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2018/07/22 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/4/15 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:37200 Activity:very high
4/15    Unix Wizards, how would I sort a list like this in numerical order?
        I can't figure our the sort syntax.  I am not a programmer!
        \_ The regular "sort -n" will work, except you need to remove the
           plus signs first: tr -d + | sort -n     --mconst
           \_ I am trying to figure out how to sort in that format!
              Otherwise I will have to sort and then re-add the plus
              sign and that seems lame.
              \_ newsflash: you seem lame.
              \_ whine whine whine.
                 \_ OP already said he's not a programmer.
                    \_ and using unix utilities is not programming.
                       \-gee maybe we should give an awk test before
                         giving people sloda accounts.
                         giving people sloda accounts. obviously "not
                         programmer" = casual unix user. i've met people
                         who are technical people who never thought about
                         the fact you could "grep a web page" by doing
                         soemthing like lynx -dump | grep, so things
                         obvious to some arent necessarily immediately
                         obvious to others.
           \_ How about:  sort -t "+" +1 -n <filename>
              \_ Yeah, as long as the sign's always +, that's simpler.
                 (You could also do "sort -n +.1".)  --mconst
        \_ cat file.txt | perl -ne 's/^\+/ /g;print;' | sort -n |
           perl -ne 's/^ /+/g;print;'
        \_ sed 's/+/ /' file.txt | sort -n | sed 's/^ /+/'
           \- those are redarded. learn to use sort, if it is in a shell
              script and not already in a perl data structure or some such.
              \_ Oh fuck you.  Those handle negative numbers too.
                 \_ so does sort -t + +1 -n <file> | sort -t - +1 -n -s -r
                    \_ Wow, and I always know what the -s and -t options for
                       sort do.  Not to mention - and +
                       \_ That's what man pages are for, man.  sometimes it
                          does pay off to reinvestigate old tools....
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        while true
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