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2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/3/22-5/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54636 Activity:nil
3/21    Want to attract mates? Wear red. It's proven to work by science:
        \_ Awesome artile, I bought the book, thanks for sharing. -ausman
        \_ Awesome arti[c]le, I bought the book, thanks for sharing. -ausman
2013/3/21-5/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54633 Activity:nil
3/21    Is there a reason why women love junk mail and spam mail? I helped
        my family members get rid of Red Plum, Valassis, DMA, etc and
        everyone's junk mail has decreased significantly, however all the
        women in my life (wife, sister, mother) are pissed at me. Ditto with
        email spam: through their permissions I unsubscribed mailing lists,
        but now they want them back again because they're missing out on some
        \_ I think that's just your family. Most women, like most men, hate
        \_ My wife loves getting shopping magazines. She gets one every day
           or so.
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2013/1/30-3/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54594 Activity:nil
1/30    "Want to have more sex? Men, stop helping with the chores" (
        F*CK!  I've been doing this all wrong!
        \_ There is a Cantonese saying: "Don't feed your woman to a full
           stomach until she turns 70."  It's the same idea -- if you treat
           your woman too well, she won't behave.
        \_ More like: Some women have a high tolerance for shit. If you
           have one of those, then great. If you don't then starting to
           act like an ass is not going to get you laid more often.
        \_ Correlation does not imply causation. More likely, macho
           men in traditional roles have sex more often. It is not
           likely that this says much about educated California
        \_ I help with the chores and I get laid about twice as often
           as average according to this article. So I must be doing
           someting right.
2013/1/22-2/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54585 Activity:nil
1/22    "Male Professionals with Higher Ethical Standards Earn Less"
        I've been trying to explain to my wife why I made less than all her
        male acquaintance, and she never believed me! :-)
2012/12/6-18 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:54549 Activity:nil
12/6    Lesson learned: don't talk about Monty Python on a date. Women just
        don't seem to get it.
        \_ You are dating the wrong women (for you) then. My sister-in-law
           loves it and yet I don't find it all that funny. It's not a
           gender thing.
           \_ is she a nerd? does she laugh funny? is she actually decent looking?
           \_ is she a nerd? does she laugh funny? is she actually decent
              \_ She would call herself a nerd because she like Dr Who and
                 Star Trek, but she's so not. She's a photographer with a
                 degree in biology who is also Air Force Reserve. She's a
                 thin, red-haired single mom (divorced). Stop
                 \_ I think Kari Byron is a hotter red-head.
                    \_ Putting the "Bust" in Mythbusters since 2003.
                 \_ Dr Who (the reboot) and Star Trek (the reboot) are pop
                    culture. Just like frat boys talking about ubuntu
                    drivers; it's not "nerdy" anymore. Or maybe it is if
                    everyone is a geek, is anyone a geek anymore?
                    \_ wow, you never lived in the mid-west or south have you?
                       people there actually think sushi is exotic.
                       \_ clearly you haven't. Nice troll btw.
                 \_ Can I have her phone number? -guy who thinks red-heads are exotic
                          \_ I grew up in a small town in the Central Valley
                             and things like sushi are exotic there.
                 \_ Can I have her phone number? -guy who thinks red-heads
                                                  are exotic
        \_ If she don't know who monty nerdcrud is, she's a keeper. bonus if
           she don't work in tech.
        \_ OP, is the lesson "don't talk about Monty Python" or "don't
           start quoting material other people don't recognize"? I'm guessing
           the latter. Try a couple of Princess Bride quotes next time, just
           to test the waters; my wife can quote that movie verbatim, but
           Monty Python's a non-starter for her. -married 16 years
2012/12/4-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54543 Activity:nil
12/4    Why are eastern european models so plentiful and hot?
        \_ By "models" do you mean cam stippers? I wonder that
        \_ Less processed food?
        \_ Genetics. I went to Estonia this summer and that's just what
           the women there look like: light eyes, blonde or light brown
           hair, full lips, curvy hips and bust but small waist. It's a mix of
           Germanic, Nordic, and people from the Caucasus which a lot of
           people find attractive. I found the women there (and Western
           Russia) prettier than even the traditional Swedes. Go go
           \_ That makes no sense. America has the most diversity!
              \_ America has a lot of very attractive people!
                 It's also cultural. In Russia, for example, I saw women
                 willing to walk many blocks in high heels. In the US,
                 such women (even if they wore heels to work) would switch
                 into tennis shoes for the walk. Feminists would say they
                 are still oppressed. There's probably some truth in that.
                 \_ In The South women wear high heels and makeup all the
                    time. Feminists would say that they are still...
        \_ they're thin. and eager to please. comes from growing up poor.
2012/11/6-12/4 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Apps/Media, Consumer/Audio] UID:54522 Activity:nil
11/6    I downloaded some free and paid apps that are ummmm questionable and
        I don't really want my wife to see it, how do I remove it from the
        iTunes download history? I can't seem to do that anymore after
        upgrading to iOS6 (I used to be able to "hide" it).
        \_ Is it the app that searches for your friends' nude pics on FB?
2012/10/18-12/4 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW] UID:54506 Activity:nil
10/18   Kari Byron naked:
        \_ Nice lookalike in the second link, but not her.
        \_ These two links from the second link are hotter:
           \_ And, once again, you're mistaking quantity for quality.
2012/10/5-11/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54492 Activity:nil
10/5    Julian Assange seems dorkier than Mark Cuban, how the hell
        did he get laid TWICE?
        \_ He is a geek superstah.
           \_ oxymoron
              \_ Not true at all. Lots of geek girls go for famous geeks.
                 \_ WAAAAAAAH I am pathetic   -not getting laid geek
                    \_ Just lower your standards. -getting laid geek
        \_ Maybe they are Swedish hookers with nice meatballs?
           \_ DD-sized meatballs?
2012/9/8-11/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54474 Activity:nil
9/7     Every pedophile's dream come true:
        "Why 6-Year-Old Girls Want to Be Sexy"
        "It wasn't my fault, Your Honor!  She seduced me!  Yeah, really."
        I wonder if this research was funded by NAMGLA.
2012/8/2-10/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54452 Activity:nil
8/2     Where's the closest Chick-Fil-A to San Francisco? I need to
        go there and make out with my boyfriend.        -gay
        \_ Chick-Fil-A is a place for people who want to Fil(l)-A-Chick. :-)
        \_ Why do you want to watch a bunch of fat White Trash eating
           greasy food?
              Dan Cathy says gays are evil and they can be cured.
              \_ I grew up in White Trashville, there is no hope. -PP
        \_ Fairfield, and yeah that was an odd story.
           \_ where is Fairfield?
              \_ Fairfield is along I80 near Suisun City.
        \_ There's a sign for one in the shopping center at the First Street
           exit of 237 in San Jose (I haven't actually stopped to look, so
           I don't know if it's open yet).
        \_ Why bother? Make your own:
2012/7/17-8/19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54437 Activity:nil
7/17    Summer camp sure is a great place for middle aged guys to flirt
        with teen girls by the pool.
        \_ Are free condoms available like in the Olympic Village?
        \_ Why is a middle-aged guy at a summer camp?
           \_ "Because summer camp sure is a great place for ......"  Maybe you
              meant to ask "What excuse does a middle-aged guy have to be at a
              summer camp?"
              \_ Both. FLirting with teen girls lands you in jail.
                 \_ Flirting? Nah, I didn't say shtupping.
                 \_ Flirting? Nah, I didn't say shtupping. I did get some
                    dirty looks from overprotective mom's.
                    dirty looks from overprotective mom's, though.
                    dirty looks from overprotective mom', though.
           \_ I was there with my kids. Most of the Dads there would qualify
              as middle aged, at least by my standards. -OP
           \_ Watch American Beauty and you'll understand why. When you
              approach your mid 40s/50s, you'll understand why.
              \_ Yeah, no. If you're in your mid-40s and you're flirting
                 with teen girls, you're a pathetic loser as well as a
                 creepy man-child. -- mid-40s alum
                 \_ Even 19 year olds? Ah, c'mon don't be such a stick in the
                    mud. The only loser here is the balding fat guy that
                    can't get any hotties to talk to him any more. Does it
                    help things any that the "girl" I thought I was talking
                    to turns out to be a 21 yo single mom? -OP
                    \_ Not as much as an eye exam is going to help you.
                       \_ You are nuts if you think you can tell the
                          difference between a 19 yo and a 21 yo by looks
                          \_ Yeah, here's the thing: I think you're a
                             creep because you said you were flirting
                             "with teen girls by the pool" at a Summer Camp.
                             Summer camps are for kids; teenage girls are
                             kids; therefore, you were flirting with kids.
                             Now, if you'd just said that you, middle-aged,
                             were just talking to some people at a
                             pool, and one of them happened to be a 21
                             yo single mom who was into you, I'd've
                             just thought you were telling tales.
                             \_ The world is more complex than your model of it.
                                Here is a question for you: what if I told you
                                that one of the dads at the camp was a 42 year
                                old widower and he hit it off with one of the
                                old widower and he flirted with one of the
                                older teens at the pool. They hit it off and
                                started dating and he married her soon thereafter
                                started dating and he married her soon after
                                when she turned 18. I ask because this exact
                                scenario (minus summercamp) is how my great-
                                grandmother great-grandfather met. I think the
                                only reason it is not more common today is that
                                far fewer women die in childbirth, making young
                                widowers quite rare. Throughout most of human
                                history middle-aged widower taking a young woman
                                as second wife was common. Are you saying that
                                of those guys are perverts? Or is human biology
                                really so different in the modern era? Or perhaps
                                we have a more enlightend view of male-femail
                                relationships? I am really willing to believe
                                the latter.
                                really so different in the modern era? Or
                                perhaps we have a more enlightend view of
                                grandmother and great-grandfather met. I think
                                the only reason it is not more common today is
                                that far fewer women die in childbirth, making
                                young widowers quite rare. Throughout most of
                                human history middle-aged widower taking a
                                woman as second wife was common. Are you saying
                                that all of those guys are perverts? Or is human
                                biology really so different in the modern era?
                                Or perhaps we have a more enlightend view of
                                male-female relationships? I am really willing
                                to consider the latter.
                                \_ We have more enlightened views of lots
                                   of things. Well, most of us.
                                \_ Consider too that your great-grandmother
                                   was legally not allowed to vote when she
                                   married your great-grandfather. Societies
                                   progress. This is a good thing.
                                      This old coot is dating teens.
                                      Actually he was, that was a few years
                                      \_ And the FLDS advocates underage
                                         polygamy. Your point? 'Cos mine is
                                         that our society recognizes that this
                                         is aberrant behavior.
                                         \_ Hugh Hefner is wealthy and widely
                                            admired, not considered a deviant.
                                            What the FLDS does is illegal. You
                                            can't put them in the same league.
                                            \_ Nor would I put you in the
                                               same league with either of
                                               them; however, neither of
                                               them exhibit behavior that
                                               our society considers
                                               normal or, for that matter,
                                               healthy, much like your
                                               desire to court women under
                                               20 at your age.
2012/4/23-6/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54366 Activity:nil
4/9     "Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets a (Digital) Breast Reduction in The Client
        List Ads" (
        Why!?  NO!!
        \_ At least it is only digital. One hot friend of mine got her Ds
           reduced to Bs. It was a crime against nature.
           \_ Which reminds me of Christina Ricci and Simona Halep, both of
              which also underwent the same crime against nature.  Damn. -- OP
2012/4/23-6/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54358 Activity:nil
2012/4/23-6/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54357 Activity:nil
4/23    Data driven decision for dating. Sounds like what aspergers in
        Mountain View would do:
        \_ Now that's a good solution for Big Data!
2012/3/15-4/23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54341 Activity:nil
3/15    "Mom, Dr. Phil Confront Teacher Who Ran Off with Student" (
        Is it pedophilia or true love?  They look so sweet together.
        \_ An 18 year old is not a child, so not pedophilia. It is
           still kind of disgusting, but at least two orders of
           magnitudes less.
           \_ I think that because he was her teacher the idea is that there
              was a relationship before she turned 18.
              \_ As pp noted, still not legally pedophilia. Definite
                 abuse of power as teacher, however. The man's a tool.
                 \_ It's not pedophilia even if she was 16.  Pedophilia is
                    attraction to prepubescent kids, which a 16-year-old is
                    not.  It might be statutory rape, though, and of course
                    it's an abuse of power.
                    \_ He met her when she was a 9th grader. I think he is
                       a pedophile. Maybe he isn't technically, since a
                       pedophile is into girls 13 and younger, but that's
                       splitting hairs. He's certainly a sick pervert who
                       splitting hairs. He's certainly a sick prevert who
                       needs to be sent to prison.
                       \_ It's not the same thing at all.  Pedophiles are only
                          really interested in prepubescent kids; if they met
                          when she was in 9th grade (age 15, since her birthday
                          is in September), she was well past that point.
                          Biologically, a healthy 15-year-old girl is at
                          nearly peak fertility -- it's normal to find them
                          attractive.  He's probably a manipulative bastard who
                          took advantage of her inexperience and his position
                          of power as a teacher, but he's not a pedophile or a
                          \_ I think he is a pervert but not a pedophile.
                          \_ I think he is a prevert but not a pedophile.
                             Women's peak fertility is early 20s, *not* 15,
                             there is a big difference to me and most people.
                             It is "normal" to want to punch someone in the
                             face who cuts you off on the freeway, but most
                             adults have learned to not act on all their
                             impulses, for example I am a married man and I
                             met attractive women all the time, but I dont'
                             try to sleep with them. This guy is a disgusting
                             pervert. But to call him a pedophile cheapens
                             he term. Pedophiles should be castrated and locked
                             the term. Pedophiles should be castrated and locked
                             up for life. This guy just deserves ridicule.
                             prevert. But to call him a pedophile cheapens
                             the term. Pedophiles should be castrated and
                             locked up for life. This guy just deserves
                          \_ Sorry, but I think you are a pervert for thinking
                          \_ Sorry, but I think you are a prevert for thinking
                             he is not. You are also possibly a pedophile
                             although that is less clear. It's not normal
                             to find 15 year old girls attractive if you
                             are a 40 year old married man with a
                             daughter the same age. He is very sick.
                             \_ What if you are a 40 year old single guy?
                                Is it normal then?
                                \_ No, but this guy *really* has issues.
                                   \_ Watch this video and tell me what you
                                      think (SFW, it is a Disney):
                                      \_ If this is sexy to you, then you'd
                                         better be a teen yourself.
                                   \_ 54-yr-old engaged with 28-yr-old:
                                      \_ I think it is normal for any guy
                                         to find a 28 yo attractive, even if
                                         he is 90. He might be a dirty old
                                         man, but that is normal to me. In
                                         fact he is kind of lucky at 90 to
                                         have a libido at all.
                                      \_ No issues with a 28 year old. We are
                                         talking teenagers here.
        \_ Update: "Police: Ex-teacher Arrested for Sex Abuse of Minor"
2011/11/23-2012/1/10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54242 Activity:nil
        NOT WORK SAFE. Porn Orchestra (J.S. Bach)
        \_ Cool!
2011/11/20-12/6 [Recreation/Dating, Industry/Jobs] UID:54236 Activity:nil
        Very true. Compared to the high school jocks who used
        to be popular, my salary gets better and better
        and my wife is younger/prettier.          -nerd
        \_ Same for me on the salary front, but as a nerd how did you manage to
           get a younger/prettier wife than the jocks?  -- nerd #2
           \_ You have to wait until you get rich to get married. -nerd #3
              \_ Oh!  I didn't wait.  Sh*t!  -- nerd #2
                 \_ You could always get an upgrade. Might not be so easy
                    if you have kids. -nerd #3
2011/9/30-10/18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54184 Activity:nil
9/30    "PETA to launch its own porn site" (
        \_ Is this SFW?
           \_ The article features a nude backside picture of the former porn
              star Sasha Grey Yes.  Doesn't break any HR rules, but you
              probably would't want your co-workers to see you reading this.
              --- OP
              star Sasha Grey.  Doesn't break any HR rules, but you probably
              would't want your co-workers to see you reading this.  --- OP
2011/8/15-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:54166 Activity:nil
8/15    Insert Michelle Bachmann "wives, submit to your husbands" joke here:
        \_ mm, porndog
           \_ Very deep throat.  (See sign at background.)
        \_ The expression of the guy in the background really puts this one
           over the top.
2011/7/7-21 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/WWW/Server] UID:54140 Activity:nil
7/7     I haven't been to Berkeley lately. Has it been foggy at night? Wanna
        take my girlfriend up to see the view from somewhere near SSL. Also, is
        there a particularly good lookout point?
        \_ No not foggy, but that looks to be changing. Lawrence Hall of
           Science is always good.
           Science is always good. -ausman
        \_ There's a motel by almost oakland on telegraph, you can take your
           "girlfriend" there, they have hourly rates.
           \_ did cmlee get his soda account back?
2010/12/20-2011/2/19 [Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Sports] UID:53981 Activity:nil
12/20   Oh, I love watching internation pro women's pool (billard). (
        \_ now that body glove is dressing them up in spandex bikinis it's
           even better
2010/9/8-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53952 Activity:nil
        This has gone totally out of hand.
2010/9/3-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53946 Activity:low
        \_ Here's something right about 20something women:
           They give out blowjobs when they aren't sure they want to sleep
           with you. Scratch that, when they aren't even sure they like
           you. It's become the equivalent of a goodnight kiss. As a
           comedian said (I forget who), young women today do things that
           in the old days your wife *might* have done after 10 years of
           \_ "Hooking up" is pretty cool, too.
              \_ Thought they did this at every age?
                 \_ Not so common before the 1960's.
                    \_ Definitely became more common in the late 90s.
           \_ My wife is the opposite.  She now won't do things that she would
              do 10 years ago when we first got married.
              \_ Upgrade to Wife 2.0 or wipe and install Girlfriend.
                 \_ I'm not actively looking for a Girlfriend installation CD.
                    But if one comes to my mailbox by itself, I'll install it.
                    (You know what I mean.)
                    (You know what I mean.)  -- PP
        \_ I was pretty much exactly like this in my 20's, except for the
           living at home part. -A man ahead of my time
           living at home part. - A man ahead of my time (now mid 40s)
2010/6/8-30 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53854 Activity:kinda low
6/8     My wife and I are childless. We never had much interest, but if we
        don't have kids soon we never will and so we are talking about it.
        To us the birthing process and pregnancy are disgusting. I realize
        it's the most natural thing in the world, but it's still extremely
        nasty to us both. And I believe in childbeating, which is illegal
        where I live. The more we learn (plus about all the associated
        risks) the more we marvel that anyone is _ever_ born and how
        couples who go through it would want to repeat it. I read about
        women who like to eat the placenta and I almost lost my lunch and
        I am not a squeamish person. I saw a video of a woman giving birth in
        high school health class, but that did not prepare me adequately
        for the reality. We are left wondering why in the hell anyone would do
        this, especially after seeing how ungrateful our nieces and nephews
        are. I am curious how those of you with kids managed to reconcile
        these feelings. Maybe we're better off not being parents, although
        I think we'd make good parents. We could adopt, but raising someone
        else's kids is something I don't think I could do (even though my dad
        did it). I get very frustrated that we have agonized over this so
        much while much of the world just pumps them out without a thought.
        \_ be thankful that you like in Northern Cal. Maybe you should move
           to SF and feel at home.
        \_ we'll thank you for not peeing in the genetic pool
           \_ My genes are already all over the place. I have six nieces and
              nephews. I wish my sisters would have thought about this as
              much as I have, because, frankly. parenthood has not been
              successful for them.
              \_ Those asren't your genes, they are your siblings.  Similar,
                 yes, but not the same.
                 \_ Most of them are the same - enough to matter.
                 \_ Read between the lines.  OP is bragging that his nieces and
                    nephews have his genes ......
                    \_ Oh!  How incestuous!
                       \_ Either that (hot!), or he's screwing his sister-in-
                          law (hot!)
        \_ get over yourself.
           \_ Same to you, buddy.
        \_ for many, children are a consequence of sex.  Effective birth control
           wasnt even really an option until recently.  Even still many forego
           it, for (short-sighted) economic reasons, or even religious ones.
           Oh, and even if you can get past the whole childbirth process,
           children are not for the squeamish.    Poop-filled diapers, and
           more!  Whee!
        \_ You believe in child beating and you think that you would make
           a good parent? Go get yourself sterilized, please.
           \_ Some dim-wit added that. I am dim!
        \_ I have two kids and I love it.  I'm hoping to have a few more.
           They are constantly fun and interesting to me, only occasionally
           are they obnoxious.  But we raise them very carefully.
           We never buy things for them and we don't have TV in our house.
           This goes a long way to keeping them polite and interesting.
           Also, I don't really mind disgusting things, diapers and whatnot.
           I don't know why people get so freaked out about it.
           \_ I am not disgusted by changing diapers. My wife and I are
              disgusted by having another human being living as a parasite
              inside of her like some sort of movie monster. The post-birth
              aspect doesn't seem disgusting, but the pregnancy and birth
              seem like 9 months of hell.
