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2005/8/4-19 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/SW/Security] UID:38981 Activity:nil
8/3     Soda home directory quotas increased.  Don't spend it all in one place.
        \_ So quit your bitchin'.
        \_ Home dirs are now mounted off the new file server.  Quota increases
           abound, faster home dir access (no more home dirs on TDA!), etc.
           *prepares for flames*  Logins unified under NIS.
           Everything appears to be working.  Please email root if not.  I need
           a very long vacation.  Hopefully new soda will be up soon. - jvarga
           \_ Looks like keg is having issues with updating quotas on the fly.
              Looking into it. - jvarga
           \_ Anyone with a UID over 20000 didn't get a home dir quota
              assigned to them.  I've fixed that.  Sorry! - jvarga
2005/8/4 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38982 Activity:nil
8/4     Huh, so the quota command only shows that I have a /var/mail quota.
        Is there some other place that I have to go to see my new and
        improved disk quota, or do we disk quota?  If the
        latter is true, bring on the porn archives!
        \_ You should have a quota now, thanks to jvarga.  If not, um, feel
           free to mail root and we'll give you a quota.  Yeah.  --mconst
           \_ Don't thank jvarga, blame jvarga.
        \_ jvarga, so you need a you accept Paypal donation
           to help pay for your vacation?
2005/8/4-6 [Transportation/Car] UID:38983 Activity:nil
8/4     berkeley bowl - - danh
        \_ Me and my wife drive the 40 miles from Livermore to Berkeley
           bowl ever couple of weeks, just for that produce section.  The
           wierd part is, not only is the produce great, but it's so cheap
           that the savings out wiegh the gas costs. (We eat a lot of
           produce though) -jrleek
           \_ Driving 80 miles roundtrip to purchase organic food doesn't
              exactly help the environment, if that's what you're trying to do.
              \_ Did I say anything about the environment?  Or orgaic food
                 for that matter? -jrleek
                 \_ No you didn't.
        \_ do you park here?: - danh
        \_ do you park here?

           \_ I wonder what they'd do if you went away and returned with bolt
              cutters to remove the boot.
                      \- as somebody who has de-booted a car at midnight, it is a
                         pretty serious pain in the ass. you are likely to do some
                         damage to your equipment, although maybe not $30 worth,
                         ad relatively few people have the right tools.
                         \_ There was an article in the Bay Guardian many years
                            ago about easy ways to remove a boot.  Maybe if you
                            ask them nicely, they'll find it for you.  -John
              \_ Arrest you for destruction of property.
2005/8/4-6 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA, Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38984 Activity:low
8/4     Hey, do the quota upgrades mean we're finally off the TDA?
        \_ Does CSUA have a hardware donation wishlist?
           \_ For the first time in my life, I think we pretty much have all
              the hardware we need at the moment.  There is talk of a little
              extra disk in new soda for /csua/tmp, but root is discussing the
              legal ramifications of saying "here's 400GB of unmonitored disk
              have fun and be good."  There was once talk of upgrading
              screwdriver, but that discussion fizzled someone pointed out that
              no one does projects anymore so a screwdriver upgrade would be a
              a waste of money.  Once I have everything up and running, I'll
              try to post a wishlist.  But for now, just sit back and relax.
              - jvarga
        \_ Oh yes: I will be watching usage over the next month or so.  If
           things appear to be reasonable and managable, I may up quotas to
           175-200MB. - jvarga
        \_ Another 100MB for my .spamassassin directory to grow
        \_ Home dirs are off of TDA (that's 8 of 14 disks).  Mail is on a new
           bigger disk in the TDA (-1 TDA disk), /vol/backup/mail is gone (-1
           TDA disk).  All that remains on TDA is /var/crash, /csua/tmp, and...
           well, that's a good question.  The bottom two disks in each shelf
           ( are all
           that's really still on the TDA. - jvarga
           \_ Soda home dirs are on the bottom computer in this pic:
     - jvarga
              \_ Is the middle computer there lifesaver?  Is it up?
