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2021/06/19 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2009/8/10-19 [Health/Men, Recreation/Pets, Health/Women] UID:53255 Activity:low
8/10    I'm the person who took care of my gf's sister's cat while she was
        away with the Air Force. In return, I asked her to check on my
        sons for a week while I was away. She skipped a day (and committed
        a lie of omission when she didn't say so but admitted it when
        questioned) and the upstairs bedroom was full of my sons' diarrhea all
        over everything (wooden floor, bookcase, blankets) - which is not
        typical for my litter-trained sons, but probably a result of my
        absence - but she didn't clean it up or even mention it to me. I
        got in at 11pm at night and spent 2 hours dealing with that. After
        I cleaned her place spotless I'm VERY pissed.
        \_ I keep a mental blacklist of people I never ever want to be in
           contact with. Very few people get on that list. It sounds like
           this person needs to be put on this black list. FYI, for example,
           this junior high "friend" that I invited to the wedding said he
           would come to the wedding. I even confirmed it the week before.
           I reserved 1/2 of a table, or $300 worth. My wedding came, and
           1/2 of that table was empty. I called him up a few days later
           and he said he totally forgot because there was this really
           important church retreat. Then he came up with a bunch of excuses,
           said he was sorry, and said he would reimburse. Then later on
           he said "I don't think it should cost $300, ours was really cheap."
           I never heard from him again. He is on my blacklist. He sounds
           like the same breed as your gf's sister.
        \_ I don't hang out with my friends who have kids anymore. Once
           they started the family nucleus, nothing outside matters anymore.
           You're an outsider. You're of someone who could help them. Period.
        \_ You know, sometimes you do meet people who are irresponsible or
           who just don't care. There's not much you can do. Some people are
           just like that, just learn to not deal with these people. I've
           learned to ignore some of my family members who are totally
           wackos. Yeah, they're family... SO WHAT? If they can't help
           you, they can't.
           \_ I have a bunch of crazy and irresponsible relatives, including
              one who has been in and out of prison and another who is a
              crazy (literally) drug abusing homeless guy. I have learned over
              one who has been in and out of prison and another who is an
              insane (literally) drug abusing homeless guy. I have learned over
              the years not to trust them and consider my help to them to
              be charity, nothing more. With friends, I would expect some kind
              of reciprocity, but with a charity case, you just help them and
              don't expect anything in return except gratitude.
        \_ Yea, that sucks.  Get someone else next time, or kennel them.
        \_ I totally agree with you.  It's not too much to expect a threesome
           orgy in return.
           \_ that's not an orgy.
              \_ Good orgies have an even ratio of men/women present.  It's
                 just simple orgy etiquette.
        \_ Hey douchebag who changed 'cats' to 'sons' -- get a life.