.  Whoever pasted this
                           link, thanks! -- ilyas
                           \_ What's a Talmud? It's too long to read. Also,
                              are you Jewish? What is Balaam?
                              \- it is a guide for the perplexed.
2005/6/2 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Computer, Consumer/TV] UID:37937 Activity:nil
6/2     So is the infamous 49ers training video available somewhere online?
        \_ - danh
        \_ What the fuck is this?
2005/6/1-2 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:37933 Activity:kinda low
6/1     I'm trying to come up with a new joke. So far I have the following:
        Jews who changed the way we see the world:
        Moses: "the Law is everything."
        Jesus: "Love is everything."
        Marx: "Money is everything."
        Freud: "Sex is everything."
        Now what?
        \_ Yermom: "Sex and Love for Money outside the Law is everything."
           \_ Your mom is not a male. And is she a jew?
        \_ woody allen: "I'm everything."
        \_ Einstein: "Everything is relative."
        \_ I think jokes are supposed to be funny.
        \_ Seinfeld: "Everything is funny."
        \_ some old song: "You're my eve-ry-thing." (la - ti - do - - me me)
        \_ set theory guy: "Nothing is everything."
        \_ Karl Marx is Jewish?
2005/6/1-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37927 Activity:high
6/1     Racist or not?  White person says you look like William Hung
        (you are an Asian).
        \_ The person is saying "You are really ugly." - danh
        \_ It depends on if you do.
        \_ If you're ugly, then no, he's just saying the obvious. However,
           I notice that white people have the weirdest sense of beauty. They
           like the fugliest Asian women with slanted beady little eyes.
           Like Lucy Liu. Almost every single Asian men and women I talk to
           think she's fugly. However, white people love her looks for some
           reason. Maybe she stereotypes the Asian race. At any rate I'm
           glad white people love fugly Asian women. They're cleaning up the
           Asian race. As for Asian men dating big fat trashy white women,
           what is up with that? What's up with inter-racial dating between
           the ugliest kind of its own?
           reason. Maybe she stereotypes the Asian race.        -Asian
           \_ she's got white features like freckles, which make her hot.
              Many whites and asians like hapa.
              \_ Yes, generally speaking, hapas are hot.  Yes, something about
                 Lucy Liu's feature set is a little weird.  I wouldn't call
                 her ugly, but I wouldn't call her hot.  Put it this way: I
                 wouldn't toss her out of bed for crackers. -dans
                 \_ So many ways to respond... so little time.
        \_ couple people said that to me.  I don't view it in a racist
           angle, but still, I get a bit angry.  William Hung does not
           strike me as someone who I would envy.
        \_ The person is saying "You are really ugly." - danh
        \_ It depends on if you do.
        \_ If you're ugly, then no, he's just saying the obvious. However,
           I notice that white people have the weirdest sense of beauty.
           They like the fugliest Asian women with slanted beady little
           eyes. Like Lucy Liu. Almost every single Asian men and women I talk
           to think she's fugly. However, white people love her looks for
           some reason. Maybe she stereotypes the Asian race. At any rate
           I'm glad white people love fugly Asian women. They're cleaning
           up the Asian race. As for Asian men dating big fat trashy white
           women, what is up with that? What's up with inter-racial dating
           between the ugliest kind of its own?
           eyes. Like Lucy Liu. Almost every single Asian men and women I
           talk to think she's fugly. However, white people love her looks
           for some reason. Maybe she stereotypes the Asian race. At any
           rate I'm glad white people love fugly Asian women. They're
           cleaning up the Asian race. As for Asian men dating big fat
           trashy white women, what is up with that? What's up with
           inter-racial dating between the ugliest kind of its own?
           \_ So what's your call on Grace Park?
           \_ How 'bout gong li?  what is your "Asian men" opinion of her
              \_ Cool face, busty.
           \_ There's no accounting for taste.
           \_ You just don't like her because she's half white.
              \_ you mean she's a banana.
           \_ Yeah, I prefer the asians who have had eye surgery to make
              them look more white.
           \_ I didn't think she was beautiful. But I can say that about
              a number of white stars too. I think it's just the fact of
              being a star, the media hypes them up to death. There aren't
              many Asian female stars in western media. No other one readily
              comes to mind in fact. -white
              many Asian female stars in western media. No other one
              readily comes to mind in fact. -white
           \_  I always wondered the same thing with Black guys.  A
               majority of the time you see them with sloppy fat White
               girls.  My theory is that some people will date other races
               just based on the notion of dating "that race", regardless of
               what they look like.  So a Black or Asian guy may date a White
               girl just on the basis that she's White, regardless of her
               looks or status in her own racial group.  Same with
               just based on the notion of dating "that race", regardless
               of what they look like.  So a Black or Asian guy may date a
              White girl just on the basis that she's White, regardless of
              her looks or status in her own racial group.  Same with
               White girl just on the basis that she's White, regardless
               of her looks or status in her own racial group.  Same with
               White guys dating Asian girls.  Also, why date a girl who
               has American features with Black hair?  If you want to date a
               person from another race you want the real deal, not some
               watered-down version.  You can also see the reverse, with a lot
               of Asian girls picking up the dorky, Doogie Howser-looking
               White guys who can't get dates with their own race girls.
               has American features with Black hair?  If you want to date
               a person from another race you want the real deal, not some
               watered-down version.  You can also see the reverse, with a
               lot of Asian girls picking up the dorky, Doogie
              Howser-looking White guys who can't get dates with their own
              race girls.
               Howser-looking White guys who can't get dates with their
               own race girls.
               \_ I think the more generally true statement is "People
                  sometimes date people you don't find attractive". Beyond
                  that, you're an idiot.
               \_ This pretty much describes the situation in Hong Kong, at
                  least in the past.  Women with white husbands or boyfriends
                  were usually pretty ugly and wore lots of makeup.  Don't know
                  about now.
                  sometimes date people you don't find attractive".
                  Beyond that, you're an idiot.
               \_ This pretty much describes the situation in Hong Kong,
                  at least in the past.  Women with white husbands or
                  boyfriends were usually pretty ugly and wore lots of
                  makeup.  Don't know about now.
        \_ Eh, stupid != racist.
        \_ What type of Asian is William Hung?
           reason. Maybe she stereotypes the Asian race.        -Asian
           \_ she's got white features like freckles, which make her hot.
              Many whites and asians like hapa.
              \_ Yes, generally speaking, hapas are hot.  Yes, something about
                 Lucy Liu's feature set is a little weird.  I wouldn't call
                 her ugly, but I wouldn't call her hot.  Put it this way: I
                 wouldn't toss her out of bed for crackers. -dans
              \_ Yes, generally speaking, hapas are hot.  Yes, something
                 about Lucy Liu's feature set is a little weird.  I
                 wouldn't call her ugly, but I wouldn't call her hot.  Put
                 it this way: I wouldn't toss her out of bed for crackers.
                 it this way: I wouldn't toss her out of bed for crack.
                 \_ So many ways to respond... so little time.
                 \_ I shall RE-POST this as it was callously NUKED by Lucy Liu
                    hating commie-nists:  Dans, you are DEFECTIVE.  I sentence
                    you to a Lucy Liu ass-whooping.  Even my girlfriend would
                    hop in the sack with Lucy Liu.  Goodness.  Although Gong
                    Li...whoa.  Hello Nurse!  Like a dead heat in a zeppelin
                    race!  -John
                    Li...whoa.  Hello Nurse!  -John
                    \_ Look, I didn't say I wouldn't shag Lucy Liu, just that
                       I find something about her feature set odd, and don't
                       think she's that hot.  I agree, Gong Li is *hot*.
                       Frankly, I can think of several women in the CSUA that
                       put Lucy Liu to shame, and I've been fortunate enough
                       to have the opportunity to date two of them. -dans
                       \_ Yeah but do they wear leather pants and do crane-
                          style kung fu?  -John
        \_ couple people said that to me.  I don't view it in a racist
           angle, but still, I get a bit angry.  William Hung does not
           strike me as someone who I would envy.
           \_ The consensus opinion among 1st-gen Asian men is that William
              Hung has Down's Syndrome.  They refuse to believe he is a
              swinging CivE at Cal and not a retard.
           \_ If you think about it William Hung actually did something great
              for Asian actors. He advanced Asian actors' opportunities in
              media the same way NAACP advanced colored people in society.
              You see, there used to be a time when Asian male would not have
              any chance of being in media unless he knows kung-fu (Jet Li,
              Jackie Chan) or plays a role in a Chinese restaurant/laundromat.
              That is still true today in many respects. However, thanks to
              William Hung, now Asian male can play yet another role in
              media-- retarded Asian male. He's really advancing
              opportunities for aspiring Asian actors.
              \_ What about Chow Yun-Fat?  Billy Wong?
              \_ What about Chow Yun-Fat?  B. D. Wong?
                 \_ Tamilyn Tomita?  Gong Li?
                    \_ Poster above said Asian male.
                       \_ He said Asian actors, as well.
                 \_ Fat is an exception, and an exceptional man I may add.
                    However, you have to realize that while he is well known
                    in the Bay Area, he is not well known outside of
                    California. Ask any white man in Tennessee or South
                    Carolina and the only Asian male actor they'd know is
                    Bruce Lee. And if you ask old racist white men they'll
                    say Charlie Chan. Sure, every white man in the Bay Area
                    knows who Fat is but that's different. Bay Area white men
                    (BAWM) are a completely different specie. BAWM tend to be
                    MUCH MORE well educated and much MUCH more sophisticated
                    than your typical gun-totting country-music listening
                    [religious] Republican trailer trash you see in Dukes of
                    Hazzards.                                      -Asian
2005/5/28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37878 Activity:nil
5/28    She opened her eyes then and saw the two immense shapes
        catapulting out just below her collarbones. They were gigantic .
        at least as huge as Karen's breasts and maybe even more! And
        they were flawlessly beautiful, creamy and round and sooooo
        sensitive!!! The air on her skin turned her nipples into
        throbbing extensions of pure fire, and the fire radiated back
        into her ribcage and then down, down until it coalesced deep
        inside of her vagina, becoming the fuel for a sexual furnace, a
        furnace that would continue to burn hotter and hotter for
        eternity. She felt as though her breasts had become massive
        sensors attuned to the sexual pulsations of the universe, giant
        solar collectors that could absorb the heat of the sun,
        transforming and sending this energy from her nipples through
        her breasts and down to her boiling pussy, telling her sexual
        organs that it was time to release another wave of energy and
        explode again.

        She saw that every student in the class, the girls as well as
        the boys, were all feeling the same way. They were gyrating in
        their seats, the boys cupping their balls and the girls
        fingering themselves. Ms. Owens had taken off her blouse and bra
        and was pushing her big breasts up with her hands, licking her
        own nipples as she stared spellbound at Jessica's gigantic
        boobs. Inspired by the beatific expression on her teacher's
        face, Jessica reached down and brought her fingers between her
        own legs. She was wearing a short skirt, and it was easy to
        touch the hot wetness there in her panties. God, she was so hot,
        so incredibly wet, and so ready to come again. She sneaked one
        finger past the edge of her panties, allowing the fingertip to
        swirl lightly around her vibrating clitoris, and then she
        brought two fingers inside, gliding them along the slippery
        walls of her vagina. So wet. So hot. So...

        She came again, even more powerfully than before. The climax
        overwhelmed her senses and then continued to build somehow. She
        heard male and female screams and moans and she realized that
        her orgasm was one small part of some kind of massive group
        orgasm, the raw sexual power of every single person in the room
        giving additional power to her body's sensations, helping her to
        go higher, ever higher. She began to scream from the
        ever-building joy of this earth-shattering release. Somehow
        through the almost blinding fever of this continuing orgasm, she
        saw that Ms. Owens . was it still Ms. Owens, or had she morphed
        into the woman in the house? . anyway, whoever it was had the
        bra from the box in her hands and was holding it out to her.

        Jessica knew that she could fill that bra now. What had only
        minutes ago seemed unattainable might not even be big enough to
        contain her. She was so huge, so sensitive, her breasts filled
        with so much sexual energy, so much power. Keep growing, she
        urged them. Fill that bra. More than fill that bra! Leave that
        bra in the dust! Make that bra wish that it was huge and lucky
        enough to even try to hold these massive mammaries, these
        mighty, miraculous mountains.
2005/5/26-31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37846 Activity:nil
5/26    Is it true that if you grow up on a farm, you have
        sex with animals?
        \_ only if you vote republican.
        \_ Is it work safe?
           \_ There are no pictures, if that is what you are asking.
              It includes some Hannity and Colmes quotes though,
              which is pretty offensive to humanity.
        \_ Wow, those user comments are as stupid as free republic's.
2005/5/23-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37819 Activity:high
5/23    "Bottom of the barrel---white American chicks. Yecch...
        most women in Western countries have that cold, bitchy,
        superficial, stuck up attitude. A lot of Western women hold
        themselves as the pure center of the relationship..."
        \_ Yes, but most intelligent, educated, cultured, whatnot non-American
           women I know probably wouldn't look twice at the Bud-swilling
           frat boy who wrote this.  -John
           \_ you're absolutely right, they rather look at classy reliable
              sophisticated dependable well refined opera loving SwissEuro men
              who tick effeminately like the watch, as opposed to American
              men who are rough, tough, and don't take no crap off nobody,
              like the Brawny toilet paper.
              \_ No, just not assholes with "issues" like the guy who wrote
                 that paper.  Being rejected too often tends to do that. -John
              \_ I see.  In your worldview you're either a bud-swilling
                 frat boy or an opera loving SwissEuro?  I think a far more
                 realistic scenario is that you're a blithering idiot.
              \_ Errr. Right.  I'm not sure what this means, and I think I
                 like it that way.
                 \_ 1 statement, 2 insults (to Swiss and American men)
        \_ I agree with most of it except: "The people there were lining the
           women up for him to meet...he's a rich American guy...they are
           considered the best husbands in the world."  I don't see how foreign
           women marrying for money is better than American women being needy.
           -- guy with Chinese wife.
           \_ Or more to the point, rich Japanese guy trumps rich American
              guy these days, especially in Asia.
           \_ Many people work for the sake of money.  But that doesn't mean
              everyone who work for the sake of money are equivalent.  A
              pleasant and hardworking person working for money can be a
              good coworker and employee.  An asshole is going to stay an
        \_ Just stop dating the materialistic ho-bags.  Or maybe those are the
           only ones interested in you.
           \_ The OP didn't mention money in his quote, but merely "cold,
              bitchy, superficial, [and] stuck up".  I submit that a
              person can be indifferent to money and still be "cold, bitchy,
              superficial, [and] stuck up".
        \_ lila are you going to respond? This site is trashing your kind.
        \_ if you go to thailand, you will find a lot of guys like this one:
           fat balding middle aged white guys in hawaiian shirts with
           15 y.o. skinny thai girls on their arms, both desperately
           trying to look like they are enjoying themselves
           \_ Only one will be 'trying' right? ;)
              \_ Well, I don't know about that, actually. If I was a middle
                 aged guy and the only way I could get pussy was by paying
                 for it, I think I would feel pretty much like a loser.
                 \_ I dunno -- I think there's alot to be said for zero-strings
                    zero-reciprocal obligation sex.  I mean, you pay for what,
                    an hour of service and then she's gone?  Christ, there
                    were times where I'd have been willing to pay my exes
                    are times where I'd have been willing to pay my exes
                    just to get gone, sex or no sex.
                    just to go away, sex or no sex.
                    \_ you don't pay them to show up, you pay them to go
                       \_ I'm...not sure what you're talking about.
              (NWS and somewhat eyeball searing, if you hadn't guessed)
           \_ Concur--I don't think I saw any attractive westerners at all
              in Bangkok.  -John
              \_ Why did you go to Bangkok John?
                 \_ To visit my girlfriend who's on a 10-week project there,
                    and to make excursions to Cambodia/Laos/Burma and the
                    North of Thailand (and of course to look for cheap
                    boom-boom girls to host embryos for our Master Race
                    Breeding Program.)  -John
                    \_ Pics for boom-boom girls please?
                       \_ Actually I didn't see any at all.  However, some of
                          my associates assure me that there is some fairly
                          physiologically exceptional stuff to be seen in
                          various Bangkok back rooms.  Whatever floats your
                          boat, Thai girls aren't my thing.  -John
                    \_ What exactly is boom-boom girl?  -- clueless
                    \_ Don't you mean to bring back Master Disease back to the
                       Master Race?
2005/5/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37720 Activity:low
5/16    What's a good pair of wireless headphones to get?  My cute gf
        and her sexy roommate want to watch TV and study at the same
        time in their noise insulation poor home.
        \_ Since you baited us, please post pics of her sexy roommate before
           you get pointers.
           \_ I can't ... they will kill me!  Pointers please.  Pointers
              \_ How would they find out?
              \_ Yeah, but it would be a pleasurable way to die.  Now please
                 explain in 500 words or less how you plan to use the sound
                 isolating headphones to facilitate a three-way? -dans
        \_ All wireless headphones are too heavy.
        \_ How can someone watch TV and study at the same time?
                \_ No one is this stupid accidentally.
2005/5/12-13 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:37653 Activity:nil
5/11    I am kind of a weird jam. My friend; who is Lutheran, wants my
        wife and I to godparents to his son. It seems the fact that neither my
        wife nor me are Lutheran is not a problem. I was just wondering what
        if you are supposed to buy something for the boy, who is
        6. Are you supposed to get the kid a religious gift of some
        sort? --puzzled agnostic
        \_ It would have been much more interesting if you said
           My friend; who is Lutheran, wants my wife.
           \_ Yeah my interest level was going up until I saw the godparent
              thing and it was like, sigh. This post is unworthy.
        \_ Um, common sense would suggest you ask your friend, you putz.
             --  Sometimes presents are not expect/required but you
        look like a putz when you are the only one not giving
        something. Sort of like being the only kid not to get your
        parents an Xmas present eventhough they told everyone not to.

        \_ Traditionally it means you're supposed to take care of the kid if
           the parents buy the farm, and kind of "sponsor" him/her.  So yeah,
           you should buy him things.  -John
               -- Then its up to the giver and there is nothing
           standard like giving a gold cross or something?

           \_ Originally you're supposed to be like a witness at the kid's
              christening, but that's mainly a catholic thing.  There is no
              "standard", it's like gm says, "honorary uncle."  Anyway, what's
              the big deal?  It's usually considered an honor, and you don't
              have any religious or legal obligations.  -John
           \_ It's sort of like being an honorary uncle. -gm
              \- maybe there is a different matter for religious people
                 but assuming this is a close friend and you dont feel
                 weird about the whole thing [otherwise, i am not sure
                 how you would get out of it] i think you just get the
                 kid something "good for him" ... like an educational book
                 or a subscription to a mangazine or some such. you dont
                 have to buy him an ipod or something overtly religious.
        \_ In which case presents are expected, even though someone told you
           they weren't, so ask another guest if you consider your friends'
           answer suspect.  I still stand by my original statement that this
           can be solved with common sense.  Putz.
2005/5/12-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37642 Activity:high
5/11    I recently found out my significant other is having a secret e-mail
        correspondence with someone else including discussion of sexual
        topics, etc. I found this out by accident but since then i've been
        doing some snooping. the correspondence itself is a little
        racy / flirty and makes me a little jealous but it's basically
        harmless...(it's clear that both people are in relationships and
        both are aware of it and there's no talk of meeting in person etc.)
        what bothers me more is the fact that it's being kept a secret from
        me. everything else in the relationship is going well. How worried
        should i be?
        \_ You give a shit?  Confront her, accept that it might end the
           relationship, but maybe also clear the air, and feel bad about
           snooping.  Don't give a shit?  Let it lie and deal.  What's so
           hard about that?  -John
        \_ You are snooping on your SO?  I'd be very worried about that one.
           Jealousy is a bad mother fucker, and will wreck relationships
           time and time again.
                \_ Are you married to your SO?  -ax
                 \_ What does that have to do with it?
                    \_ What, you don't think there's a difference between
                       dating and marriage? -not ax
                        \_ If you are married and don't trust the person you
                           married, you screwed up and married the wrong
                           person.  If you are single, you can always meet
                           someone else if it bothers you that much.  Don't
                           read other people's e-mail if you can't handle
                           what you see.  You should have so much trust in the
                           person you are with you don't feel the need to spy
                           on them.  -ax
                           \_ Sorry, but that's silly--I've been with my gf
                              for ~10 years now.  We're not married for tax
                              reasons, and because it doesn't mean much to us.
                              Try implying to me with a straight face that our
                              relationship is somehow less solid than any
                              given married couple's.  -John
                                \_ I'm not commenting about the solidity of
                                your relationship, I'm commenting on the
                                ability to leave a relationship without
                                lawyers and red ink.  I'm glad to hear you have
                                a solid relationship.  In California if you
                                two had been married for ten years, and you
                                wanted out, you could look forward to alimony.
                                Actually, you might already have a common law
                                marriage depending on where you live...
                                \_ Fair enough, we basically get all the
                                   same rights as a married couple (it's
                                   called "concubinate" here, weirdly enough)
                                   without palimony or tax obligations. -John
                           \_ Um, I agreed that your question was important.
                              And don't post past 80 columns (with tabstop=8).
                        \_ When it comes to trust and privacy, not really.
                           Assuming we are talking about serious, commited,
                        married, you screwed up and married the wrong person.
                        If you are single, you can always meet someone else if
                        it bothers you that much.  Don't read other people's e-mail
                        if you can't handle what you see.  You should have so much
                        trust in the person you are with you don't feel the need to
                        spy on them.  -ax
                           \_ What a load of horseshit. Married people
                              \_ Interesting how this hasn't drawn a long,
                                 fist-waving rant about squishing and alums
                                 and hostile environments from The Management.
                              cheat all the time and do so whether or not
                              they 'trust each other'. In this case, whether
                              or not he trusted his SO she's still doing
                              something she shouldn't be.
                           \_ The point was that the op doesn't trust his
                              or her SO, as proven by the need to spy
                              on e-mail.  I'm not talking about blind trust
                              I'm talking about trust based on an understanding
                              of the other person's values and behavior. -ax
                              \_ I find myself agreeing with ax.  I must need
                                 more sleep.
                          \_ So my conclusion is you don't trust your SO, that
                             is either based on you being paranoid or some kind
                             of behavior you see that is causing you doubts.
                             Obviously that lack of trust was there before you
                             "stumbled" on the e-mail.  If it's paranoia,
                             watch "Raging Bull" and cut it out.  If it's not,
                                   \- ^Raging Bull^Othello
                             bail if you can't deal with it.  Don't just
                             sit there and continue spying. -ax
        \_ You didn't find out by accident-- you were snooping. That's on
           purpose. Think about this: if it's truly harmless, is there a
           good reason why s/he _would_ tell you? Have you indicated jealous
           behaviour before (you know, snooping, etc.)? Perhaps s/he is
           just having fun and trying to avoid a blow-up. If it's truly
           harmless, just let it go. --erikred
           \_ Who the hell ar you to say this?  What do you know about the op?
           \_ Who the hell are you to say this?  What do you know about the op?
        \_ A discussion like that that you don't know about can only destroy
           your relationship.  Any counselor will tell you that.
        \_ You're SOL.  If the exchange had been completely innocent in the
           mind of your SO, she would have mentioned it to you.  This is
           something that has gone on over a period of at least weeks, right?
           If nothing has happened yet, it just means that the opportunity
           to do something has not openned up yet.  If your SO's email-pal
           becomes single, or if he just gets that certain itch, you can bet
           that he will make an overture and that your SO will be willing to
           (at least) consider the proposal.
           (at least) consider the proposal.  You can also bet that your SO
           is aware of the possibility.
           \_ not necessarily.  I talk about sex with most of my friends at
              some point, both male and female.  The better the friend, the
              more detailed/graphic the conversation can be without being
              uncomfortable.  Plus, flirting is fun.  I love to flirt with
              other people even when I'm in a relationship... in that case,
              it's easier to flirt with people who are also in relationships/
              otherwise unavailable, because there's an unspoken limit to
              how far you can take it.  It's safe.  I also agree that if the
              OP has demonstrated jealous/possessive behavior before, that
              could explain why the SO is defensive/secretive.  It could be
              good to talk about, though, since it's obviously causing stress
              to the OP and could lead to other relationship issues, even if
              it's not a problem to the SO.  The snooping part might be an
              issue, though.
              \_ I think you need to be honest with yourself about how
                 harmless you are being. Personally, I think you are a slut.
                 \_ Personally, I think you are a prude.
                    \_ Yeah, crazy me for not wanting to flirt with
                       married women and not wanting my wife to flirt with
                       men. Anyone doing this is kidding themselves and
                       ultimately asking for trouble.
                       \_ I have enough self control and know myself well
                          enough to know when I can flirt and when I can't.
                          I trust my wife knows herself similarly. I know
                          that I trust her. I think that you are a humourless
                          prude who doesn't appreciate the joy of being a
                          fully alive human being.
                          "At one level, you can flirt with more or less
                           anyone. An exchange of admiring glances or a
                           bit of light-hearted flirtatious banter can
                           brighten the day, raise self-esteem and strengthen
                           social bonds. Flirtation at this level is harmless
                           fun, and only the stuffiest killjoys could possibly
                           have any objections"
                 \_ You're scary.
                    \_ Thanks.
                       \_ That wasn't a compliment.
                          \_ It is coming from you. Thanks again!
                             \_ That's just silly.
                           \_ Talking about sex is "light-hearted banter"?
              \_ Does your SO (assuming you're in a relationship right now)
                 know the people you flirt with and the the fact that you
                 flirt with them?   Do you think your behavior would be more
                 or less innocent with or without the knowledge (and/or
                 acquiescence) of your SO?
        \_ Bottom line, don't do anything in private you wouldn't do in front
           of your SO.  Ask yourself, what would my wife/husband think if
           she/he found out I was doing this.  It may be timid and boring,
           but you'll sleep well. -ax
                 \_ 1. How the OP found out about this is a separate issue.
                       Two wrongs dont make a right.  It may affect OP's
                       options in dealing with it (if asked , "how did you
                       find out?") but let's move on to the main issue ...
                    2. As for how worried should I be, well I'd say this is
                       certainly a data point to factor in.  It's like when
                       you have a fight about something minor ... is that
                       what is really going on, or is it really about some
                       larger issue.  In this case, she's not doing it in
                       your face, which rules out certain motivations (to
                       put you down, assert control, see how you react, to
                       get to you pay more attention to her) but you may want
                       to see if she is doing other things to keep her options
                       open. I actually think it may not be unreasonable to
                       do something like tell her you are having lunch with a
                       woman friend next week and see how she reacts.  That
                       assumes you have a reasonably attractive woman friend
                       you can have lunch with and that you can pull this off
        \_ What she is doing is wrong.  I would suggest you do the following.
                (1) forgive her
                (2) stop snooping
                (3) love her more
                    \_ "Yes it's true...  This man has no dick."
                (4) don't play games or tests
                (5) be happy, enjoy life
                (6) if something similar happens, tell her how it makes you
                    worried and sad.
                    worried and sad.  no, you are not being overly-possessive
                (7) browse (warning: christian site)
                (8) continue to observe (no snooping) and get to know her
           Email makes discretion and a double life easier. You are not
           married but for married couples, for topics that get more personal,
           emails to a person of the opposite gender should CC both of your
           emails to a person of the opposite gender should consider CCing
           spouses, generally speaking.
2005/5/4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:37520 Activity:kinda low
5/4     John, your Euro gf looks sexy, cultured, and sophisticated, unlike
        heavy make-up, Britney Spears-like, Ameri-trash I'm used to seeing.
        She has no make-up but still looks incredibly nice. What's her secret?
        Is it from not drinking American Monsanto milk? Or eating natural
        European waxless apples? Or from walking a lot in sandle friendly
        Euro towns? Lastly, tell us about her. What's her nationality? Age?
        Languages? Curious :)
        \_ There's nothing wrong with American girls.  It's the American girls
           you hang out with that are the problem.  Find new girls.
        \_ wtf? are you a retard?
           \_ Sounds like kchang looking for a new stalking victim.
        \_ Holy shit.  The CSUA has got some scary people lurking about.
              \_ LILA!!!!! LILA PATTON!!!!!!!!!!!
        \_ Holy shit.  Who are these people, and how do they get CSUA
           membership?  Get your chronic masturbator self back to Craigslist
           Missed Connections!
2005/5/3-4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37461 Activity:kinda low
5/3     This dude doesn't learn very fast.  (Runaway bride's fiancee still
        wants to marry)
        \_ Dude, the very same reason I'm never dating a white chick again.
           They are too playful and wild and outgoing and uncommitted. I'm
           just speaking from personal experience        -not a racist troll
           just speaking from personal experience        -tom
           \_ Stay away from our women! -Hoyt Sze
              \_ Man, there are way too many alumni here...
           \_ All those comments about your dick size got to ya huh?
           \_ this has been on for over 8 hours, why isn't anyone defending
              hot SINGLE WHITE WOMEN??????????
        \_ Hope springs eternal
           \_ de-nial isn't just a river in egypt.
        \_ The bride is connected to all the big power people in the area.  I
           wonder if it's a money thing.
           \_ I wonder that as well, although I can't imagine any amount

