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2003/11/17 [Reference/History/WW2/Japan] UID:11102 Activity:high
11/16   Search for Hitler on eBay has over 1300+ items. Search for Hirohito
        on eBay has 19 items. Both are evil killers, why is Hitler 68X
        more popular than Emperor Hirohito?
        \_ Here we are again at the Troll Olympics folks!  Our latest
           contestant shows good form by mentioning the Japanese and "evil"
           in the same sentence, but tips his hand with the Hitler reference.
           We're afraid that this particular Troll won't make it past the
           qualifying round, but we'd like to thank him for playing anyway.
           \_ he got almost 2 pages.  that's not bad.  no one picked up on
              his use of the word 'popular' in reference to hitler though.
        \_ this is a pretty great troll.  However, comparing Hirohito to
           Hitler is a little inaacurate.  Your bogeyman is Tojo, not the
           Emperor.  During WWII, the Nazis didn't hate the British royalty...
           they hated Churchill.  It's similar with Japan.      -brain
        \_ ebay is an American site, and is in English.  How many
           Americans even know who Hirohito was?  How many Americans
           can name even one post-war Japanese leader?  Everyone's
           seen Indiana Jones and knows what a Nazi is.
        \_ people still believe that Hirohito (aka the Showa Emperor) was
           a doddering old puppet ruler who had little control over the
           actions of the Japanese military and government.  This is a
           myth that was fostered by the MacArthur regime in post-war
           Japan to protect a useful figurehead.  Also, Japan, despite
           doing some pretty atrocious things, never did it on quite the
           scale that Nazi Germany (or the USSR for that matter) did.  --Jon
           \_ Jon.  As a Chinese, I find your ignorance extremely offensive
              and insulting. Compare with what Japanese has done to the
              Chinese, gas chamber actually looks pretty darn humane by
              compareson.  The casualty on Chinese side is estimated
              between 20-30 million.

              At least you are not trying to hide your racist view.
              \_ Are they 20-30 million civilian casualties or war casualties?
                 Not to trivialize these deaths, but there is a distinction,
                 as far as warcrimes are concerned.
                 \_ No, it doesn't matter whether it was 2m civilians or 20m
                    civilians.  What the Japanese did to the Chinese was on
                    the same level of evil as what the Nazis did the Jews.
                        \_ It does matter.
                    \_ You are stuck in a conversational autopilot.  Read
                       the question again.  I didn't ask for exact numbers,
                       I asked if the casualties were soldiers or civilians.
                       There is a distinction.  For instance, Russia lost
                       huge quantities of troops fighting the Germans.
                       While regrettable, such casualties are not a cause
                       for initiating a war crimes trial (instead this is
                       handled by reparations at the end of the war).
                       \_ Most of the Chinese casualties were civilians.
                          Others were like peasants attacking Japanese
                          troops with a cooking knife.  Are those
                          troops with cooking knives when the Japanese
                          tried to burn down their village.  Are those
                          considered civilians?
              \_ trolling is fun.
           \_ They hanged Tojo, the leader of the military government. There
              was no need to hang the Emperor, as he was only tangentally
              linked to the Pan-Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere plan.
           \_ Mao killed 85-100 Million, so Hirojito's massacres kind
              of pale in comparison.
              \_ Japanese warlords killed millions and millions of
                 Japanese though centuries of constant warfare, yea,
                 so let's just drop a few more nukular bombs on Japan.
                 Besides, if the Japanese didn't invade, CKS would
                 probably have squashed Mao.  China in the 1920s and
                 early 30s was improving until the Japanese invaded.
                 Also, your figures of 85-100 million sounds high to
                 me.  Most of the deaths came during the GLF which
                 is severe famine exacerbated by extremely misguided
                                  \_ thanks, corrected.
                 policies, but the figure for that is generally
                 estimated to be about 20-30 million.
        \_ I think there are still many white trashed pro-Nazi,
                \_ and I assume you're also while but don't see yourself
           pro-White/Blond views out there who admire Hitler and his evil
           ideals. On the other hand, Asians, including Japs, care more
                                                        \_ why do you people
                                                           keep using this
                                                           offensive term?
                \_ It's short for "Jewish American Princess"!
           about work, marriage, houses, stock portfolios and don't really
           care about world domination and ethnic purification, hence they
           don't really care about Emperor Hirohito.
           \_ Get over your bad self:  You're not finding as many items
              for Hirohito because 1) you're not searching in Japanese, and
              2) right-wing fanatics in Japan who would trade in this sort
              of thing know each other and don't need to demean the honor
              of the late Emperor by placing his items on ebay.  Do a search
              for holy relics some time.