              \_ Somehow, billions of people have managed to get through it,
                 I bet you can too if you really care to. I am also a later
                 parent (had my first child at 40) and I have to say, I
                 could not be happier about it even though I was sleep
                 deprived for the first year.
                 \_ Lots of people manage to get through it with a healthy
                    child and a healthy mother, but some don't.
2010/4/10-5/10 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:53780 Activity:nil
4/8     In addition to below, can someone recommend a movie or soap
        opera that describes the life of Kangxi Emperor? Netflix = useless.
        Mandarin is fine as long as there's subtitle. Thanks.
        \_ Not exactly a soap opera, but Kangxi Di Guo is a very good TV series
           featuring Chen Dao-Ming as Kangxi.  Whether or not it's accurate to
           history is another matter, though.
           \_ Thank you. I guess it's not possible to rent this on Netflix, and
              I guess it's all simplified s*** that I can't read. ARGH!
              No wonder Chinese media is so rare in the west, it's so darn
              \_ Oops!  Here's the same page in Traditional Chinese:
                 I've watched so much mainland Chinese media that I stopped
                 noticing whether it's in Traditonal or Simplified Chinese.
                 -- PP, Hong Kong immigrant
                 \_ Does this have English subtitle? My wife doesn't read
                    Chinese and doesn't understand Mandarin.
                    \_ The version I watched doesn't have English subtitle.
                       -- PP
                 \_ is it hard to learn one if you know another? I only know
                    one type, but my type is disappearing in the face of
                    dominating mainlanders
                    \_ It's hard to learn how the characters are exactly
                       written in one type if you know the other type.
                       However, you don't need to learn the exact characters
                       if all you want is to read text in newspaper and
                       magazines, because you can guess some characters from
                       the context.  I guess from context to learn simlified
                       characters, which in turn allows me to guess more from
                       context.  My wife knows simplified characters and she
                       learned traditional characters the same way.  -- PP
                       \_ whoa you married a mainlander? How's that working
                          out? My parents would kill themselves had I
                          married a commulander as they call it. BTW do you
                          have problems learning the 4 tones? How about your
                          wife, does she have problems learning the 8-9
                          Cantonese tones? My wife can't hear any differences
                          in tones, period.
                          \_ My wife is from Guangzhou which is a Cantonese
                             city.  After watching Mandarin TV series on
                             Channel 26 for two decades, I have no problem
                             with the four tones.  My wife formally learned
                             Mandarin when she went to school in Mainland. --PP
2010/4/1-14 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53765 Activity:nil
3/30    what if you went on your honeymoon and your bride was having
        her period that week?  that would suck
        \_ I'm sure you could figure out a solution if you think hard enough.
           I have wondered if people ever plan around this.
        \_ Just do it in the bath tub.  You don't even need condoms.
           \_ you know what, you can still get pregnant during this time
              period.  my friend thought the above was true, now has
              cute baby girl that proves him wrong.
              \_No.  You can't.  That cute baby girl may prove his woman
                was cheating on him.  -phuqm
                \_ Sure you can, it is rare, but not unheard of.
        \_ what's wrong with a week of blowjobs? also, isn't it common these
           days for brides to lose their 'anal virginity' on their honeymoon?
        \_ If you were waiting to have sex for the first time, it might
           be kind of a bummer, but very few people do that.
2010/3/15-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53755 Activity:nil
3/15    oj says porn = less crime:
2010/2/11-3/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53705 Activity:nil
        What you should look for in a marriage partner. Get this, you want
        someone who is BOTH conscientious (makes sense) AND neurotic (!!!).
        \_ Married men don't live longer, it just seems longer.
           \_ Married men do live longer, but they are a lot more willing to
        \_ you could just live at home with your folks:
2010/2/9-3/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53698 Activity:nil
2/9     Monogamy is a form of sexual optimization
           What do women want? The guy that the other women want, it turns out.
           \_ My gf says that this is so true and thinks her gender is sick
              that way. She sometimes goes to the department store and
              picks up and fawns over some hideous clothing item and she says
              it's not a few minutes before some other woman rushes over to
              inspect it and gets all excited over it. I'm not sure if it's
              sicker that women do that or that my gf derives some sick
              satisfaction from manipulating them.
2010/2/8-3/9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53696 Activity:low
        Ukrain women look REALLY GOOD
        \_ They either look good or die poor.
           \_ survival of the prettiest!
        \_ bad link:
           Is it me or their breasts look a bit small?
           \_ lol spot the born-and-bred-and-never-been-outside of california
              \_ damn right, California women are the best looking ones
                 with nice breasts. In particular, Southern Cal women
                 have the best breasts. Jackie Johnson #1, Pasadena rules!!!
                 \_ Lisa Guerrero > Jackie Johnson.
                    \_ Lisa Guerrero is 20 years older than Jackie. Trot
                       out a recent picture.
                       \_ 14 years to be exact.  Here's her Playboy cover 4
                          years ago at age 41:
                 \_ No thanks, I don't wish to date small breasted women who
                    try to look like teenage boys and have the temper viscious
                    \_ Don't forget that they don't have any concept of what
                       "sharing" means.
                    dogs,  Then again I don't find thai teen hookers attractive
           \ thats pretty much normaly.  Your perceptions are skewed by looking
               at too much porn.
             \_ my wife is way bigger, how about yours?
                \_ What's your wife's waist size though?
                \_ my wife is an "A" cup
             \_ my girlfriend says those girls "don't really have much boobs"
2010/2/4-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53691 Activity:nil
2/4     Straight porn is targetd for men.  Gay porn is targeted for men.  And
        lesbian porn is also targeted for men.  Is there porn that is targeted
        for women?
        \_ Yes, there is, but most women don't like it. Porn for women is
           "A Room with a View", "Dirty Dancing", and "An Officer and a
        \_ Check out Good Vibrations.
        \_ Yaoi.
2010/2/1-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53681 Activity:low
        Why the hell would you pay for a sex doll that TALKS? People
        pay hookers so that they don't have to listen to bullshit.
        If anything, a talking sex doll should be negative $7000.
        \_ Why the hell would you pay for a sex doll?
           \_ fucking nerds can't get any real pussy
        \_ If the talk is very realistic and passionate, I'd take it as a
           positive.  But I doubt that this product, being the first one in
           this new market segment, will be anything close.
        \_ You don't pay a hooker to have sex with you, you pay her to go
           away when you are done.
           \_ Then you beat her up take the money and steal another car.
2010/1/27-2/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53666 Activity:moderate
1/27    New Google corporate logo (NSFW):
        \_ I definately have not been searching for non-proportional
           bitchy women.
        \_ If you're going to try to execute such a hackneyed idea, at least
           use a girl who's not ugly.  -tom
           \_ She looks better than many porn stars.
              \_ That IS a polish porn star
                 \_ Really?  Her name please?  Thx. -- PP
                    \_ 'bea flora'
                       \_  Good looking.
              \_ ooh.  the whole thing is spectacularly badly done.  -tom
2010/1/22-2/8 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53657 Activity:kinda low
1/22    Scientific proof that prettier girls are bitchier (and I'm experienced
        in getting bitch slapped so this is hardly a surprise):
        \_ Runaway Bride. Treat people like shit, get special treatments.
        \_ I'd be bitchy too if I was mostly starved, and worked out continually
           and judge my self esteem only by the kind of man I could get that
           makes the other girls The Most Jealous.
        \_ Why do "scientists" often waste money doing researches to find
           things that we already know?  Just a couple weeks ago I heard on
           radio another research which found that people are happier on
           weekends than on weekdays.
           \_ Because scientists get NSF funds for this that they can use for
              renovating their homes.  Please rewatch real genius, and look
              at what Jerry is doing.
           \_ Same reason they lie to get grants about Global Warming.
              \_ Right, because the polar caps are melting and the sea
                 levels are rising for some other reason.
                 \_ Nice, did they teach you to chant that at hippie church?
                 \_ Sing up some kumbaya!
        \_ Exact same reasons why you should not hire good looking and/or
           charming people into your organization UNLESS your organization
           has a genuine need for charming/manipulative marketing/MBA type.
           Mr. Spock may be logical but he's not going to play golf with
           potential clients who may bring in $$$ for your organization.
        \_ Dance, Dance Testosterone Revelation:
           \_ information is mostly theory and of little use to people
              who read this article. FAIL.
              who read this article. FAIL. i am autistic.
        \_ Article FAIL: fails to say which UC this is (Santa Barbara),
           and fails to mention odds of this winning an IgNobel.
        \_ Can't they just figure this out by watching stuff like:
           pretty obvious pecking order repeated in any bar women frequent.
2010/1/21-2/4 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53651 Activity:nil
1/21    I have never been to the Caribbean. My gf has been to Puerto Rico
        and the Dominican Republic only. We'd like to vacation there as
        we'll be in Florida for another reason anyway and it's a quick
        flight over. Does anyone here have recommendations for which
        island to visit? Barbados? Aruba? Virgin Islands? I realize timing
        is bad with the disaster in Haiti, but I can't help that.
        \_ Jamaica in general: nice air, overly and eager people who
             can get you ANYTHING you want (hint: you can get stuff
             that would otherwise get you into trouble in the US).
             Very unsanitary but you want an authentic 3rd world
             country experience right?
             \_ I've always had problems bringing the crates back in to the US
                got any tips?
           Grand Caymen: waaaay too nice and too clean, and I mean
             the entire island is too nice. The Brits really made
             it look more like... Great Britain than any other
             place in the Carribeans, which kind of ruins that
             authentic feel. The good side is you don't have to
             worry much about safety or food.
           Cozumel: ok maybe not Carribeans but this is a super high end
             shopping and resort place. It is Mexico, but it is way
             nicer than most cities in the U.S.
2010/1/20-25 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53647 Activity:moderate
1/20    SFMOMA girls, HOTT!
        \_ No.
           \_ These women are pretty hot if you are old enough to date them.
              \_ No.  I stare at MILF's on the streets all the time, but these
                 are not one of them.  -- PP
                 \_ agreed. They're hot if you're like, 90. How old are you?
                    \_ 39.  -- PP
                 \_ I bet the one on the right is hotter than your g/f. Am I
                    right? Here is a better shot of Jessica and Sally:
                    \_ I'm sorry but you are blind, but that's fine because
                       people like you weed out the ugly ones for the rest
                       of us alpha males.
                       \_ I didn't know the captain of the football team had
                          a soda account. Welcome!
                        \_ here is something better:
                           \_ just goes to show you east coast girls are hotter
                    \_ Yeah, in this new pic they look hotter and about as hot
                       as my wife (who is not that hot anyway.)  -- PP
                    \_ How old are they? If they are pushing 50 they are
                       more attractive than some. If they are in their
                       late 30s then I'd pass.
        \_ old. not that pretty. big boobs though.
2010/1/20-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53644 Activity:nil
        Good profile picture = date
        Bad profile picture = no date
        It's all scientific!
2009/12/9-2010/1/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53587 Activity:nil
        Body painted women. May not be SFW if you look at it closely.
        I'm surprised that they're all pretty small cupped women.
        \_ must be annoying for big boobed women to play a sport w/o a bra.
           \_ in sports in general, having big boob is a big liability
              \_ My gf is a dancer with a C-cup bust and she hates it. She said
                 she used to curse her luck when she was younger. She's more
                 satisfied with them now, but I think she'd prefer them
                 smaller. I think fashion models feel the same way
                 (flatter=better). I, of course, have no issues with them.
                 \_ outfits have reversed themselves since the 60's and 80's
                    they're being geared for B or almost B's now, with alot
                    of halter/a frame styles en vogue.
           (therm optic camo effect).
2009/12/8-2010/1/13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53583 Activity:kinda low
12/8    <DEAD><DEAD>
        Spendthrifts and tightwads marry each other
        \_ in general white guys are spendthrifts ande white girls
           are even bigger spendthrifts. don't marry white if
           you want to save.
           \_ Don't marry Asian if you want to have a life.
              \_ They make pretty decent mistresses tho.  They'll
                 pretty much do anything.
                 \_ Is this really true?
              \_ ha ha ha ha h aha there's so much truth to
                 this. I guess grass is really greener on the
                 other side. BTW I'm the guy who always
                 brings lunch from home and microwave
                 ethnic food to save money. By the way, at
                 what point do you tell your family members
                 that you've sent home as much money as you
                 want to?    -bored & married Asian, no debt
              \_ Yeah, I am always having to fight with my Asian wife to
                 convince her to do things like go on vacation, but when I
                 really put my foot down, she goes. I have an allowance so that
                 I can buy things like football tickets and fine wines, or we
                 would fight all the time. The upside is that we have lots of
                 money in our bank account! -white guy
                 \_ I hope you realize that very likely, none of your money
                    will be spent on a dream vacation home, Porsche,
                    or that world cruise you've been dreaming about.
                    Traditional Asians put all of their money into
                    their kids, be it education, golf lessons,
                    dental school, down-payment for their kids'
                    home, so on and so forth. Being Asian is to
                    sacrafice oneself for posterity. Being Asian
                    is to suffer now, and not enjoy later.   -miserable
                    \_ You forgot about taking care of the old parents
                       and buying them a home near you so they can "visit."
                    \_ Agreed, and this includes not only money, but also time.
                    \_ We are going to an all incluve resort in Cabo next week!
                       \_ Update. She made the vacation misable by constantly
                       \_ Update. She made the vacation miseraable by constantly
                       \_ Update. She made the vacation miserable by constantly
                          complaining about everything and arguing with everyone
                          on the trip. She did drop the hint that next time we
                          should go someplace that is more educational for the
                          kids. So next time I am going to try and get her to
                          agree to a vacation in Paris so "the kids can see
                          the Louvre." Wish me luck!
                          \_ What does she have against Mexicans? FYI Cabo is
                             very nice and seriously, it's not *real* Mexico.
                          \_ How long have you been married? I'm guessing
                             "too long." Welcome to the club.
                                                -over 15 years, no more sex
                             \_ When did the sex stop? The day after the
                                wedding? Seriously, though, at what point?
                             \_ Dating 10 years, married 6. -2 kids, still sex
                             \_ Married 13 years, sex great, working on kid 1.
                                \_ WTF? Are you like, sterile?
                                   \_ Some of us chose not to have kids early
                                      in life like our Mormon friends do.
2009/12/4-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53567 Activity:nil
12/4    Sun-Maid girl getting "some implants" (
        \_ Dude, that is so awesome. I'm so horny now.  -virgin sodan
           \_ You're horny because of the girl, or the grapes?  (See comments
              by Kivrin at
2009/12/2-9 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53558 Activity:nil
12/2    Porn is OK! An average man spends 20-40min a week on porn:
        \_ I spend more than that much time in one day.
           \_ Thus balancing out those Mormons in their Holy Underwear.
2009/11/30-12/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53551 Activity:kinda low
11/30   Tiger likes them white.
        \_ You misspelled "white-hot crazy."
           \_ What is crazy about being mad that your spouse is cheating on
           With a woman like that, who doesn't like them white? HOT HOT HOT
        \_ So does OJ.
        \_ Tiger's Prenup: (
           Not the ordinary "If you divorce me you get nothing" kind of prenup.
2009/11/20-30 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53536 Activity:low
11/19   Retro women in the office look better than modern women:
        \_ Not all of them look better than modern women, but you can sure hit
           on all of them without risking your job or facing lawsuits, unless
           your boss also happens to be hitting on the same ones.
           \_ not to mention it's perfectly legal in those days to hire only hot
              stewardesses vs. the gays and cougars you see on United and Southwest
              today. So in another word, life is better today.
           \_ not to mention it's perfectly legal in those days to hire only hot\
              stewardesses vs. the gays and cougars you see on United and
              Southwest today. So in another word, life is better today.
           \_ not to mention it's perfectly legal in those days to
              hire only hot stewardesses vs. the gays and cougars you
              see on United and Southwest today. So in another word,
              life is better today.
        \_ you're an idiot.
        \_ Fashion was better when women wore dresses and skirts with heels
           and hose. Young girls these days wear pants and shorts with
           flipflops or sandals.
           \_ fashion was better when it was okay for bosses to tell women
              to put on more makeup. today comments like that will be
              subject to sexual harrasement lawsuits.
              \_ you're an idiot.
2009/11/14-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53526 Activity:nil
11/12   White woman look great at 41
        \_ racist!!!
        \_ She is probably air brushed and botoxed. But yeah, she looks great.
        \_ I am curious if you have photos of good-looking blacks, Asians,
           and Latinas at age 41. We know J-Lo and Halle Berry look good.
           Is there an Asian equivalent? What about East Indian?
2009/11/13-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53522 Activity:nil
11/11   Now I understand why Randy the Brian Harvey kiss ass
        moves her eyes back and forth so much:
        \_ Randy?  Randy who?  Do you mean Brandy?
                \_ also its been 15 years.  time to let go.  she's moved
           \_ Yes Brandy, the girl who sits in front and kiss BH's ass.
              Who cares about 15 years, once a target, always a target.
              \_ URL? Is she hot?
           \_ Brandy
              You're a fine girl
              What a good wife you would be
              But my life, my love and my lady
              Is the C
2009/11/13-30 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53520 Activity:nil
11/12   Ok you super bored uber-geeks with no life. Here:
        Beautiful body paint, ok women. May not be SFW.
        Beautiful women, no body paint. Safe for work.
        \_ The guy on the chair has nice boobs:
           \_ what the f***???!?!?
2009/11/5-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53508 Activity:nil
10/4    I would like to share with you all a msg I got today from the 19 year
        > i was just talking to my friend about saying we dont party hard
        > we party easy
        > im easy im a party slut
        How do I follow up?  oktnx.
        \_ Wasn't she 19 last year?  Wouldn't that make her 20 now ?
           what is deal
        \_ Why aren't you already hitting this? Are you married?
           \_ you can't hit a mirage
              \_ I have been hit on like this before, so it does happen.
2009/11/4-17 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Foreign/Asia/China] UID:53500 Activity:nil
11/2    Guangdong of China installs big breasts. Did the State pay for it?
        IMHO there should be a Separation of Breast and State:
        \_ Is this real?  Is like The Onion?
           \_  Appears to be.
           \_  Appears to be real.
              \_ "The fact that this is happening on the other side of
                  the globe in a culture as distantly removed from our
                  own as possible only confirms my theory: Boobs are
2009/10/27-11/3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Eyes] UID:53473 Activity:nil
10/28   I am a perfect man and I am never wrong. I tried to read the following
        color blindness test and I cannot read it even though people around
        me claim that they can read it. I think this is impossible because
        I am a perfect person and I don't have color blindness and I find
        it impossible that people can read it. How does it work? How much
        time did you guys spend to "get it"? This is an impossible test.
        I call it shenanaigans.
        \_ My color blind friend couldn't read it. He got mad at me when I
           accused him of faking being color blind. Maybe you need to be a
           certain kind of color blind.
        \_ I see big and small circles of different colors.  What am I supposed
           to read?
           \_ I see a n3kk3d gurl, you don't?
              \_ Damn,
                 actually says only color blind people can read it.  No wonder
                 I can't.  But what's strange is that even after I convert it
                 to B&W by using "Desaturate" in Photostop, I still can't read
                 to B&W by using "Desaturate" in Photoshop, I still can't read
                 it.  -- PP
                 \_ Color blindness doesn't work that way. It's more like
                    color blind people cannot distinguish between two different
                    specific hues.
        \_ 30? A trick question? Oh I can see it with my glasses off and
           halway across the room from the monitor. Pretty funny.
           \_ Somewhere back in the 90s, a pretty well known guy in networking
              got his kid a summer job with LBL network operations. Part of
              his job was making custom ethernet cables and such ... but
              for some reason, the cables he made never seemed to work ...
              which was awkward because his supervisor didnt want to tell
              the dad that his was incompetent at cable punching. Eventually
              they discovered he was colorblind and couldnt read the colored
              wiring map or see the wires correctly, so nothing was connected
              \_ the kid says the whole thing is shinanigan because his
                 girlfriend can't do the job either. Since he and his
                 girlfriend are perfectly normal people, it's impossible,
                 or at best improbable. he calls it shinanigans!
2009/9/28-10/8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53408 Activity:nil
9/27    Snakes and boobs. May not be SFW:
        \_ Reminds me of tentacle porn.
        \_ This is SAFE FOR WORK and gives you a history of cabaret
           dance costumes:
2009/9/28-10/8 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53405 Activity:nil
        Date an Asian (if you hated Coder Girl, don't waste your time)
        \_ no comment usually means "blah"
        \_ Perhaps not safe for work (uses the f-bomb)
2009/9/23-10/8 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53394 Activity:nil
9/23    Stokked about Allison Stokke?
        \_ She will be chubby in five years, like most white girls.
           \_ she looks Italian, and they're not real white in the
              sense of pure Anglo white.
           \_ Better than a dragon lady like most Asian women over 50.
              I think African-American women age best.
              \_ you're all idiots.