              of money would be worth the promise of your life to that
           \_ She is also way hotter than him.
        \_ Love make you stupid. If you haven't figured that out by now,
           you will after carpel tunnel cramps your love life.
2005/4/28-30 [Recreation/Dating, Science/Physics] UID:37408 Activity:nil
4/28    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Husband and Wife physics
        professors fillibuster Frist:
        I recognize that Griffiths book from Physics h7a!
        \- Do you know who Ed Witten is?
2005/4/22 [Health/Disease/General, Recreation/Dating] UID:37312 Activity:kinda low
4/22    Is it possible to have unprotected sex with someone when you have a
        cold and not give it to them?
        \_ You have a penis cold?
           \_ Think of the male orgasm as a giant goopy sneeze from below.
              \_ Lovely imagery.
              \_ Mine is like several sneezes.
        \_ If you're having sex with someone, you're probably close enough to
           be exchanging germs all the time.  Forget trying to avoid getting
           \_ Maybe he needs a full body condom, like what appears in
              "Naked Gun."
2005/4/18-19 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/911] UID:37238 Activity:moderate
4/18    Can we please stop it with the political correctness already?
        \_ who's being politically correct?
           \_ the City Commission on Human Rights.
              \_ how is defending someone's rights over popular objection
                 "politically correct"?  -tom
                 \_ Allowing a man to define himself as a woman is politically
                    \_ It's also politically stupid, ergo being politically
                       correct is equivalent to being politically stupid.
                       Anyway, the constitution doesn't provide for equal
                       protection of stupidity. No matter how man fags try
                       to tell you otherwise, sex is a "physical" attribute.
                       \_ This is true for most people, but not everyone.
                          There's a whole range of transgendered people,
                          including some who were born with ambiguous gender
                          and some who take hormones and have had a lot of
                          surgery.  The actual sex-changing operation is a
                          pretty small part of the whole process, and I'm not
                          sure we should define people's gender based on that.
                          Of course, I'm not sure we should let them pick
                          arbitrarily either, but it's not as unreasonable
                          as it sounds.  Keep in mind that, in a civic sense,
                          gender doesn't make that much difference anymore --
                          gender doesn't make too much difference anymore --
                          nowadays it's pretty much marriage, affirmative
                          action, and bathrooms, and the first two seem to
                          be on their way out.  --liberal
        \_ This is great! So can I define myself as a Native American so I
           can benefit from affirmative action?
           \_ It worked for Ward Churchill.
              \_ touche -pp
        \_ Awesome, so now I can saunter into a woman's dressing room in
           a store and claim I'm a woman. 50 years of civil rights and
           look at the progress we've made!
           \_ Well, unfortunately for you, that still only applies to
              (a (woman's dressing room)), rather than to
              ((a woman's) (dressing room)).
2005/4/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37190 Activity:moderate
        Stunningly, this happened over a month ago, and we're just hearing
        about it.
        \_ Oral isn't sex.  Do school officials need to report if the local
           school bully beat up other kids for their sandwiches or whatever?
           \_ It was gang rape of a disabled girl you fucktard.
              \_ Is oral sex?  If it's not sex, can it be rape?  You can
                 call it assault if you want, but it's not rape unless oral
                 is sex.
                 \_ Tell me it's not rape when I break out your front teeth and
                    strangle you with my cock.
                    \_ The official definition of sex is "Contact with the
                       genitalia, anus, groin, breast, inner thigh, or
                       buttocks of any person with an intent to arouse or
                       gratify the sexual desire of any person".  Notice the
                       absence of "mouth" in the deifition.  Also, the intent
                       "to arouse or gratify sexual desire" is required.  All
                       of which says that, no, in fact you would not be
                       considered to have had a sexual relationship with me.
                       Therefore rape would not apply here, but merely assault.
                       \_ Then you better enjoy it when I skullfuck you.
                       \_ You continue to be a DUMBFUCK.  Try looking up the
                          legal definition of rape.

                          \_ Also the definition of battery vs. assault.
                          \_ CA Penal Code Section 261:
                             ( -- !pp
                             \_ Why are you quoting CA law for a case in OH?
                                \_ Because one poster above talked about
                                   breaking out another poster's front teeth
                                   and strangling the latter with the former's
                                   cock.  It's more likely that the posters are
                                   in CA than in OH.
                             \_ You should read your own link.  266c clearly
                                does not apply here, as that requires false
                                or fraudulent representation.  Everything else
                                requires sexual intercourse, which did not
                       \_ So contact between genetalia and mouth isn't sex?
                                \_ Huh?  Someone asked for the legal definition
                                   of rape and I provided it.  As I signed
                                   above, I was "!pp" ("not previous poster")
                                   and wasn't any of the ones arguing above.
                                   --- one who posted link
                       \_ So contact between genitalia and mouth isn't sex?
                          \_ Not for the recipient, no.
                             \_ You need to learn to read--Contact with the
                                genitalia of any person means contact with the
                                genetalia of any person.
                                genitalia of any person.
                 \_ You are officially a DUMBFUCK
                 \_ It doesn't matter whether or not oral is sex.  "Rape"
                    legally includes forcing a penis into a mouth.  For
                    example, even if you force a penis into someone's mouth
                    with the sole intention of choking him/her and no
                    thought/intention/feeling of sex comes up on both parties,
                    it is still rape.
                    \_ url please.  CA Penal Code Section 261 just left it
                       to "sexual intercourse".  So is oral sex?
                       \_ Coerced oral copulation is sexual battery, in the
                          same class of felonies as rape. See section 288.
                          Search for "oral copulation"
                          \_ URL please.
                             \_ (section 288a)
        \_ If oral isn't sex, can you still get arrested for contracting
           for oral service from a professional?
        \_ In the dictionary under "trolled" will be a transcript of the above
2005/4/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37164 Activity:kinda low
4/13    What joyless fucking Communist^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hterrorist deleted the
        "Eric Crapton" post?
              --  Isn't that an oxymoron? Even more so considering the
        perpetual lack of a sex life for the avarage sodan.
               \_ Never had joyless sex before?  Lucky you.
               \_ "fucking" clearly no longer only refers to a sex act.
                  In fact, in England and Ireland it is noun, verb, article,
                  and punctuation all in one!
                  \_ As HRH Duke of Edinburgh once said when touring the Royal
                     Navy Ship HMS Boxer, "Not another fucking chamber."
2005/4/7 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Laptop] UID:37098 Activity:nil
4/6     I love my Tablet PC! I love how you can organize notes and brainstorm
        easily. I love how it does hand-writing to text conversion effortlessly
        and how you can perform proper text search not only on text, but
        handwriting as well! It's also quite something when you can simply
        make draws and highlights in PowerPoint. I'm never going
        back to regular laptops again.
2005/4/6-7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37096 Activity:high
4/6     I lust after the American Apparel models.
        Not really work safe but you can say you're buying stuff for your wife
        or gf (which is actually what I am doing, so there you have it).
        \_ With all the porn on the Internet you waste time lusting here?!
           \_ As I indicated, I wasn't really wasting time...
              \_ Wasted my time, but jeezuz really... May as well lust
                 over the girls at any laundromat. What's so special about
                 this site or these girls?
                 \_ WHo died and made you Elmer Fudd that your time is so
                    precious that 1 minute would matter so much?  Get over
                 \_ <Sigh> nothing clearly. The site? I like the clothes.
                    The girls? I lust after them. Not so much the guy.
                    Do you have to, as well? If you want yourself
                    some pr0n, I'm sure you know where to find it.
                    \_ It's just a waste of perfectly good lust to lust
                       over plain-looking skinny girls in uninteresting
                       clothes. You need to get out more.
                       \_ That might be true.
                    \_ I think they are great photos too, of pretty but
                       not overdone women shot in a compelling realistic
                       fashion. They seem like real women you could really
                       \_ Just what I want to fantasize about. If you want
                          'real women you could really date' go to a bar.
                          Then you might get to see them naked later, too.
                          \_ is there some reason you care what someone
                             else fantasizes about?  -tom
                             \_ When he posts about it in public, wasting
                                everyone's time then yes.
                                \_ You, sir, are an ass.    -everyone
                                   \_ I love to lust over the girls in
                                      National Geographic. I guess I
                                      should post a link here on the MOTD.
                                      \_ If you think the two are comparable,
                                         then you're just plain retarded...
                                         AND a stubborn ass.   -everyone
                                         \_ Terri Schiavo was HOT!
2005/4/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37062 Activity:low
4/4     In addition, one-third of the multi-ethnic 9th graders surveyed said
        they intended to have oral sex within the next six months and nearly
        one-fourth planned to have intercourse during the period. It was more
        common for boys to have performed oral sex on girls than vice versa,
        the report said. ... "Given the suggestion that adolescents do not view
        oral sex as sex and see oral sex as a way of preserving their virginity
        while still gaining intimacy and sexual pleasure, they are likely to
        interpret sexual health messages as referring to vaginal sex," wrote
        lead author Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, a pediatrician at the University of
        California, San Francisco.
        \_ Well sure. I PLANNED to have oral sex in the next six months when I
           was in 9th grade. Does that mean it actually happened?
        \_ Bubba says:  "I did not have sexual relations with that woman,
           Ms. Lewinsky."
        \_ This dovetails nicely with the study that showed that abstinence
           only sex ed has led to a rise in teens experimenting with oral and
           anal sex.  I don't think anyone who is advocating abstinence only
           actually cares if it is more or less effective in public health
           terms - they are motivated mostly by religious concerns.
        \_ I planned to have oral sex in 9th grade, but didn't get any. These
           kids are often full of shit. What would *you* have written on
           such a survey? "I am planning to give oral sex to the Virgin Mary
           in the next 6 months."
In the Year of Our Meow 1765, a lone Mao farmer was out in his field,
tilling the land and planting seeds. Farmer Mao wiped his brow with his
sleeve.  The hot sun beat down on his form.  He was new to farming and
growing Mao vegetables, as he had just recently graduated from the local
chapter of Mao High.  He had decided to go into farming because he loved
the earth, loved the soil.  There was nothing like the warm, soft scent
of sun-beaten or rain-drenched soil.  He had studied to make sure that he
could provide his soil with the best nutrients and minerals, and that in
turn, his plants would grow healthy, with great vigor and production.

He had only been farming for a year, but his first crop had exceeded
everyone's expectations.  The tomatos were ripe and red, and the avocados
were oily and sweet.  The students who ate at Mao Cafeteria that harvest
gave their thanks every day to Farmer Mao.

Now, he was beginning to plant seeds for next year's crop.  He checked
and re-checked his lists twice, making sure the soil had all the proper
nutrients needed to sustain life giving vegetables.  As he was going over
his soil composition, one of the local school kids waltzed up.

"Hi Farmer Mao!"

"Hi Xiao Pang!"

"Whatcha doing now?"

"I'm preparing for the growing season coming up."

"Yummy. I like your vegetables Farmer Mao.  I think they're the bestest
veggies in the whole Mao Universe!"

"Thanks, Xiao Pang.  They're not that good, but thanks."

"Yes they are! yes they are.  Why I bet they're better than the vegetables
they have out in the real universe, where the Meow's buy their farmer market

"Don't talk like that Xiao Pang.  We can't compare Mao Universe veggies to
those vegetables."

"Why not?"

"We just shouldn't, is all."

"But why?  Our teachers say that all we have to do is study really well, and
specialize, and we can be one of the Mao's that get to go to the real universe,
like Nu Li Mao, Mao Mi, Xiao Cu Shi Mao, and Guan Guan Mao!"

"Well, that's what your teachers say.  But realistically, there are 50,000
Mao's.  50,000!  And there are only 5 Meow's.  You'll learn one day, the
odds are that you won't be able to ever see a Meow."

Xiao Pang's face fell.  He looked down and shuffled his feet.  "Well, then
I'll be off now," he mumbled, and ran away towards the trees.

Farmer Mao watched his dwindling form disappear in the sunlit haze of his
field.   He sighed deeply.  He remembered when he had first discovered the
bitter truth.  It had been much later in life, during his high school years.
One day, the teacher had told them to write essays about what they planned
to do after graduation.  He had been dreaming about going to Mao Jia and
becoming an expert gardener Mao to help Meow with her beloved flowers.  That's
what he told the teacher.  The teacher handed his essay back with a big, red
"F" emblazoned across the paper.  "Be Realistic!  You will never get to go
to the real Universe.  You are just another Generic Mao!  Find a small job
in Mao Universe, and that's what you will be for the rest of your Mao days!
Don't you realize that only a select few Mao's ever make it to Mao Jia?  Stop
sticking your head in the clouds and be realistic!"

That night, Farmer Mao had cried his eyes out. And not just that night.  Farmer
Mao had cried for weeks.  Whenever he thought of his future dashed, he felt
sad.  One day, walking back from high school, his tears flowed freely once
again.  Droplets splattered against the brown dirt.  He bent down to pick
up some soil, and inhaled deeply.  The moist, earthy scent filled his lungs.
He would become a great farmer, regardless, he decided.  He put aside all
dreams of ever going to see a Meow and set his heart into farming.