                 \_ Top: lifesaver.  Middle: new-soda.  Bottom: keg. - jvarga
                    \_ Is lifesaver up?  I can't wait for new soda!
           \_ Yea!  No more TDA!
        \_ What's TDA?
           \_ Tertiary Disk Array, I think.  It was a few chunks of a very
              big disk array composed of 9G drives.  Ancient and apparently
              slow, and of questionable reliabity.  But free.
                              free as in free software. _/
                              \_ Hah, yeah and with exactly the same issues.
        \_ Is anyone backing up Soda OUTSIDE of Berkeley? What would happen
           if an earthquake strikes Soda Hall and goes with all its data?
           \_ Then soda, and the great pr0n archives that inhabit the "free
              space" on keg all go down into the big chasm that once was
              Berkeley. - jvarga
2005/8/4-5 [Computer/HW/Drives] UID:38985 Activity:nil
8/4     Thank you so much to those who contributed to the increased disk
        quotas.  One question, though.  I have uncompressed files to the
        point that my usage should have increased by something on the order
        of a Megabyte or 2, yet my disk usage shown when I run "quota" only
        changed by 1kB.  Does it just take a long time to update, or is
        something wrong?
        \_ Hu?  Send me root mail. - jvarga
2005/8/4-6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:38986 Activity:nil
8/2     Atari Flashbacks: <DEAD><DEAD>
2005/8/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:38987 Activity:nil
8/2     Poll, the air disaster/miracle/whatever you call it has or
        has not changed your convidence of French made planes and
        French pilots:
        -more confidence:
        -less confidence:
        -same confidence:
        -reinforce my lack of confidence: .
        \_ Have they figured out what caused it?
        \_ I thought AirBus is a pan-European company.
        \_ What makes you think the accident had anything to do with
           the pilot or plane being French?
           \_ Sounds like M-x doctor.
           \_ The plane landed too far down the runway.
2005/8/4-8 [Politics/Domestic] UID:38988 Activity:nil
8/4     RIP <DEAD><DEAD>
        \_ liberal trash
        \_ What happened? What about the Heuristic Squelch? ;)
2005/8/4-5 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin] UID:38989 Activity:nil
8/4     Does spamassassin report spam to
        \_ Can't you just bounce it?  -John
2005/8/4-8 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:38990 Activity:nil
8/4     Now that homedirs are on an NFS partition, be very wary of delivering
        your mail to your home directory. --scotsman
        \_ HA!  I won that bet!  Only took 12 hours for someone to complain
           about it! - jvarga
           \_ It's not a complaint.  It's a warning.  Personally, if it's
              avoidable, I would never use NFS for anything requiring locking.
              Also, your quota update issue is also, likely, caused by NFS.
              \_ I have been delivering my OCF mail to NFS mounted home
                 directory, and reading it off NFS too. I never had a problem
                 with it.
                 \_ Then you're lucky.
        \_ Why?
           \_ obNFSBlows
        \_ use maildir.
           \_ That's all fine and good, but what about the people who don't
              know how to implement something like that?  Or for that matter,
              the people that don't even realize the challenges involved in not
              using it (e.g. the person above).  Okay, now you can consider
              it a complaint.  --scotsman
        \_ because, despite my occasional vitriol, I do like to be helpful
           when I can, how about some suggestions as to how people can avoid
           the problems with delivering mail to homedirs over NFS, instead of
           just saying "Oh Oh Oh, BEWARE, DANGER WILL ROBINSON"?
           just saying "Oh Oh Oh, BAD IDEA, DANGER WILL ROBINSON"?
           And to that end, as someone said, maildir (or even MH folders)
           via procmail.  procmail and mutt will support those.  procmail
           will create the maildir folder on its own (mutt seems to do so
           too, but if you want to research this and add to this, please
           do --Jon)

           a _very_ procmailrc example:

                * ^TO_listname
                listname/    # "/" at the end signifies a maildir and
                             # it will create it properly on its own
                             # "/." signifies an MH folder, and, again,
                             # procmail will do the right thing.

           Comments, feedback welcome, this is just an off the cuff post.
