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2003/9/27-28 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:10345 Activity:nil
9/26    Hilfinger's teaching 61A?  Wasn't he banned from teaching that class?
                                      \_ beats me.  that's just what I heard.
                                         \_ I hope not.  Hilfie rocks!
        \_ Troglodytes.  In their caves.  Getting paaale and white.  -John
        \_ During this Friday lecture, when asked about what's going to
           be on the Monday midterm, he said: "You're responsible for the total
           sum of the human knowledge since the beginning of recorded
           history with particular emphasis on this course"
           \_ that's what he *always* says. so don't even bother asking.
           \_ Because profs are tired of answering the same stupid question,
              "what's going to be on the test?" over and over and over.  Duh,
              if it was in the book, lecture, or discussion section it's fair
              game.  Stop asking stupid questions and the profs will stop
              giving stupid answers.
           \_ Ahhh, Hilfie.  Reminiscing about the good old days when I was
              a happy minion under the heavy hand of the force of universe
              known as the Hilfinator bearing down upon the unsuspecting
              benighted population of the Berkeley undergrads brings a happy
              tear to my eye.  Although, in my opinion, he was way too soft
              with the 164 students that semester.  Projects seemed so much
              more trivial when you're the one grading them.  I think the
              students even had time to sleep.  -- alice
              \_ Was Hilfie in the hospital that semester or something?
              \_ Yeah, I had Hilfinger for 164 (and you as my TA), and I'm
                 surprised my grade turned out to be as high as it was.
                 \_ Who are you?  Are you asking for your grade to be
                    retroactively lowered?  That can be done.  -- alice
                    \_ Who are you? And why do you think that lording over
                       students is such a great thing? Penis envy?
                       \_ It's called humor.  Train harder.  -- alice
                          \_ It's not funny.  And dont lie to yourself.
                             You're pathetically trying to show off.
                             \_ You're making the mistake of considering
                                yourself important enough for me to feel
                                superior by putting you down, not to mention
                                feeling "lorded over" when I was just stating
                                a simple possibility.  I'm amused.  Too bad
                                you're not.
                                 -- alice
2003/9/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:10346 Activity:nil
9/26    New NEC chip for LCDs: (
        \_ Out of curiousity, is there anything better/easier about
           than ?  (Which is one character shorter and currently
           has shorter shortcuts?
           \_ is faster and more reliable
        \_ "With 10 bits, each of the three main colors--red, green and
           blue--can be defined to lie in a range between zero and 1024 rather
           than 8-bit processing's zero to 256."  Oops.  And who cares about
           more colors?  Increase the resolution and make it cheaper.
           \_ So you'd be really happy a with a black and white 2000x1600
              screen for $350?  I doubt it.
              \_ I said who cares about MORE colors.  24-bit color is plenty for
                 now.  Especially with LCD screens which don't even have the
                 brightness and contrast ratio to do 24-bit very well.
                 \_Given the fact that most humans probably can't distinguish
                   24 bit color from 32 bit color.
2003/9/27-28 [Uncategorized] UID:10347 Activity:nil
9/26    Why all of a sudden are these federal courts speaking up
        about free speech regarding this Do Not Call registry,
        when they've known for months that it was supposed to go
        into effect next week? Couldn't those dumbasses have
        spoken up earlier?
        \_  Someone had to file an injuction or initiate a lawsuit
           before the courts could 'speak up'.  DMA did, a judge agreed with
           DMA that the FTC overstepped the authority it was granted by
           congress.  Read the news....
           \_ so what took the DMA so fucking long?
              \_ you do it at the last minute so that even if you lose in
                 trial, the injunction maximizes how long you can do what
                 you've been doing, regardless of the outcome in court
        \_ Even though the list has been blocked by some whacko activist judge,
           I still get fewer calls.  I think most of the scum purged their
           lists already in anticipation so maybe the call volume will drop to
           only 5 or 10 a day until the case is settled in the people's favor.
2003/9/27-29 [Computer/SW/Apps] UID:10348 Activity:nil
9/26    Now that Yahoo is clamping down on use of their IM protocol by outside
        clients, I'm wondering if there is an effort to create an interoperable
        open-source instant messenger protocol/service?
        \_ You mean like IRC, ICB, or Jabber?
           \_ Yup, thanks. :)
        \_ URL?  Does this mean Trillian will not work any more?
              All third party apps are hozed for the time being.
           \_ Trillian saw this coming and did nothing proactively.. so yes
              their client was screwed for a couple days. As of last night
              (saturday night) they already had a beta patch out for at least
              Trillian Pro 2.0.. which seems to work fine.
              \_ How could they proactively adapt their client to a protocol
                 that wasn't known until they got cut off?
         \_ why does everyone just use aim?
            \_ do you mean "why DOESN'T" ...
              \_ Whoops.  Yeah I do.
            \_ I don't use anything.  IM'ing is just another way of losing
               time to relax.  Let them send email and wait for a response.
