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2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2008/1/18-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:48967 Activity:moderate
1/18    Hey tom, you seem to know a lot about startups.  How many companies
        have you founded?  Have you worked at a lot of early phaase
        \_ What gives you that impression, anonymous coward?  -tom
           \_ I don't know about the op, but that's one way to interpret your
              snipe at me on wall yesterday.  op's question aside, I'd be
              curious to hear your opinion regarding Slide in light of the
              smack you've talked in the past, and the round we just did.
              P.S. Are you always this overtly hostile toward people when
              people inquire into your background?
              \_ My comment on wall was in response to your categorization
                 of LBL and Berkeley as "ivory towers."  As if cratering
                 a startup consitutes "the real world."  Here's a hint:
                 People do important things at Berkeley and LBL.  People
                 don't do important things at Slide.  -tom
                 \_ Heh.  Profs and researchers do important things.  I don't
                    think either you or psb do those things.  And, just
                    curious, how is growing the economy and creating jobs
                    unimportant?  Or do people not do important things at
                    Yahoo and Google?  What you fail to understand is that, if
                    not for an environment where people could take risks, the
                    spectacular growth engine that is Silicon Valley would not
                    exist.  Most startups fail.  You have a symbiotic
                    relationship with Berkeley and the academic world it
                    exists in, and I find nothing wrong with that.  What I
                    take issue with is that you presume to berate people
                    regarding areas you manifestly know little or nothing
                    about.  By doing so you discourage people from taking
                    risks, which is reasonable if you're trying to ensure that
                    a network or server stays up, but, in many other domains
                    is lame. -dans
                    \_ Growing the economy and creating jobs is not meaningful
                       in and of itself.  And there is plenty of evidence that
                       we're past the point of diminishing returns on growing
                       the economy.  And boy, if not for an environment where
                       people can take risks, we might not have a vitally
                       important tool like FunWall!  The world might come
                       crashing down!  And of course there are no risks in
                       I'm berating you for being an idiot, not for taking
                       risks.  -tom
                       \_ Creating jobs is not meaningful?  Past the point
                          of diminishing returns on growing the economy?  So
                          now you're an economist?  Your statements boggle the
                          mind.  You berate people because you are unwilling to
                          allow for the possibility that your base of knowledge
                          may have a priori flaws, be incomplete, or flawed in
                          its application.  This is why many people think
                          you're an overbearing asshole. -dans
                                 \_ What do you think "a priori" means?
                          \_ Why do many people think you're an idiot?  -tom
                             \_ Because they never met me in person, and
                                listen to third-hand reports from assholes
                                like you? -dans
                                \_ Occam's Razor disagrees.  -tom
                                   \_ bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha -dans
                                \_ I've met you and I think you are an idiot.
                                     -- ilyas
                                 \- i have not met you (or at least if i have
                                 \- i have not met yoyu, or at least if i have
                                    did make an impression, positive or neg,
                                    didnt make an impression, positive or neg),
                                    but *multiple* people have mailed me to ask
                                    in almost these exact words "do you know
                                    this dans@sloda dood? is he as much of a
                                    pud as he appears to be on first impres-
                                    sion?" --psb
                                    this dans@sloda dood? i was looking at a
                                    job at slide and was wondering if he is as
                                    of a pud/prick as he comes off" --psb
                                    \_ 'dood'.  What word choice. -dans
                                       \- it's an irish word. i am half irish.
                                 \_ I've met you and you seem like a perfectly
                                    reasonable fellow to me. -ausman
                                    \_ PS you're so hot, I want your
                                       ass now!!!               -!ausman
                                       \_ Not funny to sign my name to things
                                          I didn't write. -ausman
                       \_ Over 20 million people use FunWall, and that's
                          just one Slide application.  But, hey, you work in
                          a role that supports researchers and academics so
                          you must know more than all those foolish plebes!
                          At one point, people thought email was frivilous.
                                                                \_ frivolous.
                                \_ Ah yes.  Clearly typos and minor spelling
                                   errors are a good metric for evaluating
                                   intelligence and clue. -dans
                          Not so much anymore.  At one point people thought
                          that the web was a toy.  Not so much anymore.  Philo
                          Farnsworth, the inventor of TV, wanted it to be a
                          tool to educate and inform the masses.  It didn't
                          work out    that way.  I don't presume to claim
                          FunWall will someday be a valuable medium for
                          artistic expression or information distribution, I
                          merely allow for the possibility.  You presume to
                          write it off, and your knowledge of the domain is
                          guaranteed to be worse than mine.  Who's the idiot
                          here? -dans
        \_ dans? is that you?
2007/8/31-9/3 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:47847 Activity:low
8/31    I figured out why motd sucks so much.  All the people
        who used to post didn't bother coming into the office
        to re-register their account after politburo sorried
        everyone after Break-in #1.  Or was that Break-in #2?
        #3?  I can't remember anymore.
        \_ I didn't come to the office to re-register.  But I am famous!
             -- ilyas
        \_ I haven't been in the office for years.
        \_ I have never been to the office once, not even when I first signed
           up for an account.  -- Class of '93
2007/3/8-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:45904 Activity:very high
3/7     motd is so dead. ilyas left. German John left. Without fresh new
        blood, unix interest and competency is at it's lowest level in
                                                     \_ Not to mention spelling
                                                        \_ I bet it's a
                                                           grammar error, not
                                                           a spelling mistake.
                                                        \_ That's not the
                                                           lowest spelling
                                                           level I've seen on
                                                           the motd.
        the entire history of csua. All we got now is pathetic dans
        trolling by himself, and occasionally reiffin ranting his
        slightly conservative views. Sad. So sad.
        \_ I'm centrist which looks "slightly conservative" to anyone left and
           leftist to anyone on the right.  Usually "rants" are restrictied to
           extremists.  How can a moderate be a ranter?  Just curious.
        \_ All I want is for wall logs to be rotated and I'll be back.
           \_ Trolls come in all denominations.
              \_ So posting 'slightly conservatively' is trolling now?  And it
                 is 'ranting' if you don't agree with the entire Berkeley left
                 agenda.  Sigh... okey dokey, whatever.  Welcome to the motd
                 where being a moderate centrist makes you a ranting troll.
                 \_ No, being a moderate centrist doesn't make you a troll.
                    Being a troll makes you a troll.  Being a troll is about
                    being intentionally inflammatory, not about being of
                    any particular political stripe.  -tom
                    \_ So your definition is boils down to, "The things you
                       say inflame me so you're a troll".  Followed by, "You
                       must know that your views don't match the typical
                       ultra-left motd reader's so it must be intentional".
                       Therefore: troll.  So since I don't self censor my
                       very moderate views and some people have insanely thin
                       skin for any opinion different from their own, the
                       fault lies with me.  Got it.  Thanks for clearing that
                       up.  The motd is full of real trolls but I'm not one
                       of them.  I'm one of the few people here who has ever
                       admitted being wrong in a debate and thanking the other
                       person for the correction.  Again, just curious, have
                       you ever done that?  Or maybe you've *never* been wrong?
                       \_ Here's a good example: putting words in someone
                          else's mouth (as you have above) is trolling.
                          It is perfectly possible to disagree without
                          being intentionally inflammatory.  -tom
                          \_ Telling you what you sound like to me is not
                             putting words in your mouth.  I note you
                             completely ignored my two questions and related
                             comment at the end.  We could start going back
                             and forth tossing around more phrases like
                             "intellectually dishonest", a few choice latin
                             debate related phrases, and such but what would
                             be the point?  Some people here only see what
                             they want to see.  If they see something else it
                             is automatically tagged and dismissed as 'troll'
                             without seriously responding to the core issues.
                             I'd say that picking apart a line or two to
                             attack while ignoring the whole of someone's
                             argument is a cheap rhetorical tactic that goes
                             on a lot around here but I don't want to be
                             called a troll so I won't say that.  ;-)  Mostly,
                             this level of discourse reminds me of silly dorm
                             pseudo-debates about the existence of God or
                             whatever.  I do miss a few of the folks who used
                             to post here even though we often were world's
                             apart in opinion and view point.  They could put
                             aside their ego long enough to actually discuss
                             issues, rather than point fingers and hop around
                             mad when someone disagrees or presents an
                             alternative point of view.  So, have you ever
                             admitted to being wrong about anything and
                             thanked the other motd poster for the correction
                             or are you just never wrong about anything?  I
                             have several times.  I don't read or post here to
                             "win" motd debates.  There is no such thing as
                             "winning" here.  It is meaningless.  I'm here
                             because just often enough I learn something or
                             engage in an interesting debate to make the rest
                             of the noise worth it.
                          \_ I'm only showing you how you come across to me.
                             If you meant something else, feel free to correct
                             me.  Again I ask: have you ever been wrong about
                             anything on the motd?  Admitted to it?  Thanked
                             the person who corrected you?  I have.  I don't
                             recall you ever getting to step 3 much less step 1
                             so either you're always right or just spoiling to
                             fight for it's own sake which sounds very kettle
                             pot black to me or maybe just so incredibly
                             thin skinned and intolerant of ideas different
                             from your own that you automatically assume that
                             the intent is to troll you.  I won't pretend to
                             know your internal motivations and psychological
        \_ Can someone pls rotate the wall logs?
        \_ Actually there's more unix clue in the CSUA than there was two
           years ago.  It's pretty funny that you use the motd, which most
           undergrads don't even follow, as a bellweather for unix clue.
           What, exactly, constitutes unix clue to you?  The ability to use
           vi to edit posts in meaningless flamewars?  The ability to run a
           machine for a bunch of thankless assholes who think that nothing
           has changed in computing since BSD was being actively developed at
           Berkeley? -dans
           \_ I agree that the current ugs seem to have sufficient unix
              clue, much more so than I had 10+ years ago when I was a
              ug. I'm also guessing that the problems w/ soda have more
              to do w/ lack of time than clue. Personally I think the
              current ugs deserve our thanks and appreciation. -yaAlum
              \_ Yeah, I'm not trying to start the game of my clue dick is
                 bigger than yours, because, though it can be fun, when all is
                 said and done it just leaves everyone feeling dirty and
                 sticky, but doesn't accomplish very much.  I don't even think
                 it's a lack of time thing, I think it's a priorities thing.
                 The current undergrads have deprioritized providing and
                 maintaining services to a bunch of, for the most part,
                 thankless, meddling alumni.  In my opinion, this is a wise
                 decision. -dans (don't edit other people's posts.  its lame)
                 \_ does that mean you'll shut up now?
                    How about services to the existing undergrads, like,
                    I dunno, publishing a meeting schedule on the CSUA
                    web page?    -tom
                    \_ You seem to be working under the assumption that the
                       CSUA web site is the first place a current undergrad
                       would go to find the CSUA or information about it, and
                       that exposing current CSUA undergraduate members to
                       meetings would be doing them a service.  Both
                       assumptions are dubious at best.  You and I both may
                       have ideas about how the current undergrads running the
                       CSUA *should* do things, what you need to realize is
                       that, since we're not an undergrad, our ideas are
                       significantly less relevant than those of the
                       undergrads.  Since most present day undergrads don't
                       read the motd, Pissing about on the motd in regard to
                       what those darn kids should do is, at best, amusing and,
                       at worst, a waste of time for all involved.  I am
                       content to be amused. You amuse me, tom. -dans
                       \_ Are you seriously arguing that an organization's
                          web page is irrelevant to the people it serves?  -tom
                          \_ Do NOT anger me, tom. -dans
                             \_ Do NOT pretend to be me. -dans
                          \_ No, I'm arguing that you and I are irrelevant to
                             the people the CSUA serves.  I would further
                             argue that the web page may be irrelevant, or may
                             have so little relevance that it's not worth the
                             effort.  That you you think the CSUA web site
                             is relevant to current members does not make it
                             so.  For example, establishing a presence(s) on
                             Facebook might be a better way to promote the
                             \_ lol
                             CSUA to current undergrads than working on
                             www.csua.  The question is how does a leader in
                             an organization *know*?  The answer is to run the
                             numbers.  If running stats on the last year worth
                             of CSUA web logs shows the CSUA web site gets a
                             lot of traffic, that's a good reason to put more
                             effort into the web site.  Doing it because tom
                             said so is not.  Are you seriously arguing that
                             superstitious, probably unproven, definitely
                             years old, assumptions are a good tool for
                             decision making in an organization? -dans
                             \_ I think it is the height of irresponsibility
                                to not have the answers to the questions:
                                What is the CSUA?
                                What does the CSUA do?
                                Where is the CSUA office/contact info?
                                How do I join the CSUA?
                                This doesn't require "working on www.csua".
                                It requires 15 FUCKING MINUTES OF TYPING.  -tom
                                \_ That's nice, but, refer back to my first
                                   sentence.  To wit, what you think is
                                   irrelevant to the future of the CSUA.  If
                                   you feel so strongly about this, why don't
                                   you write up the html and send it to the
                                   officers asking them if they wouldn't mind
                                   posting it?  Why not get off your fucking
                                   self-righteous ass and do something for a
                                   change?  As it happens, the answers to
                                   those questions (and more!) do exist.
