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2022/01/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/7/28-8/6 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:53212 Activity:nil
7/28    My girlfriend and I took care of my girlfriend's nephew for 3 weeks
        while his mom was off working for the Air Force (she is a reservist
        and a single mom). As part of that my girlfriend stayed at her
        apartment a lot, watching him and the cats. Occasionally he stayed
        at our house. It was a lot of responsibility. The weekend before
        she got back we spent a lot of time cleaning her place. In fact, I
        would say it is a lot cleaner than the way she left it. She got
        back Sunday and came to our house to get her son before going back
        to her place. She was off Monday to recuperate before going back to
        work today. We are a little miffed that she hasn't called to say
        thanks or ask how things went. We thought she'd be pleasantly surprised
        that everything was clean and straightened up. We don't want a
        medal or anything, but a call saying "Wow. Thanks for taking care
        of the place. It looks great. Cats are fine." would have been nice.
        Are we right to be a little (a lot) pissed at this point?
         \_ Yes, she should be fawning over you and your gf.  That said, she
            is probably tired, there is only one of here.  Also, I hate it
            when people clean up my stuff. (did you thrown anything out?)
            \_ I absolutely did not throw anything out. I hate that, too.
               We just did all the laundry, including things like bath
               mats, vacuumed, mopped, cleaned the toilets and tub, did
               all the dishes, made the beds, arranged the furniture (not
               *re*arranged but made sure things like pillows were in place),
               emptied the trash, dusted, sorted the mail, and all the
               typical stuff. I know certain things (like dusting and
               vacuuming) hadn't been done in a while based on the condition,
               which is why i say we left it cleaner than she did.
        \_ Do you mean Monday as in yesterday? Yes, I think you should give
           her a couple of days at least. I am sure she is overwhelmed. At
           least you got a taste of what being a parent is like. Are you going
           to have any of your own?
        \_ Chill, give it a week. You're tired from all of this? Imagine
           doing it every single day.
           \_ Not really tired by it. Did I say that? However, how much
              trouble is it to pick up the phone, if even just to ask if
              we had any problems or issues while she was away? I know I
              would definitely want to know what happened while I was gone
              and I think it's polite to call and say "I noticed you guys
              cleaned the place up. Thanks."
        \_  Did you make sure to thank her for the sacrifices she has made to
            help defend you and your country?  Maybe now would be a good time!
        \_  She may not have even noticed.  3 weeks of training would certainly
            wipe my cache about the state of cleanliness in my house.  Why don't
            you just feel good about having done service for a loved one?
2022/01/25 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

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