4/4/    any good bay area rock-climbing or hiking clubs?
           \_ "I'm planning on giving myself oral sex within the next month,"
               is about what I would have said in 9th grade.
              \_ Classmate of mine back in 9th grade tried demonstrating
                 the above in class.  He didn't quite make it, but claimed
                 that it's feasible when it's erect, which seems believable
                 considering how close he got.
                 \_ Given a limber enough body or long enough penis, it's
                    always possible.
        \_ Damn, it's a good thing you can't get diseases or someone pregnant
           by "planning" to have different kinds of sex in the 9th grade,
           otherwise I could have exposed myself to more diseases and created
           more bastards than Wilt Chamberlain.  Turns out a lot of the "plans"
           went no where, go figure!
2005/4/3-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:37053 Activity:low
4/3     US DST.
        \_ STUDS?
        \_ STD US?
           \_ #include <stdus.h>
2005/3/29-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36943 Activity:moderate
3/29    Any good explanation why the divorce rate in Hollywood is so
        high? I have my obvious explanation but then I'll just get
        flamed "you obviously know nothing about love", so enlighten
        me, please.
        \_ Well the conservatives didn't say anything so I'll just say it as
           if I were one (and I'm not). The reason why there are so many
           divorce is that THEY ARE LIBERAL!!! All that easy kissing and random
           hook-up fucking and drugs and sodomy is really hurting family values
           Second point, people who have kids tend to have marriage 5-7 years
           longer than without, and since they usually don't have kids (too
           busy) they divorce early. No kids, no church, no Jesus, no family
           values = divorce.
           \_ So when Newt Gingrich served his wive divorce papers, the
              DAY AFTER she had major cancer surgery and was still in the
              hospital recovering, he was demonstrating his fine family
              values?  How about Larry King's 6 divorces?  He must be some
              kind of liberal.
           \_ This doesn't sound much like any conservative I know.
        \_ I'd guess because a hollywood actor's job is an extremely high
           pressure job for a marriage: one or both sides travel alot, they
           likely spend a lot of time apart, are constantly under attack by
           tabloid rumor-mongering, typically work very long hours, and have to
           live extremely paranoid lives to get even a shred of privacy.
           Doubtless, the plastic shallow hollywood media lifestyle doesn't
           help, either.
        \_ Is there some new report out?  or are you basing this on celebrity
           \_ op is probably talking about Denise Richards / Charlie Sheen,
              and the latest news re Brad Pitt / Jennifer Aniston.
              \_ Um, well duh.  You don't hear about the actors who DON'T get
                 divorced.  Also, there is a thing with actors.  They're often
                 highly insecure people, but emotionally open.  So a long term
                 commitment sounds like a fabulous idea until they're there.
        \_ When you say "in Hollywood", are you talking about movie stars,
           or the Hollywood district in the City of Los Angeles?
        \_ IMO, it's because they're actors, and they're good at acting, and
           so by the time they break through the screens, they're already
           \- At one point the Duke Med School class had +100% divorce rate.
              \_ Most surgery programs have huge divorce rates.  However, this
                 is a different phenomenon that what the pp described.  The
                 med school divorce rate is high for reasons of overwork,
                 while the pp described a drastic change in the circumstance
                 of one person in a marriage.
                    \- obviously the med school case isnt due to one party
                       starts dating his co-star, but i do wonder if there
                       is an element of "now that i am about to become
                       a highly paid surgeon, i can trade up". this was only
                       mentioned because of the curious +100% stat. the
                       rest if obvious.
                \_ how do you get more than 100?  kill your mate?
                   \_ hmm the same person getting married and divorced
                      multiple times?
                   \_ Those married before med school get divorced afterwards.
        \_ Hollywood is an easy target. Find any high paid, high pressure
           job and I'm sure the numbers are similar. The only times it isn't
           is when spouses are key to career success (ie.  politicians,
           religious leaders). Making a real marriage work is hard.
2005/3/28 [Transportation/Car, Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic] UID:36910 Activity:low
3/27    So I'm really confused about the Schiavo case. Is there a motivation
        for Michael to see his wife die? Is it insurance money or something?
        In another word, what's in it for Michael? I mean, it doesn't cost him
        anything to keep the feeding tube or anything, and if anything, it
        would cost him MORE to remove the feeding tube, no?
        \_ It's called caring about the ones you loved and respecting their
           last wishes.
           \_ which have never been established.  That is the whole point,
              how many times does this have to be repeated?
                \_ It has been established 30 times in the courts.  How
                   many times does this need to be repeated?
                   \_ see above
                   \_ Until the courts come up with a descision the poster
                      agrees with.  It's not due process if you lose!
2005/3/27-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36908 Activity:nil
3/27    for BDG:
2005/3/25-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36885 Activity:moderate
3/25    Look what bitches will do to you:
        \_ BDG is that you?
                \_ No, just someone that can't understand why in this case
                   the wife was owed anything, since she cheated on him.
                   \_ No fault divorce. She actually got less than 50% of
                      assets, which is less than she asked for. It's
                      interesting that she was married when they first
                      met. Once a cheating slut, always a cheating slut.
                        \_ Is that what a "no fault divorce" means, that
                           no matter who does what, each person is entitled
                           to half of the assets? Is California a no fault
                           divorce state?
                           \_ No fault divorce means you can get a divorce
                              for any reason. Your spouse is always
                              entitled to 50% of the assets you acquired
                              while married, even if she fucks another guy
                              and lives with him after dumping you.
                              \_ Can this be overridden by a prenuptial
                                 agreement, or does it depend on the state?
                                 Also, it occurs to me that in this example,
                                 no-fault divorce would benefit the gold-
                                 digging bitch.  -John
                                 \_ Actually the above is not entirely
                                    correct. It is correct in a community
                                    property no-fault jx (AZ, CA, ID, LA,
                                    NV, NM, TX, WA, WI AFAIK). The idea
                                    is that all earnings during the marriage
                                    are considered gifts to the "community"
                                    and are held in common. When the
                                    marraige is dissolved, the property
                                    held in common is divided equally w/o
                                    considering who made the contribution.
                                    To some extent this can be overridden
                                    by a pre-nup provided that you agree
                                    to keep all prop earned by a given
                                    party separate from the community.
                                    There are difficulties in terms of
                                    property and chattels purchased
                                    during the marriage.
                                    The best way around this is to stick
                                    pre-marital assets into a trust and
                                    then agree that all or part of your
                                    earnings are gifted to the trust and
                                    to use the trust to buy the stuff
                                    you want.
                                 \_ That's why you should be careful who
                                    you marry - especially if you have
                                    assets. It works both ways, too. I know
                                    a wealthy widow (not that old) who will not
                                    date men with less wealth than she has,
                                    because there are skanky men, too.
        \_ Bitches are hustlers too, I thought you knew, I thought you knew.
2005/3/24-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36859 Activity:high
3/24    So the husband want the tube removed. Is it because of money? Why
        doesn't he just hand over her to her parents if he doesn't
        want to deal with it? Think about this for a sec, who would
        you trust more, your partner or your parents in this matter?
        This is a bit scary, the parents cannot do anything about it.
        Although I think the whole thing is stupid, I think something
        about it bothers me. I think most people would prefer a
        sleeping pill over a slow week long starvation death.
        \_ The law respects the word of the spouse over the parents
           in the absence of mitigating circumstances because this
           is the person who is supposed to be closest to you, and
           the marriage contract encompasses this agreement.  Suppose
           you told your spouse you wanted her to have your posessions
           and children when you died.  Would you want her to go through
           court battles with your parents if they decided they wanted
           a piece?
           What's amusing is laying this whole situation alongside the
           "sanctity of marriage" arguments against gay unions.
                \_ ha, good point there.
           \_ Her husband pissed away any sanctity when he started having sex
              with another woman in 1992 while he was telling a court "I have
              to have $20M to take care of Terri for the rest of my life."
              \_ Okay, alternative history that actually makes sense.  Terri's
                 heart stops, and causes brain damage, leaving her in a PVS.
                 Michael sues for malpractice and wins (presumably because it
                 actually WAS malpractice).  The money goes to Terri's care
                 (as she would have been the plaintiff in the malpractice suit,
                 that's where it should go).  After some time, Terri's condition
                 has deteriorated.  Terri's parents urge Michael to get out
                 and meet people.  Terri's condition worsens.  The doctors tell
                 him her brain has atrophied, and her chances of coming out of
                 him her brain has liquified, and her chances of coming out of
                 it are nil.  He says this is not how she would want to live.
                 Looking back at it, from the outside, not knowing the person,
                 a commentator can make any step of this look sordid.  If you
                 look at it forward, it doesn't make as good television, but
                 it makes a hell of a lot more sense.
                 \_ He didn't even mention her desire to "not live this way"
                    until 1997, after he was "engaged" to his current
                    girlfriend.  He should have divorced her and let her
                    parents take care of her.
                    \_ What if there were some hope of recovery in the first
                       x years, and she had gotten worse actually by 1997?
                       \_ He stopped all therapy in 1995 and has kept her in a
                          hospice (fraudulently).  He's prevented people from
                          any theraputic action, providing antibiotics for an
                          infection or even BRUSHING HER TEETH.
                          \_ What is your source on this info?
                             \_ I think his source is called 'fictional'.
                          \_ Yeah, so how about x = 5?
        \_ but sleeping pills don't kill.
           \_ No, I am talking about you take lots and die in sleep.
              \_ That would be called premeditated murder, especially after
                 15 years.
        \_ People in this position starve to death all the time.  (Or,
           dehydrate to death, as is more likely the case.)  This is more
           or less what happened with my grandmother.  She had untreatable
           cancer, and she slept more and more until she no longer woke up
           to eat.
        \_ Let me ask a stupid question. Can the husband date/marry
           another person IF he choose to keep the feeding tube? If
           she's in this state for another 20 years, then is the
           husband 'tied' to her for another 20 years?
                \_ technically, he's already married (by common law, since
                   he's been living with another woman for over 10 years)
                                                                \_ pimp!
                   \_ Most states have eliminated common-law marriage and in
                      any case they don't apply when you're already married.
                      \_ In this case, if he and the other woman split, the
                         courts would probably treat it akin to a marriage.
                         This case show up when couples don't divorce for
                         religious reasons. It gets messy....
        \_ You know, I am really annoyed that the government stuck its
           nose in this case, but for the life of me, I cannot understand
           why her husband didn't just hand over custody to her parents either.
           \_ As I understand it he wants to marry his common-law wife and has
              a financial interest in his legal wife being officially dead.
              \_ That's a hell of an allegation.  Where did you hear about any
                 financial interest?
              \_ He could just divorce her. I am suspicious of all the slander
                 regarding money. I really don't know, one way or another, but
                 it smells like your classic Right Wing smear campaign to me.
                 Are the Swifties behind it?
              \_ fucker, just hand over the girl to the parent.
              \_ What financial incentive? He's kept a lawyer on retainer
                 and in court for 15 years. The government or whatever health
                 org will demand repayment from whatever money recieved. If
                 there is money involved, it'll be gone once the lawsuits
                 start flying...
           \_ Which do you believe:
              (1) Hubbie really cared about his wife, she really did tell him
                  that he should pull the plug if she became a vegetable and
                  there was no hope she could recover to the point where she
                  could say something about this.
              (2) Hubbie just wanted her dead so he could be rid of his "old
                  life", and didn't want her parents bothering him anymore.
                  Anyways, now he just wants the problem to go away, and what
                  better way than for her to be dead.
                  (2a) There were monetary benefits too.
              (3) Hubbie didn't really care about his wife, she never told him
                  to pull the plug, but he thinks she would feel that way
                  (he personally would want to die in that situation), so
                  he thinks he's doing her a favor even though he could be
                  wrong.  Anyways, it's been 15 years and she's only gotten
               \_ Hubbie didn't pull the media and Congress into this.  Hubbie
                  wasn't looking for notoriety.  This is such bullshit.  In a
                  sane world, we wouldn't have heard about this case.  They
                  would have worked it out within the family, and if not, the
                  court decision would have ended the discussion and Terri
                  would be at peace.  This is a travesty caused by politicians.
               \_ 2. If you really love someone, the last thing you would do
                     is to pull the plug.
                  \_ bullshit
                  \_ Spoken like someone whose never seen a loved one in
                     real pain.
                     \_ Seriously.  *sheesh*
                     \_ you haven't peered into the human psyche until you
                        see this situation and one sibling is clinging
                        desparately to "daddy" while the other is trying
                        to let him go.  then the fur flies...
        \_ No sleeping pills. That's murder. You become an active participant
           in death. She's feet away from a trauma center. There isn't much
           you can do to kill her without someone stepping in. Spouses have
           precedence because you actively chose them. As for why the husband
           hasn't given up custody, it's probably for the same reason why
           the parents haven't let her die. Love can be a brutal thing.
           \_ Actually, in Oregon, as a patient diagnosed with a terminal
              illness, you can legally request a lethal dose of drugs.
              The problem is you have to be judged of sound mind when you ask
              for it, and you have to swallow them yourself.  Accomplishing
              all that, it's still legal for both the person killing themself
              and the prescriber.
              \- If Charles Dickens were alive today, Bleak House II would be
                 Schiavo v. Schiavo instead of Jarndyce v. Jarndyce. --psb
                 \_ "Bleak House Two: This time it's political!"
2005/3/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36833 Activity:moderate
3/23    Are there any basic expression between "I like you" and "I love you"
        other than the Dumb and Dumber line "I like you a lot".
        \_ I'll suck but I won't swallow
           \_ Hard to say this to a woman if you're a man.
        \_ "I'm very fond of you".  "I adore you".  "You really mean a lot
            to me".  "I care very much for you".  "I'm really glad we're
            friends". Or even, "I love you dearly", which, oddly, means
            less than just "I love you". --Cyrano
            \- You brain/body has been classified as: loveworthy.
            \_ Most of these sound really icky.  Like cringe-worthy icky.
               \_ Do you know who Cyrano is?  Read a book once in a while.
                  \_ Isn't he the guy with the schnoz who came up with "hey
                     baby, nice cans"?  -John
        \_ "I'm full of like for you."
        \_ Let's fuck.
           \_ You forgot: "Nice shoes"
              \_ That's ``Nice boots''
                 \_ That's "Nice boobs".
        \_ I propose "I loke you" -- Loke is defined as a noun, but I don't
           think there is a verb yet ... Other languages have sayings for
           something more than like but less than love ... Why not loke
        \_ Dont start sentence with "I ..." Talk about her instead. You...
           or honey...
           \_ ya, that's all good and nice too, but was looking for an "I"
              statement to balance all the "Nice tits, wanna fuck" statements.
              \_ I want to slip you the hot beef injection, I want to play
                 'hide the salami' with you, you're a Cal student, take it
                 from there.  Display some goddamm adaptability, son.
2005/3/23-24 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:36827 Activity:high
3/26    One more reason to use PGP, and maybe the Anonymizer. And by the way,
        only 1700 porn pictures? I have at least 100X that:
        \_ You have over 170,000 porn pictures?
           \_ I do.
              \_ Assuming no repeats an a minimal 10 seconds per picture,
              \_ Assuming no repeats and a minimal 10 seconds per picture,
                 it would take you 472.2 hours to looks at all that pr0n.
                 Where are you getting the time?
                 \_ 10 seconds?  Try 1.
                 \_ 472 hrs? Spread that over five years and you are talking
                    about an hour a week.
                    \_ Just another slow work week.
        \_ How about yet another reason to get your mind out of the
           gutter and use your higher cognitive functions for something
           more useful than viewing pictures of women in various states
           of undress?
           \_ How about two or more women?
           \_ I agree. He should spend more time getting out of the house
              to find women willing to undress live and in person. There's
              no cognitive function more useful than that.
2005/3/18-20 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36758 Activity:moderate
3/18    Get yer weekly culture fix.  Art Show @ The Clinic, 2801 25th St.:
        \_ hey dans, you're a pretty cute guy. Are you attached to anyone?
           Here's a bit of info about myself. I'm single, clean, and
           neat. I like opera, I love fine arts, I love cats (they're soooo
           adorable!), exotic cuisines (ever tried and
           everything that is unusual or exciting. Would you like to have
           lunch or coffee some time? If so, email
           \_ wow, i am speechless. -!dans
              \_ jealous?
                 \_ that sodans can be this blunt/brave. ;)
                 \_why not? it's not like they'll get pregnant and stuck
                  with each other.
           \_ wait, so just to clarify, is this... a gay wanted ad on motd?
           \_ I wouldn't consider asiasf to be exotic cuisine per se, though
              I've never been there, but I'm told it's pretty amusing as
              tranny bars go.  Anyway, if this is actually serious and not
              just motd wankery, drop me an email. -dans
           \_ A good friend of mine is actually a bartender at asiasf.  Even if
              it is far from what my lifestyle is like, I will say that it is
              a fun place to hang out if you are just looking for a fun and
              interesting evening. -phale
           \_ I'm surprised this thread has hung around this long.  No email
              received thus far, guess it was just motd wankery.  Pity,
              flattering while it lasted. -dans
              \_ gosh, I'm so sorry... have you tried or
        Motd isn't exactly a gay-friendly place.
2005/3/17-18 [Finance/Investment, Recreation/Dating] UID:36732 Activity:moderate
3/17    How much would you tip for a 14 dollar haircut, assuming they did a
        good job?
        \_ $2 or $3.
        \_ 3-5 dollars depending on how much of a mess it was beforehand.
        \_ I refuse to pay $14 for a haircut.
           \_ Do you go with the popular 'bowl' or buzzcut styles?
              \_ I went with buzz cuts for many years.  Now that I'm
                 married my wife does a decent rendition of the Barber
                 shop standard men's haircut.
           \_ Where can you get a haircut for less $14?!
              \_ Naval base barber.
              \_ Get coupons.
              \_ Chinatown.
              \_ Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.
              \_ My local chinese barber does it for $10. I usually
                 tip her $2-$5, depending on how depressed she is
                 re her family that day.
           \_ Damn, no wonder so many sodans look so bad.  $40 is minimum
              for something that actually looks good.
              \_ Planning to post a picture of yourself any time soon?
                 Didn't think so.
              \_ That kind of investment requires: A) Knowledge what looks
                 good, and B) the desire to keep it looking good daily.  I
                 have niether of these.
                 \_ And C) where to get such a haircut.
                 \_ Damn, no wonder so many sodans are virgins.  Looking and
                    smelling good is the minimum for getting laid.
                    \_ 10-20 haircuts, 10 dollar pants, 20 dollar shoes,
                       and I get laid!  (Though I do shower and stuff.)
                       Not being a total twat goes so much farther than
                       throwing money at the problem.
                    \_ I don't know, dans doesn't have either and he
                       seems to do ok.
                       \_ Yay for anonymous slander!
        \_ How much would you tip for a $25 haircut? That pretty much looks
           like a $14 haircut?
           \_ -$11
           15%.  -tom
2005/3/15-16 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:36697 Activity:very high
3/15    A few months ago, the East Bay Express had an excellent article
        profiling six same-sex couples who got married during the time SF
        was issuing licenses.
        If you can read this article and still oppose gay marriage, you have
        no soul.  These are human beings, just trying to live their lives.
        \_ I hate gays because they have subverted so many English words like
            "gay". And "fruity". And "queer". Fucking homos.
            "gay". And "fruity". And "queer". And "pirate". Fucking homos.
           \_ I thought it was my fellow het's who did this.  ashamed.  --het
        \_ I can probably find equally convincint stories about father/daughter
           brother/sister mother/son.
        \_ if they can share the pain of going thru  child birthing together
           then okay..
           \_ i guess couples with fertility problems are not okay.
           \_ or couples over age of 60.
        \_ Ah, tom.  Always the paragon of tolerance.  "If you don't agree
           with me, you have no soul!"
           \_ Ah, anonymous coward with the ad hominem attack.  Did you read
              the article?  -tom
              \_ I read it when it came out.  I never said if I was for or
                 against gay marriage did I?  I'm just pointing out that
                 your statement is stupid on it's face.  BTW, that's not
                 ad hominem.
                 \_ There is something karmic about an obvious grammar error in
                    a clause which begins with "your statement is stupid". -tom
                    \_ Same sex marriage always results in the Best Motd
                 \_ Dude, someone just called tom a "stupid face".  Apparently
                    the CSUA is allowing junior high school students to join.
           \_ So, your whole argument is "tom sux." Could you just post that
              and save us all the drama? --erikred
        \_ tom, why are you wasting your time convincing us that same sex
           marriage is not evil? Almost everyone on motd is liberal and
           tolerate same sex marriage. The exception would be the religious
           Christians and Mormons, and you can't possibly convert them. So
           why waste your time.    -evil satanic liberal who agrees with tom
           \_ BTW, Mormons are Christians. -emarkp
              \_ Only Mormons think this.
                 \_ Oh, Mormons are Christians...they're just wrong.
                        -Snide Catholic Troll
                    \_ Now that's more like it. -emarkp
                 \_ Sign your name troll. -emarkp (And this is a false
                    statement you're trolling with.)
                    \_ It's a false statement to you because you are
                       Mormon. Do any non-Mormons think this?
                       \_ I work with several non-Mormon Christians in my
                          office, and they have told me that they consider me a
                          Christian.  Since we talk about the Bible and Christ
                          as a group a lot, I'm not surprised. -emarkp
           \_ I posted it because it is the best portrayal of the reality
              of the issue that I've seen; that gays are not trying to subvert
              the institution of marriage, or overthrow society, but are just
              trying to enjoy some of the same rights that the rest of us
              take for granted.  And that one of those rights is the right
              to get "married," not "civil unionized."  I think there are
              still reasonable people who believe that gay marriage is not
              OK but civil unions are; I think that's a cop-out position.
              [For the record, I'm neither gay nor married.]  -tom
              \_ Remarkably, I don't think gays are "trying to subvert the
                 institution of marriage, or overthrow society."  But the
                 argument "they're just trying to get the same rights as
                 everyone else" avoids debate and trivializes the issue.  It's
                 the equivalent of "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"--just the
                 other side of the issue. -emarkp
                 \_ I don't see your point.  They *are* just trying to get the
                    same rights as everyone else.  How is that avoiding
                    debate or trivializing the issue?  I think the issue is
                    totally fundamental.  -tom
                 \_ I've heard that "Adam and Steve" crap since I was a little
                    kid at the Christian school I went to.  You are a fucking
                    bigot Mark.
                    \_ Huh?  Try re-reading the post.  He says that's a
                       stupid thing to say.  Sheesh.
                    \_ Wow!  pp really hates gay marriage!  emarkp says
                       the phrase about "Adam and Steve" is dumb, and this
                       guy calls him a bigot! Bravo!
                    \_ Bad comparison (my fault).  The typical response is that
                       they do have the same rights as anyone else.  A gay man
                       can marry a woman just like a straight man can.  Now
                       can we both agree that your statement and this
                       counterstatement are equally useless?  -emarkp
                       \_ No we can't.  The response is a stupid response.
                          As was mentioned before the argument could be
                          rephrased to deny mixed race (for the commonly
                          used version of race) marriages because then
                          everyone has the same rights, the right to marry
                          a member of the same race.
                          \_ I concur.  -tom
                          \_ But then the pro-SSM side argument can be disputed
                             by pointing out that not everyone else can marry.
                             We have restrictions on who can marry left and
                             right (close relatives, adults/minors, etc.).
                             \_ So the debate is more Pro: "Gays
                                should have the same rights as heteros."
                                Anti: "No they shouldn't."  The problem
                                when put in those terms it is hard for the
                                Anti side to keep pretending it isn't being
                                prejudiced, and so the anti side conviently
                                tries to pretend there are other issues at
                                stake.  Embrace your true nature and just
                                admit that you don't think gay people deserve
                                the same rights as everyone else.
                                \_ They do have the same rights. I can't marry
                                   someone of my own gender and neither can
                                   \_ Hello Mr. Trees, you seemed to have
                                      missed the forest for yourself. -dans
                             \_ I used to think this argument was just
                                hypothetical.  But I forgot that Mormons
                                actually hold out hope that they can marry
                                their brothers/sisters, have sex with their
                                daughters, etc.  So, good point emarkp.
                                \_ Woo!  Where would we be without the
                                   clueless anti-mormon troll?
                           \_ The response is not stupid. The comparison
                              btwn gay marriage and mix-race marriage is
                              flawed. The denial of marriage rights to a
                              mix-race couple was based on a false concept
                              of race. The denial of marriage rights to
                              gays is not based on any such false concept.
                              Gays want more rights than other people in
                              society and there is no compelling reason
                              to grant them these rights.
                              \_ What more rights?  You will have the
                                 right to marry the same sex as well.
                                 And mix-race marriages were illegal because
                                 it was against the laws of nature.  We don't
                                 do that sort of thing.  Ick!  Oh my god
                                 that is wrong and an abomination.  That is
                                 for the same reason you oppose gay marriage.
                                 \_ You really don't understand the
                                    arugment do you?
                                    My opposition to gay marriage has
                                    nothing to do with the law of
                                    nature (by these I'm assuming you
                                    mean something like maxwell's laws
                                    or the uncertainty principle,
                                    which couldn't care less whether
                                    a person is gay or not).
                                    My opposition to gay marriage is
                                    based on the fact that there is
                                    no basis on which to claim that
                                    these people have been denied a
                                    right that all other people w/
                                    their same real characteristics
                                    have. (Mixed-race is irrelevant
                                    to the discussion b/c race is
                                    not a real characteristic, please
                                    go read some human evolutionary
                                    studies, if you think that race
                                    is really a true concept).
                                    If two gay people are allowed
                                    to marry, then why should a
                                    schizophrenic not be able to
                                    marry herself and claim a dual
                                    tax deduction? What about a
                                    person and his imaginary best
                                    BTW, I don't want more rights,
                                    I'm perfectly happy w/ the rights
                                    I have.
                                    \_ including, apparently, the right to
                                       be a complete fucking moron.  -tom
            \_ If anyone but tom had posted this, it would have slid by with
              no comment. Oh, wait, ilyas, John, and emarkp have their
              tormenters as well.
              \_ And funny enough, I don't think any of "us" take them at all
                 seriously.  Frankly, I'm a bit worried about both ChiCom
                 Troll and heil cherman john guy--I hope they're ok, I haven't
                 seen them around.  After all, an integral part of being a
                 responsible troll farmer is paying good attention to your pet
                 trolls' well-being!  That said, I think both ilyas and
                 emarkp are occasionally full of shit, but there seems to be
                 an interesting tendency for people who stand behind their
                 arguments and who sign their names to attract morons.. -John
                 \_ And speaking of motd regulars, where's BDG to rant for half
                    a screen about how gay marriage will allow gay people to
                    ruin the lives of other gay people?
                 \_ I discovered you are actually a closet commie, so I no
                    longer troll you   - Chicom Troll
              \_ Well, there's a price to be paid for being a consistent
                 asshole. I don't give a shit about tom being a fag. I have
                 fags for friends. tom's just an asshole. If I ever met him
                 I'd pound his face into the street, clear and simple.
                 Being a gay misanthrope doesn't excuse him of anything.
                 \_ I'm usually the last one to say this, but post your
                    name, tough guy. --erikred
                    \_ use kchang's intellicrap.
                        \_ the what? what does it do?
                           \_ blames ilyas for everything.
                 \_ This is pretty funny.  Run it through b1ff for it to be
                    taken extra-serious!  -John
                 \_ Vell, zeere's a preece-a tu be-a peeed fur beeeng a
                    cunseestent esshule-a. I dun't geefe-a a sheet ebuoot tum
                    beeeng a feg. I hefe-a fegs fur freeends. tum's joost un
                    esshule-a. Iff I ifer met heem I'd puoond hees fece-a intu
                    zee street, cleer und seemple-a. Beeeng a gey
                    meesunthrupe-a duesn't ixcoose-a heem ooff unytheeng.
            \_ I don't oppose same-sex civil unions, but I think marriage
               is a religious institution and should not be in the dominion
               of the government. A priest can already 'marry' two gay
               people. We're talking about the government, in which case
               I think 'marriage' is the wrong term to use. --dim
               \_ In which case, we should abolish the use of the term
                  "marriage" in any secular description of a contractual
                  binding of two consenting adults. Go ahead and start that
                  movement, then report back on how that works for you.
                  \_ Well, then failing that I am opposed to using the
                     term 'marriage' to describe same-sex unions.
2005/3/14-15 [Politics/Domestic/California, Recreation/Dating] UID:36683 Activity:nil
        California gay-marriage ban ruled unconstitutional (state constitution)
        State:  "State law also says marriage is a contract between a man and a
        Plaintiffs:  ... cited now-overturned bans on marriage by interracial
        couples, or laws that treated wives as a husband's property
        \_ Why is the constitution so vaguely written!! God damn it.
        \_ Does this mean I can finally marry chiapet? Joyyyyyyyy!!!
        \_ So, in the plaintiff's argument, were those bans overturned by
           the legislature or the courts?
           \_ Perez v. Lippold (1948) - Supreme Court of California
              "Respondent refuses to issue the certificate and license,
              invoking Civil Code section 69, which provides: '* * * no
              license may be issued authorizing the marriage of a white
              person with a Negro, mulatto, Mongolian or member of the Malay
              \_ Mongolian or the Malay race?  So Chinese was somehow a better
                 race than Mongolian and Thai better than Malay in the American
                 eye back in 1948?  What caused such discrepancies?  -- Chinese
                 \_ Because Americans in 1948 knew what the opium trade did
                    to China! -Bud Day
                 \_ My interpretation:
                    They meant "Mongoloid" (Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
                    Filipino, Inuit, etc.).
                    \- The "keep the races sep" attitude was to be found
                       among the "educated and respectable" far later than
                       1948. See the quotes in WARREN''s opinion in
                       Loving v. Virginia:
                       In the last 15 yrs there were various southern school
                       principals getting into hot water over similar. --psb
2005/3/14-15 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:36682 Activity:very high
3/14    The argument for gay marriage is that it's their own business and
