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2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2004/4/21-22 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll/Ilyas, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:13321 Activity:nil
        "Thomas Holub", "Tom Holub" -> There were no records found matching your request.
        "Partha Banerjee" -> There were no records found matching your request.
        When did they graduate? Degrees?
        \_ Graduate? Degrees?
        \_ Old motd saying: The ways of men do not apply to psb.
           As for tom, maybe it was a tragedy of the commons.
           "The majority of the online csua community was composed of older
            legacy Associate Members, creating a "ol' Boys Club" which
            actively created an atmosphere in which the newer members were
            treated as inferior sub-citizens... "
           Paolo is talking about tom. It's been a long time since this has
           been tried, but I think now is a good time to squish tom.
                \_ paolo wrote that like 4 years ago, why do ANY of
                   you care?  who is cranky old tom-hater?  I still
                   don't know.  i am sad about your pathetic life.
           \_ sup party peepz!  That wasn't about tom. - pst (who didn't
              know about tom until 6 months after he wrote that).
           \_ First, you need some non-anonymous person to complain.
              \_ It works best if the complainant happens to be the girlfriend
                 of a polit bureau member.
           \_ What misconduct specifically are you accusing Tom of?  He's not
              even participating as much as he used to, so it's hard to make
              the case that he's creating a more hostile environment than has
              been cheerfully tolerated in the past.  He hasn't walled
              anything about twink points in quite some time.  I also believe
              that he labels his motd posts, and the nastiest, most evil
              posts are always anonymous.  --PeterM
              \_ I'm hurt, peter.  I try my hardest to be evil, and it just
                 goes unnoticed.  You don't send me flowers.  --scotsman
              \_ My posts are always nasty and evil, and I sign too... -- ilyas
                 \_ Your non-nasty post is much like the statement "this
                    statement is false."  I find it amusing.
                    \_ Sorry, I ve been taking a lot of recursion theory
                       recently. -- ilyas
              \_ Actually, tom walled about twink points yesterday.
           \_ not even worth further comment.
2019/05/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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Clearly this was a turn off for most members, and the participation of new members waned, as people simply used the machine as a mail drop and went elsewhere. I did not want the CSUA to fall apart due to needless negativity of the closed-minded ultra-consertives who controlled and limited new membership, and thus did all I could to promote new membership. The fall 98 president at the time was very helpful, but could do nothing as his hands were politically tied by the actions of the Dour-Naysaying party. He too was of the activist spirit, and worked with me to get the csua back to doing what it was created to do: to represent the voice of the undergraduates in departmental affairs. It was then that we were able offer our members better access to department information and policy. This was such a success that I was able to rally a unianimous vote when I ran for the Office of Librarian in Spring 1999. Along with the incumbent president, we worked closely with the department and with our constituency to begin a process of renewal. In my time as Librarian, the Activists on the administration worked to place better hardware at the hands of csua members . Old machines were removed, and the garbage from the past was finally placed in the dustbin of time. Holy Relics from the past were disseminated to alumni, or too filed away for safekeeping at the campus E&S Dept. We saw the creation of the fastest workstation currently at our disposal, of which members now do research in OS and UI design on. We also saw the greatest industry-liasing efforts, as we worked closely with alumni and people in industry to provide employment opportunities for our members in firms in the industry. This culminated in the jobs fair which was the highlight of the semester. We also saw co-operative efforts to represent the undergraduate population to the department higher ups during the excellent presentation that terms president and vice president made at the department faculty retreat. We also are actively maintaining information services for undergraduates who are interested in the CS major. I was elected president after that term to help carry on the torch of CSUA Activism into the future. We like to pride ourselves as the only club on campus who truly welcomes all those with an interest in computer science, whether it be theory or implementation. Many organizations like us offer computer support but none of them offer a full research enviroment at the fingertips of their users. None of them offer an online community which currently has been supportive of new users. If you wish to join the csua, come to our twice-monthly staff meetings, or our monthly general event meetings the latest of which will have schedule information at the top of this page. Fill out the membership application which can be obtained online or in front of the door at 337 Soda. Bring it to a meeting, and find out what the new direction of the CSUA is all about! Betterment of the CSUA Active Membership contingent: More workstations/research in the CSUA infastructure supporting many types of operating systems, ranging from the traditional HP-UX and Solaris, to the newer FreeBSD, linux, and Windows NT OSes for its members to conduct and perform research projects. Better care of the CSUA Library , which is the only accessible CS Library for undergraduates.