                                   They're posted right outside of the CSUA
                                   office.  If you could get over your broken
                                   belief that there exists one true way to do
                                   all things and tom is the arbiter of true
                                   ways, you might see the forest for the
                                   trees here.  This isn't about what content
                                   goes on the web site, it's about whether
                                   putting *any* effort into the web site is
                                   worthwhile.  And the answer to that is I
                                   don't know and neither do you.  If you feel
                                   strongly about this, why don't your run the
                                   stats on the weblogs, and if they support
                                   your assumption, send the results to the
                                   politburo with a polite note suggesting
                                   they put more effort into the web site.
                                   Incidentally, there's funny thing about
                                   your 15 FUCKING MINUTES OF TYPING...
                                   At some point in the past, some politburo
                                   member, probably the VP, definitely someone
                                   with sysadminly beliefs had a truly
                                   boneheaded idea: put the web page under
                                   rcs!  Now right about now you've probably
                                   got a vein bulging on your forehead the way
                                   veins tend to do when you get into your
                                   self-righteous tom knows all mode because,
                                   everyone knows revision control is a good
                                   thing.  What could possibly be bad about
                                   using rcs for the web page?  What's bad is
                                   this: since that day, just about every CSUA
                                   president, including but not limited to me,
                                   jones, paolo, has gotten it in his head to
                                   update the web page.  Sometimes the updates
                                   are minor, but more often they involve a
                                   fair amount of time and effort, and jones
                                   actually did a major redesign.  So the
                                   president makes the changes, but he or she
                                   doesn't know that the web site is under rcs.
                                   Then the VP comes along checks index.html
                                   out from rcs, makes some minor change, e.g.
                                   announcing the new politburo members,
                                   checks it back in, and copies it over the
                                   president's major rewrite of index.html.
                                   And like that, hours, sometimes weeks of
                                   work get blown away.  It's happened before
                                   and it keeps happening.  Usually it's not
                                   malicious though I'm fairly sure when
                                   jones' weeks of rewrite work got
                                   obliterated it was (one might wonder:
                                   what happened to his backups?).  Usually the
                                   guilty party doesn't even have the courtesy
                                   to apologize.  Frankly, it fucking sucks to
                                   have hours of work blown away because some
                                   sysadmin doesn't understand people, thinks
                                   the hammer of technology can be used to
                                   bludgeon all problems into submission, and
                                   stubbornly refuses to admit he or she was
                                   wrong despite scores of evidence to the
                                   contrary. -dans
                                   \_ Out of curiousity, has anyone received
                                      any reply to any query sent to root or
                                      politburo since, oh, October?  Your
                                      prolixious defense of incompetence
                                      continues to amaze, dans.
                                      \_ It's a telling question that you have
                                         to ask.  I try to drop by the office
                                         and shoot the shit with the current
                                         undergrads.  Reports of the CSUA's
                                         demise are greatly exaggerated.  If
                                         you feel soda isn't working the way
                                         you want it to, and conclude that the
                                         cause is incompetence, you're wrong.
                                      \_ I think I got a timely reply to
                                         email I sent to root in January.
                                      \_ No.  I've sent in a couple of security
                                         holes on the system.  I have received
                                         no acknowledgement, and they don't
                                         appear to be fixed either.
                                   \_ Well that was entertaining. Sounds like
                                      a bunch of people learned some lessons:
                                      back up something if it's important
                                      to you, and something about
                                      communication and management? What fun!
                                   \_ In the amount of time it took you to
                                      come up with that drivel, you could
                                      have fixed it, and you wouldn't have
                                      looked like a complete moron. -tom
                                      looked like a complete moron.  Does
                                      your family have a history of mental
                                      illness?  I don't want you to snap and
                                      cause problems for me. -tom
                                      \_ Fixed what?  The only thing broken
                                         here is you.  Let me take a page from
                                         your book by making an assumption and
                                         deciding it's the only possible valid
                                         explanation for a given set of facts:
                                         Since you've resorted to namecalling
                                         it must mean you have no response to
                                         any of the points I've raised. -dans
                                         \_ Blithering != "raising points" -tom
                                            \_ See ridiculous tom-like
                                               assumption #1 in pp.  I find it
                                               hilarious that you ask if
                                               mental illness runs in my
                                               family when you might as well
                                               be wearing a sandwich board
                                               that says, "Hi, ask me about my
                                               narcissistic personality
                                               disorder."  Granted, NPD is
                                               disorder."  Granted, NPD is not
                                               Bi-Polar disorder; it's not
                                               life threatening or anything,
                                               but you really should seek
                                               help. -dans
                                               \_ dans, I am a psychiatrist.
                                               \_ I didn't ask if mental
                                                  illness runs in your family.
                                                  That was probably psb
                                                  thinking he's clever. -tom
                                                  thinking he's clever.
                                                  I think you are a moron,
                                                  not insane. -tom
                                                  \_ That's nice, but you
                                                     should still seek help.
                                                     Oh, and you haven't
                                                     answered my question:
                                                     what did I say was broken
                                                     that you suggest I fix?
                                                     \_ The complete lack
                                                        of useful information
                                                        on the CSUA web page.
        \_Uh huh.  So given that:
          a) You think this is a problem.  I don't think it is *necessarily* a
             problem, and I won't until you or someone else run stats on the
             weblogs showing that the website gets a reasonable amount of
          b) I don't think forcing my, much less your, views on how the CSUA
             should do things is a good thing for the future of the
             organization (teach a man to fish and all that...)
          c) I don't have root.
          Why would I possibly fix something that I don't feel is broken, and
          force your views on the current undergrads?  And I put the question
          to you once again, if you care so much, why don't you get off your
          self-righteous ass and do something about it? -dans
          \_ Your assumption, that the current lack of information is due to
             some sort of strategic decision by the current politburo, is
             far too ridiculous to respond to.  -tom
             \_ Where did I claim it was strategic?  Lazy certainly.
                Enlightened, possibly.  Do you really think they're a bunch of
                idiots? -dans
                \_ I don't know if they're a bunch of idiots, but I think
                   it's inexcusable to have no information about the
                   organization available on the web for months.
                   The CSUA is the fourth link that comes up when you
                   type "computer science berkeley" into Google; I'm
                   pretty sure current undergraduates haven't evolved to
                   a higher plane of existence where they don't use Google.
                   \_ And therein lies my point.  You're "pretty sure" of
                      something so it must be true.  All I'm suggesting is
                      that the politburo may have priorities that are
                      different than yours so what is inexecusable to you may
                      be no big deal to them.  I would further argue that it
                      would be reasonable to sit down and run some stats
                      before putting any effort into the web site.  If 98% of
                      new membership comes from in-class announcements or
                      walkby  traffic, it's not worth putting time into the
                      web site unless someone has a personal itch to scratch.
                      Let's not forget Facebook either.  If you really don't
                      think the politburo are idiots or grossly irresponsible
                      hooligans, give them the benefit of the doubt when it
                      comes to running the organization.  They probably know
                      more about the current needs and habits of undergrads
                      than you or I do. -dans
                                               \_ Dans, I am a psychiatrist.
                                                  Would you like me to post my
                                                  diagnosis of you in the motd?
                                                  It will be incomplete
                                                  You are clearly egodystonic,
                                                  but my analysis is incomplete
                                                  because I cannot interview
                                                  you, but I'm confident about
                                                  some of the judgements.  Or
                                                  if you would like to answer
                                                  I few questions, I can resolve
                                                  a few of the uncertainties.
                                                  a few questions, such as
                                                  whether you are currently on
                                                  any mood altering medication,
                                                  and if you are a homosexual,
                                                  I can resolve a few of the
                                                  uncertainties and formulate
                                                  a better assessment.
                                                  P.S. "bipolar" is not
        \_ If you are actually a practicing, licensed, and board-certified
           psychiatrist, then I'm sure you know that making diagnoses based on
           incomplete information, i.e. not having interviewed the client, is
           a questionable practice that is unlikely to yield valid results.
           Furthermore, you certainly know that, excepting cases where the
           client represents an immediate danger to him/herself or others,
           doctor-client communications, including dignoses, are confidential.
           Were you to interview me, and then publish my diagnosis in a
           semi-public forum, such as the motd, without my express written
           consent, that would be a gross ethical violation and possibly
           grounds to pull your license.  Of course, since you haven't
           interviewed me and you're publishing an incomplete diagnosis it's
           not unethical, it's just sloppy.  And yes, since I'm not a
           practicing psychiatrist, there is a double-standard here.  I make
           no claim to be anything but an armchair psychiatrist (and a bad
           one at that :), but that also means I'm not subject to the same
           rules and ethics standards you are.  So, what's that make you?  A
           sloppy psychiatrist or a liar?
           P.S. Mea culpa on the hypenation of bipolar.  Since I am not
           a psychologist or psychiatrist myself, I don't have a copy of the
           DSM-IV on my bookshelf.
           \_ So are you takingany mood altering prescription drugs?
              Can you also put up a jpg of you hand with your fingers
        \_ Did the MOTD Boob Guy leave too?
           \_ I wish.
              \_ Just got back to the Bay Area.  srs.
                 Check out Jerri Monet!
                 Check out Jean Monnet!
        - motd
                 \_ What does the first and last link have to do with boobs?
2006/7/25-27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43793 Activity:low
7/25    Who the fuck is German John and why is he special?
        \_ What the fuck is an archive, and why the fuck do people search it
           before asking questions on the motd?
        \_ Who the fuck are you, and why don't you sign your name? --erikred
        \_ German John is a persona cooked up by one of my two favorite
           trolls (the other being chicom troll.)  Occasionally, they
           appear so similar that they almost appear to merge into one
           troll meta-consciousness.  -John
           \_ ...and therefore never send to know for whom the bell trolls;
                 it trolls for thee.
              No poster is an island, entire of itself _/
              every poster is a part of the continent, a part of the main
              If a clod (ilyas) be driven driven away by the trolls, motd is
              If a clod (ilyas) be driven away by the trolls, motd is
              the less, as well as if thy friend were, or thy self were
              Any poster's death diminishes me, because i am involved in the
              And therefore never send to know for whom the troll trolls;
              he trolls for thee.
              \_ Are you quite Donne?
                 \_ You poe bastard.  You have no idea what you've unleashed
                    \_ Sure I do.  Enjoy it!  Sit back, relax, have a glass of
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/6/10-13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:43345 Activity:low 83%like:43343
6/9     name your favorite CSUA meme(s) or meme-like things:
        PLAYOFFS. Removed all non-two vote postings.
        < Anything in a cow: ..... >
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        tell about the stars (ilyas): ..
        foodP: ....
        \_ I thought it was /mnt/mexico?  -John
        tamtam: .
        "if you have to ask, you don't know": .
        < Anything in a cow: .. >
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        CSUA meme
        poetry of minerals
        spread zinc through the world: .
        slap marco: .
        phillip nunez: .
        GOMD: .
        tell about the stars (ilyas): ..
        foodP: ..
        drink-themed machines:
        Please do not wash hair (or whatever it was):
        XCF tiles:
        kick him in the nuts: .
        Major Fucking Twink: .
        IWTFYITA: .
        vahmifqy: .
        !psb: .
        FBI Raid:
        Go Stick Your Head in a Pig:
        hh's cat:
        I Partied with Nick Weaver: .
        Secret Cabal of Daves:
        ok tnx (psb): .
2006/6/9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:43343 Activity:nil 83%like:43345
6/9     name your favorite CSUA meme(s) or meme-like things:
        /usr/mexico: .
        tamtam: .
        "if you have to ask, you don't know": .
        < Anything in a cow: .. >
                \   ^__^
                 \  (oo)\_______
                    (__)\       )\/\
                        ||----w |
                        ||     ||
        CSUA meme
        poetry of minerals
        spread zinc through the world: .
        slap marco: .
        phillip nunez: .
        GOMD: .
        tell about the stars (ilyas): .
2006/4/17-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:42764 Activity:kinda low
4/17    Interesting.  Did all of the people that troll the motd with political
        stuff forget to turn their accounts back on?
        \_ Who are some of the users you will not miss? dans? tom? ilyas?
        \_ Root is likely still in process of adding access back for everyone.
           They'll be back -- it's just going to take a little time.
        \_ shut up. I'm enjoying their lack of presence right now.
        \_ Cool.  This supports my hypothesis that they are parasites who
           treat soda as a pissing ground, and think the motd is their
           personal playground.  Good riddance. -dans
           \_ That sounds like the sort of thing a hippy tree-hugger would
              say.  Why do you hate our troops?
              \_ Because they kill people and killing is wrong!  The Bible
                 says so! -hippy bible thumper
           \_ Hi dans, want to argue about world population and birth control?
              \_ No. -dans
        \_ don't want to risk of having account terminated due to certain
           political view.  Right now, it's too easy to blame Soda for
2006/4/1 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:42600 Activity:moderate
4/1     Whoa! I was gonna delete stupid drivels but someone's been doing it
        for me while I was gone. I don't know who you are but you're doing a
        great job. Team work rules!
        \_ You can't keep the motd censored for several reasons:
           1) there *is* a class of people with more time than the moronic
              self-proclaimed grad student: the multiple government employees
              here who all have scripts that can undo the damage caused with
              a button press who want the motd free of your ugliness.
           2) there are dozens of others who will never stop posting new
              political topics to the motd and restoring censored threads
              when they notice censorship (with their own detect/restore)
           3) they all care about this way more than you do.
           4) you're way outnumbered.