2009/9/23-10/5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53393 Activity:nil
9/23    "Mackenzie Phillips: I slept with my own father"
        Why would John Phillips fall for someone like Mackenzie, especially
        that she was his daughter?  She's not nearly as hot as his second wife
        Michelle Phillips:
        I guess one (much) lowers his standard when he is desperate.
        \_ you're an idiot.
           \_ No he's not. Michelle Phillips was HOT HOT HOT 30 years ago
              \_ that's not why he's an idiot.
        \_ She reminds me of McKensie Morrison.  Similar first name, both
           sleeping illegitimately with older married guy
2009/9/18-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53376 Activity:high
9/18    Tonight I think I finally can consider myself middle-aged. I'm in
        my 30s and I am on travel for business without the wife. She is
        probably in the top 10% of women her age in terms of looks and I
        am not bad, but probably not as good-looking as she is. I went to
        a dance club tonight for the first time in a long time and had the
        following experience/revelations:
        1) Holy shit are 21 year old women hot! Like I said, my wife is
           actually very attractive, but there are some things that can
           only come with youth. I'm not ready to throw my wife to the
           curb, but every single girl was thin, wearing something short
           and revealing, and looked good in it! Even the guys were all
           thin. Not a single potbelly in the bunch. Not quite like being
           at work among aging engineers. What a revelation. Makes me want
           to hit the gym.
        2) I am still cool enough that I found this club within a few
           months of its opening. Cooler still, the bouncers sized me up
           and let me through without a cover. I was afraid they'd look at
           the old guy and give me a hard time. Cool doesn't have an age.
        3) I am now the old guy on the dance floor who hits on all the
           young girls. Okay, I didn't hit on anyone. However, I am that
           guy. How do I know this? Even though a lot of girls seemed to
           have fun dancing with me (and one - I would say the hottest in
           the club - a blonde wearing red short shorts with fishnets -
           sought me out several times and offered me her business card) I
           officially passed into middle age when this young Mexican kid
           tapped me on the shoulder and, graciously, offered to teach me
           how to dance. He was showing me the steps. One, I was too drunk
           to follow. Two, I didn't need his help. I am not a great
           dancer, but I saw other guys dancing and I did no worse. At
           least I was out there with the asses of young women grinding
           against me. I'd say 7 of 10 young guys just stood and watched.
           Still, it was sobering.
        4) MOST WOMEN CANNOT DANCE. They are half-naked and shake their
           asses, which guys like, but if you actually watch them they
           have no idea how to move. I only saw ONE woman who could
           actually dance and was probably a dancer. Guys get a rap as
           being bad dancers, but the reality is that women are held to a
           lower standard because they go out there together and have fun
           and look sexy doing it. However, those women would look sexy
           taking a dump. They can't dance. Swaying on their heels and
           squealing while shaking their asses is not dancing.
        \_ I had a co-worker who kept telling me how much he loved his wife
           and kids. But he spends 1/2 of the time at night and on weekends
           playing World of Warcraft. If you can't see any parallel between
           you and this co-worker, I suggest you look into the mirror more.
           For your own good, I hope you get past the denial stage.
           \_ If I spent 1/2 of my time out at bars and clubs w/o my wife
              maybe you'd have a point.
              \_ temptation is a good starting point.
        \_ You're pathetic. Very soon you'll be wondering how you wasted
           your time working for somebody else and have an early mid-life
           \_ And you are above it all because why?
              \_ It's simple-- because I'm not you.
        \_ That's a lot of words to convey the concept of "I'm a loser."
           \_ All you have to do is post to the MOTD to prove that.
        \_ do your experiences make you wish you had been more charitable
           to people in your situation long ago when you were 21?
           \_ Who says I wasn't?
        \_ this whole exchange is very entertaining!
           \_ not really. I just hope I don't turn into the op. What
              a fucking loser.
              \_ I know, isn't that awesome?  It's that crawly feeling;
                 it's psychological horror!  Hard to write intentionally
                 btw.  Learn to savor all experiences!  -brain
              \_ I'm sure you are just so cool, like most CS geeks on soda.
                 I have a nice life. I don't consider myself a loser. A
                 loser would be being 50 and single and still trying to
                 pick up chicks half my age and existing on a steady diet
                 of Internet porn and strip clubs. How old are you?
                 \_ l.o.s.e.r.
        \_ You are as old as you think you are, so if you think you are middle
           aged join the club. When I was in the mid-30s I was going to Burning
           Man and dating 21 year olds, but if I can see how a wife, mortgage
           and kids can make you feel old. I have all those things and am in
           my mid-40's and definitely feel middle aged. You should take care
           of yourself now, so you don't turn into a fat out of shape bastard.
           It is easier if you start now, rather than after you already have
           a gut. Going to clubs and getting drunk in a strange city can be
           kind of dangerous, especially if you are still young enough for
           the hotties to hit on you, but you probably already know that.
           \_ very positive advice for motd.  You must be new!!
              \_ Almost 20 years now. Wow, hard to imagine.
           \_ I've had a mortgage since I was 28 and a wife since even before
              then so I haven't been doing a lot of that nightclub/bar scene
              stuff for a long time except occasionally when the wife and I go
              out and you know how that dynamic can be. If I even look at a
              girl my wife gets mad. It was nice to go out and have fun and
              check out some hotties like I used to. I'm married, not dead.
              Sounds like you just settled down later but ended up in the same
              place. Most normal people do. I don't regret my choices. I
              have single friends (some never married and some divorced) and
              they seem miserable.
              \_ I am kind of curious, did you wear your wedding ring to the
                 \_ No. I didn't even bring it. I don't wear it. I dislike
                    jewelry of any kind, even watches. I will wear it (and
                    a watch and maybe cufflinks) to formal events only. I only
                    have one because it's a tradition.
                    \_ the pp asked a yes/no question, not some long winded sorry
                       ass justification on why you don't wear rings.  -not pp
                       \_ Yeah, but at least he didn't take it off before
                          he went dancing. I wear my wedding ring and I always
                          wonder how women would react differently to me if I
                          took it off, but I (wisely, I think) always leave it
                          on. Especially if I am going to be out drinking with
                          the guys.
        \_ If you have a wife and kids and marriage you'd like to keep around,
           you do not belong on the dance floor.  get with the program.
           \_ exactly. the op is a total loser and fails to see why, which
              makes him an even bigger uber loser. P.S. he sounds like he
              isn't getting enough. how pathetic.
              \_ I don't think he is a loser for anything he has done, except
                 maybe the posting to the motd part. And it sparked the most
                 interesting discussion in months, so that is cool.
              \_ Sorry, but I can't agree with this. My wife is actually
                 a dancer and dances with other men all the time in
                 performances and at her dance classes. Sometimes they
                 get sleazy and she has to put them in line. However, dancing
                 is fun. I can't forbid her from dancing nor do I think it's
                 wrong. How puritanical. If you think that because you are
                 married you can't dance with other partners then you are
                 living under a rock. I didn't go home with anyone or even put
                 my hands where they didn't belong. My wife isn't going to
                 leave me because I went dancing. In fact, I told her where I
                 was headed (via phone) before I went so that someone would
                 know. Would she get pissed if she knew all the details? Maybe.
                 She gets jealous. She doesn't tell me about all the guys
                 who hit on her when she's out with her friends either
                 (which I know happens because I had to go down to a
                 lounge and put some guy in line once when she called me
                 to come get her) for good reason. Some details are best
                 not shared. That doesn't mean it's wrong. She won't and
                 shouldn't share a play-by-play with me about sex with her
                 ex-boyfriends for the same reasons and that's in the past.
        \_ why do you invite the judgement of soda?  It's just confusing.
                                 \- this post is like the Kalliste Apple
           \_ Entertainment and, to some extent, to pass along a real life
              experience. People don't tend to talk about this shit except
              with a close circle of their (probably like-minded) friends.
              It's fun to exchange experiences. Judgements from guys posting
              to MOTD don't concern me too much.
              \_ Why of course, you have no friends, like most of the
                 luzers on CSUA.
                 \_ He is just bragging.
              \_ interesting.  I think most of the MOTD posters have lives
                 made intentionally dull by their severe judgementalism.
                 We used to have all kinds of zany people on wall/motd but as
                 they got more freaky / experimental, they all got sick
                 of this provincialism and abandoned soda...
2009/9/9-15 [Recreation/Dating, Politics] UID:53352 Activity:kinda low
9/9     Dear poster with a cat who got screwed by a
        selfish military-woman:
        What's going on? Are you in good terms with that
        military-woman? Or have you severed your relationship
        with her? What is she like in real person? What is her
        nephew like? Did she marry a blue-collar worker?
        \_ Why do you want to know all of this?
           \_ I want to know how you deal with scumbags. I know a bunch of
              scumbag "friends" and I need to deal with them myself. Also
              we gave you advice. Don't you feel the least bit kind enough
              to share your knowledge?
2009/9/9-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53351 Activity:kinda low
9/9     You guys have a story of a female friend or co-worker you
        enjoy working with but married a completely dickhead?
        Would you like to share your story? I'll go after everyone
        \_ He's constantly grabbing her breasts and even the breasts of other
           guys. It's just weird.
           \_ he goes both ways?
        \_ at their wedding I was amazed by his moist, limp handshake.
           she was always a smart, headstrong girl, with a tendency to hook
           up with douchey, wimpy guys.  His nervous smile always made me want
           to hit him in the face, and as an engineering manager I'm ordinarily
           pretty tolerant of people with social anxiety.
           Later she caught him going on trips to Germany with one of his
           students.  I was sure they were finally going to get a divorce.
           But, they patched things up.  Oh good.
2009/9/8-15 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53344 Activity:high
9/8     I am looking for a job. Any suggestions where to apply? I'm completing
        an internship at Facebook. Resume available upon request. --toulouse
        \_ Learn to indent. Tab = 4 spaces.
           Zuckerberg is an asshole. Good luck.
       \_ Speak for yourself.
          less displays tabs as 8 characters.
          \_ No dumbass. Tab SHOULD be 8 spaces. Has been since 1970. Thanks
             to Microfuckingsoft, 4 spaces became more popular.
        \_ My suggestion is Twitter, if you want to work hard, learn a lot
           and possibly strike it rich. You can also ask me about jobs at
           CBS Interactive (CNET), I like it here and you might, too.
           Are you programmer or sysadmin? -ausman
           \_ Programmer, but amateur sysadmin on my own time. I'll be applying
              to twitter of course, but I would like to know about CBSi. Thanks.
        \_ Are you good academically? I suspect you're asking here because
           it's not so hot. If so, I suggest you move out of Northern Cal.
           There will be a lot less competition, and a lot greater needs
           for talented University Grad person such as you. Places like
           Los Angeles are full of cal state-certified IT consultants.
           You can be a big star there, plus there are actually women
           there that you can actually date. Small pond, big fish. That's
           where you want to be at yesss?
           \_ No. I'm asking because my family is bankrupt. Jesus. --toulouse
           \_ If you can't find a date in the SF Bay Area then you will
              *really* have a problem in the LA area, where women tend
              more to have a sense of entitlement and inflated sense of
              self-worth. I had a lot more dates in the Bay Area and found
              the women to be more genuine and friendly. Women in LA are
              more attractive, but good luck finding one to date you
              unless you are very rich or very handsome. If you have an
              edge (in a band that books gigs and have lots of tattoos or
              similar) you *might* have a shot at Sunset Strip skanks as
              long as you don't mind they are banging other guys at the
              same time. Part of an actual conversation at an LA bar:
              Her: "What do you do for a living?"
              Me:  "I'm an engineer."
              Her: "Do you think I should be impressed with that?
                    It seems everyone's an engineer."
              \_ There are lots of cute women in LA that are pretty normal
                 and humble, but you won't find them on the Westside.
                 \_ That's for sure, but if you look anywhere else you
                    are probably going to be dating a single mom. I've
                    noticed a lot of beautiful women in LA are still
                    single into their 40s and it's because they are
                    high-maintenance and shallow and men use them and dump
                    them when they reach Four Oh. They complain they can't
                    find any good men, but the number one thing on their
                    mind is money and number two is looks. That's probably
                    true of women everywhere, but in LA it's so overt and
                    women never give up hope of landing their own George
                    Clooney until they reach 50. If you want to date
                    cougars it might be a good place.
                    \_ Stop trying to date beautiful high-maintenance women,
                       just go for the normal ones. Admittedly, they are bit
                       harder to find in LA, but they exist.
                       \_ So I should date hard-to-find women who are less
                          attractive. Doesn't that prove my point about LA
                          versus SF?
                          \_ Perhaps, but you have no idea how tough the
                             dating situation is for single guys in Silicon
                             Valley. It is much worse than anyplace in LA.
                             When did you date in the Bay Area? When you were
                             in college?
                             \_ Move north a bit.  Dating in SF isn't hard.
                                \_ Sure. But it is not hard in The San Fernando
                                   Valley either.
                                   \_ Yes. Valley Girls don't have a reputation
                                      for being snobby princesses. LOL. I've
                                      found a lot of very pretty Latina
                                      girls date beneath them, but sadly
                                      it is because they aren't too bright.
                                      There was one girl I knew who I swear to
                                      God looked like Cindy Crawford. She
                                      worked at a spa and all the women envied
                                      her and the men lusted for her. She got
                                      knocked up by some lowlife Mexican guy
                                      who didn't even marry her. She could
                                      have had any guy she wanted.
                                      \_ Do you actually know anyone from the
                                         San Fernando Valley?
                                         \_ Yes. Encino. Sherman Oaks.
                                            Studio City. Woodland Hills. You?
                             \_ Actually, I do a lot of travel to the Bay
                                Area. I find it easy to approach women there.
                                I guess you are referring to the terrible
                                ratio of men to women in Silicon Valley. That
                                definitely hurts. However, last time I was in
                                San Jose I met two different women at
                                Santana Row of all places and I wasn't even
                                trying to pick anyone up. However, one
                                thing that may have worked for me was that
                                I said I was from LA and that instantly
                                made me more 'exotic'. I also met a really
                                gorgeous out-of-my-league woman at a jazz
                                club in SF the trip before who I went out
                                with every night of my trip and who would've
                                told me to buzz off in LA. Trip before
                                that I met this flapper girl at a Halloween
                                party in Monterey. There are some women in
                                LA who don't have their heads up their asses.
                                However, in general, I think women almost
                                anywhere else are more approachable than those
                                in LA. Only NYC rivals LA in terms of the
                                number of stuck-up and unfriendly women, in my
                                experience. I found the Pacific Northwest
                                to have a lot of really pretty girls who
                                are friendly and want to talk to you even
                                if you aren't a gazillionaire male model.
                                \_ I said I was looking for jobs, not blowjobs.
                                   \_ A blowjob might improive your confidence.
                                   \_ A blowjob might improve your confidence.
                                      Certainly jobs and blowjobs are
                                      intimately connected.
2009/9/4-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53333 Activity:nil
9/4     Man, this economist article on sex-offenders uses some interesting
        \_ I only get the first one (woman's body shape). I don't
           get the rest. I must be stupid, or just sexually innert.
           \_ The second one is a woman's body as well and the third is
              a hand holding a briefcase.
           \_ I saw the frist one as gotse, the second as a guy going down on a
           \_ I'm the opposite.  I got that the second one is a man inside a
              woman, but I missed the woman shape in the first one (I only saw
              the bent jail bars.)
2009/9/3-12 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53327 Activity:nil
9/3     Given that rape porn of innocent-looking girls are so popular in
        Japan, why are there so few rape crimes there?  Unlike here, it's
        common for real-world women there to walk around at night alone
        without fear.
        \_ too much work.
        \_ Isn't fiction an outlet for the people who don't want to/are afraid
           to act our their desires?  I am not suprised that there isn't a
           high correlation between rape porn and rape crime (or perhaps even
           an inverse correlation exists if your assumption is right).  I
           think its demonstrates more how broken their societal expectations
           are (and why they are having a popultion shrinking crisis). -mrauser
        \_ This is the same Japan that has to have women's only subway trains
           so women can be safe from getting groped?
        \_ the rapes aren't reported.  and the women don't wander around
           at night as much as US women.
        \_ Because there are fewer immigrants           -jblack
2009/8/20-9/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53295 Activity:kinda low
8/20    What the hell is going with all the good looking people getting
        killed in Los Angeles?
        \_ Same thing that's happening in Miami
           \_ what do you mean?
              \_ If you have to ask, you don't know.
        \_ Not sure what you are talking about, but when you have a lot of
           good-looking people then the odds of a victim being
           good-looking are higher.
           \_ I think Silicon Valley has a lot of good looking people.
              \_ So that means everyone in LA is good looking and thus
                 any deaths in LA are naturally of good looking people, QED.
              \_ but not all of them fit in a suitcase.
              \_ Can't really agree with you there. I've been out at bars
                 and clubs in the South Bay and it is grim. For one thing,
                 the ratio of men to women is like 4:1.
                 \_ I love men. I guess you don't.  -pp
        \_ Scott Peterson did a better job.
           \_ well who knew, honestly?!  I mean what, we have to cut the
              boobs off now too?!  The hitman union is going to hear about
              this, believe me!
2009/8/18-9/1 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53282 Activity:nil
8/18    A friend of a friend wants to go to therapy/counseling, but needs
        someone who understands how engineers think. Any recommendations? -abe
        \_ Wow, that is so... self-centric. I suggest your friend/engineer
           read self-help books for people who have Asperger Syndrome.
        \_ hilarious!  Does he realize that thinking like an engineer may not
           be "optimal" ?  :D
           \_ Seconded. Does your friend's friend also think he/she is smarter
              than everyone else? Please read Asperger self-help books. Seriously.
              \- These suggestions seem bizarre to me. I think that's a quite
                 reasonable question ... or rather "input variable".
                 Where did the Asperger's stuff come from?
2009/8/2-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53228 Activity:moderate
8/1     If you could be in any era (20s, 50s, 60s, 70s), which one would
        you want to be in and why?
        \_ 20s. I want to have sex with a lot of flappers.
        \_ 60's lots of good drugs and free love.
           \_ you mean the 20s:
        \_ in the 30's people had some direction... "out of starvation"
        \_ 50s. we knew how to treat the soviets in the 50s.
           \_ hear, hear.
        \_ 1650s.  Asia wasn't full of 3rd world countries then.
           \_ 1200s.  Asians almost conquered the whole Europe.
        \_ This is a joke right? 1960s, hands down. I'll do anything to get
           laid. The only sex I've ever had is with my monitor.   -soda geek
           \_ Nice troll but if you were really a geek desperate to be laid
              you'd say 1994-1998 at height of Dot Com 1.0.
              \_ Hot chicks railing E offa yer glowing palm pilot as you
                 stuck it in their ass.  Wooo!
                 \_ Or a self-propelling cell phone:
              \_ Been there, done that, have the t-shirt.
2009/7/21 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53177 Activity:nil
7/21    Someone please post pictures of amazing looking skanks. I'm bored and
        I need to get laid virtually.
2009/7/17-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53155 Activity:high
        "How to spot a woman of low character"
        \_ Ok that girl in Tramp Stamp is (*@&#($*@(#$*& HOT HOT HOT
           I don't care if she is of low character. HOT HOT HOT.
           \_ Trashy Coutur 4tw.
        \_ This is mostly stupid and misognynistic, by a guy who admits
           he will never marry. There is a thread of wisdom in here, but it
           is lost in the general hatred of women.
           \_ it is the Wisdom of a Berkeley PHD.
         \_ technically paolo its the wisdom of a UC Davis phd.  I'm not
         \_ technically its the wisdom of a UC Davis phd.  I'm not
            really sure what the point of all that was.
        \_ Wow, misogny is so edgy and cool!
        \_ Interesting. I think some of his characterizations are dead wrong
           and others 100% correct, but I don't sense misogyny here. There
           is some maybe in the comments, but not the original article.
           For instance, the present of tattoos (or not) is not misogynistic.
           I think it's a good way to spot men of low character, too.
           \_ If you don't sense misogyny you misogyny detector is seriously
              broken.  This isn't even an edge case dude.
           \_ So is she hot or not?
              She's (@&#(@$# AMAZINGLY HOT.
              \_ what is it you like, the bleached hair, the fake tits, or
                 the sluttiness?
                 \_ 1) hair-- not proven 2) maybe they're fake, who cares
                    3) oh yeah, I love that. I don't know any hetero who does not
                    like that.
                    3) oh yeah, I love that. I don't know any hetero who does
                       not like that.
                    \_ 1) Look at the eyebrows, 2) sane people, 3) speak for
                       \_ I'll still take this skank over any EECS girl in Soda
                          \_ For a one night stand, hell yes. For a
                             relationship, not really. My brother has a
                             lot of tattoos and piercings and for a while
                             he lived with me. During that time he brought
                             home or dated all manner of women of questionable
                             character. They were pleasant to look at, but
                             they had issues and were all kinds of crazy. I
                             would pass on that drama. Fake tits, tattoos,
                             and overly slutty dress are all big warning flags.
                             \_ I see, interesting. Tell us about the drama!
                                Do you have pictures of these sluts?
                                \_ Do you like being texted 500 times in an
                                   8 hour period? Girls threatening to kill
                                   themselves and making you rush to their
                                   place to make sure they didn't do it
                                   even though the relationship is "over"?
