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2007/4/9-11 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:46234 Activity:nil
        The gamble patrons make is that it's worth rewarding
        unqualified loyalists because they will be hidden in
        the bureaucracy and never become important enough to
        draw attention. But the Bush administration has lost
        this wager more times than is becoming ...
        \_ "...Attorney General Alberto Gonzales bad-mouthed his
           former employees. In so doing, Gonzales severely undercut their
           employment prospects and all but forced them to fight back."
           Unless you believe those USAs that testified have perjured
           themselves, this article is WAY behind the times.
           Ah, nevermind.  The article was written 4/1.  Even then, he'd
           have been behind the times.
        \_ It is hard to tell who was using who.
2007/4/9-12 [Health/Men] UID:46235 Activity:kinda low
4/9     I'm in my late 30s but I still look like a kid. I'm about 5'4"
        and 120 pounds. I dress well-- I don't wear GAP/Old Navy
        crap. However some people at work still treat me like a kid.
        I'm thinking about dying my hair partially white. What's a good
        hair dye kit and where can I buy it?
        \_ If you look like a kid and dresses up in a real Armani
           suit, you'll still look like a kid. The exception is
           Ted Koppel from NBC Dateline. He's 5'4" and looks old.
        \_ shave it bald and grow a beard.
        \_ Maybe you should do it backward.  Start act like you're having
        \_ Maybe you should do it backward.  Start acting like you're having
           mid-life crisis and start wearing GAP, while subtly displaying a
           bottle of arthritis pills and an AARP brochure on your desk.
        \_ drink whiskey, smoke cigars, play poker, shoot guns,
          drive a big ass SUV.
        \_ drink whiskey, smoke cigars, play poker, shoot guns, drive a big
           ass SUV.
        \_ Just keep banging teenage and early 20something tail and consider
           yourself blessed. That's how I deal with it, anyhow.
           \_ I got tired of banging young girls by the time I was 34
              (read the poll below on "dating teenagers"). How old are
              you now and are you still banging teenagers?
                \_ 36 and yes
                   \_ Get married, grow up, start acting like an adult
                      and people will treat you like one.
        \_ Your only hope is a change in attitude and presentation.  If you
           don't call them on it they'll keep doing it.
        \_ Stop whining snd be grateful for what you do have. Try getting
         something when you are in your late 30s/early 40s with noticable
        grey patches in your hair. So much for grey hair being distinguished.
2007/4/9-12 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:46236 Activity:nil
4/9     Iran's "National day of nuclear energy"
2007/4/9-12 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Industry/Jobs] UID:46237 Activity:low 50%like:46150
4/8     fyi no new mail coming in
        \_ obUseSodaOnlyForMotd
        \_ embarrassing.. Google recruiter had 2 of my resumes .. one
           was with my csua email account (which i like because it
           showed off berkeley) and the other with another  acct..
           He asked me why did you move your email to gmail when
           having the address is better for your resume
           I told him because the csua email was too unreliable..
           He told me. .that's why we like to hire stanford people.
           \_ I heard that those jerks don't like to hire people who can't
              indent one's code either.
           \_ well you could always get a <DEAD><DEAD> or
     and forward it to gmail.
           \_ And you told him, "If you can't see I graduated from Berkeley on
              my resume without having it as my email address you're not smart
              enough to hire me, thanks".  Right?  Anyway, why would you want
              to work for Google at this point in their history anyway?  Do you
              have a PhD?  If not, I see no reason to go there.
        \_ Related: It is likely that starting next year, students will
           be able to keep their addresses for life (as
           forwarding addresses).  -tom
           \_ That's cool.  Who runs this program and how do we sign up when
              it's ready?  Thanks!
              \_ Right now it's only an agreement in principle.  I expect
                 the way it will work is that when you put yourself on the
                 degree list, you'll get asked for a forwarding email address.
                 University Relations is very interested in keeping in
                 touch with young alumni.  -tom
                 \_ They're interested in keeping touch with all Alumni. Or
                    so the numberous requests for donations I get each year
                    so the numerous requests for donations I get each year
                    would seem to indicate. --erikred
                    \_ Well, of course.  But if they lose them in the first
                       five years, they rarely get them back.  They want to
                       "build lifelong relationships" so that you'll donate
                       once you're old enough to have earned money.  -tom
                       \_ Good point. --erikred
                 \_ I graduated.  Do they plan to have a way for senile grads
                    to signup?