           \_ some potentially useful info re mutt/maildir --Jon
    To create a maildir format mailbox, either:

    * set mbox_type="maildir" and create a new folder in Mutt
    * use procmail and append '/' to the folder name
    * mkdir -p testbox/{cur,new,tmp}&& chmod -R 0700 testbox
    * use the [maildirmake] program as included in maildrop and Courier or the s\
imple script included in dovecot
2005/8/4 [Uncategorized] UID:38991 Activity:nil
8/4     Czech Police do not like to party
2005/8/4-6 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:38992 Activity:nil
8/4     berkeley crime reports + google maps
        \_ Ah, I miss Berkeley so much...
                \_ What, you think berkeley is the only city with crime?
        \_ So the campus is pretty safe.
           \_ Campus has its own PD.
2005/8/4-8 [Computer/SW/OS/Misc] UID:38993 Activity:nil
8/4     To whomever was asking about file integrity checkers a while ago,
        I asked around a bit and heard quite a few good things about samhain.
        One colleague also successfully deployed AFICK on a bunch of AIX boxes.
        I can gladly get you in touch with people who've done this before if
        this is still of interest.  -John
        \_ It's clear that you're the ONLY person on motd with this type
           of expertise (and interest for that matter).
2005/8/4-8 [Politics/Domestic/911] UID:38994 Activity:kinda low
8/2     International Police Chiefs Group issues Shoot-To-Kill Guidelines
        for Confronting Suicide Bombers:
        \_ The exact text from the document:
           "Lethal force is justified if the suspect represents a significant
           threat of death or serious injury to an officer or others. ... An
           officer need only determine that the use of deadly force is
           objectively reasonable under the circumstances."
           Sounds good to me!
           Do not wear bulky clothing on warm days, do not carry backpacks
           with protruding wires, do not run from people holding guns yelling
           stop (who may be plainclothes officers) and board public transit,
           be aware if your apartment building is under surveillance, avoid
           looking nervous, and be more careful if you match a profile.
           \_ Turban = terrorist hat, so avoid wearing in public.
              \- for sikhs (as opposed to muslims) wearing a turban is close
                 to non-negotiable rather than a fashion statement. have there
                 been any turban-wearing terrorists in the west [a sikh fellow
                 assassinated I GANDHI, i dont know if he was wearing a turban
                 at the time ... i would certainly assume so, given the back-
                 ground.] --psb
                 \- Why dont we ask good sikhs to wear white turbans and bad
                    sikhs and terrorists to wear black turbans --alig
                    \_ And we can make *our* towelheads wear american flag
                       turbans (though perhaps we should make the liberal
                       ones wear a pink moon or something on their sleeves
                       for easier, uhm, identification....)
              \_ As long as you don't resist arrest, you're fine.  The Shoot-
                 To-Kill guidelines applies only if the suspect resists arrest,
                 as in the Britain case.
                 \_ Getting arrested isn't fine though. They can still push you
                    to the ground, kneel on you and shout at you etc. And
                 \_ Getting arrested isn't fine though. They can still push
                    you to the ground, kneel on you and shout at you etc. And
                    they can chain you to a chair in a cold jail cell with
                    flimsy clothes and a roomful of weirdos, and when you
                    get out the cash might be gone from your wallet.
                    to the ground, kneel on you and shout at you etc.
                    And they can chain you to a chair in a cold jail cell with
                    flimsy clothes and a roomful of weirdos, and when you get
                    out the cash might be gone from your wallet.
                 \_ Are you quoting from the official document, or are you
                    talking more about your personal opinion?
                    Please also note that witnesses do not remember hearing the
                    plainsclothes police identifying themselves as such to
                    the dead innocent guy from Brazil.