                                   Girls smashing your car windshield? Openly
                                   gathering phone numbers from men at the bar
                                   where you both arrived together? Taking
                                   \_ I know a brunette like this.
                                   their tops off in public (this sounds
                                   nice in theory but it can be rather
                                   embarrassing). Stealing money and
                                   \_ this actually sounds REALLY REALLY COOL.
                                      Then again I never had the pleasure...
                                   electronics from you while you are in
                                   the shower after a shag? Just lots of
                                   stupid shit. I was envious when he
                                   brought them home (once there were two
                                   Hooters waitresses who came out of his
                                   room with only towels on) but I was
                                   \_ HELL YEAH I'M JEALOUS OF YOUR BROTHER.
                                      (*&@#($*#@ stud!!! How do I become more
                                      like him? PS. you sound more like a loser
                                      who can't seem to get any.
                                      \_ That's because I don't date women of
                                         low character, but then I don't
                                         have to deal with the hassles
                                         either. If you want to date such
                                         women look for tattoos, fake
                                         tits, slutty dress like high platform
                                         shoes and tops with no bra. They'll be
                                         into you if you drink a lot, buy them
                                         drugs, do exciting activities like
                                         dirt bike, and look the other way
                                         when they hook up with their
                                         ex-bf after a night of drinking.
                                         You can look forward to hot sex,
                                         drama, diseases like hepatitis
                                         and/or mononucleosis, and possibly an
                                         occasional night in jail. Those women
                                         seem to love bad boys who are sweet at
                                         times (like when her puppy is sick)
                                         and at other times tell them
                                         their tits are too small when they
                                         have a 34Ds.
                                         have 34Ds.
                                         \_ I'd love to try women of low
                                            character but they have no interests
                                            in nerdy overweight sysadm like me.
                                            P.S. sluts make me horny     -op
                                   mostly glad when they left and he would
                                   be the first to say he is sick of that
                                   shit and wants to find a nice girl to
                                   marry and have kids with. I hope he does.
                                   She probably won't have fake tits or tattoos.
         \_ dude's a loon.  His premise in his first paragraph is that
            "We live in such a degenerate time that being a prostitute
            is seen as an "empowering" thing for women" ... which is true
            for only a tiny fraction of SF liberals.  He needs to move out
            of berkeley.  Or maybe not; I think a lot of zany people like
            living in berkeley because it gives them license to rail against
            something they disagree with.
2009/7/16-24 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53145 Activity:high
7/15    Quasi Science Question:
        Anyone have a theory on why there seem to be a high concentration
        of super hot chicks in the middle of nowhere, america?
        \_ there isn't actually.  Your premise is flawed.  I've seen tons
           of fat, poorly-aging people in the midwest.  Take a trip to Orlando
           where all the tourists go if you want to see a sampling of "real
           America" and what its people look like.
           \_ think OP means "young"
           \_ I wouldn't call Orlando "middle of nowhere, america." They have
              their own professional sports franchise.
              \_ the tourists in Orlando are not from Orlando!  That's how
                 "tourists" work you see.  They are on vacation.  From
                 somewhere else.  And the ones from the middle of nowhere
                 go somewhere shitty and commercial, like Orlando, or Vegas.
           \_ If you want to be scared, go to Sizzler in Milwaukee.  -tom
        \_ why don't you just leave CA if you hate it here so much.  Leave,
           \_ you've never been to yreka or places like that huh.
        \_ Because many guys rushed to the Silicon valley to jump into the
           high-tech bubble?
        \_ Women in the middle of nowhere have to rely on their looks more
           because they are not career-oriented, so their "survival"
           depends a lot more on finding a guy who will marry them.
           \_ Don't know if this is true, but it's a pretty good theory. -- !OP
           \_ this happens in Cities too, look at all the marketing chicks
              swarm to gyms.  Attractiveness sells.
           \_ Don't know if this is true, but it's a very good theory. -- !OP
              \_ this is the best theory i've heard so far. thanks! -OP
              \_ seconded on the theory. Also they tend to produce more
                 babies, or higher quality babies.
                 \_ What makes them higher quality?
                    \_ They grow up to be super hot chicks too?
                    \_ they produce really attractive beings for
                       further reproduction. they're also more pure, genetically
                       and healthier because they don't have as much pollutants
                       as the people in San Francisco. They're also taller,
                       whiter, blonder, and more attractive in general.
                       \_ You should just advocate Eugenics.
                          \_ I would except it hasn't been in vogue since 1944
                          \_ This is what I mean by superior genes:
                       \_ And bustier?
                       \_ Those assets are not genetic.
                       \_ Bet this photo was taken on the coasts. Those
                          girls are not from Texas either.
                          \_ I would bet that the photo was taken in
                             Scandinavia as the file is named
                             \_ gizmondo is in Sweden?
        \_ Is this a coded way to talk about race?
           \_ No, I think this is a coded way to talk about red states vs.
              blue states. Or more specifically, rural vs. urban.
              blue states. Or more precisely, rural vs. urban.
              \_ counties, not states.  Drive around CA !Frisco !LA.
                 \_ You're taking the terms too literally. And I also wrote
                    "more precisely..."
                    \_ Do you seriously think that women are hotter in
                       Bakersfield than LA? Have you lost your mind???
                       \_ actually, on the average, yes.  Or look at the
                          the ones in nowhere, AZ, or nowhere TX.  Not
                          talking about individual cases here, but the
                          aggregate average over pop.
                          \_ Rich people, in general, are better looking than
                             poor people. It is left as an excercise for the
                             reader to figure out why. Places with lots of
                             poor people, like Bakersfield, are not full of
                             of good looking people.
                             \_ You will find more attractive women in poor
                                Louisiana or Texas than in rich San Jose.
                                \_ There are a lot of attractive men in Little
                                   India, Sunnyvale. What you say to that?
                                   \_ I am guessing those men moved there
                                      from somewhere else.
        \_ Women in those places, like Texas, tend to care more about how
           they look and dress. Along the East coast and mid-Atlantic
           you have overachieving women who act like men and wear no makeup.
           On the West coast women are more casual in their dress and
           appearance. Only in-between do women dress and act like men
           expect women to (in a stereotypical way). Women in the South and
           Texas won't even leave the house without doing their hair.
      \_ At least if you live somewhere that gets really hot and humid
         in the summer, the sun dresses come out.  In the bay area,
         everyone wears the same thing every day all year
           \_ Yeah, I lived in The South for three years. The women there
              all dress like high class hookers.
              \_ You say this like it's a bad thing.
2009/7/16-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53144 Activity:moderate
7/15    Anyone else think Twitter is incredibly stupid and that people over
        age 40 who use it, Facebook, and who text message incessantly (versus
        a, I dunno, phone call - hate calling someone and getting a text
        back) are trying to recapture lost youth and seem hip in some way?
        My sister-in-law does all of the above, even going so far as to
        text her kid while she is away. I asked if she has called. She
        hasn't, but "R U OK?" is considered checking in with your kid? I
        would be offended if my mom did that. These things have their
        place, but should not supplant traditional interaction in person
        or, if need be, telephone. 1000 Facebook friends and yet no one
        will fly out to visit. What kind of friends are those? People are
        losing sight of what makes a relationship. Twittering that you
        just got your favorite candy is, absent other contact, ridiculous.
        \_ most people I know who use Facebook don't consider a "Facebook
           friend" the same as a real "friend."  So maybe the problem is your
           expectation.  Also nothing reeks of getting old like the fear of
           getting old...
           \_ If a "Facebook friend" isn't a "real friend" then what's the
              point? You are wasting time with your Facebook friends you
              could be spending with real people. However, in my experience
              I see a lot of people stay in contact with "real friends"
              via Facebook. However, it's not meaningful contact.
              \_ settle down there tiger.  I have tons of real friends.  I just
                 have more "friends" on Facebook.  And people who do a lot of
                 Facebooking (that I know anyway) definitely do something
                 similar.  It's just a communication medium, it doesn't have
                 to "mean" one and only one thing for all people.
              \_ Orkut gets around this problem by allowing you to categorize
                 your friend as acquaintance, friend you never met, close friend,
                 etc etc. Useful for sorting and such.
                 \_ I don't speak portuguese.
                    \_ por que não, estúpido?
                    \_ porja!
        \_ Twitter is the working implementation of newspeak.
           The minitruth released that they upped our char limit to 140!
           Yay oceania!
        \_ Twatter and facebook are just ways to prolong unhealthy
           relationships. Healthy social adults get by without them/use
           them only minimally.
           \_ The kids are all right.
              \_ The kids ain't allright.
        \_ If you take out the 'unhealthy' part, you've got it right IMO.
           \_ addict.
        \_ My job is in Internet media, so I need to stay on top of this stuff.
           Having said that, I think facebook is marginally useful and mostly
           a time waster, and twitter is entirely useless.
           \_ twitter is stupid and I don't understand why anyone over
              18 years old would actually find it useful. Either that or the
              over 18 year old person is most likely immature and/or trying
              to fit in with the crowd or just like to waste time. Having that
              said, FriendFeed is much more powerful than Twitter and is
              somewhat functional.
2009/7/15-24 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53140 Activity:low
7/14    Every once in a while, the woman becomes a TOTAL BITCH and starts
        to bitch and whine about every little thing about you and is trying
        to pick a fight. What the hell do you guys do when the bitch becomes
        a total bitch?
        \_ logic and defense will only take you so far.  Just realise that
           not everything is about you and be okay with it.  Maybe it's
           brain chemicals.  Maybe she didn't eat well today.  Maybe it's
           that time of the month.  Maybe people were mean to her today.
           Maybe the potholder she's looking at reminds her of when her
           cat died when she was eight.  It has nothing to do with you.
           I also like the technique of apologizing for things which
           logically couldn't possibly be your fault.  Use sparingly or
           you will be accused of being patronizing.  These techniques
           will work on anyone, not just your lady.
        \_ I usually talk it out.  I tend to defend myself and my position and
           when she is right, I take it to heart and try and change my habits
           so that it won't be an issue in the beginning.  If she is just being
           unreasonable I tell her and then grovel until it blows over.  I don't
           have the best success with women though :) In the best relationships
           I've had I just had to lick the clit.  But all women aren't like men,
           some want you to prove yourself.
           \_ You "had to" lick the clit?  In my relationship I have to behave
              really well before I *get to* lick my wife's clit.
              \_ That is why I said best relationships!
           \_ you can't REASON with the bitch. That's the whole point of
              the post "there's not much I can do, what do YOU do?"
        \_ I take off and go for a long walk. I only have to do this a few
           times a year, but it is better than a pointless argument. Not sure
           this is the best answer, but it is better than what I learned from
           my (divorced) parents, which is to have screaming fights that
           eventually turned physical.
2009/7/13-24 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/Companies/Google] UID:53137 Activity:nil
7/15   I used Google to find out the city the girl I first had sex with lives
       in.  Should I move there?
       \_ Stalker alert.
        \_ what's a city girl? are they a different breed than a suburban girl?
           \_ City girls are wilder in bed than suburban girls.
       \_ Yes, please.  Do it for MOTD!
2009/7/9-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53126 Activity:kinda low
7/9     Anyone here ever dated a psycho bitch who also just happened to be
        stripper hot and a nympho to boot? I recently met such a girl and
        if not for the mindblowing and frequent sex I'd run away screaming,
        because she is so mean and irritable. I want to have fun while it
        lasts, but will this end up badly? Like, my bunny boiled or worse?
        Steve McNair's death got me thinking maybe playing with fire gets
        you burned. On the other hand, I am having so much fun! What are
        the odds in my favor?
        \_ her clock is ticking and that is what drives her to have a lot
           of sex. She wants the sperm from the guy who is good looking,
           but wants a more stable income from a sucker like Soda geeks.
        \_ don't have an advice but I hope you're having SAFE sex
        \_ Have an escape plan, and stick to it.
        \_ What guild is she in?
        \_ please tell me what town you're in. Mountain View is very
           sterile and the only sex I have is with my monitor.
           \_ Tucson, Arizona.
        \_ I'm not so sure whether you're genuinely seeking advice or showing
           \_ A little of both, probably. However, my concern is genuine.
              \_ Tell her you're dumping her to go back to your wife and report
                 back with the results.
              \_ If I were you, I'd rather worry more about whether she's
                 currently sleeping around.  -- PP
                 \_ I wouldn't say sleeping around because that implies she is
                    sleeping with many people indiscriminately, but I know I'm
                    not the only guy. In fact, I know I there's at least one
                    other. Why should that worry me? That's the least of
                    my worries.
                    \_ For me, I can't stand sharing my woman with someone.
                       It's worse than not having this woman at all.  -- PP
                       \_ She's not "my woman". Like I said, if not for the
                          sex I'd probably be gone already because she acts
                          like she's PMSing 100% of the time. I don't think
                          either of us is thinking LTR here. She was very
                          upfront about being with this other guy and didn't
                          try to hide it.
                          \_ Dear Penthouse, I never thought it would happen to
                    \_ You shold be worried about STDs then.
        \_ It can only end badly, but probably not *that* badly.
2009/6/2-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53070 Activity:nil
6/3   Microsoft archiving all porn on Internet
        \_ This is awesome, now I don't have to buy as much porn.
           Bing porn >>> Google porn search. Don't forget to turn on
           "Private Browsing" in Safari!
2009/5/22-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53033 Activity:nil
5/22    Has anyone played the iPhone lottery? In other words, has anyone
        written a cute or useful little app and sold it on the App Store and
        then experienced PROFIT? If not, why are more people not doing this?
        I would but I don't know anyone with good design skills and too lazy
        to learn Cocoa.
        \_ So you would love to do this but you don't actually have an
           idea or want to do any work?  Well I want to be a movie star.
           \_ Ya, basically I'm saying that I'm lazy but seems like something
              that young, poor, smart, motivated Cal engineers would work on.
              \_ For what it's worth I think the app lottery train is
                 leaving or maybe has already left the station.  There's
                 money to be made yes, but it's attracted the attention
                 of real companies who can put real money into development.
                 That makes it a lot harder for a small 1-2 person team to
                 get noticed.
        \_ i am surprised there is not an advertising supported "hot or not"
           app yet
           \_ hot or not has jumped the shark.  (So has jumptheshark).
              \_ whoever has rights to this now has a frikkin goldmine on
                 their hands
              \_ i stand corrected, there is an app, but apparently it has
                 morphed into some dating interface and loses on the UI
                 \_ HON transformed into a dating service years ago after
                    it was bought from the sodans who started it.
                    \_ sodans started it? Who?
2009/5/22-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:53030 Activity:nil
5/22    I just wanted to give a big thank you to the guy who warned me
        that his wife stopped having sex with him after the second kid.
        This is probably small comfort to him, but when my wife started
        campaigning for kid #2, I drug my feet for various reasons. Finally
        she asked me why I didn't want another kid and I told her that I
        was afraid our sex life would suffer. She promised me that it would
        not. Predictably enough, we are now exhausted taking care of two
        children, but whenever she tells me she is too tired to put out,
        I remind her of her promise and she almost always relents. So all
        those years of reading the motd has made a big difference in my
        life. Thanks.
        \_ You're lucky enought that your wife doesn't go complain when you
        \_ You're lucky enought that your wife doesn't complain when you
           bring up promises she made.  You're even more lucky that she
           actually keeps the promises.  -- another guy w/ two kids
        \_ wow. Ok. She keeps her promises as long as she doesn't
           have a headache, backache, whatever. Man, this is the most
           naive thing I've ever heard. The good thing is that you're
           healthy-- if you can put out even with 2 kids AND a real
           office job (which I presume you have since you're probably a
           typical obedient Berkeley grad), that's a good sign. Good luck.
2009/5/17-26 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:53001 Activity:low
5/17    Has anyone else noticed that today's teenaged girls are freakishly
        tall? The stats may not bear that out because of changing demographics
        in this nation (influx of shorter peoples) but even traditionally
        short races like Asian are taller than they were. Today I noticed
        at least 4 girls over 6' tall at the grocery store (two different
        stores) doing shopping with their dads. (I guessed these women were
        about 20 when I first saw them until dear old dad came over to add
        something to the cart.) So they may be 6'+ and still growing. I noticed
        this with female athletes, too. Before, bigger female athletes were
        bulky and looked roided up but now women are large but with a more
        normal (proportionate or even skinny) physique. What's odd is that
        I don't notice the boys being any larger than before, except in
        races that were traditionally shorter like Asians. What's going on
        \_ girls aren't taller.  you're just old.  there is plenty of porn
           out there for you involving short guys and gigantic women
        \_ It's awesome.  More to see with the short miniskirts and kneehigh
           boots that are supposed to be in this year.  Oh wait, you live in
           the U.S.  Nevermind.  Sorry.  -John
        \_ boys are larger, Asian or not. 6'4" is like normal now for a
           20 year old Caucasian boy.
           \_ I don't think that's true. I am fairly tall myself and I notice
              when men are taller than I am (like 6'2" and taller). I think
              men are taller than they were (compared to my dad at 5'9")
              but I don't see that many Caucasian guys over 6'1" in *this*
              country (USA). In fact, people still refer to me as tall and
              I never thought I was anything but average or an inch over.
        such that we are breeding these Amazon women over the last 20 years?
        My sister is 5'8" and that was considered model tall when she was
        young (and she did model) and now I hear it's tough to model if you
        are under 6 feet. With the way girls now give out blowjobs as a way to
        test if you are boyfriend-worthy (instead of 4 years into a marriage)
        I feel like I was born too early, damn it. However, I am genuinely
        interested in the factors making so many large women.
        \_ Is this a "damnit I'm not getting laid because I'm short" post?
           If it is... yeah, Darwin say you're out of luck.
           \_ Getting laid, but not by such tall women because women my age
              just aren't that tall in most cases. It's a "not getting
              laid by leggy blondes because I am too old, but would have
              had I been born in 1988" post.
        \_ It's the bay area, they're going to be rotund and massive.
           They don't have to be anything else.
           \_ "Don't have to be"?
        \_ Both men and women are getting taller, due to better nutrition.
        \_ Yes, I have been noticing that young women keep getting taller.
           As a short guy, it is hard not to notice.
        \_ Dude, it's called high heels.
           \_ Young women don't wear that stuff except to church or job
              interviews. Try flipflops.
              \_ Yes they do, they just aren't obvious about it.
        \_ Any similar observation about their bust size rather than their
   \_ They're getting bigger.  NSWF unless you work at aspo
        \_ She needs lipo on the waist, not on the boobs.
           \_ Jesus Christ.
2009/5/14-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52996 Activity:nil
5/14    The German porn from 35000 yrs ago: (
        'The carving found in six fragments in Germany's Hohle Fels cave
        depicts a woman with a swollen belly, wide-set thighs and large,
        protruding breasts.
        "It's very sexually charged," said University of Tuebingen
        archaeologist Nicholas Conard
        Mellars suggested a more basic motivation for the carving: "These
        people were obsessed with sex."'
2009/5/6-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52960 Activity:nil
5/7     How were female chastity belt useful?  They offered no protection
        against the oral or anal sex.  Were those not issues to consider back in
        the Middle Ages?
        \_ All that mattered was the hymen.
           \_ More to the point, the point of a chastity belt was stopping
              reproduction. Also, they probably weren't all that common.
              \_ "In the duplex models, you had a somewhat larger aperture in
                 the back to permit defecation while preventing anal
                 How is this possible?  I'd think the average solid feces is
                 thicker than the average erect penis.  (Save your fun-making
                 of my size.  I realize that already.)
                 \_ All you need to do is prevent someone from getting
                    sufficiently close.
                    \_ I think some sharp edges would also work.
           \_ Oddly enough, this is still pretty much the case in traditional
              socities today.
        \_ good answers!  but if you do a little digging you'll find that
           the actual historical use and perhaps even existence of the
           chastity belt has been called into question...    --brain
2009/5/5-6 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52947 Activity:high
5/4     She charges $2200/hr
        \_ damn, why is this so boring?!  What have you done Sasha!?
           \_ Maybe she was sick of taking it in the ass.
             \_ or maybe she is a fictitious character
             \_ Does she do anal?
                \_ ooooh yes she does.
                        Sasha Grey is not fictitious, I assure you.
                   \_ Wow, maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but after
                      watching one vid, I think she's just plain mean.
        \_ you'd think sodans would be more up on their porn!
           shame shame!  -brain
        \_ Is Sasha Grey famous as a pron star?  She's not that hot.
           \_ You're motd boob guy, aren't you?
           \_ hint: your sloth is not a positive trait
2009/4/23-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52901 Activity:nil
4/23    "Mystery man's ad for wife"
        Finding a wife over 5'5" with 4 B's - beauty, brain, body, balance
        (What's "balance" anyway?  Balance in life?) for a fee starting at
        $50k.  I'm no millionare, but I'd have gone for it if someone could
        actually find that for me for $50k.
        \_ Balance probably means emotionally stable.
2009/4/23-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52897 Activity:nil
4/22    I *KNEW* Cynthia was a lesbian!!!