           5) censorship has been tried many times in the past and always
              failed for the above reasons, you're nothing special.
           Good luck with your petty and childish plan to force other people
           to talk about only what you want them to talk about.  If you go
           too far and auto-script it, you *will* get caught and then we'll
           be debating squishing you.  You won't be missed.
           \_ Please don't underestimate the power of super bored grad
              students. We will ILYAS your crap for as long as it is
              necessary. We have the time, and we have the number. There
              is no way you can match our power. Bring it on.          -op
              \_ There's nothing to bring and that's where your plan falls
                 down.  We're just going to keep restoring censored items and
                 adding new ones, business as usual.  You have to go out of
                 your way to censor.  I find it ironic that in order to
                 selectively kill political posts you're going to have to read
                 them.  Welcome to the old world order.
           \_ You have presented the stick, which will win in the end.  Let me
              also introduce the carrot.  OP may not be able to understand
              why some people are interested in what he thinks is "drivel",
              but that "drivel" is part of what keeps dozens of old, experienced
              software and IT professionals reading and posting to the motd for
              years and years.  Those people can answer questions that would
              have taken a lot of work to answer on one's own, and can help
              one find a job.   Think of the politics trolls as a fee you have
              to pay for the service of having this technical forum which
              experienced technical people read and post to.
              \_ All true but I doubt the op cares.  He's going to hide in
                 academia forever where he'll get kudos for spending time
                 re-solving solved problems.
           \_ It's disingenuous to call cleaning up the motd censorship, and
              demeans the damage done by genuine acts of censorship.  The motd
              is a private community resource.  When members of this community
              nuke threads they feel are drivel, it's not censorship, it's a
              speech act that expresses their opinion, namely that those
              threads are a waste of time.  If you so desire, you may express
              your opinion by putting the threads back.  Seriously, if you
              really care about censorship and want to fight it, there are
              *far* more important battles to be fought than on the motd,
              which, when you get right down to it is basically a playground.
2005/9/27-29 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:39888 Activity:low
9/27    Where is ilyas? Motd's been quiet lately without his drivels. Good.
        \_ He has an email address.  Mail him if you want to know.  Motd would
           be a lot better without anonymous trolls. -emarkp
           \_ You seem to be annoyed at anon trolls. Good. FUCK YOU. -anon
        \_ ilyas declared the motd beneath him and left in a huff.
           \_ When exactly?
              \_ Did you see the TASER DUEL thread?  It upset him deeply.
                 I think he's still biting his pillow somewhere.
                 \- It was a GUN DUEL. But John did not agree. There were no
                    takers for the TASERS.
                 \_ No, it has nothing to do with the TASER DUEL thread.
                    It's more like he asserted something stupid and is
                    too embarrased to admit anything so he aaron'ed himself.
                    FYI: Aaron was a pro Bush War zealot who wrote prolific
                    arguments for the war in 2003. A year later in the midst
                    of all the anti-war movements he decided to nuked the
                    entire wall archive, and with it, evidence of his
                    pro Bush War rhetorics. Aaron has not logged in since
                    the incident.
                    \_ ilyas's reasons for leaving weren't quite as obvious as
                       aaron's.  As the kchang link shows below, ilyas's last
                       motd thread was about pinning blame for the Katrina
                       response on state and local government.  After John told
                       him he could be less of a "sanctimonious fuckwit", ilyas
                       re-iterated his point, and then said, "Anyways, I think
                       I am done with the motd. It's finally turned into wall."
                       (John replied to this by clarifying that ilyas was
                       painting an incomplete picture by blaming only state/
                       local government, when all levels of government were at
                       I also agree that the GUN DUEL fake post apparently
                       occurred after ilyas declared his intention to leave
                       motd, but perhaps cemented things.
                             \- Smells like ... VICTORY.
                       \_ I'm surprised he didn't do that earlier to be honest.
                          The problem with the motd is its resident population
                          of idiots, weirdos, and generally unpleasant humans.
                          Who make fake signed posts and form little fan/hate
                          clubs. Unlike other public forums the motd prevents
                          squishing these prokaryotes.
                          \_ Why would you?  Crazy people are funny.  -John
                 \_ It's amazing that CSUA motd has become so big that
                    there's an entire external website dedicated to
                    archiving its contents. My company's motd is just a
                    warning message saying that you will go to jail if
                    you steal company secrets.
        \_ It's clear to me that ilyas generates trolls, and talking about
           ilyas generates even more trolls.
                    \_ Like this?
                >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
                >>>                 NOTICE TO ALL USERS                     <<<
                >>>                                                         <<<
                >>> This system is the property of YerMom, Inc. It is for   <<<
                >>> authorized use only. Users (authorized or unauthorized) <<<
                >>> have no explicit or implicit expectation of privacy.    <<<
                >>>                                                         <<<
                >>> Any or all uses of this system and all files on this    <<<
                >>> system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, <<<
                >>> audited, inspected, and disclosed to authorized site,   <<<
                >>> operations and law enforcement personnel, as well as    <<<
                >>> authorized officials of other agencies, both domestic   <<<
                >>> and foreign. By using this system, the user consents    <<<
                >>> to such interception, monitoring, recording, copying,   <<<
                >>> auditing, inspection, and disclosure at the discretion  <<<
                >>> of authorized site or operations personnel.             <<<
                >>>                                                         <<<
                >>> Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result  <<<
                >>> in administrative disciplinary action and civil and/or  <<<
                >>> criminal penalties. By continuing to use this system    <<<
                >>> you indicate your awareness of and consent to these     <<<
                >>> terms and conditions of use.                            <<<
                >>>                                                         <<<
                >>> LOG OFF IMMEDIATELY if you do not agree to the          <<<
                >>> conditions stated in this warning.                      <<<
                >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
          \_ And how may trolls are generated talking about talking about ilyas
                generating even more trolls
          \_ And how may trolls are generated talking about talking about
             ilyas generating even more trolls
             \_ ilyas has generated a new category of troll, the meta-troll
2005/8/5-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:39015 Activity:moderate
8/5     Jvarga, don't listen to the flaming idiots. Most people in the CSUA
        appreciate what you are doing, even if not all your decisions are
        perfect. In particular, I would ignore tom, whose only purpose in
        life is to piss on other people's work while contributing nothing
        of his own. Thank you for contributing your time and effort to the CSUA.
           -- ilyas
          \_ gee, thanks ilyas.  now take your foot out of your mouth, since
             I'm not one of the people flaming jvarga.  Fuckwad.  -tom
             \_ I thought your 'commentary' on jvarga was, if not outright
                flaming, pretty abrasive (this is on wall). The problem is,
                your abrasiveness is such a part of your personality, you
                don't even notice when you are like it anymore, it seems
                normal to you.  -- ilyas
                \_ what, where I compared NIS as a possibly questionable
                   technical decision, to paolo being a complete fucking
                   idiot?  And where I said he was doing better than the
                   last N VPs?  -tom
                   \_ Tom, I am sorry, I misread what you were saying.
                        -- ilyas
             \_ Hey tom, which of jvarga's actions were "fucking idiotic"?
                In all the time I've used soda so far (since 1998 or so),
                jvarga seems to be the friendliest and most active csua
                official ever. Well in terms of soda, I dunno wtf goes on
                with the actual, you know, group stuff. But in general
                insulting someone who is helping our asses for free makes
                you the fuckwad.
                \_ Read it again.  I was calling paolo a fucking idiot, not
                   jvarga.  -tom
                   \_ oh, I guess ilyas had me going.  ilyas is back to
                      fuckwad for the day.
                       \_ He is NOT a Jew, so he has no credibility. -jew #1
        \_ I agree, maybe not about tom, but running soda is a tough job,
           and I appreciate all the work that is going into it. --jwm
        \_ I would say, you're doing it for free, thanks.
           Nothing's perfect, but if shit starts breaking that used to work,
           we're coming for you, jvarga!  Is that fair?
           \_ What is to not agree about tom? Everything ilyas says is
              correct or has been proven to be correct in general. He
              hates everything, and replies "this sucks" to everything
              we do. Take the google/housing map for example.
              \_ Tom can be very abrasive, agreed.  But I wouldn't say
                 "[his] only purpose in life is to piss on other people's
                 work while contributing nothing of his own."  Those of us
                 that have a long history with the CSUA know this isn't true.
                 \_ No matter what someone has done for the CSUA, that is
                    *never* an excuse to mistreat another human being.
                    \_ DUde!  It's a GREAT excuse to mistreat a human being!!1!
                       I can't think of a better reason to kick the walker out
                       from under some old lady in the middle of an
                       intersection!  "I gave $100 to the CSUA....BITCH!!!
                       <whap!>"  Goddamn, now I feel like donating to the
                       CSUA again.....
                 \_ Fine, we can't agree that tom's an asshole. Let's try
                    to agree on something else, like, iff CSUA were run
                    like Survival the TV show, then tom would be the first
                    to be voted out. Can we agree on that?
                    \_ Actually, I'd vote your ass off first, since tom
                       has actually done something more useful than whine like
                       a little puppy.
                    \_ Tom has actually given quite alot of good technical
                       advice here.  He may be caustic at times, but he
                       knows his stuff and is willing to share information.
                       Personally, I'd be sorry to see him gone.   -mice
                       \_ No matter what someone has done for the CSUA, that
                          is *never* an excuse to mistreat another human being.
                          \_ I see far more people mistreating fellow human
                             beings (tom, ilyas, emarkp, to name a few) than
                             I see defending them or their rights.  It seems
                             strange to me that you'd be quick to jump to the
                             defense of their (often vicious) detractors, and
                             yet be silent when they come under attack
                             unprovoked.  Not two posts up there's someone
                             mistreating another human being....where's your
                             outrage for that?  Or is your outrage only
                             reserved for those that defend people that you
                             personally don't like?
                       \_ The ratio of useful comments over caustic remarks
                          so low, it's almost 0. So, I'd be happy when he
                          gets a life and moves on, or get squished. Wait
                          I'd be happy when I get a life so I don't have
                          read and post on the stinking motd.
                          \_ You know, the ratio of useful comments over
                             {caustic, stupid, bullshit, whatever} remarks on
                             the motd is pretty low.  As for the weenies who
                             attack people randomly and anonymously, that's a
                             whole different story.  -John
                             attack people randomly and anonymously, that's
                             a whole different story.  -John
                          \_ He knows a little bit about this and that and
                             all are certainly entitled to shoot the breeze
                             about the political issues of the day.  But he
                             goes beyond that.  He sometimes has valid points
                             limited to user interface issues, but given the
                             actual programming is well-beyond his abilities
                             he should offer them in a more humble spirit.
                             And on plenty of occasions he is simply
                             wrong in his design criticisms, and is either
                             unable to admit to the errors or is unwilling to
                             see things from a non-Tom centric perspective.
                             It would be smartest to just ignore the pompous
                             and ignorant comments about technical matters
                             (relating to filesystems, programming language
                             design, networking protocols, operating system)
                             in the face of many humbler and better informed
                             people on soda, but I find it difficult to do so.
                             \_ I am also a pompous ass with strong opinions
                                on language design.  Why I rant about the
                                loathsomeness of Perl practically daily.
                                  -- ilyas
                                  \_ Okay ilyas, show us  on the doll where
                                     perl touched you....
                                  \- Aren't you a graduate student in
                                     computer science who presumably has
                                     taken a compiler class and a class
                                     on abstract languages? That seems to
                                     give you at least nominal qualifications
                                     to make informed judgments. When it
                                     come to some of your out-of-core-competency
                                     opinions, we'll ignore you. ok tnx.
                                     \_ prz be to stick an ice pick in your
                                        eye for using 'core competency' in a
                                        non-ironic way.  kthxbai. -- ilyas
                                        \- do you love I BERLIN? business
                                           people [jim collins] have coopted
                                           his HEDGEHOG.
                    \_ Yes, that seems likely. But we have consider that
                       a fair number of people have already been voted off.
                        \_ who?
2005/5/31-6/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:37908 Activity:kinda low
        I'm looking for volunteers to update MOTD WIKI, someone to update
        definitions like Ding!, ilyased, squish, etc. If you're interested
        please email me and I'll give you an account. Thanks.   -kchang
        \_ Stupid question.  How exactly does one email you?
           finger: kchang: no such user
           \_ /csua/bin/finger kchang
           \_ my name, at soda. If I don't respond it probably went to
              /dev/null thanks to spamassassin, in which case just
              post your login. Thanks.                          -kchang
        \_ oh, and you can ADD words too with the account.
           \_ I propose the first volunteer create a list of previously
              squished users to the Wiki, along with details on why the user
              was squished
              \_ Dear Anonymous Fuckhead Coward,
                 Every person of substance I have ever met has made mistakes
                 in his/her past.  Some of these mistakes were minor, some
                 were spectacular, ranging from outright stupid to
                 inconsiderate to just plain evil.  I count these individuals
                 as people of substance in part because they learned from
                 their past mistakes.  But more importantly, they now spend
                 their time engaging in interesting pursuits and creating
                 useful and beautiful works.  I often wonder if the current
                 state of affairs persists in spite of those past mistakes or
                 because of them.  So, other than trying to punish people for
                 sins of yesteryear, what have you been up to lately? -dans
                 sins of yesteryear, what have you been up to lately? -Dubya
                 \_ Actually I think it would be entertaining to read about
                    the history of squishage. I for one would like to be
                    remembered as the h0zer who is foolish enough to try
                    to bring down the entire EECS network by fingering it
                    once a second.                                  -kchang
                    \_ That was only a near squish.
