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2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/9/27 [Finance] UID:29546 Activity:nil 64%like:10349
9/26 [obnoxious url shortened. you're welcome]
        Illegals ruining economy for poor people in Atlanta.  If only they
        could drive and vote everything would be ok.
        \_ could you use's URL shortener, please?
           \_ and could you (op) also use the bigotry shortener? thanks.
        \_ Lets deport all the fat sysadmins so that poor people can have
2021/06/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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        Only 28% of millionaires consider themselves wealthy. So it is
        not just my wife!
        \_ People have been using the term "millionaire" as a synonym for
           "rich" for a very long time.  But there's this little thing called
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2012/12/21-2013/1/24 [Industry/Startup, Finance/Investment] UID:54568 Activity:nil
        Yahooers in Sunnyvale don't seem to average 170K/year.
        \_ Googlers average $104k/yr? Uh huh.
           \_ what is it suppose to be?
                 Google Sr. Software Engineer in Sunnyvale averages $193k in total pay,
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