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2019/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2007/4/9-11 [Industry/Jobs] UID:46238 Activity:kinda low
4/9     I get to pick my own title "within reason".  I'd like to pick whatever
        will be most useful on my resume in the future without limiting my
         future options too much.  I will be the senior programmer and
        "go to guy" in my group, but without anyone reporting to me.  Some
        possible adjectives: "platform, 3D, services"
        \_ "Software Architect", a very high technical non-managerial title.
           \_ Agreed.  It implies you're decisions are followed by others,
           \_ Agreed.  It implies your decisions are followed by others,
              but you're not a manager/team lead.
        \_ How about Principal Engineer? Suggests a high degree of technical
           ability and responsibility.
           \_ I suggest using Principal Engineer only if you have 5+ years
              industry experience, not including high school and internships.
              The title connotes a steady elevation from Engineer -> Sr.
              Engineer -> Staff Engr -> Sr Staff Engr -> Principal Engineer.
              \_ My former employer's ranks go like Engr -> Sr. Engr -> Lead
                 Engr -> Staff Engr -> Sr Staff Engr -> Principal Engr -> Sr.
                 Principal engr -> (probably) Architect.
              \_ I assumed that OP was past the Member of Tech. Staff/Eng.
                 stage and was at least 10+ years experience. I agree w/
                 you if OP is less than 10 years experience. - former staff eng
                 \_ if op is asking motd, this would imply they don't have
                    10+ yrs
                    \_ because they're asking the motd or because they're on
                       the motd at all?
        \_ "Lead Engineer, in X"
           \- to me "software architect" smell more of smoke and vapor
              than "principal engineer", "senior engineer" etc.
              i mean if you are really applying for a cto/technogist/
              visionary type position what you call yourself isnt going to
              matter that much. also you dont want to necessarily come
              across as over qualified unless you really are going for
              cto,vp eng type positions. i mean it's tough to go from
              "distinguished <> fellow" to "senior programmer". is "member
              of the technical staff" now commonly understood that it doesnt
              mean bottle washer/tape monkey? a lot of people i've met dont
              seem to know what that is.
        \_ "Supreme Chancellor" seems reasonable.  That or "Dear Leader".
           I mean if they are dumb enough to give you the choice, reach for
           the stars.  Disclaimer: not responsible for loss of employment.
           \_ Dear Leader has a long and distinguished history.  Given the
              rest of the advice here, maybe Dear Principal Software Architect
              is what OP is looking for.
2019/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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