                    \_ Tried to?  I _did_ bring down the network with a
                       simple program that does while true fork().  Why
                       would you want to be remembered as a h0zer?
                    \_ I can see how you would not want to be remembered for
                    \_ I can see how you would to not want to be remembered for
                       the actual time you got squished.
                    \_ apparently EECS does not like your 'finger', haha -troll
             \_ tien, can you beat this h0zer?
                \_ Uh, I guess not.  -tien
2005/4/18-20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:37247 Activity:high
4/18    Please stop restoring trolls that tom holub worked so hard to get rid
        of! Respect tom, as he is older and wiser than you        -tom #1 fan
            \_ "Had you been as wise as bold,
               Young in limbs, in judgment old,
               Your answer had not been inscroll'd:
               Fare you well; your suit is cold."
               Cold, indeed; and labour lost:
               Then, farewell, heat, and welcome, frost!
               Soda, adieu. I have too grieved a heart
               To take a tedious leave: thus holub part.
        \_ sorry, kchang, I haven't done any deleting today.  Your spy
           script sucks as badly as your MOTD web site.  -tom
           \_ Tom, you really are an ass.  The MOTD web site may not be
              perfect and kchang may be sort of an odd guy but it is much
              better of a hack and more of a resource than your twink script
              or twink points or anything else you have done for the CSUA.
              \_ Kchang's site is a nice service, and appreciated, but it is
                 not perfect, and it has done a bit of munging before.  And
                 let's be honest, do a wc -l /etc/passwd for a rough idea
                 of how many potential h0z3rz you're dealing with.  I know Tom
                 can be rough (occasionally justifiably so) but for the same
                 reason I think he's self-confident enough to not go around
                 wantonly nuking motd threads.  Get off it.  -John
              \_ I was considering writing an asshole script for the motd,
                 but then tom would rate so high that it would totally
                 skew the graph and I'd have to go logarithmic.
              \_ You guys should feel sorry for Tom.  Anybody who takes the
                 MOTD and wallall so seriously can't have much of a life.
                 He's also so blind to his own problems.
                 \_ I love it when anonymous cowards who know nothing about
                    me comment on my life.  -tom
                    \_ Tom, deanonymizing in this case would not add anything
                       to the discussion and would be a distraction.  I don't
                       know anything about your life beyond soda, true, but
                       this is a big part of it, clearly.  And there is a lot
                       of material here to draw conclusions from.  It appears
                       I agree with you on many political issues, but the
                       vigorous and vitriolic pursuit of so many petty
                       squabbles seems pathetic to me.  You can do what
                       you want with your day of course, but we all have only
                       24 hours at our disposal.  To spend so much of it
                       picking on the soda little fish seems...again, the
                       best word is pathetic--like the school yard bully
                       who will never amount to much in Real Life.  While
                       you may add "character", I believe your conduct over
                       the long run does harm to the soda community.  I find
                       your pompous pontificating and especially your dissing
                       the efforts of so many others (while having so few
                       credentials or contributions yourself) especially
                       obnoxious.  Choose to ignore that or wear that as a
                       badge of honor.  For example, it is clear kchang is
                       a vastly better programmer than you are.  As far as
                       I know, using the geek gold standard of actual code
                       written or bugs fixed, rather than just user interface
                       feedback, you are a zero.
                                           \- "cipher" --psb
                       \_ Soda community?  Uh, right.  For those of us who only
                          keep our soda accounts so we can log in and watch or
                          participate in idiotic, spittle-filled flame wars,
                          tom *definitely* adds to the soda community.
                       \_ gee, who's the one spending all of his time
                          pursuing petty squabbles?  -tom
                          \_ Pathetic reply, Tom. -!pp
                       \_ How ironic. "anybody who takes the MOTD so seriously"
                          applies only to yourself, not tom. Tom doesn't
                          post all that much as a rule, but since he's signs
                          his name you jump on him more easily. Just like you
                          dumbshits did every time ilyas posted. Which is
                          partly why I'm anonymous. Although sometimes I wonder
                          why I bother spending time here. I occasionally learn
                          interesting things though.
            \_ Too bad. I actually support deletion of political trolls.
            \_ Too bad. I actually support deletion of trolls.
               All hail to whoever's doing that. Keep it up.
2005/3/10 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:36622 Activity:insanely high
3/10    Fuck you emarkp for your incessant censorship on anything that doesn't
        align with your belief, like anti-religion and anti-Republican trolls.
        Fuck you, I hope you go to hell. P.S. deleting this message is futile.
        \_ I, a moderate liberal, recently deleted a number of leftist
           things because they were boring/stagnant/stupid.
        \_ Errr... do you have any proof it was emarkp?  It seems unlikely.
           Not to meantion, an anti-mormon troll stayed on the motd for 3
           days.  It doesn't look like he's been censoring things that
           don't agree with him. Why don't you post your name, anonymous
           accuser? -jrleek
        \_ Get a life anonymous accuser. -emarkp
        \_ Wow, above moron is really persistant.
           Poll, who thinks op is not a moron?
           op is moron: ...........................................
           op is not moron:
           op should have had "no doubt" it was emarkp: .
           \_ I don't understand this last one.  There's been a confession
              by someone who obviously is not emarkp, yet op continues to
              repost.  It spells moron.  (or troll)
        \_ Hey you putz.  If you're going to restore it (I didn't delete it)
           put it back with all the comments. -emarkp
        \_ I love it how people who back up their opinions with their
           names always get blamed for deletions.  (save jwang) As if, to
           the anonymous weinnie, anyone who posts their name is
           automatically untrustworthy. ilyas, tom, and emarkp MUST be evil,
           they post their names! If you're so sure emarkp is the deleter,
           why won't you post your name?  -jrleek
2005/3/5-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:36541 Activity:high Cat_by:auto
3/3     ilya ya khotel by perepisyvat'sya s vami. govorite li vy po russki?
        \_ govorit on, govorit. a chto, email poslat' trudno?
            -ne ilya, i daleko ne perviy i ne posledniy tut russkogovoryaschiy
           \_ alex?
        \_ kakoy ilya imeetsa v vidu?  Ya vizhu tri. -- ilyas
2005/2/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36356 Activity:high Edit_by:dlong
2/21    Seeing as most of politburo is new to the CSUA (and even the
        university) this semester, they havn't been "indoctrinated" (if that's
        an appropriate word) into the history and culture of the CSUA.  As
        such, there's a bit of culture change going on through their work.  I'm
        curious as to what people think about the historical culture versus
        the newer culture.  Should the CSUA maintain its "geeky" roots with
        respect to things like the office and web page, or migrate to the more
        "133+" look that some want?  For example, the office has inherited some
        "loud" furniture, and there's been talk of revamping the website. I am
        not one to be stuck in the past, but at the same time, there are things
        which maintain a certain "culture" within the organization.
        \_ how many of them joined because of babelicious karen?
        \_ Do both. For starter, get them to mesg y, nwrite, and most
           importantly, wall. It's always good for the young and the old
           to keep in touch with each other. From there, the noobs can choose
           which traditions they'd like to keep while the old can keep up
           with what's new. FoodP and volleyball tournaments between the
           old and the new would also be a great idea.
        \_ What makes CSUA unique? What does CSUA have that other organizations
           don't have? To name a few, relaxed atmosphere, informal non-uptight
           organization (like UCSEE), non-exclusionary (XCF), and above all
           else, the amazing synergy between alumni and new students. I think
           that as long as you can keep these unique characteristics in CSUA,
           it doesn't matter how the web site looks or how you rearrange the
           \_ Has the risk tourney taken place anytime recently?  -John
              \_ there was RISK playing last week, no tourney in a while though.
              \_ We got sick of Berkeley Gaming Club guys showing up and
                 cheating.  -tom
                 \_ What happened?  How do you cheat at Risk?
                    \_ Give yourself extra armies when making change.  (It
                       helps to play the Australia strategy in every game,
                       so all your armies are on the same place and are hard
                       to keep track of). -tom
        \_ The CSUA today seems like a much more jolly place than, say, the motd.
           I don't know whether you're actually around the office much; but it
           seems to me that the organization is doing quite well. I've only been
           a member for 3 odd years, so I may not be well versed in traditions,
           but if the goal of the CSUA is to be a place where geeks who love
           computers can congregate, socialize, and every so often be productive,
           then I don't think there's that much too complain about.
           \_ take out tom ilyas aaron,
              and everything old and smell,
              from motd and wall,
              then jolly you'll get all.
2005/2/18-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36228 Activity:high
2/18    Why don't you just email your complaint to jwang directly rather
        \_ We like to air our diry laundry here on the motd.
        \_ Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
           method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the
           termination of your account.
           \_ Do we have proof it was jwang?
              \_ The politburo doesn't need proof to investigate. Then
                 he has to either admit to it, lie about it, or ignore
                 \_ Even a confession isn't enough to get squished anymore.
                 \_ [ meyers reply deleted to spite him. -- ilyas ]
                    \_ Wow, that's twice I've been nuked, though you're
                       only owning up to it once.  Is this part of your
                       "inverse golden rule"?  -meyers
                 \_ [ ilyas reply deleted to spite him. -- !meyers ]
                    \_ Fuck you for forging my login.  Bitch.  Not even
                       ilyas would stoop so low.  -meyers
                       ilyas would stoop so low.  -jwang
                       \_ I am a god!  A god, damn you! -meyers
                          \_ You post to the motd with the trolls you have,
                             not the intelligent discussion you ought to
                             have.  -tom
                             \_ Sometimes, it's more fun to play with the
                                trolls -- expectations are so much lower.
                    \_ [ no sense being redundant. ]
2005/2/8-9 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:36107 Activity:very high
2/8     Today's stale, boring-ass motd brought to you by the csua moral
        majority.  Good work, guys.
        \_ Hey, at least I contributed by repeatedly insulting stupid
           Christians.  What have YOU done to make the motd more entertaining
           today? -- ilyas
           \_ huh?  your silliness was exposed, and then you deleted the
              whole thread to cover it up, and that's the smartest thing
              you did today.
              \_ It was?  I did? -- ilyas
                 \_ "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than
                     to speak and remove all doubt."  -Abraham Lincoln
                 \_ your reasoning went like this: "there are gays animals,
                    so some humans must be genetically gay".  If you can't
                    see how silly that is, I don't know what to say.
                    \_ This is amazing.  I didn't know people like you
                       actually existed here.  I am not sure how I feel
                       about that. -- ilyas
                       \_ heh, this coming from someone who keep calling
                          people stupid.
                    \_ What's stupid about that?  Are you saying all human
                       homosexuals are so by choice?  Are you saying that
                       no animals are gay (I guess homosexual for animals
                       isn't proper usage)?  Tell us, Lassie!  -John
                       \_ huh?  it's pretty obvious what I've said and
                          have not said.  just read.  Ilya's reasoning
                          is silly because it is like, "there are
                          cannibals in the animal world.  Jeffrey
                          Dahmer ate people.  Thus cannbalism must be
                          genetic for Jeffrey Dahlmer."
           \_ Obviously I wasn't talking about you.  You know who I'm talking
              about (the stupid Christians).
           \_ why do you hate Christian, oh so wise Israelyas?
              \_ Not all Christians are stupid.  I'll assume he was only
                 talking about the stupid ones.  --intelligent Xian
              \_ Dude, I give ilyas as hard a time as the next guy, but
                 what's with all the ilyas is jewish talk?  What are you
                 getting at?
                 \_ I am an evil neocon! -- ilyas
                    \_ Right.  You realize you're one of the few who
                       equates being Jewish with being a Neocon, right?
                       \_ Boy, nothing gets by you, does it.  Not even my
                          sarcasm.  I don't equate the word 'neocon' with
                          anything.  It's a non-word.  A non-concept.  It's
                          a label that sounds vaguely negative, used for
                          political ends.  It is devoud of content. -- ilyas
                          \_ I think you mean me when you said "you". That
                             wasn't me. I normally grok sarcasm and I
                             normally sign my posts. To quote yourself, "Meh"
                              -- ulysses
                             \_ I didn't think it was you.  -- ilyas
                               \_ Oh. Well. I'll just wander off now... -- u
                          \_ Irving Kristol (Bill Kristol's father) uses
                             this word to describe the political philosophy
                             he had a hand in creating. I think the
                             term is not incoherent (Orwell, forgive me).
                     - ciyer
                             \_ Perhaps as used by Irving Kristol the word is
                                not incoherent.  It is fairly incoherent as
                                used by most soda denisens and contributers to
                                wikipedia. -- ilyas
              \_ "I am neither russian nor jewish. -- ilyas" KAIS MOTD 35389:6
                 \_ I'm both!  And I'm a fat black woman named Frieda!  -John
        \_ Sorry, I have been busy working. -motd thought leader
2005/1/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35956 Activity:very high
1/28    Michael Jackson's trial starts on Monday.  I think he should take
        a page from the ilyas defense manifesto, and stand up to the judge
        and admit to the crime.  He should say "Yeah, I had sex with those
        kids, and I'll keep having sex with kids and there's not a god
        damned thing you can do about it, unless you're going to go after
        all of those priests molesting kids and the churches that have
        been covering it up.  I'm just looking for equal treatment!"