        doesn't affect anyone else, since its private matter between
        two grown up adults and they have the rights to choose how
        they live. But why does the argument breaks down for other
        things that both party agrees to, like marriage/sex with a
        minor, hiring someone to kill myself (doctor, give me the
        death pill)? It seems if we allow gay marriage, then we should
        not ban other types of marriage as well, as long as both party
        are ok with it, such as multiple marriages, father/daughter,
        mother/son, brothers/sisters, humans and animals, etc. Any
        thoughts? Just because gay people are on TV doesn't make it
        more 'right' than any of the other banned marriage types.
        \_ Not to mention the fraud implications of instituting gay
           \_ uh, what?
              \_ uh, think about it?
                \_ uh, what?
                   \_ you can't be that dumb.
        \_ Part of marriage is consent, and legally being able to enter into
           a contract -- children and animals cannot give consent.  Polygamy
           is a more grey area but it can be argued that divorce situations
           would become too difficult to resolve.  The real solution is for
           the government to get out of marriage altogether and just issue
           civil unions, with only churches being able to marry people.  The
           civil unions give you all the legal rights marriage does today,
           while the churches have the right to grant marriage to only those
           they deem fit.  And this argument isn't that persuasive anyhow,
           for the simple reason that saying "giving rights to group X means
           we'll have to give it to group Y" doesn't mean group X shouldn't
           get said rights.  Does "If we give black people the right to sit
           at whites-only lunch counters, that means we'll have to let horses
           and sheep in as well" make any sense?
           \_ yes you are right, giving various rights to married woman and
              man doesn't mean we have to give similar "rights" to garried
              man and man.
                \_ Except there are very good reasons to let men marry men
                   and women marry women, just like there are very good reasons
                   to let black people sit at whites-only lunch counters.
                   \_ Pray tell, what are these good reasons?
                      Racial segregation was based on the false
                      premise that there were "races", whereas
                      the denial of marriage rights to gays is
                      not based on any such false premise.
                      \_ The good reasons are obvious to anyone but a bigoted
                         moron.  Two men or women in a long-term committed
                         relationship deserve visitation rights, survivorship
                         rights, etc.  -tom
        \_ Go man!  Thanks for fighting for my right to enter a marriage with
           my lovely sister!
        \_ Marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation of a
           healthy society tested over thousands of years.  Other forms
           of unions like father daughter, gay men, etc.  are not.
           Hire a lawyer and draw up your own legal documents if you want,
           just don't call it marriage.
           \_ Not to mention the inevitable consequences of evolution,
                \_ Yes, since once gay marriage is legal, hetero marriage will
                   become illegal -- And the world's population is already
                   shrinking at an alarming pace.
                   \_ The world's population is shrinking???
                        \_ Your sarcasm detector is in need of repair
           \_ Your claim about history is simply not true.  -tom
                \_ Really? Prove it.
           \_ How about we say a civil union can be between a man and a woman,
              or a couple of the same sex -- all other laws about bigamy and
              incest still applying.  Then good Christian churches in San
              Francisco can call civial unions between gays and lesbians
              marriage, and you can retain your right to not call such civil
              unions marriage.
              \_ A dog is a dog.  A cat is a cat.  you can try
                 calling a dog a cat, but it's still a dog and
                 everyone will think you are an idiot.
                 \_ your troll-fu is weak!
           \_ You do realize not all the rights of a married couple can
              be solved with a legal contract don't you?  For instance
              I can't file my taxes as a married couple (just one of
              many examples.)  Oh and metal protests to the contrary you
              many examples.)  Oh and mental protests to the contrary you
              a bigot and a homophobe.  Have a nice day.
              \_ you should ask the question why there should be such
                 a relationship called marriage that allows two people
                 to file a joint tax return in the first place.
                 \_ One of many rights.  One of the most obvious because
                    everyone does taxes every year so they are aware of the
                    laws.  Not everyone has to deal with, say, custody battles
                    every year.  Or medical emergencies.  Etc etc.  And if
                    you want to get rid of marriage altogether, well, I
                    wish you luck.  I'm not sure it is a good idea but
                    if you can make a compelling reason for there to be
                    no "special couple (or group?)" rights at all, then
                    by all means convince me.  That's another conversation.
                    \_ what I mean is that there are reasons why we attach
                       various legal rights and responsibilities to
                       marriage (the one between a woman and a man).
                       Those reasons no longer apply when it's
                       \_ joint tax return and partner benefits should be
                          100% applicable to gay marriage.  Why wouldn't they
                          be?   -tom
                          \_ I don't think you understood what I was saying.
                             \_ Then perhaps you should explain it better.
                                All you did was make an assertion.  -tom
                                \_ you're an idiot.  -Tom
           \_ Genocide, slavery, discrimination, religious persecution, etc.,
              have been part of history for thousands of years as well.
              \_ you got the "thousands of years" part, but you forgot the
                 "foundation" part.
                        \_ That can be argued
              \_ Not supporting gay marriage is in no way comparable to
                 these things. Please tell me how the rights of a gay
                 man (or woman) have been abridged.
                 A gay man has the same rights as any other man to marry
                 any woman he choses. Similarly a gay woman can marry
                 any man she choses. Gays and non-gays have the same
                 exact set of rights.
                 What gays are asking for is EXTRA rights above and
                 beyond what the average person is entitled to. What
                 is so special about them that requires that we give
                 them something which all other people do not have?
                 It is not as if they are blind or deaf or cripple,
                 or were formerly treated as chattel. Why should a
                 person's private choices about their lifestyle
                 entitle them to EXTRA public rights?
                 Now if you want to tell me about sex-change people,
                 then perhaps I can agree that these people may have
                 less rights.
                 \_ And when mixed race marriages were illegal everyone
                    had the exact same rights, they were allowed to
                    marry someone of the same race.  Gee why all the fuss?
                    \_ The issue of mixed race marriage is wholly
                       different than that of gay marriage b/c
                       there is really no such thing as separate
                       races. To abridge the rights of a person
                       based on a false characteristic violates
                       the fundamental principle of equality.
                       Unless you are willing to claim that gender
                       is a false characteristic, look elsewhere.
                       NOTE: I don't care what gay people do w/
                       their lives and I think that it is wrong
                       to discriminate in hiring, &c. based on
                       the fact that a person is gay (or watches
                       B5 instead of Star Trek).
                        \_ There is no such thing as separate races? Next thing
                           you'll tell me is gays are human beings!
                        \_ There is no such thing as separate races?
                           Next thing you'll tell me is gays are human
                           \_ That there cannot be separate races
                              is obvious from evolutionary theory
                              and has been generally confirmed by
                              genetic studies. There is also no
                              doubt that gays are human beings.
                              So what? It leaves unchanged the
                              idea that the private choices of
                              some people ought to create some
                              extra right for them.
        \_ I think if the current trend continues, assisted suicide will
           eventually become legal.  So are polygamy and father/daughter, etc.
           if the laws can be modified such that the involved people can sign
           declarations like "I hereby declare that I only deserve one third
           the right of being the wife to Mr. X" or "We hereby irrevokably
           sever our relationship as brother/sister" so as to avoid legal
           nightmare.  But marriage/sex with a minor or an animal will probably
           never pass, since a minor or an animal can't give consent.
           \_ you're an idiot.  -tom
              \_ That's such an insightful comment tom!
                 \_ It's insightful because it is true
                 \_ I agree with tom. -!tom
                    \- Hola, if you are interested in one perspective on the
                       history of homosexuals in "christendom", you may wish
                       to read John Boswell of Yale (dead?). He has at least
                       two books on the subject:
        \_ If a man marries a man and a woman marries a woman, they
           will become extinct. If for thousands of years the
           foundation has been based on that, human race will be
           extinct. It's not the way nature intended it to be. I am
           certainly not advocating we kill them all, like we do when
           chickens and cows catch a disease, but it is a 'problem'.
           It especially sickens me when gay couples wants to adopt a
           child. It's like you proudly declares to the world you cut
           off your penis, and then wants to surgically install a
           penis because you need one. If you want to be gay, don't
           fucking complain about not able to have a baby.
           \_ you're an idiot.  -tom
           \_ Should single people be able to adopt?
           \_ I hope this is a troll, it would be hard to imagine anyone
              being so bigoted in the 21st century.  I assume you are against
              IVF, viagra, birth control, etc.?
              \_ No, only gay that wants to have kids.
                 \_ Do you have any idea how many kids are abandoned every
                    year?  Fuck you.
              \_ And all the sex change shit.
        \_ Gay marriage advocates, I want to "union" with my sister (or
           maybe brother) with all the rights and responsibilities of
           a garriage.  However, I want to cut out anything that has
           to do with sex with said sister (or brother) cause I am not
           interested in their respective sexual organs.  What do you
           think of that?
           \_ I think you're an idiot.  -tom
              \_ why?
                 \_ Because you exhibit so much evidence of it?
                    \_ How come you can redefine marriage and I can't?
                       What is the basis for marriage?
                       What is the basis for marriage?  Just because
                       a relationship is consensual, doesn't mean it
                       should have the rights and obligations of
                       marriage.  Being consensual, alone, is not
                        \_ The consensual part was in refence to people
                           marrying sheep and children.
                       \_ Why not?
                       \_ Why not? Why isn't it being consensual enough?
                          \_ What does being married mean?  How is it
                             different from other types of relationships?
                             While you can try to define a marriage in legal
                             terms, ultimately, our laws surrounding
                             marriage were made to cater to this age old
                             relationship between a man and a woman which
                             is the foundation of society.  The laws are
                             for the relationship and not the other way
                             around.  Now, the question is, should the
                             laws be extended to a gay relationship?
                             \_ Times change, people change. Slavery
                                was the foundation of society for thousands
                                of years. And then it wasn't.
                                \_ The comparision btwn gay marriage
                                   and slavery is intellectually
                                   dishonest. A slave had virtually
                                   no rights under the law whereas
                                   a gay man or woman enjoys all
                                   rights that every other person
                                   of their gender enjoys.
                                   BTW, slavery was not the basis
                                   of every society for thousands
                                   of years.
                                   \_ And after slavery, blacks had all the
                                      rights of whites--they could still ride
                                      the bus, they just had to sit in the
                                      back.  -tom
2005/3/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36617 Activity:moderate
3/10    Shinteki: Decathlon, a day-long puzzle-scavenger-treasure-hunt-road-
        rally event, on Apr 30 or May 7 (4-person teams can participate in
        either). I've done several events by this
        group and they're terrific. Let me know if you have questions. -jowens
        \_ cool suggestion.  they are one day events?
           \_ Yes (although there are occasional weekend-long ones, usually
              in the summer ...
              for instance).
        \_ can u meat h07 42n ch1x?
           \_ Unlikely, unless you're the one bringing them. But you can
              check out pictures:
        \_ Who removed the h0t A4Z cH1X?
2005/3/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36556 Activity:moderate
3/7     Dear Motd Advice Column:  I've had lunch with this woman twice,
        once with her and her friend, once with just two of us.  We
        were introduced to each other by the friend as possible dating
        prospects.  This woman has sent me flowers.  Should I freak out?
        \_ is your name waner?
        \_ Unless it's a huge spread, no.
        \_ Woman sending guy flowers?  Are you serious?
           \_ Yes, I'm serious.  -op
           \_ Um, what's wrong with that?
        \_ Only if you don't want to sleep with her.
           \_ Or if you're not interested in her at all. Be flattered, then
              be honest.
        \_ Why would you be freaked out?  Do you not like her?
           \_ Sending flowers indicates she may be desparate, clingy or a
              Romantic Totalitarian.  This should trigger a re-evaluation
              function but not necessarily a cut off.
              \_ Maybe she has a crush and did something she thought would be
              \_ Well, if you post on the motd, odds are you're pretty
                 desparate too.  Those in glass houses ya' know...
        \_ Maybe she's a feminist who believes in working outside the
           constraints of the traditional patriarchy!
        \_ Yes. Run like hell. Keep away from all females. It is the sodan way.
        \_ freak out?  were the flowers in a box w/ a severed hand?
        \_ Invite us to the wedding!
        \_ Are you Chinese?  Do you have any idea of the effect of flowers on
           the Chinese?
            \_ No, please enlighten me. -op
               \_ I bet BUD DAY wouldn't _need_ to be enlightened!!!1!
2005/3/2-3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36489 Activity:moderate
3/2     Yahoo! News - Hermaphrodite Frogs Linked to Pesticide Use:
        Maybe this is the reason for the rise of homosexuality these days.
        \_ rise?
        \_ Uh, what do hermaphrodites have to do with homosexuality?  I think
           you might be a little confused.
           \_ I thought if the pesticides is able to tip the hormone scale of
              individuals to grow sexual orgains of the other sex, it'd be
              enought to make the individuals grow affection on the same sex.
              \_ You are confusing two things that have little if anything
                 to with each other.  In case you haven't noticed, homos
                 have the same equipment as the rest of us.
2005/2/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36403 Activity:very high
2/24    Ilya and Brett, why do you love the motd?
        Estimated motd edit frequency by users:
        * 28 ilyas
        * 22 brett
        * 11 jctwu
        * 6 dgies
        * 9 jrleek
        * 3 scotsman ecchang john jwang danh
          \_ your script is weak.  this is 3rd entry I have made
             all month. - danh
             \_ the above is based on last 24 hours, and yes my script sucks
                but it's better than nothing. If you have a better snooping
                technology that you'd like to share, email me   -kchang
                \_ No, it's not better than nothing.  Incorrect information is
                   less useful than no information. -emarkp
                   \_ yeah just like the Bible. WHY THE FUCK DID YOU OR
                      SOMEONE ELSE CENSOR THIS?
                   \_ it is when I control the information, muhahaha  -kchang
                      \_ Hi, just thought I d drop by and point out that
                         you are a fool. -- ilyas
                         \_ if I'm a fool then you're a bigger fool. I believe
                            you spend a lot more time on motd than me. Get a
                            life ilyas.                         -kchang
                            \_ You've GOT to be kidding.
                            \_ You don't even understand why you were called
                               a fool, which is fairly impressive. -- ilyas
                               \_ you are on top of the pile.
                         \_ Hey, aren't you guys in the same small department
                            in the same school?
                            \_ Yup. -- ilyas
                               \_ Can you see eachother from your respective
                                  \_ better yet, can you set up a MOTD down
                                     there and leave us alone?
                  No, and I've never talked to ilyas, although I've heard -/
                  a lot about him, like he's a very condescending
                  character. I'm still waiting for him to insult me
                  \_ Hah!  You've heard this in the department?  -- ilyas
                  in person. It's bound to happen one of these days. By the
                  way this reminds me of a joke where all the inmates in this
                  jail have heard every single jokes possible in the world and
                  memorized them, and in fact, they simply refer to them as
                  numbers. For example, one of the inmates would say "Joke
                  #36403" and all the inmates would burst into laughters.
                  Likewise ilyas could borrow this idea and simply insult
                  me via #'s, where 1=Lazy Bitch, 2=You're a fool,
                  3=Get a life, etc etc.
                  \_ h07 42n ch1x!
                \_ Your script is signicantly more useful than nothing.  We
                   all have a brain and can decide how accurate it is, and
                   perhaps future incarnations will be.  It's not like we'd
                   use this log to invade Iraq or squish jwang.  Thanks kchang!
             \_ Are you suggesting the mighty kchang is WRONG?
                \_ the above is posted by lye
                \_ The obvious problem is that his method (kchang, what IS the
                   method?) only knows for sure about (a subset of?) those who
                   write the motd in the way that's logged by his thing.
                   \_ yeah I'm offering you a lower bound on the number of
                      people who modify, vs. having no bound at all. So
                      what's new? How would you get a tighter bound?   -kchang
                      \_ Why do you give a shit?
                         \_ motd gives me inspiration for a PhD thesis
                            \_ Funny.  Given the number of phd theses(including
                               mine) that are being delayed by time wasting
                               on the motd, I'm glad to see that the motd
                               might actually have some positive effect on
                               someone's phd.
                            \_ I think that's the scariest thing I've seen
                               all day.
        \_ not sure lye, why do YOU love the motd?
           \_ Because it is so full of love.  --lye
        \_ You have a 40% error. -named person
           \_ dgies, tell us which ones and maybe it'll be fixed
              \_ And non-out-of-context Ohio Players orgasms and things. -John
        \_ I love it because it lets me waste taxpayer money with impunity!
             -- ilyas
           \_ Communist!
              \_ There is such a thing as "tax" in communism?
                 \_ In Soviet Russia... oh never mind.
           \_ Man, that has got to be the world's slowest way to waste
              taxpayer money.
              \_ A million monkeys on a million discussion boards will
                 eventually something something...
        \_ You have a 40% error. -named person
           \_ dgies, tell us which ones and maybe it'll be fixed
        \_ Does your script also measure people who don't use /csua/bin/me?
           \_ no it only measures nice people.
 (   `           \|                     .  .        |
  \    .          \:                     .          F
   \     .         L:.             .-.    .      ' /
    `.     .        `:.           / ) \ _       '  |
      `.              `.   `   .-(-"'`)' )     '    L
        `.              `.__.-'  | ' `|.'     .      \
          `.   `                `!_' .|-. ..      :   \
            `-._    .              "'   )::''      .   L
                `-.             .    _.':::'           J
                J  `-._        _  -'   ):'         .    L
                F      `-.         .-' )..              |
               J          `.    -'  .-')::              J
               F            `-._ -' _.' :'               L
              J                J"""     )'               J
             J                  \       F                .L
             F     :             \     /                  |
            J                     `::''            .     .|
            F     :                 Y                      L
           J                        |                    : |
          J :     :                 |                      J
\_ Oh that's sick.
\_ wow that's remarkably effective. you fucker. I'm at work here.
   \_ And yet you still pulled the image up in an editor to add your
\_ How about one with a man and a woman!!
\_ keywords: ascii art gay masterbate masterbation
2005/2/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:36400 Activity:moderate
2/23    How to dump your gf/bf guide:
        \_ english?
        \_ A complementary site:
        \_ I think you're addressing the wrong audience here.
          \_ Guten tag, German John understands, German John translates, ja?
             \_ Horgen borgen lutefisk bork bork bork ick nickt vershtayn
                Dutchy speaky you NAZI FUCK, Why do you hate America?  -John
2005/2/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36348 Activity:moderate
2/21    Is it possible to block a certain number from reaching your mobile?
        I've got the psychotic ex-boyfriend of some chick calling and leaving
        threatening voice mails in the middle of the night.
        \_ If they sound real, this would be a good tiem to turn it
        \_ I talked to AT&T Wireless about this a year and a half ago, and
           they said they it wasn't possible for them to block specific
           numbers.  I didn't have a restraining order or anything, though.
           they said they couldn't block specific numbers.  I didn't have a
           restraining order or anything, though.
        \_ I asked AT&T Wireless about this a year and a half ago, and
           they said they couldn't block specific numbers.  I didn't have
           a restraining order or anything, though.
        \_ If they sound real, this would be a good time to turn it
           over to the police.
           \_ Dunno if that would help.  She already has a restraining order
              against him and it doesn't seem to have done much good.
              \_ Well, restraining order + harassment = jail time
                 Unless you never report the harassment.
2005/2/17 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:36215 Activity:high
2/17    "As Girls 'Vanish', Chinese City Battles Tide of Abortions"
        Whatever happened to a woman's right to choose?  Why aren't we all
        up in arms about this?
        \_ Chiense police come to beat the shit out of you right now!!!11
        \_ Just wait till their son grows up and tries to find a
           woman. Ignorance is best paid this way.
           \_ Only if he joins the CSUA.
           \_ You don't need to wait.  This is already a problem at present.
        \_ S. Korea the same problem, although not nearly so severe, since
           you can still have as many babies as you want there.  They
           outlawed doctors telling the sex of the baby to parents before
           birth completely.  This seems to have improved things.  The
           current birth rates are more or less back to normal, although
           the 20 year olds are out of wack.  It also meant that my wife
           really wanted to know the sex of our daughter before she was
           born just because she couldn't if she was in Korea. -jrleek
           \_ So, what sex _was_ your daughter?
           \_ same for Taiwan, and India.  The problem should slowly
              go away as a country industrializes.
              \_ The answer is technology. If you could offer couples to
                 chose any baby's sex, FOR FREE (subsidized by the gov),
                 would this problem still exist?
                 \_ huh?  most of them would choose "male" at this
                    point in time, which would be a problem.
                    A simple solution would be to offer some artificial
                    incentive for giving birth to baby girls, such as
                    say $3000 bucks.
                    say $3000 bucks.  I don't understand why China
                    doesn't do something like that.
                    \_ 40 million unmarried men = nice "peoples" army
                       \_ coming to beat the shit out of you RIGHT NOW@%5!1
                       \_ All coming to steal our women...
                          \_ SERVES YOU WHITE MEN RIGHT! -Hoyt Sze
                    \_ In a way, that kinda sounds like slavery.
2005/2/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36170 Activity:very high
2/14    I'm trying to get a plain brown clay water pitcher as a present for my
        wife.  I've searched online and can't really find anything remotely
        like what I'm looking for.  Anyone know of an online/mail order seller
        of something like this?
        \_ Places such as Home Depot and OSH sell these by the cartload.
           Obviously they may not have the exact style you want.
           \_ I'm trying to get something that's older-styled, like say 1800s
              or earlier, not a modern smooth finished item.
              \_ Don't know the difference between 1800 brown clay water
                 pitchers vs. 2005 brown clay water pitchers. I thought a
                 water pitcher was a frickin water pitcher. Try an antique
        \_ EBay
           \_ You know I've been checking over the past week, and hadn't
              found anything, but someone posted something just right this
              weekend.  Funny.
              \_ It would be awesome if the pitcher you found on ebay was
                 posted by pp just to prove his motd fu.
        \_ I am sure your wife will be thrilled with a plain brown clay
           water pitcher. You're gonna get some that night!
           \_ You're not married, are you?
           \_ If it were just a pitcher and nothing more, I could get anything.
              The basic look has an important meaning.  You'll understand when
              you grow up.
              \_ Sometimes a pitcher is just a pitcher.
              \_ When I grow up I will understand the meaning of a pitcher?
                \_ or when you start dating girls, whichever comes first.
                   \_ Yes, most women are wowed by plain clay pitchers.
                      \_ There's this thing called 'context'.  Clearly, you
                         don't have it. Stop being petulant and accept it. -!pp
                         \_ I am just in awe.
                            \_ See below, petulant, ignorant fool.
                      \_ what you don't understand is that a water pitcher
                         could be a symbol of the male sexual organ and of
                         male virility, and hence evoke an erotic response.
                         \_ Uh... You've got it backwards.
                      \_ The pitcher is a semi-obscure reference to a favorite
                         movie, and she'll love it.  Women place a lot of value
                         on that kind of thing.  You'll understand when you
                         meet and actually get to know women in real life. -op
                         \_ Uh...right.  As long as whatever woman he gets to
                            know happens to attatch the same sentimental value
                            to some random obscure movie as your wife.  You're
                            a moron.
                         \_ I find it funny that a guy buying a pitcher
                            for his wife thinks he knows anything about
                            \_ I find it funny that someone sad and alone at
                               his keyboard could judge. -op
                               \_ Someone like you?
2005/2/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36166 Activity:nil
2/14    In honor of Valentine's Day:
2005/2/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/RepublicanMedia] UID:36112 Activity:very high
        I have to say this is the hottest junior high teacher I have ever
        seen. If I were the same 13 year old, I'd shut up and enjoy the ride.
        \_ There was a recent case where the teacher was hotter.
           \_ Agreed.  That was Debra Lafave.
        \_ I wonder if this is the same school where the principal banned
           War Veterans for Peace from distributing information to students.
        \_ My French teacher in HS was hotter--she as also the swim coach.
           Tall, blonde, liked to wear red minidresess.  -John
           \_ Damn you.  My French teacher in high school was about 65, short,
              and fat.  Fortunately, she didn't like to wear red minidresess.
        \_ I had the hots for two teachers, both hotter than this one. In
           biology class, watching her always kept my thoughts on topic. Damn.
           \_ Human Biology?
        \_ try and look for "Debra Lafave".  Her ex-husband
           was interviewed on Larry King, and seemed cool and decent even
           though he was humiliated by the whole thing.
           \_ Or just:
        \_ Seconded.  I'll bet every horny 13 year old boy (is there any
           other kind) was dreaming about banging her -- and one of them
           got lucky ...
        \_ Is there a NAWBLA?
           \_ North American Wayne Brady Look Alikes?
2005/2/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36109 Activity:high
2/8    So I read somewhere that when asked, husbands were more likely to say
       that if they had to do it all over again, they'd pick the same spouse
       (80%) while wives were even (only 50% say they would've picked the
       same spouse knowing what they know now). Obviously not exactly a
       scientific study, but it was an interesting anecdote. I had the
       impression that it was guys who are more committment phobic than
       women were, do people actually get the same impression, and if
       so, do you think it's true? Or is the reverse true, that women
       (especially today) are more likely to end relationships?
       Just a thought in light of relationship day and to get something
       semi-nonboring on the motd.
       \_ Why do men usually scan the menu, pick and item, and put the
          menu down, while women dither about it for 15 minutes, then
          change their mind three times after the waiter comes?
          I think these are related.  Women are much better than us at
          some things, and making decisions isn't one of them.
          \_ Not always true, I have found that women can make excellent
             managers.  The menu thing seems to be true though, and once
             it finally is time to order, it's often: "I want X - Y +
             Z done in style A and substitute B for C"
             \_ "Yes, I'll have the creme brule. Hold the eggs and sugar."
       \_ Women have always been more likely to end relationships. Guys
          will hang on to the bitter end while they bang her best friend.
       \_ It may have something to do with expectations. I think guys are
          easier to please in the marriage department. Women have more
          complex needs.
        \_Maybe it's because woman who are less committment phobic go
          into the wrong relationship quicker and thus have regrets, while
          men, who are more committment phobic hold out till they know
          for absolutly sure and thus do not regret their decisions?
        \_ I think the whole commitment-phobe-male stereotype is mostly
           a myth. TV can make stupid women believe anything.  -soda gal
        \-Maybe men are less likely to complain because for them the
          shortcomings of a spouse can be made up for by cheating [wife
          becomes fatty] but for women, cheating doesnt solve the problem
          [not enough bling provided by husband], so they have to escalate
          to divorce more readily. --psb
2005/2/7-8 [Recreation/Sports, Recreation/Dating] UID:36093 Activity:moderate
2/7     See the full Go Daddy superbowl ad:
        \_ well I thought the girl was OK. Big boobs but otherwise just ok,
           what do you guys think?
           \_ She was hot.  Hotter, though:  tabasco chick, girl #1 in
              the pepsi singing bottle commercial.
               \_ I only find four commercials: Diddy Truck, Ladies Man,
                  iTunes, and Pop the Music. No tabasco girl.
           \_ I'd like to see *your* gf.
           \_ She was hot, with the added advantage that she might be useful
              as a flotation device in emergencies.
              \_ Does silicone float in water?
2005/2/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36061 Activity:high
2/4     Does it look ok to your date to request for a doggy bag? ok thx.
        \_ If a date asks, I say it's ok. If I eat thai or some place that
           may have leftovers (see below, you dont do this for fine dining),
           I'll get a box and if I'm in SF or Berkeley, will usually find an
           anworthy bum to give it to.
        \_ Real men finish their meals.
        \_ do you care more about the food or her? if she really
           likes the food, save it for her..
        \_ On an early date, no. You can do this later once you are both
           done impressing one another.
        \_ It depends on if you go dutch or not.
        \_ Yes.  Asking for a box is okay.  Asking for a doggie bag is right
           out.  But seriously, if you're going somewhere after dinner, do you
           want the food smelling up your car?
           \_ Where I live, my trunk is colder right now than my fridge.
           \_ Depends on where you are dining, too. Fine dining it is
              right out. A place like Cheesecake Factory then sure.
                                      \_ aka "The Factory"
        \_ I thought you said "Does it look ok to your date to request a
           doggy style?"
           \_ Would you use a 15%/$3 off coupon on a date?
              \_ $3 off coupon for doing it doggie style?  Or do you not
                 understand how to indent properly?
                 \_ Where can I get *that* coupon?!
                    \_ That's, uh, that's a pretty good coupon. -geordan
        \_ If something that insignificant could change the direction of
           your date then 1) you need a lot more going for yourself or 2)
           she's too high maintenance and not worth it.
        \_ Are you looking to marry this one (or any of them)? If so,
           just be yourself right from the start. If you want a doggie
           bag get it. If she reacts negatively to this, remember its
           her loss. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
           \_ Sure, just break wind in front of her, belch, and otherwise
              be yourself. If she's not impressed then to hell with her.
2005/2/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36056 Activity:nil Cat_by:dlong
2/3     Dear soda luzer virgins, this is your only chance to interact
        physically with a woman:
        \_ I don't think 'physically' means what you think it means.
        \_ virtually physical contact. TURN UP THE SOUND!!! It is so cool.
           it is actually my only interaction with a woman, THANK YOU.
           \_ Apply at ausman's company and maybe you'll meet a nice guy.
2005/2/2 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/SocialSecurity] UID:36036 Activity:nil
2/2     Why don't the people who are against social security mention that
        women live longer then men, and that men are getting screwed out of
        social security benefits?  It's even possible (and common!) for women
        who have never worked to collect social security based on their
        dead husband's income!  Where's the sanity in that?
        \_ Because some people believe in society.  Some of those people who
           believe in society think government is best suited to help, and
           some think churches, communities, etc are best suited.  Someone
           who believes neither, who doesn't believe in society or helping
           his fellow man is immoral.
           \_ Uhm, no. That might be the way leftist liberals think, but
              that's not the reason why women collect 50% on their husband's
              income. The reason is simple, traditionally women were not
              in the work force but were expected to stay home and raise
              the kids. So in essence although they didn't have a paying
              job they still did work. Since the male was traditionally
              the primary breadwinner of the family, it was viewed that
              widows should be able to collect on pensions of the the husband.
              In reality, such an arrangement logical, since by allowing
              widows to receive their husband's SSI we compensate the widow
              for their years of work being a house wife.
              \_ So you prefer that women enter the work force and leave
                 their children to be raised by baby sitters?  You sound
                 like the leftist liberal.
                 \_ No, I like men who abandon their children and don't
                    pay child support (Go Newt!!)
        \_ Against Social Security?  I *love* Social Security.  I love it
           so much that I want to make sure I get my cut of it when I'm
2005/2/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:36026 Activity:high
2/1     Would it be appropriate and/or necessary to give a modest gift and
        a greeting card on the St. Valentines day to someone with whom I have
        been on a date only once before?
        \_ How old is the girl? All of my sister's dumb college friends love
           that shit on Valentine's Day, even if it is just after a first
           date, especially if the guy is "hot". I guess a better question is
