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2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/10/26-29 [Finance/Banking, Finance] UID:44991 Activity:low
10/26   College degree inflation, and a BA/BS degree is worth ~$20K/year.
        Also Bush loving rednecks in West Virginia have the lowest
        proportion of college graduates.
        \_ I'm not saying their conclusions are wrong, but anyone who talks
           about mean income without talking about median income is such
           a moron that they should be ignored just on principle.
           Fucking dumbass journalists.
           \_ What's the difference?  -- dumbass journalist
              \_ The median income is the income such that exactly half the
                 population has a higher income and half has a lower income.
                 The mean is found by adding everyone's income and dividing
                 by the number of people in the sample set.  For certain
                 distributions they are the same, but not typically for
                 income.  If you live in a town with 99 poor people plus
                 Bill Gates, than the mean income is roughly bill gates's
                 income divided by 100, which is not a useful number by
                 itself if you want to know about the whole population.
                 Whereas the median will actually give you information
                 about the other 99 people.
              \_ i guess the median is lower
        \_ Because off-springs of siblings tend to be retarded.
        \_ ah yes welcome to the motd where racism is not only ok but
           encouraged as long as its white people we hate.
           \_ It's a culture thing, not a color thing.
        \_ as yes more racism, why are most liberals inveterate
              \_ Bzzzt!   Redneck = white.  There are no 'rednecks' of any
                 other race/color.  If you're going to use hateful terms it
                 helps to know what they mean so you offend the right people,
                 \_ What about that Hmong dude on King of The Hill? Isn't
                    he a redneck?
                    \_ way no.  he's a different case, a caricature of
                       arrogant, overachieving asians.
2019/04/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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2012/12/21-2013/1/24 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:54568 Activity:nil
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        \_ Googlers average $104k/yr? Uh huh.
           \_ what is it suppose to be?
                 Google Sr. Software Engineer in Sunnyvale averages $193k in total pay,
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Most Popular Report: College degree worth extra $23,000 a year Adjust font size: Decrease font Decrease font Enlarge font Enlarge font WASHINGTON (AP) -- How much is a bachelor's degree worth? About $23,000 a year, the government said in a report released Thursday. That is the average gap in earnings between adults with bachelor's degrees and those with high school diplomas, according to data from the Census Bureau. College graduates made an average of $51,554 in 2004, the most recent figures available, compared with $28,645 for adults with a high school diploma. High school dropouts earned an average of $19,169 and those with advanced college degrees made an average of $78,093. "There appear to be strong incentives to get a college degree, given the gaps that we observe," said Lisa Barrow, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. The income gap narrowed slightly from five years earlier, when college graduates made nearly twice as much as high school graduates. But the differences remained significant for men and women of every racial and ethnic group. Eighty-five percent of people 25 and older had at least a high school diploma or the equivalent in 2005, according to the Census Bureau's 2005 Current Population Survey. In 2000, 80 percent had a high school diploma or the equivalent, and a little more than half did in 1970. Twenty-eight percent had at least a bachelor's degree, compared with about 24 percent in 2000 and 11 percent in 1970. "I think we've done a very good job of getting individuals into college," said Cecilia Rouse, professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University. "But we don't fully understand why we don't do as good a job of graduating them." Chester Finn, president of the Thomas B Fordham Institute in Washington, said too many high school graduates are unprepared to succeed in college. "If you don't emerge from high school having done at least the equivalent of advanced algebra, you are not going to be ready for college math," Finn said. Among the other findings in the report: Minnesota, Utah, Montana, New Hampshire and Alaska had the highest proportions of adults with at least a high school diploma -- all at about 92 percent. Texas had the lowest proportion of adults with at least a high school diploma, about 78 percent. Connecticut was the state with the highest proportion of adults with at least a bachelor's degree, nearly 37 percent. It was followed closely by Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey. Nearly 47 percent of adults in Washington, DC, had at least a bachelor's degree. West Virginia had the lowest proportion of college graduates, at 15 percent. It was followed at the bottom by Arkansas, Kentucky and Louisiana. Killer wildfire doubles in size Fire teams in Southern California early Friday had gained a small measure of control over a raging wildfire near Palm Springs -- a fire that has killed four ...