                    \_ At the very least, you'll be able to do
               Dunno about  -tom
                       \_ Thanks tom.  Please keep us informed.
2007/4/9-11 [Industry/Jobs] UID:46238 Activity:kinda low
4/9     I get to pick my own title "within reason".  I'd like to pick whatever
        will be most useful on my resume in the future without limiting my
         future options too much.  I will be the senior programmer and
        "go to guy" in my group, but without anyone reporting to me.  Some
        possible adjectives: "platform, 3D, services"
        \_ "Software Architect", a very high technical non-managerial title.
           \_ Agreed.  It implies you're decisions are followed by others,
           \_ Agreed.  It implies your decisions are followed by others,
              but you're not a manager/team lead.
        \_ How about Principal Engineer? Suggests a high degree of technical
           ability and responsibility.
           \_ I suggest using Principal Engineer only if you have 5+ years
              industry experience, not including high school and internships.
              The title connotes a steady elevation from Engineer -> Sr.
              Engineer -> Staff Engr -> Sr Staff Engr -> Principal Engineer.
              \_ My former employer's ranks go like Engr -> Sr. Engr -> Lead
                 Engr -> Staff Engr -> Sr Staff Engr -> Principal Engr -> Sr.
                 Principal engr -> (probably) Architect.
              \_ I assumed that OP was past the Member of Tech. Staff/Eng.
                 stage and was at least 10+ years experience. I agree w/
                 you if OP is less than 10 years experience. - former staff eng
                 \_ if op is asking motd, this would imply they don't have
                    10+ yrs
                    \_ because they're asking the motd or because they're on
                       the motd at all?
        \_ "Lead Engineer, in X"
           \- to me "software architect" smell more of smoke and vapor
              than "principal engineer", "senior engineer" etc.
              i mean if you are really applying for a cto/technogist/
              visionary type position what you call yourself isnt going to
              matter that much. also you dont want to necessarily come
              across as over qualified unless you really are going for
              cto,vp eng type positions. i mean it's tough to go from
              "distinguished <> fellow" to "senior programmer". is "member
              of the technical staff" now commonly understood that it doesnt
              mean bottle washer/tape monkey? a lot of people i've met dont
              seem to know what that is.
        \_ "Supreme Chancellor" seems reasonable.  That or "Dear Leader".
           I mean if they are dumb enough to give you the choice, reach for
           the stars.  Disclaimer: not responsible for loss of employment.
           \_ Dear Leader has a long and distinguished history.  Given the
              rest of the advice here, maybe Dear Principal Software Architect
              is what OP is looking for.
2007/4/9-10 [Computer/Networking, Computer/SW/Security] UID:46239 Activity:nil 66%like:46247
4/9     Free W-Fi on Transbay buses:
2007/4/9-12 [Transportation/Car] UID:46240 Activity:moderate
4/9     Hey Silicon Valley people. What are the streets you hate the most in the
        valley? I've found some to be just completely idiotic in design.
        Lawrence Expressway: .
        Great America Pkwy: .
        El Camino Real: .
        \- without a doubt 237 -> 101north exchange. the crazy lanes on
           lawrence expy is up there tho. oh the foothill-freeeeeemont
           exchange is also kinda fucked up. there is fucked up stuff by
           the airport, but i suppose that is understandable.
           \_ Actually, San Jose is about the most fucked up airport I've
              ever seen in my life.  I hate flying in/out of there.  --PM
                \_ Driving around the San Jose airport is craaaaazy ... You
                   think you are close because you can see the RUNWAY but
                   you still have to drive around for miles before you actually
                   get there ...
                   \_ What else would you expect?  For them to let you
                      through the fence at the back so you can drive across
                      the runways to the terminal?  It's big and you have to
                      come in the front -- there's nothing crazy about that.
                      \_ I'd prefer they land a helicopter in my drive way
                         and take me straight to my private jet.
        \_ All of them.  Commuting to the valley sucks.
           \_ I used to think so, but then I spent a quarter at UCLA and
              realized that commuting in the Valley is not actually that
        \ Lets not forget the whole 101-85 exchange. Though the 280 -85
              \_ It's just a different form of Hell from driving in LA.  It is
                 still bad.  If I chopped your arm off would you say it isn't
                 that bad because some other guy was going to chop off both?
                 \_ On the Internet/an anonymous forum? Of course he would.
        \ Lets not forget the whole 101-85 exchange. Though the 280-85
        \ Lets not forget the whole 101-85 exchange. Though the 280 -85
          exchange is really dangerous and just plain insane.