           how vapid is the girl?
        \_ Where do you want the relationship to go?  If you plan to pursue
           it, then it would be wise to do so.  That said, I'd avoid greeting
           cards for something sensitive like this.  When I say greeting card
           I mean card from Hallmark or similar monolithic card manufacturer
           with prefab pseudo-heartfelt message already written for you.
           Cards with blank interior are better.
        \_ Kind of depends.  Unless you really got the feeling she/he was
           totally into you on the first date, I'd agree with PP, and also
           avoid Valentine's day altogether (why not just a nice blank card
           with a note something like "I enjoyed the date, I'd like to see
           you again"?)  -John
        \_ I would have to say, no. And I think being predictable and doing
           something special only on special days, is not all that special
        \_ What they all said, but with this addendum. Consider going to a
           place that says sells interesting non-Hallmark cards. If you see
           something that stands out, buy it, inscribe it with just your name
           and that you thought of her or some such, and give it to her for the
           next date - whether that is Valentine's Day or not. Every woman I've
           known has appreciated interesting cards picked out for them.
            -- ulysses
           \_ As a guy, I like to receive cards, read them, and then throw
              them away. Yes, Seinfeld addressed this. Women seem to be
              horrified when they find out. WTF do they keep these cards?!
                \_ I keep every card sent to me but I'm a packrat.
        \_ How bout just a simple, single flower?
           \_ I suggest a limp yellow rose!
           \_ Danger, danger Will Robinson.  As the NP suggests, a dozen roses
              is too strong.  The problem is that with a single flower you
              risk looking cheap (and thus, insincere).  If you're going to
              give a single flower, take care to present in a way that shows
              you put some time, thought and effort into it.
        \_ If you've only had one date, obviously you shouldn't go overboard.
           Some PPs seem to be suggesting you just send a card.  While *some*
           women would prefer you don't make a big deal out of Valentine's
           Day, they probably wouldn't be put off by a heartfelt gesture.  On
           the other hand, I'm guessing the other 95% of women DO want to see
           you put in some sort of effort.  She may say she doesn't want
           anything and be secretly dissapointed when you do nothing.  So play
           it safe and do something to show you care.  This early in the
           relationship, a dozen roses would be coming on too strong, but a
           sincere card you wrote and a single red rose would be excellent.
2005/2/1-2 [Recreation/Media, Recreation/Dating] UID:36024 Activity:very high
        Adelphia Communications Corp. has quietly become the nation's only
        leading cable operator to offer the most explicit category of
        hard-core porn ... Five years ago, Adelphia stirred a local
        controversy by dropping Spice - a popular soft-porn channel - from
        newly acquired cable systems here because Adelphia founder John Rigas
        considered X-rated programming immoral. Today, the 80-year-old Rigas
        and one of his sons are facing prison terms after being convicted last
        summer for looting the company and engaging in fraudulent accounting.
        ... Single-X-rated movies feature nudity, long-range or panoramic and
        medium-range camera shots, simulated sex and sex between women.
        Double-X-rated movies show intercourse, oral sex and close-up shots.
        Triple-X-rated movies feature anal sex and visible ejaculation. ...
        The Internet has become a carnal cornucopia ... a $10-billion
        industry. "That's more than Hollywood makes at the box office. And it
        just grows and grows and grows."
        [Can you tell the reporter had a great time writing this article?]
        \_ Mmm...moral majority-esque hypocrisy...yum
        \_ look, it is clear that the country is moving away from immoral
           standards. We're sick and tired of people in office doing immoral
           things with say, interns (what kind of sicko do that?) We just
           want America to be good 'ol fashioned the way it used to be, and
           we shall change it one step at a time, starting with Hollywood.
           Just say no to porn. God Bless America and God Bless Bush.
           \_ Uh, so Democrat=interns sucking dick, lesbians, anal sex,
              and Republican=good? Wait that's actually kind of true.
              \_ The best anal sex I ever had was with a blonde Republican
                 girl from Texas.  YMMV.
                 \_ Women and BBQ are about the only things Texas does right.
                    \_ This is beginning to sound like Wonkette...
                 \_ So, how big was her strapon?
        \_ gotta love LA Times!
2005/1/30 [Recreation/Dating, Health, Recreation/Humor] UID:35978 Activity:nil
1/30    Never mind that PETA seems to be confusing their cause of animal
        rights with the cause of male sexual health, but this is pretty funny.
2005/1/28-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35958 Activity:nil
        Euro having sex with Dollar
        \_ damn. I clicked on to the horse sex one and a manger saw me
           looking at that.
           \_ A manger?  Don't get all nativity scene on us, you asshole!
        \_ The funny thing is that these posters were posted on the streets
           of Moscow a couple of years ago and the advertizing agency manager
           said he didn't notice anything wrong with it at first but later
           admitted: "Yeah, when I looked more carefully I realized that"
           The Russian language comment says: "A magazine about how money is
              \_ soda is acting slow for me with all the perl going on.
                 makes it easy to mistype.
2005/1/28-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35957 Activity:high
1/28    When Lion's have sex, why do the females get very aggressive and
        try to bite the Male Lion back?
        \_ Cuz they like to get it on baby! Also, the feline penis is somehow
           painful to the female during penetration.
           \_ I think it's pronged so it hurts more if she tries to pull out.
        \_ Because she's being raped.
           \_ As is all heterosexual sex.
              \_ Still haven't figured out that whole 'consent' thing, huh?
        \_ Not limited to lion's. Tiger's, housecat's, all cat's are like this.
           \_ please stop with the incorrect apostrophes!
              \_ There was a strip club that I used to drive by every day
                 called "centerfold's".  It used to drive me nuts.
              \_ Where's dbushong when we need him?!
                 \_ You mean "Wheres" --dbushong
2005/1/20 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/CellPhone] UID:35817 Activity:high
1/20    anyone get one of those share your minutes family cell
        phone plans?  was it worth it?  is it better
        than your family members just getting their
        own goddamn plan? - danh
        \_ it really depends on how much you and family use the minutes.
           i'm on a 400 minute plan and can add on family members for $10,
           which also gives me 100 extra minutes. i barely use half my minutes
           a month, so it would probably be worth it for me. if you guys will
           be constantly fighting for your minutes, then don't do it.
        \_ For 4 years I was on a 125 anytime + 1000 off-peak/weekend plan
           shared among three phones.  Our total minutes were like 20 anytime
           and 100 off-peak/weekend.  We never got close to half the limit.
        \_ My girlfriend has one with her family.  Her sister uses way too many
           minutes so my girlfriend is always worrying about going over.
           Overall I think it's a good idea but you need to be wary of selfish
           family members.
        \_ It depends on your family usage.  My wife and I don't use more than
           400 minutes a month.  It's mor worth it for us to have a family
           plan.  I paid $10 more for the secon line as opposed to another
           $30+ plan.
        \_ My mom and my brother have a shared plan and it worked out cheaper
           (~ $20/mo) for them to share minutes than to get two separate plans.
           I would have joined their plan, but I want to get a Treo650 and
           cingular doesn't allow the Treo's on a shared plan :-(
2005/1/17-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35757 Activity:very high
1/17    I think this is one of the most vile things I've ever seen.
        (worksafe, the horror is psychological)
        \_ STD checks? AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! Noooooooo! Next thing, you'll
           post a link suggesting the use of bike helmets, seat belts, and
           adequate lighting while reading!  please make it stop!!!!! can
           we please squish this anti-social user!?!??
           \_ Who's the anti-social one?  op, or the guy who thinks
              sending someone an e-card that says, "I was checking my
              address book, and... hey! You've got an STD!" is a good
        \_ what's so bad about it?
           \_ Shtuping someone and telling them after the fact via not-
              particularly-clever e-card that you gave them the clap is not
              the classiest thing I've ever seen.  -John
2005/1/11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35648 Activity:very high
1/10    When girls say "I don't care (whether you are the 'best' or not)"
        and "I just want to be with you", are they serious or they are
        \_ Why/when would she say this?  Did you ask?
        just saying it to be nice? I know girls don't put as much
        importance in sex as guys do, but it's hard to imagine if they
        can "not care", I mean obviously this depends on the girl, but
        how often does a girl stay with someone who's not that great
        in bed in real life? I mean all guys would want to believe
        they are great in bed, but just like anything, some guys are
        better than others, and I can't quite imagine why girls would
        settle with someone being only OK in bed rather than someone
        who gives them mind blowing experiences... so what happens in
        real world? How much do girls care about sex? -silly sodan, not troll.
        \_ Women vary tremendously in the importance they place
           on sex. Much more so than men, in my experience.
           Unless I had a good reason to think otherwise, I would
           believe her on this. -sodan with lots of experience
           \_ Also, you can always work on getting better.  Talk with
              her about what she likes and what you like.  Be creative.
              Be communicative.
        \_ Would you dump a kind, attractive, compatible woman you really
           got along with just because she was bad in bed? Or, what if
           she was good in bed and then something happened (e.g. an
           accident)? When we choose life partners (or just potential
           life partners) there's a lot more important than if we have the
           best sex ever. That is, OK is OK if everything else works. I
           doubt most women would want to stay with their best fuck ever.
           I know most men wouldn't, since good sex equates to lots of
           partners in many cases and many men freak out when they find out
           women aren't virginal (or even close by a mile).
           \_ Is this due to gene or society? -serious question
           \_ Is this due to gene simmons or society? -serious question
           \_ How is an attractive woman bad in bed?  I mean, you're a dude,
              \_ Dude, there's *a lot* more to good sex than mounting and
                 thrusting; not only interms of enthusiasm, but in terms of
                 what she's willing to do, and whether it's pleasant when
                 she does it, or just damn painful.  It also matters what she's
                 willing to let you do, and whether she can figure out how to
                 make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you.  Otherwise,
                 you're better off fucking a sack of potatoes, since they
                 don't ask for dinner afterward and will at least stay moist
                 from beginning to end.
                 \_ Sack of potatoes?  Jeez, you could at least come up with
                    an inanimate object for which it's physically possible.
                    Your metaphore is dumber than a wet donkey with one sail
                    in the water.
                    \_ heh, wet donkey with one sail in the water....that
                       cracks me up.  I'll have to remember that one.
                    \_ Seconded! I salute your skill in neology.
              \_ Well if she doesn't seem to enjoy it that would turn me off.
                 Of course you could say that's not the chick's fault.
              \_ Hahahahaha, u are funny man.
              \_ This was a joke, but imagine if that woman was horribly
                 disfigured. If she'd still be worth a fuck then she's
                 good. If not, she's just a living fantasy.
                 \_ Would I dump a kind, horribly disfigured, compatible
                    woman who was good in bed?  Doh!
           \_ I prefer women with experience for that very reason. -swloe
        \_ At least when Anna Nicole Smith said "I don't care", she really
           meant it.
        \_ Yes. I'm terrible in the sack, but my wife has stuck with me for
           years. And, no, she's not cheating, thanks for asking.
           \_ Yes, but is she still fucking you? Mine won't anymore because
              I'm not enough. I'm not kidding.
              \_ This is why the Europeans have both a wife and a
                 mistress. They fill different roles.
                 \_ You realize this is an American fantasy, right? Actual
                    survey data puts the French infidelity rate below the
                    American. The rich have mistresses there, jsut like here.
                    The rest of them deal, just like here.
                    \_ Probably because the women there are better in bed
                       to begin with. Regardless of your survey, it is
                       more accepted to have a mistress there than it is
                       \_ I went and re-read a synopsis of the survey results.
                          It agrees with what you are saying, but not quite
                          the way you might think.
                          \_ Read this and don't think it addresses the
                             issue at all. It assumes, for instance, that
                             a married person having sex with one partner
                             is having sex with his wife. Plus, it is
                             self-reported. Not sure people want to admit
                             in a phone survey to a stranger that they are
                             having an affair.
              \_ What exactly is wrong with you?
                 \_ He's married.
                    \_ No. I know plenty of happily married couples that even
                       do a lot of fucking, though that is less common among
                       at least the people I know about. There is not
                       necessarily wrong with either of us (believe me, we've
                       been over this in gory detail for years). THe case now
                       is that I'm just not what she wants. I'm probably
                       asking for a divorce soon.
                       \_ Gonna divorce over some poon or are you not
                          getting along in other ways?
2005/1/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35642 Activity:very high
1/10    When girls say "I don't care (whether you are the 'best' or not)"
        and "I just want to be with you", are they serious or they are
        just saying it to be nice? I know girls don't put as much
        importance in sex as guys do, but it's hard to imagine if they
        can "not care", I mean obviously this depends on the girl, but
        how often does a girl stay with someone who's not that great
        in bed in real life? I mean all guys would want to believe
        they are great in bed, but just like anything, some guys are
        better than others, and I can't quite imagine why girls would
        settle with someone being only OK in bed rather than someone
        who gives them mind blowing experiences... so what happens in
        real world? How much do girls care about sex? -silly sodan, not troll.
        \_ Women vary tremendously in the importance they place
           on sex. Much more so than men, in my experience.
           Unless I had a good reason to think otherwise, I would
           believe her on this. -sodan with lots of experience
           \_ Also, you can always work on getting better.  Talk with
              her about what she likes and what you like.  Be creative.
              Be communicative.
        \_ Would you dump a kind, attractive, compatible woman you really
           got along with just because she was bad in bed? Or, what if
           she was good in bed and then something happened (e.g. an
           accident)? When we choose life partners (or just potential
           life partners) there's a lot more important than if we have the
           best sex ever. That is, OK is OK if everything else works. I
           doubt most women would want to stay with their best fuck ever.
           I know most men wouldn't, since good sex equates to lots of
           partners in many cases and many men freak out when they find out
           women aren't virginal (or even close by a mile).
           \_ Is this due to gene or society? -serious question
           \_ How is an attractive woman bad in bed?  I mean, you're a dude,
              \_ Dude, there's *a lot* more to good sex than mounting and
                 thrusting; not only interms of enthusiasm, but in terms of
                 what she's willing to do, and whether it's pleasant when
                 she does it, or just damn painful.  It also matters what she's
                 willing to let you do, and whether she can figure out how to
                 make it more comfortable and enjoyable for you.  Otherwise,
                 you're better off fucking a sack of potatoes, since they
                 don't ask for dinner afterward and will at least stay moist
                 from beginning to end.
                 \_ Sack of potatoes?  Jeez, you could at least come up with
                    an inanimate object for which it's physically possible.
                    Your metaphore is dumber than a wet donkey with one sail
                    in the water.
                    \_ heh, wet donkey with one sail in the water....that
                       cracks me up.  I'll have to remember that one.
              \_ Well if she doesn't seem to enjoy it that would turn me off.
                 Of course you could say that's not the chick's fault.
              \_ Hahahahaha, u are funny man.
              \_ This was a joke, but imagine if that woman was horribly
                 disfigured. If she'd still be worth a fuck then she's
                 good. If not, she's just a living fantasy.
                 \_ Would I dump a kind, horribly disfigured, compatible
                    woman who was good in bed?  Doh!
           \_ I prefer women with experience for that very reason. -swloe
        \_ At least when Anna Nicole Smith said "I don't care", she really
           meant it.
2005/1/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35603 Activity:high
1/7     omgwtf, Brad and Jennifer are separating after 5 yrs of marriage!!$!1
        \_ Do you have a link, or are you just mouthing off?
              \_ Thanks.
        \_ "Gavin is dreamy." -B. Pitt
        \_ Probably getting bored fucking each other.
           \_ Wow, you really don't know jack shit about relationships, do you?
              \_ He only knows yermom, and he's pretty bored of fucking her.
2005/1/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35593 Activity:nil
1/7     Funny wacko:
        \_ He's remarkably silent about the tsunami. I like to think he's
           been chastised, but I doubt it. An interesting character.
           \_ If you can't recognize irony when you see it, that's your
              failing.  Not his.
           \- he seems to neither write well, nor have anything to
              intelligent to say. i guess not all media morons are
              political extremists like ann coulter.
2005/1/4-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35543 Activity:high
        \_ where was that?
           \_ The Chinese part mentions that she used to live on Collingwood
              St. in the west part of a place called Wen-something.  So it was
              probably Vancouver, BC where there are a lot of Chinese
              immigrants.  Yahoo Maps confirms that there is a Collingwood St.
              in Vancouver.  It also says she now lives in/on Arbutus.  Maybe
              that's a different city or a different street.
              \_ Arbutus is another street in Vancouver.
        \_ What does that character mean, the fourth to the left of the
           "Collingwood" at the top? looks like a face wearing glasses.
           \_ I think it means "formerly".
        \_ funny funny funny!!!
        \_ funny funny funny!!! Thanks for sharing it.
          \_ Here's something I don't understand. Why isn't the humorless
             motd guy nuking this? I mean, it's not THAT funny. I guess
             this illustrates that humor is subjective and the humorless
             nuke guy is an ass.
        \_ The Chinese part is more explicit than the English part.
           \_ No fair dropping a teaser like that and running.  Share!
              \_ Literal translation: "Taiwan "astronaut's" (meaning immigrant
                 who frequently flies back to the home country to work) wife,
                 lonely horny woman, Teresa Chou Liang (maiden name Chou) has
                 lonely horny woman, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has
                                     \_ posting the link is bad enough
                                        Imagine you enemey putting a flier
                                        like that with your name on it.
                 a daughter.  Formerly lived on Collingwood St. in west
                 Vancouver, now lives in/on Arbutus.  Horny and easy (something
                        yinjian - whorish (sexually insatiable and immoral,
                                           cheap and lowclass)
                                  \_ slutty (and base) is more accurate
                        fangdang - debauched
                                   \_ wanton is the word you want
                 like that).  Specialized in breaking other people's families.
                 Shameless.  In recent days she keeps on making erotic phone
                                                        better translation:
                                                        indecent / obscene
                                                        \_ Thx.
                                                        \_ should be "lewd"
                 calls to someone else's husband, saying that she's lonely, her
                 desire is buring, her vagina badly needs to be fucked by man's
                 sexual organ, and she wants the cheating husband to compare
                 whether she fucks better or his wife fucks better.  Any man
                 can fuck her, shameless.  (... something ...) say all Taiwan
                 women are the same.  Please don't shame other Chinese and
                                        huh? the correct translation should be
                                        \_ Thx.
                 other women."  There's no reference to "bitchy" or "hooker".
                 P.S. "In recent days" might be "every day".  I can't read it
                 clearly in the photo.
                 \_ Ahh!  Someone please give me Teresa's address or phone
                 \_ Ahh!  Someone please give me XXXXX's address or phone
                    number so that I can go satisfy her need!  (If she's of
                    MILF quality.)
                    \_ You do realize that probably someone other than "her"
                       posted flier.
                       \_ Yeah, and I think whoever posted the flier would be
                          more than willing to give out her contact info,
                          either to further humiliate her or to direct other
                          men to her so that she'll leave the poster's family
                          \_ You're an idiot - !tom
2005/1/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35533 Activity:high
1/4     When you buy something online with CC, does the shopping site
        transmit the ip/domain name you are using along with the card
        info to the bank?
        \_ Not to the bank AFAIK, but the payment processor gets it.
        \_ look, just buy your porn already, no one cares.
           \_ married, don't want this popping up on the credit card report.
              \_ They have these buildings where they accept little pieces
                 of green paper in exchange for goods such as porn.
              \_ Sheesh, it's not like there isn't pleanty of free porn
                 on the 'net.
              \_ It will show up on your CC statement as a transaction.
              \_ Buy one of those gift cards that work as a credit card.
              \_ You could save everyone a lot of trouble by just being
                 faithful to your marriage vows.
                 \_ gee I didn't realize "no porn" was in the marriage vows
                    now.  -tom
                 \_ If the bitch won't put out what are ya gonna do?
                    \_ I think if you have to be deciteful your marriage
                       is already screwed.  You could at least be honest
                       about it.
                       \_ Most people don't understand that marriage is both
                          a social contract and a financial contract.  Just
                          because the social part of it has broken down
                          doesn't mean you are willing to dissolve the
                          financial component also.
                          \_ That may be, but in that case op should work
                             on fixing the social part.  Doing otherwise
                             is just pathetic. Anyway, I think this
                             subthread has already read too much into this
                             guy's personal life.
                             \_ I'm going to guess you are either not
                                married or have been married only a short
                             \_ Your advice is well and good, but there are
                                times when one partner or the other may not
                                be interested in sex as much as the other
                                (due to stress, work, school, kids, etc.);
                                this is usually temporary, and trying to talk
                                about it is just as likely to increase the
                                stress. In times like these, pr0n is a much
                                better alternative to professionals, affairs,
                                or coercion.
                                \_ Which is why I said we were reading too
                                   much into this post.
                                   \_ Doh. Teach me to read everything.
2005/1/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35515 Activity:high
        I didn't know it's illegal in so many states to have m/m or f/f.
        What's the punishment if caught? Jail? Fine?
        \_ Well, in Texas, according to the laws on the books, just having
           oral or anal sex with your own wife is a third degree felony,
           the maximum pushiment for which is 10 years in jail and a 10,000
           dollar fine.
           See the section on "offenses against the family."  Although,
           if you look at the exact wording of the law, all you have to do
           is prove that neither of you were aroused by the "deviate activity"
           and you'll be off the hook.  Now why can't major natural disasters
           ever happen in Texas?
           \_ in Texas where all the morally right and good people live,
              they're asking why natural disasters can't kill off
              all the evil gays, wicked lesbians, and damn minorities
              who live in CA and are corrupting the pure Southern race.
              \_ The religious right, in their own words:
                 "Sodomitical acts have not only external consequences like
                 death, disease and childlessness..."
                 "Does your friend know that the rate of syphilis among women
                 who practice lesbianism is 19 times what it is among other
                 Fuck Iran and Syria, if you want to fight religious zealots
                 bent on destroying the American way of life, I say nuke
                 Colorado Springs first.
        \_ Pointing and laughing.
        \_ Wow, I didn't realize that some states had 14 as the age of consent!
2004/12/23-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35415 Activity:nil
12/23   Does anyone know how to fly one of these mini helicopters? would love
        to get e-mail from you. -ali.
        \_ Pilot some choppers in BF: Vietnam until people stop yelling at you.
           I will look for [MIT]CWO_aLi@soda
        \_ ali+muslim+RC heli+bomb. Hmmmmmm, not good.
2004/12/21-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35383 Activity:high
12/21   What's a good Christmas present to get a girl that you've just started
        to date but wouldn't call your girlfriend? Yes, we've slept together.
        Also, I want to keep the relationship where it is (no title) for as
        long as possible.
        \_ Perfume.
           \_ Good idea. Also lingerie and big rubber dildos. Anything
              more personal and you are getting into gf territory.
        \_ _He's Just Not That Into You_,
           \_ Thanks! Seems kinda interesting, but I don't want to get
              \_ don't flatter yourself.  you can only get dumped if you are
                 going out with her.
        \_ Something goofy and fairly cheap that fits them.  Perfume is lame.
           \_ Show you pay attention.  My girlfriend gets cold all the time, so
              I got her cozy gloves.
           \_ Perfume is not lame. Women dig bath products, cosmetics, and
              perfumes/scents/oils. Goofy and fairly cheap will mean he
              never screws her again. Get her something that makes her
              feel sexy. Yes, perfume makes women feel sexy.
              \_ Perfume says: "you fucking stink, woman!" Really, jewelry is
                 the only safe bet.
                 \_ Jewelry this early in a relationship, especially when
                    you want to stay casual?  Surely you jest.  You don't
                    want a gift that says you're serious; you don't want a
                    gift that says you've been paying attention to her needs;
                    you want a gift that says you care enough to spend 5
                    minutes flirting with the chick at the perfume counter.
                    \_ They what do you suggest, Don Juan?  A vacuum cleaner?
                       \_ You need to work on your reading comprehension.
        \_ Bragging on soda the fact that you fucked her but she's not your
           \_ This is soda. He's lying.
              \_ give him some credit.  he might be telling the truth, and
                 the woman might be over 200 pounds.
        \_ Depends on whether she also wants to keep the relationship where it
           is, or she wants to promote to gf status.
        \_ so what's her title, booty call girl? sex buddy?
           \_ Dude, it's called friend with benefit.
              \_ in my era, we called that "special friend"
        \_ How about paying the tab for her services? I'm sure she'd appreciate
           that, her pimp is getting antsy.
         \-The Original Thighmaster Gold
        \_ buy her a professional massage lesson.
2004/12/16-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35324 Activity:very high
11/16   How can "not feeling sexy" be a reason for a woman not to have
        sex?  Doesn't the fact that someone wants to have sex with her
        make her, by definition, sexy to that person?
        \_ Welcome to the world of women.  They're wired differently.  I
           start believing that they are somehow related, species-wise, to
           managers, who are also strangely circuited.  Women don't seem to
           want/like sex at all (except for yermom.)  Valid excuses for not
           having sex with you, beside the obvious (fat bastard, smell bad,
           and the same goes for you) include time of month, feeling
           unattractive for whatever reason, lights on, lights off, it's
           Tuesday, that thing you said when talking to Bob & Vicky three
           years back, it was in January, yes you know the one, solar flares,
           and the general state of the world.  This is a species that may
           have a PhD in astrophysics and her own company, but still gets off
           reading trashy gossip mags at the gym.  Get used to it, you can't
           win.  As a guy, you are immediately placed in the category of
           people whose thought processes do not extend beyond "whoa, a pulse,
           maybe she'll sleep with me."  They don't give us more credit than
           that.  Best thing to do is just accept it, or ignore them.  -John
           \_ Most women enjoy sex. You must be a crappy lover.
              \_ Beyond any doubt.  They're still bizarre.  -John
              \_ I dispute this. Most women enjoy sex at some point, but
                 not most of the time. I think that as a relationship
                 matures they don't enjoy sex like they did in the
                 beginning. This is true of men, too, but men like sex
                 so much that they still want to have it. Women would
                 rather paint their nails, read a magazine, or impale
                 themselves on sharp hooks.
                 \_ Too true. Sex gets boring after a while. Then
                    the relationship gets boring. Then it goes down
                    the shitter and you start looking elsewhere.
                    I guess the point is is to find someone you can
                    delude yourself to be interested in enough for
                    a long enough period of time that you just don't
                    give a crap about it anymore and just live with it.
                    Sometimes a relationship is kind of like having a
                    roommate that you fuck on occassion. That's just
                    life, people get used to each other after a while.
                 \_ I'm sorry you are such a bad lay.
                    \_ Said the soda virgin.
                    \_ I'm sure you've been in lots of long-term
                       relationships. If you have you would know. If
                       you're a playboy then of course you think women
                       enjoy sex, because you're not around long enough
                       for it to matter. I could go find lots of single
                       women to fuck, but that doesn't change the fact
                       that women overall just aren't that into sex beyond
                       the courting stage.
                       \_ there's a huge difference between 'not being into
                          sex' and 'not being AS into sex'.  I've met, known,
                          and been friends with many women that have very
                          aggressive libidos.  Most I've spoken to at length
                          express great enjoyment of sex...when their lover
                          has at least a modicum of skill.  Sadly, this isn't
                          a skill that guys typically seem willing to learn, or
                          are just too prideful or embarrassed to admit they're
                          lacking.  women don't generally hit the big O easily,
                          and many rarely can get there with just wham-bam
                          penetrative vaginal intercourse.  put the pride aside
                          and you'll be a much better lover in the long run.
                          \_ Of course there are nymphomaniacs that can't
                             get enough sex. I have met some of these.
                             However, most women just aren't into sex
                             beyond procreation after the novelty wears
                             off. I'm not looking for extremes, but
                             commenting on the average.
                             \_ Nah man, I mean, I've never actually HAD
                                sex, but I've got all these videos that
                                show that women all love lots of sex, and
                                always reach the big O!  It must be you.
                             \_ I'm not talking about nymphomaniacs or
                                extremes.  As for 'most women not being into
                                sex etc' -- I'm not convinced it's a problem
                                with women in general (or an issue that can
                                be attributed to them).  Do you really equate
                                'aggressive' with 'nymphomaniac'?
                             \_ I have been in three long-term (> 18 month)
                                relationships, and in all three cases the
                                woman was more interested in sex by the end
                                than she was at the beginning.
                                \_ Wow. 18 whole months. I find this
                                   anecdote hard to believe, frankly, but
                                   perhaps you attract women who can only
                                   get off with people they know well.
                                   "Hypoactive sexual desire disorder involves
                                   little or no interest in any type of sexual
                                   activity. As many as 50% of patients who
                                   come to sexuality clinics for help complain
                                   of hypoactive sexual desire, and most of
                                   these are female. Approximately 22% of
                                   women and 5% of men suffer from this
                                   disorder. Prevalence of female arousal
                                   disorders is hard to estimate as many women
                                   do not consider absence of arousal to be a
                                   problem. [Editor's note: That is, they see
                                   it as normal.]
                                   \_ What's your source?  (I'm assuming that
                                      your numbers are based in some sort of
                                      clinical study and not wishful thinking).
                                   \_ 22% is one in five.  Meet more women.
                                      \_ Seriously.  The poor guy clearly has
                                         has some bitter and painful
                                         experiences with women -- sadly he
                                         seems really insistent on blaming his
                                         inadequacies on women.
                                      \_ 22% are so sick as to not be
                                         interested in sex AT ALL. That
                                         does not mean the other 78% are
                                         out there fucking like rabbits.
                                         Meanwhile, only 5% of men have
                                         this problem. Almost all men like
                                         sex, while lots of women do not.
                                         It doesn't take a PhD to figure that
                                         out. I have had women tell me
                                         that they do not care if they
                                         ever have sex again (I was a
                                         friend and not their partner).
                                         You think a man says that?!
                                         \_Isn't masterbation better than
                                           having sex with an unattractive
                                           partner, or does motivation and
                                           having the lights off make up
                                           for it?  (I am the poster below!)
        \_ Not feeling sexy may be a euphemism for a variety of things.
        \_ Your argument is based on the assumption that women are logical.
           \_ or that men are.
        \_ Try to ease off the pressure, turn up the romance, and just take it
           easy.  It may take time, but the rewards are worth it.
           \_How many of you are dating somebody unattractive but you figure
             when the lights are off, it's not that hard to forget, unless
