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2021/10/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2003/11/17 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:11102 Activity:high
11/16   Search for Hitler on eBay has over 1300+ items. Search for Hirohito
        on eBay has 19 items. Both are evil killers, why is Hitler 68X
        more popular than Emperor Hirohito?
        \_ Here we are again at the Troll Olympics folks!  Our latest
           contestant shows good form by mentioning the Japanese and "evil"
           in the same sentence, but tips his hand with the Hitler reference.
           We're afraid that this particular Troll won't make it past the
           qualifying round, but we'd like to thank him for playing anyway.
           \_ he got almost 2 pages.  that's not bad.  no one picked up on
              his use of the word 'popular' in reference to hitler though.
        \_ this is a pretty great troll.  However, comparing Hirohito to
           Hitler is a little inaacurate.  Your bogeyman is Tojo, not the
           Emperor.  During WWII, the Nazis didn't hate the British royalty...
           they hated Churchill.  It's similar with Japan.      -brain
        \_ ebay is an American site, and is in English.  How many
           Americans even know who Hirohito was?  How many Americans
           can name even one post-war Japanese leader?  Everyone's
           seen Indiana Jones and knows what a Nazi is.
        \_ people still believe that Hirohito (aka the Showa Emperor) was
           a doddering old puppet ruler who had little control over the
           actions of the Japanese military and government.  This is a
           myth that was fostered by the MacArthur regime in post-war
           Japan to protect a useful figurehead.  Also, Japan, despite
           doing some pretty atrocious things, never did it on quite the
           scale that Nazi Germany (or the USSR for that matter) did.  --Jon
           \_ Jon.  As a Chinese, I find your ignorance extremely offensive
              and insulting. Compare with what Japanese has done to the
              Chinese, gas chamber actually looks pretty darn humane by
              compareson.  The casualty on Chinese side is estimated
              between 20-30 million.

              At least you are not trying to hide your racist view.
              \_ Are they 20-30 million civilian casualties or war casualties?
                 Not to trivialize these deaths, but there is a distinction,
                 as far as warcrimes are concerned.
                 \_ No, it doesn't matter whether it was 2m civilians or 20m
                    civilians.  What the Japanese did to the Chinese was on
                    the same level of evil as what the Nazis did the Jews.
                        \_ It does matter.
                    \_ You are stuck in a conversational autopilot.  Read
                       the question again.  I didn't ask for exact numbers,
                       I asked if the casualties were soldiers or civilians.
                       There is a distinction.  For instance, Russia lost
                       huge quantities of troops fighting the Germans.
                       While regrettable, such casualties are not a cause
                       for initiating a war crimes trial (instead this is
                       handled by reparations at the end of the war).
                       \_ Most of the Chinese casualties were civilians.
                          Others were like peasants attacking Japanese
                          troops with a cooking knife.  Are those
                          troops with cooking knives when the Japanese
                          tried to burn down their village.  Are those
                          considered civilians?
              \_ trolling is fun.
           \_ They hanged Tojo, the leader of the military government. There
              was no need to hang the Emperor, as he was only tangentally
              linked to the Pan-Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere plan.
           \_ Mao killed 85-100 Million, so Hirojito's massacres kind
              of pale in comparison.
              \_ Japanese warlords killed millions and millions of
                 Japanese though centuries of constant warfare, yea,
                 so let's just drop a few more nukular bombs on Japan.
                 Besides, if the Japanese didn't invade, CKS would
                 probably have squashed Mao.  China in the 1920s and
                 early 30s was improving until the Japanese invaded.
                 Also, your figures of 85-100 million sounds high to
                 me.  Most of the deaths came during the GLF which
                 is severe famine exacerbated by extremely misguided
                                  \_ thanks, corrected.
                 policies, but the figure for that is generally
                 estimated to be about 20-30 million.
        \_ I think there are still many white trashed pro-Nazi,
                \_ and I assume you're also while but don't see yourself
           pro-White/Blond views out there who admire Hitler and his evil
           ideals. On the other hand, Asians, including Japs, care more
                                                        \_ why do you people
                                                           keep using this
                                                           offensive term?
                \_ It's short for "Jewish American Princess"!
           about work, marriage, houses, stock portfolios and don't really
           care about world domination and ethnic purification, hence they
           don't really care about Emperor Hirohito.
           \_ Get over your bad self:  You're not finding as many items
              for Hirohito because 1) you're not searching in Japanese, and
              2) right-wing fanatics in Japan who would trade in this sort
              of thing know each other and don't need to demean the honor
              of the late Emperor by placing his items on ebay.  Do a search
              for holy relics some time.
                \_ "holy relic" came up with 43 items on eBay.
           \_ Nice way to insult two races at once.  That's a nifty bit of
              racism on your part.  I'm guessing you're white but don't see
              yourself as *that* kind of white but some genetically superior
                \_ and I assume you're also white but don't see yourself
                   as the above racist but somehow superior to him.
                   \_ I AM SUPERIOR TO YOU ALL!
        \_ what is the url for the Japanese equivalent of eBay?
           \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
2021/10/17 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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