        \_ Sounds bisexual to me.
2009/4/21-28 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:52883 Activity:kinda low
4/20    Anybody know Daniel Andreas San Diego?
        \_ "Law enforcement officials describe San Diego as a strict vegan
            who possesses a 9mm handgun."
        \_ "On his abdomen, he has images of burning and collapsing buildings."
           Tattoos people, they are called tattoos.
           \_ The POWER of OpenGL:
              \_ He's pretty ripped.
        \_ I used to work with him.
           \_ Oh yeah?  He seem like the bombing type?
              \_ I wouldn't be surprised. He used to get on the company irc
                 server and talk about how great the ALF was all the time.
                 \_ To be fair, there were a lot of weird people on cp
                    company irc
                    \_ Did you work there too?
        \_ Was everyone at cp crazy?  so we have insane ALF guy, and
           crazed criminal stock scam guy.  any other awesome people from
           cp i am forgetting?
           \_ what is cp?
              \_ CriticalPath or maybe Communist Party, depending on who
                 you ask.
           \_ Oh, that barely scratches the surface. There were at least
              three drug dealers that I knew of, and one guy who boasted
              of his Mafia connections.
              \_ Did you date the guy who runs ?
                 \_ Heh, no, I am not even sure who that is, but I do know
                    that a bunch of the female CP employees ended up with
                    jobs as porn stars at SG after CP blew up.
                    \_ I'm kind of joking.  only 4 people made/make real
                       money off of SG, one of theme is s5, the rest
                       are not CP related.  getting paid $500 once a year
                       to pose is not a real job
                       \_ s5? I always disliked that arrogant little twit,
                          maybe I will have to reassess my opinion of him.
                          I don't know how much "models" on the site make,
                          but you are probably right. Is le one of the 4?
                          but you are probably right.
                          \_ d00d have you seen s5's wife?:
                             \_ Yeah, she is hot and tall, which makes them
                                an amusing couple. Should this make me respect
                                s5 more or less ;-)
2009/4/20-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52882 Activity:nil
4/20    Oh great, craigslist hookup killer is a 22-year-old student, engaged,
        Aug 14 wedding date
        \_ You need more important things to care about.
        \_ So... is he going to delay the wedding?
           \_ Maybe he was robbing people to pay for the wedding.
2009/4/11-20 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:52843 Activity:moderate
        \_ Most of the men profiled in that article reek of Asperger's.
         \_ No, they smell like overpaid narcisists.
            \_ Check out "Sam."
             \_ Nope.  Do you actually know anything about Asperger's
                beyond every geek on the net's self diagnosis?
        \_ Page 4 of 7: '... one-quarter of the site's sugar daddies
           (including married ones) are looking for male 'babies' ..."
           Wow!  I didn't know % of gays among rich males are that high.
           \_ I'm sure if you put your thinking cap on for just a second,
              you can come up with a few good reasons why that may not be
              a valid conclusion.
           \_ Gays tend to have higher incomes than straights.
              \_ If gay people ran the world, there would be less wars,
                 useless regime changes, and empty Mission Accomplished.
           \_ Old straight guys have less problem attracting young women
              without having to pay for it. BK is pathetic, btw.
              \_ Uh, they'll likely be paying for it, whether through formal
                 arrangement or otherwise.
                 \_ Uh, why do old straight men have an easier time time dating
                    younger women than old gay guys have dating young men?
                    Young gay men don't want money?
                 \_ This still doesn't explain the difference between the
                    dating prospects of older straight guys vs. older gay
                    guys. Young gay men don't like money?
                    \_ I said nothing about that. Homosexuality still has a
                       stigma attached to it, and rich gay men are less
                       likely to be openly propositioning young men. The
                       relative anonymity a website like this affords
                       can therefore be attractive.
                       \_ That can be true also. But it is still easier for
                          an older (maybe I should say middle aged) straight
                          guy to date a woman in her 20s than for a gay guy
                          to have a similar arrangement. Though maybe this is
                          just because of the fact that the straight couple
                          can get married -- paying for it otherwise -- in your
                          \_ No, I meant the older guy will be shelling out
                             plenty (fancy restaurants, gifts, etc.) whether
                             or not he pays the woman a formal stipend or
                             whatever you want to call it.
                             \_ So you still have not explained why this does
                                not happen as much in the gay community.
                                \_ Happens all the time from what I can tell.
                                   My neighbors are gay and I go to a lot
                                   of their parties. The older, rich guy with
                                   the younger, hot companion who works as a
                                   personal trainer or hair stylist is a pretty
                                   common scenario.
                                   \_ I just realized that there is an
                                      alternative explaination and that is that
                                      there is more demand from older gay men
                                      for young guys than the similar
                                      arrangement in the straight world.
                                      Marraige explains this pretty well, since
                                      older married guys are less likely to
                                      \_ Don't know many older married
                                         guys do you?  Especially of the
                                         rich asshole variety.
              \_ BK is a soda user.
                 \_ Please tell me you are kidding.
2009/4/6-13 [Recreation/Activities, Recreation/Dating, Recreation/Media] UID:52805 Activity:kinda low
4/6     is there porn called Star Trek: The Insemination
        \_ No but Bareback Mountain sounds just as ghey.
            \_ And "Homo on the Range".
        \_ I bet there is some slash fiction with that title, want me to
           see if I can find it?
        \_ I once heard that there was some Snow White porn where the prince
           had to screw her instead of kiss her befoer she woke up.  I've never
           seen it though.
                \_ you might be thinking of Sleeping Beauty?  Anne Rice wrote
                        one of those.
           \_ Snow White and the seven kinky dwarves?
2009/3/30-4/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52773 Activity:high
3/30    a girl i went to a party with on saturday got really drunk
        and whispered to me 'I REALLY LIKE SEX'.  I ignored her
        because my hemorrhoid was angry.  What should I have done?
        \_ Your hemorrhoid (sp?) saved you from a moral fault.  It's
           unethical to have sex with a person who's incapable of
           consent.  However, now you know she likes sex.  So,
           invite her non-drunk ass "over for a movie".
           \_ Thanks motd ethic guy!
        \_ Take her to the SF Yoga place a few threads down.
        \_ I thought one taste was women only
        \_ 1/3-2/3 of girls really like sex. She was drunk and stated a fact.
         \_ Your numbers are low.
            \_ Too high. Number is more like 2%.
               \_ troll much?
               \_ You have had sex with 50 women and only one of them
                  liked it? Maybe the problem is not with the women..
                  \_ I doubt he's had sex with 50 women.
                  \_ Or maybe it is:
                     "A recent study conducted by Laumann and colleagues
                      and the University of Chicago) of American women
                      (ages 18-59) found that the most common sexual
                      problem in women is hypoactive sexual desire
                      disorder (HSDD), more commonly referred to as low sex
                      drive or libido (33.4%), followed by difficulty with
                      orgasm (24.1%) [and] [P]ain during intercourse --
                      which occurs in 14.4% of women." Only 33% of women
                      think about sex 2-3 times a week or more. These are
                      people responding to a survey. I would bet $1M that
                      the real numbers are even worse given the prevalence
                      of "no sex after marriage" jokes and how strip clubs
                      and hookers seem to do great business among married
                      men. Only 32% of men rate their sex lives as "very
                      satisfied" whereas 46% of women say so. It's pretty
                      clear that women are pretty happy with the status
                      quo while men want more sex. I really doubt very
                      many women want more sex. I read that 2% of women
                      report wanting to have sex more than 1x per day
                      versus, probably, 98% of men. So this slut is in the
                      2%. I hope you don't catch a disease.
                        \_ I'm known plenty of women with a low sex drive
                           and/or "difficulty with orgasm" who quite enjoy
                           sex.  Doubly so when they have been drinking.
                           \_ Triply so once they have passed out I'm sure.
                            \_ If you don't understand the difference
                               between have been drinking and drunk to
                               the point where consent is blurry
                               (which is well after the first and well
                               before passed out), well, it's no wonder
                            \_ If you don't understand the huge lines
                               between "have been drinking",  "drunk
                               to the point where consent is blurry"
                               and "passed out", well, it's no wonder
                               you also think most women hate sex.
                        \_ Why are you calling her a slut?  So what if
                           she likes sex?  Take your double standard
                           and shove it.
                           \_ Isn't a slut a woman who likes a lot of sex?
                              It's not really derogatory in this context.
                           \_ Isn't a slut an easy woman who likes a lot of sex?
                              She sure sounds like a slut given her behavior.
                           \_ Isn't a slut an easy woman who likes a lot of
                              sex? She sure sounds like a slut given her
                              \_ No, a slut would be a person who has sex
                                 indiscriminately.  -tom
                                 \_ Does she sound discriminating to you?
                                    \_ I'm arguing the semantics.  Liking sex
                                       is not equivalent to, or even
                                       particularly related to, being slutty.
                              \_ Isn't the term perjorative? It is really
                                 amusing and kind of sad that you complain about
                                 women not wanting sex and then insult those
                                 that do.
                                 amusing and kind of sad that you complain
                                 about women not wanting sex and then insult
                                 those that do.
                                 \_ Yep. I prefer the term "libertine", since
                                    it sounds kinda cool. But it's probably
                                    still slightly pejorative. I guess the
                                    least pejorative term for such a woman is
                                    \_ Why do you need a term for it?  There's
                                       nothing unusual about enjoying sex. -tom
                      \_ Hyperbole doesn't really help you make your case.
                         You think that 98% of men aged 18-59 want sex more
                         than once a day? I would take your $1M in a minute,
                         btw, as this survey seems about right to me. There
                         is a huge difference between 32% and 2%, you know.
                         \_ and 32% fits right in my 1/3-2/3 range. YMMV.
                         \_ 32% of men are satisfied, which means 68% are not.
                            I'm not sure what point you are making here. Mine
                            was that lots of women do not think about sex,
                            do not enjoy sex, and even find it painful and
                            at the same time rate their sex life as
                            satisfactory. In other words, they are very
                            happy with the status quo, which involves very
                            little sex (can't possibly be a lot if you
                            only *THINK* about it 2-3x per week). The men
                            are pretty unhappy with this arrangement. I
                            think you can reasonably say that men enjoy
                            sex more and that women are fairly happy
                            having it infrequently. It's biology. Most
                            women only get horny a few times per month,
                            although the pill has screwed many women up so
                            badly who knows what their biology is like.
2009/3/30-4/3 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:52770 Activity:nil
3/30    Orgasmic SF Yoga (sorry guys, you can only lend a hand)
2009/3/27-4/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52763 Activity:moderate
3/27    Do most magicians have easy access to beautiful women? I wanna be Hans.
        \_ I dated a magician's assistant. She was delightful. Some of them,
           however, are really just interested in getting on stage, which
           makes them a bit too keen for attention off-stage.
           \_ Do they sleep around a lot? Like cheerleaders with basketball
              players? I heard basketball players sleep around A LOT and
              they don't even need to try. Something about taller men and
              this alpha male theory... Are magicians like the alpha males
              in the magical world?
              \_ Pro basketball players, or college or high school basketball
                 \_ Funny true story: the first time I was approached by a
                    prostitute was when I was in 8th grade and warming the
                    bench for the High School Junior Varsity team.
                    \_ Not sure how funny this is. I've never been approached
                       by a working girl. Why would one think to approach an
                       8th grader? How would you pay her? Why do hookers make a
                       habit of approaching you? (i.e. "first time")
                       \_ This may not quite explain things, but I think she
                          thought I was a senior in high school. Who knows
                          where the money would have come from. As for the
                          last question, I work in a seedy part of town.
                          I've been approached twice by working girls on
                          my way to work in the morning. As for why you've
                          never been approached by a working girl, I'm
                          afraid you'll have to work that out on your own.
                          \_ I'd like to think it's because I don't have
                             an air of sexual desperation, but your seedy
                             area probably explains all.
                             \_ We're both answering threads on the motd
                                on a Saturday night. This does not bode
                                well for either of us.
        \_ most _performers_ have easy access to beautiful women!  However
            dating performers has its own issues, as alluded to in the previous
        \_ You do realize these women are paid for this, right? It's easy
           to be surrounded by beautiful women if you pay to do so. That
           doesn't mean he is dating them, although it could happen. It's
           like being a fashion photographer or a movie producer. You pay
           beautiful women to work for you.
           \_ doctors have easy access to nurses. Now, whether they really
              want to or not (since most nurses are old hags) is another story
        \_ Twins are often used by illusionists so not only do they have
           access to hot women, they have access to hot twins. David
           Copperfield dated Claudia Schiffer for some time. David Blaine
           dated Josie Maran for a while also. The downside to being a
           magician though is that people will think you're a dork.
           \_ How do you spell "mana ja-toui" in French?
              \_ menage a trois. Oh how I want to be a magician now.
           \_ dorkier than say, HOT STUDLY ENGINEER in Silicon Valley?
        \_ If you were as good looking as Hans, you would not need to
           be a magician to date beautiful women.
           \_ Do y'all realize that Hans Klok is gay and according to
              Wikipedia he is dating James Jackson Harwood, a dancer in
              his show?
              \_ See, that proves that hot magicians date their
                 stunning assistants.
              Wikipedia he has been in a relationship for 16 years with
              a man named Frank.
2009/3/26-4/2 [Recreation/Dating, Transportation/Airplane] UID:52756 Activity:moderate
3/26    I've never been to Hawaii before, but I just booked a flight to
        Kauai for me and my gf (who has been to Oahu). I'd like some
        travel advice. Which side of the island to stay on, what not to
        miss, etc.
        \_ There's not a huge amount of choice as to "where to stay",
           it's a small island.  Shell out the $$$$ for a helicopter
           ride over the island.  Drive as far around the island as
           you can, too.  I wasn't able to do much hiking 'cause of
           my girlfriend at the time, but I wish I had.  You prob.
           don't need more than 3 days on a single island:  consider
           a flight to The Big Island, which has awesome volcanos if
           you are there for more than 3 days.  Inter-island flights
           run between $100 to $150.  For stuff more specific than
           that, just look in guidebooks.
           \_ Hawaiian tourist helicopters crash and burn at an alarming
              rate.  The pilots tend to be yahoos.  My friends took a
              flight for their first anniversary.  The pilot crashed it,
              and everyone died except my friend, who stayed alive in
              the wreckage with her dead husband until rescuers arrived.
              Being pinned under the wreckage is what was keeping her
              alive, as it turns out.  When the moved stuff, she died.
              Helicopters are statistically the most unsafe way to fly
              with an engine.  That doesn't stop me from heli-skiing,
              but in that activity the chopper is just a ski lift.  The
              pilots don't fly you around to thrill you with the ride
              like those hawaiian tourist rides.
              \_ Man, I'm sorry to hear about your friend and her
           \_ Actually, there's a massive amount of choice in where to
              stay. Megaresorts, small cottages, condos, private houses,
              budget motels, and so on. Then there's the question of which
              side of the island to stay on. If you are up in Hanalei then
              it's a long (2-3 hour) drive to Waimea. So I'm looking for
              someone who has been who can tell me if I should split the
              distance between the two or if more activities are
              concentrated in one area, etc.
              \_ Resorts vs. not would be up to you if you want those hotel
                 amenities or not, I think.  I think you can find better
                 locations with private rentals.  I'd get something on the
                 waterfront though.  Being up in a tall tower sucks, to me,
                 regardless of the view.
                 \_ There are no towers on Kauai.
           \_ A helicopter is good, but a light plane is better. They can
              cover more distance, which means getting into more isolated
              areas, and it's more comfortable to boot. Costs should be about
              the same for a given flight time, although you can probably get
              longer flights in a plane than a helicopter.
              \_ I am debating this. The plane is cheaper, but it cannot
                 hover or get as close to the ground. Helicopters have had
                 some bad crashes lately. I was first leaning to a plane,
                 but now a helicopter (for the reasons above). I have no
                 idea which is better w/o trying both. Have you been on both
                 for a tour like this?
        \_ Take surfing/snorkling/scuba lessons.
        \_ Wear sunscreen, especially the first day.
           \_ A very good advice
        \_ On a serious note - stay in Koloa (south side of the island) where
           it is less rainy than the Princeville (north of the island) and
           Lihue (east side of the island). My wife and I married in the Koloa
           area - PLENTY of cheap but good condo (for $120/nite or less), and a
           lot quieter. Don't expect Kauai to have much of a nightlife like
           Maui (Lahaina) or Oahu (Waikiki), it is a family island (and the
           locals would like to keep it that way). Stay, enjoy the sceneries
           and behave! Check out NaPali coast (either via helicopter if you're
           brave, from a bumpy boat ride or by hiking - it's 2 day worth of
           hiking). Check out Duane's Ono Char-burger place, an island
           institution. Go get the "Blue Book" on Kauai, we swear by it
           everytime we go.
2009/3/24-4/2 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52751 Activity:nil
3/23    SGI: still good for something
2009/3/16-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52716 Activity:nil
3/16    "Texas jail was an Animal House, authorities say"
        "The doors to two groups of cells didn't lock, but apparently no one
        tried to escape . perhaps because they had everything they needed
        "... their sexual relationship started in a jail shower and continued
        during her late-night visits to his cell."
        \_ "I never thought it would happen to me..."
2009/3/4-11 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52673 Activity:moderate
3/3     Why smart people can't find dates:
        \_ Wow, that's even more stinker crap than that ladder poop people
           keep flinging around.
           \_ You can debate how original the "ladder theory" is, and there is
              some chain yanking, but the basic idea that a lot of people have
              trouble finding people to date because they are "overshooting"
              their prospects is accurate, in my reading of single women I know
              in San Francisco.
              \_ Considering the ladder theory starts with "the only
                 really important thing is how rich and powerful a man
                 is" and goes downhill from there...
              \_ The ladder theory starts with the premise that women are
                 all golddiggers at heart and goes downhill from there...
                 \_ That falls under the chain-yanking, as does "and all
                    men care about are looks/putting out".  Here are two
                    specific examples of two women I know in San Francisco
                    who have been single for a long time, are keen to be in
                    relationships and are not scary trolls:
                    woman1: has a degree in an unemployable field from
                    Stanford and works at a not especially well-paying
                    office job, is moderately interested in pop culture and
                    sports but is a little chubby and a lousy dresser, but
                    has a reasonably strong personality, sang with a amateur
                    band etc. If she went after the typical soda software
                    engineer, she'd be with a guy making decent money whom
                    she could probably dominate in a relationship.  But her
                    self-professed type is "the frat boy." (I joke that in
                    her book "a baseball cap is good, and a backward baseball
                    cap is *really* good).  But she probably cant bring her-
                    self to date a dumb, blue collar, right-wing good-looking
                    guy. So as long as she is after a Marina-boy who works at
                    law firm, she's out of her league.
                    woman2: also well-educated -- Columbia MBA -- decent-
                    looking [better than woman1], but terrible dresser and
                    somewhat unusual personality (somewhat stridently left-
                    wing, but also occasionally Sex and the City party girl),
                    and a higher-status job, but not ultra-successful. Goes
                    to the gym a fair amount, skis, so in shape, but not a
                    Marina Spandex Girl.  Has gone on many, many internet
                    dates but doesn't come to anything solid.  She is clearly
                    most interested in a guy who is tall, doesn't have to be
                    amazingly attractive, but decent looking and in decent
                    shape.  That is all reasonable, but I get the sense that
                    her idea of success is unrealistic:  doctor, lawyer,
                    banker, successful business type etc. At the age group
                    she is looking in, and *in SF*, these people are likely
                    to be married, quite high net worth etc.  Between her
                    personality and her dressing, they statistically too
                    personality and her dressing, they statistically not too
                    likely to get to know her.
                    The over-reaching in a combination of success and looks
                    is s a pretty decent explanation of these two cases.
                    is a pretty decent explanation of these two cases.
                    \_ Maybe, maybe not. You seem to think that a good-looking
                       Marina lawyer is above these women because he's busy
                       seeing some tall, blonde cardiologist. I agree with
                       the premise that people who are too-picky wind up
                       alone, but I disagree with the idea that these
                       uber-successful men are in turn: 1) such a great
                       catch (they can be jackasses like anyone else) and 2)
                       not interested in women like these because they can
                       date 21 year old cardiologist supermodels. The main
                       thing these women seem to be doing wrong is
                       dressing poorly. It's bad for a man, but the kiss
                       of death for women. A makeover is in order. I don't
                       think their "success levels" matter too much because
                       these are both highly educated and intelligent career
                       women. You are making them out like they work at
                       McDonald's while going to night school. They are in
                       the right socioeconomic group - Stanford and Columbia
                       fit right in those circles. You sound bitter that
                       they aren't interested in *you*, but why would a
                       woman like that want to date a pudgy s/w engineer
                       with no social skills?
                       \_ First, my comments are descriptive not prescriptive:
                          it's not a matter of whether the should change plans,
                          I am just describing what the are doing.
