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2018/08/16 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/8/4-8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:38990 Activity:nil
8/4     Now that homedirs are on an NFS partition, be very wary of delivering
        your mail to your home directory. --scotsman
        \_ HA!  I won that bet!  Only took 12 hours for someone to complain
           about it! - jvarga
           \_ It's not a complaint.  It's a warning.  Personally, if it's
              avoidable, I would never use NFS for anything requiring locking.
              Also, your quota update issue is also, likely, caused by NFS.
              \_ I have been delivering my OCF mail to NFS mounted home
                 directory, and reading it off NFS too. I never had a problem
                 with it.
                 \_ Then you're lucky.
        \_ Why?
           \_ obNFSBlows
        \_ use maildir.
           \_ That's all fine and good, but what about the people who don't
              know how to implement something like that?  Or for that matter,
              the people that don't even realize the challenges involved in not
              using it (e.g. the person above).  Okay, now you can consider
              it a complaint.  --scotsman
        \_ because, despite my occasional vitriol, I do like to be helpful
           when I can, how about some suggestions as to how people can avoid
           the problems with delivering mail to homedirs over NFS, instead of
           just saying "Oh Oh Oh, BEWARE, DANGER WILL ROBINSON"?
           just saying "Oh Oh Oh, BAD IDEA, DANGER WILL ROBINSON"?
           And to that end, as someone said, maildir (or even MH folders)
           via procmail.  procmail and mutt will support those.  procmail
           will create the maildir folder on its own (mutt seems to do so
           too, but if you want to research this and add to this, please
           do --Jon)

           a _very_ procmailrc example:

                * ^TO_listname
                listname/    # "/" at the end signifies a maildir and
                             # it will create it properly on its own
                             # "/." signifies an MH folder, and, again,
                             # procmail will do the right thing.

           Comments, feedback welcome, this is just an off the cuff post.
           \_ some potentially useful info re mutt/maildir --Jon
    To create a maildir format mailbox, either:

    * set mbox_type="maildir" and create a new folder in Mutt
    * use procmail and append '/' to the folder name
    * mkdir -p testbox/{cur,new,tmp}&& chmod -R 0700 testbox
    * use the [maildirmake] program as included in maildrop and Courier or the s\
imple script included in dovecot
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html Basically, maildir format is a set of directories with the layout Maildir/ cur/ new/ tmp/ Each message is stored in a separate file in either the cur or new direct ories, depending on whether or not it has been seen by the mail client. The tmp dir is used internally when writing new messages to the folder. You do not have to configure anything to get Mutt to read maildir format mailboxes. It can determine the mailbox type automatically by inspecting the directory structure.