        \_ Except it's pretty simple to institute draconian evidence gathering
           for motd editing.  The real issue is, no one wants to squish
           EVERYONE who makes motd changes.  People just want to squish me
           (or kchang, or whoever the poor unpopular dolt happens to be
           this year).  Honestly, I am getting tired of this coming up again.
           If there is a sizable portion of the CSUA who wants me squished,
           go mail politburo.  Or heck, send me a petition, I might pull an
           aaron and self-squish. -- ilyas
           \_ ok, please self-squish
           \_ Why don't I get something named after me? -geordan
              \_ I have a doctrine named after me too.  I am going for
                 an airport or an aircraft carrier next. -- ilyas
                 \_ Hey, don't forget me!  And is that really you in the
                    Adult Swim commercial that spoofs The Shining?
                    -- ilyas #1 fan
              \_ you do, you're the 164 flunk who made a funny video of the
                 professor. Still, you flunked. Ha ha ha.
           \_ "Making a motd change" != repeated nuking the motd of all
              content because someone deleted a thread you were following
              \_ Not all content.  Are you new here? -- ilyas
              \_ You are referring to the original ilyas nuke, when the
                 tactical ilyas nuke is more commonly used today.
                 \_ When did this original nuke taken place?
                    \_ There is NO DOUBT ilyas has used the global nuke.
                       We cannot afford the possibility that ilyas will nuke
                       again.  He must be squished, in the name of freedom.
                       If the Politburo shows uncertainty or weakness, the
                       motd will drift toward tragedy.
                       \_ OMG, someone deleted the post above this,
                          *out*of*order*!!!  If ilyas notices this he'll
                          nuke the whole motd again!
                          \_ Before or after he calls you an idiot?  err,
                             sorry, ilyas never insults anyone -- before or
                             after he *observes* what an idiot you are *in
                        \_ yeah, you are either with us, or you're against
                           us. Ilyas is not with us, he is a terrorist.
                           \_ It was established in a thread earlier today
                              that by nuking the motd ilyas was in fact
                              FIGHTING TERRORISM!!!
2005/1/14-15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35714 Activity:moderate
1/14    So is aaron squished yet?
        \_ What would be the squishable offense?  Have you asked root?
           \_ Spamming wall?  Deleting wall archives?
              \_ Proof?
                 \_ Heh.  Root persons have very very strong evidence he
                    deleted the archives.  There are many witnesses to his
                    spamming, which should be sufficient.
                    \_ spam as in ads? for some commercial product?
                       \_ No spam as in walling the same fucking message
                          50+ times in rapid succession.
        \_ He kinda squished himself.  He hasn't logged on since the 10th.
        \_ I don't want aaron squished.  He should come back, restore the
           wall archive, and lord h07 42n ch1x over us just like it used to be!
           If he doesn't want to login anymore, at least he can just do the
           second part.
           \_ And we should follow the ilyas doctrine about squishing. Unless
              we're willing to squish everyone who's ever walled anything,
              or ever deleted a file, we can't squish aaron.
              \_ Kick ass.  I have a doctrine named after me!
                 Except uh, I never advocated anything remotely similar to
                 what you said, but carry on.  Doctrines rock. -- ilyas
                 \_ I think he's making an analogy.  You've instituted mass
                    deletions of motd posts due to one thread that went
                    sour in the past.  I think the doctrine of massive
                    retalliation for a single offense might predate
                    your posting to the motd by just a little, however.
                    \_ Heh.  'Single offense' indeed.  He is not making
                       an analogy, btw.  He is attributing to me things
                       I never said.  He is also not talking about
                       deletions but about squishings.  Did you even
                       read what he wrote at all? -- ilyas
                       \_ And why shouldn't you be squished for "ruining
                          (the motd) for everyone"?  Right, you said that
                          unless root went after *everyone* who has *ever*
                          edited the motd, root couldln't squish you.
                          \_ Once again, I never said this.  Since you insist
                             on putting words in my mouth (probably just
                             trolling), I am ending this conversation.
                             There is a big difference between 'edited'
                             and 'nuked.'  All I asked for was even
                             enforcement, or no enforcement at all. -- ilyas
                             \_ I dunno about doctrines, but Ilyas Baiting is
                                definitely a professional sport around here.
2004/12/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35412 Activity:kinda low
12/23   Sorry, I warned you about selective nuking and now the whole thing
        goes. Total nuke till Christmas. Have a nice day.
        \_ This kind of thinking is bizarre.  Do you think this is some sort of
           deterrent?  Selective nukers are unlikely to care about the motd as
           a whole.
        \_ Restored.
           \_ Restored, again.
              \_ Restored, a third time.
                 \_ Restore away!  If I find who you are, I'll buy you a drink
                    at the establishment of your choice.
        \_ One day one of us will get you.  People might just care more about
           this forum than they do about the consequences of fucking with you.
           Gentlemen, start your scripts. Have a nice fucking day.
           \_ Why don't I get nice things? -- ilyas
              \_ I know as well as you do it's not you. Now why don't you make
                 yourself useful and help figure out who it is?
                 \_ (a) Perhaps you misunderstood the gist of my comment.
                    (b) Say you figure out who it is.  Then what will you do?
                    Try to get them squished?  Subscribe them to junk mail
                    lists?  Put a dead cat on their front porch?  Seriously,
                    get a life man. -- ilyas
                    \_ If I really knew who it was, I'd call up the Church
                       of Scientology claiming to be him, and ask to be
                       put on all their mailing lists.  Maybe go in and take
                       the Oxford Capacity Test under his name just to make
           \_ how about this proposal. Find out why he is nuking the entire
              motd, and listen to what he has to say. Maybe you guys can
              work out something reasonable. What you're proposing is like
              Bush solving problems with brute force.
              \_ Negotiate with a fucking terrorist?  When you put it like
                 that, you almost make me wish I voted for Bush.
                 \_ "Compromise, if not the spice of life, is its solidity.
                     It is what makes nations great and marriages happy."
                     \_ Be that as it may, in this case it's just two
                        terrorists fighting it out in our backyard.  Kill
                        'em both.  They ain't compromising.
2004/12/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:35266 Activity:high
12/13   How come education institutions are often filled with left-wing
        radicals? Why don't you see right-wing nuts in universities?
        \_ Because right wing nutjob busy learn proper grammer usage and
           sentence structure stead of go education institution.  -John
        \_ It's simple, right-leaners know the big bucks are in private
           industry, not academia.  are you a troll or stupid?  - danh
        \_ Apparently you don't go to enough frat parties. There are
           more than a few right-wingers out there. BTW, BCR was supposedly
           the biggest ASUC funded group on campus. Also, have you ever
           noticed the number of churches around campus?
           \_ Huh?  I'm fairly sure he means "working in educational
              institutions" not attending them.
              \_ What on earth would make you think one way or the other
                 from the original statement? Do you usually infer this
                 much from limited information? Anyway, most of the
                 professors in universities in the more technical
                 areas are rather neutral. Professors in biz schools
                 tend to be centrists or right of center. The left-wing
                 "nuts" are usually within the public policy humanities
                 with the rest of the humanities leaning heavily left.
                 \_ This observation is anecdotal at best.
                    \_ Which part do you think is wrong?  (Keeping in mind
                       pp probably meant this 'on average', not in reference
                       to any given person). -- ilyas
        \_ That would really depend on what you mean by "radical"
        \_ Because they are not Mac.
        \_ because right wingers don't go into education
        \_ right wingers get kicked out because they aren't Mac
        \_ Nazi skinheads don't make it out of high school.
2004/12/13 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:35262 Activity:very high
12/13   I didn't post the Fox link but I'm very upset that it got nuked
        so quickly. Dear nuker, I will give you ONE last warning before
        another 5 day nuke war. No more deletion or complete nuke.
        \_ could someone please figure out who this cocksucker is so we
           can get someone to sorry him?  or if politburo doesn't care to
           can get him sorried?  or if politburo doesn't care to
           at least ddos attack his server and slash his tires?
           by "this cocksucker" i mean op here.
           \_ Likely dgies, but he just needs to chill out.  I don't see
              how squishing him would affect anything
              \_ The assumption that there's only one person is wrong.
                 \_ I was speaking to "who is the op"
        \_ Haven't you heard?  Only _I_ nuke, and I certainly won't nuke
           Fox because it fits my heartless libertarian agenda.  It's
           pretty obvious you've hallucinated the whole thing. -- ilyas
           \_ i am too busy feeding my goldfish to properly respond to this
           \_ omgwtfbbq!
              \_ IC,NP!
        \_ Amusing that you are on your high horse about this, but are not
           concerned about the nuking of the very busy link to the story
           about the 5,000 American deserters. You are a tool.
2004/12/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35173 Activity:kinda low
12/4    Shameless plug #2.  See motd.official for information on new Soda.
        If everyone who uses the motd gave $10, we'd be in great shape!  Of
        course we'd not complain if you gave more...
        \_ will donate if you revert politburo back to its glorious
           squish happy state, when it's possible to squish the unwanted
           people like ilyas and other annoying bastards.
           \_ Hey, can we squish annoying whining bastards like you too?
              That would rock.
           \_ They are a travesty to the word 'politburo!' -- ilyas
        \_ Is it okay if my checks show up by the end of the month?
           I'm waiting for finals to get over before I start paying
           my bills, and doing my donations for this year.
2004/11/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35110 Activity:high 66%like:36477
11/29   Happy Birthday, geordan
        \_ Nice, nuking the motd in my name.  Fuck off and die. -geordan
           \_ geordan: responding to birthday greetings with invective
              since 1996. twink.
           \_ I never nuke the motd in the name of anyone except
              SWEET LADY JUSTICE. -- ilyas
              \_ He is like the Hand of God, #138.
                 \_ So does that mean kchang and mehlhaff are like Meatfucker?
                    (collecting human refuse) -- ilyas
                    \_ More like LOU Gunboat Diplomat and GCU It's Character
                       \_ NEEEEEEEEEEEEERDDDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSS!!!!!! --Ogre
                          \_ If you know wtf we were talking about, you were
                             the kind of ogre who got picked on in ogre
                             playgrounds by other bigger jock ogres.
           \_ Ilya was bragging about how motd nuking is an effective counter
              to post-nuking, so I baited him by nuking his post. -troll
                \_ BOTH of you are assholes in equal.
                   \_ As a CSUA member approaches the motd, the likelyhood that
                      he is an asshole approaches 1. [updated]
                      \_ So how does one 'approach' motd?  I mean, there really
                         is no spatial relationship to measure, and I can't
                         really think what exactly it is you're quantifying
                         to make this relationship.
                         \_ Proportion of time spent on motd-related activities
                            / time spent on the other waking hours things.
                      \_ likelihood
                         \_ =1
                   \_ Maybe you ALL are homosexuals.
                    \_ You are the ghay
                               \_ teh ghey
                \_ in the good 'ol days ALL suspected motd nukers are
                   squished. The new administration is ineffective and lame.
                   \_ Why do you hate America SO MUCH?
                   \_ All accused with no evidence motd nukers should be
                      squished. Good idea.
            \_ Are you Japanese?  Do you have any idea the effect nuking
               had on Japan?
2004/11/28 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:35095 Activity:nil
11/27   You ilyased the motd you ass
2004/11/17-2005/1/2 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34939 Activity:nil
11/17   Soda crashed.  blame root and bad disk. rebooted.  enjoy. --Jon
        \_ squish politburo, it is broken.
        \_ Yeah, who was the idiot who shut down soda, but didn't notify
           anyone with machine room access?  -- ilyas
           \_ What part of crash wasn't understood.  A raid array soda was
              attached to crapped out, and took soda down with it.
           \_ I agree.  Politburo's top priority should be monitoring and
              maintaining the motd!  They are too lax in this, their most
              important duty.  Screw those stupid help-sessions, and
              attemps to get new members!
2004/10/29 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:34439 Activity:kinda low
10/29   Fine.  You want to censor.  It's done.  Anything even remotely
        political is gone.
        \_ There goes all the technical stuff! go fuck yourself!
        \_ want some cheese with your whine?
        \_ Please tell me you're reacting to acutal censorship and not somebody
           simply overwriting your posts.
           \_ Of course he's not.  No one at the time was paying attention to
           \_ It seems lately that there is very little actual censorship, but
              lots of lazy clobbering of other people's posts.  I'm not
              counting "nukes" as censorship, which I guess is arguable.
              \_ So are you saying that people are deleting entire threads, or
                 or are you saying that some of your posts have gone missing
                 and you're sure it wasn't simply overwriting? Please reflect.
        \_ Like, ohmygawd.  Like I posted, and then 10 seconds later my
           post was gonE!1!  I'm, like, totally being oppressed!
           \_ OMG, it's ilyas!!
2004/10/25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:34327 Activity:high
10/25   [censor me, and the post dies]
        \_ Who censored what?  And how do you know it wasn't just a careless
           3rd party overwriting you?
           \_ Well, I can't answer for this guy, but I always make sure the
              comment makes it to /etc/motd before making any conclusions.
                -- ilyas
                -- ilya s
              \_ I am still ilyas the whiny little bitch, hear me wimper!