                          Second, woman2 is significantly more successful than
                          woman1 -- there is a big difference in discretionary
                          income between somebody who makes say $70k a year
                          (which I doubt #1 makes) and even a modest $100-120k
                          a year, and I think women are pretty averse to
                          subsidizing vacation and dining for their significant
                          others. Third, among people say above 35, a
                          significant number of the available men are married
                          and a reasonable number od the women are factoring
                          and a reasonable number of the women are factoring
                          biological clock issues, or are post-divorce, which
                          also affects the pool.  Fourth, dressing is part of
                          it but in the case of w1, being chubby is a big issue
                          and w2 also has some personality factors when it
                          comes to "putting herself out there".  Fifth, I was
                          never interested in w1.  There was a bunch of talk
                          in a social group and me and w2 and we went out a
                          couple of times, but untimately I think it was a good
                          thing I am not going out with her -- I am actually
                          going out with a different Stanford person who would
                          probably be considered a hotter commodity, so this
                          isn't sour grapes.
                          \_ Sounds prescriptive. You spent a lot of time
                             analyzing the situation. My point in mentioning
                             income is that most guys pulling down $400K aren't
                             too worried about whether their mates are making
                             $70K, $120K, or $300K. If she is her own woman
                             capable of holding down a good job who has her own
                             interests (not an airhead looking for handouts)
                             and well-educated that's probably enough. You are
                             making too much of the income of these women.
                             Income matters a lot more to women when looking
                             for men. Obviously personal appearance matters,
                             but "a little chubby" isn't a big deal. Look at
                             Bill Clinton's taste in women. It sounds like you
                             are more shallow than most guys. However, if
                             they dress sloppily then that's likely their
                             biggest mistake. Put them in a hot outfit and
                             make them up and I guarantee they will get hit on
                             by more men than they care to be. As for sour
                             grapes, I don't know if it's a case where you
                             want to date these women, but you want them
                             to want to date you. It's like when the hot
                             girl gets all into you because you don't pay
                             her any attention and then once you do and
                             she's affirmed her attractiveness she wants
                             nothing to do with you. It bothers you that
                             these women don't want to date you or people
                             like you *even though* you don't want to date
                             them anyway. You think they are aiming too high.
                             To me they sound like good catches who just
                             need a makeover and possibly an attitude
                             \_ You are making a lot of guesses about me, w1
                                an w2 without first hand knowledge, so it's
                                one thing to be dubious but speculating is
                                crazy.  These are two people I've known
                                pretty well for ~5years and "men in SF",
                                internet dating (them, not me), "will I die
                                alone or with a cat" were all major topics of
                                conversation with them.  Next, income affects
                                going out and other life style options.  For
                                example one owns a modest condo, the other
                                went from a roommate situation to a micro-
                                apartment which sucks up a large part of her
                                discretionary income, and does affects her
                                "going out options" which in turn in SF affects
                                who you meet.  The speculation about me wanting
                                to date them or wanting them to want me are all
                                way off so lets ignore all that.  Your last
                                line is what I am getting at:  if they had
                                an attitude and expectations adjustment, they
                                an attitude and expections adjustment, they
                                would find somebody to date very quickly
                                (but I mean that "if" predictively, not
                                prescriptively.  I think it is fine to remain
                                picky, but the outcome is going to change).
                                If fact there is almost a "control case" in
                                this social group: w3 who is an unattractive
                                quite fat woman with poor manners -- generally
                                inferior to w1, and w2 in every way except
                                possibly making more money (I dont know what
                                she makes and while she rents, she does own a
                                boat) is going out with a low-on-the-ladder
                                Pillsbury dough boy type.  If you want to get
                                into specifics, w1 and w2 have an interesting
                                "asymmetry" problem, which goes beyond the
                                "simple ladder theory" which unifies all of
                                you into a single axis.  w1 has a number of
                                nerdy elements, such as an "ironic
                                appreciation of bad movies", like party games
                                appreciation of bad movies", likes party games
                                she owns some t-shirts with obnoxious/pseudo-
                                clever slogans you see frequently advertised on
                                web pages etc.  She'd do well with a geek,
                                EXCEPT she I think reviles Tolkien, computer
                                games and dweebery in guys.  W2s inconsistency
                                is wanting both a guy who is smart and
                                substantial and ideologically compatible
                                (she went to Ohio to knock on doors for Obama)
                                but will also whisk her away for the occasional
                                spa weekend in Sedona or to some trendy
                                restaurant up in Napa (she actually isn't
                                that into food, which is why I made the
                                Sex and the City comment) ... the investment
                                banker with taste and a conscience.
                                pillsbury dough boy type.
                                \_ The way you characterize these people (and
                                   others like these mythical investment
                                   bankers and Tolkien geeks) and the details
                                   you think are important about them is
                                   repulsive. No wonder they aren't into you.
                                   You sound immature, shallow, and lacking
                                   much life experience. Have you ever
                                   been in a long-term relationship with a
                                   woman? (Let's say > 5 years.) BTW, people
                                   (especially women, since men will buy their
                                   drinks/food and let them in clubs free)
                                   don't need much money to go out to meet
                                   people. Funny that you think these women
                                   are handicapped by making "only $70K/year".
                                   They could be making half that and it
                                   wouldn't matter. You sound like an elitist,
                                \_ If she has an Ivy League MBA, why wouldn't
                                   she want to date someone else with a similar
                                   level of education and success? It doesn't
                                   seem like she is being that unreasonable to
                                   me, actually, unless she is looking for looks
                                   money, brains *and* success, which from your
                                   description, she is not. But if she is over
                                   35, she definitely needs to fish or cut bait.
                                   me, actually, unless she is looking for
                                   looks, money, brains *and* success, which
                                   from your description, she is not. But if
                                   she is over 35, she definitely needs to
                                   fish or cut bait.
                    \_ Some women have a unrealistic expectation of how
                       lawyers live (or ought to live).  Not all of us
                       live (or like) the flashy BMW, thousand $ suit,
                       five star lifestyle.  Many of us who started out
                       as engineers remain basically the same geeky star
                       trek watching guys we were before we went to law
                       school.  For some reason many women find that
                       unacceptable.  I've gone out with women very
                       similar in general description to the ones
                       you mention, and after a few dates they start
                       mentioning things like a BWM is a much nicer
                       car than your subaru, and I'm sure you could
                       afford it, or why don't we get you some nice
                       clothes at some super high end SF store, or
                       let's go on some exotic vacation.  Its a huge
                       turn off b/c the only thing these girls are
                       interested in is upgrading their lives via
                       my paycheck.
                \_ The way I understand the "ladder theory" is that everyone
                   is trying to move up to someone higher on the attractiveness
                   ladder that supposedly everyone subscribes to. Even if they
                   are currently dating someone, they are looking for someone
                   better. Which is a bunch of BS, btw, if you are older than
                   25. Actually, it is BS in any case, because not everyone
                   has the same idea of attractiveness. I, for example, am a
                   guy how rates a woman's intellegence as the most important
                   guy who rates a woman's intellegence as the most important
                   characteristic. I know this makes me unusual, but it also
                   means I never had much of a problem finding dates.
                   This is one of the most idiotic things I have ever seen:
                   "Toward A Meaning of Life
                    Convieniently, the ladder theory answers the oft asked
                    question, "What is the purpose of life?" The purpose of
                    life is to move up the ladder. The person you are with
                    now should be better (higher on your ladder) than the
                    person you were last with."
2009/2/9-17 [Computer/SW/SpamAssassin, Recreation/Dating] UID:52546 Activity:nil
2/10    paolo here are some links to tide you over
2009/2/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Crime] UID:52499 Activity:low
2/2     She came to her senses.
        This is the woman who was dating Scott Peterson, the guy who's
                                          \_ actually Drew Peterson
        suspected of killing a few of his wives.
        \_ What wife did he kill other than Lacy?
           \_ Did you read the article? It says right in there.
        \_ Drew Peterson, not Scott. Scott only killed the one wife.
           \_ Man, thos Peterson's are baaaad news.
2009/1/28-2/1 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Election] UID:52480 Activity:nil
1/28    the baby borg episode of star trek:voyager is so sad!
        \_ Jeri Ryan's firm rear end gave us Obama.  God bless her.
           \_ What about the front?
           \_ How was this supposed to have come about?
           \_ I thought I rehashed this for the motd.  Jeri Ryan used to be
              married to an Illinois senator.  They had a messy divorce.
              Some of their divorce documents became public, which mentioned
              that Jeri was vastly annoyed with her husband because he would
              always try to drag her to public sex clubs and have hot
              threesomes with her in front of other people.  It became clear
              to the senator that he wasn't going to win the next election.
              It wasn't just the public sex with 7 of 9, it was a variety
              of things, but the hot sex with Jeri Ryan's while holding
              Jeri Ryan's firm buttocks in front of a crowd at Chicago's
              very best public sex clubs didn't help.  He dropped out of
              the race, Obama decided to get into the race, the Illinois
              Republican party couldn't find anyone in the entire state of
              Illinois to run against him, so they shipped in Alan Keyes
              to run against him, from another state.  You can't make this
              stuff up!
              \_ This was in the motd previously.  I just forgot about it
                 completely until you reminded me.  Sorry, my brain is
                 defective.  But thanks, also, because my defective brain
                 allowed me to enjoy the story all over again.
              \_ The sex club stuff was accusations, not proven facts AFAIK in
                 the contentious custody fight.  The records were sealed and
                 LATimes got them unsealed.
                 \_ Jeri Ryan also claims that while her husband *WANTED*
                    her to participate she did not. She's now married to
                    a chef who has a very yummy French restaurant in LA.
              \_ Jack Ryan was running for Senate, he was not a Senator.
2009/1/23-27 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:52454 Activity:nil
1/22    How's that "ex-gay" thing comin' Mr. Haggard?
        \_ The 'ex' is short for 'extra.'
2009/1/22-27 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:52450 Activity:low
1/22    Celtic Women are HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT and they sing well. HOT.
        \_ I saw a version of Riverdance in Branson, Missouri that was
           full of very fit Irish women and in one dance they wore white
           and with the lights it left absolutely nothing to the imagination.
           The crowd was pretty stunned. I turned to my girlfriend and
           said "Uh, what was that?" and she confirmed. If you know
           Branson (conservative Christian Disneyland) you'd think it
           amusing. Maybe not shocking in Las Vegas, but there was a hush over
           the crowd after that. What's weird is that most Irish women are not
           attractive according to some of my Irish friends who moved here. I
           guess when they are hot they are *very* hot, though.
           \_ That's true with any race. People in the world think every
              old guy looks as good as Sean Connery and they're usually
              disappointed when they get off of LAX.
              \_ Some more than others. British women in general are not
                 as hot as Latinas, for instance. For every Liz Hurley
                 there are probably 20 good looking Venezuelans. Denmark
                 and Sweden have hotter women than Germany and Greece,
                 in general. Anyway, my point is that people think Irish
                 women look like Jennifer Connelly or Anne Hathaway (who
                 are both about 25% Irish), but most are stout and
                 unappealing (according to my Irish acquaintances, women
                 included). I think Australia also has a
                 better-than-deserved reputation as does perhaps India,
                 where Aishwarya Rai is a stunner but hardly represents
                 the typical Indian.
                 \_ you're an idiot, and likely an ugly one.
                    \_ you're ugly too, that's why your wife left you.
                 \_ Australia has a good proportion of fit, attractive people
                    though there are still plenty of corn-feds.
                 \_ Have you ever heard of "hybrid superiority"?
2009/1/16-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52406 Activity:nil
1/16    Porn stars and video games (worksafe):
        \_ This is awesome.
        \_ I LOVE Jenna Haze. She loves PSP, and Jeanne D'Arc, and
           Final Fantasy. Oh man, I'm in love. Seriously.
        \_ That was mighty.
        \_ So only 1/14 attractive women are really into video games.
           The world is sad.
           \_ ...extrapolating from a sampling of 14 women in the A/V biz,
              no matter how attractive, to attractive women in general is
              about as dumb as, well, most A/V talent.
              \_ I think 1 in 14 is better than the average.
        \_ LOL: "Uncharted! That's it! I want to [cuddle with] that guy!"
        \_ Who is the girl in the first image who looks like Phoebe Cates?
           BTW, stop humanizing my porn stars by giving them like feelings
           and personalities and stuff. Next thing you know we'll have to
           read about how their grandfather died and they were raped when
           they were 12 and it won't be fun anymore.
2009/1/13-22 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52372 Activity:nil
1/13    How does one get an officiant for marriage? Do they always have
        to spend like a day or two talking to the couple?
        \_ Not unless you're asking for some kind of religious thing.
           Try Yelp.
        \_ Ask a friend to join the Church of SubGenius.
        \_ all they need is a certificate from the city, for the day.
        \_ city clerk, skip the rest of the stuff
2009/1/9-14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52351 Activity:nil
1/9     At what age do you start to find it boring to jerk off? At
        what age do you decrease jerking off frequently? I'll start:
        \_ Married 9yrs and two kids.  Haven't decreased yet.
        \_ 32-33 for me_
        \_ Married 9yrs and two kids.  Haven't decreased yet.  -- 38yr-old
        \_ Not so far. -43
        \_ I almost completely stop jerking off when I have a woman.
           \_ How often do you have sex? I stop jerking off when I have sex
              daily, but that never lasts for long.
              \_ Normally, 2x/wk.  I was, until recently, also in the habit
                 of doing much strenuous exercise, which reduces libido.
        \_ Maybe you have a medical issue.
           \_ Maybe. I don't find anything overly exciting or depressing
              anymore. I drive a lot calmer. I don't get angry or anything
              like that. I DID cut off alcohol intake completely, and
              avoiding caffeine as much as possible. I avoid lots of
              sugar, and zero soda/junk juice intake. So in a sense, I'm
              pretty comfortable in the middle. I DO get more work done
              and I have better concentration without wanting to jerk
              off or have sex. At first I thought this is pretty natural
              for getting older and treating my body better, but seeing
              replies above, maybe not?                         -op
              \_ My laboradore retriever was super hyper and disobedient
                 until he was about 2 years old. Maybe there is a
                 correlation between being older and being calmer?
              \_ so hit the bars, now that you're not a horndog women will
                 flock to you.  esp if they are over 30.
                 \_ When you go to a bar, aren't you self selecting a certain
                    category of women?  Only certain women frequent bars.
                    \_ yeah fun ones?
                 \_ If you're not a horndog, why bother hitting the bars? -!OP
              \_ Libido varies tremendously. If you are happy and your
                 so is happy, why worry?
        \_ help?
2008/12/22-2009/1/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52292 Activity:nil
12/21   Is bad sex better/worse than no sex?
        \_ It depends how long you've been without.
        \_ Better:
           Worse:  .
        \_ How do you define "bad sex"? No orgasm?
         \_ Let me guess, you are still a virgin yes?
            \_ I am an anal virgin, if that is what you are hinting at. Did
               you have a bad experience with a g/f using her strap-on or
               \_ That would be good sex.
        \_ Documentation is like sex, when its good, it's really good, when
           its bad, it's better than nothing.
           \_ Documentation is like sex, when its good, it's really good, when
              its bad, it's worse than nothing.
2008/12/20-2009/1/7 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52286 Activity:nil
12/20   would you add your boss in Facebook?  I made this mistake, and now
        I'm thinking of trolling Facebook for a new job.  damn.
        \_ create a limited profile and assign user to see that
        \_ I have the same problem. My MOTHER is on Facebook and she's
           calling me, asking me why I'm not accepting her as a friend.
           It's creepy and totally de-valuates Facebook. There should
           be an age limit on Facebook. Now it's totally uncool to
           use Facebook. It's like having your mom drive you to the
           prom and monitoring you. Shiiiit.
           \_ my mom drove me to prom cuz i didn't have a license
           \_ Everyone has a mother. Don't be a putz.
        \_ i have 3 facebook accounts.  Friend Compartmentalization 4tw.
           \_ Best advice ever.
           \_ There is some new social networking site that allows you to
              create different profiles for different viewers.
              \_ My scheme requires no software developer to add functionality.
                 3 accounts, add more if you like ymmv.
                 \_ How do you avoid having your boss come across your other
                    two accounts? Do you block him?
        \_ Yeah of course I would add him. Don't post "I am looking for
           a job" in your profile, but you can search, it might even motivate
           your boss to treat you better.
        \_ try the block user feature and let us know
        \_ one technique that works with stupid "friends" from HS is to add
           them, and then two weeks later, remove them. they might not notice.
2008/12/18-2009/1/2 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/HW/Memory, Computer/SW] UID:52277 Activity:nil
12/18   I'm loving the Privacy Browsing feature on Safari. I turn it
        on, browse porn, then turn it off, and no one using my
        computer would ever know that I browsed porn (no history,
        no cache, nada). Loving it man.
        \_ The guy with the backdoor knows. Also, the shadow knows.
           \_ That may be the case and I don't really care about the
              guy with the backdoor. The most important thing is that
              my kids and my wife don't know about it.
              \_ But it's advertised as being useful for gift shopping!
                 You horrible, horrible man.
                 \_ And tax cuts are good for THE PEOPLE!
2008/12/8-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52204 Activity:moderate
12/8    So are The Mormon's really interested in equal rights?
                         \_ Learn proper use of apostrophes' (LA Times)
                                   \_ Can you link to a non-bankrupt source?
        \_ The LDS church never took away rights. They just organized and
           dumped a lot of money into a definition.  They want the definition
           of marriage to be man and woman.  There are no rights taken away
           here.  Gay people can still get married, just not to people of
           their same sex.
           \_ Your brain has been classified as: absent without leave.
           \_ The LDS church as an institution never dumped money anywhere
              regarding Prop 8.
                \_ Riiight. I guess those many articles, including a
                   good one from the NYT, were confused.
                   \_ LDS Church encouraged its members to donate, but didn't
                      donate money itself that I'm aware of.  Do you have a
                      URL where it states the church donated money?  I'd
                      be interested to see.  -vallard
                      \_ They have been accused of not properly reporting
                         "in kind" donations, which the FPPC is looking into.
                         I don't know of any serious claims that they gave
                         money directly.
           \_ Almost too stupid to respond to, but the CA Supreme Court
              clearly declared that gay marriage was a right, so Prop 8
              explicitly removed that right.  -tom
              \_ You should also read what the minority wrote on the subject.
                 Look at Justice Baxter's remarks.  The SC passed on a 4-3
                 decision.  You shouldn't call someone's remarks stupid
                 because you don't agree with them.
                 \_ "The power of a state to regulate and control the
                    basic social relationship of marriage of its
                    domiciliaries is here challenged and set at nought
                    by a majority order of this court arrived at not
                    by a concurrence of reasons but by the end result
                    of four votes supported by divergent concepts not
                    supported by authority and in fact contrary to the
                    decisions in this state and elsewhere...It is
                    difficult to see why such laws, valid when enacted
                    and constitutionally enforceable in this state for
                    nearly 100 years and elsewhere for a much longer
                    period of time, are now unconstitutional under the
                    same Constitution and with no change in the
                    factual situation. It will also be shown that they
                    have a valid legislative purpose even though they
                    may not conform to the sociogenetic views of some
                    people. When that legislative purpose appears it
                    is entirely beyond judicial power, properly
                    exercised, to nullify them."
                    Perez v. Sharp, 1948, J. Shenk, dissenting.
                    The fact that it was 4-3, or that someone dissented,
                    does not make the decision any less valid, any more
                    than J. Shenk's dissent made interracial marriage
                    less valid.  -tom
                    P.S.: I called it stupid because it's stupid.  -tom
                    \_ stupid = bitter Nikon shooters who got left behind
                       by stupid Nikon management that can't compete
                       in the digital world.
                    \_ What exactly is stupid about it?  Marriage has
                       never in human history been done between gays.
                       No society openly celebrated such official unions.
                       Applying the word "marriage" to same-sex couples
                       is redefinition.
                       \_ "gays can still get married, just not to people
                          of the same sex" is incredibly stupid.  As stupid
                          as "blacks can get married, just not to whites."
                          \_ Those aren't the same thing.  You're stupid.
                             Gays are self selected.
                             \_ Prove it.  -tom
                       \_ Are you really this ignorant or are you just trolling?
                       \_ Are you really this ignorant or are you just
                         \_ I don't trust this site.
                            <DEAD><DEAD> is more accurate.
                         \_ That article is full of complete shit.  The
                            examples generally have nothing to do with the
                            type of union exemplified by "marriage".
                            \_ Just because Christ isn't involved doesn't
                               mean it isn't marriage.
                               \_ You = Idiot.
                            \_ Your reading comprehension is poor.
                               \_ No, yours is.  The article brings up
                                  mere incidences of gayness, which isn't
                                  in question, so it's fucking idiotic to put
                                  it in that article, although "unions" is
                                  pretty vague already so maybe the entire
                                  article is pointless.  It also brings up
                                  pederasty which is irrelevant and also
                                  nothing like a marriage/familial
                                  relationship.  "marriage" is an English
                                  word with a specific usage history.
                                  \_ "marriage" comes from the Old French
                                     "mariage", which in turn comes from
                                     the Latin "maritatus", which far
                                     predates the English language.
                                     \_ That doesn't refute my statement.