          \_ Yeah, I'm not sure how any civil engineer who thinks it's
             acceptable to have 6 lanes collapse into 3 within a half
             mile can get a job.
             \_ Stanford grad.
                \_ Civil engineers must be completely retarded - at least
                   the ones that work with traffic. FWIW, I do know a
                   civil engineer who got his MS at Stanford and you'd
                   be shocked he is any kind of engineer at all if you
                   met him. This is the type of guy who still goes to
                   bars and drinks Long Island Iced Teas at age 40-something.
                   No wonder his wife left him. So there you go.
                   \_ In all fairness to civil engineers, not all of them
                      are boneheaded. I would, for example, give credit to
                      the ones who design Germany's Autobahn system as
                      their roadways are extremely impressive in terms
                      of both speed and safety. The ones who work for
                      Caltrans or the people they subcontract out to,
                      on the other hand, are a bunch of morons and it
                      shows in our roadways.
                      \- as with other field [like programmers] there are
                      \- as with other fields [like programmers] there are
                         a lot of substandard people. the best civil engineers
                         are working on more complicated things [like big
                         dams, pretoleum-relating construction etc], not
                         freeway exchanges. BTW, some years ago kara
                         won the university medal and now works in
                         traffic models:
                         dams, petroleum-relating construction etc], not
                         freeway exchanges. BTW, Kara who is a CE working
                         on traffic models, won the University Medal some
                         yrs ago:
                         berkeley CE >> 'Fraud. Berkeley CE probably
                         (I dont know if she drinks Long Islands. She does
                         bungee jump.)
                         Berkeley CE >> 'Fraud. Berkeley CE probably
                         best in the world.
2007/4/9-10 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan] UID:46241 Activity:kinda low
4/9     "If I win, I will be terrified."
        \_ Reminds me of the events director Varun. -mrauser
        \_ Sort of reminds me of Micheal Savage.
           \_ Sort of reminds me of Mussolini.
        \_ I wonder if he takes himself seriously?  I doubt it.
2007/4/9-11 [Uncategorized] UID:46242 Activity:nil
4/9     Aaron C. Smith moved to Bhutan:
        \_ Is stalking a squishable offense?
           \_ No.
2007/4/9-12 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:46243 Activity:high
4/9     The EIA (Energy Information Agency) apparently makes oil production
        predictions by feeding crack and magic mushrooms to monkeys and
        letting them write up reports in a fairy kingdom.  Their report for
        the future predicts Saudi Arabia producing 17.1 mb/day in 2030 (their
        production has dropped 7% in the last year they are cutting shipments
        to their
        asian customers), Mexico going to 5 mb/day in 2030 (the oil field that
        supplies 60% of their production, Cantarell, is crashing hard) and
        HA HA HA, this part is really funny, the United States is going to
        INCREASE oil production even though oil production has gone down
        steadily since 1970, except for a brief blip up in 1986 as we developed
        the supergiant Prudhoe Bay in Alaska.  See the link to the PDF in:
        What's scary is that the government makes policy decisions based on the
        "research" done by these wankers.
                   \- they arent making decision "based on the research" ...
                      the decisions are based on self-interest, ideology
                      or other factors. the "research" is chaff. [which
                      is not to say i agree with your reading of the
                      "facts". i'm just pointing out you have things
                      backwards, just like Randriods arent interested
                      in philosophy ... they cleave to the philosophy that
                      says what they want a philosophy to say.]
        \_ Scary but not surprising.  It'll be interesting to see if further
           oil finds and advances in technology keep us ahead of the curve.
           Also, it may be that by 2030, oil/gasoline has gone up enough in
           price that using some alternative becomes a seriously viable event
           for transport and heating.  And lastly, when Middle Eastern oil is
           finally tapped out or the world has moved away from oil, I'd like
           to be around to see how much 'concern' the rest of the world has
           for Middle East events.  We live in interesting times.
           \_ The concern of the rest of the world will move to whichever
              region that can export clean water.
              \_ Desalination is a 'solved' problem.  It's just a hell of a lot
                 cheaper to drain aquafurs, rivers, and lakes.
                 \_ Same for electricity from solar panels and wind mills.
                    \_ Not entirely.  The ocean is there 24x7x365.  The sun's
                       rays and sufficient wind are not.  Solar/wind are
                       expensive yes but not reliable.