        \_ am I the only one who thinks that Trillian UI sucks and people who
                use a zillion IM apps are silly?
                 \_ the default trillian skin sucks, but there are one
                    or two that are good.  Mostly I just hate using clients
                    that make me look at ads.
                    \_ which ones would you recommend? (considering checking
                        it out)
2003/9/27 [Finance] UID:10349 Activity:high 64%like:29546
        Illegals ruining economy for poor people in Atlanta.  If only they
        could drive and vote everything would be ok.
        \_ could you use's URL shortener, please?
           \_ and could you (op) also use the bigotry shortener? thanks.
        \_ Lets deport all the fat sysadmins so that poor people can have
2003/9/27-29 [Politics/Domestic/California, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:10351 Activity:nil
9/27    CIA asks Justice Dept. to investigate allegations that White House blew
        agent's cover to get back at her husband for writing article condemning
        knowing inclusion of false statements in the State of the Union Address:
        \_ the white house has a record of every single incoming
           and outgoing call, i wonder when they'll release the
           \_ Probably about the same time they release details of who attended
              the Energy Policy meeting.
            \_ what's 'rose law firm'?  recently the white house
               almost immediately released records of wesley clark
               calling the white house, so they have the technology
               to tell who called who in the white house when.
               \_ if you don't know that then you've got no business sharing
                  your political views, however, yes, everyone here already
                  agrees it was bad *if* it happened and should be investigated
              \_ Or where the Rose Law Firm records were for 7 years.
        \_ The rest of us already knew this.  Where have *you* been?
           \_ making ad hominem attacks in the Medea Benjamin thread below.
        \_ And this republican says they should do it.  That action, if true, is
           indefensible. -emarkp
           \_ If the dems had done this, I'd still be right with you. --erikred.
                \_ Reprehensible behavior transcends political allegiance.
                   There's no excuse for it.  -John
        \_ I agree that it should be investigated.  It should not be assumed to
           be true or false until there's been a non-partisan finding.
           \_ Do you think Novak (and Newsweek, which published essentially
              the same story at the same time) were lying about it? And
              seriously now, do you think that there is any chance of this
              getting investigated, with all three branches of government
              firmly in Republican hands?
              \_ Novak didn't say who told him so we don't know.  That's what
                                  \_"Two Senior administration officials"
                 investigations are for.  If you think Republicans are all
                 liars and into conspiracies, etc, maybe you weren't aware
                 that Novak is a conservative?  If conservatives were all so
                 universally evil why would one print this?  Thanks.
                 \_ This is the kind of logical leap that makes discussions
                    on motd so fucking pointles.  No one said "Republicans are
                    all liars".  Grow up. --scotsman
                    \_ Duh.  It's right there.  Go fucking read it in the thing
                       I was replying to.  People who can't fucking read is
                       what makes the motd pointless.  I don't care if you grow
                       up but you should learn to fucking read before posting.
                       \_ Read it again, after putting away the GOP card.
                       \_ But my credit cards aren't maxed out!  What the
                          fuck is a republican administration having the CIA
                          raise taxes for?!?
                          \_ Exactly.  Thank you.
                \_ Will you hold your breath until they appoint an independent
                   council to investigate it? Please???  There is no way that
                   this is going to happen. And yes, I know that Novak is a
                   Republican. He is also a reporter, not a White House
2003/9/27-28 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:10352 Activity:nil
9/26    in a perl script I'm trying to write a reg exp to replace a
        multiline block of text with another multiline block of text but
        can't seem to get it right. any advice? thanks.
        \_ example?
           \_ if he had an example he wouldn't need help, would he?
        \_ try subbing a variable for another variable, so you don't have
           to worry about how to escape newlines within s// expressions
        \_ i am trying to do the samething without much success.  I am trying
           to remove a mult-line text block with certain pattern (for example
           "Do You Yahoo?..."  Let me know if any of you have any cool idea
           on this supposely simple problem             -kngharv
        \_ [removes ads from yahoo msgs]
           I ran this through s2p, did a little cleanup, and have been
           using it in my procmail script for about a year.
        \_ Two things to keep in mind:
           1) You can't do this with a straight perl -pe 's/..../' from the
              command line (without -0777), so I'll assume you have the whole
              text to be substituted on in a scalar ($text or something).
           2) Use /s at the end of your regexp: $text =~ s/.../.../gs;
              This will make things like . match \n as well, so that your
              matches won't fail at the end of a line.  When in doubt, RTFM:
              perlre(1)     --dbushong
2003/9/27 [Finance] UID:29546 Activity:nil 64%like:10349
9/26 [obnoxious url shortened. you're welcome]
        Illegals ruining economy for poor people in Atlanta.  If only they
        could drive and vote everything would be ok.
        \_ could you use's URL shortener, please?
           \_ and could you (op) also use the bigotry shortener? thanks.
        \_ Lets deport all the fat sysadmins so that poor people can have
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