                                  \_ "The fact that marriage occurred between
                                      two men among the Romans is proved by a
                                      law in the Theodosian Code from the
                                      Christian emperors Constantius and
                                      Constans which was passed on December 16,\
                                      342. Martial attests to same-sex
                                      Constans which was passed on December 16,
                                      342. Martial attests to same-sex
                                      marriages between men during the early
                                      Roman Empire. The first recorded marriage
                                      between two men occurred during the
                                      reign of the Emperor Nero, who is
                                      reported to have married two other men
                                      on different occasions." You == bad reader
                                      on different occasions." You == bad
                                      \_ That law is banning homos and it is
                                         strangely written.  It certainly
                                         doesn't "prove" that gay marriage was
                                         previously accepted.  Nero might have
                                         done all sorts of things, Caligula
                                         fucked his sister and claimed he was
                                         a god, that doesn't mean it's a norm.
                                         In 390 they made gay sex punishable by
                                         burning to death.  Marriage is
                                         inherently about public recognition
                                         and all evidence is that homosexuality
                                         was ridiculed in Roman society.
                                         \_ Let me ask you this: what
                                            difference does it make to you
                                            whether gays call it marriage or
                                            civil unions or whatever?  Does
                                            it affect you that they call
                                            their intercourse "sex"?  What
                                            societal purpose is there to
                                            refusing to allow them to use
                                            the generally accepted term for
                                            a committed coupling?  -tom
2008/12/4-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52161 Activity:nil
12/4    i love you guys, i love the motd, i love berkeley, i love poltitburo,
        but seriously guys, you should be able to run a LDAP server on
        just about anything successfully.
        \_ So far as I know we do. The problem is that when NFS is down (due to
           keg), soda waits on NFS, because that's where the .ssh directory is.
2008/11/26-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52115 Activity:nil
11/26   I get enough porn spam in my mailbox, do we really need
        random porn sites in the motd?
2008/11/26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52114 Activity:high 78%like:52112
11/26   Ordinary porn "Teen seudcing (sic) a boyfriend of her mom" turns
        extreme: (NSFW)
        Check out the fourth image.  OUCH!!!  This guy needs to go to ER.
        \_ this guy really needs to go ER:
           \_ that was worse than the Smurfette gangbang vid
              \_ Contract law only applies to private sector employees?
        \_ please do not post your sex tape.
        \_ he's just flexible, no big deal.
           \_ Is this a politically correct way of saying "he can't get his
              dick hard"?
        \- do you want to have horrific porn contest?
2008/11/16-20 [Recreation/Dating] UID:52004 Activity:high 72%like:51996
11/15   Lindsay Lohan is looking pretty hot these days.
        \_ she's looking a lot older these days.  Not sure if it's from
           actually BEING older than her 16 year Herbie Goes To Honduras days,
           or from getting face STDs from banging that Girls Gone Wild dude.
           or from getting face STDs from banging Girls Gone Wild dude.
        \_ Keeley Hazell is hotter. (
           "Hazell was hailed by the Conservative Party in December 2006 as
           an "environmental hero" for her campaigns in The Sun, giving
           environmental tips such as turning lights off during sex and using
           digital cameras. She was named alongside the likes of David
           Attenborough, Prince Charles and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the
           \_ downloading her sex tape now.  ok tnx.
              \_ that was intense.  thanks motd. lulz.
              \_ that was intense.  lulz.
              \_ From which URL can I download her sex tape?  Thx.
                 \_ i think this will work, can't check at work
                 \_ Google: keeley hazell sex tape video
                 \_ Google: keeley hazell sex tape
                    I watched it on Google Videos.
           \_ I came across a link 'gene simmons sex tape'. nooooooo
              \_ URL?
              \_ At least it's not Richard Simmons.
           \_ That was something else!
           \_ way too many shots of her dude's butt.  she needs to go
              back to personal sex tape making school.
              back to leaked personal sex tape making school.
           \_ Agreed, but those first few minutes are pretty
        \_ Is there a Lohan sex tape?
           \_ Rumored, but fake.
        \_ When was LL ever not hot?
        \_ Aren't you forgetting that she's been converted to GODLESS
        \_ her gf, not so hot.
        \_ LL said (this is not a joke) that she loves SamRo but "wants to
           explore her heterosexuality" and have an open relationship.
        \_ I love keeley...she is an absolutely amazing piece of ass.  but
        \_ I love keeley...she is absolutely amazing  but
           this is the worst sex tape ever.  here's what you see for the
           approximate two minutes that this guy actually having sex with her.
           His ass.  More of his ass.  His socks.  The end.
           \_ Yeah, but that is a great blowjob.
           \_ he only lasted 2 minutes?
              \- Traumatic_insemination!
           \_ did you miss the five minute blowjob at the beginning?
2008/11/12 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:51940 Activity:kinda low
11/12   holy shit lolz
        \_ What do Mormons have to say about Gay sex?
        \_ What do Scientologists have to say about Gay sex?
        \_ Scientologists dont focus on gay.
2008/11/12-26 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51929 Activity:nil
11/12   The Mormons being the great defenders of traditional marriage is just
        one of life's delicious ironies.  lulz.
        \_ Why?
          \_ HAhahaha, how many wives did Joseph Smith have?
             \_ something like 33.  Brigham Young out-did him with 56.
                \_ Why is this not traditional? For most of human history
                   it was common for successful men to have multiple wives.
                   \_ It is traditional.  The idea that one-man-one-woman
                      marriage is traditional was created by religious
                      fundies who fear homosexuality.  It has no basis in
          \_ 1. Look up the word "irony" in the dictionary.
             2. Look up the LDS church on wikipedia.
             3. Achieve enlightenment.
        \_ Of course they are.  Which man would like the possibility of his
           spouses cheating on him by having intramarrital affairs?
           spouses cheating on him by having intraracial affair?
2008/11/7-13 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51867 Activity:kinda low
        \_ Welcome back, freepers.
        \_ Karl Rove playbook chapter 3-- dig up personal dirt about the
           opponent. Best stuff to collect in the order of effectiveness:
           infidelity, oral sex, anti-gun, anti-religion, MoneyGate scandal.
           Save dirt till they're needed, they're like pocket change, you
           never know when you'll need them.
           \_ You think oral sex with your wife is really that much of
              a scandal in America anymore?
              \_ it is a huge scandal in the midwest.
                 \_ gay sex should be number 1, I think then
                    \_ ah, yes, but no presidential candidate has ever
                       had gay sex scandals. not yet.
                       \_ unless you count Lincoln.  -tom
                          \_ Oh great, now you're going to tell us that
                             Lincoln had hot gay sex with his slaves? Sheeit
                             \_ That's why they are called Log Cabin
                 \_ Link please?  This sounds like a San Francisco urban
                    legend.  Frankly, I think you're full of crap.
        \_ Obama Derangement Syndrome is going to be fun to watch.
        \_ I am willing to bet a lot of money that Obama only has sex with his legal wife
        \_ I am willing to bet a lot of money that Obama only has sex with his
           legal wife
           for the next 8 years.
           legal wife for the next 8 years.
        \_ Best part of that site: "The main Stream Media"
2008/11/2-3 [Recreation/Dating, Politics/Domestic/Gay] UID:51782 Activity:nil Entry has been invalidated. Access denied.
2008/10/29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51719 Activity:moderate
10/29   You're having sex.  NAGIOS goes off.  THERE'S A BOMB ON THE BUS.
        WHAT DO YOU DO?
        \_ Explode.
        \_ It depends on who/what (if any) you're having sex with.
        \_ Enhanced interrogation techniques on sex partner.  HOTT!!
        \_ What's Nagios?
           \_ Maybe
2008/10/25-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51682 Activity:low
10/25   is dating coworkers bad?
        \_  work love is off limits - it just is. but when you rewrite queries
            with more joins than conditions...the faster they run, the hotter
            i get.  aw jeez...i'm a prude in the office - ... until you.
            when you're reviewing something and you say 'hmm', my knees get
            weak and i start thinking about that sound...and what it would be
            like to hear you say it in my ear, on my neck. when you yawn at
            your desk and stretch so your shirt rides up... i want to kiss the
            side of your tummy where it's so soft...and slide to the front
            where you're fuzzy in just the right sexy way... and i think of
            your hands on me, your breath in my hair, feeling you between...
            oh sweet jesus - select * from what?? i can't even think anymore.
            stop stretching, stop emoting, just fucking stop breathing.
            you're killing me. just fall for me already so we can... over and
            over, constantly...
        \_ It depends, but in general it is a bad idea. If you really insist,
           make sure that it is not someone who either you report to or who
           reports to you and be prepared to quit if things go sour.
           \_ Is dating a co-worker bad when there is no reporting relationship
              but both she and I have separate spouses?
              \_ This is a disaster for your career if this ever gets out.
                 Do you want to be a code monkey your whole life?
                 \_ this is at a startup of only 50 people
                    \_ how does that make a difference, or are you implying
                       that you're already a code monkey for life?
                       that you're already a code monkey 4 LYFE ?
2008/10/24-28 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51675 Activity:kinda low
10/24   would you drive 240 miles to get laid?
        \_ well that would DEPEND on how hot the other person is, yes?
        \_ Would depend on who was doing the laying.
        \_ Also depends on how long since I last got laid.  Definitely not now.
        \_ When I was young and horny, I once drove 770 miles to get laid.
           Now I just wake up my wife.
           Now I just roll over and wake up my wife.
           \_ I'm sure she loves being disturbed from slumber because you
              have needs. Divorce is iminent.
              have needs. Divorce is imminent.
              \_ Statistically not. Ten minutes once or twice a week
                 is hardly a burden.
                 \_ There are statistics about divorce rates for inconsiderate
               \_ This morning she rolled over and woke me up, so I am not too
        \_ Done already -- might drive 752 miles or maybe fly in a month or
        \_ Only if I was an idiot who was afraid to fly. It's a 1 hour flight!
        \_ I just did 100 miles each way, so that's 200 miles RT.
        \_ I used to take Amtrak 150mi each way on the weekends for this
           exact purpose.
2008/10/22-27 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:51631 Activity:moderate
10/22   So, anyone here live in SF?  How are you voting on Measure K?
        \_ I'm going to a YES TO PROP 8 rally in SF this week.
           \_ When/Where is that?  THAT should be interesting.
              \_ However interesting it gets, it'll still be safer
                 than NO TO PROP 8 rally in Chico.
                 \_ You've never been to Chico, have you.
                    \_ Yeah try Redding or Bakersfield
                    \_ No I've never been there though I'm sure there
                       are a lot more CCW permits in Chico than SF.
                       \_ What, do you think that you would get shot or
                          something? You really don't know Chico very well...
                       \_ If you ask your average Chican for a shotgun, odds
                          are that you're going to get a beer with two holes.
           \_ Which phone booth is that being held in?
           \_ yeah where is it?  i'll show.
        \_ Looking forward to some legal hookin, eh?
           \_ Nah, I'd vote no, but I don't live in SF.  I was curious if
              anyone had anything interesting to say. -op
        \_ totally misguided.There is always    the weird SF crowd who seem to
           think that most of the women in the  underground prostitution
           economy are     there of their own free will.  All of those foreign
           women in lab    coats at the massage parlors have an imaginary
           500k  debt to   pay off  to a smuggler or the smugglers      have
           threatened to kill their entire family back   in the old country.
           They       should  focus their efforts in getting the women  to join
           the        real economy, off of drugs and off of the street.
           \_ What's with your spaceing?
              \_ i think my .emacs is out of control.
           \_ I personally know at least three sex workers who are doing if
           \_ I personally know at least three sex workers who are doing it
              of their own free will. Go to and you will find dozens.
              Legalizing it is a better way of regulating it than what we have
              now. Compare Amsterdam vs. SF. In which one is there less
              exploitive sex trade? Oh, I am an SF resident voting Yes on K.
              \_ So, this is my problem with it.  Legalizing and regulating
                 ala Nevada might be reasonable.  Simply having the police
                 not prosecute it seems like it would just make things worse.
                 \_ I doubt it, though I agree with you on the legalize angle.
                    \_ My thinking is basically this, decrimializing it does
                       not make it a legitimate business.  It does not
                       regulate it.  It simply allows criminals to work
                       unmolested. That really just means all the pimps and
                       thugs will go to SF to do their business.
                       \_ I don't think that decriminalizing marijuana
                          distribution increased the amount of violent crime
                          in SF, so I don't think this will either. You forget
                          that "sex tourism" is a pretty big, if often
                          unappreciated, part of the economy here. Did you
                          know that massage parlors have to get a license
                          a special fee, that goes straight to the Public Health
                          Dept ? It is already half-decrminalized as it is.
                          Dept ? It is already half-decriminalized as it is.
                          a special fee, that goes straight to the Public
                          Health Dept ? It is already half-decriminalized
                          as it is.
                          \_ Excuse me? This is in SF? Are you SURE?
                             \_ What part are you asking me to restate here?
        \_ In Sweden they made it legal to sell sex, but not buy it:
2008/10/15-17 [Reference/BayArea, Recreation/Dating] UID:51533 Activity:moderate
10/14   Has anyone raised chickens in an urban environment? My friend's HOA
        in SF is vague enough to allow chickens in his backyard (2 units),
        and we've been doing some reading and talking to people who have done
        this in suburban areas, but was wondering if anyone had any specific
        \_ Each city has it's own ordinance.  For example, Oakland doesn't
           allow cocks anywhere...but hens are fine.  Also I beleive your hen
           house is suppose to be 50 ft away from your house and your neighbor's\
           fence...which is a bit difficult to do.  Check out chicken tractors
           or moveable pens.  Also, chickens don't make good housepets, no
           matter what people tell you.
           house is suppose to be 50 ft away from your house and your
           neighbor's fence...which is a bit difficult to do.  Check out
           chicken tractors or moveable pens.  Also, chickens don't make good
           housepets, no matter what people tell you.
           \_ Oakland doesn't allow cocks anywhere?  How do all those horny
              H07 4ZN CH1X in Oakland survive the loneliness?
              H07 4ZN CH1X in Oakland survive the emptiness?
           \_ I heard that chicken tractors are pretty good for weed control.
              Just move the chickens around and they eat the small weeds.
              \_ In SF?  Where the fuck do you have a place with a backyard
                 big enough to waste on a chicken tractor?
                 \_ SF? Sorry, I got off on a tangent and was back in suburbia.
        \_ They are ornery little fuckers and your neighbors will hate you.
           Then again fresh eggs are pretty damn amazing.
           \_ Not only will your neighbors hate you, but YOU will hate you
              after being henpecked for the 20th time.  That said, the eggs
              are out of this world.  Watch out that you don't end up with
              two roosters, as they can get quite violent with each other.
              \_ I would recommend never getting roosters.  Our neighbor
                 had a rooster for a little while.  Stupid thing would wake
                 up our daughter at 3am every day.  3AM!
                 \_ Yeah, if you raise a rooster in an urban or suburban
                    area you totally deserve to be beaten.
                 \_ My neighbor has a rooster and I enjoy hearing it crow.
                    Injects some normalcy into the urban jungle. It
                    doesn't crow loudly enough for me to hear it unless
                    the windows are open. I know some neighbors are
                    pissed, but I also know others enjoy it, too. Depends
                    on how far the stick is up your ass.
                    \_ Yeah, seriously.  What's his problem with waking his
                       kids up at 3AM anyway?  Get that stick outta your ass!
              \_ Unless people are paying to watch!
        \_ I was looking at
           I plan on getting hens only. I need to read more about different
           varietals. I wasn't clear in my original post, but the intent is
           to have 2 (maybe 3) chickens and get about a dozen eggs a week.
           \_ If you've never had chickens before, they really do suck as pets.
           \_ You know, if it's a shared backyard for a 2 unit HOA you really
              should have the blessing of your condo-mate.
              \_ Not shared backyard and the upstairs unit is rented out to
                 3 guys, but yes, before going forward, I need to talk to my
                 HOA (the other guy).
           \_ Highly recommended that you do your research before getting your
              chickens. Some varieties thrive in a small environment; others
              will kill each other if not given plenty of space to roam around
2008/10/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:51442 Activity:nil
10/8    motd pregnant guy i have a date for you
2008/10/5-9 [Recreation/Dating, Finance/Investment] UID:51385 Activity:nil
        Behold, the list of companies affected by LEH bankruptcy and the
        cash amounts.  CDS settlement this Friday!
2008/10/2-7 [Recreation/Dating, Science/GlobalWarming] UID:51352 Activity:nil
10/2    I haven't had wet dreams for years.  Is there any wet-dream-enhancing
        drugs out there?
        \_ Stop masturbating. (I'd say stop having sex but if you are
           as pathetic a troll as this I think it's pretty obvious you
           are still a 30 year old virgin.)
           \_ Nope.  Married and two kids.  -- OP
           \_ Agreed. I stopped having sex for about 2 years and I concentrate
              most of my energy at work. I'm going to get promoted thanks
              to channeling all of my energy to my professional work. The
              plus side is that it makes my wife happier too because she's
              a typical TAIWANESE WOMAN with the sexual drive of an ice cube
              but has a voracious appetite for a suburban house where she
              keeps all her expensive shoes and Gucci and Bebe and Prada
              wears that she never wears.
              \_ Why are you still with her?  Is she otherwise fun?  Does
                 she work in a comparable job?
                 \_ because I no longer have any sex drive myself. I've
                    been taking medications and my career's going well.
                    \_ But do you like having her around?  Is she a net zero,
                       negative or positive?  If regular sex isn't her value
                       add, what is?
              \_ If I have the ability to divert my sex drive energy to my
                 work, I would probably be at two levels above my current level
                 on the corporate ladder.  But I don't have that ability.  I
                 waste a lot of time and energy on having sex, surfing porn,
                 day-dreaming about sex, and masturbating.  -- OP
                 waste so much time and energy on having sex, surfing porn,
                 day-dreaming about sex, thinking about other hot women, and
                 masturbating.  -- OP
2008/9/20-23 [Recreation/Dating, Computer/SW/Security] UID:51244 Activity:kinda low
9/20    Etiquette question: my gf's boss invited her to his son's bar-mitzvah.
        What is a proper attire to wear for non Jewish women? Black & white
        only? Long sleeves only? Can you have color? Can you take
        pictures? Thanks.
        \_ Ok my gf just wore long dress. Turns out they had a super fancy
           one with 200 people attending. They spent ~$30K on a bar-mitzvah.
           Is that how much they normally cost? It's very impressive.
           \_ $30K was more than my wedding, a LOT more. If you're spending
              that much on a 13 year old kid, it says a lot about how much
              you value bar-mitzvah. Or it could just mean that Jewish
              people ARE rich!
        \_ Mazel Tov! Think in terms of what you would wear to go to church,
           remembering that the actual Bar Mitzvah ceremony will be part of
           a service at a synagogue. Think in terms of a dress, a nice pants
           suit, or a skirt and nice top. Dress shoes and, if cooler weather,
           stockings. Nothing flashy or showing much flesh. There is typically
           no need for a head covering--if the congregation likes women to
           have head coverings, there'll have something in the lobby for you
           to put on. Colors are okay, although subdued would be best.
           A card including a check made out to the son is best, which you
           can give to the father anytime except during the service. If you've
           been invited to a party or a reception afterwards, that's a good
           time. It's traditional in Judaism to give money in multiples of $18,
           so think something like $54 or $72 or $90, depending on what you
           can afford and whether you've been invited only to the service or
           to a party afterward. In terms of the service, it will be a
           combination of English and Hebrew. The boy will recite prayers in
           Hebrew, and a portion of the Torah (what you may call the Old
           Testament) in Hebrew. There may also be a short speech in English.
           Just stand when the congregation stands and sit when they sit. If
           you understand the prayers and are comfortable reciting them with
           the congregation, do so, otherwise it's okay, since you're a
           visitor, just to read along in the prayer book (called a Siddur).
           \_ Give a card that says "In lieu of a gift, my tax dollars
              were sent to Israel".
              \_ LOL good one!!! It's almost Seinfeld material.
                 \- ok tnx
2008/9/19-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51238 Activity:nil
9/19    Does do IP+browser tracking now? I was browsing on a guest
        computer for Sex in the City DVD (for my girlfriend's bday) and
        logged out, cleared cookies, reset history, etc. Then when I
        went back, it started giving me Sex in the City recommendations
        along with other girly stuff. I'm really pissed right now because
        I cleared all the cookies and history and it should not expose
        me as the guy who likes Sex in the City stuff. Really pissed.
        \_ Where you logged in as the same user both times?
        \_ Were you logged in as the same user both times?
2008/9/15-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51182 Activity:nil
9/15    motd getting hella layed guy here.  I think my girlfriend is a sex
        addict.  Three times a day is not sustainable.  What should I do?
        \_ Marry her.  That'll stop the sex immediately after the honeymoon.
        \_ Take pills.
        \_ Just tell her you can only get it up twice a day and that she needs
           to find a f*ck buddy for the rest of her needs.
           \_ If she really is a sex addict she's already got a fuck buddy
              or 10.
        \_ I just installed Ubuntu instead of getting laid.  Yay!!!!!!!