             they smell or are really heavy and it is better than masterbation?
             This is a serious question.  I can't understand how so many really
             unattractive people are in relationships.  I would throw up before
             having sex with a lot of these people.  Thanx in advance for
             \_ I guess the 'sad' answer is you get use to them after a while,
                and then you might actually develop feelings for them, and
                after which appearance is probably less important. Think
                about it this way, do you ever cared how your mom/dad looked?
                But you might care a lot of something were to happen to them.
                Same thing, they may not be the best eye candy, but once
                you become attached to them and have real feelings, those
                things are less important...
                \_Unattractive people can be good friends.  I just dont think
                  about them in "that way."  The feelings can come over time
                  but initially aren't you disgusted when you kiss them or
                  see them naked?  Or is everything different with the lights
                  off?  Thanx!
                \_ What I noticed is that sometimes after getting to know girls
                   whom I find very attractive at first, their personality
                   starts showing through and affects my perception of
                   their physical beauty , and I would start thinking,
                   "huh?  how come I find this girl attractive back then?"
                   And w00t!  My beautiful, kind, and hardworking dream
                   girl was really sweet to me today!  I am in heaven!
                   \_ She said "Hi!", huh?
2004/12/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35306 Activity:high
12/15   I need gift ideas.  What are you guys getting for your girlfriends /
        wives for Christmas?
        \_ Jewelry, the nice kind. No cubic zirconium. They're just overpriced
           trinkets, but for whatever reason women go mad for them. I guess
           the same can be said about males and sports memorabilia.
           \_ Sports memorabilia? Are you kidding me? Electronics, maybe.
              Yes, women like jewelry.
              \_ I was attempting to think of trinkets. I suppose electronics
                 are trinkets to other people. They're a necessary part of
                 everyday work for me since I'm in the hardware business, so
                 the analogy doesn't apply to me. I don't get excited if
                 someone gives me a new laptop, I already own 3 and work
                 on a dozen more on a daily basis. Same goes for PDAs,
                 dvd players (we have more here than one can count), routers,
                 ethernet cables, soldering irons, etc. I had assumed the
                 same for the majority of males at sloda, but I guess I was
                 wrong. Also, electronics aren't really that expensive compared
                 to things like a signed baseball/football/basketball by
                 <insert your favorite player's name>. It's completely useless
                 on a day-to-day basis, but everyone wants one.
              \_ Mine doesn't.  I think she wants a bikini-babe calendar.
                 \_ How about "The Men of Berkeley EECS" calender?
                    \_ Selma: "There go the last vestiges of my
        \_ a second girlfriend.
        \_ a new DVD player that plays DivX files.  Now she can watch her
           collection of MST3K more easily.
        \_ A Club Med vacation for the both of us.
        \_ Make her use
        \_ How about a nice pillow:
           \_ Better, earlier, and not M$NBC:
              \_ I think that this is the saddest thing I have ever seen.
        \_ Opera tickets at La Scala or Staatsoper (her pick, busy consultant,
           no clue when she has time), the trip there, and a nice hotel.
           \_ Only works if you're into opera. Most of the women I've dated
              would prefer a basketball game or even bowling than <<YAWN>>
              opera. Sorry, we're not all new york weenies.
              \_ Too true. My girlfriend likes theater, musicals, dance,
                 the symphony, and other arts. She hates opera. Yes, she'd
                 go to basketball 100 times before the opera.
2004/12/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35270 Activity:low
12/13   Anybody like a particular in-call escort who is east bay local?
        \_ off topic but somewhat related:
           is an excellent blog written by a NY callgirl. --darin
           \_ Thanks. Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl is similar, though
               Post Modern Courtesan here seems like somebody with more depth.
               I have this theory that the world of escorts is a place where
               one can see the unfettered market at work since it is a mostly
               invisible world to the part of society that attempts to
           \) site didnt work.
                \_ fixed -darin
2004/12/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35247 Activity:nil
12/9    ilyas is sexy
        \_ Oh god. Not again...
        \_ I demand lila-cam!
        \_ Hi kchang!
        \_ Any sexy pics of lila?
              \_ This is such absurdist humor it borders on Ingmar Bergman. Or
                 maybe I just don't anything about this lila person...and what
                 she has to do with butter.
                 \_ You chose an 80 column appropriate.
2004/12/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35245 Activity:high
12/9    lila is sexy
        \_ Oh god. Not again...
        \_ I demand lila-cam!
        \_ Hi kchang!
        \_ Any sexy pics of lila?
              \_ This is such absurdist humor it borders on Ingmar Bergman. Or
                 maybe I just don't anything about this lila person...and what
                 she has to do with butter.
                 \_ You chose an 80 column appropriate.
2004/12/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35223 Activity:nil
12/9    Garriage in Canada:
2004/12/8-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35220 Activity:high
12/8    P.S.B. were you at Chow a couple of days ago?
        \-er, park chow yes. are you stalking me? do i know you?
          \_ W00T!
             \-what? what is so odd about getting dinner at CHOW restaurant.
               if i have dealt with you and havent insulted you, why didnt
               you just come up and say hello. i recommend the shortrib dish.
               \_ I thought you were on a date.  That's why I W00TED.
                  \- i dont go on dates, only Potemkin Dates(tm)
                    \_ Oh THAT again.
                    \_ Oh THAT again.
                       I still don't get what you mean by this term. Who would
                       care whether you are dating or not?
                       care whether you are dating or not? No wait, are you
                       trying to create a false impression of yourself to a
                       propective so? That would make almost any date a
                       potemkin date, though.
                    \_ If it is not prying, psb, who plays Catherine
                       the Great on your Potemkin dates?
                       \_ If I know anything about folks from India, it's
                          his parents. -- ilyas
               \_ I'm partial to the pan roasted chicken myself.
2004/12/8 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:35218 Activity:low
12/8    "Dude" research:
        \_ Dude. That is sooo coool.
2004/12/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:35156 Activity:very high
12/2    I am looking for some good soft prawn DVD movies. Where can I find
                                        \- god hates prawn
        some online? Hardshell ones are just too disgusting to my
        taste. I wonder if there are some that have a semi interesting
        story line, and kind of build up the sex tension and when they
        finally do it, shows all the details. Romantic Hollywood
        movies are good at storylines, but they don't show you much,
        hardcore prawn movies shows too much disgusting stuff. Anything
        in between?
        \_ May also want to check out Henry and June, or Jade (though Jade
           has some grisly stuff that may bee a little too challenging).
        \_ That crap's about all you get on basic cable after midnight here.
           Try looking for Emanuelle (although that's probably a bit dated.)
           An ad just scrolled by for something by one Andrew Blake, that
           looked a bit soft-pornish.  STFW.  -John
        \_ I recommend "Sex and Lucia". Dumb as a movie though well-acted.
           Great as porn. Your girl (assuming you have one) might even watch it
           with you and enjoy it.
        \_ try the french film "The Dreamers"
           \_ You could also try Swimming Pool (another foreign film) or The
              Lover with Jane March.  Some pretty steamy scenes there....
              \_ Ludivine Saigner has the bestests breastests EVAR!!!11
                 \_ "Sagnier"?
                    \_ Google says "Saigner: 958, Sagnier: ~13,000".  You win,
                       my speling was nevar reel gud.  Her boobies are still
        \_ You want Zalman King movies. Personally, I find them boring.
           Did you see Boxing Helena?
           \_ I do consider myself the faint of heart, would Boxing Helena
              be too horrifying for me? I read chopping off limbs on yahoo
              review, which is not exactly my cup of tea....
        \_ What exactly do you mean by soft pron?  Breast-kissing and thrusting
           but no genitals?  Or everything is shown but no four-letter word
           screaming?  For the former, Showtime channel shows a lot of good
           ones at night.  So you can check the Showtime schedule and then
              \_ It's a bad movie, but has a good sex scene for a
                 mainstream movie.
        \_ What exactly do you mean by soft pron?  Thrusting and breast-kissing
           but no genitals shown?  Or everything is shown but no four-letter
           word screaming?  For the former, Showtime channel shows a lot of
           good ones at night.  So you can check the Showtime schedule and then
           search for the same movies on DVD.  For the latter, Andrew Blake
           directed quite a number of these movies.  My favorite title is
           "Desire", starring Savannah, Viviana and others.
        \_ What about rape stories? any from HK or TW? I like asian porn.
           \_ Try Irreversible.
              \_ Sounds interesting, anything else similar?
                 \_ I Spit on Your Grave (kind of culty).  Maybe Deliverance
                    (heh, "He's got a real purdy mouth on him, don't he?")
              \_ Ok, how about just plain old rape (ie, normal sex,
                 without any sick stuff) but does in such a way that she
                 likes it at the end?
                 \_ Err, Urotsukidoji?  La Blue Girl?  Twin Dolls maybe?
        \_ Check out Andrew Blake films.
        \_ Try Secretary.  Not so much as soft porn.  but a good movie.
        \_ Blame It On Rio.
        \_ So what exactly is soft pron?  Is it MA-rated or is it X-rated?
        \_ This might be helpful:"porn for couples - Perfect Picks for Couples"
        \_ Sorry, can't help you.  Yermom only does DVDA.
        \_ check out good vibrations selection. should be online.
2004/11/28 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Kinney, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:35094 Activity:nil
11/28   Kinney, if it wasn't for your girlfriend, would you still be working
        in Iraq?
2004/11/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:35030 Activity:kinda low
11/22   Playing World of Warcraft?  Want to quest with other CSUA hosers?
        Drop me a line. -geordan
        \_ got laid off? have too much time?
           \_ or: want to get laid off? want to have no time?
              \_ want to get laid? don't play video games!
                 \_ I think geordan gets laid plenty.
                    \_ I have yermom to thank for that -geordan
2004/11/16-18 [Recreation/Music, Recreation/Dating] UID:34933 Activity:kinda low
11/16   I Love Music thread on Rick Starr of Sproul Plaza fame, including
        apparent ACTUAL recording made by Starr in the '60s(!!!!).
        \_ whatever happened to Larry the Drummer?
        \_ Note the entry in the thread by Drew Daniel of Matmos!
        \_ drew also puts out stuff as "Soft Pink Truth".  the rick starr
           clip exists at KALX on a 8 track tape. - danh
2004/11/15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34899 Activity:low
11/15   I'm pretty amazed this Wizard of ID made it past the censors.
        \_ Uh, yeah, that's pretty fucking racy...where do you live, Iran?
           \_ Dude, the word "dork" won't make it past the newspaper comic
              censors.  It's worse than Iran.
         \_ What a depressing and retrograde attitude towards sex
            these assholes betray. SEX IS DIRTY AND BAD! Fucking pathetic.
                \_ And if you're not ashamed?
                   \_ then you must REPORT TO THE NEAREST REEDUCATION
            \_ What a depressing and retrograde attitude towards depressing
            and retrograde attitudes about sex you betray. DEPRESSING AND
2004/11/9-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34794 Activity:insanely high
11/9    You know, everytime I turn on TV, I see glorified images of happy,
        pretty people running in/around LA. Just watch OC, 90210,
        Melrose's Place, LAX, etc. Why don't they show glorified
        images of people in the red states? I wanna know what people
        in Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, etc are like.
        \_ Duh.  The people who make those programs are from the blue states.
        \_ red state movie: Boys Don't Cry
           \_ and of course, 'Deliverance'
        \_ Then watch Dawson's Creek or One Tree Hill
        \_ Dey's awl happy, massa.  -John
        \_ Actually, I recently talked to a friend of mine who used to live
           in the red states, and his claim is that campus girls in places
           like Alabama are extremely attractive. -- ilyas
           \_ I used to work with a super-redneck guy who went on at great
              length about the wonders of "southern pussy."
              \_ please tell us what he told you, please!     -pimple virgin
                 \_ Well, everyone there was a northerner (including him,)
                    and sometimes we would be talking shit about how stupid
                    the south is (yes, northern rednecks look down on the
                    south also) and his response to that was always "you're
                    missing out, man: southern pussy!!!!!!"  Basically
                    he said they're hot and slutty.
           \_ ah yes, and they rather date a KKK than a Russian Jew.
              \_ Or an FOB who can't speak English.
           \_ The south is still very racist. You have to be a model-like
              non-white to make it with white chicks. There is a lot of
              pressure to conform to old-south social norms.
              \_ Wow, a south specialist speaks.  Have you actually been there?
                 Familiar with 'rebellion against authority'?  Noticed that
                 weird foreign genes are often attractive?
                 \_ Hi, I've been on a business trip to Memphis.  During the
                    several days there I've only seen one instance where blacks
                    and whites were together in a group.  That was a street
                    ensemble playing somewhere downtown.  Other than that I've
                    never seen one hanging out with the other.  BTW, people
                    there seem to be of more "pure" races.  They look either
                    "very white" (with blue eyes too) or "very black".  I
                    didn't see a spectrum of whites or a spectrum of blacks
                    like what we have here.  Oh and if you're thinking about
                    H07 4ZN CH1X, I only saw three working in a warehouse and
                    they're not hot and they look very out-of-place.
                    -- !prev poster
                    \_ Sounds a lot like what I saw in Berkeley.
                       \_ Your comment hints that you really don't understand
                          the degree to which race relations differ in CA vs
                          The South/Texas.  They are a world apart.
                       \_ The west coast strikes me as more self-segregated
                          than the east coast.  That being said the south is
                          much worse than around here.
           \_ There are attractive people everywhere, but the Southern
              belle is not a total myth. The same is true of Texans (who are
              only vaguely Southern). I think that there have been shows
              glorifying the Southern lifestyle. For example, Designing
              Women. These are the Southern elites, though, and not the
              white trash that is so common. --guy dating a girl from AL
              \_ Attractive or not, most of the girls from southern states,
                 including Texas, that I've known have been a lot more easy-
                 going about men and relationships in general (that's not to
                 say just "easy".)  There was a lot less attitude, and they
                 seemed far less standoffish and threatened when dealing with
                 men.  This has been especially true for educated southern
                 women I've known (all of whom are fairly uniformly not-Bush-
                 -voter-types, FWIW) -John
                 \_ tell us about the German, Swiss, and Jew women John!!!
                    \_ Why?  You won't be able to hit on them one-handed.
              \_ I might add that even in 'Dukes of Hazzard' (which
                 Southerners hate), 'Smokey and the Bandit', and 'Dallas'
                 the female characters were quite attractive.
                 \_ Barbara Bach had mad cellulitis.
                 \_ Southerners hate "Dukes of Hazzard?"  Dang.  I went to
                    high school in Northern CA, and I had a printmaking
                    class.  I was working though lunch to finish a
                    project, and 3 or 4 of the hicks in my class came
                    in and watched Dukes of Hazzard in the room during
                    lunch.  This was apparently a normal thing.
                    \_ This doesn't compute. The hicks in your NoCal class
                       watched 'Dukes of Hazzard'? What hicks exist in
                       NoCal? Whatever the case they certainly aren't
                       Southern Whatever the case they certainly aren't
                       \_ "What hicks exist in NoCal?"  Are you joking, or
                          have you just never been north of Sacremento?
                          Try Willows, Gridley, Redding, Reb Bluff, or
                          Chico.  Full O` Hicks. This story took place in
                          \_ Never been north of Sacramento. What does
                             a Northern hick have to do with Southerners?
                             \_ They're the same species really. Pickup trucks
                                with gun racks, lots of flags, etc.
             \_ My sister and my roommate both went to Ole Miss. I've visited
                many times. No question, hottest campus girls I've ever seen.
                \_ Southern girls actually believe in make-up, shaving,
                   hair spray, and that kind of stuff that girls at Berkeley
                   don't know exists.
        \_ you know, you got a point that most shows are centered around the
           blue states, like NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami, Hawaii, and even
           Seattle. They really should have shows in rural Florida or
           West Virginia. I'm sick of the fake boob Bay Watch girl. I'd
           definitely watch the red state shows to check out natually hot
           racist southern belles.
           \_ Simple Life
             \_ blue state women hitting on red state men-- not particular
                interesting. I wanna see hot southern belles man!!!
           \_ Gee, if only TV ratings were weighted by the electoral college!
2004/11/5 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Travel] UID:34706 Activity:nil
        Stories from people who work in Japan's Love Hotels.
2004/11/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34558 Activity:nil
11/2    What's up with spam with date fields that look like:
        DATE: [[ <BC><F6>, 03 11 2004 <BF><C0><C0><FC> 9:01:14 ]]
2004/10/31-11/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34483 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Why do you hate Startrek?
        \_ That album is actually excellent.  I recommend it.
        \_ Hey, if you were that old, and had wife 1/3rd your
           age, you'd be happy, too.
2004/10/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34356 Activity:high
10/26   What's with this constant "my wife...." on Soda? This is the CSUA
        for crying out loud. If you want to brag about the fact you have
        a gf/wife, remember this, "A man is never complete until he gets
        married, he is then finished!" Hahaha. -lonely sodan.
        \_ I agree, enough about this "my wife blabla" shit. No offense
           to anyone, but bragging about your wife is not welcome here.
           \_ Well, if you live with someone and spend most of your spare
              time with them, it can be difficult not to mention them.
              Would you find it less offensive if we said "roommate", like
              gay couples do when introducing their S/O to their asshole
              conservative relatives?
           \_ I haven't seen anyone "bragging" about a wife.  What's your
              \_ I wouldn't attack op like this myself, but I am curious what
                 has upset him. Could sb post a reference to a particularly
                 offending post or posts? Myself, I want to know whatever
                 happened to bdg.
        \_ Trust me, your joke is accurate.  If you had a wife, you'd know
           that mentioning her in a post is not bragging; it's more like a
           cry for help or for commiseration.
           \_ BDG, is that you?!  --BDG #3 fan
              \_ I'd say I am the BMG, but then every married guy is a BMG...
        \_ My wife and I don't see anything wrong with mentioning a wife if
           it is in context.  What does your wife think about it?  Having a
           wife isn't "bragging".  It is a legal and social state that you'll
           never find yourself in as long as you see a wife as an ownership
           object and not a person you're sharing your life with.  Why would
           anyone want to share their life with a bitter person?
           \_ Misery loves company.
        \_ My wife says you're a moron.
           \_ The wife part just makes the motd looks like some place
              that old people hang out. We need more talks about how to
              get girls, not my wife this and my wife that.
2004/10/25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34324 Activity:high
10/25   The opera/psb link reassured me that psb is, in fact, gay.
        \- i like some non-obscure, non-russian opera, i like stephen
           sondheim, i go to the gym, howeverm i dont own any furniture,
           sondheim, i go to the gym, however i dont own any furniture or
           expensive toiletry products, but i do know how to dress nicely
           but i usually dress pretty slobily ... so i think it is a wash
           but i usually dress pretty slobbishly. i dont like judy garland and
           i really hate that sibilant s speeth ... so i think it is a wash
           on non-sexual lifestyle grounds. --psb
           \- oh and i not only have read Brideshead Revisited twice,
              I own the DVD ... but for the most part, i think ryder,
              sebastian flyte and anthonly blanche need beatings. :-) --psb
        \_ Posting a link showing two scantily clad hot women doing
           a mock cat fight while singing makes you GAY?
           \_ I hereby register my disappointment. My head is in the gutter
              and my version of "scantily clad" means less clothing than
              yours does. They are cute, though. Particularly for opera
2004/10/24-25 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:34315 Activity:very high
10/24   Can somebody tell me what this is:
        \_ In a word...boring.  I haven't felt this ripped off from a motd
           link since the last time John posted one of those ass links.
                \- it seems to me this was an inquiry and not an attempt to
           \_ I don't remember posting an ass link, but if I did, you can
              be assured that it would be a discriminating, fascinating and
              interesting ass link.  -John
              \_ Judge for yourself, dude.
                 \_ Oh yeah, _that_, well, that was, er, an artistic
                    statement (or me getting impatient with the HEIL GERMAN
                    JOHN guy, I forget.)  Anyway, it's the context that
                    counts.  I thought the contrast of the dirndl/girlfriend
                    thing with an ass link was nicely representative of the
                    duality of man.  -John
                    \_ Good recovery.
                        \_ It's a skill I've honed relentlessly ever since
                           that raid on Macho Grande.  -John
        \-Hello, if you mean thepiece of music, it is the "Via resti servita,
          Madama, brillante" duet from the middle of ActI of Le Nozze di
          Figaro. The woman in red sings Susanna [to marry Figaro] and the
          other one plays Marcellina [who is an old bat in the opera] ... the
          scene is sort of a funny bitch vs bitch encounter. If you are asking
          about the the performance, I dont know who/where it is but it looks
          like some kind of lesbo-Sex in the City hybrid performace art
          version. ok tnx.
          \_ psb, is that you. Only psb uses \-
             \_ But he puts a space after it.
                \-well, not always. --psb
             \_ psb also signs off with the "ok tnx"
             \_ he's also the only one who says "Hello, ..."
          \_ If I buy the full DVD, do they get nekkid and start making out?
             \- that is what happens in the original 2 act version of NdF
                but was changed in the modern 4act version. --psb
                \_ You need to buy the director's cut platinum commemorative
                   DVD.  It's got a killer WAM lookalike commenting on the
                   hot lesbo action.  -John
2004/10/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34157 Activity:insanely high
10/14   How do I politely tell this girl that, I can help you with
        the class/hw, but you have to ....? Or stop bugging me!!
                                      \_ Finish my sentences for me?
        \_ There's no polite way to do it.  The only "polite" thing
           to do is tell her you're weary of helping her.  Period.
           \_ Is there a way to play it so that I actually get what
              I want? Anyone in the same boat with success stories?
              She's definitely not bad looking, so I don't mind helping
              her at all, as long as I can get maybe some gfe alone the
              way. ;)
              \_ Give me her number, it's obvious you don't have the balls
                 to take this girl out. Here's a hint from people with
                 actual experience, girls don't like overly "nice" guys,
                 if you don't believe me ask one. It makes a guy look needy
                 and desperate. Anyway, I doubt you have a chance with her
                 because you already let the statute of limitations of
                 being more than friends run out. You should've asked her out
                 after the second or third time you helped her out, not
                 after the 20th.
              \_ Why don't you, uh, ask her out? If she says no then
                 forget it and stop helping her.
              \_ If you can't get the GFE in the absence of helping her, you
                 won't be able to get GFE when you do help her.  The best you'd
                 be able to hope for is strung along.  OTOH, if you think she'd
                 be into you even without the tutoring, then by all means ask
                 her out.
              \_ "gfe"?
                 \_ Smelly Geek-speak for 'GirlFriend Experience"
                    \_ Actually, it's not.  It's a term used in a much wider
                       circle than amongst the stereotyped geek.
                       \_ oh, come on. non-geeks rarely use acronymns in
                          normal speech.
                          \_ You're wrong, or your definition of geek is far
                             too liberal.
                       \_ Help her and analyze whether she is an evil
                          bitch or not.  If she is, then abandon her at
                          a key moment (before midterm etc).  If she is
                          reasonable, see where things go.
2004/10/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:34047 Activity:nil
10/11   Helo, is anybody familar with copyright notices?
        What is the consequence of not including a date?
        I am trying to figure out which of these to use:
          Cover photograph: (c) PSB
          Cover photograph: Copyright (c) PSB
          Cover photograph: Copyright (c) 2004 PSB
        Feedback appreciated. --psb
        \_ Copyright indicia are completely optional.  Any work you create
           is automatically copyrighted by you.  Including a copyright
           notice, however, gives you a stronger position if there is a
           legal dispute.  I assume including the date is better than not
           including the date.
        \_ I believe most copyright (aside from work for hire sorts of things)
           is for life of the author +70 years, so the date of creation is
           not particularly important.
2004/10/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33970 Activity:very high
10/4    Dear Japanese speakers. I've been watching porn a lot lately
        and I'm wondering what 'kimochi' and 'ee-koo' means. They
        say that a lot. ok thx.
        \_ kimochi means feeling, but they are probably saying
           "kimochi ii", which means good feeling.  Basically,
           "Oh, that feels good".
           \_ And "ee-koo" is probably "iku", the infinitive of "go".
               -- ulysses
              \_ "iku" is used to indicate approaching orgasm, or "coming."
                 In other words, when she says, "I'm going," that's a good
        \_ what does "Hitakushi! Gama Su!" mean? Does it mean "GOOD, GOOD!"?
        \_ Do you watch it on-line or do you buy VCDs or DVDs?  I'm thinking
           about buying Japanese porn on physical VCDs or DVDs, and I'm
           wondering which porn site is trustworthy.  Thanks for any info.
           \_ (like netflix only porn)
        \_ What Japan pr0n are you watching? The dialogue in the stuff I've seen
           mostly translates to "please, oh no, don't insert another tentacle!"
                  \- that's pretty good. heh. --psb
        \_ What about "dameyo" or something like that?
           \_ It means "no" or "don't."  The actress says it to indicate that
              she's resisting, both because good girls don't enjoy sex and to
              because rape is a common porn theme in Japan.
                \_ And no matter how not hung the male actor is, scream like
                   it really hurts!
              \_ And while we're at it, actresses will also often say "Iya,"
                 which also means no.  Often they'll combine the bits: "Iya,
                 iya, dame, dameyo, iku!" which I happen to think sounds a
                 bit like "Ia, ia, Cthulhu ftagn!"
        \_ This is the most informative thread on the motd in some time.
           \_ Lessee ... There maybe Republicans, Democrats and independents
              on this motd, but they all have one thing in common - pr0n!
              \_ I don't watch porn.  Am I weird?
                 \_ For a sodan? Yes.  Compared to the rest of the world? No.
2004/10/1 [Recreation/Dating, Reference/Religion] UID:33872 Activity:kinda low
10/1    "Olive Christian, 48, Steve Christians wife, told reporters:
         "We all thought sex was like food on the table."
           also on bbc
        \_ the nice thing about pitcairn is that you can go to their web site
           and they list all their inhabitants and their relations, so you
           get a more personal feel for the story. -ali
           \_ 50 inhabitants and they rape each other. Oh my... it is both
              kinky and disturbing at the same time.
        \_ So basically half the males on the island raped 13 of the
           island's females starting from ages as young as 5? Is that
           the gist?
2004/9/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33832 Activity:nil
9/29    Kobe, why you gotta drag Shaq into this?? (LA Times)
        Hours after his sexual encounter with a hotel employee in Colorado,
        Kobe Bryant told investigators that Shaquille O'Neal, his Laker
        teammate at the time, had paid up to $1 million to women to keep
        them quiet about "situations like this," according to a police report.
        \_ "It is unclear precisely what Bryant meant by the remarks
           attributed to him. There have been no published reports of
           O'Neal ever being accused of any sex crime."
           Sounds like Bryant is doing the right thing...
2004/9/27-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33775 Activity:very high
9/27    If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
        \_ Lion.  Many wives.
           \_ Lions usually get only 1 or 2 years when they rule the pride.
              After that, they are chased away by younger and stronger lions,
              which is also why they often kill the baby lions, so the
              female lions get into heat again - no time to waste.
                \_ so that's how they get more sex. Too bad it doesn't
                   work for me                  -married and getting none.
                   \_ How do you married people who aren't getting any cope?
                      Affairs?  Probably not an option for many of you.
                      Porn?  Do you force your wife or bribe them with money
                      or gifts?  Serious question.
                      \_ If you seriously never get any then you should get
                         divorced. Have a talk about it at least.
                   \_ you married someone with kids?  lions don't kill
                      their own offspring, just someone else's.
        \_ Baboon.  Ruining your sex life with stress.
        \_ Bonobo. No explaination needed.
        \_ Buffalo.  Just following the alphabetical trend.
        \_ Bird. Flying must be awesome.
           \_ don't you fly in your dreams?
        \_ Butterfly.  Nobody ever suspects the butterfly.
        \_ Human.  They have opposable digits and large frontal lobes.
           \_ Yeah, but humans tend to split the usage 90/10 between the thumbs
              and frontal lobe.
        \_ Troll.  Oh wait ...
           \_ fictitious creature.
        \_ Iguanas seem pretty well off. Just sit around in the sun, and
           nibble on plants. A large migratory bird could be nice but with all
           the humans everywhere they must have a hard time these days.
           \_ why not a well taken care of dog?
              \_ I don't know, the dependency on the master makes it kind of
                 an undignified life. And there's the butt sniffing thing.
              \_ Gets to satisfy the female master when the male master is at
                 work.  Nobody would suspect a dog for adultery.
           \_ Don't Iguanas turn into Roadkilled Iguanas fairly often?  Or
              is that Armadillos?
              \_ I was thinking of the Galapagos ones, or other tropical
                 places. And if you're thinking of N. America that's armadillo.
        \_ Dolphin.  So long and thanks for all the fish.
        \_ I wanna be a grizzly bear in alaska - great scenery, all kinds of
           sushi, sleeping in a cozy hole for the whole winter, ruling the
           wild, a relatively long life, lots of sex, scaring silly hikers
           and campers, licking honey, mauling mooses, cute chubby cubs,
           all are appealing to me.
           \_ Until we drill the ANWR...then we're coming for your hairy
              bear ass!
              \_ And smelly old Chinese men will take your gall bladder!
                 \_ Plus the palms.
           \_ Sashimi, not sushi, unless you've got rice and special vinegar.
           \_ lots of sex? bears?  really?  i'm not sure about that.
              \_ Ever since I visited Bern in Switzerland when I was
                 a kid and saw two bears in the zoo there copulate for
                 like an eternity, I was under the impression that
                 bears get lots of sex.
        \_ I'm pretty happy being human.
           \_ Learn to read.
        \_ Crocodiles.  Nice design, no natural enemies (except humans
           possibly).  Predatory, at home in the water and on land.
           Lives a fairly long time.  Looks like a nice life.
        \_ I want to be a monkey, cause I can then be President of the
           United States.
2004/9/23 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic] UID:33711 Activity:moderate
9/22    How do you refer to a person from the Virgin Islands?
        Islander-American? American? Thanks...
        \_ A subject
        \_ Virgin Islander (geographically), or American, Dane or
           Englishman (politically)  -Great MOTD Swami
        \_ A virgin.
2004/9/17-18 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:33582 Activity:high
9/17    I used to like anime and comics, but I haven't seen any in 10+ years.
        Two friends (who don't know each other) have been going on and on
        about anime, so I finally watched "Castle in the Sky". I also
        happened to see a few episodes of "Cowboy Be-bop". I didn't really
        enjoy it. I kept thinking I was watching a kid's cartoon, which is
        not how I feel when I watch something like "Lion King". Do
        people outgrow anime or did I just watch bad stuff or what?
        \_ the lion king?!!?!?!1 fyuthe fucking lion king?!! jezius fucking
           christ. this doenst se4dezerve an answer.
        \_ Cowboy Bebop is a lot less a kid cartoon than Lion King.
           You are a troll, and not a good one.
           \_ Not a troll. Just curious if other people find they still
              like anime after they have a job/house/car/wife. I found it
              surprisingly tiresome to watch. I expected to enjoy it.
              \_ Well, I stopped watching almost all TV/movie type
                 entertainment even before I was married.  Now that I'm
                 married I almost never even watch anime or play games.
                 It just seems really pointless. However, I don't watch
                 any TV, but occationally I'll download some anime.  So I
                 still watch more of that than anything else I guess.
        \_ Well, Laputa IS a kid's cartoon, so that might be part of your
           problem.  As for Cowboy Bebop, most people think it's pretty
           good.  What kind of stories do you like?  I might be able to
           make some recommendations.  -jrleek.
        \_ You've grown up. Now get a job, get a house, get a wife, and
           go away.
        \_ I have no idea what cowboy be-bop or castle in the sky are
           but I think I will still enjoy those japanese comics with
           lots of violence and sex, even though I haven't read one
           in years.
              \_ nah, not those.  I am thinking more in terms of comic
                 books.  and I like samurai or ganster stories more than
                 monster stories.
        \_ I never found any anime I liked until Cowboy Bebop.  I've found
           a few others that I really like since.  But I've always enjoyed
           animation and would take Bugs Bunny over Must See TV any day.
           If you feel like it's just a kid's thing, then you've stopped
           before you start.  -scotsman
           \_ Well, I *love* The Simpsons, FWIW. What are the others you like?
              \_ The Adult Swim array is generally very good. FLCL, though very
                 bizarre, hit me just right.  I love the williams street
                 group's humor, though in terms of animation they're basically
                 a radio program.  Spirited Away was very satisfying, but I'm
                 a fiend for fairy tales.  YMMV. --scotsman
        \_ you got too worked up about both.  Laputa grows on you.
           Cowboy Bebop has a lot of lame episodes, and some good ones:
           Gateway Shuffle (ep 4) is great, Pierrot Le Fou (ep 20) is good,
           the last two episodes are not bad, the movie is ok.
        \_ If you want a modern anime that is really good, see His and Her
           Circumstances.  It's 1998:  the first 13 episodes are really good;
           the rest suck.  It's the best modern teenage romance anime series.
2004/9/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33491 Activity:low
9/13    Are there any off-the-shelf DRM solutions?  A friend of mine wants to
        license his motivational material such that end-users will be able to
        copy as many audio CDs as they have licenses, but will be prevented