                    \_ The guy who took a running jump over a turnstile the day
                       after a bombing.  He may have been innocent, but he
                       earned his Darwin Award.
                       \_ After being followed by suspicious looking guys
                          since you left your apartment who pull out guns
                          when you head down into the train station?
                          Anyway, are you quoting from the official document
                          or is it more about your personal opinion?
                          We were talking about the shoot-to-kill guidelines
                          from the Intl Police Chiefs Association.
                          \- the line about how to stop a SUICIDE BOMBER:
                             "destroy his brain instantly, utterly" is pretty
                             cold! the sort of line CHURCHILL would be
                             proud of.
                             \_ This line is not new, police snipers are
                                taught to hit the motion centre of the brain
                                taught to hit a certain portion of the brain
                                (the thalamus I think) which enables motion
                                when killing people holding hostages. -- ilyas
                                \_ Thank god you don't have a gun, you seem
                                   to be very unstable sometimes.
                                   \_ Hehehe. -- ilyas
                                   \_ BWWWAHAHAHAHAHA!        -mice
                                \- i think the idea of instant death/head shot
                                   iswnt new, but the line is what is new.
2005/8/4-6 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:38995 Activity:nil
8/2     NIS?  Do we like challenging people to crack our passwds?
        \_ soda:~>ypmatch phillip passwd
phillip:iTJGnBNcyKBxQ:30311:100:Phillip "Edward" Nunez:/home/sequent/phillip:/bin/csh
        \_ I'm not sure how, but some 200 people managed to get md5 hashes.
           I don't know how I got one.  I haven't changed my password.
           \_ Someone set the default passwd_format to des in /etc/login.conf.
              but that's not the issue.  The issue is passwd hashes being
              available at all.
        \_ Dumb q: how do you find a user name given a user id? I used to
           look in /etc/passwd.
           \_ You can run "ypcat passwd" to see the new password file.
              If you just want to look up a username, though, try "id 30311"
              (or whatever) -- it's easier, and it works regardless of where
              the password file is stored.  --mconst
              \_ Thanks! That seems really basic but somehow I never heard
                 of it before.
2005/8/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:38996 Activity:nil
8/2     Ranga, how did you thank jvarga? Did you properly thank him, and HOW?
        \_ Yeah, we need to give jvarga a long and hard thanking.
2005/8/4-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:38997 Activity:nil
8/4     Novak takes off mike, walks off set after being taunted by Carville
        about having to look tough for the right-wingers when Novak is being
        gracious to Carville
        Download video here:
        \_ Ooh, big bad mean jim carville... Come on.. Have you ever watched
           them on shows together before?  Novak needs a nap (in some nice
           orange pyjamas)
        \_ I think Carville is the closest I've seen a person to Gollum ever.
           \_ I actually think Condi is closer
              \_ Nah, the bald head and the voice clinch it.
                 \_ Nah, I think her buck teeth, the big forehead with the
                    weird wrinkles, the wild look in her eyes, and her
                    following the master around do it
           (Condi, first thing on Yahoo! photos)
                    \- Condie Rice is Angry!
        \_ CNN Suspends Novak After He Walks Off Set - Yahoo! News:
2005/8/4-8 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:38998 Activity:low
8/4     Shadow defence minister Gerald Howarth says that extremist Muslims
        should leave Britian.
        Amusingly, he could be refering to George Galloway.
        \_ The French have been pissed off at the British for a long time now
           for allowing extremist Algerians to operate with impunity.  Wanting
           fuckwits like Abu Hamza Al Masri to leave is not necessarily a
           Bad Thing. -John
           \- that fellow is like a bad guy out of a movie ... i mean the
              eye patch s one thing, but an eye patch and a hook! i wonder
              if he has to be defanged before flying. ok tnx. --psb
           \- that fellow is like a bad guy out of a movie ... half blind and
              hooks for hands? if he has to be defanged before flying. ok tnx.
              hooks for hands? he has to be defanged before flying? ok tnx.