        \_ All I did was correct "noone" to "no one". Would someone please
           put the thread back?
2004/10/24-25 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34319 Activity:high
10/24   Daily Show upload is back: /csua/tmp/dailyshow/README
        \_ You are da man! Thanks so much!
        \_ Isn't this both illegal and against soda policy?
           \_ SHUT UP.  SHUT UP.  SHUT UP.
           \_ Well now, let's not be hasty.  Let me ask the campus policy people
              first.  Heh. -- ilyas
                \_ ilyas do you have ANY friends?  seriously.
              \_ why do you find that amusing?
                 \_ I am just waiting for the self-righteous assholes who keep
                    complaining about motd nuking 'violating soda policy' to
                    show up and start complaining about this, you know, much
                    more serious violation.  I am not holding my breath.
                      -- ilyas
                    \_ The basic difference is motd nukers in general are
                       behaving like assholes, whereas illegal video uploads
                       don't hurt you until someone complains.
                       Don't side with the assholes.
                       \_ So, uh, let me get this straight.  Something illegal
                          is only bad until I get hurt?  So if I see someone
                          raped on the street, I should just walk past?
                            -- ilyas
                          \_ are you really this stupid?  Oh, I forgot,
                             yes you are.  -tom
                             \_ John: case in point. -- ilyas
                                \_ Ilyas:  awful comparison, fallacy of
                                   equation.  Tom:  be nice.  Both of you,
                                   bench for 3 minutes with mandatory John
                                   ass link viewing.  -John
                             \_ hey, thanks for adding the obligatory personal
                                insult to the motd.  we didn't have enough
                                haters or hatred here already.
                    \_ pp has it right; the fact that MOTD nuking is against
                       policy is not the reason why it's a bad thing to do.
                       For what it's worth, I see a lot of take-down notices
                       from RIAA and MPAA, but haven't seen any about TV shows
                       yet.  (Still, I don't think swapping TV shows is an
                       activity the CSUA should be condoning).  -tom
                       \_ FCC recently cleared tivo to allow file sharing.
                          TV is a broadcast medium, and doesn't infringe on
                          a commodity ala music/films.  I guess the cable
                          company could get up in arms that it's encroaching
                          on their household count, but i doubt they could.
                          \_ Radio is also a broadcast medium.  Is it legal
                             to tape off the radio and pass copies around?
                       \_ Is this Matt&Trey thinking?
                    \_ So anyone who calls ilyas on his antisocial behavior
                       is a "self-righteous asshole." And anyone who calls
                       him stupid is resorting to ad hominem. Glad we cleared
                       that up.
2004/10/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34282 Activity:nil 52%like:34281
10/21   And so ends the best motd I've ever seen.  Thank you scotsman and
        ilyas!  Here on the motd, the fringes of political debate come
        together to troll.

Censorship sucks.  Censors doubly so.
\_ Well, you can wring your hands and moan, or do something about it.
   \_ Right!  You can adopt ilya's strategy too!  If censored, then by god,
      become censor yourself!  Yay!  Now no one gets any use out of motd!
2004/10/21 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:34281 Activity:nil 52%like:34282
Censorship sucks.  Censors doubly so.
\_ Well, you can wring your hands and moan, or do something about it.
   \_ Right!  You can adopt ilya's strategy too!  If censored, then by god,
      become censor yourself!  Yay!  Now no one gets any use out of motd!
2004/10/15-17 [Computer/SW/Mail, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:34148 Activity:high
10/14   ok, WHO is fukcing w/ sendmail? load average is 80+ and there are
        100's of sendmail processes... same thing happend this morning at
        8am EDT. Someone just add some recursive procmail rule or some
        shit? This problem has been happening for a couple weeks but just
        got alot worse.                 - rory
        \_ also ps, is this normal?
           $ mailq | wc -l
           \_ no one responded to this... isnt this a ridiculously high
              number of messages to have queued on our system? w/ ~100
              users and a reasonable load?              - rory
              \_ Yes, it is.  Mail on soda ... is fucked.  No one currently
                 working on soda has the sendmail fu to fix this issue -
                 apparently it has something to do with forged headers
                 and virus emails.  It is not clear that the hardware plan
                 will fix the problem.  My advice is to use !soda for all
                 important email from now on.
        \_ I... want... an... upgrade...     -the soda machine
           \_ Faster hardware is not the answer to bad configurations or
              poor programming.  Unless you work for MS.
              \_ Soda's sendmail is completely fux0red.  I don't believe anyone
                 on current politburo knows how to unfux0r it.  Sendmail is
                 a dark art that has not been passed on to the younger
                 generation, apparently.  The new hardware will simply cause
                 the problem to expand to fill it.
                 \_ It's more that email in general is fux0red.  The sendmail
                    flurries are because of spam storms.  This is made worse
                    by rampant use of SA on a mainly user-centric box.  Offload
                    this task onto another server more or less dedicated to
                    mail handling and this problem will be mollified.
                    \_ I emailed pburo about this a while ago (I am sure the
                       others have also).  The response I got is that
                       'they are working on something.'  I was under the
                       impression they had a plan to offload spam filtering
                       to scotch or another machine or something.  I don't
                       think that's happening though. -- ilyas
                       \_ Yes, the plan is to move mail processing to scotch,
                          but that will not happen until we get a new scotch.
                          I am told that last time we tried moving over mail
                          processing to scotch (a Vectra), the poor machine
                          fell to its knees in no time.  The upgrade plan, as
                          it stands involves not only getting new hardware for
                          both soda and scotch, but moving the mail load over.
                          I know people are going to bitch and moan, but mail
                          processing needs to get off soda.  We're also going
                          to be adding email antivirus options (I think njh
                          has been poking around with ClamAV) to deal with the
                          plethora of attachment-rich virus email. - jvarga
                 \_ alright well what can we do about it? Dont alot more
                    people have root than who are in the politburo? Has
                    politburo come to by synonymous with "soda sys admins"?
                                Thank you for pointing that out _/
                        It was more of a question but thanks _/
                        for the snarky commentary
                    I know very little about sendmail... I'm guessing maybe
                    someone w/ access could look in the logs at when these
                    huge performance spikes are occurring? Is it a regular
                    time daily/weekly? Does it correspond w/ mail to a
                    \_ Rumor has it that it has something to do with virii and
                         "virii" is not a word.  The word you were _/
                         looking for is "viruses"
                       spoofed Reply-To: headers that aren't being properly
                       dealt with, but I know nothing for sure.
                    certain user? Does a procmail problem seem like a
                    certain user? Does procmail problem seem like a
                    possible candidate?                 - rory
                    \_ We are busy testing NFS. Thanx! -politburo!
                       \_ NFS for mailspools?  yeesh...
        \_ On the subject of mail, weren't people supposed to use spamc
           for spamassassin? I see a whole lot of "perl spamassassin" jobs.
           A conservative antivirus thing would be good. Also, on the scotch
           subject, is that "dual Xeon" choice just an imperial fiat? It
           doesn't seem to be under any debate (hint: use AMD).
           \_ No no, by all means, use Xeons.  It will be so fun when Soda
              melts a hole in the machine room wall.
              \_ Uh, yeah.  I own AMD stock and no Intel, but really.  Let's
                 be rational about this.
2004/10/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:34096 Activity:high
10/13   UC Berkeley to follow UCLA's lead in bending over for RIAA:,1412,65227,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_8
        \_ go Bruin! Land of the happy, home of the health-image
           conscious and sexy chicks!
           \_ I hate you Paolo. -- ilyas
           \_ If you are not Paolo, you are channeling his unclean spirit.
              P.S.  I hate you.  -- ilyas
              \_ who is paolo, tell us about paolo, and why do you hate me?
                 \_ Paolo is pst@csua, mostly known to the motd crowd for
                    pulling down the motd after 9/11 because his gf at the
                    time 'felt threatened.'  I hate you because you sing
                    praises to the UCLA soul, which I hate. -- ilyas
2004/9/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33641 Activity:high 54%like:30313
9/20    I suppose this is just fluff and doesn't mean anything:
        Destruction of the MOTD (by repeated deletion, jive, or any other
        method) is severly frowned upon and will result in the termination of
        your account.
        \_ this hasn't been enforced since the CSUA president decided it
           was a good idea.  -tom
        \_ Hey policy police!  I love you guys!  Where are you when some
           dumbass censors specific people?  -- ilyas
           \_ dick
           \_ I don't support that either. So?
              \_ So where's the outrage and call for squishage then?  Danh
                 pretty much admitted on wall one day to removing only my posts
                 from the motd.  Where are the calls for the squishing of
                 danh?  You are letting me down, policy police guy... -- ilyas
                 \_ if i ever walled "i have been selectively deleting
                    ilyas' posts all day!", i was definitely kidding.
                    you should turn off the computer monitor more often. - danh
                 \_ When did danh say that, and how do you know he was being
                    serious? He also said one time that he was posting
                    freeper articles, but somehow I think he was kidding.
                    \_ A while back.  Search for 'phlegm.'  I am not sure if
                       he was serious of course.  But you know, policy police
                       guy didn't even emit a peep about this, regardless of
                       whether danh was serious or not, and I certainly know
                       my posts get targetted all the time (oddly enough they
                       get targetted a lot less now that I made it clear I will
                       defend myself). -- ilyas
                       \_ "Policy police guy" doesn't follow everything going
                          on. And... did danh admit to "repeatedly" deleting?
                          \_ Policy police guy should be careful lest his
                             zeal be mistaken for hypocrisy. -- ilyas
        \_ Someone likes to delete all political posts.  Someone else is
           deleting everything other than politics in response.  One position
           seems as morally valid as the other.
           \_ Right so terminate both of them. Fact is I think it may be the
              same genius trying to make a point. Doesn't address the issue.
              \_ If anyone seriously gets squished because of the motd, I ll
                 seriously consider trying to get some bigwig at Berkeley
                 to explain to me why Berkeley tolerates all the
                 non-student/teacher/staff people using the network resources.
                 Seeing as it's against Berkeley policy and all...  Perhaps
                 we should all be squished. -- ilyas
                 \_ it is NOT against berkeley policy for alumni to "use the
                    network"; do you think it's against policy to visit the
                    Berkeley home page?  -tom
                    \_ How about copying huge files to soda's /tmp for people
                       to download over and over again? -- ilyas
                       \_ Typical ilyas; make a wildly incorrect assertion,
                          then divert to a red herring when proven wrong. -tom
                          \_ Well gee, tom, why do you think a distinction
                             involving 'students, staff, teachers' was even made
                             in the official policy document?  You must be
                             smarter than them, you should go set them straight.
                             In fact, don't bother, I ll ask them myself, using
                             soda as an example.  -- ilyas
                             \_ Well, unlike you, I was involved with writing
                                that policy, so I know exactly why it is
                                worded the way it is--it was explicitly changed
                                to allow use by alumni.  -tom
                             \_ That's a great idea ilyas.  You should get
                                soda shut down, just to prove a point.
                                \_ So what you are saying is, when the rubber
                                   hits the road, all the whining about policy
                                   is just hypocritical nonsense?  Now can we
                                   all just shut up and get back to bashing
                                   each other's heads in? -- ilyas
                                   all just shut up about policy? -- ilyas
                                   \_ You're right! No more policies at all!
                                      CSUA = libertarian utopia! Let's all try
                                      to hack each other's accounts!
                                      \_ Where's the Boy Who Cried Red Herring?
                                           -- ilyas
                                         \_ Find a mirror, and I'll show you.
                 \_ I think we're all safe since jwang is still around.
                 \_ Alternatively, you could just stop being such a
                    hypocritical little shit. [formatd]
                 \_ What about Stop deleting this assmunch
                 \_ For someone who regularily chestpounds about his
                    superior moral reasoning, your moral sensibilities
                    seem pretty slippery to me. It seems like what you
                    are saying here is, "If you don't play with these toys
                    they way I want you to play with them, then I'll go
                    tell the teacher to take all the toys away. Nayah, nayah."
                    \_ I think it's 'nyah nyah.'  Search up for
                       'hypocritical nonsense.'  We all technically violate
                       some policy, I think it's time to stop using 'policy' as
                       a club to bash someone over the head.  Petty
                       bureaucrats do that.  Don't be a petty bureaucrat,
                       they are hated even more than lawyers. -- ilyas
                       \_ the point is, people who trash the MOTD are trashing
                          a public resource; are you arguing that it's OK to
                          trash public resources?  -tom
                          \_ Well, if motd is a 'public resource' then the net
                             to which soda is hooked up is much more so.
                             And I know for a fact some people on soda misuse
                             it.  At any rate, tom, you ve been caught deleting
                             stuff from the motd.  What I am actually saying is,
                             be careful if you are in the business of
                             casting stones. -- ilyas
        \_ If I were to guess this hasn't been enforced since kchang's
           original squishing years ago.  Is that right?
2004/9/20 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:33636 Activity:moderate
9/20    censor one, censor all
        \_ Someone's a dipshit and you wanted to one-up them?
\_ Are you trying to teach someone a lesson? Did mommy not give you a cookie?
\_ WWID, What Would Ilya Do?  Why is anyone surprised at motd censorship
   anymore?  -meyers
        \_ Are you trying to teach someone a lesson? Did mommy not give you
           a cookie?
