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2021/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2005/3/9-10 [Reference/Tax] UID:36591 Activity:nil
3/9     Anyone have a promotion code for a Turbotax State discount?
        Federal's free this year, but it'd be a shame to have to pay full
        price for State.
        \_ Promotion code?  I had to pay to download.  Then I submit a
           rebate form to cover the price.  Did that last year too, probably
           the year before that too.  Used to be it came as an .exe that
           you could give to your friend, but this year, they hid the download
           process in the interface, and I couldn't locate it on my hard drive.
           The "free" State comes with Deluxe, as usual.
        \_ I've always heard that the government save on electronic filing,
           by not having to scan.  There are lots of free tax filing options
           available - why isn't turbotax filing free yet? (you already have
           to pay for the program, who is getting the filing charge $$?)
           \_ Your first federal filing (and state, with Deluxe) can be
              reclaimed on rebate.  If you have friends or family members
              using the same copy of TurboTax, they need to pay - since there's
              only one set of rebate forms per box.
              \_ So it is purely a mechanism by which Intuit can charge for
                 additional uses of one program CD?  I don't like hassling
                 with rebate forms/checks, so I just printed and emailed the
                 taxes instead, to be done with it.  But I'm annoyed that the
                 system doesn't work more efficiently...
2021/09/20 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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