                \_ "holy relic" came up with 43 items on eBay.
           \_ Nice way to insult two races at once.  That's a nifty bit of
              racism on your part.  I'm guessing you're white but don't see
              yourself as *that* kind of white but some genetically superior
                \_ and I assume you're also white but don't see yourself
                   as the above racist but somehow superior to him.
                   \_ I AM SUPERIOR TO YOU ALL!
        \_ what is the url for the Japanese equivalent of eBay?
           \_ <DEAD><DEAD>
2003/11/17 [Computer/SW/OS/FreeBSD] UID:11103 Activity:nil
11/16   After I installed firebird .7, I can't run several different
        applications on my FreeBSD-4.7 box, including mozilla and some
        random games because of missing object files in my
        /usr/libexec/ directory (specifically and
        Is there a way to get these files back? Thanks.
        \_ You installed something with a version number < 1.0.
        \_ What did you do while installing MFB?  You probably deleted/overwrote
           the X11 files something like that.  You can reinstall X, but then
           you might have probs with MFB.
2003/11/17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq, Politics/Foreign/Europe] UID:11104 Activity:high
11/16   Seven million died in the 'forgotten' holocaust,50
        \_ It's a free republic link, it must be nonsense!
           \_ It's a reprint of an article from a real paper. of course, this
              is almost certainly illegal.  not that i would care normally, but
                                  \_ Unless of course they have permission.
              there's a certain irony to all these law and order conservative
              motherfuckers building a site on routine violation of
              copyright law.  kind of like rush limbaugh being a drug fiend
              copywrite law.  kind of like rush limbaugh being a drug fiend
              who for some reason doesn't have to be locked up for ten years
              like a typical War on Drugs victim.
              \_ how many people have been locked up for ten years for
                 abusing prescription drugs?  none?  thought so.  come back
                 when you're less bitter about being in the minority and
                 want to discuss facts instead of your bitter delusions.
        \_ It's not forgotten as are killings of millions of other peoples
           during the Stalin's era. The brutal past is probably the reason
           why the people in the Baltic states and Ukraine (specially Western
           \_ Not just "these days".  They've always been.  1955 for a good
              example of modern but not too recent events.
              like a typical War on Drugs victim.
           Ukraine) are so anti-russian these days.
2003/11/17 [Computer/SW] UID:11105 Activity:nil
11/16   Maybe this is a silly question, but can anyone tell me why banks
        do anything besides annual compounding? It seems to me that annual
        compounding means they pay the least interest to you. At first, I
        thought it was because the balance in your account changes, but I
        think this is already taken into account because they say they
        compound based on the average balance of your account in a given
        time period. Thanks.
        \_ It might be marketing... sure, we only give you 1% APR, but we
           COMPOUND DAILY!  That's the equivalent of a MUCH higher APR!
        \_ Your first inclination is likely correct. Many people need
           their interest more often than that in order to pay expenses.
           Why compound any other way ever if annual works?
        \_ Regular interest means less variation. Rates change constantly. If
           rates drop, the bank isn't stuck paying the high rate. If rates
           climb, they don't want to lose your account by paying below market.
           Some people rely on interest as income, so regular payments are
           necessary. Annual payments means less flexiblity for customers,
           making them less likely to stick around. Finally, it helps keep
           investors on a psychological level to see interest added every so
           often. If you want annual payments, get a CD.
2003/11/17 [Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:11106 Activity:kinda low
11/16   Why Are We Losing The Peace In Iraq?
        \_ thanks for the link.  It's very informative.
        \_ because we're not killing enough people?
                \_ no, because the Muslims are not killing enough of us.
              \_ so if they killed more Americans you believe there would be
                 peace in Iraq?  Uhm, wow, you've exceeded all bounds of
                 trolldom.  there's no way to respond and keep your troll
                 going, sorry.
2003/11/17 [Reference/History/WW2/Germany] UID:11107 Activity:high
11/17   Why is there not a corollary to Godwin's Law that specifies that
        discussion ends whenever Stalin or Communism is invoked?  They serve
        exactly the same purpose as mentioning Nazis or Hitler: to stifle
        thoughtful discussion and provoke anger.
        \_ you're taking it all too seriously, son.  let it go.
        \_ It's called Niwdog's Rule.
        \_ Nah, in American culture, Hitler==evil. Stalin doesn't evoke much
           of anything. It doesn't matter what he did, it's not part of pop cul-
           ture to know or care about that. It goes back to WW2 when he was an
           ally, hence no propaganda against him. Communism is a big yawn also,
           China is still "communist" and this is not a problem for consumers
           or politicians.
           of anything. It doesn't matter what he did, it's not part of pop
           culture to know or care about that. It goes back to WW2 when he was
           an ally, hence no propaganda against him. Communism is a big yawn
           also, China is still "communist" and this is not a problem for
           consumers or politicians.