           \_ further oil finds? Oil discoveries in the lower 48 peaked in the
              1930s, and production peaked in 1970.  You have to find the oil
              before you can produce it.  Similarly, GLOBAL oil finds peaked
              in the 1960s.  Note that the MSM hails ANY oil find as "massive"
              or "huge" these days ... If oil finds peaked in the 1960s, it
              makes sense oil production will peak 40-50 years later.  Note
              that the 1970s oil crisis reduced growth in demand substantially
              which bought us another 10 years or so.
              \_ further finds meaning being able to pull oil from places that
                 were previously unreachable such as the gulf of mexico, etc.
                 that's the "advances in technology" part you ignored. -pp
                 \_ Explain, with massive advances in oil extraction technology
                    in the last 35 years, we only produce HALF the oil we did
                    in 1970 ... The problem isn't that the technology will not
                    allow us to extract more oil than before (it does), but
                    that we've already sucked the big oil fields dry.
                    \_ Refinery capacity has not kept up.
                       \_ Somehow the imported crude gets refined just fine.
                          I assume this was a joke response.
                 \_ You are aware of course that (for example) oil shale
                    extraction requires a lot of energy, and as energy costs
                    rise...  I'll leave the rest as an exercise for the
                    \_ And it's cheap to slap an oil derrick in the ocean or
                       the middle of the desert and drill down 10,000 feet?
                       It's done because it's worth it and over time technology
                       has improved to make it economical to do things that
                       weren't at one time.  Almost zero effort has gone into
                       oil shale tech (to use your example) so no kidding it is
                       both expensive and very messy as well right now.
                       \_ Your brain has been classified as: small.
                          \_ Wow, you sure put me in my place with that pithy
                             and brilliant reply.  Or not.  Care to actually
                             demonstrate a flaw in anything I said or just
                             going to spew "you are an idiot!" motd-style?
                             \_ Well, you are an idiot.  Yes, it is enormously
                                cheaper to produce substances usable for
                                combustion when you start with a flammable
                                liquid than when you start with a rock.  -tom
                             \_ Are you even vaguely aware of the concept of
                                an "input to production?"
                       \_ Billions of dollars have been invested in
                          this area over the last few decades, all ending in
                          failure.  The problem is that every non-conventional
                          "solution" to our energy needs can't scale up or
                          has horrific environmental implications.
           \_ World oil production has been FLAT for 2 years now, we're already
              "behind the curve" -- the third world is being priced out
              from the market.
              \- crowding out/substitution happens per use/per transaction
                 not per country for the most part. same for interest rates.
                 \_ Uh what? Poor Africans can't afford oil at $65/barrel
                    \_ Poor Africans can't afford food.  If oil was free they
                       couldn't afford the barrel to store it.  So what about
                       poor Africans?
                        \_ Ok, rephrase poor (relative to us, but not to
                           the average African) Africans are being priced out
                           of the market.
                           \- sigh. i doubt this will do any good but the
                              here is a little bit of what is wrong with the
                              "poor african" analysis above: it'ss one thing
                              to look at price-elasticity of something like
                              coca cola or other CONSUMPTION goods ...
                              say the price of coke goes up because of
                              the price of sugar going up or the strength of
                              your currency going down. then you will
                              substitute for things that give you more
                              utility. but oil is a FACTOR OF PRODUCTION
                              so the substitution effects are not from
                              demand elasticity but returns to capital.
                              as oil prices go up this may affect how much
                              kerosene poor people use to light their
                              homes at night, but for oil as an investment
                              the the crowding out looks more like the
                              kinds of crowding out that happens as interest
                              rates go up [a plant expasion that might make
                              sense when money costs 6% may not make sense
                              when money costs 10%]. btw, the reason the
                              divisibility matters is the dynamics of
                              indivisible goods [like tractors] is different
                              [and you can hope there are solutions like
                              cooperative ownership, rental markets etc].
                              BTW, there are a number of first world
                              assumptions [like shape of labor supply curve]
                              that dont carry over from 1st world to developing
                              economies [which is partly why the field of
                              development econ exists], so you should be a
                              little reticent about generalizing econ 100a/b
                              to the whole world.
                              LESSON: investment != consumption
                              \- poor americans can no longer afford tuna:
                              \- Poor Americans can no longer afford tuna:
                                \_ I didn't bother to read this economic
                                   analysis, but I base my conclusions on the
                                   observations that many African (and other
                                   third world nations) are reverting to a
                                   pre-oil economy, with ox carts replacing
                                   combustion engine vehicles, etc.  They
                                   simply cannot afford oil at over $60/barrel.