              \_ Partha, the directorate approves of your comments.
2005/8/4-6 [Uncategorized] UID:38999 Activity:low
8/4     Dear Goons, please point me to whatever thread on SA has any
        info on the recent wdma shinanigans.  The new forum looks, uh,
        like a trap.
        \_ SA?
        \_ wavelength-division multiple access?  and i thought i was the only
           optical networking guy here.
        \_ My understanding of what happened:
                1) Loser posts explicit pics and vids of him and his lady frie!
                   only a forum (not SA).
                2) Somehow this gets on site in question, where his bf2
                   clan find them.
                3) He threatens admins on SA and wdma to remove it or else;
                3) He threatens admins on SA and ..... to remove it or else;
                   In typical SA fashion, he is mocked relentlessly.
                4) Guy throws hissy fit and posts big exposes about piracy
                   on the internet, implicating various people connected to
                   the two sites, but not the original forum he posted on.
                   He somehow decides that posting said expose in hundreds
                   of IMDB forums is the correct method to distribute this
                5) I notice the site is down, and get pissed enough to read
                   15 pages of posts to figure out what had happened.
           BTW, remember the first rule of Fight Club.
           \_ Noted--even though you repeated it in point 3.  Thx
              for the info.
2005/8/4-6 [Uncategorized] UID:39000 Activity:nil
8/4     Wow, this must be the 100th time I've typed 'quota' today.  I am
        so happy.  Thank you root/jvarga/people that donated money....  You
        guys rock!!      -mice
        \_ I've typed "df" many times to.
        \_ Seconded, with interest. Nicely done! --erikred
        \_ You guys are awesome!!!
        \_ Yeah, thanks!
           \_ thanks? that's it? jvarga is open for donations. He
              could have gotten paid $$$ doing internships, but instead
              volunteered to do CSUA crap. Give him $$$, NOW!
2005/8/4-6 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39001 Activity:nil
8/4     Bush describes Iraqi resistance as "dark, dim and backwards":
        \_ Erm, this says he was talking about Zawahri..  Conflating him
           with "Iraqi resistance" would be... unsupported.
2005/8/4-6 [Uncategorized] UID:39002 Activity:nil
8/4     Czech Police do not like to party
        \_ Learn to format
2005/8/4-6 [Politics/Domestic/Immigration, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:39003 Activity:kinda low
8/4     psb in the news. Lookin' a little scruffy there, eh?
        \_ And he looks like he's wearing a yarmulke.
        \_ Wow, Partha sure has gone gray.
           \_ Is that really the same psb?  I've never seen him in person,
              only on the motd...
              \_ Not a chance-- this guy didn't finish his speech with ok thnx.
           \_ Um... no.
              \_ This can't be the real PSB. The real PSB doesn't even have
                 a college degree, yet this fake site says he
                 has a MS degree. Hence, this must be a fake PSB.
              \_ The One True PSB is less scruffy, and less gray
                 \_ That's my point. -pp
2005/8/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:39004 Activity:low

        BERKELEY        CA
        CA -
        \_ Dooooooonutttttttts!
2005/8/4-7 [Politics/Foreign/Canada] UID:39005 Activity:low
8/4     Do I need a passport to drive from Washington state to
        \_ You need to prove U.S. citizenship and residency.
           This is done with a U.S. passport.
           Otherwise you need your birth certificate + driver's license.
           They asked for both my passport and driver's license a year ago.
        \_ I believe you do.
           New regulations I read about a month ago.  The URL is somewhere.
           Well maybe not
           But they definitely asked for it when I crossed WA -> Canada a
           year ago.  I am reading this sentence from a google link:
           "If you do not have a passport you will need your birth
           certificate and at least one other piece of identification (ie:
           driver's license) to get into Canada."
           \_ This is all new now? I drove across a few years ago and I
              didn't need any of this.