        \_ WWID, What Would Ilya Do?  Why is anyone surprised at motd
           censorship anymore?  -meyers
           \_ It's true.  I am the patron demon of motd censorship, gun
              violence, and pollution.  The infernal hierarchy is pleased
              with my work so far.  I ll try to outlaw homosexuals next.  On
              a completely unrelated note, uh... meyers, buddy, you need to
              find more material to post about.  You can't have such a one-
              track mind.  You are the most boring regular signer on the
              motd.  -- ilyas
              \_ ilyas vs. meyers.  FIGHT!!
2004/9/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33559 Activity:kinda low
9/15    You know, it's funny. Whenever I want to nuke the motd, I do so
        by signing as ilyas. It's like being a Godfather and telling my
        minions to do the dirty work.                           -!ilyas
        \_ Hey I wonder if you can be squished for violating the
           "don't be a hoser" clause. -- ilyas
           \_ Well, you're still here.
              \_ Ok, wanna test it out?  Just keep doing what you are doing.
                   -- ilyas
                 \_ No. I'm the real ilyas!
                    \_ Will the real ilyas please stand up?
2004/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33541 Activity:high
9/15    Suppose I see this hot girl in Soda hall, but she's a senior. What
        are the chances that she'll go out with me?     -sophomore in CS
        \_ I doubt it has much to do with senior vs sophomore.  It's just
           that girls in CS are a much sought after commodity.  On the
           other hand, it can't hurt to ask.  Despite how many guys
           are secretly after every girl in Soda hall, Karen has told me
           on numerous occasions that she rarely gets asked out by CS
           nerds, we're all to scared.  From the other side of the fence,
           if she says no, don't ask again. -jrleek
           \_ 1) how do you know the op is talking about Karen
              2) have you ever asked her out?
              3) can you please post a picture? If she's hot I'll make a
                 special effort to ditch work and drive all the way from
                 San Jose
              \_ 1) I don't.  In fact I think Karen in a junior.  I was
                    just using what she told of her own experiance as a
                    female in Soda Hall as an example.
                 2) No, I didn't want to date Karen, but we are friends.
                 3) I don't think I have any pictures that anyone would
                    find interesting.  Besides, I have moral problems with
                    posting pics for you guys to drool over.  Ask her your
                    self if you're so interested.  You could even do
                    something sneaky like suggest that we should have
                    politburo pictures up on the website. -jrleek
             \_ Damn you people are pathetic. -- ilyas
                    \_ pot.  kettle.  black.
                       \_ Yeah, when did I recently threaten to drive up from
                          LA because OMG A HOT GIRL WAS SPOTTED IN SODA!!!``1!!
                          w00t!!!!!!!!  Get lives people. -- ilyas
                          \_ LA TO Berkeley, 400 miles
                             SJ to Berkeley, 40 miles
                             ilyas dating a chick, priceless.
                          \_ and when was the last time you posted a long
                             philosophical rant to the motd?  Oh yeah, almost
                             every week.  Watch it with the "get a life"
           \_ A friend of mine is dating a CS PhD student that is incredibly
              hot (and also friendly and easygoing).  Why didn't these exist
              when I was an undergrad?  hot  TA ACTION!!!1
2004/8/31 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33248 Activity:kinda low
8/31    Squish ilyas! Squish Tom Holub!
        \_ eeeeeww.  I don't want to be in the same thread as THAT GUY.
           Thanks a lot!  -- ilyas
           \_ I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
              \_ Tom can speak for himself.
        \_ Speaking of squishing, who's running the idiotic script that force
           justifies the motd to 79 character width?
           \_ Also, who's been converting tabs to spaces?
            \_ BOTH of these are annoying, and they're in clear violation of
               CSUA bylaws and are squishable offense if caught.
        \_ Die squisherung ist fur die hozering und flahmering!
        \_ Squish Bush!
2004/8/30 [Academia/Berkeley, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:33236 Activity:high 53%like:35052
8/30    Ilyas!  A thread was deleted out of order!! I WANT JUSTICE!! -meyers
        \_ I have to care about a thread first.  Get your own justice if you
           want. -- ilyas
        \_ GO BEARS!
           \_ You mean GO BEAH! right?
              \_ RIP Chancellor Tien!
2004/8/29-30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:33206 Activity:high
8/29    Sodomize ilyas!!!
        \_ I dunno, man...does ilya even like that sort of thing?
        \_ Hmmm, and then people wonder why some here prefer being sort of
           anonymous?  If getting treated the way Ilyas does is what you get
           for signing your name then I'm happy to be called anonymous coward.
           You guys are a bunch of bastards.
           \_ Serious, ilyas gets this crap, aaron insults emarkp's
              religion everytime emarkp posts, tom gets insulted for being
              a jerk...
           \_ read the damn federalist paper again.  besides, there is a
              difference between personal attack versus political statement.
              obviously, you don't know the differences
              \_ obviously?  yes, you've proven that so well.  ilyas gets
                 abused for stating what he believes in a non-inflamatory
                 way.  he's the most patient person i've seen here in a long
                 time and possibly ever.  the response?  sodomize him?  very
                 nice.  you're a bunch of bastards.  and since i'm not
                 nearly as patient as him i have no problem saying you're an
                 ass as well as a stupid bastard.  that was a political
                 statement, btw.
              \_ Sodomize ilyas is a political statement?  Someone please
                 explain THAT one to me.
2004/8/27 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33179 Activity:high 66%like:30864 66%like:32374 66%like:34937
8/27    Someone want to tell us what just happened there?
        \_ Someone's running a borked merge script.
           \_ Hey now, that sounds like repeated motd munging to me!
           \_ If they run a Thomased merge script, do we all get pubic hairs on
              with our Cokes?
              \_ Only if you're a hot chick.
        \_ Someone fingered soda.
          \_ SQUISH!!!!!!!!! We haven't had a squish trigger happy politburo
             since the jon administration. Ah, those were the days...
             \_ I ve said it before, and I ll say it again -- thank God for
                boring government.  The last thing we need is for it to become
                exciting. -- ilyas
                \_ yeah, thank god because otherwise you would have been
                   squished by popular vote, no question asked. Ah, I miss
                   the old administration.
                   \_ Yeah, looks like you miss the days of, as pst would say,
                      the old boys' network politburo.  Good for you.  It's a
                      good thing today's politburo doesn't operate on personal
                      animosity anymore. -- ilyas
                      \_ yeah, it's much better when the csua president
                         doesn't have to worry about getting ousted for
                         violating policy.  -tom
                         \_ Speaking of policy, isn't it against EECS policy
                            for alums to be consuming network resources?
                            "POLICY, THOU ART MY MASTER!  COMMAND ME!"
                            I love a policy wanker.  It's a certain breed of
                            petty tyrant usually inhabiting a government or
                            sysadmin position somewhere, that truly makes my
                            life worth living. -- ilyas
                            \_ Your premise is false.
                               And you're also an idiot.  -tom
                               \_ The Boy Who Cried Idiot strikes again.
                                  I stand corrected though, it's not EECS
                                  policy.  It's Berkeley-wide policy instead.
                                  The network is for students, faculty and
                                  staff only.
                                    -- ilyas
                               \_ this rules.  great entertainment.
                                  What does a libertarian think about
                                  providing FREE labor by entertaining
                                  motd readers?  Are we stealing from you
                                  guys?  Should this be taxed?
2004/8/26 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:33152 Activity:insanely high
8/25    YERSOCOOL, you purged the motd of the one interesting thread.  Why do
        you hate ilyas and John?
        \_ It was, indeed, a good discussion, and I'm glad I got to read it
           before the AMOTDC deleted it. --erikred
           \_ AMOTDC has decided to sanitize the motd for the good of the
              rest of us. I forgot, we have a new class of freshman.
        \_ Easily restored.  The censors are wasting their time.
           \_ Thank you!  Helpful people on the motd, this isn't how its
              supposed to work!
              \_ Sorry, I could stop.  --motd anti-censor
2004/8/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:32974 Activity:insanely high 54%like:34993
8/17    Dude, kchang, what's up with your motd archive?  It's two weeks old!
        \_ He got squished because he was using a script to finger soda
           more than once a second to retrieve the motd without logging in.
           He stopped the script.
           \_ Why would closing his soda account prevent him from fingering
              the machine?  If the abuse was fingering then he should be
              stopped from fingering.  If the abuse was soda related then
              his account should be terminated.  I don't see a relationship
              between the two events.  This looks political/personal.
                \_ my friend, 90% of the stuff that goes on in the real world
                   (outside of your nice little world) is based on politics,
                   personal favors, and vendetas. CSUA + EECS has been like
                   this since I was a freshman in the late 80s and it still
                   runs like this. The sooner you accept this the better off
                   you'll be.
                   \_ Ah, finally the true colors of the motd liberal come out.
                      Go 'nuanced' worldview go!
                      \_ That was most definitely not one of the numerous
                         motd liberals.
                         \_ How the hell could you know unless you wrote it?
                            Or is this just Bad->Republican && Republican->Bad
           \_ I don't personally use any archive and I don't see why anyone
              would either. Most of it is filled with political trash from
              ilyas|tom|aaron|few others that no one else ever cares about.
              Why bother?
              \_ Dude, you don't bathe either.Does that mean it's the standard?
              \_ I'd bother because, on the contrary, I think there actually is
                 a variety of useful knowledge that flies through here now
                 and then. Over time it adds up to a lot, and being able to
                 search back for some item can be handy. The other reason is
                 that often I can no longer sit monitoring the motd every
                 5 minutes. Since stuff gets nuked so frequently, it's very
                 handy to be able to look in the archive to see what happened
                 to a thread, what replies a post received, or what entire
                 threads I might have missed.
              \_ Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitchity-bitch!
                 I try to answer technical questions or whatever, when I feel
                 I am qualified, other than that I talk about what I find
                 interesting.  If you don't like a thread, skip it.  What have
                 YOU done to make motd a better and more useful place?  Except
                 bitching, because that doesn't count. -- ilyas
                 \_ I'm with Ilyas on this one.  If you don't like what others
                    have to say which obviously interests them or it wouldn't
                    be here 24x7, then just ignore it and don't participate.
                    Nothing stops you from making a world writable file in
                    /tmp or your home or on some other machine.  There is
                    nothing sacred about the motd that says it can only be
                    used the way some people insist it must be.
                    \_ fine, maybe I'll just nuke it from time to time, just
                        like the time when ilyas and tom partially deleted
                        posts that they didn't like.
                        \_ no, it's not fine.  you're saying the opposite
                           of what i suggested.  do what you like but don't
                           try to put your nuking on my head.
            \_ he got squished because he was stupid enough to bounce
               his finger requests through a cgi on the EECS department
               webserver multiple times/second in such a way as to make
               root@eecs notice.
               \_ which normally just gets a slap and a warning.  i still
                  don't see how his outside activities have anything to do
                  with having a soda account.
                  \_ Normally, people who just got their accounts back
                     don't pull shit like this
                     \_ What shit? Since when was using "finger" such
                        a horrible offense? Since when was running
                        automated scripts that don't have any malicious
                        use a squishable offense. I don't really know
                        much about kchang. For all I know, he could be
                        a total freak. But I think this is just petty.
                     \_ especially when they originally got squished for
                        something very similar.
                        \_ how is it similar?
                        \_ I still see no relationship between his non-soda
                           account activity and getting his account terminated
                           and no one has attempted to explain the link.
                           \_ that's because your premise is ridiculous
                              \_ then it should be easily refuted which you
                                 haven't done.
                                 \_ that's because it's a strawman argument.
                                    "Never argue with an idiot; he'll bring
                                    you down to his level, and beat you with
                                    \_ It isn't a strawman.  You don't know
                                       what that even means.  I shall explain.
                                       A strawman is when *I* would frame
                                       *your* point as some weak statement
                                       which *I* would then knock down.  This
                                       is not what I have done.  It has been
                                       stated many times that he was squished
                                       for over doing it on the finger procs
                                       but squishing him does not prevent him
                                       from fingering anything.  So we're
                                       back where we started.  He got squished
                                       for petty personal reasons, not to
                                       prevent him from doing anything and
                                       didn't even get a warning for such a
                                       trivial event.  Unrelated but I find
                                       it ridiculous that he could generate
                                       enough traffic from UCLA to slog the
                                       EECS network at UCB with just finger
                                       a few times per second.
                     \_ What shit?  Would you terminate his account if he
                        accumulated too many unpaid parking tickets?  What
                        does fingering soda via eecs have to do with his
                        account being terminated?  Nothing.  He was just
                        being punished because some petty people who
                        dislike him could.
                        \_ Soda's net connection is through the good graces
                           of the EECS department, it is in our best interests
                           to keep them happy.  I still don't know why
                           kchang insisted on 'bouncing' his finger requests
                           to soda off of an EECS machine, when he could have
                           just fingered soda directly, or transfered the motd
                           diffs via scp, or used his old cgi, or a million
                           different other ways. - danh
                           \_ And using one of the million different other
                              ways is better than using finger? If anything,
                              scp consumes more packet overhead than finger.
                              What's so horrible about finger? If he had
                              used scp or some old cgi, I'm sure someone
                              would have complained that kchang was
                              constantly sending scp or http requests to
                              csua. If finger was such an abuse, why don't
                              you tell us about it or disable the service?