        from making more copies. I understand that no system is perfect;
        he just wants something that will discourage less savvy users.
        \- No. He must find new ways to motivate them. --parth vader
        \_ You may remember me from such self-help videos as "Smoke Yourself
           Thin" and "Get Confident, Stupid!"
        \_ Point your friend toward non-technological tools to reduce
           unwanted copying.  Donate some of the profits to a relevant charity.
           Include a small, unobtrusive, disclaimer at the end of each album
           explaining what he does and that he supports himself this way.
           Include a bit of text that encourages sharing, "but if you like it
           please consider buying another copy as a gift for a friend."
           Remind him that most of his customers are good people and will remain
           so until he pisses them off.
2004/9/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33439 Activity:high 66%like:30675 66%like:35682
9/9     I love you all!
        \_ Shut the fuck up.
           \_ OB: typical motd
2004/9/6 [Politics/Domestic/Crime, Recreation/Dating] UID:33368 Activity:low
        Why all those Chinese guys come to Berkeley for CS.
        \_ There are elements of our government that would love
           to do the same thing here, and I'm pretty sure from some of
           the posts here that there are some csua americans who would
           be more than happy to help them do it.
        \_ And of course, the most insightful reply in the thread following:
           "If we stop looking at internet porn, the terrorists win. Is that
            what you want? Huh? I didn't think so."
2004/8/31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33265 Activity:nil
        Keyes said: "The essence of ... family life remains procreation. If we
        embrace homosexuality as a proper basis for marriage, we are saying
        that it's possible to have a marriage state that in principal excludes
        procreation and is based simply on the premise of selfish hedonism."
        Asked whether that meant Mary Cheney "is a selfish hedonist," Keyes
        said: "That goes by definition. Of course she is."
        I'm on a roll today! -troll
2004/8/19 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/California] UID:33023 Activity:nil
8/20    Carly Patterson is cute, I wanna date her.
        \_ even though she's practically a midget?
        Speaking of olympics, is it just me or it seems like the US team
        really sucks this year? First the basketball debacle and then
        all the other crap that followed it?
        \_ We are an Empire in decline. Get used to it.
           \_ Hey are you the same 'nuanced' liberal guy who thought 90% of
              stuff going on in the 'real world' is personal shit and vendettas?
              I applaud you! -- nuanced guy #1 fan
        \_ Of course, she's only 16 years old...
           \_ Mmm, statuatory rape...
              \_ Maybe the OP is 16 also.  We're all undergrads here, right?
                 \_ Actually, you can be 18. The Romeo-Juliet laws in CA allow
                    for two years difference for it not to be statuatory rape.
                 \_ Well, aside from tom, many of us have graduated, but remain
                    active on the motd.
                    \_ "many of us have graduated?!" Dude, I was being
                       sarcastic. Is *anyone* here under 25 at all?
                       \_ I'm 23. -jrleek
                          \_ That's 12 in Mormon-years.
                             \_ Huh?
              \_ Hey, you!  Move to Japan!
                 \_ What's the law in Japan regarding this?  Thx.
                    \_ Off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure the "age of
                       consent" is 14. If you're really interested, I'm
                       sure you could find it online.
2004/8/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:33019 Activity:moderate
8/19    Look, nerds! Woman for you:
        \_ it's only for white bois
        \_ How desperate would you have to be?
        \_ A woman already in a relationship. Perfect.
        \_ ew. some old, smoking, slutty goth freak
        \_ When I was 18, I would have thrown myself on her mercy. God I was
2004/8/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32944 Activity:high
8/16    So does anyone have a link for the supposedly damning material against
        Kobe Bryant's accuser?
        \_  Kobe is making it okay to rape a slut..
            \_ She made me do it, wearing that tiny skirt! --Asshole
            \_ Because in this he-says-she-says we know the slut is telling
               the truth?
        \_ Is it really normal or reasonable for a woman who has just been
           raped to have sex with other man/men afterward before reporting
           to the police?  What do soda women think of this case?
           \_ Yeah, what do both of you think?
2004/8/13-15 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Jobs] UID:32895 Activity:very high
8/13    In reference to something from below, how many male sodans actually
        enjoy blowjobs?  I've only ever had one my entire life I really found
        satisfying, out of hundreds of attempts.  Its a pale shadow compared to
        intercourse.  Is it just that no girl knows how to give them, or am I
        just some kind of freak?
        \_ First, tell your grandmother to take her teeth out.
        \_ What's the difference between the wife, the dog, the kids and
           a blowjob?  A:  You can't beat a blowjob.
        \_ Two women I've dated gave good blowjobs.  Others didn't.  It is
           indeed a skill, but some guys don't get off on it at all.
           \_ Practice makes perfect.
           \_ Maybe I just don't get off on it at all.  --op
              \_ Could be. Such is life.
        \_ I enjoy them. Only one women I ever dated gave exceptional
           blow jobs, but I enjoyed all of them.
        \_ I enjoy blowjobs.  My SO says I give excellent ones.  -- male sodan
           \_ that's sick, get off the motd you fuck!
              \_ Dear God!  There are sodomites at the university?!!
                 \_ This would work better if you were at Bob Jones ...
                \_ Why do you hate America?
                   \_ "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are
                      we.  They never stop thinking about new ways to harm
                      our country and our people, and neither do we"
        \_ I think you have a defective gene.
        \_ Have your girl practice on me and I'll tell you whether it's her
           technique or just you.
           \_ To give a fair and balanced assesment, shouldn't you perform
              felatio on the op first?
              \_ that's sick, get off the motd you fuck!
        \_ Black girls on San Pablo give excellent BBBJs
        \_ Black girls on San Pablo give excellent BBBJs -jblack
        \_ Black girls on San Pablo give excellent BBBJs -donkeyboy
           \_ Hey!  Stop posting as me!   -The _Real_ Donkeyboy
           \_ Actually...that's true.
        \_ It's a skill thing like many things in life.  I thought sex was
           always a good thing until the first time I was with a girl who
           rated about -3 on a 1 to 10 skill scale.  Willing, able, no
           talent, bad sex.  Life has its disappointments.  Same deal with BJs.
           \_ Where can one find good technical advice?
           \_ This is kind of an aside, but I dated a young woman with very
              little experience once and she kept biting down on me. So we
              went to Good Vibes and bought a dildo and I showed her what
              I like.
2004/8/5 [Recreation/Dating, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:32714 Activity:high
8/5     Do you hate your life?  Or love it?
        \_ I'm indifferent about it.
           \_ (indifferent == apathy)?
              \_ No, indifferent == pointing out a false dichotomy.
        \_ Hate it with an undying passion. -geordan
        \_ Of all the places and periods of history that a person
           could be born in, I was lucky enough to be born in
           America in the 20th, attend one of the finest institutions
           of learning in the world and find a job programming
           computers. Considering that just 50 years ago my family
           was living in a part of the world where running water,
           telephones and electricity were unheard (and considering
           that I could have been born in a place like that even
           in this day and age), I love my life.
2004/7/31-8/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32612 Activity:insanely high
7/31    So I'll ask again.  Is aMule just a porn distribution system?
        That's all my searchs turn up.
        \_ You know I downloaded some dog / women porn and ever
           since I see dogs differently when they are on the
           \_ This is why I avoid porn altogether.  You never know what
              kind of wierd crap is gonna get stuck in your brain.
              kind of weird crap is gonna get stuck in your brain.
              \_ but is that always a bad thing?
                \_ kind of. I got introduced to creampie porn and got really
                   hooked on it. I got so hooked that I'm having sex
                   without any protection, which is really really bad.
                   \_ what the hell is "creampie porn"?
                        \_ you can google for it, but I don't suggest it.
                           It's kind of addictive once you tried it (assuming
                           you have a gf and she is willing to give it a try)
           \_ following this line of logic, do you also avoid tv and movies?
              \_ In case you haven't noticed, our bland monolithic culture
                 is unlikely to produce anything challening enough to fit
                 the poster's objections.
                 \_ I would rate American Idol about as low as dog/women
                    \_ Didn't they have specially trained dogs in the Roman
                       coliseums rape women for entertainment? -- ilyas
                       \_ pics and urls please!
                 \_ no I was left with a feeling of revulsion... after
                    a while.
        \_ no.  It is more than that.  It is my 2ndary pirating sources
           for things I don't bother to buy, or want to try it before I buy
           \_ and your primary? BitTorrent?
              \_ Where can one use them safely?  Are the FED scanning the
                 net to track those accessing them?
                 \_ If you're a criminal, expect to be caught if someone wants
                    to find you.  There is no safe way to be a criminal.  The
                    only 100% way to avoid a piracy rap is to not be a pirate.
                    \_ Form which commie country did you immigrate?  Here you
                       are not a criminal unless caught by the law, and you
                       are innocent until a jury decides otherwise.  It's legit
                       to ask how to stay free.
2004/7/24-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32465 Activity:high
7/24    HOWTO: Buddy is having bachelor party in Las Vegas, need to
        tell/ask girlfriend about it. How to ask to get ok for LV trip?
        What are things to look out for? any gotchas? thx
        \_ you've already passed the gotcha point...cue bdg.
        \_ Are you actually giving her veto rights over this?
        \_ If she doesn't trust you/you aren't trustworthy, you've got problems.
        \_ If she doesn't trust you/you aren't trustworthy, you've got
        \_ Go to vegas. If she objects, dump her and move on. Old
           jungle saying: There are plenty of fish in the sea.
           \_ Another old jungle saying: And you don't understand why no one
              wants to marry you?
           \_ Another old jungle saying: And you don't understand why no
              one wants to marry you?
                \_ When they start talking marriage, I start walking.
                   I'm not stupid enough to get married, esp. not in
                   a community property state.
                   \_ You're a real catch. With an attitude like yours, the
                      only way someone's going to want to marry you is for
                      your money, so in your case your strategy is sound.
                   \_ Do you have anything to offer besides money?  If not,
                      then you're doing yourself and some woman a favor.
        \_ Real answer: tell her your friend is having a party and you plan
           to go.  If she freaks you need to seriously consider the trust
           problems in your relationship.  If you're a cheating scumbag with
           a bad history then tough shit.  If she has no reason to not trust
           you then you're dating a psycho and should think about moving on.
           No need to hide this, bully her, take a macho attitude about it,
        \_ Okay, I mentioned it to her and she says "Go". Now what?
           What does this mean? I asked "You sure?" and she replies "It's
           fine. Go ahead". Then I asked her "Do you want to go too?" And
           she replied "What would I do? I guess I could go gamble while
           you are out..." Did I do this right? What do you think?
           \_ Are you happy?  Is she happy?  Are you going to Vegas?  Is she
              *not* fucking someone else while you're gone?  If the answer
              to all these questions is "yes!" then you did it right.
           \_ one of these days your girlfriend's going to learn how to read
              the fact, if you could get here to join the CSUA
              she could read your post and respond and you'll know exactly
              what's going on.
           \_ So she is into gambling? May want to think about how you are
              going to pay off her gambling debts when she blames her habit
              on you during the divorce hearing.
              \_ Yer dumb.
           \_ You did fine.  Go to Las Vegas, have a good time, don't do
              anything dumb, and remember to take your gf out to a show and
2004/7/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32449 Activity:high
7/23    More on shooting criminals.  If someone's trying to rape you but he's
        saying "I'm not going to kill you." and he's not suffocating you or
        anything, can you legally shoot him?
        \_ If you can prove that you were in fear for your life, then yes: you
           can legally use lethal force regardless of the gender of the
           attacker/attackee.  Of course, if the attacker is running away or is
           lying face-down on the ground, you'll have a much harder case.
                                   -Peace Officer Candidate
           \_ What does "in fear of your life" mean?  Does the standard
              change from whether you're a man or a woman?
              change from whether you're a man or a woman?  Is it easier
              to convince the authorities you're "in fear of your life"
              if you're a man or a woman?
              \_ It means that you're afraid you're going to be killed, maimed,
                 or severely injured.  It's a mindset that you have show you
                 were in.  In principle, no -- there's no difference, but
                 it's going to be harder to prove that you're in fear for
                 your life if you're a 260 lb male being attacked by an unarmed
                 105lb female.   -POC
                 \_ Trollish, but true.  If you're getting raped and you need
                    to shoot, you'd better hope you're a woman.
                    \_ Not trollish -- you see this shit often.  The bias is
                       there, but it's not as extreme as you think.
                       Ultimately, it's going to come down to whether you can
                       prove to the DA or the jury that you were genuinely
                       afraid and based on the information that you had, this
                       is a reasonable person's reaction.  -POC
             \_ Aside form all the noise, can a woman rape a man?  How?
                \_ Come on use your imagination... "If you don't fuck me, I'll
                   cut your throat."
        \_ Yes, iff the rapee is a female and the rapist is a male.  Females
           are an oppressed minority group, and they are entitled to extra
           legal protection when they feel threatened.
           \_ go away troll
           \_ I see.  So if the rapee is a male or the rapist is a female,
              it's illegal to shoot then?
              \_ settroll=ignore.  Rapee is entitled to shoot rapist if rapee
                 cannot otherwise escape/disable rapist, no matter the gender
                 of either party.
                 \_ What is rape?  What if it's your husband and you have a
                    headache?  Your boyfriend?  What if you're drunk and you
                    \_ If you can escape, you can't shoot. This is called
                       reasonable use of force.
                    suddenly find this guy on top of you?  What if you've
                    been doped with with drug de jour?
                    \_ I think all these cases are considered rape.
                    \_ If you can escape, you can't shoot. This is called
                       reasonable use of force.
                    \_ I think all these cases are legally considered rape.
                       \_ I know.  Does that mean you can shoot your way out
                          of all these situations?
                       \_ There are many states where a husband can not legally
                          rape his wife.
                 \_ Oh, so "only when your life is in danger" is actually "only
                    when your life is in danger or you're about to be raped and
                    can't escape."  I feel a little more relieved.  But I hope
                    it is extended to robbery as well.
                    it is extended to "robbery and can't escape" as well.
                    \_ It is.   -POC
              \_ Males are by definition oppressive in this society and
                 their actions require extra scrutiny.
                 \_ I hope you're being sarcastic.
        \_ "Look out! It's heading right for us!"
        \_ "or anything"?  What's "trying to rape you" count as if not a
           violent act with intent to do harm?
           \_ If "intent to do harm" is the same as "intent to kill",
              everything is fine.  But I don't know what the law says.
2004/7/22-23 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Humor] UID:32430 Activity:very high Cat_by:auto
7/22    Vote for your funniest/favourite past motd ever posted. I'll start:
        \_ STFU, kchang
        \_ Wow.
2004/7/21 [Health/Women, Recreation/Dating] UID:32408 Activity:nil Edit_by:auto Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2004/7/19-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32360 Activity:nil
7/19    Dear illicit sex guy who posted on December 2002, whatever happened
        to the relationship? Please post a follow up. ok thx.
2004/7/16-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32323 Activity:moderate
7/16    So, I just turned on psacct on my box and lastcomm is showing wildly
        incorrect dates.  That is it lists recent commands but the date does
        not come close to matching the system date.  Any idea what is wrong
        or how to fix it?
        \_ timezone set correctly?
            \_ It thinks it is Oct 21st.  the "Date" command gives me the
                correct date.  Is lastcomm looking at a bios clock maybe?
                Also, the date/times from 'last' are correct.
                \_ There was a bug with certain versions of lastcomm on
                   RH that were fixed. I don't know what you're running
                   it on, (Linux, Solaris, etc), so I can't help you out
                   \_RH it is.  Glad to know there is a bug, i was beginning
                     to be worried.  Think I have the latest rpm though :(
2004/7/14-15 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Celebrity/BritneySpears] UID:32282 Activity:nil
7/14    Well, that lifetime commitment didn't last long:
        \_ So by this standard, I guess Britney Spears' marriage and divorce
           invalidates heterosexual marriage.
           \_ I didn't say anything about what it means.  You need to wash out
              your mind.
              \_ I think he's responding to the jackass in the article who said
                 that "unnatural marriages" wouldn't last because they're about
                 self-gratification instead of love.
                 \_ Thank you.
2004/7/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32266 Activity:insanely high
7/12    Is it normal for somone already in a relationship (married or not)
        to continue masturbation?
           \_ Wow, I think this crafty site is written by the Satan himself.
          \_ says that spouse have an obligation to satisfy each other
             even when "not in the mood." boy oh boy, I wanna be a Christian
        \_ Yes, it is perfectly normal.
        \_ No, it's sinful and bad.  The hair growing on your palms is
           just a harbinger of the hell-blindness that will soon inflict
           your syphilis-wracked corpse, evil-doer.  -John
           \_ Is it normal to fantasize about your wife's best friend
              while you masturbate? Should I tell her (the best friend)
              about it?
              \_ Yes, it's normal.  You should tell your wife, as it will make
                 her really hot for you.  Then you should tell her friend and
                 you can have a three-way.
           \_ Where did the whole hairry palm and blindness thing come from?
              Just an old wives tale they told their husbands and kids?
              \_ Just an old soda tale told to newbs
        \_ the only happily married men who have a lot of sex are the
           newly married men.                   -married, little sex
           \_ Are you Bitter Married Guy?  Maybe soon to become BDG #2?
           \_ does four years count as "newly married?"
2004/7/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32258 Activity:high
7/12    So I bought the sponge from Canada and tried to insert it into
        my gf, but the sponge is so big that she can't fit it.
        Does anyone have this problem? Thanks.
        \_ I'm not sure why this got deleted.  Your problem is that in Canada
           they use the metric system, so the sponge is metric, while your
           gf's pussy is almost certainly calibrated in the English
           system of measurement.
        \_ Er, I wish I had your problem.
        \_ The sponge is supposed to squish down into a little ball, and
           then it should be able to fit up there.  If she can insert a
           tampon or even a diaphragm, she should definitely be able to
           fit a sponge in there (although it can be annoying, but not any
           more annoying or uncomfortable than a diaphragm).  If she is
           uncomfortable with inserting tampons and/or diaphragms, the sponge
           is not the right b.c. method for her.  --chris
           \_ um, you're telling me that you can squeeze a 3" ball into
              a .5 inch ball? YOU SURE???                       -op
              \_ just like a scientist.  the sponge is squishy, it fits
                 when folded up. if you doubt me, practice on your ass. --chris
              \_ you never got those little pills that turn into dinosaur
              \_ the sponge is squishy, it fits when folded up.
                 if you doubt me, practice on your ass. --chris
           \_ thanks chris. Which one is better, Today or Protectaid?
              \_ I only know about Today. --chris
        \_ RealDolls don't need contraception.
           \_ But it makes "her" easier to clean.
        \_ If a sponge doesn't fit -- you may want to check to make sure
           she's not a man.
        \_ Try an SOS pad instead.
        \_ There is some special techniques that you have to learn by
           waching.  I will demo it on your gf.
        \_ You read the instructions, right?  Are you tall enough to have sex
           or a gf?
        \_ Give me her address.  I'll make her hole bigger.
           \_ Sure thing:  -john
        \_ Funny, I don't seem to be having that problem with your g/f.
        \_ How big is your penis?
2004/7/13-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32256 Activity:high
7/12    Why do people ask the motd for sex advice?
        \_ The question below is really more of a technology question than
           a sex question.
        \_ living vicariously
        \_ It's the only sex sodans get.
           \_ MOTD needs more "Dear Penthouse Forum..."
        \_ It's their only link to the outside world.
        \_ Boredcast Message from 'coganman': Thu Jul 27 12:33:03 1995
           this is funny, masturbatory soda geeks discussing sex.
           it's like colorblind people arguing over who has the pretties
           \_ I'm married and I still masturbate a lot.
              \_ How much is a lot?  Does that cause any health problems?
                 \_ Every other day or so.  No health problem -- I'm not blind
                    \_ Will you have any health problem if more than once
                       a day?
              \_ Thanks for sharing.
              \_ That's 'cause you're married.
              \_ Does your wife masturbate a lot?
                 \_ And if so, post pics!
                 \_ Yes, but the difference is that she masturbates in front of
2004/7/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32231 Activity:high
7/12    Dear John, what's a dirndls, and could you please post a picture of
        your gf? Thanks
        \_ STFW, and you first. -!John
           \_ STFW?
              \_ Nevermind, the definition of STFW comes from STFW.
        \_ Sure thing:  -john
           \_ NWS, of course. This begs a question I've been wondering. How can
              check the actual URL of a shortened URL w/o bringing it up?
                \_ try
                \_ a HEAD request should get you url redirect info
                \_ KAIS MOTD's mouse over is quite cool and often let you know
                   something about the content, regardless of the URL !kchang
2004/7/12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32229 Activity:moderate
7/12    "Frugal Gourmet" Jeff Smith has died at age 65.
        \_ Reading the article, did he really abuse kids when he was a
           \_ It was never settled in court.  One side says yes, the other side
              says the timing of the accusation makes it look like a blackmail
              plot.  Regardless, he seemed like a nice man and his show was
              what got me interested in cooking. -op
              \_ He paid 'em off, didn't he?
                 \_ Yeah, after they made it public, so it's hard to say...
                    \_ Not knowing anything else, my money would be on:  he
                       did something bad, and he paid 'em off so his own kids
                       and wife wouldn't have too messed up a life with
                       everyone knowning about their child abuser dad.
                       I mean, the guy is just nice.  I don't think you can
                       get seven guys to lie about his molesting them; guys who
                       will be attacked by the public as well.
2004/7/11-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:32222 Activity:kinda low 50%like:35188
7/11    Dear German John, do you have a cute Bavarian gf like this one?
        \_ I'm not German, my girlfriend is cuter, and do you have a thing
           for dirndls?  Would you like to talk about it?  -John
           \_ He's correct. His girlfriend *is* cuter.
2004/7/7-9 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Stripclub] UID:31213 Activity:very high
7/8     I have a female friend who's interested in checking out some male strip
        clubs.  I have been searching the net for some times now, but still
        have been able to find any around the Bay Area.  Any suggestions and/or
        \_ Discussed back in 2000 of October,
        \_ Why don't you bring her over to me, I'll strip for her.
           \_ Because we don't want to kill the last vestiges of her hetero-
              \_ I only half agree with you. I don't give a damn about male
                 \_ I believe OP said female, not shemale.
                    \_ Oh, SNAP!
        \_ There use to be male stripper signs on places on "Bush" in SF
           around Mason/Taylor or so. Not sure if they're still there.
           Pick up the Bay Guardian, there are ads for strip clubs
           (male and female) in there.
        \_ Here's one I think she'll love:
        \_ check out -- very work unsafe.  It's amazing how
           girl next door gets so wild at strip clubs.  Also, it's amazing
           they are having unprotected sex with a stranger.
           \_ Its amazing that you fell for this shit - both the man and woman
              are clearly paid performers.
              \_ I think you're the one that fell for something.  -tom
                 \_ and I think you are the one who fell for it!
                    \_ Dude, I think tom totally played you.
                       \_ Tom?  He isn't smart enough.  He's more like a
                          pitbull than a clever little monkey.
                        \_ In Soviet Russia, stripper plays YOU!
        \_ Is anyone buying this "I have a female friend" story?  Someone here
           obviously wants to go check out some hot man-ass and can't admit it.
           \_ Yeah, no sodan has any female friend.
        \_ Why would a woman want to see men strip?  Women aren't visual the
           way men are.  If they were then male pr0n for women would be a huge
           industry just like the naked chick business is today.
           \_ Yeah! It says so right here in the Monster Manual!
              \_ Mod +5 Funny!
        \_ No male strip clubs for heteros in the bay area -- go to Las Vegas.
           \_ Surely women must like some kind of titilation?  How else
              do you explain the existence of romance novels?
              \_ If you can't see the difference between looking at naked
                 flesh and fantasizing about being in love, you're beyond
                 \_ You are an idiot.  You have no conception of what a
                    'romance novel' is, do you?  You are just mouthing off,
                    aren't you?  You are probably think of yourself as a
                    'sensitive male'.  'Romance novels' are female porn, nothing
2004/7/2 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/President/Reagan] UID:31127 Activity:very high
2.7     The Godfather is dead:
        \_ That's what happens when you chase a kid around with an orange
           peel in your mouth.
        \_ He's the third, I guess. -- ilyas
        \_ The body's not cold, and they couldn't resist showing a picture
           from the horrible "Island of Dr. Moreau"?  Damn.
              \_ He could'a been a contenda, somebody, but Ronny sold him
                 out. And now he's a nobody, relegated to the back end of
                 a state funeral.
        \_ Hey, Bart.  How'd you like to escort 5,000 Big Macs to Marlon
           Brando's island?
        \_ I watched Last tango in Paris while packing boxes for a move.
           My friends couldn't believe it.  Why?
           \_ I'm guessing you're either not the kind of person who gets many
              dates, not particularly adventurous romantically, or incredibly
              experienced and unimpressed by the movie's contents. Many people
              would watch LTiP with a date or significant other.
              \_ I didn't see sex/romance as the point of the movie, and sexual
                 content, while prevalent, was not of the titillating
                 kind.  It seemed full of pain, the opposite of a date movie.
                 \_ You have a poor grasp of what makes a good date movie.
                    \_ So a good date movie is Das Boot?
                       \_ see, the goal is to maximize emotional distress.
                          then she turns to you for comfort!
                          \_ But this is SO Machiavellian!
                       \_ F9/11 is a great date movie.
2004/6/30-7/1 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:31096 Activity:very high
6/30    is reeser hot?
        \_ well, email her.
        \_ 2hot4U
        \_ no, she's butt ugly. She used to have a blurred/soft focus
           portrait picture on her web site and she was pretty ugly in it.
           Now imagine her in real person...
        \_ ask her for one. If she sends you one, you can find out yourself.
           If she doesn't send you one, then most likely she's ugly.
           \_ Who are you who are so wise in the ways of h07 42n ch1x?
        \_ well I don't know your definition of hot, but personally I think
           that she is smart, sophisticated, and interesting to talk to
                           -person who knew her personally in the late 90s
                \_ in another word she is ugly
           \_ she's also pretty cute, imho  -another anonymous motd denizen
           \_ I think she is hot. -AMCoward
        \_ It's all relative (she makes chialea look like a goddess)
           \_ and of course this anonymous MOTD dweeb is the paragon of
              male beauty.  -tom
           \_ The motd is a cruel little place sometimes. -- seen both
              \_ picP.  One of the two certainly looked like anti-goddess in
                 \_ Kettle, this is the pot calling.  You're black.
                    \_ Why are you so defensive?  Look is just buy attribute
                       of a person, and a very superficial one by its nature.
                       They may be visually unappealing but intelligent,
                       sophisticated, and wise.  Would they rather be M Monroe?
                       \_ Taking potshots at people on soda because of their
                          looks is cheap and ultimately destined to bite you
                          in the ass.  If you want to say that someone's hot,
                          go for it.  If you want to say that someone doesn't
                          meet your aesthetic standards, learn to supress.
        \_ Yah, rhys is hot.
                \_ do you value truth or kindness more? I value the former,
                   so cruelty is the way to go
                   \- gee do you think star trek novels are greater works
                      of lit than say the odyssey? that ayn rand is the
                      epitome of philosophy? there are an infinity of true
                      facts ... most of them without meaning or value. --psb
2004/6/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:31064 Activity:high
6/29    Man, why couldn't we have teachers like this in HS? Cuz
        we were geeks?
        \_ TILF!!!
        \_ I just don't understand kids these days;  Murder, rape,
           ratting on hot teachers that deign to fuck them.  There is
           some serious lack of morality in today's teens.
           \_ Maybe it was the ticked off cousin that wasn't getting any...
        \_ What's worse is that it wasn't HS. It was MIDDLE SCHOOL. The
           kid is 14. If I am her new husband I am very, very embarrassed.
           \_ Maybe she had a "temporary marriage" and it's all ok.
           \_ Clearly this is the result of legalizing gay marriage.
              \_ Why do you hate Gay America?
           \_ Many (most?) high schools are 4 years.  14 is usually a 9th
              grader, which would be in high school.  (I was 13 in 9th for
              a while, so YMMV)
           \_ her wedding pics with her now embarassed husband:
              The police report is hot reading also- apparently, she's
              shaved and did oral on the boy.
              \_ URL?
              \_ I heart double standards... Picture this conversation if
                 it was a 23 year old male teacher sleeping with a 14 year
                 old girl.  Something tells me you all wouldn't be drooling
                 over "hot police reports."  Then again, this is soda...
                 \_ well, what is the harm here exactly? the kid might be
                    distracted from school I guess. But that would happen
                    anyway if he got a girlfriend his own age.
                    \_ Uh, I think you completely missed my point.
2004/6/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30980 Activity:very high
6/23    Dear gmail users, did getting a gmail account help you get laid?
        \_ I've had mine for about 4 hours.  No luck so far.
        \_ Yes, I started getting a chance to offer people new accounts,
           which I have successfully bartered for sex.
        \_ gmail took 1/2 hour to deliver the mail to the chick who was
           supposed to have sex with me and by then it was too late.
           Is this normal?  (the half hour mail delivery, not the inablity
           to wait).
        \_ i finally scored with my left hand
           \_ You scored in your own end zone, dewd
        \_ Someone invite me so I can get laid too...
        \_ Why do you hate women?
        \_ I will sleep with you if you offer me a gmail account.
           \_ I really hope that's georgy.  Probably not, but I can hope.
         \_ what's your login? -aspo
        \_ If i've been getting laid before, does it count if I'm still getting
           laid after?
2004/6/22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30952 Activity:high
6/22    Is it possible for a girl to be 38DD (real) and not fat?  How big
        is 38DD?  Is that extraordinarily big, or just somewhat big?
        \_ 38" inches around is on the big side but if she wears it right or
           is just on the tall end of the scale she isn't necessary fat or
           even overweight looking.  Here's a random page about Marylin
           Monroe with the studio numbers and her dress maker's numbers:
    You decide.  DD means she's
           got big breasts on top of that 38 inch frame.  If they're real
           they'll sag, if they're fake, well, no one wants fake once her bra
           comes off and you're looking a rock hard weirdola breast thing.
        \_ Ok i am clueless, can someone explain to me what all these
           number means??
        \_ 38DD is really big.  Reasonable to expect that 38DD chicks are
           either fat or are "packing."
                \_ What do you mean "packing"?
                   \_ enhanced.
        \_ I found a fairly thin 34DD without to much effort:
           \_ Username and password please?
        \_ I think it's possible with some great genes.  Someone can be 6'2"
           with 38DD and not fat.  If I recall correctly, US cup sizes go by
           AA, A, B, C, D, DD, ...  So 38DD should be 38 inches measuring at
           the nipples and 32 inches (38 - 6) at just below the breasts.  Don't
           know how 38DD real breasts look like, but here are some porn stars
           with DD real (supposedly) breasts: Mary Carey, Aria Giovanni (34DD),
           Jun Kusanagi (37DD).
           \_ No, the 38 is measured below the breasts.  38 means
              (38"+5") below the breasts, which means that's fat no
              matter what.
              \_ Really?  Can you describe how the US measurements work?  TIA.
                 \_ Measure under breasts. That's the number (38, 34, etc).
                    Then measure around across the nipples. The inches
                    difference between two numbers = letter (I forget exactly
                    what the scale is... something like 1" = A, 2" = B, etc)
                    \_ Yep. The number has more to do with how big the
                       girl is. The letter with how much larger the
                       breasts are. 32D is bigger around than 38B.
        \_ Here we go:
           \_ Only your breasts can save the motd!
        \_ I looooooooove boobies
2004/6/19-20 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:30917 Activity:nil
6/18 w00t!
        (Ask Japan speaks about human trafficking)
2004/6/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30839 Activity:very high
6/15    Dear motd guys who have seen the movie Stepford Wives. Do you prefer
        a genetically altered obedient wife who cleans/cooks for you and is
        good in bed, or do you prefer the challenges of having a real,
        non-engineered companion? Which one would you be happier in the short
        AND long term, and why? It seems to me that the message from the movie
        is that the former is bad, but I am not convinced.
           \- or would you prefer to be hooked up to a machine that let
              you switch between them in a dream state you never woke up from.
        \_ I believe in the long term, the dominating term isn't house cleaning
           or good sex, but companionship.  A stepford wife is as boring as a
           cockroach. -- ilyas
        \_ the cook/clean thing seems irrelevant, since the cost of a
           non-genetically modified old fashioned maid would be far far
           less, so you have to assume that anyone who could afford the
           Stepford Wife already has their housework issues worked out.
        \_ Both, that's why women like vibrators and going out to nice dinners.
        \_ I for one would prefer the genetically engineered wife.
        \_ How can a woman be bad in bed? Doesn't the guy do everything? How
           can one be bad?
           \_ If you're doing everything, she's bad in bed.
              \_ He shoots!  He scores!  The crowd is going wild!
           \_ I just reread 1984 and there is a good description of how BAD his
              wife was in bed. If it seems like a chore, a requirement for
              procreation, that's generally not the best thing in the world.