              \_ Welcome to Fortress America.  I've also been stopped at a
                 random checkpoint several miles inside the U.S. in upstate
                 New York by soldiers who demanded to see a passport.
                \_ were you near Watertown?  A lot of special forces
                   units are based there.  Maybe they needed practice.
                   \_ No.
           \_ This has been going on since at least the early 80's (the first
              time I've driven (or actually been driven) across that border).
              I'm <ethnic> though, so perhaps they're more careful about
              checking my passport.
           \_ I'm a non-citizen resident and I drove that way and back in 1998
              without problem.
           \_ This has been going on since at least the early 80's (the
              first time I've driven (or actually been driven) across
              that border).  I'm <ethnic> though, so perhaps they're more
              careful about checking my passport.
           \_ I'm a non-citizen resident and I drove that way and back in
              1998 without problem.
        \_ Or you can cross an imaginary boundary line by driving to another
           part of Canada and just walk in.
2005/8/4-6 [Reference/Law/Court] UID:39006 Activity:nil
        Hello I'm the guy who tried everything to get my money back
        from Holiday Inn where they charged me $140 even though I
        returned the cardkey within an hour. I filed small claims
        2 months ago and the court date is 9-12-2005. Today, I just
        got a call from Holiday Inn asking me to call them back.
        The guy told me he needs more information. Should I bother?
        \_ Is your time worthless? Hell yeah call them back. If they
           give you your $140 (or more) you've saved yourself a lot of trouble.
           One thing they always ask you in court is if you tried to
           settle out of court first.
2005/8/4-6 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Israel] UID:39007 Activity:nil
8/4     Looks like the guy wishing for Isreali suicide bombers is
        going to get his wish afterall!
        \_ Duh, just go to freerepublic if you want to read
           "he should have strapped on a bomb instead" type posts
           C'mon, even is calling him a Jewish terrorist
2005/8/4-6 [Science/GlobalWarming] UID:39008 Activity:kinda low
8/4     Alot of people use black backgrounds on their X sessions, does that
        help cut down the monitor wear and tear? (black == no need for gun
        to fire).  If so, what is the equivalent color for an lcd?  I believe
        that it defaults to white and the colors are added by electricity
        turning on the pixel, so should I turn all my -bg to white?  Or
        does it matter at all?  Thx.
        \_ People still use CRT to do text work (coding, etc.)!?  That's
           crazy!  Anyway, on LCD, it's actually better to have whites, as
           it lets the screen cool down ever so slightly.  Basically, it
           crazy!  Anyway, on LCD, it's actually better to have whites,
           as it lets the screen cool down ever so slightly.  Basically, it
           doesn't matter for LCDs.
        \_ i do it because I find it easier to read yellow on black
           on a screen, which is opposite from what is easier for me
           to read on paper (black on white)
           \_ well, the issue is really with glare. it's not easier to read
              white paper when it's, say, in direct sunlight.
           \_ well, the issue is really with glare. it's not easier to
              read white paper when it's, say, in direct sunlight.
              \_ Yep. I use white on black on computers because it's shining
                 out at me like stars, not like light bouncing off a piece
                 of paper (which in bright sunlight would also be easier
                 to read as black on white). I don't know if it's actually
                 harming my eyes anyway though. I think extended computer
                 use and book reading fucked up my eyes anyway.
        \_ mine is green on black because I loved my commodore pet.
        \_ mine is white on midnight blue because I loved my SGI setup
        \_ My text windows on my CRT are white on black, because I guess it
           cuts down wear and tear, cuts down radiation on me, and cuts down
           energy consumption.  All are just guesses though.
           energy consumption.
2005/8/4-5 [Politics/Domestic/President/Bush] UID:39009 Activity:high
        What's wrong with this picture? Did you yahoo and/or AP start
        photoshopping their photographs?
        \_ Nothing's wrong.  It's a really bright flash on a sunny day.
        \_ What's wrong?  No seat belts.
        \_ What's wrong?  No seatbelts.
2019/02/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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