                         \_ finger is fine.  why didn't he finger soda directly
                            then, and not doing some lame early 90s
                            hacker shit and bouncing it off an EECS machine?
                            i still don't get it. - danh
                            \_ Someone pointed out in motd that he was using
                               finger. Being the paranoid spaz that he is,
                               he decided he needed to hide where the finger
                               was coming from
                           \_ How does squishing him prevent him from
                              doing what he was squished for?  It doesn't.
                              Therefore squishing him is pointless and
                              \_ because when they squished him, they also
                                 put a .nofinger which makes any 'fingering'
                                 pointless, so he stopped
                              \_ yes it sucks.  too bad nothing in the real
                                 world is as black and white as yours.
                                 soda is more like a consensual hallucination.
                                 \_ thanks for not answering anything I said.
                                    why did you bother replying at all?
        \- it's simple, his squishage is all about personal vendettas. ask
           tom holub, he'd know something about personal vendettas.
                \_ and so do you, mister anonymous.  did he fart on you
                   in E260 in 1990?  - danh
                   \_ he farted on my best friend.  he's no longer with us. :-)
                   \_ he farted on my best friend.  she's no longer with us. :-)
        \_ I think kchang has been unsorried again.
                \_ this is all so obvious if you twinks just learned to
                   to use /csua/bin/finger. For the Xth time, use the
                   godamn binary!!!
                   \_ You can't finger kchang since there is now a .nofinger
                      in his home dir
                      \_ Ah, so he's tired of people giving him the finger...
                         \_ you so funny
                      \_ /csua/bin/finger ignores ~/.nofinger, unlike
                         The /etc/passwd entry is no guarantee of non-squish
                         In any case, if you /csua/bin/finger him now, you
                         will see he has been unsquished.  I wonder when
                         he finds out.
                         \_ He already has, my friend.  He already has.
2004/5/6-7 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:30073 Activity:high
5/6     [ all threads up to most recent censored one go, tom ]
        \_ you can keep blaming me if you want, but you're wrong.  -tom
           \_ You are the bogeyman for the 21st century CSUA.  I hope the
              politburo catches you before the next election. -- ilyas
              \_ Is he really the bogeyman if he really is the motd censor?
                 \_ Yes, even then, because censoring the motd for content
                    reasons is stupid, not evil. -- ilyas
                    \_ Doesn't intent matter re: stupid vs. evil?
2004/4/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13321 Activity:nil
        "Thomas Holub", "Tom Holub" -> There were no records found matching your request.
        "Partha Banerjee" -> There were no records found matching your request.
        When did they graduate? Degrees?
        \_ Graduate? Degrees?
        \_ Old motd saying: The ways of men do not apply to psb.
           As for tom, maybe it was a tragedy of the commons.
           "The majority of the online csua community was composed of older
            legacy Associate Members, creating a "ol' Boys Club" which
            actively created an atmosphere in which the newer members were
            treated as inferior sub-citizens... "
           Paolo is talking about tom. It's been a long time since this has
           been tried, but I think now is a good time to squish tom.
                \_ paolo wrote that like 4 years ago, why do ANY of
                   you care?  who is cranky old tom-hater?  I still
                   don't know.  i am sad about your pathetic life.
           \_ sup party peepz!  That wasn't about tom. - pst (who didn't
              know about tom until 6 months after he wrote that).
           \_ First, you need some non-anonymous person to complain.
              \_ It works best if the complainant happens to be the girlfriend
                 of a polit bureau member.
           \_ What misconduct specifically are you accusing Tom of?  He's not
              even participating as much as he used to, so it's hard to make
              the case that he's creating a more hostile environment than has
              been cheerfully tolerated in the past.  He hasn't walled
              anything about twink points in quite some time.  I also believe
              that he labels his motd posts, and the nastiest, most evil
              posts are always anonymous.  --PeterM
              \_ I'm hurt, peter.  I try my hardest to be evil, and it just
                 goes unnoticed.  You don't send me flowers.  --scotsman
              \_ My posts are always nasty and evil, and I sign too... -- ilyas
                 \_ Your non-nasty post is much like the statement "this
                    statement is false."  I find it amusing.
                    \_ Sorry, I ve been taking a lot of recursion theory
                       recently. -- ilyas
              \_ Actually, tom walled about twink points yesterday.
           \_ not even worth further comment.
2004/4/13-14 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:13173 Activity:nil
4/13    Hi, just a general note, I never censor replies to my posts. -- ilyas
        \_ that's nice.  whatever.
           \_ I would have put this in the appropriate thread where someone
              accused me of doing this, but that thread got censored.  However,
              I felt the need to say it.  I ll leave debate by censorship to
              the authoritarians.  -- ilyas
2003/12/30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Recreation/Humor] UID:11609 Activity:nil
12/29   Alright, who wants to start a collection to buy this thing as
        a Christmas present for ilyas?
        \_ who is ilyas, why is it for ilyas, and why is it funny?
           \_ A motd without stupid in-jokes is like a soda without a csua.
        \_ I don't like ilyas well enough to help buy him that thing.
        \_ Maybe because ilyas won't listen to Reason?
              \_ I'm sorry, but what does a reference to Snowcrash have to
                 do with ilyas?
                 \_ On that note, any opinions on Neal's latest? I have one
                    friend who says it's mainly a slog.
2003/8/30-31 [Politics/Domestic/Election, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:10008 Activity:moderate
8/29    So do we have general agreement that censoring certain threads simply
        because the source URL is a major newspaper you don't like is a bad
        idea or are we just going to start censoring all URLs from all
        sources on all topics and destroy any value the motd has for everyone?
        I vote for the former but if we want to get into destroying links just
        because, I'm willing to sink to that level too as necessary.
        \_ Berkeley, home the free speech movement, home of censorship.
           I like hearing divergent points of view. Censorship sucks.
           \_ There are divergent points of view and there are liars that pass
              themselves off as journalists and fair-and-balanced commentators.
              \_ And then there are idiots that insist on making the
                 decision for everyone else.  Grow up, son -- there are other
                 points of view.
                 \_ We report, you decide.
        \_ The best way to uncover life's little lies and insanities is to
           shine a light on them, not cover them up.  There was a copy of Mein
           Kampf in my high school's library, very informative reading it was.
           If you think someone's a crook you don't erase him from history,
           you put him on display for all to see.  Hopefully the anonymous
           censor may grow to see this one day.
             -- ilyas
        \_ People who delete links because of their source are 1) fascist
           or 2) are Moonies.
        \_ The real solution is for those w/ opinions to create public readable
           files w/ a list of news organizations and their views. if psb tells
           me not to read the wash post but to read the atlantic, i'll listen...
           why? because he's way smarter than all of us. -psb #27 fan.
           or 2) still rebelling against mommy and daddy.
           \- i guess WashPost is ok, but i dont read any daily newspapers.
              i'm more interesting in explanations than facts. and those
              come from aggregating facts and adding some thinking.
              the atlantic now and then has interesting articles [like on
              on modern piracy] but when it comes to political stuff, often
              i wish the articles were shorter. in cases where i know of
              better sources [like on foreign policy] i didnt read the
              atlantic much, but they do have some interesting articles on
              domestic issues [like their article on early admissions to
              college]. atlantic is pretty cheep. worth reading: NYT if someone
              else pays, e'ist [worth paying for], NYker if can get cheep,
              maybe atlantic if have time, intenational securty is sort of
              specialized by pretty good, NYRevBooks [a little pricey, ideal
              if you can split a sub]. maybe TLS and LRB online. i dont read
              much online. --psb
              \_ I prefer to combine thinking and facts myself.  Just having
                 reliable sources of facts is nice.
                 \- the selection of the facts presented, either intentionally
                    or incidentally, affects the impression made. secondarily
                    some prose is a pleasure to read and some a chore. the
                    aticles in the e'ist tend to be short. so does usa today.
                    in the case of the e'ist the articles are short because
                    they dont need padding [like telling you iraq is in the
                    middle east]. the articles in USA Today are short because
                    they dont say anything. a lot of the graphs you see in
                    time and newsweek are useless ... like they give you
                    absolute numbers when what you want are indexed changes
                    etc. the thinking for yourself comes from evaluating
                    different explanations. e.g. just facts about say the
                    "howard dean phenonomon" ... how old he is, where he is
                    from, his poll numbers, is positions on various issues
                    collpaosed to "for/against" dont mean much. asking is he
                    mcgovern or carter or mccain or something new might be
                    more interesting [borrwing from the current lexington]--psb
2001/8/22-23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:22214 Activity:very high
8/22    Poll:
        CSUA Snob Award goes to:
        psb:    1 for idiotic post about teaching grad level math to freshmen.
        tom:    2                                   \_ where?
        ali:    2 for being a rude know-it-all Muslim asshole
                        ali, are you a Moslem? _/
                              \_ no he is made out of cloth, doy!
                        \_ not sure, but he sure acts like one
                        \_ Are you Hindu?
                           \_ he acts like a jew.
                              \_ his religion isn't the reason he's a snob.
        \_ How come I am not up there? -- ilyas
         \_ because you are just a moron
            \_ As opposed to a moron and a snob like the above three, or as
               opposed to a moron, a snob, and a coward like you, my friend?
                \_ Hey I know ali isn't a moron.
                   \_ In the greater scheme of things, everyone is probably a
2000/3/30 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/GradSchool] UID:17888 Activity:nil
3/29    Summary of fibonacci thread:
        \_ Moo!  Moo!  I don't know the difference between matrix and scalar
           multiplication!  Moo!
           \_ And this is a Berkeley grad we are talking about.  Sad, isn't it.
              -- ilyas
              \_ The entries were unsigned.  Who was it?
                 \_ Does it matter?
              \_ Anything coming out of a Berkeley grad is more worthwhile
                 listening to than your theoretical bullshit.  Tell us
                 about the stars Ilyas.
                 \_ Wait, isn't ilyas a berkeley grad?
                    \_ Berkeley grad school doesn't accept students with
                       their head up their own ass.
                       \_ No, they don't accept people with a low GPA and no
                          academic references.  Which is why I am trying to get
                          references in the industry. -- ilyas
                       \_ umm, berkeley grad does not mean you are in grad
        \_ can you summarize your summary? What does matrix verus scalar multo
           have to do with fibo?
        \_ O(1).
           \_ O(log(n))
                \_ O(0).  This is the special case where the problem is solved
                   by someone else before you attempt to code your solution.
                   \_ Wouldn't that be O(-1)?
2000/3/8 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas] UID:17709 Activity:nil
3/7     Another informal CSUA survey:
        love academia: nweaver emarkp alexf ilyas welfare-leech
                               \_ How did my name get here?  I didn't put it
                                  here and I work in industry with a measly BA
                                  in CS. -emarkp
        love industry: tom cmlee yermom ilyas productive-member-of-society
                        \_ I work at Cal you moron.  -tom
        love yermom:
        love me:
        \_ And stop speaking for me you twink. -- ilyas
           \_ Your words spoken over the years put you in the former category.
               \_ This is a false dichotomy.  There are far more evil things
                  than either. -- ilyas
                                  \_ tell us about the intelligence of stars...
                \_ Oh, hey, like ilyas has the right to change his mind and
                   get a working one any time he likes.
                   \_  He?  I always thought ilyas is a she.
                       \_ If ilyas is a she, is she hot?
                          \_ There are no hotties on soda. At least there
                             weren't while I was an undergrad.
                                \_ Spoken like someone who never met raytrace.
                             \_ How about <DEAD>soda/~fonger<DEAD>
                                \_ She may have a CSUA account, but does she look
                                   CS to you?  (hint: look at webpage & source)
                                   \_ Considering that the source is four years
                                      old and HTML editors weren't that popular
                                      back then, it was not bad as a hand-
                                      created page.
                             \_ There also used to be ~angie who had hot pics
                                in her home page, but I can't find it anymore.
1999/6/23 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:16004 Activity:high
6/22    I've got a lab of 14 new machines that need names.  Suggestions?
        \_ Come up with a theme. eg. Callug = Animinaniacs, CSUA = drinks,
           199 Cory = Ancient Literature, 273 Soda = ships, etc...
           \_ 199 Cory isn't ancient literature, sorry.  A cluster scheme
              I was thinking about was South Park chracters.  --sowings
                \_ cartman.cs & kenny.cs are both taken, but stan & kyle are
                        not - strange, only half a cluster?
        \_ ancient computer games; archon, bard, conan, midnight, jumpman...
        \_ Basic unix commands
        \_ Star Wars characters.
        \_ Porn movies and/or actors.
        \_ liquid names of spanish food
        \_ Ally McBeal characters!
        \_ Rocky Horror Picture Show
        \_ homophones of "to"
        \_ soda motd threads
           \_ HOST=asianchic
                \_ You want names that will mean something for more than 2
                   TV seasons, not garbage pop culture of the moment crap.
        \_ AARON, asian chic, lila, psb, immigrants, happy page, etc
        \_ tom's twinks (kchang, cmlee, benco, tawei)
        \_ AARON, asian chic, lila, psb, immigrants, happy page, THE MAN
        \_ sexual positions
                \_ You name positions?  Or are you talking about the silly
                   Kama Sutra names?  "Lotus flower bent between broken OS's"
        \_ aminoacid names -- ilyas
        \_ venerial deceases. -lali
        \_ Mobsters.
2021/12/03 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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