2003/11/17 [Consumer/Audio] UID:11108 Activity:low
11/17   I have an older but high-end TEAC receiver and four Bose speakers. Any
        time the system is on I hear buzzing through the speakers. What does
        it take to get rid of the buzzing. (Already checked grounding).
        \_ probably picking up interference.  are they near some other power
           source like your computer or monitor?
           \_ Near a TV but the sound occurs whether or not the TV is plugged
              \_ your speaker is not magnetically shielded?
        \_ was it always like this?  Maybe it just broke.  Loose connections?
2003/11/17-18 [Computer/SW/Unix] UID:11109 Activity:kinda low
11/17   I seem to remember there is at least one Google employee on
        soda. Any of you care to post your login? I'd like to ask
        some questions about how it is working there. thanks.
        \_ last | grep "216.239"
        \_ why don't you post your login so they can email you?!?  why should
           you get to be anonymous instead of them?  after all, you are the
           one with the questions.
        \_ it's a cult.  they wanted me to sell my house and move to mountain
           view to take a job there and were confused and insulted when i said
           i wouldn't do that.
           \_ I think living where you work is long as you don't
              have to live *or* work in silicon fucking valley.
                             -happily walking to work 3000 miles from SV
              \_ What silicon fucking valley?  I never get enough fucking in
                 silicon valley.
              \_ where do you work out of curiosity?
              \_ Yes I'm sure it is but to tell me I'm not getting an offer
                 because I won't *SELL MY HOUSE* and move to mountain view
                 is fucking ridiculous.  To work at a dotcom.  Sheesh.  It's
                 a cult, plain and simple.
                 \_ What rationale did they offer for this?  Would the commute
                    have impacted your work that much?
                    \_ Something like, "We like it when everyone lives close"
                       which was not helpful.  The guy who did my tech phone
                       screen was some kid who had never worked anywhere but
                       there and only knew "The One True Google Way" of doing
                       everything.  It was a miracle I was able to guess enough
                       right answers and read his mind enough over the phone to
                       not get dropped right there.  So HR dropped me for not
                       being willing to sell my house and move to mountain view
                       because they're going to be the next netsca-- nevermind.
                       It was stupid.  They're a cult.  I'm *very* happy I got
                       a much higher paying job with fewer stupid people
                       around.  I wasn't looking forward to being some kid's
                       dumping ground for projects he found boring.
                       \_ how far did you get in the interview process?
                          \_ too far. what a waste of time.  if you need a job
                             and they make an offer, take it.  don't sell your
                             home to join a cult.  BTW, I believe today is the
                             25th anniversary of the Jones' Town massacre,
                             speaking of selling your home to join a cult.
                \_ Anyone remember "Murder Can Be Fun"? - danh
2003/11/17-18 [Computer/SW/Languages] UID:11110 Activity:moderate
11/17   Anyone read news using a RSS-browser?  Any comments or feedback
        on RSS-reader used, and how rule/ass it is appreciated.
        Try FeedReader
        \_ This works on soda:
        use XML::RSS;
        use LWP::Simple;
        my $rss = new XML::RSS;

        \_ This works on soda:
        $content = get($ARGV[0]);
        die "Could not retrieve $ARGV[0]" unless $content;
        print "\t====== $rss->{'channel'}->{'title'} ======\n";
        foreach my $item (@{$rss->{'items'}}) {
           print "$item->{'title'}\n" if defined $item->{'title'};
        use XML::RSS;
        use LWP::Simple;
        my $arg = shift;
        my $rss = new XML::RSS;

        if ($arg =~ /http:/i) {
          $content = get($arg);
          die "Could not retrieve $arg" unless $content;
          print "\t====== $rss->{'channel'}->{'title'} ======\n";
          foreach my $item (@{$rss->{'items'}}) {
           next unless defined($item->{'title'}) && defined($item->{'link'});
           print "$item->{'title'}\n";
2003/11/17-18 [Transportation/Car] UID:11111 Activity:very high
11/17   Is Toyota Celica much less popular than Acura Integra/RSX or Honda
        Prelude these days?  I've see very few on the streets.
        \_ Dood Acura Integra Hel-la fresh.  Got great space for Pioneer
           sticker and fat spoiler on back.  Don't forget fake Mugen
           badge.  -John
           \_ Or the VTEC and Type R badges.  GT-R badges are good, too.
        \_ I've actually seen more Celicas this year than previous years.
             Still doesn't compare to the number of RSX's out there.