              Also, on top of compatibility, there are lots of techniques that
              can be employed. Some 80 year old woman on oxygen has a show on
              technique. I wonder how good she is in the sack.
        \_ The climax of the movie is reached when we discover that Mike
           is a creation from our basic needs that we lack in modern
           society. The creator of Mike explains that in today's society
           we're so busy with our work that we have no time to take care
           of our family and to have quality time, and that the creation
           is an attempt to go back to the "good 'ol days". However,
           the secondary message is that even the good 'ol days is not
           perfect, that a person's happiness (namely, the husbands) should
           not come at an expense of others (the slave working wives
           in the 50s). Since we can't have it all, now we're now stuck with
           what we have, and THAT, is the whole point of the movie.
        \_ I for one prefer the unpredictability and the excitement you get
           from a real wife. That way she can run off with another guy and
           take away your money from child support and alimony. Yeah.
           \_ BDG, is that you? --BDG #2 fan
           \_ I have a stupid question. If she runs away with another guy,
              does she still get half of your money? I mean if she wants a
              divorce because she likes this other guy better, how does it
              usually end up? She still takes half of the money?
              \_ In CA, yes.  In other states, it varies.  This is a "no fault"
                 divorce state.
              \_ Yes. It doesn't matter what her reason is. She is
                 entitled to half of the assets earned over the course of
                 the marriage plus child support, if applicable. She may
                 also get alimony - one year for every year you were
                 \_ Is it the same case if the wife is working and the man
                    is not?
                 \_ what if you get married in one state, move to CA, then
                    move away from CA? how is it determined if she gets the $?
                    \_ Where did you file for divorce?  You can't file in a
                       state which you are not a resident of, AFAIK.
        \_ Why not just buy a RealDoll and pay a maid?  I mean, really, if the
           idea of a Stepford Wife appeals to you, you don't really want a
           relationship with a real human being.  Get the toy and the service
           and call it even.
           \_ but a RealDoll is anything but real. It is not interactive.
              It does not shout "$#^$#S me harder!!"
                \_ More to the point, a stepford wife isn't either.  She is
                   interractive like a video game, or a recording.  Actually,
                   she is an it.  It may shout all sorts of things, but they
                   are not real.
2004/6/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30796 Activity:insanely high
        anyone know where i can get more pics of this chick.  anyone
        know who she is, etc?
        \_ That's my girlfriend!
        \_ you must be a white boy. she's not even all that hot. certainly
           not hot enough to be worth stalking.
           \_ I'm a white boy.  I don't think she's anything special.  You
              must be an asshole.  You're certainly not worth stalking.
        \_ that's one of sky's gfs
2004/6/14-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30791 Activity:insanely high 64%like:30772
6/12    I'm going to switch my provider this month and the new gals don't
        offer BBFS. Does anyone know of a cheap (~ $500/mo) provider
        who is reasonably reliable and gives you good GFE? I've been told to
        take a look at but I'd like to hear other suggestions.
        \_ Cheap. Fast. Good. Pick two.
           \_ obYermomJoke
        \_ Try the yahoo personals
        \_ what is bbfs?
           \_ bare back...
              \_ .... service?
           \_ big black ?
           \_ big booty ...?
        \_ what is gfe? girlfriend experience?, gay fucking experience?
           \_ gay fisting excitement
           \_ girl friend experience
        \_ can someone rephrase this in English?
2004/6/11-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30757 Activity:moderate
6/11    Helpful for sodans:
        \_ wow, that was great, thanks for the link! :)  (Married myself,
           but interesting to see what geeks out there are doing!!! Esp
           the 3rd and 4th guys...)
           \_ um, are you not happy with your marriage?
           \_ Pathetic, mostly. However, I know a widow who is about
              60 but looks about 40. She is worth many million $$$. She
              paid $10K (!!!) to a dating service that screens people
              extensively (including interview with psychologist). One
              of her dates was on the board at Nike, so others must be
              signing up, too. There is money to be made here! It's so
              sad, though!
              \_ I'm the above person, and very happy with my marriage.  And
                 also very amused by the technical tricks used above to get
                 dates.  Never said I *needed* them myself, but VERY amused :)
                 (In fact, forwarded the link to my wife, who also found it
              \_ I'm not the above person.  I'm very happy with my marriage.
                 I sometimes check the personals to remind myself how fucking
                 fantastic my wife is and how miserable I would be if I
                 didn't have her.
              \_ Hmmm, so do most Sodans lack the requisite social skills
                 for interpersonal relationships? I've met some XCFers
                 before and they were definitely very shy. Some of the
                 others are just a little bit weird (but hey, who isn't).
                 However, it appears that most individuals that I've conversed
                 with appear to be socially well adjusted, perhaps forest
                 for the trees?
                 \_ Yes.  As expected.  Many aren't, by definition.  Perhaps.
2004/6/10-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30729 Activity:high
        Avoid Yahoo Dating service at all cost please.
        \_ reasons?
         \_ read the reviews
                   \_ what reviews?
              \_ what point are you trying to make with this particular ad?
           \_ Try craigslist instead.
2004/6/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30717 Activity:very high
6/9     I am in desperate need of a Stepford Wife. I've been married for
        a while and I'm not getting any, and she's getting fat and uglier
        by the day.                                             -bmg
        \- why dont you begin to torment her. that may make you feel better
           and maybe you have nothing left to lose. --psb
        \_ if you still love her, then for better or worse (and perhaps
           a fling now and then). if not, then time to be a man and tell
           her it's over.
           \_ either, that, or it's time to take up golf!
        \_ wtf is a Stepford Wife?
             \_ oh man, this is like the in the 22nd century.
                Actually I don't know if the Stepford Wife is better or the
                Holodeck. Wait, the Holodeck is infinitely better cuz
                you can program a Harem.
                \_ you need to improve your movie knowledge foo.
                \_ This is a remake of a lame movie from the 70s.
                   \_ Lame?  Lame!  Ok, yeah, lame.
2004/6/3-4 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:30581 Activity:high
        "The good men are all married," writer Junko Sakai says. "Those left
        behind are all nerds or without jobs or violent or not nice-looking."
        \_ (I rest my case.)
        \_ that's good, at least there's an 'or' between 'nerds' and 'jobs'.
        \_ "She says Japanese men sometimes propose to women with lines like:
            'I want you to cook miso soup for me the rest of my life.'"
           This is a _very_ traditional way to ask a woman to marry you. The
           words themselves are virtually meaningless now.  I was skeptical
           of the article to begin with, but this overt lack of cultural
           context cinches it.
           \_ cool!  I will try that line on the next hot japanese babe I meet.
           \_ So what exactly do you disagree with in the article?
              \_ She misses the point that the good women are all married, too.
                 If you're 30+ and not married, you're not a good prospect for
                 \_ So not only are the leftover men not good prospects, but
                    the leftover women aren't either?
                    \_ Correct.  All the leftovers get to live angst ridden
                       lives like Sex in the City and suffer one bad attempt
                       at having a relationship after another because they're
                       undeserving of anything better and wouldn't know it if
                       they had better anyway.  That's what makes them left-
                       overs and poor prospects.  It's self-fulfilling.
2004/6/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30541 Activity:very high
6/2     Some lameass deleted the dating thread, but this is still great
        Ratio of single men to single women in Santa Clara county is nearly
        even, contrary to popular belief: 102 to 100.  That is nothing compared
        to, say, parts of Colorado or Nevada.
        \_ And that's not good methodology ... my grandmother is 90, widowed,
           and lives in San Jose, and got counted in that survey. Much more
           accurate is number of never-been-married women of age 18-45.
           \_ Why never-been-married? Just currently-not-married is fine.
              I have a friend who is 32 and his wife died in an accident.
              He's been married, but he sure as hell should count as
        \_ and count the number of women who were brought over from India,
           not yet married but will be within 2 years.
        \_ Los Angeles, 92 men to 100 women, yay!               -not ilyas
           \_ *cry*
        \_ East Coast in general has a lighter color than West Coast.
           What accounts for this? For example, Nevada is very dark, but
           New England is very light.
           \_ WHY DO YOU LOVE AMERICA?
        \_ I hear in terms of young, available women, San Jose is definitely
           not the right place -- where you want to go is Boston or New York
                \_ uh, NO DUH!!! Even though statistics shows favourably
                   most of the numbers show Indian ladies and or FOB Chinese
                   girls (I have nothing against them) that I am personally
                   not attracted to.
                   \_ hey, idiot, I am refuting the primary thread
           South Carolina has +20% trailers. Is that where the KKK
           headquarter is located?
        \_ The ratio is better than it looks in SF because many of the
           single guys are actually gay.
           \_ Oh this is the funniest motd posting I've seen today!!
              \_ Why is this funny???
           \_ Unfortunately, so are the women.
2004/6/1-2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30530 Activity:insanely high
6/1     Why the hell did I pick this major? No girls!! No girls!!
        \_ You want chicks? Transfer to univ. of south carolina or UF or
           someplace in the south and get yer dumb trophy wife wannabee.
           Don't worry, she's only there for her MRS degree.-lior
        \_ I'm sure the people in english or psych are thinking "Why
           the hell did I pick this major? No jobs!! No jobs!!"
           \_ You mean english, psych, eecs, or cs.
           \_ Not to start a flamewar, but teachers are getting hired at a
              prodigious rate now.  But trust me, having a lot grrls in
              your major is no guarantee-- and when they discover Virginia
              Woolf, well, a guy's chances dwindle rapidly.
              \-who's afraid of virginia woolf? --psb
                \_ Any guy with a healthy libido and an eye on a female
                   English Major.
              \_ hahahha fucking the ultra feminist wanna-be dykes was *the*
                 best part of being in college.  the only thing I miss about
                 being married is no longer watching dykes suck my cock right
                 after they spout off whatever garbage some prof/ta put in
                 their head that afternoon.
                 best part of being in college.  the only thing I miss about it
                 being married now is no longer watching dykes suck my cock
                 right after they spout off whatever garbage some prof/ta
                 put in their head that afternoon.
                 \_ Why do you hate women?
        \_ if you can't meet people outside of your major you don't
           deserve to get laid
        \_ ratio was close to 50/50 about 10 yrs back.
           \_ It's not about numbers, but quality. That aside, I only met
              one girl in my major and one in a related major. The rest of
              the girls I met weren't in my major at all but lived in my
              dorm/co-op or were friends of people I met.
        \_ not everyone sees this as a disadvantage
           \_ I never did.  Girls are just another distraction when I'm
              working.  Girls are for not working time.  Down hormones!
              \_ now or never.  it'll never be the same once you leave school.
                 find the time to get laid.
        \_ Don't you have to take at least some classes outside of your major?
           I suggest to join some student group (other than CSUA) if you
           want to meet new people.
        \_ I met exactly zero girls in my major.  I mean *zero*.  I mean not
           met as in I didn't even get a name.  I went to bed with some chick
           almost every night my entire college career.  How?  I talked to
           girls.  Every girl I saw that I was attracted to, I walked up and
           said hi.  Berkeley girls are easy.  If you're not getting laid in
           \_ That might be so, but I find it even easier to meet women
              in my 30s.
              \_ What do you do such that you meet so many young women?
                 The women are as willing as always, but so many are
                 married by that time that the odds are small. I hear it
                 gets better after 40 when women start to think they are
                 old and fat, even when they aren't.
                 \_ I am a dotcommie, I live in San Francisco, I go to
                    parties. I hated Silicon Valley, mostly because of
                    crappy ratio.
2004/6/1-2 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:30523 Activity:very high
6/1     100 most naturally beautiful women of all time:
        \_ why "naturally"?  Is there unnatural beauty?
        \_ Liv Tyler #2? something is whack
           \_ And Kate Moss at #13.  sigh..
           \_ And Alicia Silverstone on the list at all!?
        \_ Of all the token Asians to include, Lucy Liu?!
           \_ Well, she is one Asian that doesn't need photoshopping.
              \_ Because that wouldn't help?
                 \_ Um, the list was about _naturally beautiful_ wome...oh wait.
                    Never mind.  This is soda.  None of you have ever actually
                    _seen_ a woman in the flesh.
                    \_ Not a naturally beautiful one, anyway.
                    \_ Lucy Liu looks like naturally beautiful man.  -tom
                    \_ Aaron looks like naturally beautiful man.  -tom
                       \_ So when was the last time you were with a beautiful
                          woman tom?  Prostitutes don't count...
                          \_ The fact that you think prostitutes are natually
                             beautiful says a lot.  -tom
                             \_ You should talk with the sodans who visit
                                .jp's fabulous "soapland".
                             \_ WHIFFFFFFF!!!
                             \_ I'd pay $50 to get you a prostitute, naturally
                                beautiful or not, just so you'd grow up and
                                mellow.  Or at least  just stfu for 5 minutes
                                other than cries of, "what are those bumps on
                                your chest?!  is it contagious!?  and why don't
                                you have a peepee?!  aaacccckkkk!"
                                \_ thank you, NERFAMC.
                       \_ I always thought she looked like a snake
                 \_ this is the sad state of american media...
                      beauty:popular::lucy liu:william hung
                        - what a cute couple!!!!!!
        \_ I hate these fucking titles. So fucking arrogant. Of all time? Give
           me a fucking break. More like for the past 50 years and US only.
           The world != Hollywood
           \_ you did see that it was an Australian site, right?
              \_ My god, you're right!  The world _does_ = Hollywood!
        \_ Dude, australians are nothing more than extremely stupid brits with
2004/5/31-6/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30516 Activity:moderate
6/1     <DEAD><DEAD> is a scam. 1/2 of the listings keep appearing over
        and over again (over 1 year) and the other 1/2 are fake, they
        send you a generic letter saying that they're interested, and
        before you know it, they are 1) spamming you with porn sites or
        2) refering you to other match sites. I'm never gonna sign up on
        internet scam match again.
        \_ Try craigslist. At least some people there are genuine.
        \_ Cool, so this one chick gave you the contact info for lots of other
           hot chicks?  That's great!  What's it cost to sign up?!
              "Profession:  Other".  Classic.  -John
              \_ Get yer ugly mits off the keyboard!  That's *my* next wife!
2004/5/31 [Recreation/Dating] UID:30515 Activity:nil
5/31    I need some porn. Where can I download some video/pic?
        \_ Me too, I need some free porn to cheer me up on a lonely
           memorial day!
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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