        \_ You must not be pleasing her if she's dissatisfied after doing
           it twice. Take the hint.
2008/9/15-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51177 Activity:nil
9/15    how do i marry the hot girl in MISTER FOE
        \_ First you must become worthy.  Stop being a loser.  Second,
           you must insinuate yourself into her life somehow.  That will
           take lots of $$.  Third, you must tell us her name.
2008/9/8-9 [Recreation/Dating, Consumer/TV] UID:51104 Activity:low
9/8     Has anyone tried Blue Ray porn? Is it any good?
        \_ VCD porn is good enough for me.
2008/9/6-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51077 Activity:nil
9/6     I am hornier than David Duchovny.
        \_ i think all the sexual repression between mulder and scully
           caused Duchovny to get this way. When he was allowed to
           direct and write some of the shows you can see how sexually
           messed up they became and destroyed the once great XFiles
           with his silliness.
           \_ XFiles really did start sucking when Duchovny moved to LA
        \_ You'd jack off to porn every night if you had to work that
           closely with Gillian Anderson, too. I don't see what the big
           deal is, actually.
           \_ He's married to Tea Leoni. Pardon me while I cry him a
              fucking river.
        \_ He wasn't jacking off to porn.  He was having regularly random sex
           with people who were not his wife/mother of his two sons/insanely
           hot Tea Leoni.  the dude is a tard.
2008/9/5-12 [Recreation/Dating] UID:51067 Activity:nil
        Sex w/o condom is the new engagement ring
        \_ What is anal sex without a condom then?
           \_ TOTAL HEAVEN
           \_ Divorce.
              \_ I did that maybe five times with my wife of nine years.  She
                 didn't like it that much, but we're still married.
                 \_ I think you are missing the humor here.
2008/9/3-8 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity] UID:51050 Activity:nil
9/3     how does make money?  I used it 9 times today,
        never saw an ad.  Am REALLY tired now.
        \_ Aren't there ads for pay porn sites on the right hand side? I have
           not used youporn in a while, there are better freeporn sites now.
           \_ like youtube, search for cwh, sort by date.
        \_ really tired now?  and chafed?  CHAPPED SKINFLUTE NEED REST
        \_ A better question is why sites like this have not been sued for
           distributing content they did not obtain rights to.
           \_ An even better question is WHO THE FUCK CARES dumb fuck and
              the actual answer is in YouTube (hint: YouTube lawsuits didn't
              come in full force until Google bought it). Don't suck cow
              nipple till you know it has milk. DUMB FUCK.
              \_ The people who created the content probably care.
2008/8/27-9/3 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50981 Activity:low
8/27    Dang, woman kills hit-man, hired by her husband, with her bare hands
        \_ I've seen this movie. Grace Kelly was good in it.
        \_ Smart that he hired a hit man then, isn't he?
        \_ Clearly this man is a former POW.
           \_ Not really, he should've hired a bigger hitman.
              \_ Or married a smaller wife. Try the lasagna. I'm here all week.
        \_ No need for concealed carry, just bare hands.
2008/8/26-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50977 Activity:low
8/26    Hey, motd boob guy, I have got a story for you:
        \_ No pics, damn.
        \_ I don't understand her outrage. She's got metal on her body. How
           does the TSA know it's a bra and not a box cutter or whatever?
           They have to err on the side of caution, because otherwise
           someone will smuggle something in their bra and they will be
           taken to task for not being diligent.
           \_ a 9/11-style takeover with box cutters would not be possible
              anymore; keeping people from bringing nail clippers or swiss
              army knives on planes does nothing meaningful for security.
              \_ Thank you Security Guru. Don't quit your day job.
                 \_ There is no way that confiscating nail clippers makes
                    anyone more safe. It is a "feel good measure" and nothing
                    more, just like most of what the TSA does.
           \_ The amount of metal in an underwire bra is very small, and
              overwhelmingly the choice for large-breasted women because of the
              support.  So why are the sensors tuned up so high as to detect
              that tiny amount of metal?
              \_ How else would they have an excuse to strip "A big-busted
                 woman wearing a large underwire bra"?
              \_ Do you want them to detect metal or not? The amount is not
                 very small if you've ever taken apart a bra, by the way,
                 and they have no idea of knowing it's even the bra that's
                 setting the sensor off until they check. She can say it's
                 her bra, but who is to know?
2008/8/23-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50948 Activity:nil
8/23    Does celibacy imply no masterbation?
        \_ no.
2008/8/20-26 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:50919 Activity:nil
8/20    blonde women. so attractive. so bitchy.
        \_ I heard they're extincting. Blonde men are marrying Asian
           women while blonde women are marrying black sports stars.
                       \- you may enjoy reading about WAGs:
                          not to confused with Sloan Rangers but possibly
                          overlapping with Chavs.
           \_ Wow, there's a lot more sports stars out there than I thought.
              \_ Not really. Each of them is just fucking a lot of blonde
                 women. Look at Wilt Chamberlin.
        \_ الله أَكْ!
                 \_ Wilt Chamberlin wasn't a mormon was he?
2008/8/15-16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50881 Activity:very high
8/15    should i delete all my porn? s3 is kind of slow
        \_ You're an idiot if you keep porn on S3. The cost benefit
           for single user is almost nothing compared to a local
           SATA drive. Yes you should delete all your porn. Oh shit
           I've just been trolled
           \_ I'm thinking of dd'ing the porn partition. motd give me strength!
        \_ I put all my porn on my backup disk and now it seems to have died.
           At least I still have xhamster.
           \_ Hey, what else is there besides youporn and xhamster? Googling
              is kind of useless for this stuff.
       - motd porn raid guy
2008/8/15-18 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50880 Activity:kinda low
8/15    Watching bony little Asian girls winning the Olympics is really
        disgusting. Gymnastics in particular should be full bodied women
        with nice curves and boobs, like Jackie Johnson.        -dim #1 fan
                                    \- you know there is a heptathelete
                                     named Jacquelyn Johnson.
                                     Nicole Kidman or Britta Steffen:
        \_ Why don't you stick to watching women's beach volleyball, then.
           \_ Flat-chested.
              \_ DoA olympics edition.
                 \_ What's DoA?  -- clueless
                    \_ Dead or Alive. A fighting game featuring girls with
                       ridiculously large boobs in ridiculously revealing
           Well, in particular:
2008/8/15-19 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50878 Activity:low
8/15    motd not getting laid guy here.  the girlfriend is playing
        WoW 3-5 hours a night and has fell in love with her WoW mentor.
        I guess he helps her run through levels?  Not sure how it works.
        She freely admits she has never seen him and he probably weighs
        500 pounds.
        \_ Why does that matter if she's not interested in sex?
           \_ She's just a roommate now.  She's not fucking him and she
              doesn't love him.  Dude, time for her to go, don'tcha
              \_ OP needs to decide if he is a loser and has to put
                 up with her, or if he can do better, in which case
                 start making other plans.
        \_ motd not getting laid guy here again.  the girlfriend has opened
           a blog for her WoW character.  I will update later if my life
           continues to spiral down into despair.
           \_ Dude, for your future psychological good, just dump her and
              either leave or kick her to the curb.  Who is paying the rent?
              \_ Wow, as a WoW obsessed blogger, I bet she's not a great
                 physical specimen either.  How about it MNGLG?  Is she
                 a woofer?
2008/8/9-13 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Women] UID:50829 Activity:kinda low
8/8     How common is it for (white) married women in their mid 30s
        in SF to not wear a ring, engagement or wedding band?
        Common? Rare? Really rare?
        \_ I guess you've locked on a target.
        \_ I guess you've located a target.
        \_ Why are you asking? Are you trying to guess from the lack
           of ring, or did you guess, move, and get turned down because
           she said she was engaged/married?
           \_ I know for a fact she is married (because she mentioned him).
              I am curious whether there are a lot of people here who don't
              believe in the wedding band thing and never wore one, or whether
              she stopped wearing one for some reason I know more women are
              anti-diamond now, but I thought among Caucasian couples, the
              band of gold was pretty standard even among non-trad lefties.
        \_ Pretty rare, in my experience. For some reason, Asian married
           women are much less likely to wear a wedding band. Why is that?
           \_ They might attach less importance to the tradition. My mom
              doesn't wear a ring because she's afraid of someone mugging
              her or something. She hasn't really been mugged since riding MUNI
              in the 80s, but old habits die hard I guess.
           \_ My (asian) wife doesn't put as much importance on the tradition,
              and also it bugs her.  Sometime it gets kinda itchy I guess.
              She seems to wear it about half the time.
        \_ My parents are one of the most sickiningly happy married couples
           I know and they never wore wedding rings, and for some reason the
           whole idea of a ring seems strange to me.
           \_ That's because they never told you that they're SWINGERS
            \_ The only married swingers I know wear rings.
2008/8/3-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50766 Activity:nil
8/3     "Polish monk preaches divine sex -- with Church's blessing:" (Yahoo! News)
2008/7/30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50740 Activity:nil
7/30    Texas Presley started growing breasts at 8 and was up to a full
        DD by age 13.  Incredible!
2008/7/25-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50685 Activity:kinda low
7/25    there are so many hot MILF types in tank tops walking around
        who must be schoolteachers on their spring break.  i can't deal.
        \_ Where are you at?
        \_ Where are you at? Here in The City, all I see are skinny flat
           chested women with winter jackets on.
           \_ Why winter jackets? It's summer. Also, I think they're
              little Asian boys (transvestites).
              \_ It's July! Recently the highs have been in the 50's,
              \_ It's July! Recently the highs have been in the high 50's,
                 though the sun just came out today, admittedly.
        \_ MILF?
           \_ Mother I'd Like to F***.  This is a new genre of porn in recent
              years.  -- !OP
        \_ Spring?  It's July now.
           \_ obviously he meant summer break. you should understand that
              this type of thing happens when there is a massive diversion
              of bloodflow from the brain.
           \_ it's still pretty hot out there.
           \_ He means summer break. No idea why he assumes these women
              are teachers, though.
              \_ It's almost noon, don't people have jobs?  why else
                 would they be walking around?
                 \_ Hookers work at night.
                    \_ they were pretty hot.  and they must have multiple
                       degrees and credentials now to teach in the state of
                       CA.  hot hot hot hot.
                       \_ Post some pics pleeeeeease!
                 \_ Hot MILFs are generally trophy wives and don't work. Work
                    would be bad for their appearance. It would cut into time
                    at the spa.
                    \- er are those "mothers" or are those FBFs?
                       i'd think motherhood might affect appearance too.
                       \_ What's a FBF? BTW, I don't think motherhood seems to
                          affect appearance. You think Jessica Alba is suddenly
                          not hot now?
                          \- i was kidding about the motherhood comment.
                             FBF = forty but fuckable, although that term
                             sort of loses meaning when you are in an
                             epsilon neighborhood of 40. i note in passing
                             spitzers-ho and spitzers-hos-mom look the same
                             \_ Good genes, I guess.
2008/7/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50606 Activity:nil
7/13    first day of sixth grade. the best part about those rayon
        monstrosities? the bras that all the girls had just begun to wear
        over the summer were plainly visible through them. or, in my case,
        it wasn't, and i was taunted the entire first day for OMG, not
        wearing a bra yet. then when i started wearing one (after waiting
        until the last possible moment after the first day of school to tell
        my mother i needed one, so she had to take me to get a bra before
        school on the second day), i was teased for having what they called
        a "push-up bra", i.e., not a sports bra- one with actual cups,
        straps, a snap in the back, etc. it's pretty satisfying to know
        that i have bigger tits now than any of these girls probably do.
        well, except maybe for the Amazon Woman second from the right.
2008/7/16 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50589 Activity:nil
7/16    You all remember Amazon Amanda from BODacious magazine, right? If you
        haven't got the mag, you owe yourself a kick in the ass. Here's why:
        Amanda measures as follows:  she stands at an Amazonian 6'3, wears a
        44" DD cup bra, and tips the scales at a solid 365 pounds. What I
        didn't mention, is that she has a bear-huggable 43" waist, and her
        hips measure a stunning 63 inches. Like I said, she's one big girl!
        Size + shape = Yummilicious!
2008/7/15-23 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50575 Activity:nil
7/15    Russians rule man:
        \_ comments are funny too.
2008/7/9-11 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50503 Activity:low
7/9     Hot!  What's the name of this actress / porn star (not sure which)?
        Thanks a lot!!! (NSFW)
        \_ Dunno, but she's gross. Are you boob guy?
           \_ Asian = gross. Jackie Johnson #1!!!
              \_ There are hot Asians. She's not one of them.
           \_ I'm not *the* MOTD Boob Guy, but I'm a boob guy.
2008/7/8-10 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50500 Activity:nil 54%like:50399
7/8     NSFW: is it too soon for wall-e porn?
        \_ It will never be time for Wall-E porn.
        \_ Ugh. I'm really tempted to click that just to see if the Internet
           actually went there, but I'm at work.
           \_ Yeah, the Internet really went there, but I would not consider
              it unsafe. Depends on where you work, I guess.
2008/6/30-7/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50429 Activity:low
6/30    motd not getting laid guy here. girlfriend is out of town for a few
        weeks so i invited hot chick to stay with me for a bit.  she's on her
        period, so it's just been blowjoys in the morning, blowjobs in the
        afternoon, blowjobs before i fall asleep.  its a little annoying.  i
        have to go work early in the morning, lately we have been doing the
        pair programming thing.  i am absolutely useless now since i can barely
        keep my eyes open.  my agile partner must really hate me.  now
        i never get enough sleep, i am really mellow all day, and im
        thinking about taking up drinking coffee all of the time to
        \_ Dear motd, I never thought it would happen to me, but...
        \_ are you Mormon?
           \_ Wha?
        \_ What does your g/f think about all this?
           \_ dunno, she'll be back next week.  this morning the hot chick
              kept trying to have sex with me at 5am but all I wanted to do
              is sleep.  so tiresome.
              \_ Drink more coffee. You are only young once.
2008/6/27-7/14 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50398 Activity:nil
6/27    HOLY SHIT!!!!!
        You CANNOT make this stuff up.
        Senators Larry "bathroom toe tapper" Craig (R-Naturally) and
        David "DC Madam Client" Vitter (R-Obviously) have co-sponsored
        the "Marriage Protection Amendment" that would rewrite the US
        Constitution to make only marriage between a man and a woman legal.
        \_ Well in Craig's case, the modivation is pretty obvious.  If all
           the gay's get married, who is he gonna pick up in airport
           bathrooms? -R
        \_ The provision does allow for marriages conducted in Minnesota
           airport bathrooms to be legal, regardless of the sex of the
2008/6/26-30 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50385 Activity:low
6/26    Dating Asian male, the latest fad. So how long is this one going
        to last? And what will be the next fad?
           "I heard that everybody likes Asian. I like Asians a lot."
           "I really like Asians... if you're Asian and plan on marrying
            me, that'd be really awesome."
        \_ To be on TV as an Asian, you gotta be wimpy or ugly or sing
           like that retarded Cal kid:
           \_ SULU was not wimpy or ugly. While I can't remember exactly
              how he sang, it was nowhere near as bad as W. HUNG.
              \_ (gay, though)
           \_ Harold and Kumar!
              \_ Movies are different than TV.
                 \_ Acutally, sadly, they aren't.  How many asian leading men
                    can you think of who aren't hong kong action stars?
                    \_ Ben Kingsley?
                       \_ Does he get the Mickey Rooney honorary asian award
                          \_ Ben Kingsley is not an honorary asian, he is
                             asian (his dad is Indian).
           \_ B. D. Wong (gay, though)
           \_ Bruce Lee? Jet Li? C'mon...
              \_ Yeah PP obviously forgot "or can do all that chop-suey
                 karate shit"
                 \_ I don't think SULU can "do all that chop-suey karate shit"
                    \_ Sci-fi shows are more likely to feature aliens.
                       Asians == aliens. There were Asian guys on Lost too,
                       which is basically sci-fi.
                       \_ Sulu (George Takei) in Star Trek.
                    \_ But he can fence!
        \_ You cannot possibly comprehend how little I care about this subject.
2008/6/24-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50352 Activity:nil
6/24    One in 5 Americans have genital herpes. 20%
        \_ I can't figure out why I don't, I guess the religious use of
           condoms really does work. I must have had sex with 40 women
           in my life... most of them were college educated, perhaps more
           \_ 40?  You don't get bored?  Don't they all feel the same after a
              \_ I was single for a long time (20 years) before settling down
                 and getting married. No, I never got bored, or perhaps I
                 got bored too easily, depending on how you look at it. I did
                 notice that when I was younger than 30, I was the dumpee and
                 after 30, the dumper, in almost every case.
                 \_ I'm married and I've only slept with my wife.  I can only
                    dream about sleeping with other women.  But I imagine that
                    for someone who actually gets to sleep with tens of women,
                    getting a new women would become boring because he has
                    seen them all.  -- PP
                    \_ The thrill is in the chase.
                    \_ Do you ever get bored of trying new and exciting dishes
                       of good food you have never had before?
2008/6/24-27 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50351 Activity:nil
6/24    Dear not getting laid guy, read this, it may help you get
        \_ oldie but goodie:
2008/6/23-24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50339 Activity:nil
6/23    give this to your wife, motd not getting laid guy
        \_ Was there such an option for women in Ancient China?
2008/6/19-23 [Recreation/Dating, Uncategorized/Profanity, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:50306 Activity:nil
6/19    worst thing ever.  smurf sex.  NSFW etc.
        \_ I watched all of that now I have permanent brain damage.  thx a lot
           \_ I hope you watched it with your sound on.
           \_ you were warned.  -!op
2008/6/13-17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:50255 Activity:high
6/13    Kern county once again proves that it sucks
        \_ Or doesn't.  Gays can still get their licenses, the county office
           simply won't perform the ceremony.
           \_ and that doesn't suck?
              \_ Not to me.
                 \_ It's classic bigotry to kill services when the undesirables
                    start getting access to them.  It's really sad how common-
                    place and acceptable homophobia is.  Imagine if this clerk
                    killed the program because mixed race couples were getting
                    married. Oh yeah, that's right, you don't think gay couples
                    count, but you probably try to hide from your bigotry with
                    libritarian froth.
                    \_ It's really sad how the CASC redefined an 800-year-old
h                    word, and how people like you make up words like
                                                                 \_ Why 800?
                                                                    Why not
                                                                    900 or
                                                                    1200 or
                                                                    \_ The OED
                       word, and how people like you make up words like
                       \_ Words change meaning all the time, and the CASC are
                          not the first people to use "marriage" to include
                          gays.  Legal terms change, too, and "marriage" in
                          California was historically restricted to same-race
                          couples, and historically included the notion that
                          the wife's legal identity was merged into that of
                          her husband.
                          gays.  (The OED even recognizes this usage now.)
                          Legal terms change, too, and "marriage" in California
                          was historically restricted to same-race couples, and
                          historically included the notion that the wife's
                          legal identity was merged into that of her husband.
                      \_ You must really bad sad about the lack
                         of slavery these days.  I mean shit,
                         that was going on for 1000s of years
                         until those damn liberals destroyed
                         a venerable institution.
                         \_ Yeah, those damn liberals who thought that
                            women were equal to men, rather than
                            property of men, destroyed a fine and
                            venerable institution!  (Hint: That's what
                            "marriage" meant until very recently.)  -tom
                            \_ No, it didn't. -not tom
                                  "Woman was not recognized as a person but
                                   was bought in marriage, like chattel."
                                   I know this is not recently. -not tomII
                                   I know this is not recently thoug. -not tomII
                         \_ I didn't know those liberals redefined the word
                            "slavery".  What's the new meaning of the word
                       word, and how people like you make up words like
                            \_ The point, my dear clueless one, is that
                               society is not static.  For 100s of years
                               homosexuality was a serious crime.  Just
                               ask Oscar Wilde.  Do you bemoan the fact
                               that we no longer jail gays?  Do you
                               cry yourself to sleep over the fact that
                               get teary eyed when you remember that
                               homosexuality is no longer defined as
                               a mental disorder?  Being a reactionary is
                               a losing bet every time.
                               \_ You're still avoiding the question.
                                  Marriage is different from something
                                  being a crime. Adultery is no longer a crime.
                                  But we don't redefine adultery as marriage.
                       \_ Yeah, and I'll bet you cry yourself to sleep over the
                          end of the Inquisition, too.
                       \_ So, were most words born fully formed when God
                          created Adam or something?  What words weren't made
                       \_ Why 800?  Why not 900 or 1200 or whatever?
                          \_ The OED etymology.
                          \_ 800 years ago marriage was for land owners
                             only and was more about poltics than anything
                             else.  But don't let that you shed crocodile
                             tears over the death of language.
        \_ I see the whole thing from a more distant sociological perspective.
           I'm looking forward to seeing gay vs. straight divorce rates in
           about 10 years.
           \_ you homosexuals may wish to read JBOSWELL, who is The Standard
              on the church/homosexuality/marriage:
              if you dont address the role of the french revolution and
              the creation of CIVIL MARRAIGE, you are missing a key part
              of the story.
2022/08/07 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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