        \_ Yes, I have a Celica and can tell you they are much less
           popular.  I had a Integra before.  Based on the pre-2000 Celicas
           and pre-RSX, Acura's are much better cars and cost less, so
           \_ how do you figure that?
              \_ Speaking on the 97 models, the
                 Integra had standard roughly 30
           popular.  I had a Integra before.  Based on the pre-2000 Celicas
           and pre-RSX, Acura's are much better cars and cost less, so
                                    \_ how do you figure that?
                 more horsepower, cruise control,
                 sunroof and DOCH.  All extras on
                 \_ It's DOHC, fool.  Do you even know what DOHC is?
                 the Celica.  By nature, Acura is
                 a luxury car and Celicas are not.
           that would explain their popularity.  But I got a Celica because
           it's not as common and like the body better.
        \_ Preludes are no longer being made (at least not for the US).  But,
           anyways, they were in a separate class from the Celica and RSX
           (Integra).  The Prelude was a true sports car and much nicer
           than the other two.  It was likewise priced at a much, much higher
           point than the other two.  (the S2000 took over that market for the
           defunct prelude).
           \_ Prelude a "true sports car"?  FWD?  Rear seats?  Um, no.
              \_ ahh, he shows his ignorance.  FWD works quite well for
                 handling when the balance of the vehicle is forward, i.e.
                 a front (not mid) mounted engine.  Also the prelude has
                 AWS in many models.  It also allows you to drive out of a
                 turn like a mother f***er.  And for the rear seats, hmmm,
                 280zx, 300zx, not true sports cars either?  How about the
                 Ferarri 456GT?  Not a true sports car?  Hmmm, american muscle,
                 is a trans am not a true sports car?
                 \_ Having a forward weight bias is bad for handling
                    dynamics.  Any car that makes large concessions to
                    comfort and convenience is no longer a "true sports
                    car".  The Prelude's a pretty good sports coupe, IMO.
2003/11/17-18 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/OsX] UID:11112 Activity:nil
11/17   Audio engineering on the cheap: Mbox with ProTools vs. M-Audio
        with Cubase or something else?  What should I made sure to look
        for in buying a laptop that can handle this?  Will I need a
        firewire drive?  Is a Centrino better or worse for this?
        \_ I can give you lots of advice.  I do electronic music production
           and I have records coming out.  Send me email.  --lye@csua
           \_ dude, other people are interested. why not enlighten us masses
              with a few pointers? -!op
        \_ Are you considering a Mac too, or just PC? If you are considering
           a Mac, I would advise against the Mbox. I personally don't see
           any important differences between the major multi-track
           sequencers -- go with whatever you feel comfortable with, unless
           you *need* to run some particular plug-in format (e.g., TDM). But
           the Mbox has notoriously bad drivers on the Mac, so i'd advise
           against that.
2003/11/17-18 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:11117 Activity:nil
11/17   A friend of mine wants me to ask if there are aany CNET employees on
        soda. -- ulysses
        \_ cnet still has employees? I thought they laid them all off.
        \_ How about ex-employees?  How about ex-employees who still talk to
           the going-to-turn-off-the-lights guy who is still there?  Post what
           you want to know.
        \_ Yes, there are some ex-C|net employees on Soda, I'm one.
        \_ I used to work there and still talk to people who do. I hear it's
           not a good place to work now. -chrchan
2003/11/17-18 [Reference/Religion, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:29638 Activity:high
11/17   Top US administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, dismissed the
        new Saddam message as "a voice from the wilderness".  Doesn't
        Paul Bremer realize that the phrase is usually used to refer
        to John the Baptist and prophesies of the coming of Jesus
        the Messiah?  Are Neocons all fake Christians?
        (restored, unfortunately the followups were lost)
        \_ hi troll!
        \_ Ok, I'll bite--JtB got his head cut off, his boss got nailed to a
           telephone pole, their followers got fed to giant cats by effeminate
           Italians in dresses.  Case in point, we did a Bonnie & Clyde on
           Uday and Qusay, the little thugs, so now there's only dad left to
           go.  What exactly is your point?  -John
           \_ Come to think of it, Bush Jr. is about as cartoonish as
              Nero the Roman Emperor.
           \_ Come to think of it, Bush Jr. is as cartoonish as Nero the
              Christian killing Roman Emperor.  And that's about where
              your silly analogy ends.
           \_ Open the eyes of Christians to the true colors of the neocon
2003/11/17 [Uncategorized] UID:29639 Activity:nil
11/17   Kennedy calls black woman neanderthal and nothing happens
        \_ Citation?  URL?  Troll?
2022/01/21 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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