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2019/06/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular

2006/2/24 [Science, Politics] UID:41983 Activity:high
2/22    [ nuked as promised.  FEEL THE POWER! ]
        \_ Your ultimate ninjaness is exceeded only by your wisdom.
        \_ Please explain why anyone gives a shit about this long, context-
           free excerpt or I'm nuking it.  You have till 23:59 2/23 -dans
           \_ I'm glad I have provided a tiny forum for you to exercise
              your ultimate ninja power!
              \_ No, if I had ultimate ninja power, I could kill anyone I
                 wanted!  I could cut off the op's head and not even think
                 twice about it.  Though that is a tempting option, I've
                 already thought about it three times.  Clearly, I lack
                 ultimate ninja power. -dans
                 \_ You mean REAL ULTIMATE POWER!
                    \_ AWESOME POWER!  NO CONTROL!
                       \_ No, I mean REAL ULTIMATE POWER.
        \_ Wow it would be cool to be a leader of a cult and wake up one
           morning and decide something like "hey red is good" and tell your
           underlings everyone should wear red and pretty soon millions of
           sheeple are wearing red every day.
           \_ Take off that red shirt!
              \_ Old jungle saying: Never wear red shirt.
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