                                   \- what african country are you in making
                                      your "observations" and how long have
                                      you been there [for your "longitudinal
                                        \_ Zimbabwe, Ghana for starters
                                           \_ You are in Zimbabwe?
                                              Are you Mugabe's IT consultant?
2007/4/9-12 [Transportation/Car, Transportation/Car/RoadHogs] UID:46244 Activity:kinda low
4/9     "At $3.25/gallon, good mileage ranks 22nd as the most important
        attribute in buying a car."
        \_ $3.25 is still too low to change consumer behavior.
           \_ We should put a $5/gallon tax on it.
              \_ Agreed, and redirect the tax to development for solar power,
                 geothermal, more efficient cars, or whatever.  (Well, maybe
                 not as much as $5, but still.)
              \_ Agreed (well, maybe not as much as $5), and redirect the tax
                 to R&D for solar power, geothermal, more efficient cars,
                 fixing the atmosphere, or whatever.
                 \_ Not as much?  $5 isn't nearly enough.  I was being
                    conservative, since it should really be double that to have
                    the desired social engineering effect.  If you want to
                    change the people's actions to something more beneficial
                    to the government you have to put punishing taxes on
                    negative behaviours.  The carrot of course would be free
                    government bikes for everyone.
              \_ Get rid of the payroll tax, and tax fuel instead at the same
                 aggregate level.
              \_ I agree that gasoline tax needs to be raised dramatically.
                 The time to raise it was 15 years ago. However, our politicians
                 were either too stupid, too cowardly, or too corrupt.  Now
                 we simply cannot slap on a large tax on gasoline.  But gas
                 tax can and should be ramped up at the fastest rate which
                 doesn't screw us up horribly economically.  Also, a way
                 needs to be found to make this tax less regressive.
                 \_ No, it is never too late to do the right thing.  If we're
                    15 years behind on this grand social engineering task, if
                    we want to properly control the negative behaviors of the
                    people for the betterment of government, we must increase
                    gas taxes even more to make up for the past weaknesses in
                    this area you pointed out.  Raising it $5/gallon would be
                    a good start but to make up for the last 15 years, a $7.5/g
                    increase would take THIRTY years to catch up and that's not
                    even taking inflation into account.  Maybe $10/gallon would
                    put us where we need to be and would still take 15 years to
                    catch up.  Taxes don't need to be regressive.  The earth
                    doesn't care if you're rich or poor.  If you are killing
                    the earth, our only home, you must be stopped at any cost.
                    \_ Wow spoken like an ultra earth loving leftist. You
                       realize that no one listens to you when you use the
                       "we must do this because we love earth" tone right?
                       I'm not saying that you're wrong, just that you're
                       not convincing anyone.
                       \_ Strawman.  If you don't take care of the planet that
                          hosts your entire civilization you are a fool.  I
                          never said we should all kumbaya in a giant tree
                          hugging circle.  We should however still put a
                          behavior modifying $10/gal tax out there to stop
                          people like you from destroying all we have.  A
                          healthy earth is required for continued human life.
                          How dumb do you have to be to not see that?
        \_ I believe the number of cup holders ranked 18th in the most
           important attribute.  I suppose once gas lines become the norm again
           or gas is $10/gallon (whichever comes first) Americans will once
           again care about fuel efficiency.
           \_ I care, but only about whether my car gets 40 MPG versus
              12 MPG. I don't think most people would alter their choice
              of car because one gets 28 MPG and the other gets 31 MPG.
              So in that respect, mileage is not very important.  Even
              though there's a 10% difference in mileage, the placement of
              cup holders in the car is something that impacts my experience
              more than enough to offset the difference in mileage. Since
              most cars are in the mid-20's to 30 MPG range anyway then
              what does it matter? The people driving 12 MPG or 50 MPG
              cars are on the fringes of the survey.
              \_ You are clearly a threat to the planet and must be
                 prosecuted and then executed as an environmental criminal.
                 \_ Sir:  the trial is already under way.  Executions
                    have already commenced and execution rates will increase
                    year by year.
                    \_ Excellent!  But we must execute faster!  Faster, I say!
              \_ what does it matter if my car gets 20 or 26 mpg,  when I
                 drive so little.  We should focus on usage.  Set tight
                 gas quotas and see what that does.
                 \_ what will the quota be and who gets special exemptions from
                    the limit?  are you going to arrest people who sell gas on
                    the black market you're creating?
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